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September 2013
27052080(Royal) Princess Guard Quest 1Master swordsman Reinhold reports for his first day of his new assignment. Said assignment is far from pleasant.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-06 89 
27066493Princess Guard Quest 2First day on the job, part two. No fondling involved, despite certain people's best efforts.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-07 46 
27097267Princess Guard Quest 3Reinhold discovers the joys of castle life. Also, turkey legs.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-08 33 
27129972Princess Guard Quest 4Reinhold manages not to spill any spaghetti. He also meets a scary butler.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-10 33 
27168317Princess Guard Quest 5In which Reinhold learns of legendary swords. Also there is a trip into town.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-12 33 
27192267Princess Guard Quest 6Town outing, part the second. Then Reinhold gets spooked.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-13 33 
27232134Princess Guard Quest 7Reinhold meets a mage girl and proceeds to make her blush with his suaveness.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-15 33 
27255493Princess Guard Quest 8In which Reinhold totally punches a dude in the face.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-16 27 
27269627Princess Guard Quest 9Reinhold deals with the fallout of punching dudes in the face.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-17 33 
27289547Princess Guard Quest 10Reinhold acts like a total goof. Then, far too many 1s are rolled.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-18 41 
27320391Princess Guard Quest 11A new princess appears! Also, random setting information.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-20 45 
27357508Princess Guard Quest 12In which Reinhold stumbles upon a Habsburg plot.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-22 35 
27372566Princess Guard Quest 13In which we argue about shit we already haveCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-23 32 
27391517Princess Guard Quest 14Luciana rediscovers the joys of pancakes.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-24 32 
27425331Princess Guard Quest 15Reinhold meets the king, while posters decide to act like total faggots.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-26 32 
27459350Princess Guard Quest 16Sketching portraits, magic lessons, and meditation.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-28 31 
October 2013
27509651Princess Guard Quest 18In which Luciana heads back home.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-01 30 
27525958Princess Guard Quest 19Dancing, magic lessons, and sour grapes.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-02 41 
27541587Princess Guard Quest 20In which Reinhold casts his first spell and fights an old man.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-03 31 
27545712Princess Guard Quest 21In which Reinhold takes a day off from his guarding duties.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest 2013-10-03 33 
27595200Princess Guard Quest 22Shopping trips, friendly beatings, and spies.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-06 30 
27612258Princess Guard Quest 23In which Reinhold gets his /fa/ on.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-07 34 
27633324Princess Guard Quest 24In which an angry fedora causes an almost immediate autosage. And we talk to a whore.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-10-08 26 
27636586Princess Guard Quest 25Of Pastries and ProstitutesCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-08 31 
27649603Princess Guard Quest 26Fun with Nicolette's family!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-09 36 
27666958Princess Guard Quest 27Dinner with Nicolette's family! We deliver the pastries to Marianne.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-10 31 
27713988Princess Guard Quest 28In which Reinhold nearly gets experimented upon.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-13 28 
27731251Princess Guard Quest 29In which Reinhold learns that Princesses have feelings too.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-14 37 
27767420Princess Guard Quest 30Reinhold almost gets the Princess mad for being so goddamn nice all the time.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-10-16 37 
27782507Princess Guard Quest 31Sylvie casts Fist! It's super effective!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-17 30 
27788170Princess Guard Quest 32Reinhold spends the evening learning a new spell before archelon has to call it a night.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-17 31 
27799819Princess Guard Quest 33In which Reinhold discovers someone rustling his underwearCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-18 32 
27817494Princess Guard Quest 34Sylvie vs. Niklaus!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-19 32 
27837079Princess Guard Quest 35So we get the aftermath of Sylvie's epic asskicking, get to the next lesson and- OH FUCK OH FUCK CRIT FAIL OH GODPrincess Guard Quest, Collective Game, Archelon you sadistic bastard2013-10-20 134 
27851673Princess Guard Quest 36In which the aftermath of Marianne's meltdown is shown.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game, FUCK WE MISSED A MEIDOFLAG2013-10-21 40 
27858166Princess Guard Quest 37Reinhold learns about his predecessor. Righteous rage is had.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-10-21 35 
27872438Princess Guard Quest 38We foolishly decide to bake a cake.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game, I want to get off Mr Reinhold's Wild Ride, Cake2013-10-22 54 
27905926Princess Guard Quest 39In which we get an awesome flashback dream and then all of our plans begin to come to fruition.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game, Archelon you tease2013-10-24 37 
27924264Princess Guard Quest 40Tea and cakes and childhood stories and feelings.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-25 33 
27943002Princess Guard Quest 41Reinhold tempts fate with yet another dance.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-26 35 
27963350Princess Guard Quest 42Timeskip and new spells! Reinhold prepares to go to town with Marie.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-27 36 
27978360Princess Guard Quest 43Reinhold and Marianne head out for a day on the town... and run into Citrine.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-28 35 
27995993Princess Guard Quest 44Backstory and turkey legs and stuffed alpacas.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-29 38 
28013465Princess Guard Quest 45Reinhold and Marianne make their way to the dressmaker's.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-30 40 
28029623Princess Guard Quest 46We stop a drunken fistfight way too close to the princess. Where are the guards when you need them?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-31 39 
November 2013
28078838Princess Guard Quest 47In which we are so close to going on a trip we can taste it!Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-03 34 
28096436Princess Guard Quest 48Reinhold and the royal family start on the road trip to Marconetti.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-04 35 
28148399Princess Guard Quest 49Carriages attacked by monsters and we learn more about ThierriCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-07 35 
28167965Princess Guard Quest 50Monique's PoV.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game, Monique2013-11-08 31 
28187509Princess Guard Quest 51Monique deals with his brothers and crash into a building.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game, Monique2013-11-09 31 
28223125Princess Guard Quest 52Monique's PoV's final instalment, up to Marconetti this time.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game, Monique2013-11-11 33 
28241673Princess Guard Quest 53Reinhold meets Loli and the (Other) Badass King.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-12 36 
28262185Princess Guard Quest 54Room assignments and we finally meet KarelPrincess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-13 32 
28276621Princess Guard Quest 55Reinhold uncovers his mentor's identity and almost has a duel with a little girl.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-14 31 
28292385Princess Guard Quest 56Minor spaghetti spilling and the voices that determine Reinhold's fate get in a barfight.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Quest, Princess Guard2013-11-15 34 
28312698Princess Guard Quest 57In which we share several intimate moments with SylvieCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-16 32 
28332604Princess Guard Quest 58Reinhold and Sylvie meet Matthias. Apparently even he can see the obvious.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-17 30 
28344995Princess Guard Quest 59In which we get dream closure for Volker and then are sad.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-18 31 
28352531Princess Guard Quest 60In which we meet Citrine's husband and take a pair of princesses shopping. With Takamura!Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-18 35 
28369648Princess Guard Quest 61Adventurers and dresses.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-19 34 
28384633Princess Guard Quest 62In which we eat lunch with the Princesses and goes to our mentor's gravePrincess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-20 33 
28405220Princess Guard Quest 63Reinhold and Citrine meet Volkner's grandma.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-21 37 
28412444Princess Guard Quest 64Adventurers again, getting into fights.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-21 35 
28445660Princess Guard Quest 65Reinhold seeks girls advice from Citrine and meets Karel's mom. Also Nicolette.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-23 33 
28483300Princess Guard Quest 66Reinhold has an encounter with a Marconetti douche in his natural habitat. More Nicolette.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-25 31 
28501015Princess Guard Quest 67Reinhold spars and gets a kiss. Nicolette only has a marginal role in this.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-26 31 
28520592Princess Guard Quest 68Eating contest!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, you guys are embarrassing seriously2013-11-27 27 
28537316Princess Guard Quest 69Shopping with Nicolette and the Dragon Siblings.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-28 30 
December 2013
28610446Princess Guard Quest 70Interlude with Melanie, then we get some exposition.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-02 37 
28629573Princess Guard Quest 71We say goodbye to Nicolette and head back to our room, only to be visited by...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-03 31 
28644550Princess Guard Quest 72We finally get our sword match with Takamaru.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-04 38 
28651165Princess Guard Quest 73Alone time with Luciana... or is it?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-04 43 
28666947Princess Guard Quest 74In which thugs are slaughtered. Luciana be a cold ass ho.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-05 37 
28685857Princess Guard Quest 75In which Reinhold has brain damage.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-06 25 
28706197Princess Guard Quest 76In which Reinhold has slightly less brain damage and tries to make amends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-07 33 
28749006Princess Guard Quest 77Reinhold manages to apologize to Luciana without mishap, in spite of certain people's efforts otherwise.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-09 30 
28771647Princess Guard Quest 78Reinhold challenges Marius to a drawing contest. We never learn.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-10 32 
28790300Princess Guard Quest 79Sylvie teach Reinhold how to properly shoot his clay.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-11 33 
28807873Princess Guard Quest 80In which Reinhold and Nicolette are having The TalkCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-12 34 
28814820Princess Guard Quest 81Reinhold and Marianne get dressed and go find the other girls.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-12 32 
28831359Princess Guard Quest 82Meeting Emilio right befor the ball.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-13 35 
28887962Princess Guard Quest 83More Emilio, then some Celestino.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, ten years damn son2013-12-16 32 
28896424Princess Guard Quest 84Some introductions, then we sit down for what may be an awkward dinner.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-16 31 
28914168Princess Guard Quest 85Smalltalk is had and the party is about to begin...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-17 33 
28920649Princess Guard Quest 86Reinhold talks with several people as the party begins.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, insomnia2013-12-17 32 
28925460Princess Guard Quest 87An unexpected meeting.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-17 38 
28936228Princess Guard Quest 88Reinhold & co. do their best to avoid spoiling the mood of the party with a murder.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-18 31 
28953736Princess Guard Quest 89Agnes meets Citrine's husband and Reinhold's many friends. There's also a weird couple prior to that.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-19 29 
28960636Princess Guard Quest 90Reinhold saves Marianne from Giancarlo's douchebaggery.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-19 34 
28976886Princess Guard Quest 91Time for embarassing stories.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-20 34 
29011340Princess Guard Quest 92Monique's PoV 2: It's Time to PartyCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Monique2013-12-22 33 
29053440Princess Guard Quest 93Reinhold dances with Agnes; Monique is traumatized.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-24 36 
29104216Princess Guard Quest 94Hanging out with Nicolette and Melanie.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest 2013-12-27 26 
29163758Princess Guard Quest 95Dancing with Luciana.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest 2013-12-30 36 
January 2014
29205831Princess Guard Quest 97Dancing with Melanie.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-01 40 
29403586 Princess Guard Quest 98Reinhold agrees to duel with Monique. And the ball continues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-10 34 
29451355Princess Guard Quest 99In which it is discovered that Sylvie can NOT dance.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-12 27 
29474760 Princess Guard Quest 100Will the party end for the hundredth thread?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, congrats you magnificent bastard2014-01-13 32 
29498680Princess Guard Quest 101How to make the prick character likable by having him act like a total fool. Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Monique2014-01-14 28 
29521297Princess Guard Quest 102Sylvie continues Reinhold's magic training.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-15 29 
29544541Princess Guard Quest 103Elena interlude.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Elena2014-01-16 34 
29569813Princess Guard Quest 104Princesses in the morning Princesses in the shining Sun; ain't they all charming For Reinhold their darlingCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-17 25 
29576301Princess Guard Quest 105We head up to see Agnes, and then do what we do best: making a girl cry.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-17 23 
29594235Princess Guard Quest 106In which we try to salvage our relationship with the loliCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-18 26 
29598717Princess Guard Quest 107We visit Agnes and head to the duel.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-18 26 
29638206Princess Guard Quest 108We're in the arena!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-20 28 
29645757Princess Guard Quest 109Reinhold receives a visit right before the duel.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-20 36 
29651719Princess Guard Quest 110WRENLOFT!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-20 71 
29688894Princess Guard Quest 111The immediate aftermath of the duel.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-22 31 
29695152Princess Guard Quest 112Wakey wakey.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-22 29 
29716750Princess Guard Quest 113Reinhold discusses swords with Agnes.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, great job you assholes2014-01-23 28 
29738985Princess Guard Quest 114Reinhold and Monique in hospital beds. Not in the same room though, sadly.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-24 24 
29745682Princess Guard Quest 115Starting with a talk with Gregory and a stern glare from Marianne.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-24 23 
29761933Princess Guard Quest Q&AOur host Archelon answers some very interesting questions.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-25 24 
29788990Princess Guard Quest 116There's never enough timePrincess Guard Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Praise the Sun2014-01-26 21 
29821727Princess Guard Quest 119Shit Goes Down Edition!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-27 25 
29866589Princess Gaurd Quest: Pringles EditionA new take on the quest. This time we are a Knight guarding a very special can of pringles.Princess Guard Quest Pringles Edition, Collective Game, Pringles, Don't Pop The Top2014-01-29 40 
29889712Princess Guard Quest 121The immediate aftermath of the previous thread's events.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-30 31 
February 2014
29938525Princess Guard Quest 122Bernard and Guillaume explore the castle back in Granache.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Bernard, Guillaume2014-02-01 24 
29945468Princess Guard Quest 123The second part of Bernard's interlude.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Bernard, Guillaume2014-02-01 27 
29984805Princess Guard Quest 124With a new day comes more drama.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-03 29 
30006782Princess Guard Quest 125In which Reinhold gives bad news to all of his friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-04 33 
30031316Princess Guard Quest 126Finally breaking the bad news to Sylvie.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-05 28 
30115157Princess Guard Quest 127Drama and announcements and other thingsCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-09 23 
30139384Princess Guard Quest 128Announcements and kings and other thingsCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-10 31 
30159867Princess Guard Quest 129Celestino finally makes his announcement. And then stuff happens.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-11 28 
30181757Princess Guard Quest 130Fighting assassins. Fighting LOTS of assassins.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-12 26 
30247720Princess Guard Quest 131Opening with Nicolette, the fight against the assassins continues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Nicolette2014-02-15 25 
30295224Princess Guard Quest 132With a Sanctuary in plae, it's time to fight back!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-17 26 
30341717Princess Guard Quest 134With Gerhard finally out of immediate danger, Reinhold and the others decide their next move.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-19 29 
30361279Princess Guard Quest 135Opening with Monique, the fight with the assassins continues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Monique2014-02-20 27 
30449329Princess Guard Quest 136Reinhold and the others try to figure out their next move. Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-24 25 
30472018Princess Guard Quest 137With the barrier destroyed, Reinhold finally regroups with the missing royals.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-25 27 
30537621Princess Guard Quest 138Killing guards and saving mothers.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-28 25 
March 2014
30622392Princess Guard Quest 139Having confirmed that their family members are safe, Reinhold and Karel head back to their friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-04 26 
30645000Princess Guard Quest 140Giving good news, giving bad news...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-05 26 
30684673Princess Guard Quest 141In which Reinhold tries to smooth things over with Sylvie as best he can.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-07 24 
30767187Princess Guard Quest 142In which Reinhold shoots the breeze with Karel and Emilio... and other things happen too.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-11 24 
30824800Princess Guard Quest 143Sisters and Princesses and Sister Princesses...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-14 24 
30844350Princess Guard Quest 144Angry kings and ead knights and bad news.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-15 24 
30905257Princess Guard Quest 145In which Luciana and the others make preparations to leave home.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-18 25 
30946397Princess Guard Quest 146In which there is much angsting about leaving home.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-20 26 
30966230Princess Guard Quest 147In which Reinhold gets some reading done.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-21 26 
31052756Princess Guard Quest 148The final part of the final night in Marconetti.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-25 29 
31131251Princess Guard Quest 149The final morning in Marconetti.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-29 25 
31170866Princess Guard Quest 150In which Reinhold checks in on his injured friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-31 25 
April 2014
31192589Princess Guard Quest 151Eating breakfast with friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-01 23 
31212730Princess Guard Quest 152In which Reinhold finally says goodbye to Marconetti.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-02 26 
31252179Princess Guard Quest 153Riding back home...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-04 25 
31335951Princess Guard Quest 154In which Reinhold catches up with old friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-08 23 
31377750Princess Guard Quest 155Hero worship and public embarrassment.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-10 23 
31399054Princess Guard Quest 156Reinhold and Karel pay Niklaus a visit. Strangeness ensues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-11 25 
31673641Princess Guard Quest 157Reinhold prepares to get his sword fixed. And Karel tags along.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-24 27 
31771263Princess Guard Quest 158In which Reinhold and his two lady friends see a guy about a sword.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-28 29 
May 2014
31836111Princess Guard Quest 159Mended swords and royal feasts.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-05-01 24 
31924090Princess Guard Quest 160In which Reinhold and friends consume obscene amounts of food.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-05-05 24 
31945983Princess Guard Quest 161Food times finally begin.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-05-06 24 
32007410Princess Guard Quest 162Grand displays of gluttony.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-05-09 24 
32029610Princess Guard Quest 163A quiet end to the day.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-05-10 27 
32275263Princess Guard Quest 164Home sweet home.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-05-22 29 
June 2014
32540143Princess Guard Quest 165Breakfast with a princess.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-03 25 
32558473Princess Guard Quest 166In which Reinhold fends off misguided paternal wrath.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-04 26 
32577648Princess Guard Quest 167Teatime and embarrassment.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-05 26 
32703114Princess Guard Quest 168Last class of the day!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-11 25 
32723469Princess Guard Quest 169The end of one magic lesson and the start of another.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-12 25 
32788896Princess Guard Quest 170Elena's adventures in a foreign land!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Elena2014-06-15 28 
32850493Princess Guard Quest 171Elena's adventures in a foreign kingdom, part the second!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Elena2014-06-18 24 
32869969Princess Guard Quest 172Showdown! Elena vs Guillaume!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Elena2014-06-19 24 
32970701Princess Guard Quest 173In which Reinhold plays with his sword.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-24 23 
32990785Princess Guard Quest 174Breakfast times and discussion of current world politics and other such Princessly interests.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-25 23 
33097231Princess Guard Quest 175Border issues and tea time!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-30 23 
July 2014
33115262Princess Guard Quest 176On the way to dinnertimes!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-01 23 
33259944Princess Guard Quest 177Elena vs. Guillaume: This time, it's for real.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Elena2014-07-08 26 
33281495Princess Guard Quest 178Crying girls and good food.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-09 26 
33322645Princess Guard Quest 179Talking to Gregory and eating his wife's cooking.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-11 26 
33483168Princess Guard Quest 180Dinnertime with the Migualt family!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-18 24 
33528057Princess Guard Quest 181Ending the day with some relaxation.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-20 25 
33664112Princess Guard Quest 182Reinhold prepares for a day on the town.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-26 24 
33713092Princess Guard Quest 183Hanging out with a Prince, hanging out with Princesses...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-28 25 
August 2014
33809441Princess Guard Quest 184Breakfast time naming discussions!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-08-01 25 
33856209Princess Guard Quest 185In which the previously-schedule trip into town is interrupted by international matters.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-08-03 24 
34120858Princess Guard Quest 186In which Reinhold and friends make their way into town.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-08-14 25 
34219014Princess Guard Quest 187Big sisters and art stores. (repost)Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-08-18 25 
34380381Princess Guard Quest 188Reinhold and friends visit Citrine's home for the first time.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-08-25 25 
34400823Princess Guard Quest 189Sister home visit, part the second.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-08-26 25 
September 2014
34590644Princess Guard Quest 190In which Reinhold sees a guy about a cake.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-03 24 
34645043Princess Guard Quest 191Reinhold learns about foreign lands.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-05 23 
34659254Princess Guard Quest 192The city excursion continues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-06 23 
34670149Princess Guard Quest 193A short interlude in the castle with Marianne.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-06 23 
34875463Princess Guard Quest 194Marianne's interlude continues...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-15 23 
34898710Princess Guard Quest 195Reinhold and the others return to the castle with a massive cake in tow.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-16 23 
35057015Princess Guard Quest 196In which cake is enjoyed by all.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-23 23 
35077477Princess Guard Quest 197In which Reinhold eats pastries with his lady friend.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-24 39 
35208437Princess Guard Quest 198Cake-related trauma.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-30 24 
October 2014
35230112Princess Guard Quest 199Giving presents and hanging out with friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-01 24 
35357706Princess Guard Quest 200Back in Marconetti, Andreas takes the spotlight.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-07 22 
35377793Princess Guard Quest 201Andreas's interlude, part the second.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-08 22 
35418866Princess Guard Quest 202Andreas's interlude, part the third.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-10 22 
35639520Princess Guard Quest 203The last leg of the story begins.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-20 22 
35660844Princess Guard Quest 204In which Reinhold decides to get an early start on his daily "pissing his friends off" quota.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-21 22 
35680376Princess Guard Quest 205Sick princesses and excited princesses...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-22 23 
35699141Princess Guard Quest 206Sick girls and tea.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-23 22 
35719380Princess Guard Quest 207While Marianne rests, Reinhold goes to bother his other friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-24 23 
35741052Princess Guard Quest 208Playing magic scientists with Niklaus and Sylvie!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-25 22 
35844579Princess Guard Quest 209In which Reinhold and Sylvie take a quick trip into town.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-30 22 
35864911Princess Guard Quest 210In which Reinhold bears many gifts.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest.2014-10-31 22 
November 2014
35885483Princess Guard Quest 211In which Reinhold bothers people who are trying to sleep. (repost)Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-01 22 
36026726Princess Guard Quest 212The start of a new day!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-08 23 
36066881Princess Guard Quest 213In which Marianne tries to convince Reinhold that she isn't deathly ill.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-10 22 
36089794Princess Guard Quest 214In which Reinhold tries to be a good brother.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-11 24 
36149832Princess Guard Quest 215The (reverse) trap is revealed?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-14 22 
36213274Princess Guard Quest 216In which important matters are spoken of. Embarrassing ones, too.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-17 22 
36235993Princess Guard Quest 217The visit to the Migualt household continues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-18 23 
36295801Princess Guard Quest 218Reinhold tries to find something else to do after getting thrown out of the kitchen.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-21 22 
36317930Princess Guard Quest 219In which Reinhold enoys the spaghetti.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-22 23 
36402144Princess Guard Quest 220The Lakening?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-26 22 
36438031Princess Guard Quest 221Reinhold prepares to go out and kill stuff.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-28 24 
December 2014
36576958Princess Guard Quest 222Reinhold and Arnaud have a happy roadtrip!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-05 23 
36591070Princess Guard Quest 223Citrine's sad tale continues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-06 24 
36654759Princess Guard Quest 224Reinhold makes it to Cateno.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-09 23 
36673004Princess Guard Quest 225Slums and monsters and little girls.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-10 23 
36692933Princess Guard Quest 226An unexpected reunion!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-11 37 
36791476Princess Guard Quest 227Karel gets ready for the big trip.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Karel2014-12-16 23 
36808778Princess Guard Quest 228Onwards, to the lake!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Karel2014-12-17 22 
36827347Princess Guard Quest 229The lake interlude concludes.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Karel2014-12-18 22 
36927012Princess Guard Quest 230In which Reinhold finally makes it to the lake.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-23 25 
36945481Princess Guard Quest 231In which Reinhold and friends deal with a bunch of secrets coming to light.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-24 23 
36951684Princess Guard Quest 232In which Reinhold continues to try and run damage control.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-24 23 
36963700Princess Guard Quest 233In which Reinhold and Luciana have an important conversation about the future.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-25 25 
37049316Princess Guard Quest 234Introductions and reunions.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-30 22 
37056288Princess Guard Quest 235Marianne and Carina's first meeting.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-30 22 
37074631Princess Guard Quest 236Welcome home feast!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-31 23 
37081434Princess Guard Quest 237Princesses in cute dresses!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-31 23 
January 2015
37114821Princess Guard Quest 238Eavesdropping and teasing and consumption of foodstuffs.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-02 23 
37190800Princess Guard Quest 239In which the big meal finally takes place.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-06 24 
37212696Princess Guard Quest 240In which conversations are had and far too much food is consumed.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-07 22 
37273891Princess Guard Quest 241Morning panic and other things.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-10 22 
37279810Princess Guard Quest 242In which Niklaus makes a new friend.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-10 23 
37320328Princess Guard Quest 243Bunnies.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-12 23 
37327049Princess Guard Quest 244In which Reinhold eats breakfast with a bunny.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-12 22 
37341957Princess Guard Quest 245Breakfast and then a trip into the city!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-13 24 
37474178Princess Guard Quest 246In which Reinhold is given an offer that he can't refuse.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-19 23 
37498084Princess Guard Quest 247Discussion of adoptions...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-20 23 
37577566Princess Guard Quest 248Agnes and Reinhold talk about old friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-24 22 
37601784Princess Guard Quest 249In which Reinhold orders takeout.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-25 22 
37624569Princess Guard Quest 250Reinhold and Luciana read a letter together.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-26 22 
37646682Princess Guard Quest 251Fun times in the Migualt household.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-27 22 
37735788Princess Guard Quest 252Reinhold's first morning as an Eschenwald.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-31 21 
37743696Princess Guard Quest 253The aftermath of Karel playing dressup?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-31 23 
February 2015
37784201Princess Guard Quest 254Breakfast with princesses.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-02 22 
37793282Princess Guard Quest 255In which Reinhold hands out with little girls.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-02 22 
37827545Princess Guard Quest 256Reinhold and Marianne crash a date.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-04 21 
37937785Princess Guard Quest 257In which Reinhold acts as the wingman to two people.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-09 23 
37963945Princess Guard Quest 258In which Reinhold turns a blind eye to Karel's forced disrobing.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-10 22 
37982538Princess Guard Quest 259Picking out dresses...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-11 22 
38096747Princess Guard Quest 260A fallen knight?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-16 22 
38144308Princess Guard Quest 261Lost loves...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-18 24 
38162492Princess Guard Quest 262In which Reinhold is the bringer of bad news.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-19 23 
38184721Princess Guard Quest 263Asking for help in sniffing out a traitor.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-20 23 
38207544Princess Guard Quest 264In which Reinhold chases the white rabbit.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-21 22 
38254112Princess Guard Quest 265Break on through!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-23 24 
38261065Princess Guard Quest 266This is a sneaking mission?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-23 24 
38278988Princess Guard Quest 267In which Reinhold tries his damnedest to murder a man.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-24 24 
38300234Princess Guard Quest 268Reinhold (and others) vs Leopold!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-25 31 
38321694Princess Guard Quest 269Princess lap pillows.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-26 31 
38343592Princess Guard Quest 270Vincent vs. Ancellotta.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-27 28 
March 2015
38413010Princess Guard Quest 271The return home.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-02 26 
38435315Princess Guard Quest 272In which Reinhold is princess carried by a Princess.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-03 27 
38456615Princess Guard Quest 273Reunited with friends and family.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-04 24 
38480324Princess Guard Quest 274In which Reinhold goofs off with his friends for the first time in a long time.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-05 24 
38503695Princess Guard Quest 275In which Reinhold escorts his lady back to her temporary home.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-06 25 
38573225Princess Guard Quest 276Post-makeout goofing off.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-09 23 
38596862Princess Guard Quest 277One last Monique interlude.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Monique2015-03-10 22 
38617614Princess Guard Quest 278The dawn of the final day.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-11 22 
38664040Princess Guard Quest 279Mommy issues and daddy issues and unrelated events.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-13 22 
38711135Princess Guard Quest 280In which Alberto falls into a trap.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-15 21 
38735709Princess Guard Quest 281In which Reinhold leads Marianne around for a change.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-16 22 
38758556Princess Guard Quest 282Chatting with a future brother-in-law...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-17 23 
38820731Princess Guard Quest 283Winding down...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-20 21 
38839017Princess Guard Quest 284One final trip back to the castle.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-21 48 
April 2015
39121088Princess Guard Quest 285The epilogue.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-04-04 42 
April 2018
2438744Princess Guard QuestAutistic Blast from the PastCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest, White Hand, Autism, Shadow2018-04-07 10 
2452421Princess Guard Quest 2We Meet Nicolette and Get MagicCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest, White Hand, Autism, Shadow2018-04-07 10 
2474835Princess Guard Quest 3Did Marianne finally find a friend?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, White Hand, Autism, Shadow2018-04-15 9 
2497998Princess Guard Quest 4Reinhold's day offCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest, White Hand, Autism, Shadow2018-04-22 7 
2518661Princess Guard Quest 5Reinhold goes to townCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest, White Hand, Autism, Shadow2018-04-30 6 
May 2018
2547436Princess Guard Quest 6Reinhold spends the day in bedCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest, White Hand, Autism, Shadow2018-05-09 5 
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