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August 2009
5578859Victorian Succubusop asks about a steampunk setting with aristocrat succubisteampunk, succubus, victorian, planescape2009-08-25 1 
September 2012
20779653Succubus QuestPlay as a Succubus. Disregard humans, acquire souls.Succubus Quest, Succubus, Revulvael, Gepette2012-09-19 43 
20871106Succubus Quest 2: Succ HarderContinuing Adventures of Revulvael and Crew.Revulael, Succubus Quest, Gepette, Succubus2012-09-26 35 
December 2012
22094978Succbus Lord QuestJoin Brooklyn as he goes to a bathhouse, gets a date, finds lackies, and talks to the alcoholic Reaper! Succubus, Quest, post apocalyptic, Demon, Winter, Collective Game2012-12-18 14 
February 2013
23346869Succubus Quest 3: Return Of The BikiniRevulvael returns to fight the Angel Conspiracy. Features fun date with Argenta.succubus, Succubus Quest, Revulvael, Gepette, Argenta, Surt, Collective Game2013-02-24 27 
July 2013
25982294Succubus Quest 4: Bright Lights, Hell CityRevulvael's day off is anything but. Succubus adventure in Hell with BDSM Elf and other fun.succubus, Succubus Quest, Revulvael, Gepette, Argenta, Collective Game2013-07-13 25 
September 2013
27207761Transformation Fetish QuestOh look, another thread about succubus transformation/corruption fetishes trying its damned hardest to be /tg/ related despite being /d/shit.We really dont need any more succubus shit on /tg/, Collective Game, gb2/d/2013-09-14 21 
January 2014
29360104D&D Alignment: How very Neutral of you.A few guys actually make some gods-damned sense of D&D alignment.DnD, D&D, Dungeons, Dragons, Planescape, Neutral, Zapp, Brannigan, good, evil, law, chaos, sense, fluff, alignment, explanation, succubus2014-01-08 13 
April 2014
31513372Succubus familiar for female characterHaving a succubus familiar is perfectly okay if your character is female, right /tg/?succubus familiar, succubus, succubi, familiar, familiars, female character, female characters, yuri, angels and demons, angel, angels, demon, demons, D&D, alignment, anime2014-04-16 5 
July 2014
33212661Succubus Hunter QuestThe Legend of Thade Thundercock and his quest to end the Succubi menace, also fuck bitches get moneyCollective Game, Succubus Hunter Quest, Dire Straits, The Boner2014-07-06 6 
July 2016
377710Wholesome* Succubus QuestWholesome* Succubus Quest is PURE and WORK-SAFE quest about the adventures of a succubus stuck with jury duty. Collective Game, nanolitre, Wholesome Succubus Quest, Female Protagonist2016-07-17 27 
August 2016
412238DIMINUTIVE DUNGEON DELVERS (Beta)tiny adventurer explore tiny dungeonCollective_Game Succubus Tiny2016-08-08 2 
500815DIMINUTIVE DUNGEON DELVERS (Beta) - WoNN part 2Continuation of WoNN. The group fights its way through more undeads and face off against the cause of the invasiontabletop, diminutive dungeon delvers, adventurers, undead, skeletons, rpg, mage, rogue, paladin, demons, minibosses, humor, succubus 2016-08-31 2 
September 2016
522868DIMINUTIVE DUNGEON DELVERS (Beta) - A succubus' TaleThird installation of the Diminutive Dungeon Delvers story. This time you play as the Succubus , looking to distract yourself from boredomDDD, Diminutive Dungeon Delvers, Succubus, cultist, hell, sneaking, image_Quest, image2016-09-11 3 
556640DIMINUTIVE DUNGEON DELVERS (Beta) - A succubus' Tale part 2Continuation of DDD:AST where you try to run away from Wi'aboo's lair without getting caught.DDD, Diminutive Dungeon Delvers, Succubus, cultist, hell, sneaking, image_Quest, image2016-09-18 1 
591859DIMINUTIVE DUNGEON DELVERS (Beta) - A succubus' Tale part 3Final part of the Succubus Tale. Time to finish your escape and get to the material plane!DDD, Diminutive Dungeon Delvers, Succubus, cultist, hell, sneaking, image_Quest, image, paladin, rogue, mage, wizard, dating, imp, cute, 2016-09-22 1 
February 2017
1132732Divine Demoness QuestAsheroth goes through her character generation. Demon, Fantasy, Paladin, Succubus2017-02-14 5 
April 2017
1314871Paranoia Quest #1‘There is no such thing as paranoia. Your worst fears can come true at any moment.’ You never imagined this meant monsters...QuestMM, Collective Game, Paranoia, Paranoia Quest, Paranormal, Succubus2017-04-01 6 
June 2017
53757201quantum physics, nuclear waste waste disposal and succubiA Magical Realm is derailed into a discussion of thermodynamics, atomic waste disposal and Satan weaponizing the heat death of the universe.derail, succubi, succubus, thermodynamics, heat death, entropy, quantum physics, nuclear waste,2017-06-13 2 
June 2019
3570096Modern Day Succubus QUEST 1Your summoner is dead and your contract is unfulfilled: You are stuck in the human realm until you can find a way back!Modern Day Succubus Quest, Lewd, Drawquest, Female MC, Collective Game2019-06-26 6 
July 2019
3591867Modern Day Succubus QUEST 2You attend a MTG tournament and get into a cat fight.Modern Day Succubus Quest, Lewd, Modern Day Succubus Quest, Lewd, Drawquest, Female MC, Collective Game, Female MC, Collective Game2019-07-06 4 
September 2020
4416666Multiplayer Kek's Isekai (Mythic RPG) #9Exploration of Labyrinthia; the quest migrates to tgchan https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/975434.htmlDungeon, Isekai, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Succubus2020-09-07 -3 
May 2021
4779637Multiplayer Kek's Isekai (Mythic RPG) #10The exploration of Labyrinthia continues. This time, AI Dungeon is used as co-QM tool.AI Dungeon, Dungeon, Isekai, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Succubus2021-05-09 -1 
November 2022
5402550Second Youth QuestA centenarian archwizard discovers the formula for immortality after saving the kingdom, but it greatly changes his body. Anonymous QM, Incomplete, Wizard, ArchWizard, Immortality, Fantasy, Loli, Demon, Succubus2022-11-06 1 
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