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    34 KB Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)12:52 No.2008745  
    ITT your first character

    For me, it was an old 3e human rogue. I hadn't actually read any of the material, so I ended up confusing Wisdom with Intelligence and allocated all my skillpoints in Charisma-based skills. To make matters worse, I rolled him horribly, with 12 being the highest attribute and everything else sliding under 10. The equipment? Medium armor and a scythe.

    I thought he was a total badass, of course, but I learned pretty quickly when he didn't survive long enough to leave the inn we started at.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:00 No.2008783
    3e wizard, old and angry. Made him a complete asshole towards the group as a whole. His highest stat was 17 which I put to intelligence the rest didn't go over 11. He got his ass handed to him in the beginning, but as soon as he hit level three things started turning around. Retired with him at level 17.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:00 No.2008784
    Holy shit what happened to him upon leaving the inn curiously?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:01 No.2008791
    holy fucking shit i remember that book
    >> Âge the Thread-Bumper !m/3.JWBzSQ 06/16/08(Mon)13:02 No.2008800
    2e human wizard. 2 hp. After helping to rid a town of invading goblins (Cast shield, then sleep, then took a fallen goblin's arm to beat the others with) he chased after them a few steps yelling "Fear Kodos, god of Pain!"

    Nonchalant crossbow bolt from the retreaters sent hi to the afterlife.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:07 No.2008825
    Killed by the innkeeper. I tried to set him on fire with a lantern (?) but he beat me into submission with a chair and a broken bottle and I bled to death while everyone else tried to figure out which room I was in. Yes, I was killed by a level 1 commoner.

    To be fair, the rest of the party didn't fare much better. Our (also-human) fighter pulled his sword on literally every single NPC we encountered without even speaking to them. He was later raped by a pair of bounty hunters he thought he could take despite the DM's repeated warnings that they were "10 FUCKING LEVELS HIGHER THAN YOU!"

    Our cleric was a typical "OMG KAWAII" fangirl who insisted upon being a Japanese-named half-elf and forgot she had 1. spells and 2. weapons. Yet, she somehow managed to kill off a wounded member of our party by critically smashing his head open with a mace trying to pull a "STUPID BAKA" slapstick moment.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:14 No.2008858
    Taklinn Mithrilbones was a more badass Dwarven fighter than you'll ever make. Fuck year.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:18 No.2008876

    Oh, wow.

    Anyway, mine was in 3.0. A human sorcerer with randomly chosen spells that never really helped in most situations.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:20 No.2008892
    d20 Star Wars Verpine Scoundrel; used the ridiculous numbers of skill points to buff his Droid and Cybernetics Crafting up to ridiculous levels (to sync with my 20 Int). Unfortunately, the campaign abruptly ended with a group split before I really got to go Bionic Commando on everyone's shit.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:20 No.2008895
    >she somehow managed to kill off a wounded member of our party by critically smashing his head open with a mace trying to pull a "STUPID BAKA" slapstick moment.
    it's only slapstick if the mace is pulled out of hammerspace
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:21 No.2008898

    Same thing as "the backpack?"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:24 No.2008917
    Human sorceror here. We were in the desert, and I froze a stubborn camel with it (subdual damage to make it unconscious with everyone's prepared actions, then I zapped it with ray of frost: DM rules death by that equalled freezing.

    We then rowed our frozen camel across the desert with 10-foot poles.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:26 No.2008929
    2.5 Fighter. She had an 18 Str, and everything else sucked.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:32 No.2008965
    Gnomish Rogue. I realized he sucked like 5 levels in, and after seeing some fucked up shit, killed myself off with a bag full of alchemist's fire.
    >> Pepper 06/16/08(Mon)13:38 No.2009008
    A Human Cleric of Kord. When I joined up, the party wanted him as Support, but I didn't want any part of that, especially since we didn't do so well when I listened to them and took all healing spells and held back. The other characters were a Sorcerer, Bard and Barbarian, after all, and a lone damage dealer wasn't cutting it. So I changed my tune and took it to the front, swinging my mace around like a madman. I soon learned that enemies didn't actually die when they reached 0HP, and I took this as an opportunity to repent. Every time I came across a helpless enemy that spoke Common, I'd place a boot on their chest, hold my mace above their head, and demand they repent and accept Kord as the strongest god. If they did, I'd stabilize their wounds and move on. If not, I left them with a concave face.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)13:38 No.2009009
    Human Monk. He was killed by a Bodaks Death Gaze, and the rest of the party were dickish enough not to resurrect him.
    >> Pepper 06/16/08(Mon)13:39 No.2009019
    >an opportunity to make them repent.

    >> Blacksheepcannibal 06/16/08(Mon)13:56 No.2009103
    Level 1 Elf. With a staff. And magic missle. Got killed in room 8 of Zanzer's Dungeon.

    ...you people make me feel old.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)14:13 No.2009212
    >critically smashing his head open with a mace trying to pull a "STUPID BAKA" slapstick moment.

    I loled, then RAGEd. I bet she felt like an idiot after that though.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)14:16 No.2009224
    Was a Human ranger 5 in a one shot campaign, 3e. Hunter's mercy'ed the brain out of a Giant. Then end.
    >> SageHoge !!mp3WVEd4fDm 06/16/08(Mon)14:19 No.2009239
    elf rogue named X. Was a former slave of a orc clan. Learned rogue techniques while in the service of the orcs. Killed them all in their sleep with sneak attacks. Hates orc forever because of that.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)14:22 No.2009260
    Virgil, the 2nd Ed fighter who used a halberd. He eventually earned himself a villa on the coast.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)14:28 No.2009296
    Mine was 4th ed dragonborn who had big sword and he casted spells.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)14:34 No.2009323
    2e Druid with a sickle for a hand weapon and Entangle.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)14:37 No.2009338
    My first character in an RPG was a Toreador in 2nd Ed Vampire: The Masquerade. I only played him two or three sessions before he got killed by hunters. I don't remember his name, or much about him, except that he was a good painter. Or a musician. I'm not sure which. Basically, he was the most stereotypical Toreador fop ever.

    After that I played a Tremere hacker who got co-opt'ed by the Sabbat and forced to become antitribu. Since the Prince was a Tremere, and thus able to see the Tremere Antitribu brand on my forhead, I didn't last too long after that.

    I don't remember the next 10 or 12 Vampires I played, but they all died or something horrible happened to them inside 3 or 4 games.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)14:39 No.2009350
    Apples do not poop!

    2e Human Cleric (some custom class that was more or less cleric/necromancer)
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)14:42 No.2009363
    A Human Magic-User, he used magic!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)14:43 No.2009369
    They make you poop.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)14:45 No.2009377
    1st edition: An elven fighter, that's what everybody rolled back then.

    2nd edition: A halfling thief, his life was hard.

    3rd edition: A human rogue, he fared better then the other firsts, and eventually became a goddamn terror with a dagger.

    3.5 edition: Another human rogue, this one eventually managed to get Improved Crit Rapier + Roundabout Kick, basically he just ran around criting people with the rapier + sneak attack, then kicking them in the balls with roundabout.

    4th edition: Dragonborn Warlord, great for combat but he's completely worthless for just about everything else.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)14:46 No.2009385
    Drow who has forsaken his own evil kind and defends people on the surface who want to kill him for being a drow.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)14:55 No.2009423
    Lol Drizzt Do'urden.
    >> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/16/08(Mon)14:58 No.2009434
    >Yet, she somehow managed to kill off a wounded member of our party by critically smashing his head open with a mace trying to pull a "STUPID BAKA" slapstick moment.

    Made me laugh.

    Take it she didn't know about dealing non lethal damage at a penalty?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:00 No.2009443
    Original DnD Fighter. 16 strength, everything else was around 9-14. Played him till 8th level when the campaign fizzled out. Yes old fag is old.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:04 No.2009461
    3.5 Half-Giant Barbarian named Albert Camus. Dual Wielding Scimitar/Smaller Scimitar. I rolled particularly well
    >> Anonymous !uP/3qlrDNA 06/16/08(Mon)15:06 No.2009473
    AD&D - made a centaur archer

    had problems running into a gelatinous cube and some giant spiders, otherwise fun
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)15:08 No.2009483
    My first character was a human magic user named Zach. I hadn't quite got the concept of WIZARDS STAY IN THE BACK, so I ran him like a front-line fighter who dual-weilded silver daggers.and had a shitton of normal daggers for throwing. Surprisingly, he did really well in combat. He had plenty of RIP AND TEAR to give out to his enemies.. His backstory had him fighting in slave pits as a child, only to be adopted into a noble family of elves at 9 years old. When I converted him to 3.x I gave him two levels in Barbarian to represent his fighting style(FUCK YEAH RAGEMAGE!). Zach is now the Emperor of Alvaria, the realm that had previously enslaved him. He also has an Inquisition(a low-level agent of which is my latest OD&D character.)
    >> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/16/08(Mon)15:10 No.2009498
    First character in an actual PnP game?

    Exalted first edition. Twilight caste solar. I didn't care for sorcery, but the other castes had someone in them and everyone in the group absolutely fucking REFUSED to have more than one of each caste. I had one very useful low level sorcery(bronze skin I think it was called), but I never got further into sorcery than that. I got forced that far.. and everything else was too costly in essence, willpower, and time to make me think they were worth it. I was mostly into the healing tree and a martial art. A few dots in ancient knowledge too(which got me an EPIC WIN early on when I prevented an ancient first age artifact from going BOOM and fucking everything up).

    She was fun. Wish the campaign had lasted longer. I wouldn't mind playing another martial art + healing solar. Don't really care about sorcery. If you do that.. that is kinda the focus of the character. You build your stats around it and devote all your XP to doing it..

    For DnD? My first actual non computer game character for DnD was a Tome of Battle character. Sword Sage. Also fun.
    >> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/16/08(Mon)15:11 No.2009508
    I've seen melee wizard builds. I'm not surprise it works with the magic you can back it up with. I wouldn't want to meet a properly built melee wizard in a dark ally. No way.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:11 No.2009509
    >Don't really care about sorcery. If you do that.. that is kinda the focus of the character. You build your stats around it and devote all your XP to doing it..
    Precisely the point. Sorcery in Exalted is meant to be a sacrifice.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:13 No.2009516
    2e lizard folk fighter, the party was all elf theif mages and the dm wanted someone to be some kind of melee so when I joined as new guy he asked what I wanted and me being 13 at the time was like "Big ol strong tough dude, like a monster guy" and the dm was like, eh fuck it want to be a lizard folk? It got me hooked on rpgs. Suprisingly now I mostly play spellcasters, but most people want to start out as melee at first.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:13 No.2009519
    AD&D 2nd Edition Paladin. I rolled well enough that he 18 Charisma, and 18/00 strength. Other then that he wasn't that memorable. Used a Bastard Sword though.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:13 No.2009520
    A 3e dwarf barbarian. Not bad, really, got an 18 in Con, decent equipment. Raped up the ass by a metric shit ton of undead because our DM was a malicious bastard with 5 years of experience who was DMing for a bunch of newbies.
    >> HiddenKrypt !kbKrhQTmts 06/16/08(Mon)15:14 No.2009522
    Good book OP. That book is sitting in the bathroom of the pre-school I work at.

    My first ever character for any sort of roleplayan was a guy who was fuckgood with throwing weapons, and not much else. I don't remember much about that character, I made him for a usenet/IRC game I played in back when the internet was young, before AOL got started.

    My first ever Tabletop PnP character was a 3.0 Sorcerer Half-elf, who multiclassed rogue and got to level ten (sor5/rog5) before I realized how shitty that Idea was.

    My first LARP character was a Gangrel who took the flaw "Probationary Sect Member". I played him for over a year, by which point He became prince, mostly due to the virtue of The second oldest character was only 3 months in. Having an extra 9 months of EXP over the other players was enough for them to all decide they didn't want to fuck with me. Helped that he was a sneaky shit. I had two Tremere and a 9th gen brujah three points blood bound to me. My Gangrel died after 1.5 years of play when the storyteller got bored and Pulled out Gehenna (Rocks fall everybody dies) ;_;
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:14 No.2009528
    My first was an AD&D halfling thief. Only lasted one game because he fell through some rotten floorboards into a flooded basement and drowned.

    My second, which I think of as my REAL first, was a human ranger, also AD&D. He was a bit weak statwise, but pretty cool. I also made damn sure he could swim well.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:16 No.2009534
    3.5 fighter. First action ever was trying to intimidate the barkeep into letting me sleep there for free. And failing. Was going to the whorehouse with the rogue and ranger, but I didn't like the looks of the place, so I went and found this lady whose son was missing. I agreed to find him, and I got to stay all night and get food.

    Then I got everyone else to join me, except the rogue and ranger, who were transporting a half orc whore to a different brothel. After those douchebags flipped the cart over, we came across them on the road. Then some necromancers and lizard men showed up, and someone let the orc out of her cage. I accidentally killed the ranger in one hit. Then he got revived and tried to stab me. The orc beat him over the head, and then I grappled with her cause I thought she was after me. Good times.
    >> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/16/08(Mon)15:19 No.2009546
    I don't want to be a one trick pony, and the "I stand in the back and cast spells. Don't hit me!" type has never appealed to me. Ever. Besides, the cast times, willpower expenditure, and essence cost? Wow. Holy shit.. expensive.

    The only reason I had sorcery at all on that one was because it was my first exalted game. I had no idea what I was doing, and some of them seem convinced I just HAD to be a sorcerer and nothing but if I was going to be a twilight solar.

    In fact, one asshole in the group always bitched at me. Every single time I used what the MAJORITY of what my actual charms were.. he'd bitch. CASTERS STAND IN BACK was almost a battle cry. Didn't even realize I barely had any sorcery.. and wasn't really built for it at all. I was built as a martial artist and healer with a useful sorcery for protecting myself in combat(stacked oh so well with a charm in the martial art.. which is one of the reasons why I agreed to try sorcery out). She was pretty YOU CAN'T HURT ME. RIP AND TEAR.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:19 No.2009548
    rolled 11, 20, 18, 17, 18, 13 = 97

    Mine was a 3.5 Bard. I loved bards. But without me having a book of my own and no one besides me liking bards no one knew how their spells worked. Ended up playing him like a ranger. Sadly i did the best out of everyone that was playing.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:20 No.2009555
    Oh god, it must be filthy!
    >> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/16/08(Mon)15:22 No.2009572
    Also, that bastard whose battle cry was STAND IN THE BACK YOU IDIOT quickly got ran out of the game for starting a three sided war with only a sentence..

    He was supposed to be the exalted version of the party face too.

    Later he ran off into the wyld without any protection and never came back. Don't know what he was thinking, but we were glad to be rid of the asshole.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)15:23 No.2009578
    That's the thing, mechanically, he was just a normal wizard. A look at his character sheet would show that he had a few too many daggers, that's about it. Even when I ported him to 3.x he was focused more on rulership and item creation than rapacios stabbity fun. I just always got really lucky rolls with him.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:23 No.2009580
    3rd edition. I rolled a human paladin who I had made a generic moralfag. After much smiting at the sides of another paladin and a dwarf wizard he started to waver on from lawful good to lawful neutral, killing anything truly evil became kill everything evil which became kill anything that had ever talked to anything evil and before you know it he became evil himself and fell. I made him completely ignorant that what he was doing was wrong up till he ended up fighting the other paladin who got him down to 3hp. A speech from him ensued about how my character had changed so much that he didn't even know the difference between a good and evil soul. I made him sit there for a while, eventually he rose looking at his paladin friend. He then stated "Thank you." and dropped all of his alchemist fire at his feat. The other paladin watched as my character dropped a lit torch on the pile and exploded into flames. The dwarf meanwhile was getting drunk. I had fun with that character.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:27 No.2009607
    2e kender thief. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. So I just hang out with my party until we go out of the goblin dungeon and being killed by crabmans in a near beach.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)15:28 No.2009610
    Waitwaitwait, Started a 3-way war with a sentence? Fuck damn, if that isn't the most hilariously awesome thing I've read today I will have a character of mine eat a hat. The hat may or may not be made of nachos.
    >> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/16/08(Mon)15:29 No.2009617
    You lucky son of a..

    Well, good for you. That is HILARIOUS. Crazy wizard that thinks he is a fighter.. and is GOOD at it.

    I guess the guys he attacks are too dumbfounded to properly fight.. thus the good rolls.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:30 No.2009631
    I kill you
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:30 No.2009632
    My first character was a Dwarf Scout(3.5, bit of a newfag to dnd), Lawful-Neutral Jewdwarf merc who managed to take out 6 drow by himself at level 1(no fiat, open rolls). Died at level 4 to a couple mages spamming Magic Missile.

    The party had been hired to clear out some bandits.
    It turned out that they were the rightful owner of the town I was hired by.

    After learning this, I knew what I had to do, and did it.

    I went back to the town, turned in the head of bandit leader, and asked for my reward. They decided that, rather than to simply pay me my gold and send me on my way, they would just kill me. Even after I said "Hey, I don't care, I just want my gold". Still kind of pissed off about that, he was pretty fuck awesome.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)15:32 No.2009652
    Thanks. I might bring Zach out of retirement at some point in the future if I can get my Grand Plan in order. You see, I want to write a replay based on an epic D&D campaign, turn it into an anime, and get all my buddies from comedy school to do the voice work. This should take me about ten years all told.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:33 No.2009656
    I think it was AD&D when I first started playing and I played a half-dragon paladin. None of us were older than 10 at the time and we didn't really play by the written rules but to us it was still D&D and it was the best thing ever at the time.
    >> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/16/08(Mon)15:35 No.2009672
    At the time it wasn't so awesome. We were trying to form an alliance! Next thing we know he's made the most incredibly offending and chauvinistic(ST was a woman.. and the leader of our faction and one of the others were women) remark imaginable. I suppose there was some kind of glory in the utter stupidity of it.

    That was par for the course for him. The player himself was a gigantic ASS that thought he was entitled to everything in any White Wolf game he played. His character sheet was rejected a lot of times for insane power gaming(yes.. you can technically afford the OMG UBER WTF KILL ALL artifact at creation.. but the ST isn't going to let you have it).

    In a Mage game he was in.. his character died by trying to take on several elder vampire(clan leaders) and other mages.. as well as an entire room of normal vamps.. at the same time. Sure, he was a mage, but what the fuck, man?

    I don't know what was in his head.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)15:37 No.2009684
    Ow. Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:37 No.2009685
    2nd edition.

    Fighter, composite long bow of 18 strengh and a two handed scimitar.

    He was a mongolian badass.

    He kicked ass all the way.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)15:39 No.2009698
    Sounds like fun.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:39 No.2009700
    Actually that reminds me of a Ranger which was my friends first character. He played him surpraisingly well, and had him specialize in Archery. Anyhow eventually the party discovers that the King who's acting as they're patron has used them to spark a war between their nation, and another having them attack a number of small villages he claimed where cults dedicated to I think it was Bane? As a result upon finding this out the next time they were in his presence he grabs the king by the neck, and throws him out the closest window then proceeds to shoot him three times before he hits the ground. Needless to say it probably wasn't the best move because it went from a war into a war, and a three way civil war as the kingdom tried to determine the kings succesor.
    >> LogicNinja !X/WncDCXNA 06/16/08(Mon)15:40 No.2009703
    It was a character for a freeform chatroom.

    His name was FLAMESHADOW EL'ADAR, and he fought with two swords AND was an Adept-class mage who could make WINGS OF FIRE auuuuugh.

    Look I was 13 okay what do you *expect*.

    My first *tabletop* character was a Shadow Lord Galliard for Werewolf: the Apocalypse. Discipline-focused badass who left her East Coast pack because the way the Shadow Lords act pissed her off, and came out West. She started out as a "fuck honor" pragmatist with a big freakin' gun, and wound up a consummate swordswoman who held off two Black Spiral Dancers to buy the pack time.

    After game, we'd all go out and chase bunnies as a pack.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:40 No.2009709
    My first character was a rather uninteresting elf ranger. He's pretty withdrawn and mostly just makes vague/not-so-vague threats, and fires off his bow at just about everything.

    Although my DM seemed to think I was entitled to a lot of situational bonuses to intimidate rolls.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:40 No.2009712
    >two handed scimitar
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:41 No.2009717

    I made him wear black leather armor, with a helmet made of a human skull, and spikes.

    His horse was armored too. Black leather, with details made of red leather so it looked like fire. And spikes.

    Good times.
    >> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/16/08(Mon)15:43 No.2009724

    Sometimes I like to imagine what an incredible abomination he must have become by never coming out of the wild. Our ST was looking forward to rolling up mutations when he came out.. but the player stopped coming to games. Thought the ST was out to get him. Keep in mind he thought the same thing when he CHARGED AN ENTIRE ROOM OF VAMPIRE, CLAN ELDERS, AND OTHER MAGES.

    The game was much nicer after he was gone. I bet the one guy remaining in the group was happy. Got all us girls to himself. There had only been the two guys in the group.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)15:43 No.2009730
         File :1213645426.jpg-(32 KB, 352x501, kashue.jpg)
    32 KB
    Wow, that's incredibly metal. King Kashue would approve, but he's too busy being manly.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:48 No.2009747
    My first character was a cleric, and I did most of the work despite not knowing how to play a cleric, since the DM didn't exactly tell me what to do. So basically I lead the charge and healed myself whenever I got to hurt.

    He also had a rather strange obsession with lighting things onfire, including but not limited to our first tavern encounter, a brothel, the inside of a tower we where currently on the top floor of, and the inside of a cave which we where standing in.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:50 No.2009756

    >Everyone Poops

    >> Might Gaine !iylTaR6r62 06/16/08(Mon)15:53 No.2009767
    A Neutral Human Fighter. (So much for originality).
    He wielded 2 Bastard swords and had a fuckton of other swords with him in case the opponents would be out of range.
    He really liked to chuck swords at opponents.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)15:53 No.2009770
    This thread is now about first characters for any given system, not just the characters we broke our RP cherry with. I had a catfolk rogue in FR who at one point tried to take over Helmsport. He had a tower off in the jungle, and he hired some DORFS to dig a tunnel from there to the town, where they would meet up with other dorfs who were digging from the basement of a house to the tower. The character managed to call a retreat, and was able to get away safely with his survivors. He also owned a castle/whorehouse in Icewind Dale, and I think he bought a warehouse or two and an apartment in Calimport.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:54 No.2009774
         File :1213646070.jpg-(39 KB, 558x800, subotai.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:57 No.2009788
    You know that Clerics of Kord get Greatsword proficiency, right?
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)15:58 No.2009797

    Pretty much.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:00 No.2009810
    3rd edition Gnome Cleric. I came in late and was just learning the game so they stuck me with the healer cleric.

    He was a jackass with a really high wisdom and strength score, and made people say "please" and call him master and say he was awesome before he'd heal them in combat.

    Suffice to say, when he got into a bit of a jam with a group of local bandits after a poker game where he was "obviously cheating" (i wasn't, but bandits are sore losers apparently...), my party members weren't exactly quick to help if you know what i mean
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:01 No.2009814
    Shump, the Orc Cleric/Barbarian of Gruumsh. It worked pretty well.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:02 No.2009818
         File :1213646543.jpg-(270 KB, 1024x768, ParnDeedlit1.jpg)
    270 KB

    Actually that's funny now that I think of it. New game I was playing with my girlfriend, and her friends. I was running late, and told her to go ahead, and to make my Character. She made my Character Parn basically, and her's was Deedlit. Which all and all was kind of annoying.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)16:03 No.2009822
    I've always wanted to have a character who threw short swords at people.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:05 No.2009829
    Only if they have the war domain, which he probably didn't given that his party was trying to shoehorn him into a healbot role at generation
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:06 No.2009840
    1st edition Magic-User. His one hit point didn't last long. Luckily 2nd edition came out a month later and I rolled up the Bard I would play for YEARS. I think I had gotten him to level 19 when DM cheapness knocked the party back to level 1. He was level 30 by the time we beat the recurring BBEG for good. Yes, we played a lot.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:07 No.2009844
    I always wanted a character that specilized on throwing small children at people. Then I discovered the drunken brawler...

    It was epic. At one point we got ambushed at a festival, so I grabbed the nearest person, the team wizard, and started using him as a club. And all the while, he was spamming magic missile and attempting to cast fire ball.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)16:08 No.2009852
    Wow. That is fucking iconic, and romantic in the geekiest way imaginable. Awesome. Hell, Record of Lodoss War is what inspired me to make my own replay. That said, I laughed my ass off at the last few episodes of the TV series. SPARK'S ENTIRE FUCKING PARTY WAS COMPOSED OF PEDOPHILES.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:09 No.2009861
    Wizard club ftw
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:11 No.2009866
    well, I had just read the PHP, and spent the last year reading LotR before the first of the
    movies came out, and I made a human ranger with the two weapon fighting feat. I imagined myself into being one of Aragorn's underlings, but that didnt work out too well. I kept using the character archetype for a while, but went with bow hunting instead
    >> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/16/08(Mon)16:16 No.2009893
    >This thread is now about first characters for any given system, not just the characters we broke our RP cherry with.

    Hunter.. is there another edition of that by the way? I'd like to try a better fixed version if it with not gimpy powers.

    It was more of a all WoD games rolled into one game. I was a lone innocent hunter.. which worked out because I was going to be the type of hunter to find the GOOD creatures and form alliances with them.

    I ended up being smexed by a werewolf.
    >> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/16/08(Mon)16:21 No.2009924
    Other player was also a girl, btw.

    My innocent was like, "D: WTF just happened?"

    The were was like, ":3 Was it good for you too?"
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:25 No.2009952
         File :1213647932.jpg-(150 KB, 666x924, werewolf.jpg)
    150 KB
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)16:30 No.2009995
    I lol'd. I wish I could remember even half the shit I've done or seen done in games. In the one Vampire game I played, I got to shoot someone in the head with an M203. I don't care how powerful you are, that kind of firepower will knock shit DOWN.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:32 No.2010017
    2nd edition human chaotic good fighter with Damn near perfect stats. Later on he dual classed into a cleric of Tempus, to show up a dickhead of a paladin.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:33 No.2010028
    First in a system?
    ADnD: Half-elf with scout kit. Perhaps I was a rogue? No group then, so simply an exercise in character creation.
    DnD 3ed: likely because of above, I was a half-elf ranger. Still liked them even though they sucked.
    DnD 3.5: no idea, though I have played a bit of it.
    Exalted 1st Ed: It was mostly a game to get used to the system. But me and the other main frontlines were martial artists who couldn't hit a superior blocking automaton. I think I was a Zenith, but soon started avoiding them and Dawns.
    Exalted 2nd: Zenith to round out the circle, but I like them much more now with Integrity and Presence. Eclipse still have the best caste ability, followed by Twilights.
    Mage: Whatever the medieval setting is. Seer/bard with Time/Entropy/Connections who was probably getting ready to turn into one of those "My reality is stronger than yours" types if given 3 or 4 more months. Didn't help that another of our groups was picking reality apart with prime and we were trying to save a crazy mage (mavericks? What were those called, drat it).
    Vampire: exercise in character creation because a friend dragged me into a game where the ST didn't want more people.
    Shadowrun: human semi-shaman with a gigantic magical poleaxe. Just a one-off to try out the system, but interesting.
    GURPS: quickly made swashbuckler-lite at TL 3
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:36 No.2010049
    Lancaster, a 1st level CG 3(.0)rd Edition Sorcerer. Our DM was using some random dungeon maker and the first room of the first dungeon we ever explored had a gibbering mouther in it. I was the only survivor. I changed my alignment to LN, started worshiping Wee Jas, and became a fatalist. I made it to level 13.
    >> Gary 06/16/08(Mon)16:39 No.2010070
    Guardsman Gary: Dark Heresy

    Still has never missed when he's been shooting. Even when he fails he hits something that dies. Has risen from a humble 400xp starting to 7000xp, and in DH that's quite a bit. He's faced down Necrons, Heretical Ad Mechs, Chaos Marines, Dark Eldar, and Tau, as well as your run-of-the-mill heretics and fools. That was my first RP character. Still have never played D&D.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:40 No.2010078
    Ghostbusters International. I was a Ghostbuster, naturally. He was a former con-man, which made him good at talking his way through social obstacles. He had high brawl skill, which made him good at bashing through those that wouldn't be talked to. He was supposed to be sort of a rogue, but ended up the main tank-the guy who intended to be the main tank almost never showed up.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:40 No.2010080
    This thread makes me glad I've recycled the neurons that contained my first character. God I'm old.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:41 No.2010089
    My first PnP character was a fedora-wearing owl in a TMNT and Other Strangeness pulp homebrew game last summer. He was basically an Indiana Jones knockoff with a rifle, a biplane, and ridiculous piloting skills. He was only so-so in combat, but damn was he fun.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)16:42 No.2010094
    Awesome. My friend wrote up a ratling scum character who found a sentient A.I. laptop that she put a "DON'T PANIC" sticker onto.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)16:44 No.2010107
    2e thief I think, not sure of my first but I think one of my earliest I can remember was a half-elf named greenbeard.
    >> Gary 06/16/08(Mon)16:48 No.2010132
    ... my second DH character was Reyla of the Caer Poreyn tribe. She is a Feral assassin, and very angry.

    First thing she did was decide that politics suck, and politicians are retarded. Understanding only strength of arms, she really could care less for under-handed manipulations. She also never lies.

    Guess what her campaign was? Protect a politician. Having no tact whatsoever yet at the same time being delegated as the group's face-person, she led them into a fire-fight in the first session. After destroying a poorly equipped and prepared team of insurgents, Reyla interrogated one.

    Reyla interrogated him by threatening to castrate him. Then she did it anyways. Then she cut off his head and threw it at another prisoner.

    Time goes on... she was captured by corrupt guardsmen and placed in a cell underground in a large guard complex. In her escape, using only a fork and knife, she managed to save a man being raped by several jailers, shooting them with a lasgun she managed to grab off of the wall as she escaped. Once again, castrations ensued, as well as several surprise headshots.

    She's still alive, and about to go up against some Eclipsion Terrorguard
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)17:01 No.2010219
    I'm scared now.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:01 No.2010220
         File :1213650084.jpg-(34 KB, 320x328, GoblinSappers.jpg)
    34 KB
    3.x Goblin druid

    it was an odd campaign, we had such a big group for 1 weekend we had to have 2 DMs, the idea behind it was human army vs orc army (one dm per side).

    I was the brains behind my orc overlords, Fightgar and El Donko Punchero (i still lol at that name), my other buddy was a goblin ranger who track'd and shot ppl, had an owl named Dr. Jesus.

    I later classed into shifter, became a gopher, took natural spell, and blew up the other sides siege equipment with lightning bolts from the sky, with Dr. Jesus spotting of course.

    Then our leaders got assassinated and the rest of our horde fell due to infighting, but we still got those humans off our stolen shores by crikey!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:12 No.2010316
    I'm almost embarrassed to talk about this, but I was fifteen, and our DM couldn't get a hold of anything else, so my first experience with PnP roleplaying was with...Jadeclaw.

    Now, I swear to God I'm not a furry. Or emo. Nor was I back then. I was a bit weeaboo in my youth, however.

    My first character was a Raven sorcerer named Poe, after Edgar Allen. He used a fire-halbred, wore Saiyan armor, and brooded all the goddamn time. I like to think that I didn't play him as a complete Mary Sue, but in my inexperience it's not unlikely that I did.

    Please don't hate me. It was YEARS ago. I swear I'm better now.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:15 No.2010344
    I was a generic ranger in 3e. He was unable to do anything rp related because one of the other players was Anakin Skywalker with a longsword. DM was better friends with him than he was with me, so he basically catered to him.

    "You miss."
    "I bring my longsword back up, slashing at him."
    "Ok, you hit him. He falls to the ground and begins pleading for his life."
    "Anakin picks up the fallen mans weapon and puts his weapon and his to his throat (A la episode 3) and decapitates him."
    "You can X amount of exp because you got the kill. You are now two levels ahead of the party."

    He didn't even have two weapon fighting nor did he roll for decapitating the man and his illegal second strike. I'm not a rules lawyer but that really annoyed me. Also, we helped fight the guy yet we receive no exp. This went on for a while, when he started turning into Vader I left. Within two minutes the other four players left too.

    "I buy this armor and helmet, then burn it to give it a black appearance."

    A pretty bad first experience, I had watched my older brother play and was expecting a somewhat original fantasy rpg. What I got was one unoriginal character doing everything. Sure my character had no backstory or special features, but he and the other four players didn't deserve to be in the shadow of one players character the whole time. I've yet to sit through a game as bad as that since.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)17:17 No.2010355
    Dude, chill out. The only thing one should ever feel bad about is an instance in which they're forced to play FATAL.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)17:18 No.2010372
    You must feed this faggot to the /i/nquisition if at all possible.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:20 No.2010385
    My first character was a wizard in 2nd Ed. who went by the name Redblades - because of the red-iron daggers he carried. He developed enough spells on his own that were balanced for the game and unique enough that I actually had a spellbook written out for him.

    Good times.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:22 No.2010398
    Generic 3rd Ed. Half-Elf Ranger

    I used a spear more than any other weapon because I nearly always rolled terribly with any bow, but I still wanted a little distance between me and the enemy.

    The cahracter also had a severe hatred for Gnomes after a few burnt down his tree fort when he was but a child. This led to absolutely no funny moments due to my DM never having Gnomes in his campaign.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:22 No.2010402
    I was weeaboo in my youth too. I remember making a sixteen year old blood red haired fighter with, you guessed it, a katana. I would like to go back in time, slap my younger self, and explain to him why he should love rapiers and mustaches.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:22 No.2010403
    Solus the 17 year old paladin

    he fell so quick it wasn' t funny
    >> 008 06/16/08(Mon)17:23 No.2010405
    My first character.. well.. See, it's like this. The first time, I was with a new group that had just formed under some biology major DM. He pulled out the FATAL guide. We took a quick look at it. The DM gave a sly shit eating smile. We, the players, quickly seized the books as a group and shoved them in the toilet and let them soak through before we would let him in. Our new DM after that wanted a good old fashioned game of 2E.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/16/08(Mon)17:23 No.2010413
    A Malkavian named Nikolai (Nature Penitent/Monster; Demeanor Loner/Visionary depending), previously Darius Richardson, with a very melodramatic backstory and schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and dissociative identity disorder. He was also Jack the Ripper.

    If you tone down his backstory to be less Mary Sue BAWWW I'M A CRAZY ORPHAN WHO GOES EVEN CRAZIER BECAUSE THE MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM IN THE VICTORIAN ERA SUCKED, he might make a good NPC, but... yeah, a little too fucked up for a PC. I didn't get to fully use his derangements, since most of the time he only showed the bipolar stuff, and there were very rare triggers to set off both of the others at once (and they have to be rare or else, you know, TONSOFMURDER).
    >> White 43 06/16/08(Mon)17:25 No.2010425
    My first D&D experience was DMing, in a game which started the day I brought the books and ran from 1st to 15th-ish level with between 5 and 11 players (started as 11, gradually went down, jumped back up to 10, then fell apart). So I didn't actually have a PC for quite a long time, although I'd made a few "lol pvp" characters for 1 on 1's with another player (I avoid doing that any more, because I want to keep my perfect/undefeated title).

    My first character was Helm Ambledragon, human rogue. I'm really tempted to copy-paste his backstory here, as it's on this computer. Mechanically, he was 15th level pure rogue, he dual-wielded +1 Brilliant Energy Shortswords and he combined a Ring Of Blink with a Cloak Of Major Displacement to get not one but two 50% chances to ignore any attack made against him (and 50% chance to ignore any spell which targeted him, and he takes one half damage from area-of-effect spells).

    Brilliant Energy plus Blink (which renders people flat-footed, as you attack as if invisible) was fun too - I was almost hitting people by their flat-footed, touch AC (they only got Deflection and Natural Armour bonus').
    >> White 43 06/16/08(Mon)17:25 No.2010429
    He died quite quickly when he tried to disable a trap and failed magnificently (oh shi- scything blades kill me from full hp), but the party had Revivify prepped (resurrection without penalty, but you have to cast it within a turn of the death, before the soul leaves the body) so I was right back on my feet.

    Another spectacularly poor moment was trying to Coup De Gra something and blinking out (Blink gives people attacking me a 50% chance to miss, but also gives my attacks a 20% to do nothing). Three times.

    Another laugh he had was when the fighter rolled a critical miss and (using our groups natural 1 chart) managed to critically hit my character, and knock him prone, and stun him. I rolled exactly 15 on my save against death from massive damage - one less and he'd have decapitated me. I then spent a round stunned on the ground, another round fumbling for my weapons, and a third round getting to my feet. All the while, three fire giants were pounding at me with Greatswords, but not one attack got through. Eleven attacks, all of which either struck my displaced image or came just as I blinked out.
    >> White 43 06/16/08(Mon)17:29 No.2010464
    This was 3.5 btw, probably should have mentioned that :P
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:30 No.2010478
    Oh boy.

    I still play this guy, through different campaigns since my DM has them all in the same timeline. I'm really mixed ashamed/proud of him, because although he's had a lot of character development, he started out full of really bad cliches, and they've not gotten much better.

    Basically, MY PARENTS ARE DEAAAD > Devil Possession by killer > childhood alone, to first incarnation. 3.0 Half-Elf Ranger/Ghostwalker. Oh yeah. He was THAT bad. His major exploits were almost being eaten by frost wolves, lighting fire to an orc camp, being raped in the butt by a black dragon after being turned into a woman (Long, horrible story that eventually got the interim DM thrown out), time-line shenanigans that brought him back to our 3.5 campaign. He then gets a magic scimitar named Anonymity, because his major shtick is his, well, anonymity, and his yin-yang mask. The scimitar was the DMs doing, though.

    Alright, skipping ahead a bit, through more time-line shenanigans and psionics making a DRAMATIC ENTRANCE to the campaign to mess with things, my character is reborn again as a Soulknife/Hellreaver. This is his current incarnation.

    His character development, though, has brought him from Chaotic Good to Chaotic Neutral to a brief Neutral Evil stint, and back to CG again. Long stories short, he quite literally goes insane dealing with party members (A 'Lawful Neutral' [Chaotic Random] Drunken Master DMPC, an evil fighter, and a Cleric that worshipped himself), and goes on a murdering spree, only to be shocked back to normal by several events.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:37 No.2010535
    My first D&D character was in a gestalt game. That's right. Without knowing any of the rules I was told to make a gestalt character. Mind you, this isn't the best part. The previous day I had gone out and bought one of the books that was needed for the game.

    After some talking between myself and the DM, I figured out that I had bought the DMG. Not the thing the players needed.

    Anyway, my first character was an ogre half-dragon druid/rouge. Yes, I am completely serious. I told the DM I wanted to play something strong, and by god I got my wish. I was set up to dual-wield, use a few spells, and I had spring attack.

    He didn't die in-game, but he should've. and I admit it was very lulzy. Our party came across this cave, and me, being the sneaky one, decided to take a look inside.

    DM: Alright, you see a leathery orb shaped kind of like a football. It's around 3 feet wide. It has a bunch of ropy tentacles.

    Me: OK, what else do I know about it?

    (after knowledge nature)

    DM: This is a beholder. It is a cave-dwelling creature famed for its uncanny sight.

    Rest of Party: Oh shit, get out of there.

    Me: No problem, I'm really sneaky. Does it have any treasure?

    DM: You know its eye is a powerful magic component worth thousands of gold.

    Me: Sweet. I'm going to sneak up to it and stab it.

    (after it hears me coming)

    DM: It wakes up.

    Rest of party: Oh shit GTFO

    Me: I stay really still and hide in the dark.

    DM: Alright, it fires its disintegration eye ray at you. *roll* a 28 hits your touch AC, right?

    Me: Um, yeah, I guess.

    Party: Oh shit

    DM: alright, roll me a fortitude save.

    Me: *roll* I got a 16. I rolled only a two.

    DM: *sigh* alright, you take 128 damage.

    Me: But, that means, I'm already dead? I thought I was hidden!

    At this point, the rest of the party telekinesised my body (yes, that was where the DM was nice) out of the cave. His game didn't last long after that.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:43 No.2010564
    My first Exalted character was pretty awesome. He was bi-polar. I took both Hyperactive and Depressed as flaws, and every day I'd roll to see if he was having an up or a down.

    Thing is, my character was a tough-guy detective, so admitting he had a mental condition would have been like showing weakness to him, so he never told any of the other characters and I never told any of the other players-only me and the DM knew.

    I'm usually the 'method actor' type of roleplayer- I put a lot of effort into building a consistent, believable character, my character's personality dictates every decision I make as a player. This was our third or so campaign together, so there was some pretty fun confusion around the table as to what the hell was going on with me, and trying to predict and work around my character.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)17:43 No.2010572
    I once had to deal with a human paladin that worshipped himself, SO MURDER, RAPE, AND ATTEMPTING TO MUSTER AN ARMY OF CHILD SOLDIERS WAS A-OKAY! My catfolk fighter had to at one point go about town rounding up kids and bringing them to their parents because this retard wanted to send a bunch of children into Hell to fight devils. That's only cool if they're being led by a kid. I eventually tracked down the paladin and exposed him to the townsfolk. They were none too happy with him, but because the DM encouraged thoughtless powergaming, they did nothing to him. I left the group shortly afterwards. The DM from that group later showed up in a Greyhawk campaign. He ran a narcissistic human sorceress who was always at odds with my halfling fighter Matten Bobbins, another OD&D to 3.x conversion. By the time I had to move to Toronto for school, Mat had the highest kill count in the party, and was rewarded with an impressive looking bong that could double as a club.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:45 No.2010586
    A D20 modern fast character>gunslinger>assassin
    we got to lvl 8...
    I sucked, because I ran out of bullets and we were fighting undead all the time.
    Also, everyone was a goody two shoes in the party, except me...
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:46 No.2010587
    Mine was a disfigured Dark Elf Assassin armed with a claymore and a concealing porcelain mask.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:48 No.2010607
    >My catfolk fighter
    I stopped reading after that
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:50 No.2010623
    In Inquisitor:
    a slave merchant with a shotgun, I'd converted the model so he looked like Bruce willis from fucking DIE HARD
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)17:54 No.2010654
    OH NO SOMEBODY SAID FURFAG! Seriously, grow the fuck up. I wasn't running around screaming YIFF YIFF, and I never will, because that's just fucking stupid. Most of my characters are humans, halflings, or orcs anyways. Hell, after so much DF, I want to make an insane dorf barbarian who wields an iron warhammer that menaces with spikes of puppy bone.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)17:56 No.2010668
    3rd edition elf ranger named jamal, I then sunk every skill point I had into dealing with NPCs and then spent most of the time lyin my way outa things most people would just combat
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)18:06 No.2010758
    My first character was in 1st ed. Exalted. She was an Eclipse caste archer and me being a newbie idiot, thought it would be a good idea to focus on the diplomacy part of an Eclipse.
    My GM kind of screwed me over in that we spent all of our games in the north away from civilisation. That and archery really sucked in first ed. The lack of speed bonus on bows meant she was always going last in combat and her measly amount of health levels (I put the one Ox-Body I bought into 1 level -0, stupid I know) meant she had to abort to dodge all the time least she die too quickly to get help from the rest of her circle.
    Moving over to 2nd ed. was the best thing that happened to that character, she kicks arse at social combat (though I had to spend some xp on presence and performance, what's with social combat not actually relying on socialize any?).
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)18:06 No.2010760
    Human paladin named Tyroneus, your stereotypical funky black guy. Armed with a dagger(which he constantly threw at enemies before engaging in fisticuffs) and with the majority of his ranks in dance he was my favorite out of all the characters I made.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)18:16 No.2010839
    Sounds pretty awesome.
    >> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/16/08(Mon)18:38 No.2011013
         File :1213655893.jpg-(8 KB, 231x205, 1205946679464.jpg)
    8 KB
    I forget his name, but my first Twilight: 2000 character was a Canadian Combat Engineer who carried a C8/M870. Our first encounter was in the forests of Poland with a bear. After convincing my friend that using a grenade against the bear that was right next to our truck was a bad idea, we shot the bear in the head a few times, harvested its meat, made a cloak from its fur, and mounted its head on the truck as a hood ornament. A pity the game went nowhere afterwards.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)18:46 No.2011060
    I played a 2e Female Fighter/Mage Elf named Lucia, who ended up being struch by insanity, stripping off her clothes and go screaming into the night. That campaign was fun, we had another character try to chop down a treant for wood and get soundly thrashed for the attempt and a third character decide to sneak into the dragon's den by himself....we never saw him again.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)20:36 No.2011791
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)20:38 No.2011795
    Pyromaniac CN human sorcer in a low level campaign. I tried to make his spell list balanced but he never seemed to have cause to use much besides Burning Hands so I just rolled with it.

    The party ends up having to defend a narrow country road flanked by super dense undergrowth from an advanced ork party - stock 1st level warriors except for a lieutenant and some 2nd levels, but still 50 against 5. No party member is above 4th. Sorcerer ends up saving the day by accident. He runs at the barricade. no armor and a club for melee, BHing everything that gets within 15 feet. Barricade's mostly scrap wood so it goes up into a massive pyre. A combination of good shooting and a well-timed Ghost Sound spell provoke the orks into charging where most of them die horrible flaming deaths.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)20:40 No.2011803
         File :1213663256.jpg-(30 KB, 300x395, cleric.jpg)
    30 KB
    3.5E Cleric

    Mace and a Crossbow, slightly above average stats, lots of concentration into health and healing.
    >> SiggyPoo !GQUOsC9mgk 06/16/08(Mon)20:44 No.2011815
    AD&D Human Paladin, although the very first was actually an Elf Fighter/Mage that didn't survive a rat bite (his only injury that session)

    Plate armor, greatsword, high STR and CON with an OK CHA.

    The Paladin's goomy Moral Code became like a straight jacket so I begged the DM to let me have a LE Dark Paladin, serving devils and other awesome evils.
    That campaign went until about L15, although some members were higher because they lived closer to the DM and gamed more frequently.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)20:46 No.2011827
    Techno-wizard, Phaseworld Setting. One of the things we all learned from the experience, aside from techno-wizards being fuckawesome, is that a technowizard with the mineral rights to a planet is gamebreaking.

    And also fuckawesome.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)20:50 No.2011847
    my 1st guy was a 3.0 paladin named Wendel Narrowmother. his mount was named Don Cheadle. he died rather quickly
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)20:53 No.2011869
    First Overall: Eccentric photographer in a Horror/Mystery campaign (run in GURPS) who could see ghosts and had fairly above-average physical scores as well as being a skilled driver. Little slow witted and highly uncharismatic, though.

    First DnD: Fairly standard 3.5 Dwarf Barbarian swinging around a War Axe in each hand.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)20:55 No.2011885
    1st ed AD&D Halfling thief when I was 5 years old. He never got killed off and the worst that ever really happened to him was he lost a level to a wight and was reduced to 11th level
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)20:57 No.2011893
    3.5e Chaotic neutral Drow Swashbuckler. (I've not been playing for as long as the rest of your fa/tg/guys. About 8 months.) I was far, far too curious when exploring dungeons, so it ended in my character having her skull chewed on by some hulking monstrosity... Which in retrospect, is pretty funny.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)21:06 No.2011954
    First major character I had was actually in Classic. He was Rufio, a Warrior. The name was made up by the DM, because it was corny enough to convince one guy we didn't want to play with us that the characters were randomly generated. He was a bad ass with his long sword. Then he was killed by a black dragon.

    At least it was a dragon, and not like an orc or something.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)21:11 No.2011988
    It was just a little sample game to try out the rules; a level 1 cleric in 2e who was teleported out of a tavern into a minidungeon with tasloi in it. He beaned a few with his mace.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)21:59 No.2012325

    Thread archives for Great Justice!
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)22:18 No.2012452
    Vampire: The Dark Ages

    Malkavian Toymaker named Simon. Nature/ Perfectionist, Demeanor/ Autocrat.

    He was supposed to be a court craftsman for a local king, but was sired by a child vampire. (think the Interview, just less pedophilia)
    Simon lusted for a local woodsman's daughter (she was around 19, in b4 pedo), whom he used for inspiration in his carvings. The child vampire becomes jealous, so she kills the daughter. Simon goes berserk, and kills the child vampire.

    He lives on the town's outskirts with only his large collection of puppets keeping him company. In addition to his obsessive-compulsive derangement, he gains mild schizophrenic hallucinations.

    Oddly enough, his knowledge of etiquette and politics designated him the coterie's diplomat. Those were some really awkward negotiations at points...
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)22:34 No.2012601
    hemlock oleander, elven assassin. he was lawful evil. he was sadistic. may he rest in peace (in hell, of course).
    >> Paorou-sama !jXvdPmWDes 06/16/08(Mon)22:47 No.2012723
    1st PnP character was a man in a homebrew variant of Call of Cthulhu's system. Raised his Headbutt skill to 90%, and dumped everything else to his bodily skills (Athletics, punching, Swimming, Jumping, Climbing, etc.) and nothing else.

    He can wrestle interdimensional horrors.

    Yeah, I'm new to PnP.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/16/08(Mon)22:51 No.2012754
    >she was around 19, in b4 pedo
    Dude, my Lasombra knight unwittingly loved a 14-year-old girl. She was considered an adult.
    ...Then some bad things happened.

    Also, nice Malkavian! I like them sort of endearing at a first glance but scary as hell when you examine them.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)22:54 No.2012775
    Drunken Brawler? What book is that in? This sounds promising for my next character...

    My first character is still my favorite, where I was a half-orc barbarian-druid. Scratch, as he was called as he didn't know his own name, was always up for plundering gold, leading the rest of the party into various traps as he dove headfirst into battle and into treasure rooms. Once, he fell into a pit of fire ants while a battle encounter was taking place in another room, all because he saw some treasure at the bottom. It led to the party's face being killed as he set himself on fire and rolled on the ground to snuff them out (which we later discovered was stupid because, well, they were fire ants). Another time, he led them into a room with a laser-powered crystal treasure room. The rest of the party followed to cover his butt, and when the trap activated, he cast stone-meld to evade the effects.

    He was ridiculously depraved and greedy, but the party had a shitload of LOLs whenever he did something else stupid. Often, I suspected they lived vicariously through him, as they shouted out things for him to do, which I often went with for the hell of it.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)23:02 No.2012841
    My second character was a 3e halfling rogue/wizard inexplicably named Leif d'Alkirk who eventually migrated to 3.5 when I switched games. Won an enchanted pocketwatch off of Olidimarra in a completely bizarre card game (he had no idea what it was, of course, but he eventually found out he could stop time with it) and went on to survive all the way up to level 17 when I retired him to a recurring NPC.

    He still pops up in my campaigns from time to time.
    >> Anonymous 06/16/08(Mon)23:07 No.2012876
    An Elven Ranger, who was very Legolas-inspired. I took the Racial Enemy thing to extremes, with his hatred of Goblins so strong that he actually ended up becoming evil after lone-wolfing his way into a Goblin lair and slaughtering all the inhabitants on more than one occasion. Ironically, he ended up taking trophies from them so often that one NPC looked at him and asked, "What, were ye raised by Goblins?"

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