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October 2014
35712084Magical Academy Quest Chapter 1In this thread our protagonist passes some trials, gets sorted, and meets his classmates.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2014-10-24 35 
35796328Magical Academy Quest Chapter 2In this chapter our mage plays some card games, learns the wonders of magic, and gets ice cream.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2014-10-28 23 
November 2014
35897765Magical Academy Quest Chapter 3In this chapter Tali has lunch with some classmates, meets Thorn and Root Class, and takes a nap.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2014-11-02 23 
36044305Magical Academy Quest Chapter 4In this chapter we practice magic, find a crazy girl, and nearly destroy a priceless artifact.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2014-11-09 23 
36186854Magical Academy Quest Chapter 5In this chapter we get drunk and check out some clubs.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2014-11-16 26 
36252719Magical Academy Quest Chapter 6In this chapter Tali joins a few clubs, visits a killer, and berates a blind girl.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2014-11-19 24 
December 2014
36490361Magical Academy Quest Chapter 7In this chapter we scan a bunch of our friends, find out some secrets, and take care of employees.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2014-12-01 25 
36685029Magical Academy Quest Chapter 8In this chapter Tali tinkers with some items, helps out a friend in need, and admires a classmate.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2014-12-11 23 
36840801Magical Academy Quest Chapter 9In this chapter we learn about magical ethics, attend our club, and visit an insane person.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2014-12-19 20 
January 2015
37164551Magical Academy Quest Chapter 10In this chapter we learn the basics of magic and cast spells without dying.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-01-05 23 
37358210Magical Academy Quest Chapter 11In this chapter some wires are crossed. The voices end up giving advice to another artifact holder, Anita. They attempt to help her get through a dungeon.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-01-14 23 
37646666Magical Academy Quest Chapter 12In this chapter we learn some runes, nearly kill a classmate, and get some late night snacks.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-01-27 22 
February 2015
38113866Magical Academy Quest Chapter 13In this chapter we serve pancakes, learn some magics, find a big book, and meet up with former classmates.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-02-17 26 
March 2015
38702930Magical Academy Quest Chapter 14In this chapter we try to restore the comfy of a fallen Fuwa.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-03-15 22 
39034591Magical Academy Quest Chapter 15In this chapter we take a trip to the woods with two unlikely companions. Spooky stuff happens.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-03-31 26 
April 2015
39074772Magical Academy Quest Chapter 15.5In this chapter the orb tells Vaisi a story.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-04-02 23 
39074732Magical Academy Quest ChapterIn this chapter, Magical Girl Tali duels the LORD OF EVIL, OLD DUKE OF UNCOMFYCollective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest, Totally Canon2015-04-02 23 
39569687Magical Academy Quest Chapter 16In this chapter Tali continues his story of his adventure in the woods. An unexpected encounter and orb shenanigans follow.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-04-26 23 
May 2015
39878110Magical Academy Quest Chapter 17In this chapter we find out some Ceer secrets in exchange for something precious.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-05-11 26 
June 2015
40604969Magical Academy Quest Chapter 18In this chapter we learn about Personal Runes, meet a dragon, and obtain a new artifact.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-06-15 22 
40822003Magical Academy Quest Chapter 19In this chapter we hang out with Flora, get some new teeth, and find something hidden under the school.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-06-26 23 
July 2015
41118985Magical Academy Quest Chapter 20In this chapter we play some games, find a boy in distress, and meet with a new dragon.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-07-10 23 
41308154Magical Academy Quest Chapter 21In this chapter we join Anita at the beach.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-07-19 22 
41436584Magical Academy Quest Chapter 22In this chapter Tali spends some time with his new dragon.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-07-24 22 
August 2015
41651644Magical Academy Quest Chapter 23In this chapter we fight our big sis, join a club, and visit a friend.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-08-04 23 
41712701Magical Academy Quest Spinoff: Tales of SerdaIn this story we join a hero as he is forced into the role of savior, give someone a heart attack, and kidnap a maiden.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest, Tales of Serda2015-08-07 21 
41958304Magical Academy Quest Chapter 24In this chapter operation Save Vaisi is go.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-08-19 23 
September 2015
42362367Magical Academy Quest Chapter 25In this chapter we see Vaisi again, confront Natalie, and finally visit Fuwa.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-09-08 22 
October 2015
43022156Magical Academy Quest Chapter 26In this chapter we help Fuwa regain her comfy. Tali is badly wounded.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-10-12 22 
43282721Magical Academy Quest Chapter 27In this chapter we dress up and tackle a dungeon.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-10-26 23 
November 2015
43595328Magical Academy Quest Chapter 28In this chapter we bond with our dragon and attempt to create a new golem.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-11-12 21 
43894155Magical Academy Quest Chapter 29In this chapter we help out WORST GIRL.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2015-11-30 21 
January 2016
44631315Magical Academy Quest 30In this chapter we help Ceera learn to swim and reach new heights in comfy.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2016-01-08 22 
February 2016
45403027Magical Academy Quest Chapter 31In this chapter we help a friend's love life, auction a tank and talk to a small child about race relations.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2016-02-14 23 
April 2016
46397984Magical Academy Chapter 31.5In this chapter we... What in the world is going on?Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2016-04-02 20 
46398556Magical Academy Quest Chapter ???In this chapter we show some undine a new spellCollective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2016-04-02 20 
May 2016
96957Magical Academy Quest Chapter 32In this chapter we find a new orb and explore more of the land of Undine!Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2016-05-09 20 
163442Magical Academy Quest Chapter 33In this chapter we fight a golem and try to make some new friends.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2016-05-22 20 
June 2016
287477Magical Academy Quest Chapter 34In this chapter we dragon marry and confront the mysterious Assassin!Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2016-06-22 20 
July 2016
400996Magical Academy Quest Chapter 35In this chapter we finish hanging out with our dragon and ruin some people's dreams.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2016-07-25 20 
September 2016
620248Magical Academy Quest Chapter 37In this chapter we meet our sister, and find out a dark secret about 99ccollective game, drawquest, magical academy quest2016-09-25 21 
December 2016
976818Magical Academy Quest Chapter 37In this chapter we enter a contest to prove we are the best at being a Minia Student.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2016-12-29 20 
March 2017
1251720Magical Academy Quest Chapter 38In this chapter we deal with a crazy Aelor.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2017-03-14 20 
April 2017
1325005Magical Academy Quest Chapter 37.5In this chapter the group explores a slime filled dungeon.Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2017-04-05 20 
June 2017
1619003Magical Academy Quest Chapter 39In this chapter, Tali deals with detention!Collective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2017-06-30 20 
November 2017
2047325Magical Academy Quest Chapter 40Tali goes on a class trip to the White DesertCollective Game, Drawquest, Magical Academy Quest2017-11-11 20 
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