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January 2015
37496518Hive Queen Quest Beta: 02 The cold reality.The queen has her HIVE set up, it now can finally rest as her nutrient supply grows.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-01-20 7 
37513274Hive Queen Quest Beta: 03 A dish best servedOur queen grows her hive, has her new set of worker go out and then encounters a new creature, it ends badly.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-01-21 5 
37556573Hive Queen Quest Beta: 04 the queen's gambitThe queen tries a hail mary and sends out the best workers it has for food, they face many challenges only to realize its not enough.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-01-23 6 
37598686Hive Queen Quest Beta: 05 the lone roadThe hive tries to expand its operations, meets an old foe, learns of new lands.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-01-25 5 
37710957Hive Queen Quest Beta: 06 A precipice and WolvesThings are looking up for the hive, until a strange objects falls from the sky.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-01-30 6 
37733489Hive Queen Quest Beta: 07 Of Keeks and BugsA news species is found, captured, and almost eaten. Strange blurs fly in the sky.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-01-31 5 
February 2015
38340170Hive Queen Quest Beta: 08 A Tale of Two KeeksThe queen finishes her second farm sends a scouting party east, loses a flying scout to god knows what. Decides to start farm 3.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2015-02-27 6 
February 2017
1089542Hive Queen Quest Beta: 09 Lord of the KeeksStuff happens.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2017-02-02 5 
1192881Hive Queen Quest Beta: 10 War and KeeksThe Hive is dealt a massive blow as an unknown enemy breaches deep into the throne room leaving a wake of devastation.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2017-02-23 5 
March 2017
1301850Hive Queen Quest Beta: 11 Moby KeekThe queen establishes her base and grows a large number of soldiers, and her miners are eaten in a freak incident with a giant rock worm.Collective Game, Hive Queen Quest Beta, sci-fi2017-03-26 5 
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