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August 2014
34509629Medieval Pokemon QuestA gypsy boy sets off with his trusty Turtwig, Teddy. They catch a Clauncher then become a cabin boy. Barry shares a cabin with the rich kid of a mechant, Jesse. They catch a Croagunk and Bagon, then go to a botanical garden.Medieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Games2014-08-31 3 
September 2014
34534124Medieval Pokemon Quest 2We fight off a pirate, then learn something new about Jesse. We go on a shopping spree and meet Jesse's parentsMedieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia2014-09-01 4 
34555637Medieval Pokemon Quest 3Barry joins a trading ship convoy on it's way to Hoenn. Jessie teaches him to read, and loose access to Jessie's room. You and Jessie have some fun in the sun, before falling asleep on the beach. A thief steals your gold, but is caught and given a job on the ship. You go on a short trip, ending with the acquisition of new pokemon. You regain access to Jessie's room and go shopping for books. We also get a view of this through Mr. Korda's eyesMedieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Game2014-09-02 6 
34674059Medieval Pokemon Quest 4We survive a storm and pick up some people who are lost at sea. Returning them to their home proves difficult, what with the pirates and all. Medieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Game2014-09-07 3 
34835927Medieval Pokemon Quest 5We listen to a speech, then go to Kalos. Turns out Barry is great at flyingMedieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Game2014-09-14 2 
34999211Medieval Pokemon Quest 6Our first ship battle takes place, and ends with us boarding the pirate ship. The Runic Bracer proves it's worth in the battle, and we get some loot. The loot is then split up throughout the crew. We also learn that Barry has shitty when gambling, then arrive at Bluerock City. A tearful reunion leads to Barry getting a gift. He then goes shopping for a while.Medieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Game2014-09-21 3 
35150719Medieval Pokemon Quest 7Off to a slow start, Barry leaves on the pilgrimage. In a tavern, he learns some very useful abilities. Joining up with a merchant caravan, and help fight off some bandits.Medieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Game2014-09-28 3 
October 2014
35303635Medieval Pokemon Quest 8We reach the temple and have a very strange dream. A timeskip takes place, shooting us forward five years. The kingdom has been overrun and it's us to storm a castle. Inside the keep, an invader is captured. We question the girl.Medieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Game2014-10-05 3 
35454870Medieval Pokemon Quest 9We talk with Nara, and learn about a shiny Zebstrika. To get the pokemon back from a lying knight, you duel the man. After the duel, Barry is sent to relieve a castle and conquer a Rytterean controlled town.Medieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Game2014-10-12 3 
35609161Medieval Pokemon Quest 10A battle in the castle, then we burn down the bridge. Our general isn't gonna be happyMedieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Game2014-10-19 2 
35751323Medieval Pokemon Quest 11We head south and meet the local noble. After dining with her, we head to a psychic. News of the metal man is confirmed, and expanded on. As we leave for the capital, something unfortunate happens.Medieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Game2014-10-26 2 
November 2014
35894527Medieval Pokemon Quest 12A battle in the desert leads to you hiring Steelheart, the Steel mage. Heading back to the port town, you visit the local mercenaries.Medieval Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Prof. Sequoia, Collective Game2014-11-02 1 
July 2016
372476Medieval Pokemon QuestThe adventures of the young noble Lye and her friends begins.Collective Game, Pokemon, Medieval Pokemon Quest2016-07-20 1 
December 2016
876051Medieval Pokemon QuestDonn tries to deliver some goods for his mother and gets involved in a pokemon smuggling ring.Collective Game, Pokemon, Medieval Pokemon Quest, Scholar Spruce2016-12-05 1 
906537Medieval Pokemon Quest #2Donn and his friends continue their journey, running into new faces, and finding the rebels.Collective Game, Pokemon, Medieval Pokemon Quest, Scholar Spruce2016-12-17 1 
952912Medieval Pokemon Quest #3Donn Yen and his friends find the rebels and make a new friend. Also, Donn is bad at cages.Collective Game, Pokemon, Medieval Pokemon Quest, Scholar Spruce2016-12-28 1 
January 2017
980134Medieval Pokemon Quest #4Donn and his friends begin on the path to investigate the rebels. Also, more Pok√©mon are obtained.Collective Game, Pokemon, Medieval Pokemon Quest, Scholar Spruce2017-01-06 1 
1014872Medieval Pokemon Quest #5Donn and friends make it to the province ruled by House Hydros and discover a mystery in a small town.Collective Game, Pokemon, Medieval Pokemon Quest, Scholar Spruce2017-01-14 1 
April 2017
1360505Medieval Pokemon Quest #6Donn and friends fight the lord and start searching a castle.Collective Game, Pokemon, Medieval Pokemon Quest, Scholar Spruce2017-04-24 1 
May 2017
1433461Medieval Pokemon Quest #7Donn explores a castle with his friends and discovers some interesting stuffCollective Game, Pokemon, Medieval Pokemon Quest, Scholar Spruce2017-05-20 1 
June 2017
1517401Medieval Pokemon Quest #8Donn and friends enjoy a celebrationCollective Game, Pokemon, Medieval Pokemon Quest, Scholar Spruce2017-06-14 1 
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