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March 2010
8785191Titaen AE setting thread/tg/ praises the awesomeness that is Titan AE and decides to make a game to it as a setting as a collaborative work.titan ae, sci fi, sci-fi, collaborative,2010-03-26 8 
February 2011
13880692Doppelganger Quest BootlegIn which a valiant anon takes over for the long-missing storyteller of the first Doppelganger Damacy story.Doppelganger, Doppelganger Damacy, Let's Play, Game, Collaborative, Horror2011-02-13 12 
July 2013
25925838NSA QuestMarc is a fucking asshole. Peter gets a promotion.Quest, NSA, Collaborative, Hilarity 2013-07-10 23 
February 2015
37843250American Fantasy (Fantasy in a pre-Europe America setting)/tg/ mulls around ideas and inspiring facts about the land west of the atlantic and all its glory and curiosity before the West got a hold of it.america, american fantasy, setting, fluff, discussion, worldbuilding, collaborative, indians, native americans, atlatl, pueblo, hype as fuck2015-02-06 2 
April 2020
4186992Modern Day NRP #1: From the EarthThe nations of Tarnia open their eyes for the first time. An era marked equally by hope and blood.NRP, Collective Game, NatRP, MNRP, Tarn, Collaborative, Tarn’s MNRP2020-04-28 1 
May 2020
4229182Modern Day NRP Thread 2: These Nations RiseAs the Kabal prepares to strike, the nations of Tarnia begin to look once again to the stars.Collective Game, MNRP, Tarn, NatRP, NRP, Collaborative, Tarn’s MNRP2020-05-21 1 
4263566Mario Worldbuild SandboxA /qst/ chronicler where users add unto the history of a Mario based universeMario, Worldbuild, Collaborative, Writing2020-05-23 0 
June 2020
4267983 Modern Day NRP Thread 3: Their Eyes ReachingThe Kabal begins its attack. A slower thread than usual due to Tarn requiring adjustment.NRP, Collective Game, NatRP, MNRP, Tarn, Collaborative, Tarn’s MNRP2020-06-14 1 
July 2020
4307862Modern Day NRP Thread 4: For the SkiesThe Cabal wreaks havoc across the continent. Another very slow thread.NRP, Collective Game, NatRP, MNRP, Tarn, Collaborative, Tarn’s MNRP2020-07-08 1 
August 2020
4347388Modern Day NRP Thread 5: They Breathe Once More The final thread.NRP, Collective Game, NatRP, MNRP, Tarn, Collaborative, Tarn’s MNRP2020-08-08 1 
May 2021
79245009Recursive Map WorldbuildingDark Continent timeworldbuilding, map, collaborative, recursive2021-05-22 1 
February 2022
5100312Space NRP Thread 1: StarshineThe nations of Tarnia jostle for position as a new frontier expands before them. NRP, Collective Game, NatRP, SNRP, Tarn, Collaborative, Tarn’s SNRP2022-02-10 0 
April 2022
5159284Space NRP Thread 2: Syzygy 0A short thread heading into a hiatus for the gameNRP, Collective Game, NatRP, SNRP, Tarn, Collaborative, Tarn’s SNRP2022-04-02 0 
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