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May 2015
39850423High School of the Eldritch (Quest) Ep1HSotD meets Lovecraftian Horror. B-Rated Movie antics. We meet Mary and we get to use our eldritch powers to defeat a beast.High School of the Eldritch, Quest, Collective Game2015-05-10 10 
39872538High School of the Eldritch (Quest) Ep2The protag McGyvers himself into the canteen and meets Kanna. We try to get to the main building but we get our ass handed to us by Brainwolves.High School of the Eldritch, Quest, Collective Game2015-05-11 5 
39898093High School of the Eldritch (Quest) Ep3We discover how wrecked we got after the attack, and we go insane for a while, trying to understand magic. We cuddle, make out and fuck Mary silly as well.High School of the Eldritch, Quest, Collective Game2015-05-12 8 
39913433High School of the Eldritch (Quest) Ep4We discover Kannas powers and earn a bit more of her affection. We gear up with gym stuff as well, and we discover a spell, but we go murder mad in the process, and fuck up big time.High School of the Eldritch, Quest, Collective Game2015-05-13 7 
39937509High School of the Eldritch (Quest) Ep5We go insane and blast Mary's face off, and then Kanna stabs it until its better. We also cuddle and socialize with the girls, as well as get to understand each of their insecurities better.High School of the Eldritch, Quest, Collective Game2015-05-14 5 
39954173High School of the Eldritch (Quest) Ep6We find Mary in the changing rooms doing *something*, and we manage to convince Kanna to be more brave. We finally venture into the school and meet our badass Principal and a his maid in a mask.High School of the Eldritch, Quest, Collective Game2015-05-15 6 
39975234High School of the Eldritch (Quest) Ep7We continue to fight the Principal and Akira.High School of the Eldritch, Quest, Collective Game2015-05-17 5 
39996700High School of the Eldritch (Quest) Ep8We get wrecked by the Principal, but we manage to awaken Akira from the Sleepwalk, and she destroys De'devais - an infant Elder god, and dies.High School of the Eldritch, Quest, Collective Game2015-05-17 5 
40013484High School of the Eldritch (Quest) Ep9We exit the School and meet John Doe, Father Hashimoto, Abel and Mio. Its the start of a new phase - Surviving the impending Ring of DeathHigh School of the Eldritch, Quest, Collective Game2015-05-18 5 
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