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  • File :1213814906.jpg-(246 KB, 500x663, MAN'S LIFE.jpg)
    246 KB Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:48 No.2026574  
    Damn you /tg/, you've corrupted me. Or maybe it's Random Guardsman's fault. Whatever.

    In any case, in my latest game, my friend and I made characters. We both were having trouble, but I got an idea first because there was some cool Christian magic I wanted to get. Train Lovin' Harry in a long story told short was a dude who got hit by two trains and lived, and somebody that helped him got splattered. He went away from this experience with two concepts- first, that God loved him, and second that God was telling him that compassion is for chump's. He's a devout Christian missing morals, socially primed with magic. My friend, amused, decided to make a fightan priest that was entirely to the Ten Commandments except where it gets to "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

    Our characters meet, rough house, get to an uneasy agreement, and then, simultaneously, my friend and I thought that the best thing to do was add sexual tension between the two. Make them hard gay for one another. Except that they can't engage in the humpty humpty because damn it the Bible forbids it.

    We find it hilarious. The other players are creeped the fuck out. I'm thanking you.

    tl;dr Repressed Gay Hardcore Christian Vampire Duo and I somehow find this the most fun gaming I've had in years.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:49 No.2026581
    This copy-pasta was on the menu earlier. I do not want it.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:52 No.2026594
    Damn. My attempts to start a shitstorm over the gay has been foiled.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:53 No.2026599
    /tg/ is gay. We don't care.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:54 No.2026605
    Are not.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:54 No.2026607
    Burden of proof is on you friend.
    >> Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 06/18/08(Wed)14:55 No.2026610
         File :1213815334.jpg-(3 KB, 128x110, angry-boy.thumbnail.jpg)
    3 KB
    Are too.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:56 No.2026612
    is /tg/ on 4chan? then it's gay, sorry

    the gay will infect you more slowly here, but you are not safe
    >> sage 06/18/08(Wed)14:57 No.2026615

    It's impossible to prove a negative, you colossal faggot.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)14:57 No.2026617
    what the hell did you think /tg/ stood for
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:57 No.2026621
    you failed your sage check, you manly motherfucker, you
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:58 No.2026622
         File :1213815486.jpg-(31 KB, 450x364, kanes-warth.jpg)
    31 KB
    Slowly? I think not.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:58 No.2026623
    Then why the Hell do we keep talking about rape.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:58 No.2026627

    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:58 No.2026629
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:59 No.2026632
    *relatively* slowly
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:59 No.2026635
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)14:59 No.2026638
         File :1213815590.jpg-(76 KB, 333x400, taft2.jpg)
    76 KB
    Taft's Garage.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:00 No.2026639
    You're fighting a losing battle, friend.
    >> Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 06/18/08(Wed)15:00 No.2026641
    Did you check to see what they were talking about raping?
    >> Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 06/18/08(Wed)15:00 No.2026645
         File :1213815644.jpg-(76 KB, 600x600, 999174.jpg)
    76 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:00 No.2026646
    constructs and magical beings, most of them gender-neutral
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:01 No.2026648
    OP's image is manly enough to cancel out any gay currently on the front page.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:02 No.2026656
    OP's idea sounds awesome.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:02 No.2026657
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:02 No.2026659
    Oh you poor soul, you have so much to learn...
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:04 No.2026664
         File :1213815844.jpg-(863 KB, 600x976, bear.jpg)
    863 KB
    weasels? bullshit

    REAL men wrestle bears
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:04 No.2026667
    I know, really. They'd make fucking awesome PCs or NPCs.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:05 No.2026670
    How the Hell is he going to play them without it all descending into giggles?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:06 No.2026674
    I would say maturity, but...
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:07 No.2026683
    Well, you can be mature enough to actually play them well while finding it funny. That said, I doubt most people would.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:07 No.2026685
    Man, don't let Random Guardsman see this...
    >> Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 06/18/08(Wed)15:09 No.2026691
    It was posted yesterday. He probably already saw it.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:11 No.2026710

    Did he post a yaoi mango that had the same plot? Cause, uh, if so, I'd like it.

    For science.
    >> Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 06/18/08(Wed)15:12 No.2026722
    I don't know. I think I just made a comment then ignored the thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:13 No.2026731
    Blowing blood points, eh?
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:15 No.2026749

    That said, I lol'd.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:16 No.2026758
    Reminds me-
    "Guess I'll be blowing a blood point tonight, huh?"
    "Honey, you're gonna need TWO tonight."
    "Well shit, I only have three."

    Torpor'd with a huge boner.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:17 No.2026761
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:17 No.2026763
    Blood really is the best lubricant.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:18 No.2026767
    >Did he post a yaoi mango that had the same plot?
    >Did he post a yaoi mango
    >yaoi mango
    YAOI MANGO! I /r/ drawfaggotry!
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:19 No.2026773
         File :1213816749.png-(74 KB, 551x390, mango.png)
    74 KB

    We can pretend it's having sex with another mango, right?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:19 No.2026774
         File :1213816752.jpg-(33 KB, 657x600, rc14b.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:19 No.2026776
    I think just waking up the next night with the dude you slept with just frozen stiff in bed with a mixture of horror and pleasure on his face and a tent pitched in the sheets is funnier.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:19 No.2026780

    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:20 No.2026784
    Much better.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:21 No.2026788
    Masturbating mango is not yaoi.
    >> ZombiePanda !l/UpXGV2uE 06/18/08(Wed)15:21 No.2026789
    time =/= quality
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:21 No.2026796
    in 4E, you can do grapple checks against bears fairly well when your Strength is 18-20.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:22 No.2026797
    Somehow this is the best thread on the first page.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:23 No.2026801
    And yet more proof that /tg/ is gay!
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:23 No.2026802
    Alright, gimme their stats. I want to use them.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:25 No.2026821

    For the mangos?
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:27 No.2026829
         File :1213817224.png-(17 KB, 743x466, yaoimango.png)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:28 No.2026835

    Oh god, why?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:28 No.2026838
    It is the greatest thing ever.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:29 No.2026839

    Nice Pair

    Nice Pair
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:30 No.2026844
    Er, the vampire buttbuddies.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:32 No.2026858
    What game are they actually for, though? I assumed it was Vampire since OP automatically labeled them as vampires in the tl;dr without any mention anywhere else, and it's not like there are lots of other games where you default to one.

    ...Jesus, they'd make fucking awesome Sabbat characters.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:34 No.2026871
    They would make good characters for any faction.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:34 No.2026874
    Last thread mentioned Theban Sorcery.

    So, it looks like nWoD.

    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:35 No.2026887
    And equally, for V:tR, fantastic Lancea Sanctum enforcers. Theban Sorcery and "God made us like this because His creation needs monsters" fit these two well.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:36 No.2026891
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:36 No.2026892
    For some reason I can't see it working as well in the Camarilla. Amoral priests just work so well in the Sabbat, and these are so much better than the lame IM SO EVILLLL stereotypical Lasombra priests.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:36 No.2026894
    Foiled? I think not.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:38 No.2026900
    Are they evil? I get that one's a bastard and the other indulges in violence easily, that doesn't necessarily mean they're amoral. Just hypocritical.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:39 No.2026908

    I guess the problem with VtM would be that you need very high Humanity to have True Faith, which is probably what they'd want.

    But if I put them on the Path of Night, which sounds very similar to the Lancea Sanctum ... Nice.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:41 No.2026921
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:42 No.2026924
    Evil is a very relative term. And I interpreted "missing morals" to mean amoral, though not completely. If they're fine with killing and take no stock in compassion, chances are they aren't exactly the epitome of "good".

    I guess it's more the Camarilla, "every man for himself, LOLOL MANIPULATION" part that wouldn't work so well with them, and the idea of a Sabbat pack seems much nicer.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:45 No.2026933
    ...Yeah, they don't seem very passive or sneaky. Socially speaking of course.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:48 No.2026951
    I mean, you CAN have Camarilla who are simply there to kick Sabbat ass. However, they tend to be Camarilla hardliners with massive sticks up their own asses. The Camarilla needs for their fighters to be totally brainwashed.

    ...God I hated that PC so much.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:49 No.2026952
    I would say two priests might enjoy the structure of the Camarilla.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:50 No.2026962
    Normal priests might, but these two don't sound like the Humanity 8, love thy neighbor sort.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:53 No.2026974
    But they're GAY!
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)15:54 No.2026979
    Because it is. Even if everybody does it.

    This makes the entire Sabbat gay. MIND BLOWN.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:54 No.2026981
    That's a little side thing.
    How would you have them then? Clan, disciplines, all that rubbish?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:56 No.2026987
    So, when the Sabbat say "Fuck the Masquerade" what they mean is "WE'RE COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET."
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:57 No.2026991
    Now you understand the game's subtext.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:58 No.2026992
    oWoD, I think Lasombra and Brujah. nWoD, one of them was hit by two trains, Nosferatu and the second...Daeva?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)15:59 No.2027005
    Closet queers and flamboyant queers fight for dominance?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:00 No.2027009
    Yep, while avoiding drawing fire from straight people(humans).
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:02 No.2027020
    So, all the blood sucking is rape, and anybody can be turned gay if they're sufficiently raped. Only there's some feeding involved too. Mutual rape?

    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)16:05 No.2027038
    ...Sadly enough, I had a closeted character who turned Sabbat, and it's actually making him come to terms with this shit and realize wasn't worthless and that he can be himself and not afraid anymore in general/with his sexuality.


    Hmm. So we have Harry, who got hit by the trains and lived. I'd made sure he had some Fortitude if only for the symbolic value, so if we wanted that in-clan, he could be a fucking awesome Ventrue antitribu (for some reason I like the idea of a Ventrue like this). So then he'd need a prey limitation-- maybe something to do with people NOT chosen by God? And if he needs some sort of magic, you could do any out of clan discipline-- imagine this guy with Obtenebration, Chimerstry, Vicissitude, or if you allowed it, any sort of Path. As long as you thought of a way for the character to justify it in Christian terms (this works quite well with Obten).

    You could just make him a Lasombra, but I'd go Ventrue because I like the flavor.

    Now the priest, hmm...
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)16:07 No.2027044
    Yeah, I'd go with Brujah antitribu for the priest. The in-clan disciplines are just too perfect. My second choice would be Gangrel antitribu, because that could be fun for a combat priest too.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:08 No.2027050
    Yep. Coincidently, this is why m/shi love the game, seeing as how women love rape.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)16:09 No.2027052
    This metaphor is perfect except you're saying that Toreador aren't on the flamboyant side.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:11 No.2027063
    Do go on. Would you be willing to fully stat them? I'm new to Vampire, and I have a game I'm going to be DMing...
    Damn. Okay, they're tame gay that straights can deal with because they're two dimensional caricatures.
    Gangrel wouldn't work, they're too antisocial and involved with nature. So, yeah, Brujah.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:11 No.2027064
    They are the gay guy who everyone knows is gay, yet is still in the closet.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:14 No.2027075
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)16:16 No.2027088
    Which Vampire? I can't stat them for nWoD. Also, as starting characters or just stat them as NPCs?

    AND DUDE I HAVE A GANGREL ANTITRIBU WHO WOULD DISAGREE AND THEN YELL AT YOU ABOUT HOW 2e IS THE BEST DND EDITION. He wasn't really that involved with nature at all and he was more of a social guy than he was physically capable (even if he did have 1 Charisma, he certainly tried). ...Not like he was able to even go into the woods for most of the game. Too many roots.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:18 No.2027099
    oWoD, NPCs would be best but if its easier as starting characters, do that. It feels wrong to steal another person's character to play.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)16:19 No.2027102
    Yeah, I guess you could say Toreador are deluded enough already. Not knowing that they're fags fits fine.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)16:20 No.2027113
    Oh, much easier to do as NPCs. That way I can pay attention to what makes sense and not what would make them balanced as PCs. I'll keep them around/a little higher than PC level in terms of power, though.

    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:21 No.2027118
    Awesome, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:26 No.2027148
    >they can't engage in the humpty humpty because damn it the Bible forbids it.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:30 No.2027177
    So does this mean when I called Vampires: The Masquerade faggotry, I was correct?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:34 No.2027194
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:38 No.2027213
    >My friend, amused, decided to make a fightan priest that was entirely to the Ten Commandments except where it gets to "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

    Its actually "Thou Shalt Not Murder."
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:45 No.2027238
    oh god naked and oily.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)16:45 No.2027241
    I'm almost done with the priest. I'll write up a really quick description for each, too.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:47 No.2027250
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    MAGIC CARD, oooh its a MAGIC CARD, its a
    Injoke Injoke Injoke Injoke
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)16:53 No.2027274
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)17:08 No.2027333
         File :1213823287.jpg-(446 KB, 1680x890, reinhard.jpg)
    446 KB
    Father Reinhard Schroder:
    Judge/Celebrant Brujah Antitribu

    I'll come up with a description/backstory if I feel like it/you need it, but for now I think his sheet's pretty self-explanatory. Oh, and he speaks Latin and German, and he really sucks at lying.

    If you want to make him slightly more badass, I'd suggest giving him another point of Potence or Celerity.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)17:10 No.2027346
    Move the point from law to politics.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)17:11 No.2027357
    Sweet. Thanks.

    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)17:11 No.2027359
    I was debating that, but I feel like if he's very into the Ten Commandments, he'll know some shit about following the letter of the law. Even if he doesn't necessarily follow mortal law, he'd know it.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)17:13 No.2027381
    The ten commandments aren't really comparable to the modern legal system.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)17:15 No.2027390
    I'm going to assume the firearms in question is a shotgun?

    All we need is drawfaggotry and this thread'd be perfect.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)17:15 No.2027393
    That's not the point. The point is that he respects the idea of law in general, so if he knows about the law of God, he might as well also know something about the law of man. Especially if he disagrees with it.

    Plus, his nature is Judge. A Judge character so has to have at least one point of law.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)17:16 No.2027402
    Good point.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)17:17 No.2027405
    Hell yes it is.

    We should probably change that specialty in Firearms from fast-draw to Shotguns, actually.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)17:19 No.2027411
    ...actually, once I finish with Harry, let me go get my tablet and see if I can whip something up. It won't be great, but I can try!

    Because I love this thread thiiiiiis much.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)17:20 No.2027418

    What are you imagining for Train Lovin' Harry? Cause I've got a backstory idea if you don't. Even if it is convoluted and probably not allowed by the rules.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)17:27 No.2027454
    Tell me your backstory idea, since so far I'm imagining him as:

    Nature: Fanatic
    Demeanor: Survivor
    Clan: Ventrue Antitribu
    on the Path of Night.

    Mental primary, then physical, then social, and freebies will go into social. And he has appearance 1 from disfigurement from his accident.

    And he'd have dots in Fort (at least 1) and Obtenebration (probably 3 dots since TENTACLES OMG), and maybe one in Dominate.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)17:36 No.2027491

    Once upon a time in 1920s America, there was a young man who had fallen on hard times. He was clever enough to maybe find some honest work, but he grew fond of the idea of taking to the road and living a drifter's life on the edge. Barely two months through, sleeping in a tunnel, he got hit by a train. A passing Ventrue saw the incident, and moved to pity, decided to Embrace the poor soul. Regrettably, the poor soul clung on too hard, entangling his sire, and ending up with them both being hit by a train again. The sire was introduced to his Final Death, Harry was torpored.

    Many years passed, and Harry was a grisly exhibit for nearby children and a landmark for drifters, when some other vagabond fell prey to the same error as Harry eighty eight years past, and was splattered. The blood fell on Harry, reinvigorating him. He came to with two realizations in his mind- first, he was hit by two trains, he was still alive. Therefore, God loved HIM. Second, some chump that tried to help him got killed for the trouble. God was telling him that compassion was for chumps, and that he only loved HARRY.

    Ever since, he's been preaching to and fleecing the flock, figuring that if God wanted him not to steal God wouldn't have brought him back, would he?
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)17:56 No.2027613
    HAHAHA. That's great.

    The only logical issue would be that if he were in torpor and exposed enough for blood to hit him, that would mean he's exposed enough for sunlight to hit him. Which means dead all the way.

    I was picturing him as about 20-30 years dead, but hmm. I kind of like that torpor idea.

    My backstory idea was that Harry (a young man on hard times) was hit by a train while he was trying to kill himself for some stupid reason (which would lead very directly into 'God wants ME to live' when he survived and be a very good segue into the Fanatic mindset), and then when someone went to try to help him, the next train smashed into them and only Harry survived. He was brought to the hospital, where he was Embraced once he had recovered some amount by a Ventrue lawyer who decided that someone with this much will to live should be blessed with the Embrace and on his side. Unfortunately, said Ventrue didn't have enough Occult to realize that Harry's wounds wouldn't automatically close-- and Harry was left with a permanent wound and disfigurement from his accident.

    So Harry spent about a year under his sire, and the blood bond was very stretched over his resentment. Certainly his sire was foolish in attempting to USE him, a man clearly favored by God, for his own petty purposes. After the bond had faded, it was only a matter of time before he snapped-- and he did, when his sire made a snide comment about Harry's religious fervor and inflated self-importance. At the next opportune moment, he decided that he would test his sire's worth in God's eyes as he had been and drove the two of them straight into a wall at 90 miles per hour. His sire... regrettably didn't make it.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)17:58 No.2027627

    Where's the wound then?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)17:59 No.2027632
    He was in a tunnel, but you're the one making the character sheet so you're good.

    I wonder what the original OP will think when he sees things...
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)18:01 No.2027650
    Not sure, but it should be something fun. We should decide on what injuries he got during the accident-- it should be one of them. I'm thinking something like a gash or-- ooh, maybe a broken leg? If he doesn't heal his leg every night, he's in a lot of pain if he tries to walk. That was God telling him that he was meant to spread his influence, even at cost to himself.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)18:03 No.2027662
    Like, the kind of tunnel that's completely underground or very long? Oh, okay.

    What if he's hit by a car? Why wouldn't someone move the corpse, mortal or Camarilla cleanup?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)18:05 No.2027681
    Not true. He'd be able to survive fine if the tunnel's big enough. It's underground; you can be exposed to the air without being exposed to the sun.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)18:05 No.2027691
    It's the World of Darkness, it's far out from civilization, and everyone figures its someone else's job. The tunnels going through, say, the Rockies. The nearest city is Podunk McFarm and that's ninety miles out. Who cares?
    His arm/hands. Just because every day he has this fucked up curly q ("Boneitis!") of an arm that he has to straighten with some snap crackle pops.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)18:09 No.2027716
    The Camarilla does!
    "Hey, Prince Assface, so the mortals have this urban legend over in Nowhere that sounds pretty suspicious. There's a dessicated corpse that no one's touched for years."
    "I don't care."
    "But I can just get some Tremere--"
    "I don't care. Go away."

    And then they go to the Sheriff and they check it out. Seriously, they have people to do this exact thing.

    WHY NOT MAKE IT BOTH. I fucking love that image.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)18:14 No.2027755

    I hope you and I are thinking about the same Futurama episode. Now I go.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)18:15 No.2027766
    Yes. Yes I am.

    The Ventrue lawyer was now of the '80s businessman type.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)18:17 No.2027785
    Dun dun DUN DUN dun dun DUN DUN DUN
    >> Pepper 06/18/08(Wed)18:22 No.2027814
         File :1213827735.jpg-(18 KB, 270x351, quiz1558outcome2.jpg)
    18 KB
    >80's businessman type
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)18:25 No.2027838

    Okay, I'm rethinking the Path of Night at this point mostly because of the fact that killing is a level 4 sin, and he doesn't seem like the type to actually have a problem with killing, since God will sort out his own. Hmm, let me look at some other Paths of Enlightenment...
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)18:48 No.2027981
    On second thought, whatever! Either Path of Night or low Humanity works.

    So he fled the Camarilla, realizing that if he did not fake his own death he would face dire consequences. He wandered for years, eventually finding his way into Sabbat territory and being picked up by a Lasombra whose pack had been mostly destroyed in a raid. He took Harry under his wing, and being on the Path of Night, he was not adverse to Harry's religious opinions. This mentor saved Harry from the Beast and led him onto Via Noctis, teaching him Obtenebration as if he were his own childe, and teaching him how to be a real vampire.

    They spent ten years together before the sire decided to let him go out on his own and form his own pack. He traveled to a new Sabbat city, but the vampires there would not accept him until he proved himself. So he and a group of others who were being subjected to the same trial were thrown together to destroy an important building in the nearest Camarilla city. Whoever got out alive would be accepted.

    And here's where Harry met Sally-- I mean Reinhard. The two of them did not get along, having conflicting visions of God, man and who was gonna get to call the shots. They beat the hell out of each other in the attempt to establish a leader, and when they realize that there is no clear winner, they come to an uneasy, grudging truce and agree to let another Cainite in the group lead the raid.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)19:12 No.2028097
    Make that "adoptive sire" rather than sire.

    The mission was very successful for the first leg, but then it came time to escape-- and by now, the mortal police and every combat-ready Camarilla in the city were after them. Despite Reinhold's screams for the group not to split up, Harry and two of the others drove off in another direction. They were being followed by several Camarilla cars with a few gunmen in each, so the driver put the pedal to the metal and tried to lose them.

    Unfortunately, he didn't see the flashing lights indicating-- you guessed it-- the oncoming train. He couldn't stop in time and slammed into its side, ripping through most of the train car and sending Harry (who had been facing the other way in the passenger seat to shoot) flying through the other side. Scorched and full of broken glass, he skidded to a halt on the asphalt, used the last of his blood to heal himself enough to get up, and succumbed to frenzy. He ran in animalistic terror, and that was the last thing he remembered before he awoke in the back seat of a car that was clearly not moving.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)19:43 No.2028272
         File :1213832605.jpg-(234 KB, 828x725, hagrid.jpg)
    234 KB
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)19:47 No.2028299
    The Lasombra now has the merit Huge Size.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)19:48 No.2028308
    And his name is William.

    Billy, to his friends.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)20:14 No.2028450
    Reinhardt had naturally meant to the leave the other three to their own fate. But it just wouldn't be Christian to let the others die horribly. The leader of the pack that Reinhardt and Harry and agreed to let be had turned out to be weak, his strength in planning turning out to be a crutch when it came to thinking on his feet. After nine or ten blocks of chasing, Reinhardt fed up with their inability to choose left or right at the next intersection bailed out of the car, ordering the others to go on and make for the highway while he led the pursuers off and tried to find Harry and the other two.

    As luck would have it, the only people that bothered to follow Reinhardt as he went through the alleyway were mortals on foot, who were quickly and forcibly convinced to desist.

    It was easy enough to find Harry and the other two, one of whom was impaled on the wheel of the car, watching the four odd Camarilla indulging in a aggressive game of monkey in the middle with the second. Harry was found at the end of a smear of blood in an alleyway, with only a swearing brujah pulling a lead pipe out of his side for company.

    After introducing him to the wonderful world of brick walls, Reinhardt dragged Harry along, quite lost and praying for God to send deliverance.

    Limping along the highway, a kindly old couple with a rosary hanging off the mirror were nice enough to pull over and give the nice young Christians a lift.

    Ten minutes later, Harry woke up, full and satisfied with a very angry Reinhardt exhaustively lecturing Harry on the virtues of self control.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)20:23 No.2028497
    Reinhardt managed to convince Harry to drop the two blood loss victims to the hospital before they drove off with their car to some place safe to shelter. Thankfully, Harry managed to smooth talk a farmer into giving some shelter for such humble servants of the LordJesusChristhallelujahblessedbehisnameamen pawning off a bible they found in the glove compartment as being the last thing that Joseph Smith touched on the Earth before taking his place in heaven. They even managed to get him to agree to giving them a lock and free reign over his cellar for the day. Reinhardt was so impressed with his new friend's charistmatic capabilities he managed to overlook the new silver candlestick that Harry had his possession when he got in the car again.

    When they returned, they weren't greeted as heroes; the others of the group had successfully claimed all the glory, but they were now respected and acknowledged for pulling their own weight. After this however, the two were almost always found together, even if they did constantly bicker if God loved ALL people if it was only just Harry as Harry advocated ("I got hit by THREE trains and I survived. THREE TRAINS"), but they found that they complemented each other well in any case.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)20:40 No.2028605
    This is my favorite thread in a looong time.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)20:53 No.2028661
    Wow. This thread has developed. So, any word on the next one? I like backstory as much as the next guy, but I'll probably end up making up my own.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)20:58 No.2028681
    I'm finishing up Harry's sheet at the moment.

    Sooner or later I'll come up with a backstory for Reinhardt (the German name is actually Reinhard but I like it with the t better HE'S LIKE SHANIQUA).

    And I'll try my hand at drawing them either tonight or tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)21:13 No.2028752
    Cool. Hardtcore.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)22:30 No.2029173
    Well, first of all I accidentally made copypasta. Secondly, you guys have certainly gotten places with this idea. I'm frankly flattered that you got this excited over it.

    Thirdly, gawd damn you got it weird.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)23:01 No.2029339
    File deleted.
    You know, it usually takes me months to produce characters. I guess I just need someone like you around to jumpstart me.


    I'm going to go back and edit Reinhardt now, since I gave Harry a lot more leeway. They ARE supposed to be NPCs, anyway...
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)23:04 No.2029365
         File :1213844698.jpg-(380 KB, 958x871, harry.jpg)
    380 KB

    Except after the program crashed I forgot to give Harry his Subterfuge 3 and Occult 3. Fixed.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)23:05 No.2029367
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)23:09 No.2029387

    So what do you imagine these two doing in GENERIC BIG CITY.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)23:13 No.2029411
    Why do I get the feeling you'd fuck Harry.

    I mean, I'm just getting this weird feeling.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)23:14 No.2029420
    Harry would definitely be more of the fuckable boy toy of the two, yes. Reinhardt'll be huge in a cassock with a glare and Harry would be the one in the mussy unmade shirt with a smile and a little cross around his neck.

    Too bad they'd be gay.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)23:25 No.2029490
    You mean ME?


    Without admitting it.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/08(Wed)23:26 No.2029503
    Thought you were going to be the drawfag for this thread.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)23:27 No.2029513
         File :1213846053.jpg-(383 KB, 958x871, reinhardt.jpg)
    383 KB


    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/18/08(Wed)23:30 No.2029523
    Tomorrow I will. I'm too sleepy to draw right now, not to mention I'm supposed to be doing work anyway.

    derp accidentally deleted whole post instead of just file

    and nothing of value was lost
    >> Anonymous 06/19/08(Thu)00:25 No.2029778
    Awww, too bad I missed that. Anyway, good night tripfag that seems to be on/off good.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 06/19/08(Thu)00:38 No.2029847
    Feel free to add anything you want. I'll certainly bring this up tomorrow once I start drawfagging (or attempting to, anyway).

    >> Anonymous 06/19/08(Thu)02:51 No.2030803
    Drawfaggotry tomorrow means I have to bump this. Sorry.

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