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April 2015
39216770Minotaur Civilization Quest #2We discover the magic of pyromania, found a cult, take revenge on the White Beasts, and Collective Game, Civilization Game, Minotaur Civilization Quest, Civvie,2015-04-09 2 
39238350Minotaur Civilization Quest #3In which we're introduced to the idea of hats, meet a highlander, kill a stalking snow elf, then curbstomp another in the arenaCollective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-04-11 2 
39259527Minotaur Civilization Quest #4We establish a Mage's Guild, meet the human highland clans, found a second settlement, concoct a chemical weapon, and see an Elder God army approaching on the horizonCollective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-04-11 2 
39283739Minotaur Civilization Quest #5The tide of horror arrives, and we dive headlong into battle with the Eldritch horrors!Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-04-12 2 
39304146Minotaur Civilization Quest #6The horrors lie dead at our feet, and our leader's apprentice takes up the mantle of chief. After repairs are done, we head out into the wilds to found a new village. Unfortunately, there appears to be something in the water...Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-04-19 2 
39449652Minotaur Civilization Quest #7We finally figure out boats, and make contact with ice-halflings! Our leader soon starts a relationship with a human, but is soon ripped away and captured by the imperial Snow Elves!Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie, Civvy2015-04-20 2 
39567334Minotaur Civilization Quest #8The armies march on the Snow Elf capital to free our beloved leader. Will we succeed and free Brakla or will we crumble and forced to retreat?Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-04-26 2 
May 2015
39591073Minotaur Civilization Quest #9A quick bout of exploration and expansion takes place, we manage to connect an iceberg to the mainland by way of giant bloody bridge and a ship is also sent out to explore and find new lands to conquer!Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-05-03 3 
39733229Minotaur Civilization Quest #10All is well in the Tauren Kingdom, but tragedy strikes as the royal baby is ripped from the womb by a Fungal infiltrator! The drums of war are beginning to beat once more. There will be no mercyCollective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-05-09 2 
39852240Minotaur Civilization Quest #11After a few technical difficulties, we manage to smash and grab the baby back. After this debacle, we invent strippers and further our armed forcesCollective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-05-16 2 
40018712Minotaur Civilization Quest #12A short but sweet thread in which we meet German dwarves and a pyromaniac burning half of a forest to the ground.Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-05-23 3 
40133942Minotaur Civilization Quest #13In which we spend the entire thread trying to negotiate with a race of bee women, then subsequently discover their queen is a nymphomaniac. Oh, and we find Japanese Crystalid Samurai and invent Hispanic Minotaurs.Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-05-24 3 
40158392Minotaur Civilization Quest #14We discover Sverfneblin in a giant bloody pit, further relations with the Thriae with men, discover Old God shiny rocks, and perform a minor exorcism. Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-05-30 2 
June 2015
40430940Minotaur Civilization Quest #15In which we establish proper relations with the Crystalids, kill an uppity ape, and keep a small elf girl from maiming herself too badly.Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-06-07 3 
40454737Minotaur Civilization Quest #15.5We return to Drozen after a round of diplomacy with the Crystalids. Following this, we advance into the Renaissance and get our diplomat captured by Dark Elves.Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-06-12 2 
40581251Minotaur Civilization Quest #16In which we spend half of a thread escaping a city's worth of guards, meet a giant, and run bare-butt naked in the streets high on ecstasy.Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-06-18 2 
40719705Minotaur Civilization Quest #17In which we beat the ever living shit out of a an Orc woman, take her home after reeducation in the sex pits of the Thriae, and have a generally good time.Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-06-27 2 
July 2015
41305968Minotaur Civilization Quest #20We get a map, help Catherine with the whole dead husband deal, and meet some batshit crazy Amazons.Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-07-19 1 
August 2015
41752762Minotaur Civilization Quest #22We meet the lizardfolk and wood elves and are subsequently interrupted by a family emergency.Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-08-15 1 
41893518Minotaur Civilization Quest #23We get two new heirs, flip the gender of one, and get a guy imprisonedCollective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-08-22 1 
September 2015
42172155Minotaur Civilization Quest #25Eugenics and Demons!Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-09-05 1 
October 2015
42741329Minotaur Civilization Quest #27We get a new hero, send away two of our heroes, and get magic laser rifles.Collective Game, Minotaur Quest, Civilization Game, Civvie,2015-10-03 2 
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