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July 2019
3638342Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #1: ChargenJoin Zou-Do-Shai on his journey to the peak of power!Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2019-07-16 6 
3664139Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #2: Just that one step closer to HeavenYou play as Zou-Do-Shai. A Hunter belonging in the great Dershwa City. MC Pastebin:https://pastebin.com/eUJQC3YBHeavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2019-07-23 5 
3686357Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #3, Elemental Jewel (1)You play as Zou-Do-Shai. A personal bodyguard to Jiang Dershwa.Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2019-07-30 5 
August 2019
3708232Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #4, Heavenly Teacher, Bright Student!The title says thread 2, but it is 4. Join Zou-Do-Shai as the bodyguard to a Princess of the Dershwa Clan.Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2019-08-12 5 
3741978Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #5, Heavenly Jewel Master!Join Heavenly Jewel Master Zou-Do-Shai as a member of Dershwa City's military as a space pilot.Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2019-08-27 1 
September 2019
3783535Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #6 High Level Shi Stage Heavenly Jewel MasterYou play as Zou-Do-Shai, personal bodyguard to the 6th Princess of the Dershwa Clan, and a Teleship Lieutenant for the Dershwa Military.Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2019-09-11 3 
October 2019
3809421Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #7 The Destruction ElementPlay as Heavenly Jewel Master Zou-Do-Shai in this wuxia/xiania world!Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2019-10-02 1 
3853085Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #8 The Dragon Lord's domainPlay as Zou-Do-Shai, you managed to negotiate YianEyue's position to back home successfully.Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2019-10-19 0 
November 2019
3880089 Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #9 The Final Battle with Kreyzar and HellZou-Do-Shai beats Kreyzar, but is banished to hell! He is however able to escape hell.Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2019-11-04 1 
3909829Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #10 The Journey through Hell Escape Hell! Or try to take it over, your choice.Heavenly Jewel Change Quest, Weak to Strong, Collective Gme2019-11-26 1 
December 2019
3943479Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #11: Home sweet MarsNow out of Hell, you are tasked with discovering and reporting on Monster Enclaves, whilst also caring for two new additions to the family.Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2019-12-14 0 
January 2020
3971492 Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #12 Monster EnclavesYou seek out the Monster Enclaves, seeing some success in both, you also reach 9 Jewels.Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2020-01-05 0 
4004165Heavenly Jewel Change Quest 13: The Road to Heavenly KingYou have found the path to Heavenly King! It will be perilous, and with a Monster Army drawing closer, things look dicey in the desert.Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2020-01-19 0 
4034519 Heavenly Jewel Change Quest #14: Monster Army, Approaches! The Battle of Dershwa City happens. People die for real this time...Heavenly Jewel Change, Wuxia, Weak to Strong, Collective Game2020-01-30 0 
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