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February 2012
17870823Chaos Space Marine QuestJoin the adventures of Decimus Petillius Tiro of the Word Bearers!Chaos Space Marine Quest, Word Bearer, Collective Game2012-02-09 5 
January 2013
22553014Marine Quest IIIFake Marines, Devil Fruits and Pirates oh my! (I apologize for shitty description)Collective Game, One Piece, One, Piece, Marine, Quest, Marine Quest, fruit, devil fruit, fake2013-01-13 22 
22590376Marine Quest IVThe captain finds out what powers the fruit he ate gave him, and puns follow. Also, MYSTERIOUS VISITOR comes and gives a new assignmentCollective Game, One Piece, One, Piece, Marine, Quest, Marine Quest, fruit, devil fruit2013-01-15 23 
22667993Marine Quest 5The Captain and his crew continue their hunt for the criminal Jeremiah Crowe on the explosive island of Failsafe. Disguises are donned, teeth are punched in, pirates are wrestled, and okama are appeased.Marine Quest, Collective Game, One Piece, Pirates, Marines, Anime, Manga, Roleplay2013-01-19 23 
May 2013
25094236Reasonable Marine Quest 2The JTF is assembled and sets off on its first mission, planetfall is made, and the Captain Smith gets an idea of what he faces.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marine, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-05-29 4 
25115532Reasonable Marine Quest 3Captain Smith meets with the governor and engages in fearsome acts of diplomacy.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-05-30 5 
25138504Reasonable Marine Quest 4Captain Smith rushes to the rescue of Jager and his team and prepares his forces to deal with a new threat.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-05-31 5 
June 2013
25158108Reasonable Marine Quest 5Captain Smith plans and executes a series of lightning strikes to deprive the enemy of precious resources, but may have discovered more than he bargained for.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-01 1 
25196671Reasonable Marine Quest 6Captain Smith continues into the underground bunker, and faces the great enemy in its lair, while also learning the unexpected truth behind one of his men.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-03 5 
25223924Sue Marines Quest 7another round of circle jerking over Reasonable Marines gone full retardcircle jerk, sue-marines, full retard, reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-04 11 
25241202Reasonable Marine Quest 8Captain Smith arrives at Volkgarod and engages the enemy upon the frigid landscape.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-04 6 
25263290Reasonable Marine Quest 9Captain Smith takes further stock of the situation upon Volkgarod and plans the future of the campaign to free the frigid world from orkish hands.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-05 2 
25284219Reasonable Marine Quest 10Captain Smith engages the orks in their own territory and makes way for the JTF counteroffensive.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-06 3 
25302728Reasonable Marine Quest 11Captain Smith is faced with a choice of how to continue his campaign, and continues the war against the orkish invaders to Volkgarod's frigid surface.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-07 5 
25344295Reasonable Marine Quest 12Having liberated the local garrison, Captain Smith must now seek to free the agricultural cities from the grip of the orkish horde.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-09 5 
25361628Reasonable Marine Quest 13Captain Smith continues to battle with the orks upon the frigid surface of Volkgarod.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-10 5 
25379755Reasonable Marine Quest 14Captain Smith is faced with a fresh disaster, and must now deal with conflict on more sides than one.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-11 5 
25437864Reasonable Marine Quest 15With new allies at his side, Smith must retake the city from orkish hands and press forward to free Volkgarod. reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-14 1 
25453342Reasonable Marine Quest 16Captain Smith deals with his new allies and continues the campaign on Volkgarod.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-15 5 
25491992Reasonable Marine Quest 17Captain Smith faces the green menace in its deep lair.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-17 5 
25532058Reasonable Marine Quest 18Captain Smith presses on through the dark tunnels with Adonis, and draws closer to the heart of his enemy. reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-19 3 
25552798Reasonable Marine Quest 19Captain Smith oversees the final days of the Campaign on Volkgarod.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-20 4 
25567953Reasonable Marine Quest 20With a great deal of time on his hands, Captain Smith speaks with his crew and senior staff before reaching his next deployment.reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game2013-06-21 4 
25624074Reasonable Marine Quest AnnouncementThis quest is tearing Storm Raven apaaaart!reasonable marine quest, reasonable marines, knights inductor, Collective Game, bad ideas taken to worse conclusion, ReaSUEnable Marines, there is nothing reasonable about befriending tyranids2013-06-24 1 
June 2014
33030103Space Marine Quest 1In which TG becomes an awesome scoutSpace Marine Quest, Collective Quest2014-06-27 13 
33071569Space Marine Quest 2: Squad AssignmentsIn which /TG/ gets put in a squad.Collective Game, Space Marine Quest2014-06-29 9 
33093229Space Marine Quest 3: TouchdownIn which /tg/ goes to rescue their squad.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-06-30 8 
July 2014
33114058Space Marine Quest 4: FreedomIn which /TG/ preforms a prisoner break.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-01 10 
33134356Space Marine Quest 5: The PushIn which /TG/ fight a nurgle marine and winsSpace Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-02 7 
33152964Space Marine Quest 6: In which /TG/ suspects something happening between the chapter and the order.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-03 6 
33172407Space Marine Quest 7: AmbushIn which /TG/ kills a land kraken with a rhino.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-04 12 
33215070Space Marine Quest 8: Calm Before The StormIn which /TG/ is put on a sort of probation by the Force Commander.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-06 7 
33258914Space Marine Quest 9: Relic HuntingIn which /TG/ tries to grab a relic with some sisters.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-08 6 
33279844Space Marine Quest 10: Blind FaithIn which /TG/ picks up a blind mutant companion that loves the Emperor.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-09 8 
33501557Space Marine Quest 11: Worst ScenarioIn which /TG/ finds out that they have hit the Worst Case Scenario.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-19 3 
33524937Space Marine Quest 12: BriefingIn which /TG/ rests up and talks to some of the gang. (Short Thread)Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-20 5 
33545634Space Marine Quest 13: The Long JourneyIn which /TG/ gets involved with the Inquisition.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-21 2 
33569913Space Marine Quest 14: Bad FeelingIn which /TG/ discovers something horrible about Captain Marshton.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-22 4 
33615504Space Marine Quest 15: The UndercityIn which /TG/ gets a daemon out of Emily's body. Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-24 3 
33636217Space Marine Quest 16: The Door Pt.1In which /TG/ learns about a prophecy that has something to do with them.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-07-25 3 
August 2014
33874642Space Marine Quest 17: The Door Pt.2In which /TG/ save a sister.Space Marine Quest, Collective Quest2014-08-04 3 
33899733Space Marine Quest 18: The Door Pt.3In which /TG/ gets to rest up before moving on. (Short Thread)Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-08-05 3 
33970487Space Marine Quest 19: Cat and MouseIn which /TG/ kills a daemon of khorne and fends off a nurgle marine squad.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-08-08 3 
34240958Space Marine Quest 20: Opening the DoorIn which /TG/ finds the door into the hive city.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-08-19 3 
September 2014
34516738Space Marine Quest 21In which /TG/ takes their sniper rifle and fires away.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-09-01 4 
35028199Space Marine Quest 22In which /tg/ duels a nurgle champion and lives to tell the tale.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-09-22 4 
November 2014
35958077Space Marine Quest 23: The Tunnels(Short Thread) In which /TG/ talks to the group before heading out.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2014-11-05 7 
February 2015
38026388Space Marine Quest 24: Dark Tunnels and Tight CornersIn which /tg/ goes full on berserker mode and makes a guardswoman cry.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2015-02-13 3 
38069831Space Marine Quest 25: The CityIn which /tg/ finally gets into the city and meets the mastermind behind the invasion.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2015-02-15 2 
38251316Space Marine Quest 26: Tough ChoicesIn which /tg/ loses a follower and has a very hard choice to make.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2015-02-23 2 
March 2015
38816214Space Marine Quest 27: War in the CityIn which /tg gets a new arm and has a scary dream.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2015-03-20 4 
38899063Space Marine Quest 28In which /tg/ runs into some corrupted people and gets yelled at by Emily.Space Marine Quest, Collective Game2015-03-24 5 
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