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September 2010
12236415Commander QuestA young cadet takes his final test to determine his command and placement amongst the Degnarian Legion. Legionnaires, Dorfs and archers brawl armoured dorfs and giant lizardmen.Commander Quest, Quest Thread2010-09-27 34 
12257873Commander Quest IIJustinian Trentz gets the first member of his retinue and gets assigned to put down a potential rebellion. /tg/ spends years deciding on what troops to bring and then we get bear cavalry.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-09-29 24 
October 2010
12282945Commander Quest IIICommander Justinian meets with almost all of his Captains for a small feast. Ends with them all getting smashed.Commander Quest, Quest Thread2010-10-01 21 
12317162Commander Quest IVMore shenanigans from our captains after we brief them on our mission. We march out and deal with some raiders, recruiting a Scottish Dorf and crucify a raider. Our next battle sits on the horizon.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-04 21 
12354642Commander Quest VCommander Justinian comes across a band of raiders and sees that bear cavalry wins battles. Almost alone. The dice roller also hates us and we take heavy losses and learn scouts are not meant to hold the line.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-07 21 
12366166Commander Quest VICommander Justinian finds this little rebellion he's dealing with is not so little. We attract the attention of gods and realize we're not being paid enough for what we have to deal with.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-08 20 
12388813Commander Quest VIIWe learn more about the old gods and get an idea on who we're facing. Commander Justinian hesitantly communicates with the old gods and we hire mercenaries to make a battle relatively simple.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-10 20 
12400901Commander Quest VIII-IWe stage an ambush on a supply caravan and find out it's being protected by an elven spell caster. /tg/ dice hate us once again.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-11 20 
12404003Commander Quest VIII-IIWe tend to our wounded and our own wounds after our last battle. We interrogate the captured mercenaries and the /tg/ dice finally let us succeed, with us breaking the elven sorcerer's faith in her husband and her god.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-11 22 
12413226Commander Quest IXWe interrogate one of the wives of our foes and then /tg/ bickers for an extended time on how to assault the enemy. Eventually we move on, forge some weapons and prepare our captains for a bloody battle.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-12 21 
12435456Commander Quest XWe finish up last minute preparations and then begin our march towards the enemy ruins. On the way, we discover a band of broken orcs, receive important intel and attract the favor of a god for leaving on good terms with the orcs. We then run into barricades.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-14 20 
12516585Commander Quest XIWe begin our assault against the main enemy encampment. Things start good with complete surprise on our side, then bad rolls hit us in the head at the end.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-10-21 20 
12527946Commander Quest XIIThe assault continues. not to many snags but the casualties are starting to pile up. Khalles proves to be a formidable combatant, the orks get wiped out save for blackbird; and we find out just how useful an elementalist can be.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-22 20 
12549593Commander Quest XIIIWe beat the Dwarf rebel leader into unconsciousness, and put him in a small damp box. Later, we hold a party with his ale and don't give him any.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-10-24 20 
12571430CommanderQuest XIVWe recover from a night of celebrations, find out our Aide's past and fail at interrogating. We then save someone from Ferengi gnomes and recruit him to our retinue.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-26 20 
12604840Commander Quest XVWe continue back to the capital and tame a large, wild bear for our mount. We have more exposition with our elf and then make it back to the capital for our debriefing.Commander Quest, Quest thread2010-10-29 22 
12627604CommanderQuest XVIWe mess around in the capital city by spending time in the library researching. We then re-hire our bear cavalry for another campaign and endlessly debate on hiring mercenaries.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-10-31 20 
November 2010
12647596CommanderQuest XVIIJustinian gets a bunch of arcane loot, delegates party planning to his protege and then goes to the races with Sansa. We then return for our celebration with our men.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-02 21 
12670831Commander Quest XVIIIWe have a night out and introduce our retinue's introverts to the rest of the group. Later on we armor our bear, cash in our gold, and scare the hell out of Jayne with some magical hocus pocus while also learning a new ability. (And maybe start on some magic)Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-04 20 
12681296Commander Quest XIXWe proceed to trial and have to demonstrate Khalless's power to incredulous judges, and Laelith gets sweet fiery vengeance. Later on we attend to army duties and teach Jayne the beginnings of life elementalism. Then we round it out with a briefing on our next mission and some discussion on romantic prospects.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-05 20 
12718284Commander Quest XXWe hire some more mercs, have a nice dinner with Jayne and her sister, begin planning our campaign, and argue. Oh, the arguing.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-11-08 17 
12730557CommanderQuest XXIWe finish up in the capital and finally head out to our next campaign. After selecting out base camp, our scouts quickly determine the location of the enemy base camp and spot an enemy scouting party.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Collective game, Quest2010-11-09 17 
12753274CommanderQuest XXIIWe spring our attack on the enemy scouting party and /tg/ dice hate us for awhile. The force is eventually scattered and then we fail at interrogation. We then begin trap laying.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-11 17 
12776381CommanderQuest XXIIIOur opponent sends a force to burn out our fort and we meet him on the field. An initially promising battle turns into a disaster and results in a Pyrrhic victory.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-13 17 
12801043CommanderQuest XXIVWe go over received intel, send out raiders, improve our captured siege engine and have a nice breakfast with the captured son of the enemy. That and learn he's in love with one of his bodyguards captured during the last battle. Sweet, honeyed words are whispered to wear away at his loyalty.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-11-15 15 
12812389CommanderQuest XXVWe debate on how to best assist another commander likely fighting an elementalist. We convince more people to learn to control the elements and then continue interrogating captured prisoners and wearing away at their loyalties.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-16 15 
12837061CommanderQuest XXVIProfessor Justinian teaches the class how to manipulate the elements. We learn a bit more about Kyria and talk to our experienced veterans about our situation.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective game2010-11-18 16 
12847946CommanderQuest XVIIA caravan is sent out as bait for a trap. We let our captured noble have a few hours of happiness with his love and see what the gods think of us. We also find out Khalless had a boat load of interesting things for us to translate.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective game2010-11-19 25 
12886312CommanderQuest XXVIIIThe opponents Creed-like son arrives with a boatload of slaves to take out our fort. We parley and debate for an hour on how to defend. Then we fight and cause a slave revolt.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-11-22 20 
12910543Commander Quest XXIXWe clean up after the battle, break some bad news to our captured noble, and talk with a possible arcanist.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-11-24 21 
12951673CommanderQuest XXXWe are reminded of our old for Khalless, get introduced to Lord Stant's elven archers and have breakfast with our captured noble. We fail to sway him to the dark side and our troops sent on the caravan trap return.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective Game2010-11-28 15 
December 2010
12996202CommanderQuest XXXISansa returns with news of the other commanders, we spar with Laelith and find out that she gets cranky when she loses, and call a meeting to discuss our attack plans. Our captains are shocked by nightvision paste and we reach a deployment decision shockingly quickly. Oh, and Lena's sister is pissed, but we quickly talk her down and probably secure them for our retinue.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-02 17 
13019797Commander Quest XXXIIWe finish planning our night attack on the enemy camp, find out more about our good friend Khalless, and are confronted by a sashless Kyria. We begin preparations for our plan but see a vision from the gods and find out others have seen visions as well.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-04 16 
13044752Commander Quest XXIIIOperation: Nightrape goes off pretty well, ending with a whole lot of mauled enemy units after some well-times critical elementalism rolls. But at what cost?Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-06 25 
13057328Commander Quest XXXIVWe have a chat with Jayne about our future, receive a boon from a god, send Finian out to scout and re-negotiate with our mercenaries to stick around longer.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-07 17 
13083135Commander Quest XXXVWe talk strategy with our veterans over breakfast, find out our mage apprentice has decided to join our retinue and convince our captive noble to abandon his family and join us.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective Game2010-12-09 15 
13105425Commander Quest XXXVIWe receive our dispatches, are informed we're being selected for the counterattack, inform our men of Janos' defection and begin planning our next move.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-11 15 
13130768Commander Quest XXXVIIJayne has problems with our new recruit and we launch our assault on the Stant boys, avoiding a trap and making Morwayne rage. On average we rolled badly even with the botch. After battle, things get a little interesting and we lose our ransom.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective Game2010-12-13 16 
13142413Commander Quest XXXVIIIWe get Sansa to plan our upcoming victory celebration, inform Janos about his siblings death, find out how messed his family is and fail at interrogation due to /tg/ dice not being low for once. Then we kiss the girl.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective Game2010-12-14 16 
13166139Commander Quest XXXIXWe have a nice chat with Aurelius (What a tweest), practice our elementalism, almost get killed by our mage in training and spar with our super swordsman. We then begin planning the next part of our campaign after reading some letters and stall with the debate.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-16 15 
13195086CommanderQuest XLJayne gives us great news about her house. set up a picnic with Laelith. Order all our wagons converted to auto-wagons. Have breakfast with Aurelius and discuss upgrading his Hunters to Deadeyes. Also Blackbird comes back and now has a clan of his own.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective game2010-12-18 20 
13221671Commander Quest XLIRomancing our womenfolk, making plans, and shooting the shit with Wulf. All in all, a good day.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-20 20 
13233184Commander Quest XLIICelebrations go off with out a hitch; Justinian beds Laelith and promises to make it up to Kyria and Sansa. Wulf goes of with the detachment to reinforce Commander Nomz. Also, our resident mage got drunk. Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-21 22 
13257844Commander Quest XLIIIPlaying with the womenfolk, and making plans to turn Fort Skywatch into the Honeycomb Hideout.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-23 17 
13301394Commander Quest XLIVWe question Janos about the enemy fort we must bypass, check up on our engineer with his new wagons, check in with the gods real quick and go looking for bears with Jayne. /tg/ dice ruins our day big time and stops us from getting our first loot of the campaign.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective Game2010-12-27 15 
13321395Commander Quest XLVWe recover after our disastrous battle thanks to Jayne, find hidden loot relevant to the cult, and pick up two more cubs on the way back to camp. Our die rolls don't hate us all session.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2010-12-29 15 
13331794Commander Quest XLVIWe chat up Laelith a little, give her some gifts, muse on the cult and spend the night with Sansa. Janos gives us more intel on the terrain, we talk to our mage in training and work on our elementalism. Then Wulf returns victorious from the north with a nice scar and Kyria gets her reward.Commander Quest, Quest, Quest thread, Collective Game2010-12-30 17 
January 2011
13390544Commander Quest XLVIIWe patch things up with Jayne, find more elementalists amongst our troops, and our reinforcements arrive.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-04 17 
13412786Commander Quest XLVIIIWe're finally back on the move. We cross the Greyrun and invade Uurlanth. We destroy a scout patrol, prepare to siege a fort, and learn that swamps are fucking dangerous.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-06 15 
13435935Commander Quest XLIXWe spend a lot of time debating how we'll assault Lost Conflux, deciding on drawing out their forces with some fire. Turns out, storms give Wulf the powers of a fucking thunder god with a penchant for maniacal laughter, and we completely rape the fort with a long string of godly rolls. But what lies in the bowels of our newly taken fort?Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-08 15 
13460566Commander Quest LWe troll Sansa with a little help from Jayne, turn one of the mercenary companies against us to our cause, smash Lord whashisface's defenses, anALL HAIL LORD HELMET.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-10 15 
13474076Commander Quest LILootan' and plunderan'. We come up with a plan to ambush the garrisons of the river defense towers. Then we interrogate the lord and find out this Imperial counter-offensive is going Just As Planned by the Uurlanthi King.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-11 21 
13501065Commander Quest LIIWe get a better idea of what our second vision actually means, and set Laelith to work on finding a way to beat necromancy. We also find a way to potentially beat mysticism and some ways to improve the strength of our elementalism. We get the names of both of our noble captives that are getting ransomed and set up for taking down the towers Lord Blentus garrisons.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-13 15 
13531243Commander Quest LIIIThe guard towers have fallen and we take a side trip to the nearest small city for some good old-fashioned unadulterated looting. Damn it feels good to be a commander.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-16 15 
13558903Commander Quest LVWe come across the late Lord Stant's remains, and then take 3 towers in a single day. We have the men rest, for the next day will be filled with raiding and pilla..I mean, the destruction of enemy war material.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-18 15 
13610047Commander Quest LVIIWe check up on our new loot, find out how screwed we are at the moment when dealing with necromancers, deal with our retinue members, check up on our runeforging dorf and have a chat with a god.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-22 16 
13646885Commander Quest LVIIIWe hide our stash, knock out another tower, and link up with the main Imperial force. Then we find out that the Uurlanth King is coming at us with over 80,000 troops, and he has undead hordes with him.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-25 15 
13672077Commander Quest LIXWe meet with the commander of the Legion we have been preparing crossings for and cant seem to make up our minds about him. Information on arcane shit and the cult is traded, and we officially get our next assignment.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-27 15 
13722526Commander Quest LXOutnumbered two to one? Size matters not when you have a forest and Blackbird's men pulling random soldiers to their doom.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-01-31 14 
February 2011
13747094Commander Quest LXIWe face an opposing force more than twice our size, and that has air superiority. Any Degnar commander would retreat in the face of this foe. But we are Justinian Trentz, and we will prevail. Next time, on Commander Quest!Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-02 16 
13772155Commander Quest LXIIThe Uurlanthi lord manages to pull out a surprise combat mage, but we are able to take him out and the remaining pegasus knights. The battle is hard-fought, but victory is ultimately achieved.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-04 17 
13831100Commander Quest LXIIIOur current tour of duty in Uurlanth is finished, and with our combat strength down by half, we begin the march back to the capital.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-09 16 
13856509Commander Quest LXIVWe introduce our pet assassin to our command staff, make sure everyone's got the same story to give when we get questioned at the capital, and then we get absolutely plastered as we say goodbye to our nomad bros.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-11 15 
13893757CommanderQuest LXVOur triumphant return home, we learn of our reputation as "The Midnight Dragon" among the people of DragonsReach, and have a very enlightening conversation with the 2nd Praetorian, where we are given our next marching orders.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-14 20 
13916904Commander Quest LXVIWe recruit some mercenaries, begin assembling a psych profile of the enemy commander, get invited to a party, and try to work out the emotional problems of our younger retinue members.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-16 23 
13975999Commander Quest LXVIIWe find a mystic, a skilled life elementalist to heal Laelith's tatoos and scars, and royally mess up a local slumlord who thought he could mess with Justinian Trentz.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-21 21 
14002710Commander Quest LXVIIIWe recruit a mystic, prove that magic is returning to the world (just barely), have our business manager begin investing money, and Jayne agrees to be our companion for a fancy dinner.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-23 20 
14069864Commander Quest LXIXWe give the go-ahead to the list Blackbird Collin and Gaius had for filling up Blackbirds unit. Then we take Laelith to get her scars and tattoos healed... Then posting goes down and it becomes a clifhanger in the middle of a big post.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-02-28 20 
March 2011
14093512CommanderQuest LXIX reduxLaelith's scarring and tattoos have vanished, and we make allies and unfortunately enemies at the dinner in honor of the governor's son.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-02 18 
14118252Commander Quest LXXWe negotiate a long-term contract with the Lacertan who healed Laeliths face, and build our relationship with House Morlan. Then we somehow end up deciding that it would be a good idea to take the governors son with us on campaign. Next session, we're on the march again!!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-04 17 
14154637Commander Quest LXXIWe finally set out from the capital, young noble in tow. Going is slow, and we're a few days behind when we reach our operational theater. We pick up two more merc companies, then set a trap in a small logging village close to the forest where the enemy is hiding.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-07 16 
14176607Commander Quest LXXIIWe successfully spring a trap on an unsuspecting enemy raiding force, but they are better prepared than we expected. Ultimately successful, but victory costs higher than we expected.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-09 15 
14201461Commander Quest LXXIIIWe deal with Rufus and the aftermath of the battle, spend time with our ladies, and talk to the observers about the new face of war. Plans for the future are made and a life-changing decision is reached.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game, Pax, Commander2011-03-11 15 
14232900Commander Quest LXXIVWe come up with a cunning plan to test some innovative tactics when we learn that the Second Wife of Khalless is going to attack us. Phase One of the plan works, but Wulf is taken out of the fight by Moon Pantheon dickery. Arguing about whether it was a trap or just the bitch goddess going "Oh no you don't!" ensues.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-14 20 
14255604Commander Quest LXXVWe enact the Second Phase of our plan. While our maniple mops up the cultist mobs, our command group takes on the enemy commander and her bodyguards. Bad rolls see us falter a little, but in the end we are victorious.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-16 17 
14279361Commander Quest LXXVIWe reveal the return of the gods to our command staff for dissemination amongst our maniple. We then begin communing with the gods, seeing what's up with them. Eago is still interested in Wulf, we play hard to get with Karythria, and find that Garagush can be a bro, when he's not consumed by bloodlust and insanity.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-18 14 
14309662Commander Quest LXXVIIWe finish talking with the gods, and find the Goddess of Love more than a match for Justinian's charms. We find that 2 assassins came for us during our divine mind-conference, and that the enemy is on the move.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-21 16 
14332182Commander Quest LXXVIIIWe move out to defend the strategically important iron mine, only to find that an Uurlanthi mystic was maintaining the illusion of a force headed towards the iron mine, when they were really going after a town and a gold mine. We quickly turn around our maniple, and cause a landslide that allows us to catch up with their force, but are ambushed by hidden Uurlanthi valkyrie knights. We fight them off, only to be again be surprised by hidden Uurlanthi archers. We tear into the enemy and show them our RAGEFACE, and wipe them out.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-23 15 
14355050Commander Quest LXXIXThe enemy commander has split his forces, one headed to a gold mine, the other retreating to the forests. We split our maniple and pursue. The battle is hard-fought, but we emerge victorious in spite of the enemy's usage of a divine boon. We then receive word that the rest of the enemy has fallen, we've been promoted, and are to move to a city to temporarily become its military governor.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-25 15 
14410420Commander Quest LXXXWe arrive at the city, and start investigating the governor. Turns out he's getting boons from the God of Trickery, and the evidence against him is legit. Looks like we'll be carrying out our orders. Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-30 16 
April 2011
14433818Commander Quest LXXXIWe storm the governor's villa in a night-time commando raid, and successfully apprehend the traitor in spite of Uurlanthi assassins sent to help him. We extract the names of people complicit in his plans, and begin the work of rounding them up while preparing the city for a possible siege.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-01 15 
14464808Commander Quest LXXXIIWe put into motion plans to bolster the defenses of Northmont. A mangled force from the Northern Front is sent back to us to help reinforce the city. Turns out it's commanded by Commander McRape.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-04 16 
14488742Commander Quest LXXXIIIQuintus kinda makes us feel bad for him, not really though, sympathetic is a bit much, but pretty much describes it. Send blackbird with Wulf out. Get an Official head count. Execute Doblis the traitor of the empire. Talk a bit with Sansa about Quintus getting her to wait so we can set it up.Collective Game, Commander Quest, Commander, High Fantasy Rome2011-04-06 14 
14550369Commander Quest LXXXIVThe Siege of Northmont begins. We exchange terms of surrender and insults with the sieging Uurlanthi commander, and are slightly annoyed by his usage of air elementalists and archers on platforms.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-11 15 
14573034Commander Quest LXXXVWe weather a week of the siege, then we find out that along with magic and the gods, were-minotaurs are making a comeback as well. We deploy our forces to the walls as the Uurlanthi begin their assault.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-13 15 
14650207Commander Quest LXXXVIUnbelievably bad rolls shake the confidence of our men in our abilities, even though we still successfully fend off the probing attack by the Uurlanthi. The next day we put together several plans to destroy the Uurlanthi siege engines and let loose some were-minotaurs in their camp. Then Sansa comes and we know have Seventus confessing to all of this crimes on magic cassette tape.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-20 15 
14729642Commander Quest LXXXVIIOur multi-pronged plan for a night-time were-beast raid is put into motion. It is marginally successful, and out of 38 volunteers, 5 make it back. Unfortunately, it seems that we might a few serial killers amongst the survivors. Our talk with Seventus is interrupted by an Uurlanthi attack on the West Wall, under cover of invisibility magic. We successfully repulse the attack, but now know that the enemy has more resources than we anticipated.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-27 15 
14746347Commander Quest LXXXVIIIThe Uurlanthi attempt another attack against us in the wake of storm. They roll out living siege towers while we unleash our fully-automatic heavy repeaters. It is a bloody fight, but we emerge wounded but victorious.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-04-29 18 
May 2011
14782661Commander Quest LXXXIXWe storm our way into one of the weakened living siege towers, and despite losses, cut out its heart and kill it. Unfortunately, as we emerged from the rapidly dying tower, we found that the other towers had matured, and they weren't siege towers; Uurlanthi magical bio-warforms are going to make this siege, and the rest of the war, a real bitch to fight.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-02 14 
14803510Commander Quest LXXXXWe fight the Uurlanthi war-forms tooth and nail. We are injured, but suddenly the war-forms exit the field. We're then given a boon by Raynha, and we break the siege. However, we find out that the Uurlanthi have lost control over their bio-magical constructs, and they threaten to bring back a threat that took the avatars of the gods 500 years to stop the last time.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-04 20 
14883492Commander Quest XCIWe successfully rescue the human souls from one of the hive towers, but getting the resulting human to remember she's human is another matter. We speak with Seventus, who agrees to write a full confession for his crimes, and talk a little with Gaius. Then we offer the Skywings captain a chance to be on retainer with us, backed by a full supply of repeaters.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-11 16 
14907492Commander Quest XCIIWe work to integrate Vi back into society, and check up on our were-minotaur combat team. We replenish our forces and receive our marching orders. We meet up with two other elite maniples and are ordered to destroy an Uurlanthi supply convoy.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-13 14 
15041267Commander Quest XCIIIwe have a chat with High Commander Quintus about the arcane, and lay the plans for our attack on the enemy supply train. Blackbird is his usual, blunt, socially inept, logical self, but his plan works.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-25 14 
15064376Commander Quest XCIVWe spring the ambush on the Uurlanthi supply caravan. What was supposed to be a simple mission turns extremely bloody extremely quickly, as the Uurlanthi had brought along merc units from the elven Guilds, as well as many, many elementalists and mages.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-27 21 
June 2011
15118555Commander Quest XCVWe deal with the clean up of the ambush, have a few words with our staff and elementalists. Then we have a quick talk to Quintus, which is actually kinda awkward towards the end.Commander Quest, Roman Fantasy, Pax, Collective Game, Quest, Justinian Trentz2011-06-01 14 
15169758Commander Quest XCVIBack in Dragonsreach after a long campaign, we enjoy seeing our money grow and decide to rebuild same temples.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-06 13 
15190287Commander QuestWe check on our holdings in the city and have our meeting with the first praetorianCommander Quest, Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game2011-06-08 15 
15214746Commander Quest XCVIIIWe have a nice chat with the Emperors son, and find out that we have friends in high places. However, we also find that we have enemies in low places, and find that the annoying slum lord from a while back got busted out of prison and is after us. Short thread due to a late start.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-10 16 
15246700Commander Quest XCIXA day in the life of Justinian Trentz: visiting Rufus, scanning troops for arcanists, the library for historical records, and we manage to make all four of our women cry at once.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-13 16 
15269739Commander Quest CWe finish up our research on the Loukys, and make our plans for the unit that will deal with them. Then we screen the last unit left of the Praetorian Militants fists, but the Temple to the Ten, and finally begin training to resist mystics. Not terribly productive for the 100th thread, but at least some things that needed doing got done.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-15 20 
15290778Commander Quest CIMore financial work and training in Justinians last bit of downtime. We get ambushed by our favorite slumlord at the Temple to the Ten while meeting with Rufus. And finally, we get to hear the plan the Emperor and Praetorian Militant worked out to make sure the Duchy allies itself with Degnar. Risky is putting it lightly.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-17 20 
15322781Commander Quest CIIWe come up with a (slightly) better alternate plan to get the Duchy on our side, and get the Praetorian Militant's approval. Then we give our command staff the bad news: Two members of our retinue are going on a suicide mission.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game, Pax2011-06-20 16 
15344683Commander Quest CIIIWe commune with the gods, seeking divine boons to aid in "the suicide mission" at reasonable prices. Some cryptic promises of aid were obtained, but the mission still promises to be a very unpleasant experience for the participants... And how many rounds of sparring can Justinian last against the god of war this time?Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game, Pax2011-06-22 18 
15365396Commander Quest CIVWe square away a few more things with our maniple, then go to see the Praetorian. We find out that we wont be collecting Wulf, but its a Commander we trust that will be, and the mission we got sent on instead makes sense that we got sent that it was that over collecting our man. Next thread should be dwployment, and back to the action.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-24 14 
15397060Commander Quest CVWe try to deal with the slumlord and his sponsor, but end up finding out just how bad things are in the Imperius Excolo instead. We end up befreinging a high ranking officer, and getting a bunch of Excolo agents that retered to get away from the corruption to come to us for jobs. We then spill the beans about Nyetinin to Sansa, and break Degrians mind.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-06-27 18 
15417353Commander Quest CVIIn this thread we buy Janos a house, the First Praetorian is given our new information on the cult, we finally go out on our march, and we discover lacertans like mariachi music and speek like dis, mang.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game, mang2011-06-29 13 
July 2011
15437373Commander Quest CVIIWe arrive at our camp, and set our defenses. We spend the rest of the time waiting for the battle to fall into place training. At the end Blackbird shows up, having done what he does best, and we now have some 15000 very angry Uurlanthi headed our way.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-01 14 
15464771Commander Quest CVIIIA short one, what with everyone getting ready for the 4th of July. We cement our plan and prepare for battle against an enemy probing attack. We find time on the side to chat with Vi and she makes us a poisoned dagger.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-04 17 
15486471Commander Quest CIXBattle is joined, and we weather a shitstorm of bad dice. We manage to turn back the enemy, but victory is made decidedly phyrric by mystic shenanigans. As the curtain closes Bellatrix is down and we have lost many men, including Vohzd Lennis's cavalry.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-06 15 
15508281Commander Quest CXWe make plans to counter the enemy's mystic with our own, and check up on the badly wounded Bellatrix. The next morning, we meet with the other maniple commanders and plan for the day's battle. Also, long spears get!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-08 17 
15560558Commander Quest CXIWhile most of our maniple rests, we reinforce the other commanders with our elementalist cadre and heavy weapons. The Uurlanthi makes another push under the cover of elementalism-boosted tall grass, more slaves, and heavy infantry mercenaries, but are once again pushed back, after heavy losses on both sides. Kyria field-tests her anti-mage arrows, and manage to wound two enemy mages during the battle. The night after the battle, we find a bunch of Uurlanthi deserters in our camp, asking for asylum. Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-13 16 
15583405Commander Quest CXIIWe have a chat with Lena, and fight off some infiltrators. then we get word that another Uurlanthi force is moving out. the battle would have been this thread, but it was moving to slowly to get there.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-15 18 
15640125Commander Quest CXIIIWe ride out to intercept the enemy raiding party, and almost get taken out by some random mook assassin. Thanks /tg/ dice.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-20 16 
15662034Commander Quest CXIVWe finally engage the splinter force in battle. It starts out good, but enemy gryphons show their worth, and /tg dice are /tg dice. It is bloody, but we eke out a victory.Commander Quest, Commander, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-22 17 
15693298Commander Quest CXVWe return to the main camp, and settle in for the long wait under a rainstorm. The enemy continues to probe our defenses, while we harass them with Blackbird's men. A week and a half later, some ice elementalists attack our camp. Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-25 16 
15715873Commander Quest CXVIStuff gets done around camp, we get an update on our Owl and Raven, talking, and our enemy finally gets off their ass and prepares to make a move.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-07-27 16 
August 2011
15773303Commander Quest CXVIIThe final command staff meeting is interrupted as enemy infiltrators attack en masse. Somehow they managed to enter the camp disguised as servants, cooks, etc. More infiltrators chase our scouts back to camp as well, with an undead abomination in tow. Autronius points out any hidden ones while we clean house. At the end of the skirmish Aurelius and Bellatrix are down. Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-01 20 
15798168Commander Quest CXVIIIWe battle Darin Ramons' all cavalry force. Lena battles an uurlanthi necromancer with some centurions. And our legionary units get mauled by multiple cavalry charges. But hey, we actually captured an enemy noble, and Lena captured the necromancer! SHOCKING!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-03 22 
15823275Commander Quest CXIXWe deal with the fall out of the last battleCommander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-05 21 
15857711Commander Quest CXXWe interrogate Lord Ramon, learn a new combat stance, and have a chat with Neshai the hag goddess. Intel reports are back and all the commanders are back on their feet, so it's time to plan the final attack on the enemy camp.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-08 17 
15882584Commander Quest CXXIWe sow the seeds for the creation of a golem army with Catalina and create a combination tech with Laelith. Next Episode: WAR!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-10 17 
15906067Commander Quest CXXIIShort thread of last minute battle preparations. A cute necromancer melts Anonymous's icy, black heart. Vi finishes her gift for us.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-12 14 
15939697Commander Quest CXXIIIJustinian Trentz: is he man, machine, or demon? Not even abysmally shitty rolls can stop the Midnight Dragon from stomping a mudhole in some Uurlanthi asses. Battle plus Afterparty follows.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-15 17 
15963385Commander Quest CXXIVWe chat with our subordinates and allies as the victory celebration continues. Lealith and the fire elementalists show off their skills in what appears to be an all-flame rendition of the Dragon Queen's death. Oh, and hang overs.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-17 20 
15984492Commander Quest CXXVWe all RAGE as two assassin girls let go our prized captive. We begin subversion attempts and comfort Catalina as the poor dear is scared stiff by them.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-19 21 
16018745Commander Quest CXXVIWe have a nice chat with the House Hernanda assassin twins, discovering that their master may be an ally against the cult. Our mystic lurks, and pulls interesting information from them...Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-22 23 
16041273Commander Quest CXXVIILena tests out magic staff designs with somewhat explosive results, we teach Catalina how to commune with the gods, and Neshai takes her prize.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-24 20 
16065698Commander Quest CXXVIIIA short session due to very few people showing up. we have a chat with both Lamynus and Baashek.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-26 16 
16100594Commander Quest CXXIXWe take Catalina back to the mortal realm. The other commanders inform us that relief forces will arrive soon. We allow the assassin twins to communicate with their Lady with their hidden arcana, but with restrictions. Afterward the fiances are sent in to retrieve the arcana, with sexy results!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-29 17 
16122771Commander Quest CXXXAnother slow start. We spar with Catalina and later visit Lennis' ghorat to scan for elementalists.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-08-31 15 
September 2011
16184364Commander Quest CXXXIBack in the capital, Justinian Trentz plans building schools and temples, gets debriefed by his superior and reads a book. The wedding is coming up! Soon!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-09-05 16 
16231028Commander Quest CXXXIIWe return from our debrief with the 1st, visit our academy, and begin our debrief of Daeseu.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-09-09 17 
16286941Commander Quest CXXXIIIWE finish our debriefing with Daeseu, and give him his new orders. Then we discuss our mage hunters and bodyguards with some of our ladies before deciding on which DragonKeep to buy.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-09-14 22 
16345880Commander Quest CXXXIVTrentz, Jayne, Sansa, Janos, Kaitlyn and Catalina explore the Dragon Keep at the head of the Boreodoth River. Oh, and the stars look like a giant web in the sky. Horror movie follows.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-09-19 20 
16446982Commander Quest CXXXVThe exploration team returns to DragonsReach, where Justinian is dragged off by the men of the command staff for a bachelor party. Finian gets laid, Justinian and Collin drunkenly hunt a drunk boar, and Wulf flys his owl into a wall.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-09-28 16 
16470916Commander Quest CXXXVIA trip around the city to view dragon statues ends with Vi gaining a pet, and the harem officially gaining a new member.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-09-30 13 
October 2011
16485554Krieger CommanderStarted as a Imperial Command Quest, quickly turned into a Death Korps quest, even refered to as KriegerQuest. The OP decided to rename it by the very end. Krieger Commander Quest Collective Game2011-10-02 6 
16500490Commander Quest CXXXVIIWe have our wedding, and start the feast. The Kharynchek visitors go from shocked to terrified when the crowd switches our cloths and our wives cloths around. Rufus wife is an idiot, and we will soon be talking to the Heir to the throne while wearing a dress.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-10-03 15 
16574565Commander Quest CXXXVIIIIt's part 2 of the wedding. We chat up the Heir Apparent, and learn from Jayne's sister some neat runesmithing info. LATER we attend the Emperor's latest decree where he lays some heavy shit down on the general public: things we've known all along.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-10-10 13 
16595937Commander Quest CXXXIXWe get ready for our campaign by doing what we always do, getting mercenaries. Surprisingly, we find out one of our old mercenary contacts has come to discuss a long term contract. They may be useful for the coming campaign.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-10-12 13 
16648314Commander Quest CXXXXWe finish our preparations for the next campaign, then march to Flumenos. Which turns out to be worse than expected. the Captain of the Dock turns out to be a decent guy, but hes the exception to the rule, and is currently being attacked.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-10-17 14 
16689771Commander Quest CXXXXIFlumenos City Guards clash with the Dock Guard while Lamynus seemingly demands more than our agreed bargan. We meet the Admiral of the Dragonbone Fleet and find he is getting along with Degrian. /tg/ dice turn on Justinian during a trip outside the safety of the docks. Luckily, we remember that arcane spells generally require intact jaws to cast. Also, the brothel is alive. Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-10-21 15 
16720465Commander Quest CXLIIA short thread with a late start. We recover from the terrible rolls of the last thread, and get the whore we saved headed down the path of becoming Lamynus' High Priestess.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-10-24 12 
November 2011
16831695Commander Quest CXLIIIWe chat with Lena, get info on demons and demonology from Laelith, and take care of the slumlord and traitor that have been attacking us. Next thread: we set sail!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-11-04 12 
16951231Commander Quest CXLIVWe set sail for the Duchy. Vi grows dragonbone, we fail at some training and we start catching up with the Nyetini and reassure Raynha we're not going to go on a slaughtering rampage through Uurlanth.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-11-18 14 
17059645Commander Quest CXLVWe finish up our meditation by chatting with Danarius. The fleet is attacked by turtlemen raiders on giant turtles, we repel boarders, counter-attack onto the giant turtle ship, and Faeries launch an ambush as the battle winds down. SPOILERS: We kill them anyway.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-11-30 14 
December 2011
17108681Commander Quest CXLVIJustinian and the wives have dinner with the Admiral and reveal the existence of the arcane and louky to him. For the remainder of the voyage we train and learn Duchy customs in preparation for a meeting with a Duchy Elder, and receive an epic welcome to the Duchy.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-12-05 14 
17182672Commander Quest CXLVIIWe spend some time exploring the Duchy, get a lead on our mystery brew and then run into slavers related to the cult. We find out there's more to Degrian than it seems and begin negotiations with the Duchy.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-12-12 18 
17284534Commander Quest XLVIIIWe finish our negotiations with the dwarven elder, pick the warhost that will be joining us, and learn Finian's exile was plotted out by a nefarious uncle, whom also stole his girl with mind control arcana.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-12-21 13 
17305267Commander Quest CXLIXAnother slow thread. We finish up our personal business in the Duchy, get an awesome shield, introduce Uurists son to the maniple, and get an awesome shield. Next thread: we break the siege!Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-12-23 13 
17350719Commander Quest CLOur time in the underground Duchy draws to a close, and we bid Degrian goodbye as he leaves to save his people. Duty takes us to the Duchy surface city of Estok, where we prepare the break the Uurlanthi siege. Our protege may be trying to signal to us of his return.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2011-12-28 12 
January 2012
17417032Commander Quest CLIWe man the walls of Estrok and hold off the Uurlanthians and their new arcana while our fellow commanders break the siege. Wulf makes a spectacular return and Cornelius loses an arm. House Stant rears its head again and shows that it isn't done fighting. Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-04 13 
17437062Commander Quest CLIIMorwayne Stant sends us an interesting letter and has developed his own answer to our repeaters. Degrian's sister gives us a new gift and Wulf tells us the results of his time in Uurlanth. He also needs a psychiatrist.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-06 14 
17495561Commander Quest CLIIIWe plan the next phase of the campaign with our fellow Commanders and the Duchy Precursor. The meeting ends on a sour note due to irreconcilable cultural differences. We discuss our mid-battle vision with Laelith, and her analysis of it has us very worried about our retinue.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-11 13 
17600297Commander Quest CLIVWe reach the Grayrun and find that Uurlanth is using undead and demons to guard the crossings. The commanders decide to wait and have Catalina bless our soldiers weapons before we cross and Wulf gives us a new weapon against the undead. We join a scouting party in a raid on a small river outpost, battle a few demons and undead, gather some intel, and rescue a captured legionnaire and find out he's a demonologistCommander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-20 14 
17637501Commander Quest CXLVWe recruit the rescued legionnaire/demonologist, and learn some new things about demons from the little demonette. Then we talk to our various retinue members, gathering intel, making plans, being test subjects in dangerous weapons experiments... There is much brainstorming and discussion on how to make the crossing while minimizing casualties and maximizing speed.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-23 13 
17662947Commander Quest CXLVIWe plan our assault on the bridge and crossings across the Grayrun and proceed into battle. Our elementalism doesn't fail us in battle surprisingly. Ends in the middle of the battle due to Pax having work the next day.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-25 17 
17727691Commander Quest CXLVIIOur battle against the undead at the first crossing reaches its finale, with Catalina doing an excelent job. We have little time to rest and are soon engaged in helping our allies fight the undead at the other crossing. The bell works well and we kill a demon while Wulf propoposes to Lena on the battlefield and we kind of ruin it.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-01-30 14 
February 2012
17782058Commander Quest CXLVIIIWe divide up the spoils from the river battle and decide on our next move with the rest of the commanders. And Wulf unexpectedly meets someone from his recent past as an infiltrator.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-03 14 
17849211Commander Quest CXLIXWe plan our attack on Drans Ferry and the surrounding countryside and then we begin to carry out our plans. Also, we make Cat uncomfortable Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-08 12 
17877280Commander Quest CLXWe continue our march through the Uurlanthi countryside and take a small town. Their forces are no match for us and they are soon defeated. The local knight refuses to surrender and we capture his son and wife, along with a few pegasus foals.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-10 14 
17981473Commander Quest CLXIOn Wulf's advice, we split the maniple and hit the two lumber towns at the same time, with Wulf leading the other half of the maniple. The lumber town we targeted surrendered as we approached, and we were a tough but fair negotiator when it came to their surrender terms. And then we dick-punched a Weregoat.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-17 13 
18073488Commander Quest CLXIIOur half-of-a-maniple traverses the forest road, and is ambushed by a massive horde of hobgoblins. Things looked bad as the hobgoblins surround us, and nearly overrun our forces with superior numbers. Bad dice rolls see Justinian stumbling around like a blind fool. Sansa, however, steps up and turns the tide at great personal risk.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-24 14 
18113087Commander Quest CLXIIIA tired and angry Justinian arrives at the silver-mining town at night, and orders the Deadeyes and Raiders to storm the town under the cover of darkness. Bloody knifes are raised as the town militia are slaughtered in their sleep. The town mayor turns out to be a nice and decent guy, possibly. We feel kind of bad.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-27 11 
18141879Commander Quest CLXIVWulf's half of the maniple rejoins our forces, and we begin looting the mining town. Our researchers come up with demon-shooting crossbows, but we table the idea for being too dangerous. The mayor is trolled gently as we leave for our next target.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-02-29 14 
March 2012
18233152Commander Quest CLXVWe defeat the forces in the next town after a well fought battle and prepare to storm an arcanely constructed tower that the Uurlanthains were using to train arcanists.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-03-07 13 
18258373Commander Quest CLXVIWe storm the arcanist tower with our retinue. Down in the underground dungeon level, we discover Uurlanth's own little shop of horrors. Someone has been running horrible, gruesome experiments on the prisoners here.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-03-09 13 
18315767Commander Quest CLXVIIWe lay a heavy dose of guilt-tripping on the enemy mayor about the horrible experiments, before taking him prisoner. Down goes the arcane tower. Next stop is the seat of the Order of the Blood Rose, where we're met by another parley attempt. Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-03-14 10 
18342710Commander Quest CXVIII Justinian Trentz's raiding force storms The Order of the Bloodrose's stronghold with the aid of a turncoat. Justinian battles the Order's Leader, receiving several serious wounds but managing to take the grandmaster alive to torture details of his involvement with the louki threat from him. We commune with Rahyna and Neshai as our mystic violates the captive's mind before he is nailed to a cross.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-03-16 14 
18397564Commander Quest CXIXWe execute the Master of the Order of the Bloodrose in true Degnarian fashion, and go over the gathered intel with Wulf. Finally we return to the siege at Dran's Ferry, and debrief the other commanders on our harrowing raiding mission.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-03-21 12 
18505780Commander Quest CLXXWe're forced to accelerate the schedule for the assault on Dran's Ferry, after learning of an Uurlanthi relief force heading our way. Together with the other commanders, we devise a battle plan to breach the city walls. We also fill in the other Degnarian commanders on the Forge of New Divinity.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game2012-03-30 12 
June 2012
19448603Napoleonic Commander Quest 1Napoleonic tactics GOGOGO!Napoleonic Commander Quest, Quest2012-06-12 11 
19486598Napoleonic Commander Quest 2The second shorter incarnation. Napoleonic Commander Quest, Quest, Loot, Pillage2012-06-15 9 
19535479Napoleonic Commander Quest 3Finish up festivities in Quent, moved on to Tarwood. Then back to Finnsfjord to make sure our moustache stayed immaculate. Napoleonic Commander Quest, Quest, Moustache2012-06-19 6 
19641071Napoleonic Commander Quest, Part 4Meeting the new captains and beginning the siege of Dobren.Napoleonic Commander Quest, Collective Game, Quest2012-06-27 5 
July 2012
19716615Napoleonic Commander Quest, Part 5We begin our bombardment of the walls of Dobren. A breach is made, and the western wall taken.Napoleonic Commander Quest, Collective Game, Quest2012-07-03 3 
20102946Soviet Tank Commander Quest Pt 4You are a Mikhail Krasnov, T-80 tank commander - The Cold War is about to go hot, with US + Russian ships sunk in the Black Sea, and war between the GermanysCollective Game, Quest, Soviet, Tank, Commander Quest, Commander, 2, glorious, worker, republic, capitalist pigs2012-07-31 1 
August 2012
20217379New Napoleonic Commander Quest pt2Not ElfNapoleon, bad news from home, a staff officer with a grudge, and an ambush and slaughter of Alban forces.Collective Game, Quest, Napoleonic Commander Quest, Elk2012-08-07 2 
April 2015
39419774Peasant Mecha Commander QuestThe peasant finds an ancient mecha during his nettledick gathering trip.Peasant Mecha Commander Quest, Collective Game, PeasantDrawfag2015-04-19 12 
39438531Peasant Mecha Commander Quest 2The Peasant Explores the Golem and recruits a town with MANLY SHOUTINGPeasant Mecha Commander Quest, Collective Game, PeasantDrawfag2015-04-19 12 
39467215Peasant Mecha Commander Quest 3Peasant tries to make a speech, goes alpha on the bakers' daughter and is - maybe - about to get his arse kicked.Peasant Mecha Commander Quest, Collective Game, PeasantDrawfag2015-04-21 11 
September 2015
42365479Tank Commander Quest #2In which things go from bad to worsetank commander quest collective game2015-09-09 8 
42476133Tank Commander Quest #3In which a battle is had and OP is the first casualtyCollective Game, Tank Commander Quest2015-09-14 5 
42740366Tank Commander Quest #5In which the platoon gets out of dodge and back into the fighttank commander quest, collective game2015-09-28 2 
October 2015
42869528Tank Commander Quest #6Otherwise known as TCQ 5-2tank commander quest, collective game2015-10-05 3 
42999426Tank Commander Quest 7We trade out light tanks for mediums and hijack an armored cartank commander quest, quest, collective game, tank2015-10-11 8 
43128417Tank Commander Quest #8A plan is made and we execute a daring city assaulttank commander quest, quest, collective game, tank2015-10-18 6 
43257909Tank Commander Quest 9Flank the enemy, Get interrogated and face a tough choicetank commander quest, quest, collective game, tank2015-10-25 6 
November 2015
43522393Tank Commander Quest 9xsidequesttank commander quest, quest, collective game, tank2015-11-09 3 
December 2015
44267138AT-TE Commander QuestCT-42/458, fresh from the training simulations of Kamino, is sent on a mission which he does not know the objective, with a crew he has never fought before, and on a planet without knowing its name. Welcome to the war, trooper. Collective Game, AT-TE Commander Quest, Star Wars, Clone Trooper, AT-TE, Clone Wars, Separatists, Stay Professional2015-12-20 26 
44266719Tank Commander Quest #10The return of the main storylinetank commander quest collective game2015-12-21 4 
44305129AT-TE Commander Quest 2CT-42/458 returns to base, reports his actions to his commanding officer, is revealed a secret by Phi, has the beginnings of an existential crisis, and is told a bedtime story by a Mandalorian. Possibilities for customizing the AT-TE were opened up as well. Be prepared, trooper; the war is right around the corner.Collective Game, AT-TE Commander Quest, Star Wars, Clone Trooper, AT-TE, Clone Wars, Separatists, Stay Professional2015-12-22 26 
44408587AT-TE Commander Quest 3CT-42/458 watched as a brother in arms falls in battle, brought AT-TE 7330 onto the field, and encountered a fallen Jedi. War has just begun.Collective Game, AT-TE Commander Quest, Star Wars, Clone Trooper, AT-TE, Clone Wars, Separatists, Stay Professional2015-12-28 22 
44396739Tank Commander Quest #11Going back to the frontlinestank commander quest, collective game2015-12-29 6 
January 2016
44586194AT-TE Commander Quest 4The newly promoted 1st Lieutenant CT-42/458 returns to his base of operations for the first time, gets a tour of the history of the planet from Major Bandit, and seeks out and talks with Crusader. Other crew members are found, ambushes occur, upgrades were discussed, and art was discovered for the first time. The battlefield is an uncertain place at best.Collective Game, AT-TE Commander Quest, Star Wars, Clone Trooper, AT-TE, Clone Wars, Separatists, Stay Professional2016-01-06 23 
44692481AT-TE Commander Quest 5CT-42/458 uncovers enemy plans, has a heart to heart, recovers his armor, is kidnapped, and begins interviewing for a new crew member. Collective Game, AT-TE Commander Quest, Star Wars, Clone Trooper, AT-TE, Clone Wars, Separatists, Stay Professional2016-01-11 20 
44723945AT-TE Commander Quest 61st Lieutenant CT-32/458, 'Jinx' begins planning for an upcoming invasion of pirate occupied territory. You are a loyal officer of the Republic.Collective Game, AT-TE Commander Quest, Star Wars, Clone Trooper, AT-TE, Clone Wars, Separatists, Stay Professional2016-01-12 20 
44944889AT-TE Commander Quest 7CT-42/458 helps a wounded comrade get to sleep, has a few drinks with another comrade, discovers [REDACTED], and prepares for his mission.Collective Game, AT-TE Commander Quest, Star Wars, Clone Trooper, AT-TE, Clone Wars, Separatists, Stay Professional2016-01-23 16 
February 2016
45180247AT-TE Commander Quest 81st Lieutenant CT-42/458 begins his march to the city of Termat to group up with new allies, only to learn of old enemies fast approaching. Collective Game, AT-TE Commander Quest, Star Wars, Clone Trooper, AT-TE, Clone Wars, Separatists, Stay Professional2016-02-03 12 
45538590AT-TE Commander Quest 9Lieutenant Jinx leads the defense against an enemy assault and receives a concussion. Sadly, war has come to define his galaxy.Collective Game, AT-TE Commander Quest, Star Wars, Clone Trooper, AT-TE, Clone Wars, Separatists, Stay Professional2016-02-21 10 
April 2016
46618682AT-TE Commander Quest 10Lieutenant CT-42/458 awakens from his wounds and evaluates his new situation.Collective Game, AT-TE Commander Quest, Star Wars, Clone Trooper, AT-TE, Clone Wars, Separatists, Stay Professional2016-04-12 10 
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This is my very simple attempt to come up with an archival program. Enter the thread number (/tg/ only) and a brief title and one-sentence description and hit Go!; it'll archive a copy of the page for future lulz. Archived threads are checked every two hours for updates until the thread 404s. (I never thought threads would last over two days but 1614919 proved me very wrong.) To refresh an existing archived thread, simply attempt to add it again, and it will be immediately refreshed.

Please do not navigate away from this page once you hit Go!; depending on the number of images, it may take a minute or more to complete. If you do navigate away, the update script should catch anything you miss, but the thread may display incorrectly or with 4chan.org hotlinking images until it is repaired.

Mods, if this script seems too spammy, I can up the checking interval, lower the time limit, or remove this altogether. Ideally, it should mean a simple 12 pageloads for a day per new thread, and it does not re-download images, so the load should be negligible.


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