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November 2012
21655376Vale Quest 1In which a new saga starts in the most cliche manner possible.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-11-19 10 
21687069Vale Quest 2WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-11-22 11 
21744816Vale Quest 3In which we go shopping, and spend about half our cash on new equipment and books, before we prepare to cross the marsh.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-11-26 14 
21776750Vale Quest 4In which we travel into the marsh, meet some new people, and the Order is messing things up.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-11-28 10 
21808544Vale Quest 5In which we fight the undead, and learn more about Cass.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-11-30 13 
December 2012
21837497Vale Quest 6In which we stay at a very strange inn, kiss the girl, and our witchling learns a new trick.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-02 12 
21886740Vale Quest 7In which we find out that the Maenad aren't quite so stupid, and then find out that Gabriel has a nefarious plan.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-05 11 
21935017Vale Quest 8Wherein we kill a fairy, meet Astora properly, and have a very strange dream.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-08 8 
21963903Vale Quest 9In which Gabriel is a cheating bastard!Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-10 13 
21994809Vale Quest 10In which we give a mermaid her skin back, and learn a few things about ourselves.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-12 8 
22026173Vale Quest 11In which we meet a chocolate elf, touch scaly tail, and make gunpowder.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-14 10 
22056396Vale Quest 12In which we have a very strange dream, and continue on to Amberway.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-15 8 
22085972Vale Quest 13In which Abel buys alchemy supplies, has a moment with Astora, and decides where to go next.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-18 8 
22119704Vale Quest 14In which we take the Silver Serpent south, and run into women problems.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-19 8 
22154022Vale Quest 15We spar a bit, and then tell the captain about our dream and prepare for a storm.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-21 8 
22185735Vale Quest 16In which we go fishing for kraken, and arrive in Atlask.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-24 10 
22248300Vale Quest 17In which we learn that our father couldn't keep it in his pants, and then we go exploring the desert.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-28 10 
22282876Vale Quest 18Where we travel the desert some more, talk to Tannis about her past, and Ariana does weird things.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-30 11 
January 2013
22320506Vale Quest 19In which we meet, and shortly after fight with, a wizard.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-01 11 
22375571Vale Quest 20We sell dragon parts, arrange for new equipment to be made, get a tattoo, and meet Kale's lover.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-04 11 
22413750Vale Quest 21In which we defeat everyone in the arena, go on a date with Ariana, and buy gifts for the group.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-06 10 
22451830Vale Quest 22Wherein we spend some time at the beach.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-07 18 
22490982Vale Quest 23In which we visit with Lyra and Isavla, eat some dragonburgers, and go on a ride with Astora.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-10 13 
22529184Vale Quest 24We learn about the aftermath, the voices give us some information, Stirge shows up, and we say goodbye to Astora (For now).Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-12 12 
22583293Vale Quest 25In which we have a talk with Cass, visit with Isavla, and go cave exploring!Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-15 10 
22622994Vale Quest 26In which we unseal an ancient evil. Like fools.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-17 10 
22661545Vale Quest 27In which we gain new power, and forge a new weapon. We say goodbye to Isavla.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-19 11 
22697536Vale Quest 28In which the weather turns mean, and we end up on an island with a unicorn and a fairy.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-21 8 
22754518Vale Quest 29In which autosage kicks in almost immediately.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-23 7 
22756297Vale Quest 29.5In which we sing, swim, and meet Ariana again.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-24 8 
22806284Vale Quest 30We meet up with everyone, Gareth parleys with us, and we creep out of Amberway under nightfall.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-27 10 
22843339Vale Quest 31Wherein we travel to Sanctuary, play battlechess, meet another witch, and then find ancient, secret chambers full of ancient magical artifacts.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-29 14 
22880529Vale Quest 32In which we wander about the mansion, take a bath, have dinner, and hear a very strange prophecy.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-31 11 
February 2013
22936904Vale Quest 33Wherein we bang the witch, do Magic, and then meet the slimiest person in existence.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-03 11 
22955124Vale Quest 34Wherein we meet some new, eccentric people, get stabbed by a unicorn, and find a library.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-04 11 
22974357Vale Quest 35Wherein we make some things, kiss the girl, get some drinks- and then an old 'friend' returns.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-05 8 
22992940Vale Quest 36Wherein we shoot elves, shoot trolls, shoot everything. Then we drink copious amounts of alcohol and have copious amounts of hot witch sex.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-06 11 
23028100Vale Quest 37In which we meet Kelaris, the imperial princess, and then talk about what to do about Sky. Hannah brings up a revelation.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-08 8 
23047766Vale Quest 38In which we talk to Cass, meet a Spirit, finally reach the palace, and meet another relative.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-09 11 
23066258Vale Quest 39In which we learn about our parents, go into the Gauntlet, and then lose a friend forever.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-10 11 
23105808Vale Quest 40In which we make a robot hand, learn where not to pet the kitty, and meet Andalus.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-12 11 
23125592Vale Quest 41Wherein we interrogate a traitor, learn about Andalus, and finally reach Vigil.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-13 10 
23164123Vale Quest 42Wherein we speak to Thor, use a Spell, and then fight some Forged. The Wyvern is hungry.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-15 11 
23182964Vale Quest 43Wherein we play with explosions, pet the kitty, and then meet someone rather insane.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-16 11 
23201439Vale Quest 44Wherein we learn about Andalus and Astora's past, we show everyone what we can do with a spear, and then Tannis and Astora have Issues.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-16 11 
23241626Vale Quest 45Wherein we fight Forged, Astora goes nuclear, and then the Sentry becomes the Guardian.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-19 11 
23262873Vale Quest 46Wherein we arrive home, speak to an old friend of the family, and then go delving in an ancient fortressCollective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-20 9 
23283760Vale Quest 47The end is near. People die, and... Things change.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-21 12 
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