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June 2009
4775544The Final Boss/tg/ gathers together to fight an eldritch horror to prevent the end of everything. Epic fight occurs Lina, 40k, eldritch, epic, fight2009-06-05 18 
December 2010
13305145The Eternal Orb/tg/ collaborates on creating a custom setting with each post adding to the world. Plotlines, BBEGs, civilizations and more are created as this melting pot of ideas comes to a boil.homebrew, custom setting, the eternal orb, eternal, orb, kollinan, The Red Lady, Halvergan2010-12-28 0 
February 2012
17756644Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Ramsay's Cafeterium Nightmares Pt. 1Write-faggotry describing the exploits of an Ordo Culinatus Inquisitor as he travels the Imperium to help struggling Cafeteriums.Ordo Culinatus, Inquisitor, Ramsay, 40k, WH 40k, Cafeterium, writefaggotry, story, fluff, Warhammer 40k2012-02-01 8 
November 2013
28275751Quest: A little Urban Story 3For a while, Stan and Elina are happy. Then, that night, everything goes to pot when Kelvin comes home... Collective Game, Urban Story Quest, Elina, Stan2013-11-14 11 
28300140Quest: A little Urban Story 4Stan learns about Elina and Kelvin, and about something bad happening at school. Things will get worse in the future... and then Elina teaches Stan to fight.Collective Game, Urban Story Quest, Elina, Stan2013-11-15 10 
28316210Quest: A little Urban Story 5First Stan dips into hate-fuelled violence. Then, faced with suddenly aggressive animals, Elina dips into violence too. Leaving behind the screaming, they take refuge in a nearby motel... Collective Game, Urban Story Quest, Elina, Stan2013-11-16 10 
28346941Quest: A little Urban Story 6Stan, listening to Elina, goes to Dad's. It turns out his father's been doing... pretty well, and awkwardness and advice ensue. Collective Game, Urban Story Quest, Elina, Stan2013-11-18 11 
28374910Quest: A little Urban Story 7A short thread. Stan considers what presents to get, and starts readying his body. For vengeance. No, for justice. Collective Game, Urban Story Quest, Elina, Stan2013-11-19 10 
28405611Quest: A little Urban Story 8Stan goes out to buy Elina a present, and hears a story about evil and the horrific events in the suburban town. And then something horrific happens back at school... Collective Game, Urban Story Quest, Elina, Stan2013-11-21 10 
28428853Quest: A little Urban Story 9Rushing back home in the wake of the attacks, Stan unleashes on his bullies. Then he finds Elina's house and an unexpected guest... Collective Game, Urban Story Quest, Elina, Stan2013-11-22 10 
28477784Quest: A little Urban Story 10Stan comes to a realisation about Elina. Then we become Elina, severely wounded, attempting to sate her hunger... Collective Game, Urban Story Quest, Elina, Stan2013-11-25 10 
28518650Quest: A little Urban Story 11We find Elina a room, she finds us some food. And then we find out about her true nature. Collective Game, Urban Story Quest, Elina, Stan2013-11-27 12 
December 2013
28628742Quest: A little Urban Story 12Elina plays the piano for us. Then OP's internet dies. Such is life. Collective Game, Urban Story Quest, Elina, Stan2013-12-03 11 
December 2021
5044699Eleventh Primarch Quest: Chapter 8Kolinaisi leaves Nuceria and makes an interesting discovery Eleventh Primarch Quest, Warhammer 30k, Primarch, 40k, AU, Old Man, Kolinaisi2021-12-18 4 
January 2022
5091359Elventh Primarch Quest Chapter NineKolinaisi and Robute Guilliman fight the Black Judges and find someoneEleventh Primarch Quest, Warhammer 30k, Primarch, 40k, AU, Old Man, Kolinaisi2022-01-30 6 
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