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March 2013
23833514Mage Guild- Witch HuntersA meeting is called for a discreet way to deal with new Witch Hunters in the area.Mage Guild, Witch Hunters, Magic2013-03-24 6 
May 2014
32084626Mage Guild- nomenclatureA meeting is called to discuss the nomenclature of various spellsMage Guild2014-05-12 3 
October 2014
35249277mage guild meeting: a matter of spearsa meeting of the mages guild is called to order the main topic of discussion is if wizards should be allowed to use spears then an arsehole eldrich knight acts like an arsehole eldrich knight and the issue of an avatar of a god in the library is largely ignoredmage guild, mage guild meeting, magic, mages, mage, mages guild2014-10-02 5 
November 2014
36163839Mage's Guild MeetingIn which Jheska makes a horrifying returnMage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-11-15 5 
36142315Mage's Guild: TreasonWhere the Mage's Guild comes under attack by Jheska.mage guild, mage guild meeting, magic, mages, mage, mages guild, mage's guild, mage's guild meeting, roleplay, -omancy, wizards2014-11-15 3 
36248266Mage's guild meetingA meeting to discuss about wizards and sport devolves into a number of small talks until a dead Jheska finally manages to possess the body of a witch and walks away with it.mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild2014-11-19 3 
36366616A LONG meeting of the mage's guildA meeting concerning meaningless issues is called, and the wizards, sorcerers and assorted members of the guild manage to squabble about trivial matters for eleven hours.mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild, hats, hat, knight.2014-11-24 0 
December 2014
36548386An hijacked meeting of the Druid CircleThe druids attempt to have a meeting when wizards burst in, do wizard things and drag the Druid Circle in the fight against Jheska.Druid, druid, circle, druid circle, mage guild, guild, meeting, Mage, Mages, Druids2014-12-04 4 
36582230Mage Guild MeetingThe Mage Guild reconvenes to plot thier Counter-Offensive against Jheska and the drowMage Guild, mage guild, mage, magic, guild, roleplay,2014-12-05 1 
36589447Mage's Guild Meeting Overtime: A New AraNegotiations with a certain faction of drow lead to an unexpected houseguest.Mage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-06 5 
36654006Mage's Guild Meeting: Recap EditionAntruthius gives a recap of current events, which is promptly derailed.Mage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-10 0 
36700104Mage's guild meeting: presents and elvesThe guild assemble to talk about missing presents, and the discussion quickly devolves on the new guest and generic considerations on the drow race. However, the arrival of Jheska puts the guild in danger coming from an unexpected source...mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild2014-12-12 1 
36706997Mage's Guild Overtime: the power of coffee editionSoros lost his shit! Antruthius charges into the fray! Fryia is back! Coffee all over the place! What the fuck, wizards?mage guild meeting, mage, guild, -omancy, mages, Mage, Wizardry, Wizards, Coffee2014-12-12 1 
36837414Mage's Guild MeetingA drow is adopted, and then someone tempts fate. Predictable chaos ensues.mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild2014-12-19 2 
36855362Mage's Guild Meeting: Selling OutIn which we discover that wizardmas was not in fact stolen, but sold at a premium for a variety of nonsensical thingsMage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-20 1 
36922031Mage's Guild Meeting: The End of an AraHollow victories abound, friendships are broken, and depression binge drinking.Mage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-23 1 
36915313Mage's Guild Meeting: Holiday SpecialAn ungodly number of creepy dolls is discovered to be littering the guild hall, decorations are put up, and holiday cheer aboundsMage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-23 0 
36959560Mage's Guild Meeting: WizardmasRap battles and christmas carols, as well as tracking down the Krampus to get the gifts backMage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-25 0 
37005312Mage's Guild Meeting - Post WizardmasWizardmas is over, back to your regularly-scheduled chaos.Mage guild, roleplay, -omancy, wizards, mage, guild2014-12-28 2 
37026238mages guild:displaced chronomancers towerthe mages guild meets supplies are ordered and deals are mademage guild, mage guild meeting, magic, mages, mage, mages guild, mage's guild, mage's guild meeting2014-12-29 0 
37082429Mage guild meeting: happy new year!Mage guild meeting- happy new year edition, with bureaumancers' shenanigans, drow learing about sexuality and people flinging evoked dresses!dress, mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild2014-12-31 0 
January 2015
37087107Mage's Guild Overtime: happy new year editionThe wizards go on with their celebretions and a little overboard with drinks.mage guild meeting, mage, guild, -omancy, mages, Mage, Wizardry, Wizards, Coffee2015-01-01 0 
37289462A meeting of the Mage GuildThe mages assemble for the first meeting of the year, filled with duels, ghosts and starring the god of glam himself.mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild, hats, hat2015-01-11 0 
37544017A Murder at the Mage GuildThe archwizard has been killed! Wizards, Warlocks, Sorcerers and Eldritch Knights assemble to find the murderer, and hilarity ensues.murder, archmage, mages, mage guild, guild, roleplay, Mage, -omancy, wizards, Mage Guild, hats, hat, knight.2015-01-22 0 
37599794mages guild: life insurance fraud thread is put in the title of a non quest thread to keep out shitposters an old pet attacks and ghostly shenanigans ensuemage guild, mage guild meeting, magic, mages, mage, mages guild, mage's guild, mage's guild meeting2015-01-25 0 
37682566Mages' Guild's Most Extreme Elimination ChallengeThe mages guild deals with an overabundance of apprentices by throwing them into a deadly obstacle for their own amusement with the hope that the remaining ones will be worth teaching.collective game, mage guild, mage guild meeting, magic, mages, mage, mages guild, mage's guild, mage's guild meeting, roleplay, -omancy, wizards2015-01-29 3 
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