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November 2016
799065Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure Quest 2We venture out with the Shrouded One to a survivor-ran trade city...and get the shit shot out of us. We become a psion and end up in a cryptGenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2016-11-12 5 
819785Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure Quest 3We get ourselves out of the Undead Crypt we had gotten ourselves into, and with a great amount of wealth to boot...then we lose most of it.GenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2016-11-23 5 
842725Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure Quest 4Err, actually in this one we pass the Undead Crypt's tests and get out. Then we go on a salvage spree with some survivors.GenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2016-11-23 2 
December 2016
859251Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventurer Quest 5We get a sweet bike and arsenal, and a series of mishaps involving a very naughty witch leads to our employer ascending to heroic status.GenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2016-12-02 2 
871345Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventurer Quest 6We flee to a distant bandit camp, where we become Lost and do Hellday training.GenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2016-12-05 4 
887351Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventurer Quest 7We win a battle at sea, meet a zombie expert, and get ourselves into a training exercise that makes Hellday look like a Sunday strollGenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2016-12-09 2 
925767Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventurer Quest 9We finally make it to day 2 of the two week hell training, fight some more undead and when all hope seems to be lost ducks come to the rescuGenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2016-12-17 2 
January 2017
974225Post Apocalyptic Amnesiac Adventure Quest 11IN this thread, we get glimpses into the past, we almost ruin Christmas, then we do ruin it. We deal with girl problems and tell Mr N about,GenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2017-01-02 2 
1031256Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventurer Quest 12.5We find a mountain of speakers sonically obliterating an endless army of zombies, sending rivers of blood towards the sea.GenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2017-01-26 1 
1063596Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventurer Quest 13We make trade deals, return to home base, explore underwater, and try to figure out how to break up with a bandit necromancer.GenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2017-01-28 1 
February 2017
1096599Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventurer Quest 15We escape an underwater menace, study necromancy, get a few hired guns, fight machines, and finally go to t mysterious abandoned collegeGenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2017-02-05 1 
1130674Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventurer Quest 16We nick some VR pods from the college, have an important chat with our lady, and visit our bandit diplomat friendGenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2017-02-16 1 
1165716Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventurer Quest 17We get some bandits, mutants, and a two bots, and back to the college town to dick around trying to break into a police station. Also, GHOSTGenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2017-02-25 1 
March 2017
1199357Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventurer Quest 18 (And Final)We find clone soldiers in pods and wake them up, but before much can come of it the quest is suspended indefinitely (and a new one begun!)GenieQuest, Post Apocalyptic, Post Apoc Amnesiac Adventure2017-03-06 1 
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