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    File :1219943021.jpg-(93 KB, 563x816, Yesterdayallmytroublesseemedsofaraway.jpg)
    93 KB Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:03 No.2449844  
    Remember the times /tg/? Remember the age of getting shit done? What happened to us, I ask. What happened to our projects, to our hopes and dreams? Why did they end?

    Grea/tg/uys, let us pick up the downtrodden banner of those who got shit done, and lets have a new go at things.

    ITT: Codex - Chaos Cults
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:06 No.2449855
    there is a fresh-out-the-oven Angry Marines Codex thread RIGHT THERE.

    quit bitching.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:08 No.2449871
    What happened you ask? DNSwall followed by hordes of HURRDURRing sagefags that's what happened!

    But yes, I'm up for some Chaos Cults
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:09 No.2449874
    /tg/ has never gotten shit done.

    Only some scattered individuals who happen to visit /tg/ has ever gotten shit done.

    Most of /tg/ just sits on their ass and spams shit namefag/tripfag board roleplay.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:10 No.2449879
    Oh yes indeed the revised edition. But still, we did that already and I hardly see much difference to be honest.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:10 No.2449881
    Lets see, we have Rogue Trader, Space Flayers, Eclipsion Terror Guard...

    Almost makes me want to see an Ogryn Kingdoms codex.

    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:11 No.2449884
    Let us not forget that one of our prime shitgettingdonners is a namefag himself.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:12 No.2449888
    Eclipsion never got finished
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:13 No.2449894
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:13 No.2449899
    Did you even look at the thread?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:14 No.2449905
         File :1219943649.jpg-(137 KB, 778x583, IMG_1663.jpg)
    137 KB
    Ring any bells?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:14 No.2449906

    Does not redeem the rest.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:15 No.2449914
    ITT: more HURR and DURR, soon sage, then forget.
    Just like every time we try and do something
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:16 No.2449920
    the most shit /tg/ gets done these days is angry marines
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:16 No.2449922
    >Just like every time we try and do something

    What makes you so far above the rest of us? Seems all you can do is make shitty threads that complain and whine like a baby. Good work 'getting shit done' chief.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:19 No.2449936

    Trinity complete.
    And now back to the thread proper.

    Shall we go by what little we got up last time or just go at it from the ground up?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:22 No.2449949
    so OP, bout them cults, would their be speciality cults for each god so it kinda plays like Chaos Daemons? or what?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:23 No.2449953
    isn't there a codex: lost & damned already?
    whats matter with it?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:24 No.2449959
    Ground up. The old one was a dead end.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:25 No.2449966
    With a statcruncher and a pdfmaker, I actually could resurrect Ogryn Kingdoms 40k, now that I think about it.

    And something with ratlings would be fun.

    But as for Chaos Cults... my advice is to go look at Lost and the Damned and then read Dark Heresy; and then from that decide what you think is cool- basically the ratio between cultist rabble with stubbers, beastman types mutants, gibbering shoggoth type mutants, witches, psykers, looted civilian/Guard vehicles, and Daemons.

    Basically do you want more Beastmen Army, more Lost and Damned (cultists with stubbers and gibbering mutants), more witches, more renegade psykers, more daemons, or more traitor version of Imperium units like traitor techpriests, traitor guard, and heretical inquisitors?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:25 No.2449971
    3rd edition, traitor list instead of cultists, etc.
    Well going by the original plan the list was ment to work like mortal WFB chaos does. All units are undivided by default and you can buy marks on them to direct the list towards a certain god.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:26 No.2449973
    yeah have u read it? everything is wrong with it
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:29 No.2449988
    I'd go with more everything if I had to chose.. maybe starting with an IG base, for the purpose of making a fight-capable army

    Askin' myself: do undivided chaos cults exist ?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:30 No.2449995
    Are you saying 3e 40K is bad?!
    Epic games were held back then.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:31 No.2449999
    Just going to throw out a few ideas, k?

    -cultist statline should be equal to that of a conscript. They are disorientated untrained madmen, not diciplined soldiers like Imps and most certainly not MEQs.
    -Marks should have major benefits at major pointcosts, rather than minor ones at low costs. Like say Khorne boosting their WS to 4 and giving an extra attack, Nurgle granting FNP and T4, etc.
    -VERY limited vehicles. I just can't picture culstists with tanks. Traitors, sure. But not Cultists. Heavy Support should be stuff like Generic Greater Daemons, Carnifex-esque superspawn and maybe something like immobile dark altars which add faithpoint-style powers to the army
    -CCW+laspistol as standard rather than Lasguns?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:32 No.2450004

    They are rare because it's easier to get seduced by one of the 4 major powers, there's not many people whose tendencies turn them towards Chaos Undecided.

    You can delude yourself when serving one of the four, but you can't deny it if you're worshiping CU.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:34 No.2450008
    >-VERY limited vehicles. I just can't picture culstists with tanks. Traitors, sure. But not Cultists.
    Transport trucks with heavy stubbers welded to the frame. Literal biker gangs.
    I'm thinking a real "Somalia 40K" feel + Chaos stuff.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:38 No.2450033
    I like the idea of robed bald cultists on CHAOS'D UP BIKES.

    Like Ork bikes, exept with more chaos and insanity
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:38 No.2450038
    things like the basic troops which are suppose to be like gaurdsmen while having the option of taking 15 guys to a squad cost more than a basic gaurdsman. Also one squad takes up a whole troop choice so you cant get quite the swarms you can wtih regular gaurdsmen, other than little things like that, its just old and needs revision
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:40 No.2450052
    i think that because they are cultist and chaos tends to be insane each squad of bikers can have like 5 additional squad members that are basically roughriders
    >> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/28/08(Thu)13:40 No.2450053
    get some of the Liberian Civil War/Nigra-fightan pictures from /k/. They'll certainly help with inspiration. I imagine these guys would be the bastard children of the Orks and the Imperial Guard in terms of like humans with looted/converted/chaos-did-it style tech
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:41 No.2450062
    So lets just have a quick poke at the armoury shall we?

    I opt we bring back the old Daemonic Gifts from 3rd edition CSM 'dex. Alongside it the rest of the stuff will probably be a mishmash of newer CSM stuff and a few IG trinkets.
    And stubbers. Lots of them.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:43 No.2450080
    i definitely think that a high level rogue psyker should be an HQ choice, if these guys really are just cultist lets keep shit like traitor astartes out of it
    >> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/28/08(Thu)13:44 No.2450090
    for artillery may I suggest having rogue/untrained psykers/witches throwing off warpbolt blasts? Possibly having a mechanic that rules that the more of them are in a unit the more powerful the bolt will be?
    >> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/28/08(Thu)13:46 No.2450101
    at most maybe like one Word Bearer/Alpha Legion marine aspiring champion as a HQ option, similar to an IG command squad
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:48 No.2450112
    some kinda tzeenetchian war engine that the gun crew is psykers, something like 2d6 +1 for each additional psyker you purchase for the battery, then throw in the zzap gun rule and like any time its rolls a double or if it rolls an 11 or 12 a psyker dies
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:48 No.2450113

    Don't forget that witchcraft in 40k isn't just cult magicians throwing off spells and you wondering what the big difference from psyker powers is. Sororitas acts of faith are the Emperor loving equivalent of witchcraft. Warp witchery is is the invoking or evoking of spirits from the Warp or some such principles, like Orks and their Waaagh field.

    Psykers are channeling power, witches are basically clerics, to use a DnD analogy for the difference in mechanisms.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:48 No.2450119
    Honestly I wonder if you people pay attention.

    There was a thread on this a few days ago. A nice anon posted his partially done out armylist for it. I even managed to dig the rs he put up out of /rs/

    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:49 No.2450125
    Oh, I'm just a new monkey in this thread, but I've always liked the idea of a chaos cultist army. Just spitballing some ideas around.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:50 No.2450133
    Codex Chaos Cults should probably be something like:
    Includes 0-1 Chaos Marines/Cult Marines as elites. Or actually make an elite entry 0-1 that has like 1-5 individual Chaos marines that can lead squads by boosting Ld.
    The Chaos alignment is VERY important. Your leader determines what stuff you can take a lot of, including Cult Marines and Lesser Daemons
    Chaos Marks should be expensive but give pretty significant bonuses
    Limited numbers of LatD (0-2 troops, can only be taken after mandatory troops or something), with possibly a HQ that unlocks more of them. LatD should be GEQ-ish
    Infiltrate/sabotage abilities in Cities of Death

    One idea I'm not too sure about is possibly making: Daemons really cheap but very very hard to get out... until the kills start racking up. So say you roll 2d6 for Daemons and have to roll a 10+ for them to be summoned on turn 2 (being near a mark gives you +2 for example). Then for every 15 infantry total (friendly and enemy) that die, the summoning of daemons gets a +1. Then for another 20 kills/deaths you get another +1. And possibly ritualist squads that get bonuses to summoning daemons, and/or squads that morph into daemons ala the Apocalypse Tide of Spawn datasheet.

    It seems fun but really complicated.

    Problem with Chaos Cults? They're definitely a campaign army, they should be horribly slaughtered on an open battlefield.
    >> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/28/08(Thu)13:52 No.2450143
    well keep up the good work. New ideas/posters/outlooks are always nice for a /tg/ project.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:52 No.2450144
    >Honestly I wonder if you people sit on /tg/ every spare moment of your life like I do
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:53 No.2450157
    i really feel like cults dont have traitor astartes with them, a cult is just like in hive world or something and slowly falls into its decadence then suddenly whatever god they are unknowingly worshiping tells them to kill everyone, i can agree with maybe like an astartes as an HQ unit but honestly why would they care about some lowly cultist?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:55 No.2450171
    How's this sound

    Cult Council
    >Similar to Inquisitors / IG Command Platoons, a single strong individual with a bodyguard of minions
    Alpha Psyker
    >Glass Cannon. Massive array of powers, inv save, etc. but only T2. If killed by a Attack from the Warp, turns into a daemon for the rest of the game.

    Chaos Marines
    >As per Codex: CSM. Just the vanilla dudes.
    Daemon Packs
    >As per Codex: Daemons
    >toned down possessed/chosen. Cultists possessed by Daemons
    >Similar to DH Daemonhosts, exept these guys become daemons when killed

    >WS2 BS2 S3 T3 W1 I3 A1 LD7 SV6+
    >CCW, Laspistol
    >Option for marks
    >Revamped versions of the old LatD gribblies

    Chaos Spawn
    >As per CSM

    Greater Spawn
    >Think Chaos Carnifex
    Dark Altar
    >Immobile vehicle manned by cultists. Grants LDbubbles, summoning focus, and has psykers chained to it to blast shit apart with the force of artillery shells.
    >> Nasdaq !3LrT5NRVks 08/28/08(Thu)13:56 No.2450174
    ...I should finish the Pretty Marines codex when the new Space Marines one comes out.

    I like this. No or at most 6+ save standard, auto/laspistol and knife for standard weapons. Draw some fantasy elements in giving them a standard bearer (reroll leadership? Boost to it?), champion (standard sarge with +1 attack? Leadership boost), and even a 'preacher?'

    Here is my idea for preachers. Units with preachers can invoke an army special rule "By The Will Of The Gods!" or whatever, and once per game (or maybe more) they become fearless on the charge. Or maybe they're just always fearless while charging when they have a preacher.

    Chaos Marines should be HQ slots. I want to see a HQ slot in which you don't have one single strong 'leader' but instead like a squad of chosen marines with a pumped up sergeant as the primary HQ. Also, Cultist leaders and Apostate Bishops.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)13:59 No.2450197
    i think this is very good, we just need to expand on it, i liked the idea of marks making a big difference and flavor for each cultist squad, makes the basic troops a little less vanilla, i still feel like the chaos marines outta be removed maybe just have an option for like a lord or a chosen in the council HQ
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:02 No.2450208
    To add on to this:
    The Chaos Marine advisers (if used as such) should be function akin to Commissars in terms of morale (execute a cultist to snap them back into focus). They should be able to abandon the squad and move away 2d6 inches if things turn bad though (lol Chaos is fickle).

    Psykers should get BONUSES to Perils of the Warp. And if they fail, they get possessed and replaced by a midlevel demon on a d6 roll of 3+ or something (to make it worth PotW-ing).

    The Chaos Marines as HQ idea by >>2450174 is good, but IMO they shouldn't count as the required HQ. you must take a cult leader first, unless you pay extra points per CSM squad (I'm talking 5-8 points per model) to get Word Bearers or Alpha Legion with a couple extra bonuses.
    >> Nasdaq !3LrT5NRVks 08/28/08(Thu)14:02 No.2450212
    Alpha should just explode and deal damage to everyone on the field due to psychic whiplash if killed, I think. Like, Str2d6 or even 3d6 verses the unit that killed it, Str2d6 or 1d6 vs. rest of the units.
    >> Nasdaq !3LrT5NRVks 08/28/08(Thu)14:03 No.2450213
    Not required HQ, just an HQ option rather then elites.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:03 No.2450216
    An interesting idea, if you allow a chaos marine squad for HQ, because all astartes have tactical knowledge and the traitors would be more willing to use to command armies of lowly cultist. However allow the squad to be specialized like plaugebearers, bezerkers, noise marines, or thousand sons but then thats the god the whole army has to follow, so if your cultist have a mark it has to be the same mark as the specialized marines.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:05 No.2450220
    IMO more than 1 squad of CSM will likely change it too much, from "Chaos Cults" to "Chaos Cults as led by Marines".

    So they can be HQ, but 0-1 CSMs through the army total.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:06 No.2450227
    Most of this stuff is already in the rapidshit I posted.
    >> Just some thoughts Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:07 No.2450236
    Urgh, I'm certainly on the no CSM path. Why not just play the better Chaos Marine army in that case?

    A 'Daemontouched' HQ character, perhaps, being most of the way possessed, filling both CC and psychic-based shooty roles but the opposite of cheap. He's the focus of cult worship if chosen, and if he goes down it's bad for the whole army.

    They need some Deserters, possibly in heavy support, groups of PDF forces who've stolen their unit's weapons and taken to rebellion. More limited than an IG squad in choices, but higher LD because they're under a death sentence no matter what.

    Suicide fanatics? "I've got a demo charge strapped to my chest and a bloodstream full of combat drugs, and I'm gonna fucking hug you to death!"

    Mob leaders of Marked cultists should be able to sacrifice cultists for a turn of benefit. Maybe Tzeentch makes one into a screaming, burning horror that runs for the nearest enemy unit and causes havoc, while Khornate fanatics get the blood flowing first and whip the mob into a frenzy - Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows!

    Secondary idea to that - Khornate fanatics as a unit, a wandering orgy of bloodlust and violence. May trade members of the squad for extra attacks/strength on a charge.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:08 No.2450243
    So Chaos Bikes, Chaos Trucks, and Chaos Limousines

    No looted tanks or the like.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:10 No.2450261
    mobs possessed by khorne should suffer from a version of righteous fury, and should have a chance to start fighting amongst themselves
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:11 No.2450265
    Yeah. Tanks are for the LatD.

    At most cults get 0-1 tank at high prices since it's so hard for them to maintain/repair them without Munitorium access.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:13 No.2450270
    i really think no tanks, i think crazy ass chaos warmachines would be better here, i really liked the idea of the dark alter
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:13 No.2450271
    Perhaps a "0-1 Stolen PDF Rhino"? Most mobs of cultists should be h00j, so they'd rarely get the transport use out of it, just a vehicle to ram shit with.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:14 No.2450279
    Wait a minute... Imperial Armor already has rules for small suicide tanks.

    Scale up, apply to Chaos Cults
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:15 No.2450284
    Follow up thought: no possession, no armor reinforcement, any upgrades to ramming shit included. Lots of spikes and metal prows welded on, used to break through the many doors of a Hive structure/security barricades.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:16 No.2450292
    seriously just make something like a hellhound with a battering ram attached to it
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:16 No.2450297
    Pts/Mdl 3
    WS 2
    BS 2
    S 3
    T 3
    W 1
    I 3
    A 1
    Ld 6
    Sv -

    Preacher +6 2 2 3 3 1 3 2 7 -
    Number/Squad: 10-20

    Equipment: Laspistol

    Options: Cultists may be given an extra close combat weapon at the cost of +1pt/model. In addition, for every five cultists in a squad one of the following special weapons may be taken;

    Character: One cultist may be upgraded to a Preacher at the cost of +6pts. The Preacher has access to the Cult Armoury.

    Preacher has 2 attacks and Ld 7
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:17 No.2450303
    Right, the cyclops right? I think it was S8AP3 blast when detonated. I forgot if destroying it with shooting caused it to blow up.

    A suicide rhino should probably be S9AP2 or S10AP3 and be about 80-90 points... but can be exploded by a penetrating hit (bad news for your squads if it gets nailed by a vanquisher).
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:18 No.2450304
    Well if you go by what might be in a hive when it gets taken over, the law enforcement have an urban modified IG tank and use sentinels.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:21 No.2450317

    What about using something similar to the Goblin Fanatic rules for the suicide bombers?

    Also forge world V5 had some good ideas, especially the advisor's such as Enforcers etc.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:24 No.2450325
    No way do cultists figure out a sentinel. I think leaving tanks off the list as a flavor choice, like no CSM, is a good way of separating out the Cultist list from the Chaos Marines or demons list.

    My impression is that a cultist army should be a battle to keep the attrition benefiting you. The turn a Cultists player isn't removing his own units from the field, they're doing badly.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:25 No.2450335

    Recyclable basic units?
    Mutants and cultists with no upgrades can come back on?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:26 No.2450338
    why would the cultist make it better than the regular gaurd?

    it should be like S7AP4 with the option of upgrades like giving it some kinda of nurgle virus to increase the strength, or like khorne possessed so it uses the large blast template, maybe tzeentch makes the whole thing ignore all saves. Basically cultist should play rather simple and weak with awesome thrown in with marks and the really specialized shit
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:29 No.2450348
    In general, there's no difference between an organised Chaos Cult (see most Gaunt's Ghost books) and the Imperial Guard, other then the fact their troops are usually equipped with cheaper/easier to acquire weaponry.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:30 No.2450353
    >why would the cultist make it better than the regular guard?
    Bigger vehicle. More explosives. They figure they'll never keep a Rhino for long, so might as well load it up with Promethium tanks and missiles and ram it into a loyalist tank.

    Hmmm, not a bad idea.
    I'm more an idea guy than a numbers guy in this thread, being a WFB player, but - as opposed to laspistol only, is there a way for them to be a more shooty squad with worse weapons than lasguns? Is there some weapon that's worse than lasguns?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:31 No.2450359
    IMO there are only a few turns cultists should be there en masse (the rest of the time they're hiding away):
    1) cultists have finished their plan
    2) cultists are about to finish their plan
    3) the Inq. or Arbites have figured them out, they must try to hold them off

    So that should tie into their playstyle. Perhaps army-wide special objectives like a summoning pit to bust out a greater daemon or a mass slaughter to open a warp rift?

    You're right, but the Cyclops is a tiny tank, not even half the size of a rhino I think.

    It's a special remote operated tank but I agree that 9/2 or 10/3 is too high. I think lower the strength/ap (7/4 is a good number) and make the template hueg is a better idea.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:32 No.2450369
    We're talking about Chaos Cults here, underhive style.

    The Blood Pact from the GG books are more akin to LatD.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:33 No.2450373
    Suicide tank upgrade: Promethium Stockpile. The template remains on the field as impassable terrain offering cover saves for shooting through it.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:34 No.2450376
    >So that should tie into their playstyle. Perhaps army-wide special objectives like a summoning pit to bust out a greater daemon or a mass slaughter to open a warp rift?
    This could make a very interesting set of HQ upgrades/choices.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:35 No.2450384
    The "Firearms" from TLATD mutants entry fitted that idea. Basically crappy guns that over heated like plasma guns in order to represent how unreliable they are.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:35 No.2450390
    yes i honestly see this as a cult that has taken over a hive and the astartes or IG or DH show up to fuck up their day, alternatively if fighting xeno the excuse can always be, well the IG were all wiped out and the astartes were never coming so the hive city turned to khorne to help protect them from the orks, dark eldar, tau, etc, etc,
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:36 No.2450396

    So guerrilla warfare + witches, psykers, and daemons.


    And why not different flavors of cultists? Gangers, fanatics, cultists in robes, etc.

    But how do we feel about beastmen an other mutants? Lost and Damned for traitor IG, Chaos Marines already covered, so are we going to the armies of chaos FB style route as well or sticking to this pure "hive cult" kind of thing?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:37 No.2450407
    why wouldnt a hive cult have mutants? i think they are actually more inclined to have mutants than most other places, beastmen seem perfectly fine also
    >> Da Orks! 08/28/08(Thu)14:39 No.2450415
    Also Zombies. A fuck ton of zombies.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:40 No.2450419
    >And why not different flavors of cultists? Gangers, fanatics, cultists in robes, etc.
    I like it. Gangers are shooty, fanatics can use the leadership of ANY non-Troop unit within 12 inches, cultists in robes are good for your HQ psykers.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:42 No.2450431
    Spirers can also provide a little more staying power.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:42 No.2450444
    And shit yes mutants. Maybe as Nasdaq suggested, bringing in a little fantasy. I play Beastmen, and the main herd is mixed little dudes with spears and big guys with hand weapons. You could field mixed units of mutants and cultists - the mutants rush to the front in CC because they're aggressive and pissed off from their lives in the Imperium, but the cultists also duck around them so they take shooting casualties first.

    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:43 No.2450445
    hmmm since we are drifting toward this hive world feel, wouldnt this be a good place for hereteks? have them as an elite choice maybe? equivalent as like a couple tech priest? definitely would be an interesting Elite choice, maybe if they assault vehicles they can totally disable them. Also gangers or any other shooty groups should be armed with shotguns and like lasguns that are Assault1or2 instead of rapid fire.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:44 No.2450458
    Are zombies in 40K canon? I can't recall.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:46 No.2450471
    >laspistol and cc, may add mutants and beastment
    >shotguns and autoguns?(dont know what the rules are but they seem more fitting)
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:46 No.2450475

    There's a story in Planetkill about a chaos plan to hit a planet with a modified life-eater that turned the entire populace to zombies.

    There's the Apocalypse Datasheet for Typhus that includes a horde (100+ iirc) of Zombies.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:47 No.2450482
    Oh, hereteks could be neat. I sort of figure we went to Hive world because that's the bulk of the worlds these cults can erupt onto as an army. Maybe a Feral World cult option - no guns, but everybody's I5 WS3.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:48 No.2450489
    So it looks like we need to make a list that has three main strategic options.

    The spam with cultists and suicide vehicles option.

    The supplement cultists with civilian vehicles and mutants option for a somewhat smaller and tougher army than the cultist horde.

    Or the cult army with just enough troops to guard the psykers, witches, and daemonhosts.

    So the cult elites/leadership aren't known for their strength or leadership, it's the freaky power quotient.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:48 No.2450492

    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:49 No.2450501
    Maybe 0-3 mutants for gangers, 0-10 for cultists, 0-5 for fanatics...I'm just spitballing.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:51 No.2450521
    Ok here's my 2cent on the whole thing.

    If its a cult that implies its based around one very powerful individual. Therefore the leader should have a huge impact on the whole army.

    I think that you could have the list describe 3 basic types of Cult.

    1. Ex military figure or wealthy politician etc. This kind of army would be small but very well funded and equipped, Think Brotherhood of Nod from c&c. Big mobs and daemons would be rare, but small well armed ambush and raider groups would be common (some light tanks).

    Fanatics- basically huge undisciplined mobs of the insane. This would include spawn as heavy choices, suicide bombers within the mobs who can rush out, psykers for ranged attacks and marks of chaos. Very few elite units, basically this would a popular uprising (could be like the French revolution even).

    Daemons- The army leader would be a possessed individual surrounded by other possessed. This list would have the ability to use all kinds of warp powers and summon exotic daemons. The biggest draw back would be its random nature (is my psyker going to turn into a daemon or just explode).
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:51 No.2450523
    No, feral worlders dont hit before marines. unless you give them the mark of slaanesh maybe.

    with feral worlders with 2 ccws, I'd go with WS4 S3 I3 and a banner that gives a one-shot furious charge, and the ability to take an expensive mark of chaos.

    I've been participating int his thread a while and I find myself questioning if following the FoC is the best way to do this army.
    >> Da Orks! 08/28/08(Thu)14:52 No.2450525
    There is a White Dorf with special rules for plague zombies and I think the Medusa campaign book had rules for them too. Necromunda has them as characters in the Scav gangs.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:52 No.2450529
    maybe allow 0-1 PDF troops that counts as one IG platoon minus the choices from the IG armoury
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:53 No.2450536
    Yeah, I'm the "not a 40K player" in this thread, just spitballing ideas. No idea where I5 fits on the scale. Numbers are for someone else to do.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:55 No.2450548
    Still a little too...tidy. I like the idea of small bands of deserters, say five to a dozen men, with one or two IG-style heavy weapons and maybe a grenade launcher or flamer.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:57 No.2450559
    yeah that seems reasonable, really i think the lacking heavy weapon could just be made up with mutants, hereteks, and crazy ass heavy support choices
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:58 No.2450574
    i have to leave soon i really wouldnt mind seeing this thread when i got back, im really impressed /tg/ we seem to be getting some stuff done today and its like all the trolls magically arent here. If this thread dies someone should archive this...
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)14:59 No.2450577
    Perhaps 0-1 heavy weapon teams, and a group of 10 or more deserters may take an Assault special weapon?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:00 No.2450583
    Crazy psyker, cult leader/magician with warp witchery, daemon

    Cult adepts with Chaos equivalent of acts of faith?, heretek enginseers, personal retinue of cult leader (the only elite regular troops that will ever be in a cult army. If there's any traitor PDF, inquisitorial stormtroopers, etc. they'll be here)

    Civilian trucks, limos, and bikes

    Gangers, fanatics, cult initiates, beastmen, mutant scum (for the general random mutation-ified hivers)
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:03 No.2450601
    i like the HQ changing the army

    Alpha psyker allows basic troop choices to take a witch/rogue psyker

    Astartes or just Champion (ex military or whatever) allows troop choices to take a missile launcher or heavy stubber

    Daemonhost allows a lesser daemon choice count as a troop choice?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:07 No.2450624
    I don't know exactly hope to represent it but I think one HQ could be a sort of corrupted artifact or chaos icon. Which would give you the straight horde o cultists army.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:07 No.2450625
    Look just a small HOLDONAMINNIT here
    Suddenly hive gangs and traitors?

    Oh and expanding on the idea of mass entropy kill-your-own-and-watch-the-fireworks style gameplay, why not REALLY pimp out the altar?
    -Vanilla Altar adds +1LD to whole army as long as it stands, and makes units within 12" fearless
    -Upgraded altar adds up to 3 rogue psykers who can throw shit like S8 AP3 Ordance Blasts around the field, but their accuracy is a huge pile of ass and backfire.
    -Put the Cult Lord/Alpha in base contact with the altar and you can literaly annihilate entire platoons of your own guys to turn them into Vortex Bombs, Greater Daemons and other funky shit
    -Throw in a mark and HOO BABY... (Gives a certain power (+1S/+1T/+1I/Inv Save) to a target unit)

    And if you REALLY feel the need to FUNK IT OUT, pick 3 altars, pimp them all to the max, throw the lord on one and start turning your Without Number cheapo squads into Vortex Blasts and daemons while the enemy desperately tries to nuke the altars down before everything explodes into a mass of hell and tentacles.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:11 No.2450643
    Could do or at the least it makes it much easier to summon daemons. I think its a line between making them more common and not turning the whole thing into another daemon army list.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:14 No.2450658
    >-Upgraded altar adds up to 3 rogue psykers who can throw shit like S8 AP3 Ordance Blasts around the field
    Also "LOL now you're a Chaos Spawn, eat your sergeant kthx"

    Incidentally, I love the idea of a pimped altar. I should really get to bed as I work nights, but I'd look forward to another Codex: Cultists thread in 12 hours or so.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:16 No.2450671
    Just here to say HURR DURR.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:16 No.2450672
    Cults have great campaign potential.

    Someone earlier mentioned opening a warp rift or summoning a greater daemon. It would be great to fight them in campaign and desperately try to disrupt their circle of Tzeentch before it hits your entire HQ Command Squad with Gift of Chaos...

    However, in terms of practical games these abilities just won't really work.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:17 No.2450685
    There should be alot of hijacked or converted
    arbites stuff within the army like cultists equipped with peices of helmet or shoulder armour to give it that "uprising" feel,
    A model idea for an altar of darkness could be a ruined courthouse or crucified eversor assasin.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:19 No.2450692
    Kind of missing the point, neh?
    This is awesome. Chaos cultist armies with fuckoff crazy powers are awesome. Chaos cultist armies that sacrifice their troops of make fuckoff badass powers are yet more awesome.
    Just play them in campaign then. Who wants to play with the socially retarded neckbeards at the GW store anyway?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:19 No.2450697
    Moar like exploded eversor amirite?

    The siege of vraks had a sniper assassin who failed to kill Xaphan captured and crucified. They never outright call it a vindicare but it's implied, I think.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:20 No.2450700
    >A model idea for an altar of darkness could be a ruined courthouse or crucified Imperial preacher
    Fixed. Eversors would tear through Chaos cultists like wet tissue paper.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:21 No.2450708
    HQ ideas:
    Alpha Psyker
    -weak as shit
    -utterly insane powers. And I do mean utterly. On par with a Lord of Change.
    -Asspiles of retinue. Like a full 20 man squad of acolythes. These act as familliars and sacrifice fodder.
    -When killed, turn into warp holes/daemons/something
    -Can empower altars

    Cult Lord
    -A more sturdy HQ choise
    -An elite band of minions follow him, similar to Inq Lords
    -Adds a strong LD Bubble to nearby units
    -a more "in the fray yet out of your face" HQ

    -RIP AND TEAR HQ choise
    -A hugeass possessed daemonhost gribbly
    -no bodyguard, can join daemon units unlike other HQs
    -Radiates pure warp, mutating anyone within 6" into spawn or sentient earwax (so dangerouns to have arnound other units)
    -Can customise the most (add wings, huge weapons, psypowers etc etc)
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:21 No.2450710
    No what I mean is... a lot of it's not practical even in a casual game due to game length.

    Take a warp rift with some daemons for example. If the rift comes in on turn 2 or 3 it would probably be too powerful. If it comes in turn 5 or 6, the daemons come in too late to really do anything.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:22 No.2450715
    Which assassins wouldn't?
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:22 No.2450719
    Yeah you got me there, eversors are riddled with killswitches, the altar should resemble one of two factors: dark rituals, revolution.

    If a dark altar is imobile it would be kinda TO vulnerable to deepstrike.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:25 No.2450734
    Then give it an upgrade that either:
    1) forces them to take night fight test (or Shrouding or Veil of Tears) to shoot it
    2) gives itself a cover or invulnerable save
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:25 No.2450738
    Then what about a mobile alter, maybe on a truck or being carried by a mob of cultists. I guess you could even have a very big disc of Tzeentch with the whole thing on the back.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:26 No.2450748
    Well, spitball anon here. I need to get some sleep in before work rolls around, but once I'm at work and settled in I've got nothing but time. I'm brainstorming some thoughts. Hopefully I'll be able to get an archive link later to see where we got to.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:27 No.2450753
    Untill the drop pod sprouts teeth and eats the payload.

    Also someone get Scriptarius in here.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:29 No.2450760
    Too generic IMO.
    No army is based armound THE IMMOVABLE OBJECT as of now. Enough of this "moving arnound" crap. The altar is there and stays there.
    Anything within 24" of it counts as impassable terrain for derp strike and difficult for others.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:29 No.2450762
    I like carried on a litter by several cultists, eight or ten of them, bent under its weight, with dead Imperial servants shackled to the sides and a Master of Sacrifices standing alongside.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:30 No.2450772
    I think 2-4" a turn would be a lot like an immovable object without forcing you on the defensive.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:30 No.2450778
    Sounds too powerful, it should be HARD to deepstrike against it, not impossible.

    We know spess mehrens can force extra scatter with the new scout land speeders. Give the altar that - forces extra scatter or rerolls on deepstrikes.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:30 No.2450779
    120 posts in 2h 30min

    I'll be back tomorrow to work on this more
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:32 No.2450792
    Standing ON TOP
    While on FIRE
    Screaming lightning and litany
    Gutting victims left and right as the heavens tear and hellfire blasts from the tortured wounds
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:33 No.2450796
    No i still like the idea of a huge horde of chanting cultists slowly dragging (or pushing)the altar towards the enemy.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:33 No.2450797
    Or give it a chance to shoot deepstrikers as they come in.

    Wasn't there an upgrade for Inquisitors that allowed him or a nearby unit to shoot at deepstrikers as they came in? Oh right, the Mystic henchman.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:35 No.2450804
    you mean codex angr-... meme marines? Yeah that was just great, go /tg/!
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:36 No.2450808
    Wow, did you ever fucking fail at reading the thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:37 No.2450810
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:38 No.2450817
    With the whole alter thing i think if it moves it should be ok. I'm having second thoughts about the truck though, this springs to mind....

    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:42 No.2450839
    I have an idea, when some imperial fists got deepstruck into solid rock because of cultist chanting that disrupted it. it could make you roll to see if your deep strike worked.

    results being:
    Death of platoon
    Death of platoon and altar users
    roll scatter dice to see where outside of "11
    they land (outside of the bonus yield)
    normal strike
    right ontop of altar your not assaulting but gain furious charge and enter melee
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)15:52 No.2450871
    Sounds interesting but unnecessarily complicated.

    Just do one of the following:
    1) shrouding/night fighting
    2) cover/inv save
    3) teleport scatter
    4) shoots at deepstrikers

    Any of these will work.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)16:15 No.2450974
    to litle extremes, chaos always gambles on glorius victory or crushing failure like the shokk atack gun.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)16:38 No.2451075
    im so proud of you /tg/
    >> Anonymous 08/28/08(Thu)16:40 No.2451088
    It could just always move as if in difficult terrain which means 2d6 take highest as movement.

    Also bump

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