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May 2008
1839136BEARSBEARSBEARS2008-05-28 24 
October 2008
2821925Bears: THE TRUTH4chan once again proves to be bastion of ignorant bigots, as what begins as a perfectly safe picture of a Grizzly at a table, descends into Polarbear Racism. Then some stupid idiot mentions the Great Bear War of 1910 and the thread just goes thermonuclear. You just can't have a decent mature discussion if some one brings that or the Grizzly Massacre of Montreal up. There's just too much bad blood about these things. Oh 4chan! When will you learn?Bears, The Great Bear War, Grizzly massacre of Montreal, The Great Koala Purge2008-10-17 13 
May 2009
4655339Neckbeard marriage!A fellow eloquen/tg/entleman asks /tg/ on ways for him to propose to his beloved lady. The neckbeards respond in their usual way, alongside some good ideas.dick-in-a-box, love, /tg/, metathread, neckbeard, help, advice2009-05-25 5 
July 2009
5063230Disney Goes /tg/A Disney comic about... Well... Tabletop gaming in general. It's funny because it's true.disney, neckbeard, fa/tg/uy, d&d, scrooge, donald2009-07-02 10 
5237253Dorf HistoryWe all know that dorfs have many traditions, facts and customs, some maybe alien and completely ridiculous. Let's invent some.dwarves, dorfs, breasts, bears, ale, beer, alcohol, mining, hammers, axes, mountains, awful good2009-07-23 17 
August 2009
5348400Imaginary Army Men/tg/ gets shit done and truly examines the popular Imaginary Army Men (IAM) System with the meticulous zeal it deserves, from the cheesy, min-maxing tactics of Red Army troop choices to the oft-overlooked fluff and possible fascist leanings of the mysterious Grey Army. Also Tan Army players are weaboos.warhamm faulty kai, plastic army men, neckbeard, wargame2009-08-05 3 
October 2009
6390231Real Life QuestThe OP decides to try out a quest thread - Hits home and takes offQuest, Roleplay, Little sister, Life, Real, Real, Life, NeckBeard2009-10-23 3 
November 2009
December 2009
7106332Fortress Latvia/tg/ decides to buy an entire Latvian town and turn it into a deathtrap.Setting, town, neckbeardery2009-12-13 6 
February 2010
8190989The Neckbear Comes!What starts as a Battletech/40k Crossover thread quickly becomes so much moreNeckbear, Bear, Typo2010-02-20 0 
March 2010
8445349Besetting with BeesDM's simple question about the mechanics of bee swarms turns into an epic encounter by the hapless party with the BBEG's army of bees and bears. Hilarity and chaos ensues.Bees, Bears, Humor2010-03-07 5 
8682575Settler Quest Starting with a choose your race settler quest /tg/ elects to go Goblin. They proceed to become Glorious Leader. Favored by Torg. Blessed by mutation. Slayer of the Bear Queen. Captor of the Bear Cubs."Goblins, Bears, Quest, Settler"2010-03-21 14 
8702610Settler Quest IIThe goblin tribe expands with another generation added to its ranks and plots to assimilate and conquer. The Glorious Leader is a clever bastard.Goblins, settler, quest, bears2010-03-21 10 
8702610Settler Quest 2Glorious Leader. Favored by Torg. Blessed by mutation. Slayer of the Bear Queen. Captor of the Bear Cubs.Goblins, Bears, Quests, Settler2010-03-21 10 
8802115Settler Quest IVThe Glorious Leader gets his interrogation on and uses his incredible charisma (and the soul of the old bugbear chieftain) to convince the bugbears to join him in his mission to destroy the humans. Goblin, Goblins, Settler, Quest, Collective Game,Bears2010-03-27 7 
April 2010
9003741Settler Quest VThe Glorious Leader is back in action, with both the bugbears and another generation of gobs to command--and new targets for pillage and conquest. Short but sweet.Goblin, Goblins, Settler, Quest, Collective Game, Bears2010-04-06 5 
9086807Dwarven Guide to Beard CareA few bits of good advice, from an older dwarf to some younger ones, as to the best way to groom and care for one's facial pelt. Washing, braiding, neckbeards, and the horror of shaving are given their due commentary.dwarf, beard2010-04-10 3 
9309936Emergency QuestYou are a Goron college student on a quest of awesomeness.Goron, Bears2010-04-20 0 
9410519Deck of Bears/tg/ celebrates the bears of MtG and create a deck.Magic, cards, bears2010-04-25 1 
May 2010
10182111Sweeney the Wizard. His penis is bears.His penis is bears. He needs no description.Penis, Bears, Create a race, create a character2010-05-31 30 
September 2010
11984094Neckbeards May CryShas'o R'myr talks about his experiences at a local tournament, involving the attack of a greasy ultramarine player. Some trolling.Shas'o R'myr, Tau, 40k, Tournament, Neckbeard2010-09-07 12 
12233518/tg/ Fights Drunken Bears/tg/ plays a session of Drunken Bear Fighter RPG. Shit gets real.Quest, Collective Game, Bear, Game, Drunken Bear Fighter, Epic2010-09-27 9 
October 2010
12624523Characters who could take a level of BarbarianA thread about manliness goes horribly awry.Manly men, beards, meth, owls, Wasteland Warrior, alcohol, Norse mythology2010-10-31 2 
November 2010
12972762Five Years with a DaveAfter fleeing into a bunker, you find a thin man called Dave tellin you that you are probably his only contact for the next five years. Radio contact with other bunkers reveals that each bunker has one survivor and one Dave, a ton of RPG resources and the ability to make Snickers Rum. After months of confinement, tensions rise between Koala Bear followers and paranoid /x/philes, and blood is promised after five years. A fully Koala Bear thread.Bunker, survival, Dave, Snickers rum, Koala Bear2010-11-30 4 
December 2010
13133598Magic: The GrizzlingOne anon's humble bear deck grows into a full-out cavalcade of bear MtG tactics.bears, grizzlies, Magic2010-12-14 4 
January 2011
13538568Bear: The MaulingOP starts a rousing discussion about White Wolf's latest, punctuated by the token naysayers who... just can't bear it.bear: the mauling, 2011-01-16 20 
May 2011
14950652MANLY MOUSTACHE/BEARD THREAD/tg/ beard vote 2011beard, lulz2011-05-17 2 
June 2011
15107319Sometimes you just give it to themInstances when a DM just gives a character something/Non combat awesome storiesElfbeard, Bearded Elf, Cook Battle, Bakery, DM, Stories2011-06-01 15 
July 2011
15767164Vampire Dwarf Turned bearfestrawrrawrarD&D, Vampire, Bear, Rawr2011-07-31 12 
September 2011
16425991Yet another story threadCool stories, a temporary devolution into argument, and then more cool stories. Also Pavarotti.cool stories, bro, cool story bro, dark heresy, D&D, bear spy, pavarotti,2011-09-26 2 
January 2012
17595297That Guy And The BearStorybro recounts the time a homophobic That Guy meets his match in the form of a big, burly gay rugby player.That Guy, gay, storytime, epic, lulz, bear, bears2012-01-19 22 
17689732/TG/ BOOTLEG Meta Quest thread 3While metaquest is on hiatus, we play as a requisitions looter team. Shit gets fucked up and significantly more complicated.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Harry Potter, X-Men, Bootleg Metaquest, Bootleg, COMMON SENSE, Mario, Digimon, Street Fighter, Sailor Moon, Warcraft, Wakfu, Pokemon, Vocaloid, Neckbeard2012-01-27 6 
February 2012
17870823Chaos Space Marine QuestJoin the adventures of Decimus Petillius Tiro of the Word Bearers!Chaos Space Marine Quest, Word Bearer, Collective Game2012-02-09 5 
March 2012
18208330The Tale of Barry BanjoOP recites the amazing tale of his current Engine Hearts campaign, including an animatronic banjo bear.Engine Heart, story time, banjo bear, funny2012-03-05 13 
June 2012
19343530Primordial Evo, Eastern Continent - Tribal 2The continued development and adventures of Eastern Tribes. Nad makes a tsundere bug girl, and Fortune's Gantu slay monsters and make contact with the Kaze. The Ca'rethil develop both kung-fu and architechture and the Silith nearly burn the damn forest down in their attempts to discover the secrets of metalworking.Collective Game, Primordial Evo, evolution, Indonesian Gentleman, nongent, Smokey the Bear is pissed2012-06-07 2 
September 2012
20730757Nightbane Horrible Abomination GenerationWarning, may include distilled fears of all of mankind in Bear-Wolf-Spider form, with gunarms. Jesus Christ.Monster Generation Bearspiderwolf NeverStopScreaming2012-09-15 5 
October 2012
21035897Magic: the BeareningAn anon posts some bearly editted token. /tg/ exercises it's right to bear arms and signs up for the oncoming bearpocalypseMagic, mtg, bears, custom cards, Magic: the Bearening, awesome, 2012-10-08 9 
November 2012
21379009Wizards don't give a fuckOP opens a can of worms when he asks for Wizard images. It soon goes into bizarro /tg/ territory.Wizard, D&D, magic, homo, thri-kreen, beards, genderswap, gangsta2012-11-01 21 
January 2013
22425550EstherA drawfag works his magic and warms the hearts of /tg/ to varying degrees.kobold, Esther, Bears, Dawww2013-01-06 12 
22556203Esther part 2/tg/ continues to take care of its adopted kobold daughter. They fend off some bandits and meet an old flame of The Bear's. kobold, bears, collective game, Esther2013-01-13 12 
March 2013
23951476Wang FireWang Fire discovers that he is everyone, and that everyone is Wang FireWang Fire, Avatar, Sokka, Alpharius, silly, humor, realization, manliness, beard, Zuko2013-03-31 15 
April 2013
24279825Danganronpa QuestQuest thread of hope; Fa/tg/uys of Despaircollective game,Monobear,Danganrona Quest2013-04-17 5 
May 2013
25030626Blacksmith Quest IThe first installment of Blacksmith Quest. We roll a nat 100 on beard quality and end up with the king of all beards. We travel to the main city and set up shop with a Dwarven smith called Urist.Collective Quest, Blacksmith, Shop, Urist, Beard2013-05-25 20 
June 2013
25172321Blacksmith Quest II - Part 1We get the day off work and explore the city, the quest abruptly ends when OP has to leave.Blacksmith, Collective Game, Beard, Dwarf2013-06-01 5 
25195195Blacksmith Quest 2.5Blacksmith Quest continues with a second thread to make up for the crap one the day before. We go on our date with Sarah and recruit a Warforged named Balthazar to our shop.Blacksmith Quest, Smith, Beard, Dwarf2013-06-02 3 
25267569Warhammer Fantasy QuestDA ORKIEST QUEST YOU EVER DUN PLAYED IN We got uz some boyz, did kunnin brutality, and brutal kunnin', gork, we got it allCollective Game Naffzod Beardsplitter Ork Quest2013-06-06 6 
25315860Blacksmith Quest IIIUrist has to travel far away and we are left with control of the smithy. We get some fantastic weapons and armour made, we impress Anamman's niece and try to hit on Sarah again. Blueprints are found for a Warforged arm and we get drunk with some DwarvesBlacksmith Quest, Blacksmith, Alaric, Beard, Dwarf2013-06-08 2 
25449164Blacksmith Quest IVRumours of an Orc invasion pop up, we are swamped with orders from nearby villages and warriors asking for weapons and armour. We drink with Van Gan and talk to the other Smiths about the possibility of opening up a single Foundry.Blacksmith Quest, Blacksmith, Beard, Smith, Alaric2013-06-15 4 
25599207Blacksmith Quest VWe go out and recruit people for the upcoming Orc attacks at the request of the Captain of the Guard. We recruit Gladiators, pirates, Elves and more!Blacksmith Quest, Blacksmith, Beard, Alaric2013-06-23 2 
25725242The Story of LarryAnon tells the story of a horrible sex offender That GuyDnD, D&D, 3.5, 3.5e, That Guy, Neckbeard2013-06-30 9 
July 2013
26207164Fact: NOTHING is scarier than a bear.The fa/tg/uys create a race of Soviet bear-men for D&D3.5D&D, bears, game, writefaggotry, fluff2013-07-24 5 
August 2013
26880290The Knights RepentantA thread about what happens when pre-Heresy Word Bearers travel through the warp and emerge from it in the 41st millennium. Brought to you by two anons. One who thought about this idea, and one who made it flesh. Really cool and probably the sanest homebrew ever. Knights Repentant, Space Marines, Word Bearers, 2013-08-29 18 
September 2013
27292905Captain DicebeardOP meets a GMing pirate and asks /tg/ if he should continue playing. /tg/ states the obvious: DO IT FAGGOT!Captain, Dicebeard, GMing, Crazy, Awesome, Funny, Story Time2013-09-19 25 
October 2013
27561099Mages Guild MeetingMages meet to discuss world-ending means of keeping drafts out of their studies. Bearsalisks are transmuted, beards are misplaced, skin is refurbished, and the elemental plane of pizza is ruined.Wizards, mages, pizza, beards, -omancy, genocide, dirty Druid hippies, bearsalisks2013-10-04 1 
27675147Level 0 Peasants vs 5 RatsWe knew they were still inside, the chewing.. The terrible chewing. How did they get out of the basement? we had, in our previous lives, forgotten to close the door behind us.Level 0, Story time, DM, Evil, Bear trap, Peasants, TPK 2013-10-10 104 
27796127On Sikhs, and SikhismIn which /tg/ learns that Sikhism is pretty much a religion where everyone are paladins, and proceed to have the most civil religion-related thread you'll ever see.Sikhism, religion, paladins, turbans, bad-ass, beards2013-10-18 33 
November 2013
28334133Neckbeard Quest 1A typical day for a neckbeard on /tg/. We burn down our thread, meet an unicorn and seduce an elven maid.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2013-11-19 35 
28367525Neckbeard Quest 2We eat breakfast, behead a torpedo and defeat a group of weeaboo from /jp/. We finally get the horn.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2013-11-20 15 
28385088Neckbeard Quest 3Anon and his pompadour bearing ally run into some old friends. Violence ensues.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2013-11-21 12 
28411859Neckbeard Quest #4Garush and Anon talk with the decapitated Banshee head, and the Beardstrosity returns.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2013-11-22 10 
28441940Neckbeard Quest 5We get advice from oldfag sage and find the elven maid at her post. Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2013-11-25 10 
28485417Neckbeard Quest 6Neckbeard finally get laid, Yorick screams a lot, Anon reaches enlightenment and Neckbeard learn a few thing about elven mating habits.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2013-11-27 8 
December 2013
28574875Neckbeard Quest #8In which Neckbeard comes back from the dead and robs CryAnon from what little was left of his dignity.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2013-12-02 7 
28609752Neckbeard Quest #9Neckbeard performs an excellent villain routine in an attempt at obtaining a replacement minion.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2013-12-03 7 
28610955A-bear-ationSo what DOES happen when a bear shapeshifter gets pregnant...?bear, druid, bear warrior, abearation, discussion, bears2013-12-03 6 
28649836Neckbeard Quest #10Charlotte and Anry begin preparations for dealing with the neckbeared menace.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2013-12-08 7 
January 2014
29396269Neckbeard Quest 11Neckbeard meets a shop owner and proceeds to rob him.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-01-10 10 
29448061Neckbeard Quest 12In which Anon makes a move on Yorick. Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-01-12 10 
29607416Neckbeard Quest #13Neckbeard gains a new reluctant minion.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-01-20 7 
29670766Neckbeard QuestIn which anon has possibly the worst day of his lifeNeckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-01-22 5 
29736937Neckbeard Quest #15Yorick is reunited with her friends, and one of Anon's inner demons begins some scheming.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-01-24 7 
February 2014
30053928Neckbeard Quest 16In which the beardstrosity invades homes and eats dogs. Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-02-08 5 
30081052 Exiled Prince Quest 1A Medici scion runs to Venice to escape a vengeful family, ignores wenches, and acquires currency.Exiled Prince Quest, Quest, Collective Game, TheBear, Merchant Prince, Venice, Renaissance, History2014-02-08 22 
30107038Exiled Prince Quest 2We cut a deal with a mob boss, hire guards, and look for a priest to play lawyer for us. QM reveals that the MC may be a rapist and our head guard is a multiple murderer. Naturally, we buy guns.Exiled Prince Quest, Quest, Collective Game, TheBear, Merchant Prince, Venice, Renaissance, History2014-02-09 15 
30169030Exiled Prince Quest 3Today is Guild-day! We reestablish connections with the Tailor's guild and the butcher's guild, get conned, and begin the hunt for the organization that did this. No one robs a Medici.Exiled Prince Quest, Quest, Collective Game, TheBear, Merchant Prince, Venice, Renaissance, History2014-02-12 11 
30355924Random Dimensional Quest 5: The Quest for QuestingIn which Nick Trimmers tames wild facial hair and dispenses sage advice.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, Arsenal, dwarf, beard, haircut2014-02-20 0 
30447299girl gamer looking for groupAnon post a flyer he found at his FLGS. Other anons join in to share stories both amusing and horrifying. There is also some discussion about just HOW and WHY people could sperg out this hard.FLGS, LGS, horror, neckbeard, autist, girl gamer, gurl gaymer, nerd, geek, nerd girl, nerdlings, pop culture, culture, 2014-02-24 16 
30448765Neckbeard Quest 17Neckbeard recruits the dog tamer, and Anon's day doesn't get any better.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-02-25 5 
April 2014
31199129Tuxedo Bear QuestA Bear awakens in an alleyway with unusual intellect and access to means MOST dapper.Collective Game, Bear, Eclipsed Moon Quest, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Bear2014-04-01 15 
May 2014
32261795Gummi Bears RPGCreation of an RPG based on the Disney cartoonGummi Bears, Disney, Homebrew2014-05-22 3 
June 2014
32575876Neckbeard Quest #18Neckbeard Quest returns, taking control on a one-armed anon.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-06-05 7 
32613847Neckbeard Quest #19Fun at the dog park.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-06-08 6 
32649256Neckbeard Quest #20One-Arm Anon tries to take care of his succubus problem.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-06-09 7 
32678176Neckbeard Quest #21Between Catgirl Baker's antics and Yorick's attempt to be kawaii uguu, the thread approaches critical cuteness.eckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-06-11 5 
July 2014
33275921Neckbeard Quest #22A dog humps a guy's leg, and then enters cheat codes.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-07-11 5 
33327537Neckbeard Quest #23In which Teli puts anon in the pitNeckbeard Quest, Collective Game, neckbeard, random, Teli2014-07-12 5 
33361943Neckbeard Quest 24Anon and Garush play hooky. One arm gets some new threads.Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-07-14 5 
33605642Lamentations of the Flame Princess Storytiem: Edge editionA little girl, the ghost of her necromancer grandfather, a fourteen year old boy still traumatized by the time his parents were raped to death by bears, and a priest team up to murder the shit out of some people, no matter how many people they have to murder in order to do it.Lamentations of the Flame Princess, LotFP, lotfp, storytime, storytiem, BEARS, edge, edgy, edgelord2014-07-23 10 
August 2014
33866248Neckbeard Quest 25 Part 2Previous: http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/33849478/ Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-08-04 6 
34249940Slav Shit Future Knights OP: I had an idea today, tentatively entitled "Slav Shit Future Knights" inspired by the game Destiny and the book One Soldier's War In Chechnya. Players are knights of the last city on Earth (St Petersburg) who venture out beyond the walls armed with an array of slavic weaponry from the last 100+ years (statted up with MotSP's equipment building system) to do battle with bandits, chechens, aliens, stalinist ape-men and assorted mutants, recover mystical treasures and technology and you get the ideaWorldbuilding, world building, OC, awesome, jews, bears, russia2014-08-19 6 
September 2014
34523638Neckbeard Quest 26Anon continues to be the little girl and /k/ay wakes up from a night of hard partying. Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-09-01 6 
34561647Neckbeard Quest 27/k/ay gets stuck under a bunch of sweaty /fit/izens. Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-09-02 6 
35166083Neckbeard Quest 28Beardy goes off to conquer /soc/ and One-Arm gets a personal encounter with femdom. Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-09-29 5 
October 2014
35244188Neckbeard Quest 29We celebrate 4chan's 11th birthday with Teli. Neckbeard Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, TG, Neckbeard2014-10-03 6 
November 2014
36452568Pirate Quest 1In which the son of a pirate lord seeks to create his own crew in the port city of CaelosPirate Quest, Collective Game, Blackbeard, Pirate2014-11-29 11 
36468452Pirate Quest 2In which our hero steals a ship and talks with his crewPirate Quest, Collective Game, Blackbeard, Pirate2014-11-30 11 
December 2014
36490155Pirate Quest 3In which our crew raids a small fishing villagePirate Quest, Collective Game, Blackbeard, Pirate2014-12-01 10 
36531275Pirate Quest 4In which stowaways are found aboard, oh my!Pirate Quest, Collective Game, Blackbeard, Pirate2014-12-03 5 
36569688Pirate Quest 5In which we interrogate the intruders and train the crew.Pirate Quest, Collective Game, Blackbeard, Pirate2014-12-05 5 
36646241Pirate Quest 6In which we escape from our pursuers and end up in port.Pirate Quest, Collective Game, Blackbeard, Pirate2014-12-09 3 
January 2015
37438653SIMPLE QUESTA tale of bears, and the simple men who love them.SIMPLE QUEST, Bears, Romance, Caves, Weak-ass Grue, Epic tales, Collective Game, Tragedy, Deconstruction, Heart-warming2015-01-17 5 
April 2015
39306136 Lamentations of the Flame Princess Storytiem: 2 edgy, 2 egregious A little girl, the ghost of her necromancer grandfather, a orphan whose parents were eaten and/or raped to death by bears, and a priest who has a cuddle pillow of his goddess team up to murder hundreds of innocents and summon a demon. Also kill a bear I guess.Lamentations of the Flame Princess, LotFP, lotfp, storytime, storytiem, BEARS, edge, edgy, edgelord, sitcom2015-04-13 4 
June 2015
40632242Crusader Quest Part 28Wilhelm is faced with a moral crisis when Princess Hodierna inadvertently reminds them that he broke one of the promises he made to his betrothed.Collective Game, Crusader Quest, Barbam Vult, Wilhelm, Beards, HistoricalFiction2015-06-16 16 
March 2016
46307292One Foot in the Grave Quest 6James gets thrown about like a ragdoll, then goes hunting.Collective Game, Redemptor, One Foot in the grave, Advanced Bear.2016-03-28 1 
January 2017
986758CHAN: The Great Unemployed EmpireCHAN is a game of adventure, danger, and low cucking. Explore what has sent hardened trolls screaming from the autism contained within!CHAN The Great Unemployed Empire, Text adventure, Autism, Neckbeards, Rare pepes, Collective Game2017-01-07 1 
July 2017
1673533Return of the Sorcerer Quest: OneThe last living descendant of an infamous Sorcerer-King gains a dangerous position in the court of his families ancient enemies.Return of the Sorcerer, Quest, Collective Game, Axebeard Beardaxe, dynasty, intrigue, Empire, fantasy, sorcerer, necromancer, alchemist2017-07-26 1 
April 2018
2509160Kaleidoscope Quest 8A curse, a shrine, and a keeper.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Bear Stew for Breakfast2018-04-28 2 
October 2018
2944233Neet Quest #5Got kidnapped, Escaped, Bought 14 guns and 100 pounds of ammo, tried to get lucky, get attacked by bear, got into a coma, came out of itCollective Game, Neet Quest, Neet, NeetQM, Adventure, Quest, Sandbox, California, Cabin, Bear, Guns, Coma2018-10-13 5 
February 2019
3235234Bounty Hunter QuestA witch hunter deals with a tgreat to a small village, tries to right some wrongs and gets invited to a nasty dinner.monster hunting, magic, Spirit Bear, bounty hunter, bounty hunter quest, Witch Hunter 2019-02-13 3 
3281240Superpowered Neckbeard QuestDerek, 342 pound neckbeard leaves his mommy's home, stabs a kickboxing cricket man to death, and spontaneously develops superpowers.Collective Game, SNQ, Capeshit, Superpowers, Vigilante, Neckbeard2019-02-26 14 
March 2019
3257481Bounty Hunter Quest 2where we meet a witch and try to stop an attempt to destroy the citySpirit, bear, bounty, hunter, quest, bounty hunter, Spirit Bear2019-03-05 2 
3299177Superpowered Neckbeard Quest, Episode TwoDerek's sad life continuesCollective Game, SNQ, Capeshit, Superpowers, Vigilante, Neckbeard2019-03-10 10 
June 2019
3550816Superpowered Neckbeard Quest, Episode ThreeDerek continues his one-man crusade on crime, and has a chance encounter with a minor baseball celebrity.Collective Game, SNQ, Capeshit, Superpowers, Vigilante, Neckbeard2019-06-21 8 
July 2019
67202225combination monster bestiary /tg/ designs weapons for when wizards with owlbear-tier magics capable of combining animals to create new monsters fight a biotech war.monsters, worldbuilding, owlbears, chimera, body horror, umbrella corporation, wizards, no sense of right and wrong,2019-07-13 7 
December 2019
3966505Bad Art QuestThomas wishes to spread the word of Classic Italian Disco but it goes beary wrong.Bear, disco, art, bad, bad art, Thomas, corn, Conopolis2019-12-19 0 
June 2020
4324237Sailor Bear QuestA normal morning for Usagi Tsukino, just your normal 14 year old highschool girl who is also a 7'9" Bear weighing 1,430 lbsSailor Moon, Bear, Shitpost, Eclipsed Moon, Eclipsed Moon Quest, Quest, Pbta2020-06-27 5 
September 2020
4422023Girls Und Panzer Quest 8Meeting Yuzu's Parents! Two weeks to the finals!collective game, Rafael, GuP, Girls und Panzer, Panther, Girls, Tanks, Pedobear2020-09-02 7 
April 2021
78580874Word Bearer Isekai Thread 1Another Based Isekai Thread arrivesstorytime, writefag, time travel, word bearers2021-04-10 33 
July 2021
80126761Word Bearer Isekai Thread 2Orator-Anon continues the adventure of Anon as he and the Word Bearer to change the course of Warhammer 30k. storytime, writefag, time travel, word bearers, Warhammer40k, Warhammer30k2021-07-04 30 
January 2022
82847470We are have the same mind, this Word Bearer and I #3Ghost and Kyrus become separated after fighting Drukhari, they now advance their missions, alone.Story time, write fag, Warhammer30k, word bearers, time travel, daemons 2022-01-16 27 
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This is my very simple attempt to come up with an archival program. Enter the thread number (/tg/ only) and a brief title and one-sentence description and hit Go!; it'll archive a copy of the page for future lulz. Archived threads are checked every two hours for updates until the thread 404s. (I never thought threads would last over two days but 1614919 proved me very wrong.) To refresh an existing archived thread, simply attempt to add it again, and it will be immediately refreshed.

Please do not navigate away from this page once you hit Go!; depending on the number of images, it may take a minute or more to complete. If you do navigate away, the update script should catch anything you miss, but the thread may display incorrectly or with 4chan.org hotlinking images until it is repaired.

Mods, if this script seems too spammy, I can up the checking interval, lower the time limit, or remove this altogether. Ideally, it should mean a simple 12 pageloads for a day per new thread, and it does not re-download images, so the load should be negligible.


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