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    File :1217308108.jpg-(63 KB, 979x656, untitled.jpg)
    63 KB Silent Hill RPG needs street encounters. Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:08 No.2258696  
    Okay, the PCs are walking the streets of Silent Hill. What are some of the things they could encounter.

    One example:

    01-10% Suddenly, without warning, all the payphones, car alarms, lights and everything turn on for a half minute, then silence again. Then one of the payphones in a public telephone booth will ring, loudly and simply. In the stillness that the muffling fog brings to the streets, the ringing is so loud that it seems to be issuing from the air. The ringing snakes out at them like a lariat of sound, roping them, snaring them, holding them. The ringing is beckoning, hypnotic, insistent. A strange transformation occurs in the street around them. Only three things seem to remain solid and real: the telephone, a narrow stretch of pavement leading to the telephone, and the PCs themselves. The rest of the world seems to recede into the mist. The buildings appear to fade away, dissolving as if this were a film in which one scene fades out to be replaced by another. The few cars are replaced by the creeping fog, a white-white mist like a film screen splashed with brilliant light but with no images. Only the PCs are real. And the narrow pathway to the phone. And the telephone itself. Ringing... They are drawn. Ringing... drawn towards the phone. Their hearts hammer. They feel dizzy, disoriented. The ringing of the phone is analogous to the rhythmic, glittering pendulum movement of a hypnotist’s pendent. The sound draws them relentlessly forward. If the payphone is picked up, there is static on the line, then the mumbling of some sort of creature, an incoherent croaking that grates the ear, is heard for ten seconds, then hangs up and then there is silence again.

    I need at least 9 more. Any ideas?
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:12 No.2258718
    The PCs hear violent, gut-wrenching coughs echo through an alley.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:14 No.2258733
    11-100% OH, SHIT!!! PYRAMID HEAD!!!
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:16 No.2258753
    The PCs hear the voice of a long-lost loved one or relative (wife, husband, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, whatever) calling from somewhere nearby. 50% chance it's a trap with some Thing That Should Not Be waiting, 50% chance it's the relative, alive and well, who will join the party as an NPC. They are in perfect health, and if the party is able to escape silent hill, will go with them. No explanation needs to be given for this. If they died in a war, they will be wearing their uniform, or period-appropriate clothing. They will have no memory of how they got where they are. 50% chance said relative is the actual relative, 50% chance it's a Thing That Should Not Be.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:17 No.2258761
    A cold wind blows from behind suddenly, and your clothing flaps and flutters. You instinctively close your eyes; when you open them, you immediately notice that something is amiss.

    Your shadow is gone. There's a blur of pitch black movement to your right; when you turn your head, you see nothing. Another blur, this time to your left...and you turn your head just in time to see your shadow flicker into an alley. Running forward to catch it, you notice the entire alley is shrouded in pitch black nothingness. You lean in closer, investigating...when out of the nothingness dozens of shadow claws reach out and pull you in. You struggle, but in the end you are no match. As you are pulled into the darkness your last thought is-

    You open your eyes after the furious wind passes. You look down at your shadow, for a reason you don't quite understand. You don't know why, but, seeing your shadow, you feel even colder inside than you did in the freezing wind...
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:33 No.2258854

    11-100% SO MUCH FUCKING FOG NOT EVEN THE MONSTERS CAN SEE ANYTHING(yes even the ones without sensory organs).
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:37 No.2258882
    The PCs see a small child walking at the other end of the street. The child looks suspiciously like a younger version of one of the PCs, possibly their child, possibly the PC at a very young age. The child does not respond if they cry out, and if they approach it walks into a nearby building.

    Upon entering the building, the players find a display cupboard filled with commemorative plates with a distinctive border pattern. The plates each commemorate a milestone in the life of the PC that the child resembled, starting with 'First Words' at the top left, 'First Kiss' on the second shelf, and so forth. Several are missing. In the bottom right there is a fragment of porcelain reading 'DEATH'.

    For the rest of the adventure, the PCs will find pieces of broken plates. They might show something if assembled...
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:40 No.2258907
    PCs hear a loud wail of an infant and then a loud 'squish'. If the PCs head towards it, they find a large blood puddle with completely marred meat/organs/etc. Repeat this a few times, leading the PCs into a slightly enclosed area, fog covered of course. They hear the loud wail of the infant again and the mist recedes, revealing the... "infant." This... thing is a human child, but the size of a hippopotamus and is covered in lacerations, leaking blood puss and maggots. The PCs also see a person standing there, in front of the 'baby' staring up at it, blank expression on their face. The baby proceeds to slam a huge meaty hand down on the person and then consume pieces of it and then turn its bloated, bleeding gaze on the PCs.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:44 No.2258933
    The PCs find a photograph of themselves at a happier time. In it, there are several people with blurry faces. Later on, after a struggle or while rummaging in her pack, the photograph falls out. Upon picking it up, the PC currently holding the photograph sees that their face in the photo is now smudged and blurry, and one of the previously blurred faces is in focus. Later on, the PC's blurred face is bloody and bruised, and the previously blurred face is laughing.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:49 No.2258958
    The PCs encounter a shuttered office building with all windows blown out. Inside, the lights work, but flicker at random times with doors constantly creaking open and shut. None of the electronics work, most have been smashed in, though there's no other signs of violence in the building.

    In the maintenance basement of the building, there is a sound stage with a single boom box on it. The boom box is playing David Bowie. You cannot turn it off.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:51 No.2258968
    Now I'm raging that I forgot to save the "Creepy shit you can do to your PCs" doc when I formatted.

    Someone must have it, hook this man up.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:51 No.2258970
    This will require passing notes, but a simple thing to add a slightly creepy element is to change colors.

    Have one PC see everything primarily red, one blue, one green, etc. Keep it low key and unknown at first, but when people ask "what they see" pass them a note that they find a rusty red book, covered in dust, etc etc.

    If he shows it to the other people and says "check out this book", pass them a small note saying you see yellow book. It's rather interesting to see the party become slightly hysterical for a few minutes, especially if they RP well.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:53 No.2258989
    A cat wanders out of a nearby alley and leaves a small bit of meat at a PC's feet. The cat returns regularly, perhaps once a day, once a week, whatever works, and repeats this process, bringing a tiny set of lungs, liver, stomach, etc. Eventually the cat appears, coughs up its heart and collapses. Investigation shows that the cat is hollow.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)01:56 No.2259007
    The PCs stumble across a lamp-post that has been bent in half, at right angles. As they continue down the street, they find a telephone booth, bent in half. Then a mailbox. Then a trashcan. Then a spilled box of paperclips, every one of which has been bent at right angles.

    A while later, after an encounter with smaller enemies, they're catching their breath when a piece of furniture down the hall suddenly vibrates and then folds as it is bent by an unseen force. Another object slightly closer to the players is then affected. The process occurs rapidly, as if an invisible OCD spirit is running towards them, bending things as it goes. Light fixtures, furniture, all snapping, cracking as they are folded against their design. If the PCs do not run by the time the unseen force reaches them, then the PC nearest the disturbance starts having his fingers broken at right angles. If they run, then perhaps the most recently introduced NPC gets snapped in half just before the players leave the building/alley/mansion/escape into the elevator.
    >> Parasitologist 07/29/08(Tue)01:58 No.2259021
    Man, if you're running this, I fucking want in.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:02 No.2259039
    Randomly at some point in the game you make mention of a creaky rusty sounding wheel grinding. They can investigate and not find anything. Now this part assumes your players enter and exit buildings often but start having a rusted out Tricycle waiting out when they exit. If one of them ever tries to destroy it they will be hit by a rock and hear some giggling, assuming they are pissed off enough they will try to find what did that, and when they look they'll find the skeleton of a little boy in rotted clothing and the Tricycle never appears again, otherwise it keeps showing up outside the buildings.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:04 No.2259048
    Party is walking on barren street. They hear a loud creaking of metal rubbing against metal. Cars, preferably old rusty ones, start appearing in the distance and turning corners. I had two ideas for this:

    1. Cars move at snails pace, about walking speed. The windows are caked with dirt, grime and soot so that the insides are completely blocked from view. They follow the PCs, surrounding them in a large circle if the PCs stand still long enough. They never get closer than 10 feet and will back up if the PCs approach them. After a little, they spy a convertible doing the same thing, but it's not being driven by anyone, the seats are empty, old and dirty. The wheels all leave thin bloody tails as they turn.

    2. The cars still move at a snails pace, but continue as if they are all heading places, as if they are being driven. Same as above with dirty windows and no drivers. They all move slowly along their paths regardless of PC interaction. They can't even be stopped by boulders or other junk thrown in the way, they just keep going. For a little bit of an added spook factor, all the radios in the cars are loudly blaring an old timey song such as "I can't stop loving you" or what have you.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:05 No.2259055

    Fucking nice. Especially if you have several days/sessions to lead up to this event
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:11 No.2259107
    Good versus players who "prepare for everything" by hoarding every resource they find.

    -When PC's open up their packs to retrieve ropes, they find them coated in ash and slightly sticky. Food is cooked and twisted in vague shapes. Water is boiled dry and leaves a flaky brown residue.
    -Later on, a charred corpse is found. In it's belly is a length of pristine hemp rope. Several organs are replaced by meal-bars, beef jerky, apples, etc. It's blood is cool, fresh water.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:11 No.2259113
    Introduce an obvious BBEG early. His features should be hidden, either by a mask, dark glasses and a scarf, or just a shady hat and a high collar.

    He makes several appearances. Maybe he taunts the players, maybe he just shakes his head at them and then disappears down a dead-end hallway. He appears atop a building, if they go inside and go up to the roof, he's seen walking down the street.

    The players eventually get the guy surrounded. At that moment, a metal spike suddenly erupts from the ground and impales the man up through his chest, blood pours out, he screams and writhes. If his face is uncovered by the players, he bears a striking resemblance to a PC's lover/son/father, albeit unshaved, worn-out, and missing teeth.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:16 No.2259138
    You guys rock. Now have an arsenal of stuff to use against my PC's in my DnD campaign. Hehe...
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:21 No.2259173
         File :1217312512.jpg-(39 KB, 500x619, x000797580.687474703a2f2f7a697(...).jpg)
    39 KB
    You find a girl who is doing surprisingly well in this hell. She offers you food that seems too good for this area, it is always stewed and and contains plenty of meat. Well if you know where this picture is form you know where this is going.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:23 No.2259189
    There's an old man who keeps showing up. He is wrinkled, with leathery skin, a long beard, and knobbly fingers with dirty, broken nails. He responds politely with the players, but seems to be looking for something. Any time he is found, he is looking under rocks/plates/couches/furniture or behind cupboards, in the mouths of animal trophies. He denies his search if asked.

    Intermittently the PCs find him putting sapphires into the eyes of tiger statues, or some other puzzle from an old survival horror game.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:26 No.2259209
    PCs find a building on the side of the street that seems to be occupied. It is very tavern-like on the insides. People are hunched over tables drinking their drinks and mumbling incoherently. A bartender stands behind the bar cleaning a glass. Strangely, the bartender is the only person who will look at them. After a little conversation, which the bartender will only settle for small talk and won't talk about the town besides the 'excellent' weather, the bar becomes deathly quiet. All the bar goes slowly turn their gaze on the group. They all have the exact same face as the bartender. The bartender smiles and pulls out a knife. All the patrons stare with sad, solemn looks. The bartender plunges the knife into his neck and slits his own throat and begins to pour forth blood. The action has the exact same effect on all the patrons, their neck slit open without any action. They all stare at the PCs as the blood pours from their necks over the tables, bar and their clothes. After a minute, if the PCs hang around, they all collapse, dead.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:28 No.2259222
    silent hill manifests differently for different PCs. use their character concepts and backgrounds to figure it out. if they dont have fleshed out characters, silent hill shouldnt really be the setting.

    but srsly, pyramid head.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:29 No.2259227
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:32 No.2259243
    The PCs find a mannequin, a scarecrow, a CPR dummy, or some other effigy of a human being. It's always the same one, but it's never in the same place or in the same position. Maybe it gives them hints, like sitting in the only working car in town, or pointing down a hallway with an important feature.

    If the PCs damage it in any way, the next time they see it there's another scarecrow with it. And then another the next time it shows up. Eventually the dummies number the same as the party.

    The next time the players find the dummies, they have recent photographs of the players taped to the dummy 'faces'. From then on, they are positioned as portraying the characters in different parts of the adventure.. Then they start being positioned strangely, like having sex or killing each other. Eventually the players find one dummy sitting on a pile of dummy parts, the heads neatly lying in a row.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:33 No.2259249
         File :1217313207.jpg-(18 KB, 359x313, 121716717857.jpg)
    18 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:33 No.2259250
    in the silent hill movie, the volume was way loud. when those cinder babies started screaming, it was like my mind was being raped.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:35 No.2259257
    Or, instead of 'photo-faces', the mechanic is portrayed by a crash-test dummy, the medic by a Resucci-Annie, the scientist by a lab skeleton, the farmer by a scarecrow, the fashion model by a dressmaker's dummy....
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:36 No.2259267
    PCs backpacks/carried items switch between them while they are walking or making camp or whatever. Once they accuse someone of doing it, they find their own items covered in a slightly layer of soot/filth. They more they accuse each other, the dirtier their stuff becomes. If the arguing becomes particularly intense, their items begin to rot/become old.

    Harmless, but fun. Everyone hears static that starts out quiet but becomes louder and louder until it's deafening. Throw in a visual trick too. Like everything slowly becomes green, or they see static that becomes more and more intense. After it becomes completely debilitating, there is a loud pop and it instantly goes away. No explanation, no consequence. Just lost SAN.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:37 No.2259277
         File :1217313442.jpg-(617 KB, 1648x1244, 1205372356986.jpg)
    617 KB
    If you want to go silent hill on their asses you would want to actually have the PCs back story. Scour it for fears or horrible events in the past, if they properly wrote the basics down you should find something or at least come up with something that would apply to them. Create a few reoccurring critters based around the events, for instance if one of the PCs survived a car crash or had someone close die in one the monster could be human like body that drags itself around by its scared and bleeding arms since its legs are crushed. On closer inspection you find it all scorched and it is wearing a tattered seatbelt. Do things like that, for mid boss or BBEGs use a bigger version of them like in this instance a few large twisted bodies entangled in a car wreck dragging it around and screaming. Silent hill was all about fears and the sins of the past coming back to bite you in the ass and not just random creepy things. I guess I'll see if I have the set of the monster images and some slight explanation.
    >> Project Kurtz !cfZiGIAqOg 07/29/08(Tue)02:37 No.2259278
    The Silent Hill movie was brilliant.

    Only something so horribly, mind-numblingly terrible could bring a true feeling of Silent Hill to the viewer.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:38 No.2259281
    Best Buffy villains ever.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:39 No.2259290
         File :1217313568.jpg-(593 KB, 1648x1244, 1205373063679.jpg)
    593 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:40 No.2259300
    Soldier boy broke the box that was storing the voices, and Buffy screamed. The sound of a human voice makes their heads explode.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:42 No.2259318
         File :1217313772.jpg-(543 KB, 1648x1244, 1205373354790.jpg)
    543 KB
    Thats all of those I have.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:44 No.2259326
    The best part of the Silent Hill Movie was when she trips over the shopping cart. The entire theatre jumped when she fell and screamed...and simultaneously she and the entire theatre said "Fuck!" because it was so stupid and harmless.

    Epic suspense win.

    Then the Cinder Babies appeared and shit got fucked up.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:44 No.2259328
         File :1217313882.jpg-(106 KB, 600x600, 121695640773.jpg)
    106 KB
    Just put this in the fog, things will work themselves out.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)02:50 No.2259372

    Someone shoop some cigarettes on these guys
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/29/08(Tue)02:58 No.2259423
         File :1217314737.jpg-(442 KB, 800x600, 1216415054645.jpg)
    442 KB
    The girl in the picture is from a Japanese visual novel called "Saya no Uta". The main character hits his head, and everything starts to look like horrible, twisted meat and rotting flesh. Food looks like hearts and livers and eyeballs. One day he meats this girl though. She's cute, and lives in the sewer or something. He starts a relationship with her. Eventually or, you know, whatever, he realizes that if everything beautiful is rotted and ugly, then everything ugly must be beautiful. And he's hanging out with a cute girl who's been giving him great looking food. Turns out he's eating people, and she's a Shoggoth.
    Think "Shallow Hal" meets HP Lovecraft.

    I hear in one of the endings you destroy the world or something.

    >Okay, the PCs are walking the streets of Silent Hill. What are some of the things they could encounter.

    The sky grows dark. It's not because of clouds or anything, it's just as if the fog of the streets has suddenly become more opaque. This cuts visibility down by quite a lot. From out of the shadows dome the sounds of metal on concrete and metal on stone. From all directions. If the PCs move backwards the sound becomes louder. If they move forwards, it fades. But, when they move forward long enough, when the sound is almost gone, it suddenly starts up again at a deafening volume that says whatever it was is closer now. Based on the Wendigo, I think. The closer it sounds, the further away it is. Or something. I think it's an American monster.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/29/08(Tue)02:59 No.2259431
    Continuing suggestions. I've got my own Silent Hill type setting.

    The players go into a convenient store or auto store or something of that nature. The food on the racks is way past the expiration date, and there's a black mold that covers the countertop, and the ceiling, and the walls. Close examination might cause the players to notice the mold moves. Pulses, perhaps. Or, better yet, a FAILED look at the mold would have it appear to be pulsing. The lights flicker, and radios start staticking. They may then notice that strange words are sort of flowing over everything, especially the ground. They'll probably be following the flow of the words deeper into the store, and miss what comes up to the door. A large man, misshapen and deformed. A large rock chained to his back and painted in the same foreign language, or, both could just be English. The words on the rock would be taunts. Things like Sinner and such. I personally like Goest before the fall looped around the rock a few times. This beast of a man is hunched over, large boulder keeping him from standing up straight. He'll be muttering to himself, maybe in Latin. Looking down, face covered by a disheveled mane of hair. He'd be reading the words that flow out from beneath his feet. His arms would reach all the way to the ground, and while I usually use the term "fleshy hooves" I suppose you could say they look something like the arms of a Closer from SH3. Big, burly thing. Burlap pants, frayed and tattered, held around his undernourished waist by a cord of rope. Probably a grey tunic, like something you'd wear in a monastery.
    Ten internets to anyone who can guess the reference. And the actual book. It's not from the first one.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/29/08(Tue)03:06 No.2259482
    Female figures bound in straight jacket looking things made of human flesh. Their eyes should be sewn shut, as should their mouths, but of course there should be enough mouth to scream. Usually I have them just crawling on the ground and hiding in mud. They also have a tendency to fade into the walls and become that black mold.

    Dogs. Six legs. Held together by bandages and belts and butcher's string. Long tongues that are always lolling. They never stop moving. They can't. If they do, they just start panting. It physically hurts them to stand still, and they're fast, as one would expect of a six legged dog.

    A maid covered in bloodied bandages. Sure, this one is insanely derivative, but seriously, you try to think of something creative for Lust. The Hell Lust is good, but not the Lesser Lust.

    Thin, emaciated enemies with distended bellies. They have heads like lamprey eels, and will constantly eat or drink anything they can. They'll even stop fighting and eat each other. They're like Taxxons, if anyone gets the reference.

    And yeah, they're all based on the tests of Purgatory. Some are bosses, some aren't. Some sins have bosses and normal enemies.
    >> Straightfur 07/29/08(Tue)03:13 No.2259508
    Fuck, I'm with this guy. I want that.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)03:17 No.2259522


    would this be it?
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/29/08(Tue)03:19 No.2259530
    A man chained in place, and constantly burning. A belt over his face, body naked and flayed except where he's covered in tight, restraining leather. Spread Eagle over the room with the chains just pulling him tighter. Bear trap over the groin. Tongue that could put Gene Simmons to shame. Actually, I don't know how he would actually fight. I mean, in my thing he's got a connection with to of the characters and it's more the psychological thing of them confronting their rapist.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)03:20 No.2259540
    was thinking the exact same thing, lol
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/29/08(Tue)03:21 No.2259543
    One of the NPCs the party constantly meets. Half made of the black mold. Again, I didn't give much thought to how he could fight. He's there because he was a serial killer in his former life, just like the other guy was a rapist. He tried taking on other people's lives, living as them, and killed them. Gutted them and strung them up in chains. Until eventually he killed himself. Oh, I know, Roots. Sort of plant based villain, with thorns everywhere. My God I need to stop sucking the turgid cock of symbolism.

    I'm pretty sure I've mentioned The Bandaged Man once or twice, so there's him.Pyramid Head/John DeFoe type guy who follows you around. Bandages around his face and waist, skirt made of belts and chains. Sleeps a lot. Usually found more or less dead until the players rouse him from his slumber. He'd probably give them enough time to get the hell out of there before he finally picked his ass up, but woe be to whatever was near him, because he would tear that fucker up as the embodiment of Wrath. Also, hates Pride and kills him multiple times.

    A blind old man strapped into a wheel chair and held in place by chains, much like the rapist, and found in the Operating Room of the Hospital. Again, a mostly psychological figure, not a fightan one. He was the guy who basically caused the town of Ashcroft's spiral into Hell by trying to play God with the life of a very powerful little girl and much scheming. Tzeentchian as he was, Bram Helsing should not have fucked with a pissed twelve year old esper. Especially when her school was full of religious nutjobs.

    And, a bloated gluttonous tick. Found in City Hall.

    I'm tempted to make this part of the thread over again tomorrow, to see what a more awake /tg/ has to say about my creatures... and blatant use of symbolism. I really should have gone with my original idea of Heaven and Hell warring for control of the cursed town, instead of the little girl versus the town itself for control...
    >> Parasitologist 07/29/08(Tue)03:27 No.2259577
    Anyways, there's a lot of stuff you can work in to creep out your players. One big suggestion though, is that you make use of some sort of timer or hourglass. Keep your players on their toes in combat, or while making decisions. Doing this will increase their tension, which in turn, has all sorts of blood-pumping, mind-breaking effects. Don't ever let them sit still. Make sure that safe zones are percieved as menacing(a morgue, wax museum, burning building), and that seemingly safe zones(abandoned, brightly-lit office buildings) are death. And then, once they're comfortable with this, change the rules. Or vice versa. But rules changes once the PC's have started to predict or catch onto ANYTHING can really fuck up that newfound sense of safety.

    Also effective is the passing of -pointless- notes to players sometimes. Perhaps, if you're playing in unisystem, you could work up a bunch of vague, easily misconstrued messages to hand to players ahead of time("Run." "Someone close to you isn't who you think they are." "Arm yourself." "What's that behind you?" "They remember.") and shuffle them. Then add in a couple of straight-up sinister messages("You'll never make it out of here alive." "Kill yourself." "Better quick and easy than this hell.") Whenever a character's essence(or san, or whatever stat you have to represent sanity/mental fatigue) starts to waver, pretend to write something. Then hand them a card. Let the players come up with their own fucked-up conclusions. And don't allow any metagaming.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/29/08(Tue)03:34 No.2259611
    >Anyways, there's a lot of stuff you can work in to creep out your players.
    Personally, I think you should try to work in things that relate to the actual characters. For instance, before my Playground Demons thing fell through, one of the characters was a 13 year old Asian girl. With Hemophilia. And hemophilia is fucking deadly in GURPS. So I was going to throw a lot of blood, and a lot of sharp, rusted metal around her. The kinds of things that would disturb her. Greatly.
    One kid was from an abusive family. I was going to make him start thinking that his father was one of the monsters, and that he was going to kill the boy.
    On of them was very heroic and chivalrous. He was going to constantly see the others getting killed. In fact, I was going to whisper every other player, and tell them what was going down, and then kill them. The kid's stressor would go off, and he'd roll for it, only to find them not so dead, and that it was just in his head.
    >> Parasitologist 07/29/08(Tue)03:39 No.2259631

    That's something you should do too, no doubt, but I think in a horror game, especially one in which you want to evoke actual horror, you may need to step things up a notch. Baffling the players themselves is often a good way to do this, as when presented with sudden(insane) suggestions, they'll naturally want to do something to integrate these into their character's actions. This does a great job of simulating stress characters may be under, and works even better if you sometimes reward the players for listening to whatever you wrote, and punish them at other times.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)04:39 No.2259875
    There's nothing really stopping someone from bringing Pun Pun or a Iron Heart Warblade into the campaign and ending Silent Hill's existence on the get go.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/29/08(Tue)04:41 No.2259880
    Yes there is. It's called a DM. Some of them aren't retarded.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)04:44 No.2259894
         File :1217321077.jpg-(36 KB, 600x450, Since there's no dog around.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)06:57 No.2260261
    Normally in my games I forbid computers to be involved because damn it, this is Pen and Paper not, LOLINTERNETS, but last time I ran a horror game I got a lot of good use out of my computer. I was able to use sound effects, keep a quick-grab list of things that were labeled by Character Action so that I could react to what they do better, and frankly it acted as my DM screen.

    The funnest parts were definitely having sound effects. If the sound system in that convenience store popped on I'd nab a little Janis Joplin to be what was playing. See if the radio works in that office? HORRIBLE HORRIBLE loud static for two minutes while they're still dicking around in the office that quick-snaps to King Crimson as soon as they touch the door knob. Have a bunch of ghost cars driving around? Whip out the audio editing and overlap a dozen different songs and screw around with the volumes of the individual tracks so that it gives the effect of cars circling around, getting closer, getting farther, and hell, download some old car sounds and toss them in.

    Another really fun thing it let me do was make some voice sections ahead of time. I could say a part of a character they don't get to respond to, and then use my audio editing stuff to change it. I don't sound a bit like a little girl, but I can make it that way with just a few touches to the pitch and speed. Nor do I sound like Issac Hayes mixed with Hitler. Drop it down, make it dirty.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)07:04 No.2260278
    Must be no Silent Hill 4 in there because it sucked ass.

    (For the record, yes, I know it was originally not a Silent Hill game and was changed at the last minute because they thought it would sell better that way)

    Whoever thought it was a good idea to play the game over again as an escort mission is a fucking idiot and I'd like to kill their family, break their legs, and burn their house while they're in it.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)07:26 No.2260338

    This might help.

    Translated Silent Hill Fanbook.

    Monster analysis, character analysis etc. etc.

    Some other Anons already psoted some.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)07:37 No.2260359
    It was a bad game, but it's story was the second best in the series after 2.
    >> Thatassholewritefag 07/29/08(Tue)08:28 No.2260451
    Considering im running a silenthill game on rpol i'm finding everything here solid gold. I'm not accepting players but I'll consider things to fuck up with the following characters.

    The Lawyer - After a botched attempt on his life by a mob boss the lawyer enters witness protection and becomes a school teacher.

    The Trick: He's not the lawyer, he's the hitman sent to kill him. Unfortunately the mob boss didn't want to pay his bill so ran him over in a car. HE survived but due to his habit of method acting his targets to kill them more efficiently he woke up from hsi coma beliving himself to be the lawyer.

    The sick fuck - Witnessed a rape, took pictures, masturbates to them. A real 4chan user.

    The equally sick fuck - Crazed cheerleader whose brother murdered a guy at their last school. Has real self esteem and weakness issues.

    The trick - She was the rape victim and the murderer. Her brother took the fall to protect his sister.

    IF any of my players find this and read this know that your death will be slow and painful.

    Very slow. Very painful.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)08:41 No.2260470

    I like how you gave the characters twists like they tend to do with the people in the series, nice job.
    >> Thatassholewritefag 07/29/08(Tue)09:16 No.2260530
    Well I wanted to tie them all into a single tragedy. I felt that if a Silent Hill game had to have multiple primary protagonists then the focus would have to change from self judgment to the judgment of others. In the end the characters will judge one another. The Lawyer who believes in justice will be forced to judge the murderer who in turn will judge the sick fuck who in turn judges the lawyer. I'm thinking of changing the lawyers wist though to better connect with the other two. Having him prosecute the brothers case would help. Yeah, in fact thinking about it now the lawyer will remain a lawyer but instead of being the hitman he'll be the one who set up his boss to get killed (in the backstory him and his boss were shot in the street)but was betrayed and is wracked with guilt about his betrayal to his boss and to the notions of justice he served and enraged at the mob boss's betrayal of him.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)12:10 No.2261217
    Hey Ben, look, I'm anonymous too!
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)12:15 No.2261238
    Also, I'm archiving this, my PCs are going to Silent Hill (hello Carceri).

    btw Ben, you totally forgot about my dust-devil with the crunchy corpse centre idea.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)12:34 No.2261314
    i have a 30 page word document. Brace for impact.

    - When the PC fires a round from a gun, he is thrown back 10ft with a "noisy cricket" amount of recoil, and the gun spews out a massive, pressurized gout of blood.
    Damage for the shot is tripled. Later analysis of the blood reveals that each individual cell is from a different species of creature.

    -When walking down a hallway (mansion, hotel, whatever) the players suddenly notice a set of bloody footprints being imprinted on the carpet, passing from one wall to the other, as if an invisible person just walked through one wall and continued across the hallway through the other wall.

    -A cat trots out from behind a corner, and lays a heart at the character's feet. It goes back behind the corner, and lays a liver there. It does the same with a pair of lungs, some kidneys, a stomach and a brain before imploding with a slurping noise. Autopsy shows that the organs were the cat's.

    -When the wind stirs up leaves, they seem to form into the shape of a cloaked figure for brief moments.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)12:39 No.2261333

    -A television program a character is watching suddenly switches off, replaced by static for a moment. Then the interference seems to be gone, and the program returns, continuing as normal... Except that an eerily smiling man in a black suit is looking out at the viewer from behind the main character or news announcer or whatever. He holds up a ragged sign reading (insert appropriate ominous phrase, such as YOU'RE NEXT or I'M COMING FOR YOU TONIGHT in a news broadcast about a brutal and unexplained murder). Then the static returns and dissipates once more, and the man is gone.

    - When walking around in any creepy building, everybody gets a nosebleed simultaneously upon entering a room, but it stops when they leave.

    -The PCs encounter a small garden. Facing away from them is a young woman with long hair, tending to one of the flowers. If the PCs call her attention, she turns to them. She has been stabbed in the eye and neck with long knives, still embedded in her, the wounds trickling blood. She carries on conversationally with the PCs; if any point out her predicament, she is confused... then she feels the implements with her hands, goes white, and collapses, gurgling. She dies moments later, an expression fusing horror, surprise, and acceptance forever captured on her face.

    -The characters are exploring an old, abandoned building (ruined temple, damaged phsycho ward, the remains of a firebombed apartment building...whatever tickles your fancy). As they explore, a white mist forms around their feet. At an opportune moment, the mist thickens and tendrils grabs PCs legs, tripping them and harrasing them.

    -A hobo screams about something or another, preferably something rather innocuous, and then proceeds to cannibalize himself.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)12:47 No.2261357

    -A pc is wounded in combat. A short time later, the wound starts talking.

    - If a PC tries to use a car, the car tends to try to steer toward oncomming traffic or into a telelphone poles. It never overpowers the driver, but if left unattended while driving, the car will try to kill the passangers the most convienient way possible at the time.

    -Things that are just subtly wrong are also good. Like a triangle with sides of lengths 5, 7, and 13. Or a pentagon with the sum of the internal angles being 560 degrees. Or a 6 foot by 7 foot by 3 foot box that can fit 127 cubic feet of material. Or a square room that has a pentagram inscribed in the floor, with each point pointing toward a different wall.

    -Characters from well known novels give blatant, sometimes inappropriate, messages to the PCs when they read the book, but of course disappear when they show them to anyone else, or change when reread to be a sort of conversation. The information may be fairly useful, or it may be ominous warnings, but it's unmistakeable that the character is speaking to them

    The example in my head is Of Mice and Men (but obviously better written):

    "We could get us a Farm, George" said Lenny
    "Yup," said George "if we get a farm, we get some fields of corn, I reckon we could make some bucks off that, & maybe get us some sheep. And Dave Carter, yes you, had really better not go into the Warehouse on 7th street, unless you want your face ripped off by zombies"
    "And I get to pet the rabbits" said Lenny
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)12:52 No.2261391
    Alien species from Animorphs. Giant centipede guys, if I remember correctly.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)12:54 No.2261397
    -A rabbit hops out of the rabbit hole, and pauses just outside the entrance, before a human arm pulls it back down the hole.

    -Wihle in a kitchen or hallway or any place with tile, the PCs see ripples on the surface of the floor, ceiling or whatever's tiled. These are v-shaped ripples, like those that would be made by a dorsal fin. The v-shaped ripples in tile begin to circle them. Alternately, the PC's see v-shaped ripples in the water, like those made by a titanic fish, yet the water itself couldn't be more than a foot, half a foot, deep. The ripples mve from one pool to another, although the pools themselves are unconnected.

    -A dog or cat walks up to a lone PC (this works best with a single character that is separated from the group), seemingly begging for attention. If the PC pets or feeds the animal, it speaks to them in their native language, imparting some useful bit of info that is relevant to the current adventure, then runs off.

    -An investigator hears a dripping noise while searching a building. She comes across a puddle in one room, and as she watches, a drop of water flies up from the floor, bursts upon the ceiling, and disappears into a crack.

    -One of the PCs hears a strange voice (that apparently only he or she can hear). The voice is oddly familiar, and knows the character's name. "Meet Mr. John Smith, a supernatural investigator by trade..."(The voice is, of course, that of Rod Serling, creator and narrator of the classic Twilight Zone television series. It should reveal just enough information to give the PC an idea of what the next adventure has in store for the group. It will be heard once more, following the scenario, and never again)
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)12:56 No.2261410
    At the end of the series they all agreed to be permanently morphed into boa constrictors or pythons or something, so that they could eat all they wanted without hurting anybody.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)12:58 No.2261422
    The twist of a whole campaign:

    The entire party is really just one person who has disassociative identity disorder, so there are four or five personalities acting at the same time, each with different skills and the like, but it takes a lot of work for them to realize that none of them is actually "real." Bonus points if the BBEG is also a split personality.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)13:07 No.2261453
    ~ Several old buckets are found in an abandoned room, each full of murky water. If searched or kicked over to see if something is inside, it is revealed that one of them is actually filled with dozens and dozens of teeth, submerged by just enough water so you can't see them from the surface.

    ~ Have a chess board, Monopoly set, etc. with pieces hand-carved to look like the PCs and their enemies on opposite sides. Have the board keep reappearing, with the pieces changing to reflect changes in the PCs clothing, hairstyles, equipment, injuries, etc., even changes that occurred mere minutes ago.

    ~Steam pipes with leaks that hiss in such a way as to sound like a melody of some sort. Possibly something like "Mary Had a Little Lamb," but slowed down so much that it's not immediately recognizable unless you hang around for a few minutes.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)13:12 No.2261478
    -The investigators wake up one morning to find that light and dark are reversed- the sun is darkening everything, and turning on lamps creates a zone of even more intense darkness, while shadows are lighter than the surrounding area.

    - One day when you wake up, you notice a needle hovering in front of one of your eyes at a distance of about 3 feet. When you reach for it, it moves, and noone else can see it. When you wake up the next morning, you notice it moved slightly closer
    -A man (or woman) is standing on the edge of the gutter. They either step off, as if to cross the road, or slowly fall forward. Either way, upon contact with the road they sink into the bitumen and gravel, leaving no trace (or perhaps a hat, 'floating' on the surface of the road).
    -An NPC happens upon a horrible accident that kills them. They apparently don't realize it as they are still walking, talking, etc. If someone points out that they are dead, they collapse to the ground.
    -When a fire alarm is pulled, elevator music starts playing.
    -Inspired by house of leaves – while alone in a room (I used a bathroom) a section of wall cracks, when investigated a small chunk of plaster falls away revealing a room beyond. No big deal-until the investigator realized that the new room would have jutted out of the side of the building and it defiantly wasn’t there on the outside.
    -When switching on the lights in a room the lights flicker before going out with a pop, the flickering is actually morse code for "help me, help me"
    -NPCs mutilate themselves when nervous or bored, instead of humming or tapping their fingers.
    -Every clock in the town is either slowly running down or counting down towards a certain time.
    -Doors which are unlocked one moment refuse to open later on. As this continues, the PCs realise that some intelligence controls this and is directing them somewhere they really don't want to be
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)13:16 No.2261489
    Q: Is Rod Serling always awesome?
    A: Yes.
    FYI: Bonus points for a joke about smoking.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)13:18 No.2261499
    -A hill where anything fashioned by human hands (flags, ropes, clothing, hair) blows directly opposite the prevailing wind.

    -The PC's cell phone rings. On the other end of the line she can hear a confused woman asking where she is, nearly hysterical. There is a sound of water running in the background. Dial tone.

    -Inside an old dress shop there are partial manaquins covered with yellowing bed sheets. As the PCs move through the room (in the dark with flashlights) you could swear that the heads turn to watch your movements.

    -Water boils in a glass that is sitting next to the player.

    -The tea kettle that is on the stove over a high flame turns to ice.

    -You see a pencil playing tic-tac-toe with itself.

    -Christmas lights flash and work in an empty house. With no power lines running to it. And no actual lights when people go and look.

    I am less than halfway through the document.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)13:31 No.2261537
    A PC is walking down the street in Silent Hill on a normal foggy day.

    A handful of human NPCs are going about their daily business.

    The fog is slowly. but steadily growing thicker.

    As the fog grows more dense, the NPCs around the player seem to become gradually slower, less natural.

    Their movements seem to become jerky uncoordinated. They slowly hunch over and begin to drag their feet, etc.

    at the same time, any electronics with lights or audio output bein to slowly and gradually do crazy shit.

    Radios begin spewing static, at first quietly, but the noice increases in intensity as the fog becomes thicker and thicker.

    Anything with a display screen that is on begins showing slight artifacts in the image, eventually becoming static-filled images of grotesque scenes.

    LEDs dim, imperceptibly at first, but then die and then suddenly flash erratically.

    The sun becomes dimmer as the fog chokes the rays of light reaching the ground.

    Something is definately not right here.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)13:35 No.2261556
    ~ AM radio signals are easily disrupted by lightning, manifesting as a burst of static. While the radio is on during a storm, the lightning comes in such a way that the static bursts make an SOS signal in morse code.

    ~ Alternatively, when flipping through stations on a TV or radio, the snatches of conversation, songs, and commercials heard in each second of channel-flipping link together to form coherent sentences giving warnings or messages to the PC.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)13:40 No.2261572

    >A PC is walking down the street in Silent Hill on a normal foggy day.

    At a glance I read that as the setup for a joke, like "Pyramid Head walks into a bar. Bartender says: 'Why the long face?'"
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)13:48 No.2261612
    I want to know how this would work, so lets just say it starts on a movie, and the guys name is Ted.
    I just want you to know Ted,
    -It flips to a music channel-
    There's a stranger standing behind you...
    -flips again to a news channel-
    And he was found dead, at whatevertheguysageis.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/29/08(Tue)13:50 No.2261625
         File :1217353849.jpg-(19 KB, 350x225, taxxon04.jpg)
    19 KB
    One hundred points to Gryffindor.
    Taxxon Transformer.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)13:52 No.2261632
    PCs wake up, one of them complaining of a migraine, the kind that feels stabbing pain in the eyes and nasal cavity.
    Later on, the group comes across a room with x-rays up on the walls. A successful spot check reveals the patient's name on the x-rays is the same as the patient complaining before-- with a metallic but vaguely-shaped object inserted behind the eyes in the occipital cavity.

    Have one of the PCs constantly wake up bruised and sore, as if he was run haggard throughout the night. This continues, eventually leading to Constitution drain, till the other PCs stay up late to watch over him and realize he's sleepwalking-- and is hunting for other NPCs in his sleep. Either that, or an NPC struggles out of a wall crawl space or overlooked heating duct or chimney, not realizing the other PC to be awake...

    Two PCs discover yellowed photographs and diaries of two young lovers who lived about 60 to 200 years ago in Silent Hill's past. The evidence suggests that the PCs are reincarnated from those two NPCs. Leave 'em guessing who is whom, but reveal a tragic, grisly death of one NPC at the hands of the other.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)13:55 No.2261655
    And now you can have that fresh feeling...
    (Soap opera)
    ...whenever she's there...
    (Political talk show)
    ...because the liberals and the conservatives are...
    (Music channel)
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)13:56 No.2261662
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)13:58 No.2261674
    One of my PCs made the unfortunate action of disturbing a sacred shrine.
    A mother-of-pearl eyeball now follows him wherever he goes, appearing normally in his bag, but occasionally in places that defy logic, like his quiver, sword sheath, bedroll, etc.
    He's gotten past "creeped out" and now finds it almost comforting.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)14:02 No.2261691
    Like a spirit is watching over him?
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)14:48 No.2261883
    A twisted nightmarish office building. Corpses are tied to their cubicle spots with razor wire. They're not actually dead, just in constant torture. Their eyes are crying blood, and their hands are the only free part of them, constantly typing "KILLME KILLME KILLME KILLME…" onto the flashing computer screen over and over again. The constant keyboard clicking sounds form a crescendo of terror.
    >> Very serious 07/29/08(Tue)15:18 No.2262015
    I don't know if this is silent hill-ish enough, but how about a mirror that shows things as they were/are/could be?

    The first time someone looks through it, it might reflect their younger self, or show them injured from an encounter they haven't had yet.

    they could see a ruined building as it used to be, or show them who the monster they just killed was when they were human.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)15:51 No.2262201
    They can see the dark shape of a car out on the backyard grass and, over on the next block, the bleak illumination of a street lamp. The neighborhood is deathly still.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)16:23 No.2262356
    Harry Potter

    >Later analysis of the blood reveals that each individual cell is from a different species of creature.

    How the flying ball-sac do you expect PCs to be able to figure out that sort of information? It's just retarded.

    Same goes for noticing that lights are blinking in Morse Code. Slightly more plausible, still ridicules.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)16:29 No.2262399
    wow...a car in the dark, with a still seeming atmosphere. Real scary there Stephen King.

    You described five in the morning getting up for work.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)16:53 No.2262517
    A dust-devil formed of ash and dust suddenly forms behind the PCs (by which I mean basically a rather small tornado, about 7-feet tall). As it whirls around, it appears to move closer and closer to the PCs no matter which direction they walk in. It is as if the tiny cyclone can actually SEE them with hidden eyes obscured by the grit and ash it is picking up from the streets. As it moves closer and closer to them, little pebbles and chunks of asphalt occasionally fly out of the wind-tunnel and hit the PCs, some of them hitting hard enough to draw blood, like being shot by a BB gun. After ten minutes or so of keeping away from the tornado, it falls apart as suddenly as it appears. If the PCs decide to investigate where the dust-devil finally discorporated (is that the right term?), they discover a pile of ashes, pebbles, asphalt, and most disturbing of all, seven bloody body parts that have been rudely hacked apart from each other. A head, a hand, a torso, etc. If the cyclone actually is able to fully envelope a PC in the "eye of the storm", it will tear the PC into ribbons, the actual method with which it does this is hidden from the others by the dust flying around it. The wind should also sound appropriately like human screaming, wailing, crying, etc.
    >> Thatassholewritefag 07/29/08(Tue)17:52 No.2262829
    The way I introduced the PC's to silent Hill.

    You come upon a police car parked along side the road with it's driver door ajar. Investigation reveals that no firearms are in the car but the radio and huge rodney king beating flashlight is still in the front seat. Opening the trunk reveals the body of a man curled into a fetal position clutching a blood caked tire iron. HE is covered in deep wounds and scratch marks that would kill anyone instantly. The underside of the trunks hood shows scratch marks from the inside as if the man was trying to escape. The words "DONT CRY" are written in red paint on the inside part of the trunk hood.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)17:55 No.2262849
    Ops post reminds me of that episode of pete and pete where the payphone drove everyone mad and the mom skinned the father, wearing it as a man suit as she systematically devoured everyone in the town with her unhinging jaw filled with rows of serrated shark teeth.
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)20:58 No.2263909
    I'n using that
    >> Anonymous 07/29/08(Tue)23:28 No.2264612
    I... don't think that was the Adventure of Pete & Pete.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)01:27 No.2265130
    You hear a violent noise like a huge canvas tarp whipping in the wind. You look over your shoulder, then drop to the ground in frozen terror. The sound is the flapping of great wings on a reptilian creature with dead eyes, jagged teeth and flared claws. The creature has a long head marked by dark, glittering eyes and a bony jaw that opens to reveal rows of teeth. The wings are wide and featherless of a dark red color. The formation of bones is clear through the creature’s skin, and claws mark the forward peaks of the bone structure. It appears too heavy to fly, but it does not, and it is coming for you. You see the predator circle, keeping its gaze on you. Those eyes, cold and brutal. Finally, the monster turns and disappears behind the mist. You stare into the swirling gray where it had vanished. You rise from your knees, willing them to be strong. You run.
    You rise from the mud and run with the wind, but the beating of those wings grows until it fills your ears. You feel the blasts of the creature's hot breath. You smell a thousand matches lit at once---sulfur. You flail your arms and fall again to the ground as the monster swoops down. As you tense, the beast brushes over you. How could it miss? Is it playing with you, terrorizing you before the kill? The creature sweeps past, screaming its malice, in a broad curve, disappears into the mist, and then reappears ahead of the travelers and far off to one side. Again it sweeps towards them, but this time as it completes its approach it does not pass overhead. Instead it rears in the air like an angry stallion. Behind you hear again the whipping tarp, louder and louder. In a heartbeat the fiery breath falls on you again. You throw your arms over your head, and as you duck you feel daggers pierce you, claws penetrating the base of your neck, ripping through muscle and tendon. Jerked off the ground you scream.
    The beast drops the PC back to the ground, the echo of his/her cry disappearing into the merciless fog.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)08:43 No.2265261
    You eat food, but the texture and flavour is all wrong.
    Never explain it...
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)08:58 No.2265290
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)09:06 No.2265308
    A player shocked to see a sight suddenly gets cramps and stomach pains which are share and unexplainable. The player screams and a tearing noise is heard followed by the thud of masonry. A blood soaked brick lays lying edge side up on the floor. The player white and pale still dripping blood and skin hanging loosely from a hole in his trousers collapses.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)09:10 No.2265316

    Yeah, but what if it was in a medieval D&D setting?
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)10:05 No.2265531
    Wow, I just got up, read this thread, and now I'm already so creeped-out I'm worried I might have trouble sleeping.

    /tg/, you are awesome.

    I have to ask, is there some sort of Silent Hill RPG system, or is this just homebrewed stuff using another system? And if it's the latter, what systems does /tg/ recommend? 'Cuz man, this all sounds pretty damn awesome, and I know a couple of friends in my D&D group to be big Silent Hill fans themselves, so they'd probably get a kick out of this too.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)10:41 No.2265651
    The players find a vending machine. The words on the front and the buttons have mostly been eroded away by wind, rain and... whatever caused those scratch marks coating the box. A bit of white string is protruding from the coin slot and if pulled out has a rusted but usable circle of metal attached, covered in strange markings. If used the machine has a random effect.
    1 - A can comes out. The liquid inside is refreshing enough.

    2 - A can comes out. It is filled with ash.

    3 - A can comes out. The liquid inside is refreshing enough... About half an hour after consumption however the player who drank from the can starts to get thirsty again, nothing can quench the thirst but another can from that machine. His vision starts to dim and the world around him slowly turns black except for the machine, wherever it is he can see it. The world around him has become black and wraithlike, he can make out the edges of structures enough to navigate to the machine...

    4 - A can comes out. When opened blood bubbles out and won't... stop... flowing. The player who opened the can starts to turn pale and feels weak. The blood is his own.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)10:42 No.2265655

    5 - A can comes out. The drink inside is delicious and sweet. About half an hour after drinking the player's belly will start to feel itchy. Another half hour later many hard lumps will have formed across his belly. Another half hour and they start to turn translucent, squirming shapes can be seen inside. In just another half hour these eggs will hatch into spiders made of human fingers and faces.

    6 - A can comes out VERY quickly. It rolls away down the street, regardless of gravity. It picks up speed and if it rolls out of the players site then from where it disappeared will come the roaring sound of waves... a tide of cans will flow back from where the can disappeared towards the players, some are punctured and leaking oily, black liquid.

    7 - The machine does nothing for a few moments and then starts to slowly melt away. Once it has become a puddle the BBEG equivalent of pyramidhead starts to slowly rise from the ooze. Players better run.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)10:43 No.2265657

    8 - The sound of a child crying comes from the machine. If opened (the door just swings open) then the players can see a nightmare mishmash of rusted, sharp mechanisms in the centre of which is a babies torso and head. The baby starts to choke and its throat starts to bulge until it painfully vomits up a can. The drink inside the can is delicious. The baby continues crying.

    9 - The front of the machine dents outwards like something has just punched it from inside. More dents appear and the machine starts rocking and twitching towards the players. If opened (the door is locked and must be smashed open) then the players will find it filled with meat and organs, no machinery.

    10 - An arm drops out of the slot at the bottom of the machine. It is still connected to something inside the machine it is wearing the same clothes, jewellery and has the same tattoos or distinctive markings as the player who put the coin in the machine. The arm is badly scratched and broken. The box can not be opened. If the arm is pulled then the player whose arm it is will find his real arm dragged through a wall, it does not come out the other side and has now become the arm in the machine. It can not be removed, it must be amputated.

    If the players do not use the machine then it continues to appear throughout their adventure, sometimes it appears blocking an alley they are trying to escape down. Sometimes in a doorway. Sometimes in the middle of a desolate field. Anywhere.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)10:44 No.2265659
    To be honest, I used AFMBE for my last Silent Hill campaign. It worked GREAT.

    D20 Modern does okay, if you've only ever played D&D and don't want to learn new rules.

    If you play White Wolf, run it like Vampire, but without any powers and cut the Freebie points in half.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)10:46 No.2265666
    i just used nWoD for my Silent Hill campaign and it worked just fine.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)10:49 No.2265674
         File :1217429373.jpg-(32 KB, 300x391, unknown_armies_0.jpg)
    32 KB
    In my mind, there is only one system that can properly do Silent Hill.
    >> Edward !F8wHraWURw 07/30/08(Wed)10:59 No.2265703
    I've been using GURPS for a sort of Silent Hill campaign.
    People only showed up the first day. Half showed up the second. ;_;

    I'd like to take another group into Ashcroft some time soon and see their reactions to the horrors of the town.
    If anyone wants... I could give it another shot. Maybe... Monday, perhaps?
    Though the last time I gave out my email on /tg/ I think someone signed me up for porn... hard to tell, since I signed myself up for porn...
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)11:11 No.2265729
    stupid DM?
    DM stupid?
    >> Edward !F8wHraWURw 07/30/08(Wed)11:20 No.2265766
    Nope. I was rather good. Not great, but I at least don't think I was bad. Everyone seemed to have fun, and the two or three players who came back were interested.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)12:57 No.2266137

    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)12:59 No.2266141
    The PCs are exploring some big place or whatever; it doesn't matter if the whole place is haunted or if this is the first/only horror-event they find, all that matters is it's the kind of place that would have a giant meat locker.

    They descend into the broken down meat locker, absolutely frigid, and no attempt, magical or otherwise, at altering the temperature works. There are dozens and dozens of old, rotting, well-butchered animal carcasses hanging from hooks lined up neatly throughout the locker. Most animals are common, like cows and pigs; some are completely unrecognizable. The entire room is covered with dried blood, which is perfectly normal for a meat locker, of course. On the far side there's a heavy steel door. After a few moments, a very small amount of fresh blood trickles from beneath the door, and a soft scraping is heard.

    If the door is opened even slightly, a sudden, forceful amount of weight pushes on it, and it's flung open. Without warning, a massive, disfigured, bloodied butcher, frostbitten and dismembered, lurches forwards, meat cleaver in hand. He lands directly on top of the nearest PC unless a reflex save is made.

    He then lies motionless. Upon examination, he is completely dead, and has been for years. However, he's still dripping with blood. The PCs then hear rattling chains behind them.

    The animal carcasses slowly come to life, writhing and struggling until they fall off their hooks. What happens next is up to you; they could immediately attack the party; my personal preference is that they ignore the party and crawl towards the dead butcher, then slowly begin eating his corpse (with whatever mouth-like hole they have left), much to the chagrin of the poor sap trapped underneath him. Perhaps the butcher randomly starts screaming a few moments into the process.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)13:04 No.2266157
    I forget if I showed for the next game or not ,but I would still be interested, it's just that I'd kind of need to know when the game is scheduled so I don't ignore it or the like.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/30/08(Wed)13:23 No.2266216
    Well, I'm thinking that this time instead of saying "Friday, 3pm" I'm going to say "What works for everyone?"
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)18:44 No.2267489

    Thanks for the tips, I'm looking at AFMBE right now. Seems pretty good for this sort of thing, but I might checking out Unknown Armies too, just to weigh my options. If anyone else has any input, I'll gladly take it. Me and my friends are still new to the whole PnP thing, but we're having great fun with it so far.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)19:09 No.2267629
    As the PCs round a corner they hear a scraping behind them, like stone on stone. As they keep moving, it follows them getting louder, until it sounds like it's right on top of them. Emphasize the amount of danger this could hold for them. The sound moves past them, under a building nearby, which the collapses as blood, entrails and still twitching limbs jut out from the wreckage. If they care to stick around, they'll see the pile of rubble undulate for a while, like it's chewing it's kill, then slowly reform unharmed. Any gore outside the building remains where it is/is gathered by snaking conduits or pipes and flung through an open window.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)19:12 No.2267647
    The PCs encounter a blind vagrant wandering the streets. He knows the PCs by name and seems relieved to see them. He's sane, if a bit harried sounding, and will answer any single question they ask him. After it's asked, he turns his face to the sky and gives an Earth wrenching demon scream as the pavement juts upwards and impales him. He ignites and remains there.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)19:53 No.2267852
    I know I didn't look though the rest of the thread, but thank you for saving this from that last thread.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:13 No.2267920
    There are a trio of ash-covered mannequins standing on opposite corners of the street.

    If you blink while looking at them, they will suddenly change places. First blink, one mannequin is standing over another with an ice-pick.

    Blink again, and the other mannequin holds it's arms up in a vain attempt to protect it's face while the ice-pick wielding mannequin appears to be in the middle of a downward swing.

    Third blink and the mannequin murderer is standing stock still...except that it's now facing towards the PCs. The other mannequins are not lying on the ground, and covered in blood with their faces torn off.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:16 No.2267936
    Sorry, that should be "the mannequins are NOW lying on the ground"
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/30/08(Wed)21:28 No.2268314
    The streets are silent, save for your footsteps. And of course the sounds from the fog. You can't be entirely sure that it isn't your imagination playing tricks on you. It's out there, low, nearly imperceptible, but it's there. There's a noise, and it's coming from the fog itself, as soft as it may be. The sound of wind blowing gently, even though the air is still and the smoky mist turns of it's own accord.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/30/08(Wed)21:29 No.2268322
    At first you don't even notice the sound. Too focused on your footsteps. And your heartbeat. The panting of your breath. It's not until you slow to a standstill that you realize you were running. The awkward weight of the copper piping in your hand is uncomfortable, and you've grasped it so tightly your whitened knuckles ache. That's when you finally notice the sound. You think, hope, that it's just a cat, scrounging for scraps. You've seen glimpses of things in the mists that you wouldn't want to meet this close. That's when you see it, crawling from the underside of a boxy old car. It crawls across it's belly, a sort of grey, tannish thing covering it. On it's back are two pieces of bone jutting out from the shoulders. Flayed skin and feathers still hanging in tatters from the broken skeletal arms. It struggles to it's feet, awkward and grotesque. That's when you realize what it's wearing. The... thing... is bound in strips of human flesh, sewn together with wire, arms pressed tightly, and at odd, uncomfortable angles, to the chest. It might have been a woman, at one time. You can see the outline of hips and breasts as it writhes up to a standing position. The horrid monstrosity's eyes are sewn shut, and it's once full lips are tied loosely in the same manner. The eyeless thing looks at you, the light of your pocket torch shinning on the taut flesh of it's bindings. You catch a glimpse of a navel, and nipples and shudder. The metal strings that shut the mouth stretch tightly as the thing opens it's mouth and gives out a deafening shriek that leaves you clutching your temples and falling to your knees.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:45 No.2268405
    Awesome thread! Keep it coming!
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:56 No.2268483
    in a supermaket:
    the meat aisle becomes impossibly long, and as the PCs walk down it, the meat becomes more and more rotten, until it finally becomes shrink wrapped cysts and tumors by the pound. use your imagination when they get to the section marked "veal". >:3
    >> I plan on doing them all, or at least all the Lesser enemies. What say you? Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/30/08(Wed)22:10 No.2268551
    You hear the sickening slurping noises before you see the cause. You should have turned around. But no, you had to give in. Such a human trait, curiosity and the temptation to give into it. You turn the corner slowly, the sound getting louder, like meat caught in a grinder and being sucked through. That's when you see it. An emaciated man with a swollen, distended belly, eating as if it hadn't ever done so before. He wasn't wearing clothes, and was covered in blood and dirt and grim, his skin looking like something from a garbage can. It's not until the man lifts his head to let the rotted, festering meat he's ravenously tearing into slide down his throat that you notice he's not exactly what you thought he was. His neck is long and sinuous, and ends in a blunt face. There are tiny little beads that might be eyes next to it, and they're almost covered in blood and blinking against the thin light of a streetlamp. At the end of the fleshy tube that makes up it's head is a razor lined tunnel. Three sharp teeth still chew at the still night air. It goes back to it's fetid meal, large talons tearing chunks off and stuffing them down the throat. It doesn't even care when it's own hand gets too close, and snaps at it before digging it back into the corpse.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/30/08(Wed)22:11 No.2268555
    When it runs out of large chunks of meat, it reaches it's cylindrical head down and starts to clean the flesh from the bone. All this takes place in the span of only a few minutes, and the thing is soon nothing more than a skeleton. It couldn't have weighed more than a small child, and yet it's still as sickly thin as before, it's belly no heavier even after devouring a corpse. It snorts out, digging into any crevice it can for a missed morsel, but finds none and throws back it's head in anguish, still sniffing all the while. The head flops back, twists. The thing falls over and quickly scrabbles to it's feat, long arms dragging across the ground as it hobbles with it's bloated, gassy stomach toward your corner.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/30/08(Wed)22:42 No.2268732
    Aw come on, nothing? Not even a little bit?
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 07/30/08(Wed)22:45 No.2268743

    Survival horror is by far the most appropriate time to use freeform gaming. The lessened restrictions are extremely helpful for your job of scaring the others shitless, and the main problem, the loss of quantified skills is fine as characters should be restrained to doing only things normal people can do, and the loss of combat rules helps because it's damned hard to produce the result you want without it being obvious within a known and finite set of rules.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:49 No.2268755
    But how can it be scary for the players without an arbitrary stat that represents sanity and the number of books that can be read before the character becomes unplayable?
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/30/08(Wed)22:55 No.2268790
    I had meant what do you think of these monsters that I came up with...

    Personally, I think that a Survival Horror roleplaying game is difficult but doable. Best done over the internet, where the flaws of speech are taken out of the equation. So long as no one makes frequent spelling errors, or just sucks, it'll be like reading and writing a book. There's also the feeling of apartness you can get.
    Read The Holders? Creepy, isn't it? When creepy pasta mentions looking behind you, it's always going to make your skin crawl.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 07/30/08(Wed)23:04 No.2268836
    As for horror, there are three main elements that work most effectively in an interactive medium. First, you manipulate fear of the unknown. Things that aren't outright scary, but are all wrong in subtle ways that play on the players' minds. Most of the things here that aren't actually dangerous are right for this. This happens all the time, never letting up ever, but gets more or less upsetting depending on how you want the players to feel. Weak things should be things that are only slightly off, like lights that flicker to a pattern. Strong shoudl be things that are just fundamentally wrong and impossible, even moreso if they're inversions of things people always take for granted. Weak but distubring monster attacks fit here.

    Then, you've got two different kinds of real threats. The first is the thing that you can beat, but it's very hard, and it seems no matter what you do it doesn't help fast enough. Things like massive swarms work here. The best example I know of is the end of FEAR, where after spending the entire game as a massive badass you are ow on the run from ghosts who attack constantly from everywhere and your power doesn't help because they move at normal speed withit on and incredibly fast with it off and you've used up every single bullet from every gun you have except two magazzines for the pistol and thegoddamned ghosts are still coming FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF. It also has to be unrelenting, so that they have to keep fighting it until you've built up the tension to a suitable level. Do not do this to start, it will make the players feel awesome. This is a tension multiplier, the more disturbed they're feeling the better it works. Use it to cap off the tension you've been spending the session building up.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/30/08(Wed)23:06 No.2268846
    I'm not going to get feedback, am I... ;_;
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:07 No.2268855
    nope sage for Edward
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 07/30/08(Wed)23:12 No.2268880

    The last is pontetially the most effective, but usually the least. The Unstoppable Threat is the easiest thing to fuck up in your game, especially since Pyramid Head made everyone realise this. You must spend time carefully crafting your unstoppable and making its rules, and then when the players feel safe break those rules just enough to make them worry. Whe using it be etxremely careful, because it needs the tension you've already built up to work, and when they escape it'll reduce that tension by quite a bit even though they're not actually safer at all. If you do it when there's no tension it will seem comical and will ruin your campaign.

    Case in point. My speakers have been buzzing for fifteen minutes, and just now started making this strange louder buzz in a sort of pattern. At any other time I'd just sigh and turn them off. After reading this thread is a house by myself, I nearly fucking screamed.

    Speaking of which, NO BOO HORROR. You NEED moving graphics for this to work, and as such it's restricted to games and movies and TV. There is nothign scary about it in RP.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 07/30/08(Wed)23:14 No.2268886

    Fucking hell now the fish I'm eating tastes funny and there's popping noises comign from outside the door and I'm trying to figure out whether it's worht the risk to make a run for a weapon. This is why i stopped going to /x/.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:41 No.2269329
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/31/08(Thu)01:13 No.2269500
    >Speaking of which, NO BOO HORROR. You NEED moving graphics for this to work, and as such it's restricted to games and movies and TV. There is nothign scary about it in RP.
    BOO HORROR very rarely works as it is. It's cheap. Gripping psychological terror is what you need. Having something sitting right in front of you, building up to a frightening crescendo of terror...
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)01:15 No.2269509

    >blind vagrant
    >seems relieved to see them.

    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/31/08(Thu)01:21 No.2269529
    It's obviously a figure of speech. Or, perhaps, he can see more than others can see, despite his disability.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)01:29 No.2269558

    /x/ is a shit hole now. It's nothing but "Ooo, look! I made a mindfuck motivational!" when there's no mind fuck, trolling, and stale, moldy old creepy-pasta.
    >> Eidolon !!UlzadR5vInw 07/31/08(Thu)01:32 No.2269577
         File :1217482335.jpg-(205 KB, 1024x768, eel.jpg)
    205 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)01:33 No.2269584
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)01:33 No.2269587
         File :1217482432.jpg-(75 KB, 1024x768, eel.jpg)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)01:39 No.2269616
         File :1217482748.png-(328 KB, 921x1084, cave moray.png)
    328 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)01:40 No.2269621
         File :1217482813.jpg-(61 KB, 763x717, eel 2.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)01:47 No.2269660
    The PCs suddenly notice and encroaching liquid at their feet, which stops just before reaching them. When they step into it, it is only millimeters deep, yet they feel a scratching at the bottom of their feet. They have no reflection. When one inspects this phenomenon, the liquid recedes in places to reveal near-perfect pictures of their face, with all orifices shut, eyes rolled back into their sockets.

    When they look away, they suddenly feel as though they are drowning. The feeling continues until the image in the liquid is disturbed. The distorted image then fades away. The other PCs exclaim in horror as the inspector of the fluid looks at them, screaming to noone in particular that their face is melting. Seconds later, the PC blacks out. They remember it all, but the liquid is now ordinary water. Your reflection seems different somehow.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/31/08(Thu)02:30 No.2269902
    Bump before I go to sleep;
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)02:36 No.2269924
    One of the PCs finds a bed. There are strange noises coming from underneath, yet the clown-faced rapist you don't notice until it's too late making them is on the ceiling. Hm. Better not sleep tonight. Or else Pennywise might get you. Else Pennywise might get you. Pennywise might get you. Pennywise get you. PENNYWISE WILL GET YOU.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)11:27 No.2272047
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)11:30 No.2272061
    He's another iteration of the 'Blind Prophet' legend. Like Tieresias, or for the Dunefags, Muad'Dib.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)11:39 No.2272096
    The PCs spot a human figure, barely visible in the mist/darkness. It's the first they've seen in a while, so I'd assume they'd want to make contact. As they follow it, it remains just out of the range of clear sight, and matches the PC's pace. Eventually, it ducks into a subway tunnel or building, and if the PCs follow it, it leads them to a huge tumor-like mass dangling the "person", actually a corpse, by a long tentacle-like sinew as a lure. It then proceeds to mind rape the PCs in an attempt to feed off their soon to be braindead bodies.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)12:02 No.2272166
    The "Please do not take these items" situation, if tweaked correctly and in the right sort of game, could be very scary.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)12:47 No.2272320
    I got this idea a while back, but I haven't been able to implement it.

    One of the PC's is a cop from the local town, who got called out to the middle of nowhere in a forest, supposedly where a very small village or town is supposed to be. Obviously, there's a lot of fog and what not. The PC goes with at least 12 men from the force, because they heard some deep shit was going down.

    This is where it starts. The PC and the boys drive up to the only way into this town, which is a single rope bridge stretching across a small canyon. The rope bridge is cut, and the fog is thick enough so that they can't even see the other side at all. As the PC discusses ways to get across with the boys, a voice comes from the other side of the canyon.

    "Hey, is somebody there?"

    ". . .What? Who's over there? Who are you?"

    "Oh boy, am I glad that you guys are here! Listen, something strange is going on in this town! There are these. . things. . .Listen, can you guys get me across? I really just want to go ho-"

    The voice is cut off, and after a few moments of silence, a loud splash is heard from the bottom of the canyon. If the PC investigates, all he finds is a torn jacket, looks like someone was impaled.

    Then, the PC will probably enter the town, for whatever reason, then the rest of the adventure happens, maybe the PC meets the other players, etc etc. However, by the end of the adventure, everyone except for the first PC will have died, and the first PC will get the feeling that if he doesn't flee soon, he'll die himself.

    He makes his way back to the bridge, only to discover that once again, the rope bridge has been cut down. As he stares at the bridge, crest-fallen, he hears voices coming through the fog from the other side of the canyon. He naturally calls out to them. When they answer back, the PC feels relieved and calls back to them:

    "Oh boy, am I glad that you guys are here. . ."

    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)12:50 No.2272328
    if the ending is already predecided to that level of detail then why run the game at all? Sounds like it would make a good story but a crap game.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)12:53 No.2272342

    I filled in most of it so you get a general idea of how it would feel like, but you could definitely pull this off with much less railroading.

    Besides, in a horror campaign, PC's don't generally see the ending anyways.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)13:01 No.2272373
    For a few seconds, the sky appears to be an enormous basement ceiling, the sun is a guttering lightbulb held up by a rusting chain.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)13:19 No.2272447
    I see alot of good stuff when it comes to scaring the PCs in this game. But almost nothing that makes the PC doubt himself/herself. Which is kind of sad considering that is the ultimate mindfuck.

    Now I'm not very good at this but I'm thinking stuff like:

    - A cat comes along yearning for attention. As soon as the PC touches the cat, it flays and dies a horrible death.

    - When the PC catches a glimpse of him/her-self in a mirror (or some other reflective surface) he sees a horrible monstrosity which resembles him/her-self.

    - When treating a fellow another person's wounds, the PC only seems to make it worse, making the wound bleed more, pus seep out and seemingly rot nearly instantly. As soon as the PC stops the wound returns back to normal.

    I'm thinking alongs the lines of the story "Saya no Uta" described earlier in the thread. Make the PC doubt his/her own perception and if he/she really is the good guy.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)16:15 No.2273482
    I hope someone other than me is also copy pasting these into a text document.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)18:49 No.2274502

    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)20:18 No.2275005
    As a general idea, taken from a dream of mine.

    -The players stumble across a CCTV security room. The screens are all blank save for one, which shows static; closer examination reveals that a tape (or whatever) is still in the recording equipment attached to the monitor.

    Playing the tape back reveals a darkened forest/room/etc with numerous obstructions to line of sight. As the players watch the play back, what seems to be shadows flit between the obstructions; the longer the tape plays the greater the number of these anomalous "flitters" there are.

    After an appropriate amount of time, one of the anomalies forms in the center of the screen and steadily grows larger, as if approaching the camera directly. As this happens the screen increasingly jumps into buzzing static, until finally the tape displays only the anomaly, a wraithlike shadow in a field of noise. Subsequent viewings of the tape reveal nothing untoward. If the players are conversant with a CCTV system and are proactive enough to check a real time feed, this will still occur. May work best combined with subtle, creepy after effects.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)20:39 No.2275157
    D-Dr Baron? Get thee back to Deviantart, these two worlds aren't meant to cross over.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)20:57 No.2275302

    Alternatively: The players stumble across a security room controlling an extensive CCTV network. Anyone reasonably versed in electronics can tell that the equipment is very modern, well-maintained and in excellent working order. Nevertheless, any and all attempts to use the security system fail; the monitors fail to display, despite being on, save for occasional flashes of what seems to be static. If the party persists, the screens all flash brightly before going blank again and emitting a low, ululating cry, despite not having a sound system.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)22:09 No.2275726
    The PCs walk into a room, with either a radio, or tv is on.
    There will be some movie or play on, the moment any PC notices this, the characters on the tv will stop whatever they're doing and just stare at the PCs. Then, they'll point, scream, and it turns into static.

    Or, there's a large, open field of flowers, nearly no fog present. The flowers are white, with blue markings on their petals, looking like eyes. The flowers will be completely normal, until one of the PCs accidentally steps on one, or harms it in any way. Then, all the flowers will turn towards the damaged flower, and the petals will start crying. There's no sound, but red lines slowly stretch from the eyes and to the bottom of the petals. Looking closely, there's just the colour in the petals changing, then they'll drip blood.

    If say, the PC removes his foot from the flower that was crushed, or uprooted, a baby will be there, killed in the same way as the flower.
    ( Ripped apart, crushed, pulled to pieces, that sort of stuff. )
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)22:27 No.2275831
         File :1217557621.jpg-(27 KB, 288x287, 1175047650956.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)22:55 No.2275973
    PCs walk into a fog.

    OOoOoooOoOoOoOoooOoOoOOooOoOOooOo SpoOoOoOooooooOoOooky!!!
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)23:02 No.2276025
    Would a mask work for a IRL horror campaign?
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)23:03 No.2276035

    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)23:07 No.2276056

    Why not?
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)23:11 No.2276071

    What? What're you saying under there? I can't understand you under that stupid mask. Just take it off and <b>describe</b> what we find in the abandoned warehouse.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)23:13 No.2276081

    What if I get a mask that doesn't suck ass?
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)23:14 No.2276092
    It still won't work. I guarantee the moment you try to be scary with the mask on you're going to get laughed it. You're being too obvious. Just frighten them with good description, intricate details and even a jump scare if you're desperate, but playing dress-up is fail.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)23:16 No.2276099

    I was thinking of using the mask in order seem a little more disconnected with the Players, not trying to scare them. You know, try and give them a little more feeling of isolation.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)23:19 No.2276109

    Stand up and walk around them while you're describing things, especially scary ones. Walk behind them in their chairs. Invade their comfort zone. But, don't play dress up. You will be laughed at.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)23:29 No.2276162

    Hey, that's pretty good. Maybe we should start a thread about how to Meta-game horror campaigns?
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)01:10 No.2276745
    The streets to chainlink, and then returns when they blink.
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)02:22 No.2277103
    The charecters find grifiti that reads "THE ONE TRUE GOD HAS COME."
    >> the motion 08/01/08(Fri)02:41 No.2277197
    SH3 wut?

    I'm not that guy you're having that exchange with, but what about a simple plain black or white "birdflu" mask? Basically just ninja covers the lower part of your face and wouldn't impede your speaking.
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)13:22 No.2279604

    God of the new world!?
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)13:22 No.2279605
    A blazing sun, rising in a stark, cloudless sky. A bush/tree bared of all its leaves, a completely skeletal structure, with children running around it in a circle laughing.
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)13:37 No.2279672
         File :1217612240.jpg-(17 KB, 704x396, 1176387326941.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Iris Hawthorne 08/01/08(Fri)13:38 No.2279677
         File :1217612316.jpg-(28 KB, 640x477, just as plans.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)19:34 No.2281559
    After reading this thread I want to start a Silent Hill type game with my group. Any prefab books that might help?
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)19:35 No.2281563
    Call of Cthulhu
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)19:45 No.2281612
         File :1217634332.jpg-(63 KB, 640x478, 1183010472004.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)19:48 No.2281639
         File :1217634496.jpg-(283 KB, 704x396, 1212307397875.jpg)
    283 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)19:49 No.2281648
    This is why no one likes Shinsen

    This is why no one like Yesy
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)19:49 No.2281653
    awesome i don't have that one.
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)19:53 No.2281678
         File :1217634839.jpg-(38 KB, 704x396, DeathnoteRaitorage.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)19:59 No.2281712
         File :1217635143.gif-(2.66 MB, 225x127, 1182918221701.gif)
    2.66 MB
    itt swimming lessons
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)20:06 No.2281756
         File :1217635560.gif-(576 KB, 704x396, god im bored.gif)
    576 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/01/08(Fri)23:14 No.2282668
    I've run some mindfuck Ravenloft in the past (yes yes, Ravenloft boo hiss) and I've found that a quick way to ruin the horror you're building is to change the scene without any action on the player's part. No one likes sitting on the side while the DM/storyteller monologues and less so when it involves their character doing something stupid. It takes a little more work, but if you can maneuver the PCs into killing their teammate/walking into a trap/losing hope and have it be their own fault it's more worth it.

    One of the traps I liked was having one of those puzzles, with 9 spaces and 8 pieces that you had to slide to make a picture, set into a door. The pieces were attached to knives on the other side of the door and if they took too many turns solving the puzzle the prisoner on the other side would bleed to death from the knives.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/08(Sat)00:09 No.2282936
    have regular children out on a foggy day near a school. have them playing some sort of game like hopscotch. when the teacher calls them to come in from the schoolhouse, look up, and have the kids dissapear. the hopscotch markings are actually the ritualistic markings of the Kaballah tree of life.

    make any of the kids games spooky, and that will mess with them too.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/08(Sat)00:36 No.2283059
    Even scarier, it could be the Angry Sun from SMB3
    >> Anonymous 08/02/08(Sat)11:05 No.2285584
    bumping epic scary thread
    >> Anonymous 08/02/08(Sat)11:15 No.2285624
    This thread needs archiving.

    For those who don't know how, go to 4chanarchive.org, click "request interface" and follow the instructions.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/08(Sat)11:49 No.2285780
         File :1217692144.gif-(556 KB, 352x198, Zetsuboushita!.gif)
    556 KB
    Okay, how about this? Through several adventures, you randomly choose one guy, and you subtly arrange it so this player is the only one who lives?
    >> Anonymous 08/02/08(Sat)11:55 No.2285802
    What happened to suptg being the preferred archival site?
    >> Anonymous 08/02/08(Sat)11:57 No.2285807
    It is, but some people like to put them on 4Chan archive. It makes it more "official", I guess.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/08(Sat)12:03 No.2285831

    Kinda like the difference between ROMs and actual games, right?
    >> Anonymous 08/02/08(Sat)13:03 No.2286006
    Alright, this works best right in the middle of something freaky, like fighting an obvious weird horror or something like that. Basically, cut away from the current action to something else entirely, giving the impression of it all being a hallucination or simple daydream. For example...

    As you bring down the bloodied knife towards the writhing sack of flesh, it suddenly looks more like an old, balding man in a fine lab coat that is now stained with blood. Two large men in white clothing grab your arms, trying to restrain you while a third prepares a syringe full of a yellowish liquid.
    But you soon see the monster again. It tried to trick your mind with some sort of eldricht trick, no doubt, and you're quick to cut away the wriggling tentacles that hold your arms.

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