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September 2012
20869372Shy-chan Quest 2A quest revolving around a socially awkward roleplayer.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-09-26 8 
20883057Shy-chan Quest 3Shy-chan suffers a panic attack so massive she ends up in the hospital.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest, all my feels2012-09-27 7 
20897152Shy-chan Quest 4After an excellent singing performance, the group begins their second session.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-09-28 9 
20910376Shy-chan Quest 5The session ends and you invite Friend-kun and Waitress-chan over to your apartment.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-09-29 6 
October 2012
20951125Shy-chan Quest 6Waitress-chan's tale of space adventure begins.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-10-02 5 
20965457Shy-chan Quest 7More Space Adventures.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-10-03 7 
20993133Shy-chan Quest 9Whoops, forgot the archive the last one. Getting this doe ahead of time.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-10-05 10 
21006070Shy-chan Quest 10After a painting experience with Waitress-chan, Shy-chan feels like everything is wrong.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-10-06 6 
21061333Shy-chan Quest 11After missing a day, we continue the quest, and the in game quest as well.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-10-10 5 
21074067Shy-Chan Quest 12I think OP forgot to archive. /tg/ is still stumped by the living forestCollective Game, Shy-Chan Quest 2012-10-11 3 
21087006Shy-chan Quest 13Not too much happens. We walk to the other side of the forest and encounter the sister of the nude woman.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-10-12 2 
21099285Shy-chan Quest 14Shy-chan comes back to the real world; And Friend-kun is in her apartment! Now with 100% more Racism Spam.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-10-13 10 
21142096Shy-chan Quest 15Shy-chan goes on a date, sort of!Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-10-16 8 
21155807Shy-chan Quest 16Friend-kun seems a little bit off...Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-10-17 5 
21169964Shy-chan Quest 17Having cheered up Friend-kun and received a micro confession, we are off to the mall.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-10-18 3 
21198987Shy-chan Quest 18Friend-kun remains aloof and generally unreadable. We remain shy.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-10-20 -6 
21243872Shy-chan Quest FinalI post in the final volume I will contribute to this quest.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest2012-10-23 0 
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