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    File :1217464599.gif-(35 KB, 309x330, Mega_Man_X.gif)
    35 KB Tales of Arcadia Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:36 No.2268017  
    Yo, /tg/.
    I've been plowing through the supplements, especially the Mother 3 one, and I think I've got my next character. Stay with me on this.

    I'm playing a Reploid Hunter/PSI-user. I can qualify for the second class if I take the Brain In A Jar trait, and get my PP up to speed with the Psycho Drive Battery add-on. The thing is, to get the necessary building points, I'm going to have to chop my armor down to half-standard, lose the dash boots, and (most painfully) start with a 2-level Buster Gun instead of the normal 3-level. So I'm pretty gimped at level 1, even if the Reploid power absorption and PSI ability combo will make me uber-tough later on.

    Any thoughts on how to survive until then? Better cross-class specs? I'm determined to make an effective Reploid caster if it kills me...
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:39 No.2268038
    Dude, give it up. `Ploids may be standard-energy based instead of mystic, but they can already do anything that a Koopa Wizard can by level 5, assuming you're in a campaign with a decent amount of mech opponents.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:42 No.2268054
    Swap out Orbot for Reploid (Legends of Genesis supplement). Much lower-cost, loses the power steal, but has Adaptive Form.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:44 No.2268065
    Actually, if he dropped the Buster Gun and Power Steal traits entirely, you could get a straight-PSI caster with wicked built-in defenses.

    >> Mister Flayer 07/30/08(Wed)20:47 No.2268077
         File :1217465250.jpg-(301 KB, 800x1125, Kirby__s__fiction__powers_by_X(...).jpg)
    301 KB
    OP, what's the point of the Bounty Hunter levels? Just to upgrade your buster?
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:47 No.2268079
    Start off with a VWES. You'll never cap damage but you'll be able to go for versatility, and you'll do enough damage to make a difference in boss fights.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:49 No.2268089
         File :1217465389.jpg-(134 KB, 576x432, PsycheConceptP.jpg)
    134 KB

    The whole idea was to have the Buster to take care of the things that I couldn't nail with PSI, and vice-versa.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:49 No.2268090
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:54 No.2268107
    If you're going for a reploid caster, the buster's a secondary concern. Get yourself a chassis Nova package. With your lower armor two or three hits will top it off and then everyone wailing on you gets a hell of a punishment.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:54 No.2268110
         File :1217465656.jpg-(151 KB, 909x600, cccdb310b3a18808.jpg)
    151 KB
    Lurk moar.

    There's your problem. It's good in theory, but you really need to worry less about generalization like that if you've got a decent party backing you up. I dig the PSI-Ploid idea, though.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:57 No.2268129

    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)20:57 No.2268130
    Robot dies, everyone explodes. I lawl'ed.
    >> Mister Flayer 07/30/08(Wed)21:03 No.2268174
    If you're not picky about your caster type, you could always play a Reploid Black Mage. Brain In A Jar won't work, but the Magi-Tek Core will do the same thing... and it's a little cheaper than the BIAJ/PDB combo.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:03 No.2268177
         File :1217466212.jpg-(24 KB, 453x431, RAEGpoke.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:04 No.2268185
    /rs/ is your friend.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:08 No.2268207
    Please. The best caster/ranged figter combo is, and always will be, Black Mage/Hammer Brother. Koopa works best for race there, but if you roll well for starting gold, roll a Moogle with the Shell Suit.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:11 No.2268226
    Sure, it's the best... if you opponent is inside a 20-foot range.

    Single-class it with a Numen Hunter or Scholar from the old-school Phantasy Star splats.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:13 No.2268239
    You're missing the point here. I'm trying to make a robot that does magic.

    Win! And the fact that my base armored body counts as "racial" bypasses the Black Mage's inability to wear heavy armor. I'm SO going to splurge on disadvantages to get a Gaia suit!
    >> Marca Reg !!XL717J3DDe9 07/30/08(Wed)21:13 No.2268240

    oh god, i thought i was the only one who owned those!

    i still have fond memories of my motavian berserker/ranger. Not the most optimal combination, but it was fun as hell to play. Of course, i was way too young to have heard of "character optimization," so.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:16 No.2268256
    Are you stupid?
    Reploids were meant for long-ranged combat, get a good buster and some upgrades and you're ready to go, their superior mobility makes them god-like agains koopas
    "I'll shoot you to death while you're walking through the stairs... oh, you are almost here, I'll jump to the next house, time to walk again, fatty"
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:17 No.2268259
    Other way around, except the exploding robot doesn't die.
    If you're a Megafag like I am and diehard for fluff there's all this bullshit about kinetic energy collectors, but casual gamers tend to think it's a suicide ditch maneuver.
    >> Mister Flayer 07/30/08(Wed)21:17 No.2268260
    Ahem... Errata? Only standard Reploid armor and a few of the better ones count as racial.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:20 No.2268272
    Gryz clones FTW! Though mine was a straight Berzerker...
    >> Shas'O Faiz !!oHNZ1QN/tbk 07/30/08(Wed)21:22 No.2268279

    >I'm SO going to splurge on disadvantages to get a Gaia suit!

    REAL FUCKING ORIGINAL, FAGGOT. Gee, I've NEVER heard of anything splurging for Gaia armor before!

    Christ, ever since they put out the BattleNet supplements underage b&s have been ruining this game by the dozen...
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:23 No.2268283
    all that shows up on /rs/ for Arcadia is some song by some dude and a bunch of Skies of Arcadia hentai

    I'd appretiate a little assistance in finding at least what this is.
    >> Marca Reg !!XL717J3DDe9 07/30/08(Wed)21:24 No.2268289

    Hahah, i considered it, but thought that it was maybe TOO much of a ripoff. Looking back it's not like i was any better, but you know, it was fucking 9th grade, so it's not like anybody called me on it...
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:26 No.2268300

    All I could find was SMB TT.doc.
    >> Mister Flayer 07/30/08(Wed)21:28 No.2268310
    Wait a second - now if the OP wanted to run an evil character... a Magi-Tek core Reploid would qualify for the Disciple of Zio class with a few good rolls.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:28 No.2268311
    You're in luck--there's actually an armor system built tailor-made for this sort of thing. Does your group use Capsule rules?
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:29 No.2268324
    Play a real character.

    Be a Soldier you MAGET!
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:34 No.2268350
    We play "If You Can Find It, You Can Play It". The only exception is that the GM has banned anything Namco-related after an incident with a Ghost Monster Assassin.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:34 No.2268352
    If you want a well rounded class use a Demonman. I mean people bitch and moan all the time about the Sticky Bombs being overpowered and such but he's got the ammo limits and slow reloads to make him balanced
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:37 No.2268362
    Are you going Point-Based or Roll Based for stats? Roll based lets you get so many overpowered starts
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:37 No.2268366
    You're in luck, then. Look up the helmet gem loadouts. The only one in the first Code-X is Viral carrier, but the revised has options out the ass.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:42 No.2268390
    I'm building a new army and Wondering what I should use to support my Vile (X3 version) with his custom Ride Armor. I'm thinking of Storm Eagle support maybe with Gravity Beetle as the main support
    >> Shas'O Faiz !!oHNZ1QN/tbk 07/30/08(Wed)21:43 No.2268394

    Some people will tell you Storm Owl, but they're X4th edition faggots. You've got the right idea.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:44 No.2268402
    Roll-based with GM approval.

    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:47 No.2268413
    Storm Eagle is awesome. Toss in Overdrive Ostrich as your scout choice.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:49 No.2268423
    Oh god, Overdrive is way too damn good for his points.
    Any unit with an EAC will do okay against him, but if they have slow move or jump, he'll mow them down.
    And don't get me started on his S. Slicer charge. Guaranteed kill on anything without a Dodge save.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:50 No.2268428
    But what else should I use for grunts?

    I'm thinking of a group of Gun Volts to provide missile spam and the shockwave attacks and maybe a Mole Borer since its got a ridiculous amount of armor
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:50 No.2268432
    since everyone but me and that angry guy seem to know what's what, would someone please kindly provide me with the name of this system? my Google-fu is too weak to find anything with what's already in the thread
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:51 No.2268443
    If all the capcom supplements are avaible then strider hiryu is superior, since he's a cyborg he can get most of the mechanical boosts, and teleport is a bitch
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:55 No.2268474
    Sounds like a good idea.

    So I got into ToA and now I'm reading the books...

    Does anyone agree that the Slug Soldier prestige class is a LITTLE overpowered?! I mean, sure 1 hp aint gonna be much but GOD DAMN at its options..
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:57 No.2268486
    I shoulda thought of that!

    I've got to get one of them but I am trying to get a good pure Maverick Army
    >> Shas'O Faiz !!oHNZ1QN/tbk 07/30/08(Wed)21:58 No.2268488

    Metools, dude. Metools.

    They may be old-fashioned, but I damn anyone who thinks they can find a more efficient use of points.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)21:58 No.2268491
    I'd rather use a Contra Solider since you don't have to worry about the ammo rules and they get a better base gun.
    >> Marca Reg !!XL717J3DDe9 07/30/08(Wed)21:58 No.2268493

    yeeeeah, but it might be some work converting (or at least balancing) some of the class abilities to the current edition. Corrosion was FUCKING overpowered even back when the Algol supplements first came out, and i don't see Dark Wave flying with any sane DM these days.
    >> Mister Flayer 07/30/08(Wed)22:00 No.2268500
    Too true! The Met Helmet defensive bonus alone is worth its weight in gold.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:01 No.2268507
    I assumed Metools as being a given.
    I'm thinking of using the basic Met C-15 instead of the more expensive Met Soldier/Metool T
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:03 No.2268517
    Didn't the DoZ require a roll on the Insanities chart every two or three levels?

    Contra Soldiers suck arse. If you don't invest in The Code, they start out at three hits away from death.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:05 No.2268522
    /rs/ is an ugly mess, and google won't come up with shit no matter what I try, just link to it, or give me some valid search terms for fuck's sake.
    >> Marca Reg !!XL717J3DDe9 07/30/08(Wed)22:05 No.2268528

    And one when you start into the class, yeah. To be totally honest, it's just not a PC class at all. Not to say that an ambitious (or gullible) DM might not be up to letting a player use it or a modified version, but...
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:10 No.2268545
    Yea but Spread Gun is godly!
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:11 No.2268553
    Have you guys seen the "Licensed Games" supplement? I started using the Foot Soldiers out of it for cannon fodder, and my players love it.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:13 No.2268564
    I've begun to consider building an Old School Arcade Army.

    I'm probably going to go with a few Defenders and a Robotron Soldier. I'm also thinking of using a Nuclear Bomber or two from Missile Command for the raw power of their Nukes (if they actually don't get SHOT DOWN!)
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:14 No.2268572
    Only if you spam it, once your numbers are low they no longer do shit
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:15 No.2268577
    Needs a Galaga or twin Galaga.

    Also where's the Millipedes?
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:16 No.2268581
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:17 No.2268585
    If you're using the Contra 4th ED rules you can have a second gun to switch to, I'd probably keep a Laser in that slot.
    >> MonkeyToho 07/30/08(Wed)22:18 No.2268594
    rolled 78 = 78


    Dude, fuck that. The flamethrower CURVES and bypasses cover saves! That's incredibly handy against hardhats and digger-moles.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:20 No.2268606
    I like the Laser for the piercing ability and high damage.

    Homing works better than Flamethrower for bypassing cover.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:21 No.2268612
    I've been using the Technos one for that. A bunch of thugs and their weapons all statted out.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:21 No.2268615
    But the laser pierces walls, and has long range, if you use spread/fire combo any sniper will rape you
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:23 No.2268633
    Oh god... don't remind me...
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:23 No.2268635
         File :1217471033.jpg-(35 KB, 214x213, RAEG3.jpg)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:27 No.2268645
    Hey guys, is there a way to bypass the ninja rule?
    I want to build a ninja army, but the most I use the weaker they become, Strider and Hayabusa are two godly motherfuckers alone, but as long as they get close to each other they get penalties, the ninja turtles (from the Konami arcade supplement) already have their own anti-rule, but it works only with them, isn't there a way to have something similar at greater scale?
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:29 No.2268671
    Consider adding a few Pookas. The ability to pass through terrain and walls is awesome, even if the attack value is crap.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:30 No.2268673
    Hell no! I mean that'd be a major game breaker.

    Also I've done some digging and if you're going to use a Pokemon Trainer Army ALWAYS have Sabrina in the army for her ability to command at a distance not to mention teleport and those psycher abilities she got. Also she tends to be surprisingly durable at times
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:31 No.2268677
    Since I'm a nice Anon, I'll tell you.

    It's a secret /tg/ homebrew, but that's all I can say, really. Now lurk the fuck more.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:33 No.2268686
    Kirby can become one OP motherfucker if he gets in melee range of a high-point enemy.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:33 No.2268690
    Good point. Also is getting the Pterodactyl worth it? I mean its got a rather limited attack but its defense rules make it a nightmare to kill... although its cost sucks.

    Also should I pay the points for Missile Attack LV10 so I can get a good number of MIRVs and Smart Bombs? Smart Bombs got the nice evade ability and with the spamming of regular ones they should get in nicely
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:37 No.2268700
    So fucking broken at times.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:37 No.2268703
    Red > Sabrina
    Get a critical on your choosing roll and you'll see your oponent being assraped by a broken mewtwo, Tanks? psyquic is your doom, aerial attacks? eat some ice beam, someone managed to hurt mewtwo? don't worry, I'll just recover and I'll be ready for action again
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:38 No.2268707

    Sabrina can command at a distance, but do you even see the abilities PKMN Trainer Red/Green has? Blue is fairly lethal as well.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:40 No.2268720
    Take Kirby, Devour Pooka.
    Phase into stone.
    Pop out next to high-powered enemy, eject Pooka, swallow enemy, rain havoc.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:40 No.2268721

    If Mewtwo dies, you are pretty much fucked. That thing costs an insane amount of points. Insane stats, movement, AND movepool list. But the point cost is also EXTREME as well
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:45 No.2268742
    Why do Tales of Arcadia threads always devolve into ToA: Battlescreen army discussions?
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:45 No.2268744
         File :1217472340.png-(3 KB, 409x259, fffffff.png)
    3 KB
    Now i really hate you, /tg/
    [spoiler]I wish this could be real...[/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:45 No.2268745
    Mewtwo can solo a Boss-class unit, not many units can do that.

    Besides, Red's Ultimate Trainer's ability reduces Mewtwo's cost by 1/4, and if spend a trait on "emergency call" you can get "choosen" as your next trait and reduce mewtwo's cost by another 1/4, who wouldn't want a mewtwo with 50% discount?
    >> Mister Flayer 07/30/08(Wed)22:47 No.2268749
    Newfag is new.
    Battlescreen is just the ToA mass battle rules, not a separate game.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:48 No.2268750
    Red got a nerfed a lot in the FR/LG. I mean Mewtwo's not as broken now. Sabrina's got that annoying ability to annoy with teleport spam.

    Yea they got nice abilities but they tend to have high point costs.
    Sabina gets that point discount to Non-Legendary Psychic types for being Psychic Type Specialist Gym Leader.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:49 No.2268756
    because this is /40k/
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:49 No.2268759
    Rerailing a bit, I'm trying to make a Games Hunter reploid. You get Virus resist as part of the package, so I'm not worrying about anything fancier than a Cain, maybe a Doppler level antivirus.
    Should I specialize in a weapon? I've seen obscene handfuls of dice thrown for saber damage.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:50 No.2268765
         File :1217472649.jpg-(55 KB, 491x502, bawwwwww.jpg)
    55 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:51 No.2268767
    Too bad you have to tend to deal with Mewtwo being still a sniper magnet. Also they made his defense weaker so the Suicide Bomber Electrodes can demolish him one shot
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:52 No.2268773
         File :1217472750.png-(12 KB, 240x160, 1207286241717.png)
    12 KB
    Did you guys here about the game maker fan game for this?
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:52 No.2268775
    Sabers are for faggots. Use Missile Spam.
    >> Mister Flayer 07/30/08(Wed)22:53 No.2268777
    ToAB is not 40k, dammit... Old ToAB is compatible with new ToAB and doesn't force you to use overpriced minis when cardboard chits or 50-cent figurines will do.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:53 No.2268782
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:54 No.2268787
    About bloody time someone decided to port it to computers. Handling all the advanced rules makes my head spin.
    So, does he have a website?
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:55 No.2268795
    This thread is full of lies and trolling.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/30/08(Wed)22:57 No.2268798
    What is this, and can I make my own tactics games with it?
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:57 No.2268801
    Anyone ever build a good Hyrule army without The Hero of Time?
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:57 No.2268802
    This thread is troll-free, thank you very much.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:59 No.2268811
    My friends call it "the hero of time and sidekicks army", does that answer your question?
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:59 No.2268812
    The guy just said that it was made with Game Maker. Google it, I think it's a free download.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)22:59 No.2268813

    The exact damn reason why I put Reflect on my Mewtwo whenever I use him. Barrier gives more defense, but Reflect is A LOT harder to get rid of and halves all physical damage.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:00 No.2268819
    OP - Wouldn't you be able to work a lot better via PSI-Reploid rather than Reploid-PSI. It seems a small difference but bear with me. The Bio-M rules would work perfectly for Psi-Reploid, due to the fact that Psychospeech inherant automatically qualifies you for the Bio-M Reploid.
    >> Drawde [BlueSlayer Acolyte] !F8wHraWURw 07/30/08(Wed)23:03 No.2268832
    Well, Game Maker could be:
    1) The program "GameMaker"
    2) A program that makes games.
    Lack of proper capitalization made me think it was the latter and not the former.

    He also didn't give an actual name for that specific game. Then again, I started reading from that post, so maybe someone did.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:07 No.2268854
    Too bad he's worthless against Dark Types.

    R-Type Armies tend to keep a few Shooting Stars and their Photon-Belt Wave Cannon for sniping. Although their its got amazing range but its beam is stopped by first enemy in the way but its a great sniper
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:09 No.2268863
    Prove it by posting a link to download this shit.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:10 No.2268868
    I'd use a Ray Killer if I wanted to do that.
    >> Marca Reg !!XL717J3DDe9 07/30/08(Wed)23:10 No.2268870

    I am probably the only R-Typer who uses Hakusans. I swear to god i'm not insane! I know they're a CC unit who's just as fragile as, oh, EVERYTHING ELSE in the R-Type list, but their damage is fucking insane, and i've had a lot of success with them just because EVERYBODY either rushes into charge range against R-types (or try to out-snipe them, but... good luck).
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:10 No.2268872
    Bio-M is complete bullshit! Its a case of Lets give Anyone the firepower of a high end Reploid at a low cost. They should ban that shit
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:11 No.2268874

    >Besides, Red's Ultimate Trainer's ability reduces Mewtwo's cost by 1/4, and if spend a trait on "emergency call" you can get "choosen" as your next trait and reduce mewtwo's cost by another 1/4, who wouldn't want a mewtwo with 50% discount?

    The point reductions don't stat that way. Two 1/4ths add up to 3/8ths. Still, that's a huge amount.

    Still, PKMN Trainer Red has shit mobility and defense. Sure you can give him the bicycle pack to help out, but that wastes plenty of points that could be better spent beefing up your Mewtwo.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:12 No.2268878
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:13 No.2268882
    LOL good luck keeping your guy alive for the 20 turns it takes to charge that up.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:15 No.2268892
    Kenrouken's the best one of them since the Hyper Tesla Pile Bunker WC is insanely powerful. But you gotta keep your Force Pod attached.

    Hell I use the POW Armor and Cyber Nova! I mean A lot of people think the POW Armor is a cannon fodder but a fully upgrade Needle Force can spam so many shots once launched.
    >> Marca Reg !!XL717J3DDe9 07/30/08(Wed)23:17 No.2268901

    ... well, my love for the pile bunker line is tempered by the fact that they DO die really fucking fast. I kinda wanted to save points where i could.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:18 No.2268908
    His stats are over 9000 though. None of your little faggots can even touch him. And even if you do manage to scratch one of my guys, then I can bring in the REAL cheese, my Touhou reserves.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:20 No.2268912

    And the fact that the attack is only as powerful as the amount of live points on your team.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:20 No.2268913
    What about the FF supplement? Is a Moogle army worth it? Maybe I should stay with my tested and working Hyrule army...
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:22 No.2268919
    Man, the R-Types used to RAPE back in 3rd edition. I was showing a newbie the stats on the old R-9Ø, his eyes about jumped out of his sockets.

    Good thing I equipped the Through Laser.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:22 No.2268924
    Yea... they tend to only get one shot off before getting shot down so make it count!

    I've found that the Daedalus line's Plasma Discharge is surprising effective when you do a Speed Up Turn to run away.

    The Peacemaker line is nice with the Lock-on Wave Cannon although the damage it does is rather shitty for a WC
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:24 No.2268935
    Yeah, like there's any chance that any unit in your oponent's army has more live points than all of your army together, the only way to survive the spirit bomb is if you prevent it from happening, nobody can survive it
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:26 No.2268945
    Yea too bad the Final Edition made the R-9Ø into 2 ships, although it balanced it out. R-9Ø got the Shadow Force and Hyper Wave Cannon (AND got rid of that damn Cooldown Penalty) and the R-9Ø2 Got the Giga Wave Cannon and the Cyclone Force.

    Kinda wish they swapped the Wave Cannons though.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:26 No.2268946
    Or to kill off nearly everything in his army.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:29 No.2268959
    All 5 units of it... I mean they only got 2 or 3 good units other than Twinkie boy
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:29 No.2268960
    >His stats are over 9000 though.

    Yeah, but his animation budget ain't.

    >> Marca Reg !!XL717J3DDe9 07/30/08(Wed)23:30 No.2268964

    you know, while we're talking about it... does ANYONE use the R-9B series (Strider, etc.)? I mean, i'm an admitted pile bunker user and those seem completely worthless.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:31 No.2268968
    Yea its like trying to make a good Mushroom Kingdom Army without one of the Plumbers.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:32 No.2268979
    >Yeah, like there's any chance that any unit in your oponent's army has more live points than all of your army together, the only way to survive the spirit bomb is if you prevent it from happening, nobody can survive it

    Had a friend win survive a Spirit Bomb with his Wily forces once. It took out everything but his metools.

    Thanks to SB's cool down, he even came back to win it. Other dude was pissed.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:34 No.2268985
    inb4 mario&luigi vs wario&waluigi shitstorm
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:35 No.2268989
    Yea they're pretty worthless but if you field a Ragnarok II they can be worth the points if you Spam the Barrier Wave Cannon to protect the Ragnarok II while it charged the Giga Wave Cannon.

    Other than that its worthless.

    The R-9AD series (Escort Time and such) are just as worthless although the Decoy Wave Cannon is okay for distraction but not worth the cost
    >> MonkeyToho 07/30/08(Wed)23:37 No.2268997
         File :1217475438.jpg-(65 KB, 707x726, 1196811456526.jpg)
    65 KB
    rolled 87 = 87


    I've found that sending in Metroid's in a standard Swarm pattern works wonderfully. He usually doesn't have enough life units left over afterwards to pull that shit off.

    Backed my Mother Brain's Control power, they can get there by turn 2. Which leaves me with, oh, 18 more turns to RAEP the rest of his pitiful force.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:37 No.2268999
    Death by Metool!

    Gotta say that's a total OWNED scenario.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:39 No.2269009
    Yea Metroids can be nasty. Too bad most people use the cheaper versions to save points
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:43 No.2269025
    Anyone use the Neo-Arcadia army? I mean I've seen a few Zero/Resistance armies but not many NA forces.
    >> MonkeyToho 07/30/08(Wed)23:46 No.2269030
         File :1217475969.jpg-(79 KB, 987x987, 1203482994609.jpg)
    79 KB
    rolled 74 = 74


    Fuck that. The 10pt reduction isn't worth it, to me.

    Quality over quantity, my friend. Except Ridley. His basic form is overpriced, and his mecha variant isn't much better. He's leaps and bounds above Kraid, but thats not really saying all that much...
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:47 No.2269037
    Resistance is pretty much the same shit as Hyrule but instead of being focused on melee they're more ranged setup
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:47 No.2269038
    I hate you /tg/. I hate you.
    You make me wish this shit was real.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:48 No.2269040
    Congratulations, you dumb stupid faggot, thats the entire point of this.

    We still wouldn't play it though.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:49 No.2269041
    So write it.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:51 No.2269047
    For you fucks to tear it into pieces and fill it with shitstorms? God, no.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:51 No.2269050
    Just like any other game, we would waste so much time talking about it that we wouldn't even play it at all

    also, thanks for breaking the magic, assholes
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:51 No.2269051
    1st ED Kraid was okay too bad they retconed that to him being the same as 3rd ED Kraid when they did the remastered version.

    If you want a low cost Ridley try using the X-Parasite version of Ridley. Sure he's a lot weaker but he's cheaper.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:53 No.2269054
    fucking trolls... don't feed em
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:54 No.2269059
         File :1217476449.jpg-(79 KB, 537x552, Sigma Logo.jpg)
    79 KB
    Man I wish I could have seen that.

    By the way, Anyone know what other unit would be a good complement for a Boomerang Kuwanger (Yeah I got the MMX:MH edition, it just freaking owns) and Magna Centipede? I'm making a Maverick army focused on stealth and deadly ninja strikes.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:54 No.2269061
    It's too late.
    We alredy know that this is thread is a hueg fake.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:54 No.2269065
    Sting Chameleon tends to be a useful sneaker
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:55 No.2269067
    FUCK! This would be the best game ever, IF IT WERE REAL!
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:55 No.2269068
    I'm gonna give the thread a 5/10.

    If it had been left brief and simple, it could have been some seriously epic trollage, but the consistency of what was being posted was your downfall. After a while, you could see that the typing styles had only three or four variations, and almost every post had the same tone. There was no trolling, no off-topic discussions, no morons asking for help on very easy subjects.

    Eventually, it just became a samefag or a small group of samefags circle-jerking while they made the most obscure references they could think of. Good job on the Phantasy Star shout-outs. The Corrosion one gave me a chuckle.

    So yeah, 5/10.
    >> MonkeyToho 07/30/08(Wed)23:55 No.2269069
    rolled 31 = 31


    I'm not a fan of the X-parasites period. SA-X is stupidly powerful, sure, but thats like...the ONLY good unit out of that expansion.

    Kraid's only ever been good due to his insanely high life points and Rock Fall power. Beyond that, he's a fat sitting duck.
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:57 No.2269076
    Wait... You think we're doing this just to deceive you? We're doing this because is fun, the fact that retards like you though this was real was just a happy incident that made it even funnier
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:58 No.2269081
    Yea but you do get a chance to reduce the cost at times to cut corners with the X Parasite armies
    >> Anonymous 07/30/08(Wed)23:59 No.2269085
    You want to limit your army to the X edition or are you willing to add units from the Zero edition? Because phantom has some awesome stalking abilities, and Zero himself is quite ninja-ish
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:00 No.2269090
    Using something like say, HERO system and giving standards to characters (For example, 250 points for PCs, "Hero" and "Boss" characters, 100 point for grunts, etc) we could make it happen. Even put together a PDF of basic rules (strip some of the fat off of HERO), equipment, characters etc.
    >> Marca Reg !!XL717J3DDe9 07/31/08(Thu)00:00 No.2269091

    Breaking kayfabe here... this is a joke that's been continuing on and off for around a month. Nobody is trolling, i don't know why we're getting a 10-point "troll ranking."
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:01 No.2269095
    Problem with them is that you've gotta constantly roll so they won't kill the Mavericks because of their Maverick Hunter conditions
    >> MonkeyToho 07/31/08(Thu)00:03 No.2269099
         File :1217477019.jpg-(27 KB, 478x321, nightmarelt6.jpg)
    27 KB
    rolled 47 = 47


    True, but again I prefer Quality over Quantity.

    I know it screws me over in the long run, but hey, I got some pride. And its more flavorful.

    One of these days I'll make an all X-parasite army, just for kicks. NIGHTMARE is an excellent disruption unit, after all; his Gravity Swell can cause so much havoc its insane.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:03 No.2269100
    I want a full X edition army, though I admit I really had a hard time saying no to Phantom.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:04 No.2269103
    I've seen some good ninja Shadow Man builds, but I don't think it's still tourney legal to use Wily units with Mavericks...

    Either way, >>2269065 is right on with Chameleon. His movement isn't all that good, but he has excellent defense along with being nearly invisible.

    You better keep Kuwanger alive, though, because if he dies Chameleon gets some nasty penalties.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:04 No.2269104
    nobody would play this. Its even more pathetic than space elves vs space demons vs space skeletons.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:04 No.2269105
    Phantom is not a maverick hunter
    but you're right with Zero
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:04 No.2269107
    Its one Newfag that's lost and confused.

    The same one who was constantly wanting Downloads and links
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:05 No.2269116
    Yes we certainly could make it happen.I suggest that we do.

    To 1d4chan!
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:07 No.2269124
    He's one of the Four Guardians!

    He's a Maverick Hunter just with a different name.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:07 No.2269127
    sage for tg projects doomed to failure and tripfags
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:10 No.2269139
    Go back to your 4th Edition D&D. The MEN are talking.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:16 No.2269172
    This already devolved into a vidya discussion, I don't believe there's any rules stating that the guardians need a willpower roll in order to not attack mavericks on the same army
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:17 No.2269180
    For anyone who wants to try this: Both Hero Designer (makes characters, equipment, powers) and Sidekick (basic version of the rules) are on /rs/
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:24 No.2269219
    I thought it was assumed that they would have as part of the Guardian Rules. I know Harpuia does.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:28 No.2269246
    I'll have some free time in the next weeks, guess I'll give it a try at the rpg version, just as a quick guide, what do you guys want as races/templates/whatever they're called?

    so far we have (races):
    human (hume?)

    pk trainer

    bring on the requests/suggestions, I believe redundand classes/races should be fuzed (as in, the ninja turtles counts as koopas)
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:31 No.2269270
    itt nintenkiddies get kicked out of /v/ and butthurt all the way here since they heard RPGers are austistics and assburgers.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:34 No.2269289
    yawn read suptg etc....
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)00:51 No.2269378
    ITT: Niggers who don't stop trolling when enough is enough.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)01:31 No.2269571
    ITT: /tg/ proves that it's still the best board on 4chan, 120 some odd posts before a faggot decides to ruin the illusion
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)02:18 No.2269840

    Not quite on Slicer- Invulnerable saves (Star's Blessing, Metool Hull Down, etc.) will still work, though it ignores armor.

    The Magitek core is aces if your GM allows it, though.


    You go with Hylian Archer/Wizzrobes for the grunts + a Link with ranged/magic, basic sword and just f-up the terrain while you spam those cover-ignoring shots. It's crap vs. someone who decides to go with Mewtwo (or a Groudon) all stacked up, so give your Link Ice Rod or Ether Medallion so you can at least keep immobilizing Mewtwo at range.

    Better yet, buck the trend and go with Zelda in the leadership slot. She's cheaper base cost, everything she does goes fine with a ranged Hylian army, and she can equip just about any item that'd be useful to same. If it wasn't for the bonus points you get if you "capture" her in close combat, more people would use her in bread-and-butter Hylians too.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)02:21 No.2269853
    By the way, who made that codex with the Koopas, the Super Mario Brothers 40k one? All it said in the document was SkullKrusher Industries.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)02:41 No.2269954

    1) 3rd party supplement, non-tournament-approved.

    2) Spirit Bomb isn't RAW. Errata, 4 months back, Invulnerables still apply. This isn't anime, there's a little thing called "game balance".

    3) If Spirit Bomb destroys all objectives on the field, it's an immediate loss for you. SB doesn't discriminate since it's a blast effect, so it wipes whatever you've got on the field, too. 5d6 inch fucking scatter and that 60 inch radius blast template means you're as likely to nuke your own forces as whatever the hell you aim SB at.

    So please, use your "I take all game and kill random, lol" one-shot superexpensive nuke and toss it in with a unit who has to basically be out of combat and leave you with a pack of crappy weaklings to do all the work while you sit there looking constipated. It's the Apocalypse: Anime Edition codex. :P
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:13 No.2270082
         File :1217488406.png-(111 KB, 315x310, Chill Penguin.png)
    111 KB
    Well, from the Megavers you have:

    Droids: Generic basic robots with standard AI, they come in different size and forms to perform multiple task that don't require a more advanced Reploid AI to execute. (Example: Metool)

    Generic Reploids: Generic Humanoid bots based on X Design, can perform all kind jobs at an average lvl and have no weakness other than their low stats. (Example: Alia, Iris)

    Reploid Army Soldier: They are military Reploids, they are master of war and strategy but have lost the ability to perform most basic non military jobs in order to expand on their military traits, higher stats and more powerful frames and upgrades. (Example: Dynamo, Vile)

    Animaloid: This are the animal based Reploids, they are based on the original Dr. Cain designs and usually are master of one job or element, are designed for very specific task and do to their outstanding mastery over they profession, are bonded to a weakness to compensate. (Example: Storm Eagle, Flame Stag)

    Maverick (Virus): The maverick virus infect the host granted them enanched powers and abilities at the progressive cost of their sanity, the become violent and irrational till the point their are nothing more than a mindless machine of destruction. (Example: Maverick Zero)

    Maverick (ideology): When a Reploid rise against the human race or the Reploid community under their own free will do to conflict between their point of view, they may be labeled as mavericks regardless of infection. This social penalty rather than a virus infection. (Example: Lumine, Redips)

    PD: I apology for my not so good English.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:20 No.2270124
         File :1217488831.jpg-(10 KB, 200x240, Duff McWhalen.jpg)
    10 KB
    Two words for you: Duff McWhalen.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:24 No.2270146
    I'm personally convinced this is, like many of the weird /tg/ RPGs, an elaborate joke.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:27 No.2270163
         File :1217489261.png-(29 KB, 851x571, Hurr Graph.png)
    29 KB

    I used to think that as well, but seriously, what fucking devious mind would create such an elaborate ruse that would reach so few fucking people? It leaves my mind in a constant state of durp.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:28 No.2270171
    Anyone hear when the Fire Emblem supplement will come out?
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:30 No.2270185
    Anonymous would.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:31 No.2270191

    I saw the previews. Fucking Paladins are pure cheese, and don't get me started on hammer-wielding Generals. I pity the people fielding Hyrule and Mushroom all-melee armies, those are gonna suck ass now.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:31 No.2270193
    All the weird /tg/ RPGs starts as an elaborate joke, then someone try to make this a real game, and then, the project gets flooded by sages, and it's abandoned. Anybody here remembers Rodentia, Artifice, Necrololis or Trigger Discipline? Nether do I.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:32 No.2270200
    Come on people, I want to see this game happen! Let's get shit done, /tg/. Let's write this.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:33 No.2270202
    This is seriously fucking obvious.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:34 No.2270208
    Like we care.
    >> Shas'O Faiz !!oHNZ1QN/tbk 07/31/08(Thu)03:34 No.2270209
         File :1217489651.jpg-(34 KB, 502x426, FallingDown.jpg)
    34 KB

    >Duff McWhalen
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:34 No.2270212

    PROTIP: I got 2 online and 1 offline games of Trigger Discipline going right now.

    Just because there's no thread about it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:35 No.2270215
    You know what army is rapetastic?

    Long Range Hyrule.

    Get this, Link with Epona, the Hero's Bow, Staff of Seasons, and Light Arrows as an optional. Get a bunch of Hyrule Knight Templar squads with Wizzrobes and you're gold. The Knight Templars are...fuck, the only thing that comes to mind is LOLWUT. Their Strength isn't really high, but the niggers have 5+ Armor, 3+ Invul and wounds OUT THE ASSHOLE.

    Turn 1: Rod of Seasons into Winter.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:38 No.2270235

    See, powergamers like this is why I bring out my Grit/Olaf Blue Moon army. You turn the weather into winter? Lol enjoy snowstorms gimping your units and then I switch to Grit for missile raep.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:41 No.2270255
    It's not powergaming when I'm being a clever bastard. Powergaming is having a Mewtwo, sticking a Berserk Tag on Red, suiciding him, and then watching the assraping unfold. Literally and metaphorically, almost nothing can actually beat down a Berserked Mewtwo.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)03:52 No.2270320
    Daily Dose
    >> sage 07/31/08(Thu)04:54 No.2270537

    Ahaha that gunline is going to get fucking raped when the Advanced Strategy expansion is released stateside. I'll just be fielding my planned out army of Driscoll with some Sakata units to fill out the special slots and Missiler squads for the grunts. Have fun with all my units move-and-firing heavy indirect weaponsand still having enough melee power to rip your guys apart in CC.

    Oh, and it can be combined with any thematically similar list as Allies, so I can just take Vic Vipers and R-Type selections for air support.

    I reckon that could even take on your most broken Advance Wars list, too, just because move-and-fire artillery is so good. Hell, how's this for a plan?

    Commander choices of Grit and Driscoll, sure you don't get any synergy but you do get bonus artillery range and the WBB roll that the Nirvana Project gives all mechanised units. Elites taken up with some Sakata units, who have a gob of armour to absorb all your incoming fire. They'll be a meatshield for the real force - Rockets and Missilers working together to rape everything before it leaves your deployment zone. Because I'm fielding Driscoll I get to equip all missilers with at least a Tier 3 missile weapon, and not only do all my hulls get WBB they also get +1 armour all facings due to Tier 3.

    Fill in with a flying circus of the Vic Viper plus a whole bunch of Bombers and Fighters.

    That is how to break the game. Alternatively, you can go for the asshole indestructible army of Driscoll/Kanbei plus Hell's Wall and an army of pilots in Frost 2s. AV14 all round, WBB and Living Metal, plus the counterattack bonus and attack bonus.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)05:02 No.2270557
    I hate you.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)05:04 No.2270562
    You don't normally get people WORKING TOGETHER to help someone on /tg/ so this is obviously a joke.

    An awesome joke.


    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)05:05 No.2270564
    If you guys keep this up much longer someone will actually make one of these goddamn books somehow. Do you really want that?
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)05:05 No.2270567
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)05:08 No.2270577
    Less WH40k bullshit, more pen and paper RPG.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)05:33 No.2270639
    I fully support tg putting this shit together. Stop the lies, stop the jokes, start the TALES OF ARCADIA!!!
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)05:36 No.2270642
    you want it? then fucking make PnP threads dumbass. also, endorsement of the idea.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)05:37 No.2270646

    Chill Penguin and Blizzard Buffalo will fucking rape you.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)05:43 No.2270655
    Chill Penguin is a joke and Freeze Buffalo only a step up.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)06:31 No.2270772

    Check the bonuses they get in ice stages. Seriously, the elemental reploids were almost made to counter the Rod of Seasons.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)10:49 No.2271887

    Back on one of the original threads, that's pretty much what I mentioned.

    Also, Staff of Seasons + Ice = anti-air rape if the units have low enough movement. Drop a unit below minimum movement and you auto-damage the flyers- it's the long-range solution to folks spamming cheap air units that can't move quickly enough to deal with it.

    Most armies have a decent solution for you- AW's artillery rounds outrange the staff, Elemental Reploids, Vipers have enough speed just to be pissed off by the slowdown, and light infantry isn't bothered at all (of course, most Wily/Light stuff counts as heavy unless it's hover/flight capable, but the staff hoses that anyway). So if you're going to terrain mod as a solution, you need to get in, make sure the air stuff is dead ASAP, and get back to your strategy.
    >> Anonymous 07/31/08(Thu)10:53 No.2271907

    Eh, they're specialty units and the slow/immobilize effects are useful to pin a Boss or Sub-Boss. And as noted, not only immune to ice terrain, but become a hair above-average in it for the point cost.

    And yeah, I know we've got people crossing ToA RPG and ToA Full System Battle, but when you've only got a few threads in the sea of TG40K or D&D4E RAAAAAGE threads, you make do.

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