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    File :1216257095.jpg-(851 KB, 1440x776, 1216255883890.jpg)
    851 KB Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:11 No.2225740  
    So, /tg/, one of my favorite things to do is to go on yahoo groups, find some small yet active RPG (vampire or star trek usually, best results) and I'll proceed to roleplay a stoner.

    Now, this all began two years ago with a friend of mine, who was a GM in a post-by-post vampire rpg. Long story short, this game he's involved in gets taken over by second generations and faggoty time-shifting vampires. My friend, who is a GM but not the owner, cannot get these kids banned. It's free-form after all, and that's within the world. So, my friend begs me to join, telling me I can basically do whatever I want, as long as I try to ACT serious. So, being completely high as fuck at the time, I made up a character who was a complete human, first of all, and who smoked weed named Oscar. Not just any weed, however. The weed that God mentioned in the bible. This weed made me immune to vampires. They could still burn down my house and stuff, I suppose, but vampires couldn't just fuck me up. Now, I never abused this. I acted like a stoner, sitting around in my underwear while I watched Discovery Channel, went out for Pizza Hut, and not paying much attention when other PCs would continually try and discuss things with me. I even kept the weed mostly to myself, only giving it to other people when they stopped by, wherein I would try to smoke them out.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:11 No.2225742

    Now, I did this as a joke, but the rage that was produced was epic. These guys that had pumped dozens of hours into their back stories (one guy named Crimson's background was 300 pages. No joke.) were suddenly being upstaged by a stupid stoner, who literally had a 5 sentence background. I didn't mean to, but these ultra-powerful guys weren't very interesting conversationalists. When you would say, "Man, it'd be cool if I had some money" they'd freeze time and get it for you, just to show you how AWESOME they were. Suddenly I had these vampire princes showing up to my one-room apartment I had in the vampire world to discuss matters of affair with me and everything. It was awesome. Well, the game ended not even a month later. In mass protest of my stoner, the vampires (and one angel, one half-demon and one wererat/mummy) left the game all at once one day. The game ran for about another week or two, but we could tell that the game was pretty much dead then.

    Ever since then, I've gone around the internet to various horrible post-by-post rpgs, bringing with me Oscar. Guys who will ignore a power gamer or obvious flamer will fall to Oscar. When someone can hear about the destruction of the world and say "that's cool, let's get stoned motherfucker", that will blow their minds with blinding rage.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:17 No.2225775

    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:17 No.2225778
    I would like to scribe to your newsletter.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:18 No.2225783
    Holy shit, I'd love to do a freeform if Oscar was in it. My character would get stoned with him.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:21 No.2225803
    I think my more dramatic characters, those with the big ol' problems, or whatever, or even just the wizardy types...Would find that guy to be refreshing.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:27 No.2225820
    I would always annoy people in a similar way. My character that I'd usually use in a freeform RP on deviantART, which was full of creamy thighed, eye-colour changing shape shifters was an ancient being, of unrelenting power, who would sit in a shitty apartment day in and day out and act like a drunk.

    Oh the rage when princess thingymafloop of the ancient transdimensional kingdom of herp derp shapeshifts down the street into a werefaggot, and the only character near enough is watching TV was priceless.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:27 No.2225821
    OP, you are a god among men.
    >> sage 07/16/08(Wed)21:32 No.2225840
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:36 No.2225861
    What's the point of playing a freeform RP if everyone just makes a god character? IT'S RIDICULOUS.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:43 No.2225884

    I don't know, man. Something about "anything goes" makes people want to make ninja robot wizards even when the game's about farmers. Some people can't bear the idea of their character being beaten by anything or anyone else. Really, free form rpgs are where most people go when nobody will play D&D with them anymore because they're most likely rule mongering motherfuckers
    who can't bear losing or playing a non-powerful charcter.
    >> sage 07/16/08(Wed)21:44 No.2225886

    Freeform RP is where "Roleplayers" tend to congregate. Freeform RPers tend to create Mary-Sues.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:45 No.2225892
    Oh god, I need more stories of good times with Oscar. More anecdotes, please!
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:49 No.2225902
    Could be my insomnia talking, but fuck I laughed.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)21:57 No.2225917

    Oscar's been in a few different sort of games. One time I was on the USS Revolution, a ship that was exploring... some fuck-off part of space in the Star Trek universe. I join the ship when they find me on a small stalled cargo ship, and they tractor me in. With some quick talking on my part, I get them to stay away from my personal quarters in the ship, citing that I'm religious and my room is my temple. Good for me, because all here is in there is a cot, lights, and plants plants plants. Anyhow, I happily show them the rest of my cargo, which consists of a lot of biological equipment, a nice personal food-maker thing, and lots of seeds. They don't have a biological member of their crew, so they invite me on.

    Long story short, they live to regret it. The GM one day decides that I've studied weed enough to make a techno-weed (I STILL don't know how that works, but it has to do with alien bacteria in the THC) and I end up getting the ship's AI completely ripped via holographic projection. Then, to make things completely inappropriate and as a coup de gras, I end up having sex with the ship. Sorta. The captain of the ship, (Sonja Everwood) ended up kicking me off the ship when she realized I had asked the ship to holographically recreate the image of the captain during our "session."

    In the end, the crew of the ship snuck me back on, and I ended up getting blazed in space until the captain quit in a fury, leaving post about how her crew abandoned her for a stoner.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)22:00 No.2225922
    This thread is epic.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)22:00 No.2225924
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)22:08 No.2225950
    >>I end up having sex with the ship. Sorta.

    ...Go on...
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)22:08 No.2225951

    /imagine a picture of the continue cat.jpg
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)22:15 No.2225968
    Here's a character I created a while ago. His name is Cowley, and he is a cowomancer, a special kind of sorcerer who has power over all things dairy and bovine. And he was a milk man. Everyone else would be god knows whats fighting ancient evils, and then we would cut away to Cowley, the dedicated sells person, traveling in some suburban neighborhood, making his milk runs in explicit details.

    Eventually he got so good that he could actually change the chemical make up of his dairy products, making what I have deemed extremely Alcoholic Milk and You Got to Try This Cheese, Dude which would get you ridiculously high when consumed. The high point of his career was when he and another character was first trying out his new YGTTCD, in which it first got it's name.
    >> SageHoge !!mp3WVEd4fDm 07/16/08(Wed)22:18 No.2225977
    >Eventually he got so good that he could actually change the chemical make up of his dairy products, making what I have deemed extremely Alcoholic Milk and You Got to Try This Cheese, Dude which would get you ridiculously high when consumed.

    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)22:25 No.2226010
    Yeah, I've thinking of bringing him back for NaNoWriMo this year, and yes, I wish to be a writefag.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)22:28 No.2226026
    OP, you are a good person. I'm going to smoke one in honor of Oscar. Keep posting stories because this thread is getting archived.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)22:28 No.2226029
    I love NaNoWriMo. Done it four times, now.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)22:33 No.2226060
    I had Cowley pop up as a quick guest once, just popping up to drop off the main character some milk. I knew no one else would get it, but god damn if it didn't make me feel all fuzzy inside for hours. I've tried it about three times, only succeeding once on an unofficial running of it, and even then I wound up having aliens taking over the story and just saying 'fish fish fish fish fishy fish fish' a couple thousand times, taking up about thirty pages. I was just that far behind on my word quota. It's a joke amongst my friends now, but I've sworn never to do it again.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)22:44 No.2226101
    I think it was in Chill, or some variant horror RPG, that I created Brian. Everyone else in the group made Detectives, ex-soldiers, Occult Proffesors and such, whereas Brian was the swing shift manager at a Long John Silver's. He would always be checking the time to make sure he wasn't late to work and tell mundane stories about stupid shit the customers did. In a crisis he would quote the Management Manual's leadership sections.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)23:26 No.2226305
         File :1216265196.gif-(7 KB, 564x391, 1216044650515.gif)
    7 KB
    Oscar had just entered Tokyo early one morning as I joined a Sailor Moon RPG. Basically, the person who ran the game was wary of my character at first, but I assured her that Oscar would eventually amount to more than a pot smoking loser. I had plans for him.

    The game went pretty good. The best session I had in my month and a half is when I spent a good two hours roleplaying with the people who played Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter. I convinced them that when the world went all Neo-Tokyo and shit, they should keep me around as an advisor. They agreed, as I passed the blunt to them, and then I was in like flint. I spent the rest of my time there making fun of the guy who played Tuxedo Mask, smoking out sailor senshi and bad guys alike, and eventually getting kicked out when I broke the cardinal rule, no sex in the game. (Which was weird. 18+, no sex.)

    Now, just a quick interjection. I mentioned sex in the last story too. In NO WAY do I aim for awkward sex scenes, but aparrently the females who play these games have nothing to pound their snatches to except my awkward descriptions of Oscar prematurely ejaculating (for the lulz) and smoking joints during sex. Really, some of these chicks have got to get laid. And that's coming from me, a guy who giggles at trolling rpgs.

    Anyhow, I end up having sex with Sailor Moon. Score. The GM exploded when she agreed to go down on my 420, if you know what I mean, and she kicked me out, barring the game to new players.

    BTW, the plot of the game later continued with Oscar's influence without him being there. Sailor Moon announced later in the game that the child was mine, a couple of the senshi kept toking up., and even more shenanigans. The ezboards account, so lovingly paid for, is barren and desolate today.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 07/16/08(Wed)23:30 No.2226327
         File :1216265413.jpg-(41 KB, 330x367, FUCK YEA.jpg)
    41 KB
    This is awesome
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)23:39 No.2226383
    MOAR Oscar.
    >> Shinko 07/16/08(Wed)23:41 No.2226393
         File :1216266076.gif-(966 KB, 320x240, 1212956209303.gif)
    966 KB
    all hail the shity rp destroyer [bows and grovels] really OP, bravo

    <- i throw this party in your honor
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)23:44 No.2226405
         File :1216266265.jpg-(162 KB, 1024x768, 1213761330245.jpg)
    162 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)23:50 No.2226429
         File :1216266626.jpg-(33 KB, 356x350, jeff-wayne-war-of-the-worlds11.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)23:50 No.2226435
         File :1216266644.png-(81 KB, 230x400, axelarma.png)
    81 KB
    OP, you are an inspiration to us all.

    And, because this thread is sort of about messing around with bad RP online, I might as well make a post about things I've always wanted to do, but never found a good game for it. I want to go to some sort of game hat allows crossover stuff (or doesn't) and join in with a character from Touhou or Super Robot Wars, adapted enough to fit the setting. Then, I'd proceed to mess around as normal and just sort of see what happens. Why touhou? Because the characters tend to be ridiculous. Why SRW? Well, Axel Arma in a Kingdom Hearts game as blatant fangirl bait would be hilarious. I'd figure about a week of play before the mistaken identity gets to him. I can probably think of more weird ideas for messing around in some game or another, none of them likely as awesome as the OP, though.
    >> Eidolon !!x4UZsNRzxWG 07/16/08(Wed)23:51 No.2226441
    this picture is now saved. and will be used anytime someone posts a shitty rpg thread
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)23:52 No.2226444
    As in anytime Edward starts up a thread?
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)23:52 No.2226446
    OP, your stories have made my evening better and me a better man.
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)23:56 No.2226460
    you are my new god
    >> Anonymous 07/16/08(Wed)23:58 No.2226480
    What? Wait. /hr/ marijuana in MY /tg/?

    Yes please.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:00 No.2226489
    No, your mistaken. He has always been our god, we just didn't know it.

    Now more of the holy scripture of the Tales of Oscar.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:05 No.2226517
    Why no more Oscar? Has our god abandoned us?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:09 No.2226538
    hey, what are some RP channels on rizon, i want to mess with some people.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:10 No.2226550
    > Oscar
    > Sailor Moon

    I have my own reasons to lol, but thanks.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:19 No.2226633
    DO IT.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:25 No.2226684
         File :1216268719.png-(187 KB, 476x359, reaction_tails.png)
    187 KB
    I followed your link, and then I made this face.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:34 No.2226753
    that's what you get for following a link in 4chan.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:37 No.2226773
    > Welcome to the Jungle RP: Hostile Natives and Jaguar-Men
    > Meta-Human Twilight RP
    > Adamant Anthro RP~Prologue: Welcome to New Hope

    yeah, we need Oscar.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:41 No.2226795
    I propose that everyone make an Oscar. None of them are actually allowed to be named Oscar. Ted or something would be OK.
    >> Eidolon !!x4UZsNRzxWG 07/17/08(Thu)00:44 No.2226807
         File :1216269856.jpg-(31 KB, 372x434, black hole.jpg)
    31 KB
    role (playing) closed due to furrys
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:49 No.2226829
    Hey. Hey. Hey.

    This is not a raid. It is an infusion of awesome. Do your best, everyone.
    >> Eidolon !!x4UZsNRzxWG 07/17/08(Thu)00:50 No.2226838
    Welcome to the jungle
    We got fun rp games
    We got everything you want
    Honey we know the names
    We are the people that can find
    Whatever you may need
    If you got the urge to yiff
    We got your disease
    >> Eidolon !!x4UZsNRzxWG 07/17/08(Thu)00:52 No.2226846
    so the neckbears sally forth from our basements (figuratively) to actually do something. this is happening?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:52 No.2226847
    oh shit, guys, they're on to us.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:52 No.2226849

    Don't forget to post excerpts.
    >> sage 07/17/08(Thu)00:55 No.2226865



    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:55 No.2226866
    Quickly Warriors of Saint Oscar! RAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYY!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:56 No.2226871
    I think I read that comic once, the author had a female squirrel for an avatar or something.
    >> Valgaav 07/17/08(Thu)00:56 No.2226875
    El Furry Shive isn't enough to get me in deep shit, but Deegan is?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:57 No.2226884
         File :1216270660.png-(7 KB, 300x300, 1200848581680.png)
    7 KB

    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)00:58 No.2226890
    apparently, but more importantly, WHY THE HELL DID YOU SELL US OUT. You just compromised the whole Awesomeness Infusion!
    >> sage 07/17/08(Thu)00:59 No.2226901

    You mean EGS? I don't read it. I have read DD. DD is fucking awful. You have terrible taste.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:00 No.2226904

    How the fuck did that happen?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:00 No.2226905
    Why are they calling us invaders? At most, I'd say... unseemly band of nerd raging bandits. I mean, we can get shit done PnP wise and such, but do you really think we have enough energy for an invasion? Fuck no.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:01 No.2226920
    god damn we suck at this. We haven't even started yet and we got screwed over. Just, god damn it.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:03 No.2226934
    And thus ended the only /tg/ raid ever, except maybe the time we spamed that Dragon Raper fic at that one abomination's deviant art account.
    >> sage 07/17/08(Thu)01:03 No.2226936

    We were fucked by a traitor, it's not our fault for once.


    Force of habit, I guess? /b/ raids are old hat.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:05 No.2226954
    A lot of them are channers.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:08 No.2226971
    I'm somewhat offended by the fact they called us 'invaders' and actually thought we were going to do shit. I mean, really, we're not /b/.
    >> Paorou-sama !jXvdPmWDes 07/17/08(Thu)01:09 No.2226987

    I suggest using different channels as a method of planning things like this. Things that aren't as obvious as the boards itself.
    >> DA ANONYMEK 07/17/08(Thu)01:11 No.2227001
    We are also very lazy gitz too ya know!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:13 No.2227022
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:14 No.2227026
    The advantage and disadvantage of 4chan is there is always some cunt who wants to ruin your fun/plan.

    Compensate for this by funneling out the fucktards using IRC or another filtration device.
    >> Cameo 07/17/08(Thu)01:15 No.2227030

    Yeah, it was force of habit. Didn't quite consider the fact that you guys aren't /b/.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:15 No.2227033
    You know, it could've worked out if the guy who decided to post the original link decided to go and make their stoner or whatever on their own, and only tell the results. But, no, they had to try and get everyone involved, thus ruining it.

    I'd try to get vaguely back on topic, but I've never successfully messed around like the OP has. I've thought of a few ways to do it, but that's about it. I do have some tales of awful roleplaying on Gaia ,but that's a no-brainer and I'll sapre you guys the pain of what can be done to the WoD when it's only paid lip service. ...Although I did make a Technocrat based around tokusatsu heroes, because his job was killing the Reality Deviants (i. e. everyone else in the game).
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:16 No.2227039

    Normally, I dislike stoners. (I've had them as bosses twice. Nothing as enjoyable as having everyone scrambled to the registers, while he's out front playing hackeysack.)

    But just happening to Fuck Sailor Moon? While leaving a trail of pissed off Draculas and Janeways behind him? FUCKING AWESOME.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:16 No.2227042
    OK. Guess they don't get a flood of affable stoners. Whatever.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:19 No.2227049
    At least two are, unless >>2226633 and >>2226875 are the same person.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:22 No.2227069
    I don't think anyone would encourage us to do an RP raid, then warn them about it.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)01:23 No.2227075
    Stranger things have happened.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)03:40 No.2227875
    I guess they wanted to be an "Internet savior, who warded off the attacks of the anonymous beast" or some shit like that.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)05:16 No.2228331
    Doesn't matter who called who what or why a raid could have taken place. All that matters is a guy named Oscar fucks A futruistic space ship and Sailor moon.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)05:29 No.2228367

    Raids come and go but true amusement lingers well on into nostalgia. Let's not clusterfuck a good thing into obscurity, let us cherish it and annoy faggots in more inventive ways because of our amusement. All thanks to Oscar
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)05:30 No.2228370
    Woah, OP here. I dunno what happened from last story and now at all. Anyhow, latest story has to do with D&D 3.0.

    The setting was Ravenloft, and the characters were all sorts of heroes summoned from around their worlds for a dark purpose. Or, whatever. Now, the DM had his own Ravenloft campaign in mind, apparently stemming heavily from Loecraft. (Giant tentacles in the sky, being driven mad, ect.) Everyone is level seven in the game, even Oscar. He's a level 7 commoner.

    Now, I made the oop vow when I joined that I would be the longest living character, but I never would have DREAMED that it would come through quite the way it did. We came up to a fountain deep in the first dungeon, for example, and the party begins to discuss what to do as I toke up. Now, there's an undead guy in the group, and he's getting fed up that I've been snacking and hiding from the undead we've been fighting, so he demands I taste the water first. He's a cleric, and he can rez me. I look skeptically at the water, which the DM describes as "curiously opaque." I take a drink, and it refills my health. Undead quickly pushes me aside and takes a big drink, because he's hurt bad, and explodes into flame. Looks like holy water from a long dead god still works on you, motherfucker.

    The only real good other highpoint in the game was near the end. The necromancer turned out to be the miller, and so a big showdown happens in the flour mill, culminating with a me running upstairs to get out of the way of the necromancer, who has started to turn into a huge tentacled blob, a la G virus. Anyhow, I'm on the third floor, and I'm watching the carnage curiously over the edge as I light my blunt with a torch. I look down the the big tentacled monster smashing open flour sacks everywhere, and I get an idea. "Hey, so, there's dust everywhere downstairs, right?"

    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)05:31 No.2228375

    Yeah, that boss battle was cut short once people realize what happens when you drop a torch into a room full of choking flour powder. Sure, I may have accidently killed one or two party members who couldn't make it up the stairs, but I was high. Sue me. The other players really didn't find the fact that they couldn't roleplay the end of the game annoying, but I'm sure they did when I accepted all praise and said to the NPCs that I couldn't recall anyone else's name, but I might tomorrow, certainly. If they had been a help, I didn't really recall. If it's one thing that makes D&D people angry, it's other PCs not remembering their PCs in big tearful scenes.

    There was one part where oscar got turned into a chick by a curse in the very same game. I think they were expecting some big scene, but all I did was take another drag, look down into the pants, exhale, and then say "well that's a whole new set of problems isn't it." and went back to my pork sandwich and flat beer.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)05:33 No.2228379

    OP, your ingenuity, creative, and general all around mischief-creating stoner faggotry warms the cockles of my heart.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)05:34 No.2228382
    The only other Oscar+sex story has to do with Werewolf. Like, WoD Werewolf, but it's sort of something I have nightmares about. I'll post it tomorrow if I can marshal the story.
    >> Thatassholewritefag 07/17/08(Thu)05:35 No.2228385
    Why do I love you so much?

    God I only wish you were female.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)05:37 No.2228397
    I'm saving this thread. You all should too.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)05:47 No.2228426
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)06:06 No.2228478
    ... /tg/ tried to raid. I know that many people were thinking of it as awesome injection and what not, but ultimately /tg/ tried to mass troll another board.

    Down the path of invasion lies madness and cancer. Remember old /b/
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)06:11 No.2228508
    And remember where that path led, Anonymous.
    Look away, /tg/, look away.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)06:15 No.2228521
    Archive it!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)06:16 No.2228525
         File :1216289817.jpg-(201 KB, 800x443, 1211242303461.jpg)
    201 KB
    I sense a disturbance in the force, I want to see an Oscar type-thing happen.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)08:27 No.2228954
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)08:48 No.2229017
    I love that an attempt to be some form of unruly troll banditos ended up with /tg/ and its intended victim having a reasonable discussion and possibly the e-equivelant of tea and scones.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)09:09 No.2229096

    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)09:09 No.2229099
    >/tg/: "Hey, let's go fag up their god mode freeform RP with mundane stoner characters!"
    >keenspot: "OH SHIT 4CHAN RAID INCOMING"
    >/tg/: "What the fuck you guys? Do we look like /b/? Oh... forget it."
    >keenspot: "Hey, uh, sorry, guys. You can play with us if you really want."

    Only on this board could this happen
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)09:17 No.2229130
    This is why I love this place.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)09:23 No.2229152
    Yeah, also a thread about a character being uniquely funny and interesting turned into a "let's make an army of that character!"
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)09:24 No.2229156

    I love it.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)09:27 No.2229164
    and what have we learnt from this thread?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)09:31 No.2229184
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    >> TIBBLES 07/17/08(Thu)09:58 No.2229259

    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)10:11 No.2229302
    Another reason i'd say, not that i'd ever played in a free form rpg, is that if you ever had an idea for a really powerful character but was simply unable to pull it off in your game of choice due to the limitations and scale of the game, then a freeform is your only option.
    >> Valgaav 07/17/08(Thu)10:15 No.2229316
    Yeah. You're welcome.
    >> TIBBLES 07/17/08(Thu)10:24 No.2229351

    Stupid Shitbrain
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)10:26 No.2229366

    perhaps you should write a novel or fanfiction instead of inflicting your terrible character on other people?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)10:29 No.2229381
    You could say that I was once a "furry" without really knowing what a "furry" was. Curse access to the internet at a young age.
    Heck, ever heard of Furcadia?
    There's a section there called the "Imaginarium". That's the place for strict roleplaying-based "dreams" or, well, best way to catergorize them here is as threads.
    And I have got to tell you - some of the shit I found in those dreams / threads was ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HILARIOUS. The kind of stuff Oscar was talking about. Forget furries - these people played rogue Seraphim (arch angels, according to them), Ebony Horrors (liches with skeletons of adamantine - I call 'em nigger-liches), dragons who transformed into furry-forms in order to mingle and all sorts of other fucking super-powers.
    And they all congregated around taverns where they sat around, drinking ale or bitching about how awesome they were to their friends, just waiting for the next tavern-exploding fight.
    >> Dave 07/17/08(Thu)10:41 No.2229429

    Taverns consisting entirely of dark, shadowy corners?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)10:41 No.2229433
    > I agree wholeheartedly. We could use more "fresh air" so to speak. Consider yourself welcomed with open arms.

    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)10:50 No.2229476

    We're not all furries. I actually dislike furry art. However, that doesn't mean that I'm going to hate somebody just because they're a furry. I'm a better person than that. Still, I hate the ones that claim to be better than humans, and whine about "fursecution." Those furries need to be killed with fire.
    >> MAYHEM 07/17/08(Thu)11:12 No.2229559

    We're always happy to have a new person on the forum, especially people who want to actually RP (by that I mean, not someone who just wants to god-mode, despite your impression of us, we don't like people doing that)
    >> Valgaav 07/17/08(Thu)12:30 No.2229888
    I must humbly disagree with your assessment. While, yes, the majority do not do such things, there's a substantial number that do. I'm looking rather distinctly at the denizens of Last Post Wins.

    Yes, /tg/, we turned a thread with THAT name into an RP.
    >> ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkey 07/17/08(Thu)13:49 No.2230337
    We're not furfags, only a portion of the RPs are based around furries. the rest varry greatly from the last. Thus is Mayhem, land of chaos and stupidity.
    >> Red Gobbo 07/17/08(Thu)14:06 No.2230447
    Vaguely related; Years ago I posted on the (now gone) GW Inquisitor roleplay forum. I had an Inquisitor (like everyone else, save those few who played Eldar Farseers or Chaos SM lords or Vampires [Yes, Vampires]) The problem, as you mentioned, is that everyone is a Mary-Sue. My character, on the other hand, made mistakes and sometimes lost when it seemed appropriate (gasp!). He tripped, he forgot/miscounted remaining ammo, he never possessed knowledge his character wouldn't have (if the heretic changed his plans, my guy would continue to plan the ambush that wouldn't work or even get him killed), he "turned off" the null-helmet of an arco-flaggelant and got an epic beating because of it. He was serious and funny and lucky and human.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)14:10 No.2230461
         File :1216318253.png-(419 KB, 1117x689, 2nhhr12.png)
    419 KB
    >> Failicus 07/17/08(Thu)14:19 No.2230501
    I once created a joke Chaos Lord once. His name was Ignaus, and he was a clerk. He then started to worship Nurgle. Not because he was betrayed or tricked into or anything, but more along the lines because one day he had spent some time carefully examining their arguments and then found that yes, decay would eventually claim all, and decided to join the winning side. This was based on the fact that the losing side was most likely not going to have tea and cookies afterwards, and there was most probably going to be a lot less screaming involved if you on the winning side. So he just kind of wandered through the universe, spreading a cold here and there not exactly because he wanted to but because he felt it he was expected of him.

    He was the guy that would stop and say things like, "You know, if we didn't infest them with horrible paniful diseases every now and then, and stopped turning them all into zombies, they would most likely be more inclined to agree with us."
    Nurgle kept him around as a joke. Ignaus also occasionally stabbed little holes into himself, to stop himself from getting all bloated.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)14:21 No.2230510
    I think we're getting inverse-raided..
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)14:23 No.2230520
    Just wanted to declare this thread the most amusing thread of the week. Kudos to the OP.
    >> ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkey 07/17/08(Thu)14:23 No.2230524
    So it would seem. Thing's like this tend to happen when links to threads are exchanged.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)14:44 No.2230624
    I'm a /tg/ regular who reads EGS and does freeform RPG's (i'm not on the forums, i know its generalisations but it seemed a bit too manic).

    When i run freeforms, i enforce the laws of the setting as if it was a system. characters must obey physics, or if they have powers which can break the laws of physics, they must act within the limits of those powers. If something ends up being overpowered, it is toned down, with only one chance for appeal.

    Up till now, the only problem i've had is one guy who can rules lawyer using the laws of physics. seriously, its absolutely insane.

    Also, oscar is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)14:48 No.2230642

    I feel violeted...
    >> SAGE MCSAGINGTON 07/17/08(Thu)15:07 No.2230733
         File :1216321632.gif-(390 KB, 584x904, fREUD BADASS.gif)
    390 KB

    I swear to God I'll have to quit my job to watch you worthless lot..
    And as for you invaders/vistors/whatever-enjoy it here, but furfag it up and I'll take my belt off to ye and by thunder...my trousers will fall down.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)15:13 No.2230760
    Hmmm can't we, like, send the Touhoufags there? By the looks of it both sides will win.
    >> sage 07/17/08(Thu)15:21 No.2230783
    >one guy who can rules lawyer using the laws of physics.

    Man, I need to do this more.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)15:22 No.2230789
    The Conclave still exists.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)15:26 No.2230812
    >You mean EGS? I don't read it. I have read DD. DD is fucking awful. You have terrible taste.

    No one there actually likes the comic. Most of us hate it. You might question why we still post there, but we ourselves don't know, either.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)15:47 No.2230910
    Yes, becoming purple is fun. Just like my name when i put sage in the email field
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)15:48 No.2230917
    my god, i was on there years ago, i remember it now, it didnt seem that bad
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)15:50 No.2230928
    >You might question why we still post there, but we ourselves don't know, either.
    Emotional attachment to a forum. Many shitstorms ensue from those forums being destroyed, whether it be for from drama or forum invasions.
    >> SAGE MCSAGINGTON 07/17/08(Thu)16:02 No.2231013
         File :1216324977.png-(937 KB, 678x563, faggotree.png)
    937 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:11 No.2231047
    MAYHEM? Valgaav? ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkey?
    I havn't seen these names on here before... does this mean 1000+ posters of a post-count name-fag circle jerk can come here and be content to be nameless?

    I have hope for the future.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:12 No.2231050
    Probably. I suppose we also enjoy being one of the more controversial sections of the forums. Our moderator is a former troll (not to mention the arch-nemesis of the furry run fanforum) and we more or less do what we want.

    We also have this thread
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:16 No.2231065

    This fails. 4chan stuff is only funny on 4chan.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:18 No.2231080
    Of course. It's naught but an excuse to make normalfags turn pale.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:18 No.2231083
    It's not funny here either...
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:19 No.2231099
    Well true...
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:24 No.2231131
         File :1216326264.jpg-(101 KB, 387x500, dude-the big lebowski.jpg)
    101 KB
    Anyone else think this is what oscar looks like?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:25 No.2231136
    It is funny it started out about the ring.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:25 No.2231143
    It wasn't intended to be funny. It's merely an excuse to share barely worksafe pics, frighten the curious forumite and... well, to keep 4chan stuff out of the rest of the forum. There are, as was mentioned earlier, a rather distinct number of anonymous hiding among the boards, after all.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:26 No.2231144
    ....Naaah that's way too obvious.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:30 No.2231157
    It makes me angry how babus keeps calling her the 404 girl.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:31 No.2231159
    I'm finding stuff from gurochan in here...
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)16:45 No.2231235
    I'm aware that she's Yotsuba. Early on, I found it necessary to probe the reactions of various forumites in order to determine how familiar they actually were with 4chan.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)17:01 No.2231328
         File :1216328480.jpg-(52 KB, 219x343, FLOWER.jpg)
    52 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)17:21 No.2231430
    Don't fail us OP, we need MOAR!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)19:48 No.2232250
    Wow I remember this! That's real oldscool.
    A cat is fine too...
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)19:53 No.2232281
    oh. my god.
    I think I know why you're loling. and it frightens me.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)20:08 No.2232421
    ur a faget
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)20:30 No.2232537
    this thread is awesome
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)21:04 No.2232740
    if theres a drawfag out there please do the OP justice and draw Oscar. He's too awesome not to be drawn.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)21:20 No.2232789
    Ok, I pretty much play warhammer only, but there is a coven of RPG's in the store where I chuck dice that I've always wanted to mess with, just a little... mostly because its lead by a guy who quit playing warhammer because he never won.

    The OP's tales have inspired me, and here's my idea for a annoying character. Maybe this is done quite a bit, maybe it isnt, I'll let you guys tell me if I'm wrong...

    He's a lifeless neckbeard gamer that lives in his mom's basement, living off chinese take-out and animated pron gifs from his favorite internet message board site.

    He's obsessed with anime, and start trek... he spends every dollar he comes across on action figures, acts superior to others as a sort of transparent defense of his house-of-cards ego, is a college drop-out, and and never listens to any music other than sound tracks to Sci-fi/fantasy and superhero movies.

    Does he need an edge of some sort? Some kind of special power?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)21:24 No.2232801
    While it might be a bit heavy-handed to make people face their own worst stereotype, you could do it. If he does need an edge, make up a justifiable excuse to metagame, or explain his abilities in such a sense. He's such a complete nerd, he'd be genre-savvy and use it to his advantage. He knows what the monsters are just by looking at them and instantly tries to exploit their weaknesses, and so-on.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)21:39 No.2232878
    Yeah I guess it might be a bit of a tight-rope walk not doing things that would instantly hurt people's feelings to the point where I get kicked out. Maybe it will work. Thanks for the input though, those are good ideas. Of course he has a weakness for hentai and collectible figurines, and errors in other people's grasp of worthless pop trivia, like the lyrics to particular television show's themes, etc.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)21:44 No.2232891
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)22:42 No.2233218
    I guess I'll tell the tale of Oscar in Werewolf. Really, it's horrible and sad for everyone involved, which makes it a good story to me.

    So, I join the game as a normal human in this game of werewolves. Time travelling must be a common cheesy thing for WoD people to do, because there was at least 3 time shifters, each of course cheesier than the last. The game was formed on the basis of a new werewolf tribe, or maybe it was a lost one or something, but I was basically the human world go-between. I ran food to these people for profit, and for a while I actually enjoyed myself for a whole running groceries while everyone else dealt with spiral faggots and big Wyrm penises or whatever. Then, the night came.

    The leader of the tribe was a female werewolf named Shavina. She was always friendly with my character, but on night she made an announcement that she was looking for a mate. Remembering during some of our conversations comments to the extent of "you'd make good breeding stock" send hairs prickling all over my body.

    Sure enough, a couple of nights later she IMs me asking if we could do some private roleplaying. I agree with reluctance, and Shavina and Oscar end up taking a stroll in the woods while the quarter moon is in the sky. She starts getting real personal with the talkin', and Oscar just pretty much ignores all of her advances until suddenly she pushes me against a tree.

    "Take me." She says, with a small smile.

    "Yeah, about that..." I said with as much hesitation I could manage. "See, the thing is that you're a werewolf... and that's kinda creepy"
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)22:43 No.2233222

    She was silent for a minute. "Creepy how?"

    "Well. No offense, but I don't know how werewolves work. What if you freak out and tear my dick of, or if I contract werewolf AIDS or something?" I pried her hands off me firmly, yet gently. "I think it's better if we just stay friends."

    Really, she may have been fine with that, but Oscar went and vomited after the whole exchange at the mere idea of sleeping with her.

    From then on, the game got REALLY weird. Shavina was apparently outraged that I had scorned her advancements, going so far as to try to get me hunted down by the end of it all. Eventually, a couple of the other members of the tribe started to see that she was going crazy. Since I was basically the only PC that did any human stuff, the tribe started losing precious commodities. A lot of people never asks who pays the power bill until it goes out for example. Eventually, once I left shortly after the attempted assassination, the other members of the tribe began filtering out. Turns out that they had been uncomfortable about avoiding me, and being told to kill me in a ritualistic hunting style made people realize that perhaps their leader had lost touch with reality.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)22:47 No.2233248

    Oscar is now the patron God of Fucking Your World Up in any campaign I run. And he shall have an everpresent sack of drugs.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)22:57 No.2233317
    Well, if you're still around, I just thought of a few ways to make the character more effective. Make him a neckbeard and all that, but he's still a decent person. I.e. not a total dick. Respects the other characters and NPCs in his own socially-awkward way. Maybe let him grow and be socialized by the other characters, although he obviously can't completely change his ways or who he is. At the very least, he'd be getting out more often and doing things with others who appreciate his insight or usefulness, no matter how weird he is (and they're probably vampires or something that's even weirder than he is, anyway).
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)23:07 No.2233394

    The Neckbeard with a Heart of Gold.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)23:14 No.2233449
    Best thread I've read all year!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)23:19 No.2233496
         File :1216351148.jpg-(27 KB, 503x300, babycakes.jpg)
    27 KB

    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)23:20 No.2233511
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)23:26 No.2233549
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)23:29 No.2233569

    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)23:32 No.2233592
    I like it how all the people from the keenspoot forums used names.

    Good times outsiders, good times.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)23:34 No.2233605
         File :1216352088.jpg-(16 KB, 210x204, washington superdeluxe.jpg)
    16 KB
    He'll save children

    but not the British children.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)23:40 No.2233654

    >>What's the point of playing a freeform RP if everyone just makes a god character? IT'S RIDICULOUS.

    That's why people play Exalted. So that the rules say bullets bounce off of them.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)23:42 No.2233673
    Mirror, Mirror
    On the wall
    Who's the baddest motherfucker of them all?
    Just like Colombus
    He get the bloodlust
    Just like Colombus
    He get murderous on purpose
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)23:46 No.2233709
    I can't read a damn thread without "BLARGH KILL ALL FURRIES" twenty times.

    Nobody would say a goddamn word about furries if it wasn't for you guys.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)23:50 No.2233759
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)00:20 No.2234076
    You know, the sad thing is, whenever someone trys this hard to say they're against something, they usualy not only support it, but also participate as well. Either that, or they just go with what they think is the crowd to make themselves feel good.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)00:47 No.2234288
    What if they want to do both? :3
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)00:59 No.2234371
    then they truly have absolutely no life...
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)01:12 No.2234451
    bump for epic
    >> MCB 07/18/08(Fri)01:19 No.2234493
    < I like it how all the people from the keenspoot forums used names.

    Good times outsiders, good times.>

    We don't kick ass and take names we kick ass and use names.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)01:24 No.2234520
    lol, quoting
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)01:41 No.2234588
    the inverse of the first lessthan/greather than symbol would have quoted properly, lol
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)03:25 No.2234971
    >All the Keenspotters use names

    No we don't. See >>2230812
    We also have these.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)05:39 No.2235563

    The FAQ is there for a reason.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)05:55 No.2235611
    >one guy named Crimson's background was 300 pages. No joke.

    I would facepalm if I didn't expect this sort of thing
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)05:58 No.2235624
    Man he should have beaten the crap out of that bitch. Damn soar looser.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)06:19 No.2235681
    I smoke weed all day. I don't give a FUCk.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)06:43 No.2235779
    >Man he should have beaten the crap out of that bitch. Damn soar looser.

    /tg/: When you need to find people with even worse social skills than Babycakes.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)06:44 No.2235790

    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)06:46 No.2235796
    So giving someone the finger for beating you in a game is the way people should behave? Mmmyeah.
    >> Project Kurtz !cfZiGIAqOg 07/18/08(Fri)07:07 No.2235879
    A guy I used to play Brawl with gave me the finger when I kicked his ass at Pokemon Puzzle league nine times in a row. On the twelfth time he gave me the finger with both hands at the same time, said "fuck you" a couple times, and walked away.

    The way you SHOULD behave? Maybe not. The way a lot of people will behave? Definitely yes.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)07:09 No.2235882
    Thus proving the girl in the video really is a soar looser.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)07:30 No.2235968
    I played in a gothic horror game that was kind of Undying, Call of Cthulhu and In Nomine all kinda mixed up together. We were all siblings from an old English family and had all gone our separate ways in life, then come back together when our Grandmother died, leaving her estate to us all evenly.

    Everyone else made a character with some kind of nifty occult skill. One of them even sacrificed children for power, though we never found that out until the game ended.

    I made an investment banker. He'd never even heard of the occult beyond what you see on TV, and when we started getting accosted by zombies and... THINGS... in the night, he just started slowly breaking, and drinking heavily. His primary contributions to the party were providing new cellphones after hellhounds ate them and getting powerful cultist organisations sued.

    Damn he was fun to play.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)07:31 No.2235977
    >So giving someone the finger for beating you in a game is the way people should behave? Mmmyeah.

    I'm just going to let you sit there and think about your line of reasoning for a bit.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)08:54 No.2236366
         File :1216385668.gif-(556 KB, 352x198, Zetsuboushita!.gif)
    556 KB
    I've always wanted to insert this guy into a game. Just a highly depressing commoner that's following the group for some odd reason. I'd give him like 6 followers, all jailbait females, and make them all more powerful than him. See if I could depress the fuck out of the other players.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)10:06 No.2236688
    No, in Exalted you PARRY the bullets. They don't have a chance to bounce off you.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)10:12 No.2236712
    In Exalted, you parry the bullets with BULLETS.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)10:15 No.2236725
    Is it wrong I let a character do this once? Cost every metagame resource he had, but there's nothing like shooting a burst out of the air to make your enemies think twice.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)10:16 No.2236728
    Zets isn't depressing at all.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)10:20 No.2236752
    It's not at all wrong for Exalted, or anything else where you're aiming for that "epic heroism" feeling. You gotta fit the setting.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)10:47 No.2236882
    In Exalted? No not wrong at all. That's called doing it right in exalted actually.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)10:52 No.2236908
    Fuck, this thread was awesome with Oscar, then the keenfags showed up. Now I feel dirty for reading it.

    Thanks for fagging up my /tg/, shitdicks.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)11:21 No.2237066

    This thread got a whole hell of a less lot funny when the keenfags showed up.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)12:03 No.2237321
    More namefags? Neat.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)12:49 No.2237578
    Only slightly disruptive drug related RPing I have done was after 3.0 came out. I played an alcoholic, weed-smoking half-elf ranger. He didn't have an animal companion, because he forgot to feed or lost it or something.

    Anyway, I would show up to all of the games really high, and I ended up selling the DM weed a couple of times. We were playing with a bunch of painful nerds, though only one was particularly an asshole. It was obvious that on some bizarre personal level, he was completely NOT OK with any sort of intoxication. Anyway, both him and his character (who were largely indistinguishable) were both inept pussies. He played a fighter, but almost always hung back in battles (this was NOT roleplaying, he just feared anything happening to his character). Anyway, my character, by absolutely no intentionality, would upstage his character in combat, largely because he was terrified of anything bad happening to his character.

    Anyway, his character ended up trying to grapple mine, in a bid to steal my wine and weed. I escaped, swung my sword at him, landed a crit, and I would have dropped him into the nether regions, but the DM ruled it as subdual.

    What a homo.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)12:56 No.2237614
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)13:31 No.2237770
         File :1216402282.gif-(48 KB, 1000x1260, DEXTER.gif)
    48 KB
    Oscar is pleasing to Dexter.
    Furry-footed burrowers.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)14:00 No.2237965
    Hey, I think we need the story of how Oscar fucked the ship. And MOAR stories!
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)15:06 No.2238328
    Isn't playing a person who can't join in the action and basically fucking up the tone of a game just as bad as godmoding, if in a clever way? I mean I get doing it to really lame games and people you don't like, but what about when you actually wanna take part in an exciting dramatic game?

    Doesn't anyway play competent but not godlike and genre sensible characters anymore? A stoner is just as out place in a werewolf or vampire party as a timeshifting demigod.

    I wish there were stories of good solid and humble examples of appropriate characters in a party, showing up the pretentious "original character do not steal!" types with their badass mortality, shining all the more because they have feet of clay.

    That is, I'm tired of Mary Sue's and Mary Smith's, isn't there anything inbetween...a Mary Jane or something?
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)16:58 No.2238921
    Wow. That was...incredibly stupid. if anyone in EGS is a furfag, they hide it well, seeing as the worst anyone has ever done is hug.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)17:14 No.2239011
    no problem, /b/tard wannabie.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)18:02 No.2239241
    I blame >>2236908
    >> Anonymous 07/18/08(Fri)18:29 No.2239370
    > Isn't playing a person who can't join in the action and basically fucking up the tone of a game just as bad as godmoding, if in a clever way?

    Not the way the OP was doing it. His characters sound totally reasonable. If they were in one of my games they'd provide low-key comic relief but they wouldn't derail the plot or anything.

    The only way they derail the plot is when they cause one of the established (and *bad*) players to go apeshit because the Oscar isn't responding to their mary-sue character the way he's 'supposed' to.

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