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February 2018
2290123Gantz: Quest - Episode 2We survived the first hunt, but our normal lives are all messed up. Police interrogations, human drama and our love life take center stage.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens, 2018-02-10 22 
2327581Gantz: Quest - Episode 3The second hunt begins, and the horror starts before we even arrive. With new members and a horrifying foe, the rain rises as do the bodies.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-02-26 25 
March 2018
2353081Gantz: Quest - Episode 4 - Part 1The second week of our 'normal' life starts, along with the fallout of the previous hunt. Pacts, trust and strange powers abound.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-03-14 21 
2389298Gantz: Quest - Episode 4 (Part 2)Our second week continues, and things get much more hectic. Stalkers, smart little girls, and the promise of a better life in the future...Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-03-22 21 
April 2018
2417742Gantz: Quest - Episode 5 (Part 1)The third hunt kicks off, as an unexpected guest is taken with us. New faces arrive, cathedrals are huge and Carol learns what begets hate.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-04-02 21 
2452491Gantz: Quest - Episode 5 (Part 2)The third hunt continues, with Erick and the team taking the fight to the Cathedral itself. With time running out, the aliens get desperate.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-04-09 24 
May 2018
2532629Gantz: Quest - Episode 0We're Chris Bowery, and tonight's our second hunt. In a dark forest near the city, the moon brings back horrid memories of pain and blood.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-05-14 12 
June 2018
2592031Gantz: Quest - Episode 6 (Part 1)Our normal lives have taken a turn for the sinister as both the police and another unknown force begin to act on our and our friends' livesGantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-06-03 11 
2632213Gantz: Quest - Episode 6 (Part 2)Our week continues as we head to museum with Yukino, uncover a web of conspiracy, and glimpse a little deeper on the meaning behind Gantz.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-06-18 6 
2665885Gantz: Quest - Episode 6 (Part 3)We finish arguably our most unfortunate week so far. Revelations continue to turn up as our weekend takes an turn for the most unexpected.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-06-25 6 
July 2018
2689716Gantz: Quest - Episode 7 (Part 1)Our fourth hunt starts with an unexpected and deadly guest. Even with a familiar setting, the mission turns deadly even before our arrival.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-07-08 4 
2727943Gantz: Quest - Episode 7 (Part 2)Erick's leadership and resolve are tested as things take an even more unfortunate turn. There is no turning back now, something has to giveGantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-07-20 3 
August 2018
2765899Gantz: Quest - Episode 8 (Part 1)You are Paula Torrez and fourth hunt is not over yet. With a countdown approaching, the hunt turns desperate for the team and the aliens.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-08-09 2 
2809004Gantz: Quest - Episode 8 (Part 2)Our first week begins in earnest as we track down a mysterious lead, intensify our training, and deal with the night's gruesome aftermath. Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-08-28 2 
September 2018
2869605Gantz: Quest - Episode 8 (Part 3)Our week continues as our first training session has an unexpected guest, we try to get closer to Chris and his father tries to interfere.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-09-21 1 
October 2018
2906934Gantz: Quest - Episode 8 (Part 4)Our training get's more serious and we have to deal with the consequences of the disappearances of our allies.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-10-07 1 
2953350Gantz: Quest - Episode 8 (Part 5)The veil of mystery surrounding Gantz begins to clear as new Allies are met, and secrets discussed; adding to Paula's pressure. Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2018-10-21 1 
March 2019
3286702Gantz: Quest - Episode 9 - Part 1Gantz Quest returns from hiatus. Paula's investigation into Yukino's killer takes a strange turn as well as the mental state of thGantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2019-03-04 2 
3329105Gantz: Quest - Episode 9 - Part 2Paula suffers another alien break-in and explores further into the mystery behind them. Training starts again and some go worse than others.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2019-03-19 1 
April 2019
3380252Gantz: Quest - Episode 9 - Part 3Paula's resolve is pushed to the limit, as she tries to help Chris and is forced to ask how far she's willing to go to save her loved onesGantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2019-04-07 1 
3428043Gantz: Quest - Episode 10 - Part 1The fifth hunt begins after a horrifyingly close call in Paula's apartment. With new gear on hand, the hunt moves to the tunnels beneath DCGantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2019-04-22 1 
February 2020
4047219Gantz: Quest - Episode 10 - Part 2The fifth hunt continues as the enemy appear in greater number and strength than previously imagined. Paula's will may reach its limit hereGantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2020-02-10 1 
March 2020
4100984Gantz: Quest - Episode 11 - Part 1Paula makes a stand as the last stage of the hunt takes place, with familiar guests intruding once more.Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2020-03-17 0 
April 2020
4168609Gantz: Quest - Episode 11 - Part 2Erick's emotional return is put to a halt as Gantz reveals an unexpected surprise for the group. Gantz, Gantz: Quest, Bolivar, Erick Vanders, Aliens2020-04-12 2 
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