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  • File :1225045807.gif-(126 KB, 369x425, hallucinate.gif)
    126 KB UA Rumors: Wiki Style / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)14:30 No.2883764  
    ITT we go to Wikipedia, click on the Random article button

    and write an Unknown Armies rumor about it. Yes, you may cheat until you get something substantial. Here are some quick examples:

    If you draw Liang Shiyi's face in charcoal on both wings of your plane and place a book with "Qing Dynasty" written in Manchu on the cover in the overhead compartment, your flight from anywhere to Hong Kong will take forty-five minutes less time. Don't be surprised if your flight attendant gets possessed.

    This man is weak to the number 7 and strengthened by the number 8. Depending on how many people you get to chant the number, you can change his performance. Note: Must all be listening to the radio.

    This town is a stronghold for Creationists, with its Fossil Rim Wildlife Center showing the beauty of God's intricate designs in nature and the Creation Evidence Museum proving that the beasts created the footprints found in Dinosaur Valley State Park less than a few thousand years ago.

    This is right. But the Creationists would be surprised to know just how recently it was. And that these monstrosities' intelligent creator works as a garbage man and pays weekend visits to the nearby power plant. And what he's got buried in his back yard.

    Your turn!

    (Pic was done by a paranoid schizophrenic artist. So, related.)
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)14:36 No.2883805
         File :1225046203.gif-(27 KB, 204x283, bugs.gif)
    27 KB
    (more from this artist, apologies for tiny resolution)
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)14:46 No.2883862
         File :1225046812.gif-(27 KB, 283x206, driving.gif)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)14:51 No.2883900

    Heritage park zoo is organised and run by its first animal, Shikar the Bengal tiger. He is currently bringing together all sentient animals in the world to one location, where he can start his takeover from all mankind. Or, at least thats what the demon tells him.

    This list is special for several reasons. First and foremost, more than half are walking the same avatar path. Second, about a third are going to vanish within the next four years. Third, about a quarter of them want to kill you. Don't ask why.

    If you create a specific design in the sap of this plant and bury it underneath a patch of barren earth on the third full moon of a leap year, any seed which is watered with a drop of blood will grow without trouble.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)15:02 No.2883972
    Why did she refuse to leave Galiano Island? Why did she really die? What was in those sandstone caves?

    Ancient whale demons who have blessed authors with publishing do not take kindly to those who do not complete their appeasement rituals in time.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)15:12 No.2884036
         File :1225048346.gif-(17 KB, 224x283, capacitor.gif)
    17 KB
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)15:21 No.2884082
         File :1225048877.gif-(10 KB, 234x283, feeding.gif)
    10 KB
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)15:38 No.2884165
         File :1225049921.gif-(19 KB, 283x274, anthropomorphic.gif)
    19 KB
    >> Papa Bear 10/26/08(Sun)16:04 No.2884332

    Although pursuing a degree in architecture, Lescaze was more interested in drinking and gambling. After racking up substantial debt with some unsavory characters, young William found himself sold to one of his professors, a Plutomancer.

    After completing his education in the occult, Lescaze fled to the US where he constructed a piece of Plutomantic architecture, the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society building.

    Knowing this, it becomes apparent why this style became adopted internationally, but who tipped off Loews about its nature? Why did Lescaze, a supposedly brilliant architect, get forced into teaching design.

    Simple, there are some people you don't fuck with.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)16:13 No.2884365

    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)16:22 No.2884401
         File :1225052568.gif-(23 KB, 196x283, finishedbaby.gif)
    23 KB
    these are great so far, guys
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)16:54 No.2884599
         File :1225054449.gif-(28 KB, 283x215, hostel.gif)
    28 KB
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)17:27 No.2884795
         File :1225056430.gif-(42 KB, 283x200, mordilounge.gif)
    42 KB
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)18:38 No.2885193
         File :1225060699.gif-(23 KB, 283x197, poles.gif)
    23 KB
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)19:01 No.2885347
         File :1225062107.gif-(32 KB, 283x200, prison.gif)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:05 No.2885364
    you dont learn do you

    fuck you slashy
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:07 No.2885371
    I've never seen a more devoted troll. Seriously, what.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)19:09 No.2885382
         File :1225062547.gif-(39 KB, 217x283, satellite.gif)
    39 KB
    I have no idea. Maybe he's just lonely.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:10 No.2885386
    You'd think he'd make a Myspace or something equally worthy of attention whoring if he was really ronery.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)19:11 No.2885394
         File :1225062719.gif-(19 KB, 177x283, sitting.gif)
    19 KB
    I'm not even paying him that much attention, though. And it's not like he actually trolls.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:12 No.2885400
    Have you seen LN's troll? now that guy's dedicated.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:14 No.2885412
    This is true. The guy only sages rather than making trolling remarks.

    The LN Sagefag, however, tries to make the thread into a LN-as-Anon witchhunt.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:15 No.2885418
    Sup LN.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:17 No.2885428
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:17 No.2885431
    Sup :awesome:.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:19 No.2885444

    There are practitioners of older runic magics who know that calling something forth by it's true name can summon it into this realm. They seek to become immortal and gain power over time itself under the theory that The Doctor must exist in some realm beyond normal space, and that they can bind him and call him forth through complex rituals involving the names of all things he is involved in. However, a single mistake in their rituals would certainly spell disaster, and thus they bicker endlessly among themselves on what words must be used.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)19:19 No.2885445
         File :1225063173.gif-(37 KB, 283x212, streetscene.gif)
    37 KB
    Guys, by the way, you don't have to know anything about UA to do this. Just write something vaguely creepy or weird.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:21 No.2885456
         File :1225063303.png-(24 KB, 336x336, awesome_med.png)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:22 No.2885460
    Logic Ninja is really Slashy?

    >> MonkeyToho 10/26/08(Sun)19:22 No.2885463
         File :1225063351.png-(443 KB, 438x600, 1217449550791.png)
    443 KB
    rolled 60 = 60


    All of these tie together. All of them.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:25 No.2885472

    ...I really hate these "Lol click random on wikipedia and get something out of it rather than engaging in a truly creative process!" things.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:26 No.2885477
    >Logic Ninja
    Why do you keep trying to force this meme?
    >> MonkeyToho 10/26/08(Sun)19:26 No.2885482
         File :1225063598.jpg-(52 KB, 626x459, 1220689355624.jpg)
    52 KB
    rolled 72 = 72


    The librarians are hell-bent on the library never reaching exactly one million books. To do so is too sinister to comprehend.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:28 No.2885494
    Fair enough.
    This castle was the strong hold of Baron Nikolas, a hated 15th century overlord that dabbled in the occult and unnatural acts.

    Some also claim that the Baron could still be seen every year at the ruins, in his bloodstained leather riding clothes, carrying an axe and a satchel of the severed heads of the innocent to be used as fuel for his dark rituals.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:28 No.2885501
         File :1225063734.jpg-(151 KB, 800x600, 800px-FranchimontCastleRemains(...).jpg)
    151 KB
    Crap, forgot my picture.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:29 No.2885503
    Every time it's posted, another word of the English language is 'invented'.

    This is not a coincidence. These words are taken from an ancient language responsible for causing nuclear destruction in ancient India.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:29 No.2885509
    ...well played.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)19:29 No.2885511
         File :1225063790.jpg-(186 KB, 760x944, rumors1.jpg)
    186 KB
    The whole point is that UA rumors seem to fix on mundane things that you normally wouldn't think about. Randomizing it is a way to find those things, and it certainly requires some creative thinking to make something mundane or obscure occult and interesting.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:31 No.2885523

    The 517 Class were small 0-4-2T tank engines designed by Joseph Armstrong for branch line work on the the Great Western Railway. They were built at Wolverhampton and were outshopped between 1868 and 1885. They were built in thirteen lots commencing with 517-528 and ending with 1477-1488 in 1884-1885. The class was far from uniform as the rituals involved in their manufacture could never precisely duplicate Armstrong's initial design, said to be an "Infinity Engine" which has never malfunctioned or stopped working since it's creation. Some say that it ran out of fuel a century ago and still continues to pump.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:31 No.2885528

    The Eastern Bronze-naped Pigeon came close to extinction before a sudden population boost. There were only two left. Both female.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)19:33 No.2885546
         File :1225064037.jpg-(192 KB, 780x944, rumors2.jpg)
    192 KB
    second page for good measure
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:37 No.2885577
         File :1225064277.jpg-(37 KB, 320x599, 320px-NewCokeCan1985.jpg)
    37 KB
    There's a good reason the New Coke failed.

    They removed the coca-leaves from the recipe. The Columbian drug cartels, angry that one of their major buyers of cocaine was trying to back out, started a shadow war.

    The public only knew this tangentially as "The Cola Wars."
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:39 No.2885584
         File :1225064368.jpg-(16 KB, 400x300, Highledgesummit-2007-0328a.jpg)
    16 KB

    The High Ledges Wildlife Sanctuary does not have any ledges, high or low, in it's entire area. There are only gentle hills across it's entirety.

    Nobody remembers how it got it's name, but some say that it has to do with the shape the hills make when seen from above.
    >> MonkeyToho 10/26/08(Sun)19:39 No.2885588
         File :1225064378.png-(36 KB, 587x368, Massachusetts_Locator_Map_with(...).png)
    36 KB
    rolled 9 = 9


    Mountain Rest does not actually exist; powerful magics keep it obfuscated as to its true nature and appearance. The site itself was actually ground zero for a major incursion by enemy forces.

    What enemy, exactly? Only Sam Ratterson, the man who built the site, could tell you. And he's been dead these past 70 years.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:42 No.2885607
    The majority of modern nuclear weapons don't use any radioactive material. They use alien bacteria that no human has resistance to.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:42 No.2885608

    (I kid you not, this came up on the first random)

    At first glance, this book by Dominique Laporte deal with the history of sanitary implements and the wayit forged the idea of individuality. In reality, hidden in its pages is the secret history of the transition bewteen the old scholastic magick (the idea that magic comes from a fragment of god or a fragment of his name) and the Victorian magick (when mechanomancy was born along with sigilomancy and others). The last page is actually a very powerful ritual that can cause the victim to loose its sense of individuality in several levels, including physical, hence nicknamed "The Shitte of God"
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:50 No.2885662

    Luis Garrido is a Honduran football player whose mysterious disappearance in 1998 has had no ill effects on his life since he came back exactly one year later. When asked about this, he will act like he has no idea what you are talking about; however, if you ask him about "the Lemon People," he will move his left hand in a small pattern. One year later, someone close to you will have a seizure. They will claim to not remember anything of it, except the taste of lemons.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)19:57 No.2885711

    Albert Robert Ayat had never held a sword of any kind in his entire life.


    The Imperial Austrian State Railway was the only railroad that did not travel through extradimensional space. It remains the last and greatest achievement human science has ever reached.


    These individuals were carefully monitored, tracked, and catalogued by the Masonic Order, because it is suspected that they posess certain unusual psychic talents. Few of them actually played chess--at least, anything that WE would recognize as chess.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:07 No.2885765

    No serial killer in the history of the world has ever been caught because of the murders themselves. They have only been caught when they tried to get payment from those who benefitted the most. Some people just don't understand gratitude.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:19 No.2885831

    Streetlamps. They're there to light the way, of course, but they're also there to keep things away. Away from us. What things? If you're ever under one when it goes out in the middle of the night, with no other lights around, you'll find out.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:24 No.2885843

    Holy fuck, /tg/. Read the fucking article. This is already an Unknown Armies rumor. It's a spider that eats plants.

    Spiders. That eat plants.

    Vegetarian spiders.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:26 No.2885848
    >It's a spider that eats plants.
    >Spiders. That eat plants.
    >Vegetarian spiders.

    Who is responsible for this unnatural creature... and why?
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)20:27 No.2885852
         File :1225067258.jpg-(23 KB, 252x380, Recovered-not cured.jpg)
    23 KB
    Funnily enough, the artist whose work I've been posting had a fixation on streetlamps as meaningful when he was immersed in his paranoid schizophrenia. He was certain that they would blink messages to him sent by the conspiracy that was trying to get him to follow their game.

    Actually, I would really recommend his book. It's his account of his life and dealing with schizophrenia. The parts with his delusions are really fucking creepy. Every bit of it was completely real to him. It's called "Recovered, Not Cured" by Richard McLean.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:28 No.2885856
    Not that I ever really did, but I'm never trusting wikipedia again after seeing this thread.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 10/26/08(Sun)20:28 No.2885858
         File :1225067320.jpg-(81 KB, 364x475, Cosmic Bumfights.jpg)
    81 KB
    If you don't mind me asking, what's the gist behind UA? All I know about it is the "rumors", but I'm sure there's something far more sinister about it.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:29 No.2885862
    Oh, that makes me realize: we should add "citation" to these to really screw with people.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)20:31 No.2885868
         File :1225067496.gif-(36 KB, 283x212, oban.gif)
    36 KB
    >Cosmic Bumfights.jpg
    Think you've got it down pretty well already.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:33 No.2885878

    It doesn't just eat plants. It stakes out it's territory and protects it's family.


    These aren't spiders. They're people in spider form.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:34 No.2885883
    Contemporary setting, magic exists but due to the paradoxes that are required in one's mindset to make it work, the few that know about it and can use it are invariably batshit. On a bigger scale, there's a struggle going on to decide who all gets to ascend to what's essentially godhood, and once all of those positions are filled, the world ends and starts over, recreated by those who ascended.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:34 No.2885886

    Okakura Kakuzo's masterwork on the impact of tea on Japanese culture is, in fact, an encoded tome of magic, concentrating on alchemy. Transcribed originally in both english and japanese, the book may be decoded into either language by using the other language as a cipher. Of particular note is the immortality formula, which requires a first-edition text as part of the ingredients.

    Of course, as the book is also the religious text of the Cult of Steeping, it can be very hard to locate. Steepers, who believe that all knowledge and power can be distilled by soaking things in hot water, often punish those defiling their sacred texts by boiling the offending practitioner alive. And then drinking them.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 10/26/08(Sun)20:36 No.2885891

    That means they catch on fire easier!
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:36 No.2885896
    There are only 19 copies of the jazz album Days Aweigh left in existence. Nobody knows why, but people that even make inquiries into it seem to go missing or "on vacation" for a few weeks.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:40 No.2885908

    Once, a powerful race of polypous creatures ruled the Earth. Some of their scientists believed they had discovered the secret of immortality, but when they tested it on their own race, they found it transformed them into another, nonsentient species. These were released into the environment and forgotten as the species eventually died. All that remains of them are their immortal test subjects.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:41 No.2885912

    Amrutacha Vasa was a ritualistic performance, mixing ancient poetry with carefully crafted musical tones to awaken and attract something beneath the surface of Mumbai. Careful studies of seismic activities show that it's slowly making progress and will emerge sometime in December, 4 years from now.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:51 No.2885932

    Superstar Jay's rap success is unprecedented for such a newcomer to the scene. It is rumored that, when buying old tapes to re-use, he stumbled upon a disseminated component of a top-secret government mind control project that used sound to deliver secret messages directly into a listener's subconscious. It is thought that Jay used this technology in his basslines to make his songs catchier. As far as we know, this is his only intended use for the awesome power of mind control. As far as we know...
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:53 No.2885940
    /tg/ - All Original Content, All Night Long.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:55 No.2885949
         File :1225068930.gif-(2.57 MB, 225x169, technoviking.gif)
    2.57 MB
    It was random, but I changed the link to be one of the subtopics:
    The Fuckparade, as it is colloquially termed, occurs sporadically in Berlin.

    Due to an interesting twist of fate, the dance performed at times during the FP is the exact counter to the play "The King in Yellow", no matter how far along the performance of the play is.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:56 No.2885957
    (And you have NO idea how many times I tried to post that in all of its Hastur-countering glory)
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)20:59 No.2885965
    The Spanish Entomologist and Geneticist Alberto Mendoza was deathly afraid of the dark. In the late 1400s, while researching African jumping spiders, a strange weed began to grow up the sides of his house, covering the entire building in less than a month, blocking out all light. Mendoza became obsessed with the plants consuming his home and grew more and more fearful as his candles slowly burned down to nothing. One night in August, he threw a party, presumed to be in celebration of some new discovery, inviting his friends and their families. When the sun rose, Alberto Mendoza, his guests, and all the plants around his house were gone, leaving nothing but an empty cobweb choked building.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)21:00 No.2885968
    Fuck YEAR, Technoviking.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)21:01 No.2885969
    Not quite random, but linked from a random article on penis severing:


    ...there are no words. There is nothing that can be said to make this more UA than it already is.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)21:05 No.2885983

    1 November - The first outbreaks of the avian flu in Bangladesh were recorded around this time. However, the records were incinerated along with the surrounding town. The cause of the fire is unknown to this day, and many nearby residents and survivors have no recollection of the town ever existing though it is marked clearly on road maps.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)21:08 No.2885995
         File :1225069686.jpg-(23 KB, 467x300, Baudolino_rasputins-penis.jpg)
    23 KB
    I'm surprised they don't have one of the more common images there.

    (More common, since there were around 5 if this one alone from Google Image Search)
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)21:14 No.2886023

    Michael Brier was in fact absolutely correct when he attributed his actions to pornography. He was influenced by the ancient and misunerstood "luck" spell that a manga-ka had woven into his underage hentai in the hopes of enhancing his readership. That manga-ka has since died; the police officially report he attempted seppuku after living alone for thirty years, but the truth is they discovered him having slit his belly open not as a means of suicide so much as a means of eating his own intestines, which he was apparently enjoying with several unlabelled and unidentified herbs and spices.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)21:30 No.2886140
    The same metal from those typefaces is used nowadays in Stephenson Blake's welding products.

    The power in those letters never fades.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)21:44 No.2886231
         File :1225071860.gif-(52 KB, 276x283, technology.gif)
    52 KB
    >> Fexy !Efchz00JLk 10/26/08(Sun)21:52 No.2886296

    They're poisoning our minds. You know who they are, trying to control us and to accept them.

    The Penguin Agenda.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)21:56 No.2886341

    I came up with three different articles on H. P. Lovecraft in a row when I ran this.

    I believe that wikipedia is trying to tell me something.

    Perhaps something sinister, perhaps that I should leave my house and meet girls so I don't end up like HPL, but in any case the fact that an online database is trying so hard to communicate with me is disconcerting.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)21:57 No.2886354
    >I came up with three different articles on H. P. Lovecraft in a row when I ran this.
    Oh Jesus. Good luck, buddy.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)22:00 No.2886378
    The internet Gremlins are restless tonight. They're like the Hounds of Tindalos, only with electronic images. Best to turn off the monitor to close the "Window into another plane" effect.

    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)22:04 No.2886419
    This is the order I hit them in:

    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)22:04 No.2886420

    The movie was created by summoning the deceased souls of the girls via a magic circle and binding them into a master tape, then forcing them to relive their lives. Every time someone watches the movie, the souls are ripped from dormancy to act out their roles again. Some say that if an individual watches the movie several times in a row, the tape will start to burn through, and the dialogue will be replaced by eerie, distant screaming.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)22:15 No.2886498
    If I were you I wouldn't touch any books for the next three days.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)22:31 No.2886610
    None of these articles have pictures for a reason. All of these men look exactly the same.

    If your last name is Buckley, don't name your kid Peter. He's got a harelip and one in three dies young.

    (Not as ugly as Tim Buckley)
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)22:36 No.2886638

    This breed has a form of sexual dimorphism that is shown in larger cranial circumference in the males. This is because that the males have glands in their heads that secrete a chemical that grants low telepathy, mostly represented by 'hunches' when applied to the human brain. Refined and distilled, human users gain a powerful form of telepathy, but become addicted to the sensation of picking up the surrounding population's emotions, slowly mentally degrading to the mental state of the animal the chemical was taken from.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)22:46 No.2886698
    This is the best thread I've seen in days.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)22:47 No.2886703

    The Lady Liberators actually made 53 appearances throughout the Avengers comics, but were replaced with background characters and the stories rewritten when death threats were made to the creators.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)22:58 No.2886761

    All four of these churches lead to the same interior. Masses in each city are held at seperate times for this reason. The Denver 'church', however, has a gate to Hell in the basement, a chorus of screams guarding the door. If the church is entered from the other cities, the gate is not present. Travel between the cities may be possible, but those who have tried have not been seen again, and soon a new scream can be heard in the Denver basement.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)22:58 No.2886764
         File :1225076334.jpg-(154 KB, 430x900, 1104606500139.jpg)
    154 KB
    Some say that the /tg/ Archiving process isn't really for people to read threads from the past, but more as a study of what the general state of the hivemind is.

    As more disturbing threads start being archived, covert operatives start posting cute things to counter the negative emotions.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)23:06 No.2886803
    I see what you did there. And... Over there.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/08(Sun)23:12 No.2886840

    Humanitarian engineering may be defined as 'research and design under constraints to directly improve the genetics of inferior populations'. What is most distinctive about this type of engineering is its targeted audience - those that might be classified as 'inferior'. Humanitarian engineering places strong emphasis on the cultural context of engaging in engineering activities which impact the poor, the marginalized, the disenfranchised, and those that lack the means to address pressing problems. As such, training for one who participates in humanitarian engineering incorporates Social Darwinism, Eugenics and Population Control as well as rigorous genetic engineering basics.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)23:26 No.2886930
         File :1225077987.gif-(32 KB, 207x283, coke.gif)
    32 KB
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/26/08(Sun)23:49 No.2887071
         File :1225079345.gif-(23 KB, 196x283, disintegration.gif)
    23 KB
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/27/08(Mon)00:11 No.2887251
         File :1225080694.gif-(17 KB, 283x222, 3PALMS.gif)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/27/08(Mon)01:39 No.2887775

    Buzbag is a wine produced in Anatolia. It is named after the creature that taught mankind to make it. Sometimes sacrifices to this creature are still made by certain locals--generally these are little offerings of food, water, and wine, but whenever a vinyard owner's young child mysteriously disappears, the wine is declared a great vintage.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/27/08(Mon)02:03 No.2887899
         File :1225087391.gif-(20 KB, 283x196, party.gif)
    20 KB
    one last bump
    >> Anonymous 10/27/08(Mon)02:09 No.2887933
    >> Anonymous 10/27/08(Mon)02:14 No.2887959
    >whenever a vinyard owner's young child mysteriously disappears, the wine is declared a great vintage.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/08(Mon)02:21 No.2887993

    the idea is that the kids are fed to whatever it is that makes the wine and that creature maeks the wine taste better
    >> Anonymous 10/27/08(Mon)02:22 No.2887999
    Not >>2887959, but
    I lol'ed so hard.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/08(Mon)05:22 No.2888997

    Scar Creek Airport. Yeah, it's been abandoned for more than a year now. It wasn't anything to do with the decreasing trade the airport was doing, either. The problem was that too many planes were landing.

    Scar Creek might have been one of those backwater airfields where you'd get four or five Cessnas taking off and landing on a good day. But as soon as night fell, that was when the show started.

    They would come in silently, or with maybe just the slightest hum. Broken, rusted airliners. Twisted, waterlogged aircraft dredged from the bottoms of lakes or left to sink to the bottoms of seas.

    The first one was an old DC-3. It only had one wing, and there were gashes all over its fuselage. I was there when it landed, flying elegantly and silently, with seawater dripping from it like rain. It sat on the tarmac like that for what felt like hours before its passengers disembarked. Jesus! The rotted remains, the animated semi-skeletons, climbing down from the plane. They milled around for an hour or so then they staggered back into the wreck and it took off, screaming into the black above us.

    The next day we were convinced we'd just imagined it or something. The office was checked out thoroughly for gas leaks. Not a thing, but we kept the windows open that night, just in case.

    Just after midnight, and the DC-3 came in, low and slow. And it had brought friends.

    They didn't abandon Scar Creek because there weren't enough planes landing there. They abandoned Scar Creek because there was no sense sharing it any more. And trust me, if you've ever lost relatives in an air crash, stay the hell away from Scar Creek. Chances are one day you might see them, having a smoke break by the waterlogged or flame-scorched wreck they died in, before they take off silently from the Airport Of The Lost.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/08(Mon)05:25 No.2889011
    I'm lazy. What the tit is Unknown Armies?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/08(Mon)05:30 No.2889029

    It's an RPG about magic and the paranormal in a modern day setting. A lot of its fluff is presented in this rumour form.

    >> Anonymous 10/27/08(Mon)05:46 No.2889084

    They say the Kahu was recommissioned in 1947, but the reality is the Kahu was duplicated after going to Solomon Island. Sometime in 1966 the two recombined and then disappeared. It is said it will return in 2012 with a new sentient life form on board.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/08(Mon)06:12 No.2889232

    Princess Liang actually was created by Qifu Mumo. Helian Ding was so frightened by this technique that he destroyed the entire kingdom of Qin. He executed every noble, for fear that they were made by this technique, but there has never been any confirmation that he got Liang.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 10/27/08(Mon)11:59 No.2890552
         File :1225123172.gif-(16 KB, 173x283, hill.gif)
    16 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/27/08(Mon)12:07 No.2890592

    >> Anonymous 10/27/08(Mon)12:22 No.2890646
    HAHAHAHAH Holy Shit someone has to do one on this

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