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October 2011
16727562Humans are insane (rapists)Humans are unleashed upon the galaxy and it's not our weapons that aliens should fear.Humans, Galaxy, Sex, Rape2011-10-25 39 
January 2013
22611986/tg/ discovers the trayzn theorywhat starts out as a binary message is decrypted and turns to a conversation about the newcrons which in turn turns into a discovery that has blown minds and caused fatal migraines warhammer40k ,necrons,cell theory,hitchikers guide to the galaxy2013-01-16 11 
February 2013
23039644Burning sands solar system simulationNever forget them. They fought everything. Planets of pure crystal. The sun, monsters of both magic and metal. Illness and corruption. They lost their world and they still fought on. They lost their sun and still fought on. They fought until the final light dawned upon them.Omni, burning, sands, solar, system, galaxy, humanity, fuck, yeah, fungus, space, supernova2013-02-08 30 
March 2014
30879820The Great Galactic Groove: A Disco Quest Across Space and Time [Episode 1]The adventure of Commander Jive of the Dysko Commonwealth begins as he wakes up on an abandoned space station and fights of a sergeant of the R.A.P. Rebellion!collective game, Great Galaxy Groove2014-03-17 5 
April 2014
31665113Galaxy Quest 1We learn why we were abducted and then negotiate our release from alien captivity.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Gabriel2014-04-24 24 
31690691Galaxy Quest Episode 2We meet make some new friends, get some cool toys and our survival kit, and finally make it t the space port.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2014-04-25 21 
31709748Galaxy Quest Episode 3We deal with an overworked official, meet a punk mechanic, a little girl, and a cyborg before finally leaving behind our prison once and for all. OP's quality falters towards the end though.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2014-04-26 21 
31739440Galaxy Quest Episode 4We start the episode by playing doctor with Angelicia and Lizzie, before getting in a firefight after the transport is besieged by pirates, followed by upholding our medical ethics, however grudgingly.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2014-04-27 21 
31762012Galaxy Quest Episode 5We negotiate a hostage situation involving Lizzie before realizing that the pirates are doing wet work and deciding meet up with Angelicia. On our way we rescue a fellow "Askari", get a shiny new shotgun, and do some more medical care, before finally meeting up with our group to start putting together a plan to assault the bridge.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2014-04-28 21 
31787116Galaxy Quest Episode 6We hammer out the details to our plan for the Bridge assault, assemble a team to take into the vents, and then leave to get into position to start our mission...after telling some really lame jokes.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2014-04-29 21 
May 2014
31827045Galaxy Quest Episode 7 We assault the bridge and lose a member of our squad.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2014-05-01 22 
31870405Galaxy Quest Episode 8We get to the planet and have a job offer, but then QM's internet dies.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2014-05-03 21 
August 2014
33918093Galaxy Quest Episode NineWe meet a few new people, find out how to fix our armor, and go shopping, for most of the day.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2014-08-06 16 
34144685Galaxy Quest Episode TenWe meet the mysterious expedition leader, hash out terms for the job he wants us to do, and decide to go on a date with Angelicia.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2014-08-15 15 
34188882Galaxy Quest Episode 11 We wake up in Angel's room, talk to Tobias about a possible job offer, then go sign paperwork. Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2014-08-17 15 
November 2014
36125837Galaxy Quest Episode 12We get our helmet fixed, go over the plan to assault the Black Suns' compound, and have a little heart-to-heart talk with Tobias.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2014-11-13 13 
May 2015
39847958Galaxy Quest Episode 13We talk to Freida and do some bounty hunting.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2015-05-09 14 
39937066Galaxy Quest Episode 14We eat breakfast with Angel and Lizzie, go shopping with most of our group, and head to the ruins.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2015-05-14 14 
40220373Galaxy Quest Episode 15We order a custom rifle, go to a briefing, and head into the ruins. [For real this time.]Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2015-05-28 15 
July 2015
41033810Sith Academy Quest #11Our sith apprentice becomes a master of taking it in the assCollective Game, Sith Academy Quest, Sith, Star Wars, Gay Pride Galaxy-Wide2015-07-06 22 
November 2015
43797956Fractured Galaxy: A /tg/ SettingHumanity is gone; its inheritors are locked in an eternal struggle for the greatest legacy in the galaxy.setting, sci fi, uplifts, fractured galaxy2015-11-24 11 
43813609Heritage Quest pt 1A quest set in the Heritage setting. A ceph ship captain hires a new engineer before running into trouble. Collective Game, Heritage, Heritage Quest, fractured galaxy2015-11-25 7 
43846241Heritage Ship Quest #2Onboard the Hot Needle of Inquiry, Captain Solomon chooses his favourite radio station.Collective Game, Heritage Ship Quest, Heritage, Fractured Galaxy, Sci fi2015-11-27 8 
43897039Heritage Ship Quest #3Solomon makes a deal, shoots guns, and finds a new friend, all while listening to Felinid dance music.Heritage Ship Quest, Collective Game, Heritage, Fractured Galaxy, Sci fi2015-11-30 7 
December 2015
43935716Heritage Ship Quest #4The Hot Needle of Inquiry arrives at the relic site, and make a wondrous discovery. The thread is cut unfortunately short due to a sibling's car crash.Heritage Ship Quest, Collective Game, Heritage, Fractured Galaxy, Sci fi2015-12-05 4 
April 2016
46784485Galaxy Quest Episode 16We depart on the expedition, get ambushed, and amputate Nueve's leg.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2016-04-21 11 
October 2016
704077Mekton Zeta Quest: Galaxy at LargeNyla Patton, a trailblazer of the final frontier, investigates an unregistered planet to find an unidentified shuttle with strange markings.Mekton, Zeta, Mekton Zeta, Space, Mecha, Galaxy, Appy, Robot, Alien, Appy2016-10-23 1 
750780Mekton Zeta Quest: Galaxy at Large #2 Wherein Nyla brings the Raz'ask to a nearby station and I have to get a solid schedule.Mekton, Zeta, Mekton Zeta, Space, Mecha, Galaxy, Appy, Robot, Alien2016-10-31 1 
November 2016
776864STARWARS: A Galaxy in Chains - Episode 1 Thread 1We build our new bestfriend, watch our old friends die, and experience the annoyance of Mandalorecollective game, STARWARS, A Galaxy in Chains2016-11-05 9 
801705STARWARS: A Galaxy in Chains - EPISODE 1 - THREAD 2We get put into even more debt, and watch the fall of the republic.STARWARS, collective game, A galaxy in chains, galaxy in chains, 2016-11-12 5 
820396STARWARS: A Galaxy in Chains - Episode One - Thread 3We make a deal with a Mandalorian and meet abominationscollective game, starwars, galaxy in chains2016-11-24 5 
January 2017
1018885Galaxy Quest Episode 17We patch Abi up, talk with the rest of our team, and head out with Julius to make contact with the rest of the expedition.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2017-01-08 5 
1029284Galaxy Quest Episode 18We meet up with Enque, find some loot, and make plans to destroy the command unit.Galaxy Quest, Collective Game, Hawktail2017-01-13 4 
July 2020
4350216Empires in the Stars Episode 1We assume control over the Yahzu Dynasty and set about securing our supremacy. For the Glory of the Eternal Empress! Op is a fagCollective Game, Civ, Empires in the Stars, Galaxy, Sci-fi, aliens, colony, strategy2020-07-27 2 
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