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May 2016
47180960Superhero World Building #5The Cape World's mythology is expanded with creepy additions such as Florida Man, The Haunter, The Mad Gasser, and George BauchmannWorld Building, Super Hero, Cape, Superhero 2016-05-13 2 
47199970Superhero World Building #6The 50 Statesmen are completed. Interesting features of Cape World USA are discussed such as lake monsters in the Great Lakes.Superhero, Super Hero, Worldbuilding, Cape2016-05-13 3 
47213603Super Hero Worldbuilding #7The bad guy thread, from the mystical GM to the armored Science Tyrant.Super Hero, Worldbuilding, Cape, Superhero2016-05-18 2 
47227809Super Hero Worldbuilding #8The first bits of the Cape World Cosmology are brainstormed and Australia is written up with magic serpent gods and Kellymen.Cape, Super Hero, Superhero, Worldbuilding2016-05-19 4 
47251816Super Hero Worldbuilding #9Mexico and Africa are written up. The cosmology becomes more defined and solid with definitions given to certain terms.Cape, Super Hero, Superhero, Worldbuilding2016-05-21 3 
47358480Superhero Worldbuilding #14Super Heroes head off to war as WW2 heroes and baddies are discussed with particular attention given to Axis characters.Cape, Super Hero, Superhero, Worldbuilding, Capes, Superheros, Super Heros2016-05-27 1 
47392590Superhero Worldbuilding #15Cold War supers are discussed along with the Nazi Olympia Project and a team of misfits named The OutliersSuperhero, Super Hero, Worldbuilding, Cape, Capes, Superheros, Super Heros2016-05-28 1 
47412930Superhero Worldbuilding #16A team of misfit teens called the Outliers is created, a randomizer for 90's characters is discussed.Cape, Super Hero, Superhero, Worldbuilding, Capes, Superheroes, Super Heroes2016-05-29 2 
47433165Superhero Worldbuilding #17Recapping on global supers organizations; some WW2 Russia; some more random gens and other assorted conceptsCape, Super Hero, Superhero, Worldbuilding, Capes, Superheroes, Super Heroes2016-05-31 1 
June 2016
47481992Superhero Worldbuilding #18More generalized discussion; also there was an attempt at cape world questrunningCape, Super Hero, Superhero, Worldbuilding, Capes, Superheroes, Super Heroes2016-06-01 2 
47602271Superhero Worldbuilding #19Batch of expanded statesmen, general discussion. Cape, Super Hero, Superhero, Worldbuilding, Capes, Superheroes, Super Heroes2016-06-17 2 
July 2016
360009Cape World Presents: Baron Bizarre in: Hijack on the Infinite Railroad Issue 1Our hero outwits death, meets the Monkey King, scares humanity, and gets some sleep.Collective Game, Cape World, Baron Bizarre, Super Hero, Superhero, Cape, Magic, Cosmic, Questguy2016-07-22 2 
385055Cape World Presents: Baron Bizarre in: Hijack on the Infinite Railroad Issue 2Our hero goes through his morning routine and reconnects a young lady with her unicorn.Collective Game, Cape World, Baron Bizarre, Super Hero, Superhero, Cape, Magic, Cosmic, Questguy2016-07-26 2 
August 2016
409038Cape World Presents: Baron Bizarre in: Hijack on the Infinite Railroad Issue 3Short thread before the switch to /tg/. We learn about the Infinite Railroad and plan strategy with our team mates.Cape World, Cape, CosmicWatcher, Baron Bizarre, Collective Game, Super Hero, Superhero, Questguy, The Generals2016-08-04 1 
October 2016
687053Cape World Presents: Statesmen, the Superhero team management sim 1In which we begin to build up our center program, play diplomacy with a dragon, and meet the president.Collective Game, Cape World, Capeworld, Superhero, Super hero, Statesmen, Questguy, Politics, Diplomacy, Dragons, School, Sim2016-10-20 2 
December 2016
936272Capeworld Statesmen: Trial by Fire 2In which Deseret's story begins. A young heroine struggles to prove herself and her superteam.Collective Game, Questguy, Statesmen, Capeworld, Superhero, Super hero, 2016-12-23 2 
January 2017
1053869Capeworld Statesmen: Trial by Fire 3The Statesmen story of Deseret continues. We hold our first meeting, recruit a goddess to our team, and confront our challenger face to faceCollective Game, Questguy, Statesmen, Capeworld, Superhero, Super hero,2017-01-28 2 
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