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May 2016
110799Whirlpool QuestA drawquest based on Waterworks where a futanari in a cat-eared diving suit goes on an adventure in the planet of Cymbio IV.Whirlpool Quest, Collective Game, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-05-14 9 
138145Whirlpool Quest - Thread 2After dispelling a tense situation, you fool around in an unusual place: A massive, WIP luxury resort located in Cymbio IV's jungle.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-05-22 8 
170488Whirlpool Quest - Thread 3You explore and meet new people in the Transport District and the Red Light District. You also have a makeover using your REPAIR MODULE.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-05-26 8 
June 2016
203115Whirlpool Quest - Thread 4You return back to the tribespeople you met earlier and learn who they are and their origins.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-03 7 
213487Whirlpool Quest - Thread 5You hang out with Errai and learn about each other's pasts.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-06 6 
236098Whirlpool Quest - Thread 6The obligatory romance arc where you confess your feelings to Errai and go on a dinner date before staying in her place for the night.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-12 5 
253464Whirlpool Quest - Thread 7The romance arc concludes on intense sexytimes with Errai. Then you prepare for the mission ahead and finalize plan details in the morning.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-16 5 
279739Whirlpool Quest - Thread 8The mission begins, you and Errai meet the head of the Medical District. Afterwards you visit a waiting Nicotine in the Red Light District.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-25 4 
300400Whirlpool Quest - Thread 9Nicotine makes dramatic revelations then tags along. Later, you meet the district heads Saccharin (Consumer) and Caffeine (Residential).Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-28 3 
July 2016
316177Vaporquesta Drawquest based on Waterworks about an A E S T H E T I C guy in a blocky suit arrives at the desert planet Khepri.Drawquest, Waterworks, Vaporquest2016-07-04 1 
316473Whirlpool Quest - Thread 10You are sent to the hospital after being knocked out by an alcoholic dessert. Afterwards you have a social walk then have an encounter.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-07-05 3 
335239Vaporquest Part. 2A E S T H E T I C guy gets saved by local aliens from sandworm attack. He learns more about Khepri.Vaporquest, Drawquest, Waterworks2016-07-10 1 
340386Whirlpool Quest - Thread 11The plot thickens as the people you encountered turn out to be affiliated with the Management District. You also have another makeover.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-07-12 3 
August 2016
433084Whirlpool Quest - Thread 12After a hiatus, the quest resumes and you encounter even more people from the Management District.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-06 -2 
450659Whirlpool Quest - Thread 13The action ramps up and you learn more about the people in the Management District, including their mysterious leader: Petroleum.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-09 0 
475556Whirlpool Quest - Thread 14We finally meet and recruit Stoddard, head of the Maintenance District. Then we begin the assault on Petroleum and the Management District.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-17 -2 
496503Whirlpool Quest - Thread 15The assault on the Management District continues as the group faces a serious opponent after a brief respite.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-26 -2 
September 2016
516955Whirlpool Quest - Thread 16After having dinner, the group begins the assault on what could be Petroleum's hideout in the Management District. Violence ensuessWhirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-09-01 -2 
598767Whirlpool Quest - Thread 17The group continues to fight their way towards Petroleum, but it seems someone takes the initiative and strikes first! Surprise boss fight!Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-09-20 0 
October 2016
697637Whirlpool Quest - Thread 18The group finds Petroleum's group already waiting for them in the R&D District! After some dramatic reveals, it's time to finish this quesWhirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-10-17 0 
November 2016
773280Whirlpool Quest - Thread 19We finally defeat Petroleum. Now the plot winds down as we begin to wrap things up. Thank you for playing (or lurking/reading at least).Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-11-02 0 
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