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    File :1227503038.jpg-(14 KB, 500x500, 9001-9036-full.jpg)
    14 KB Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:03 No.3052437  

    How does it make you feel that after this whole time you were rolling perfectly random, that in actuality your rolls were completely inaccurate??
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:06 No.3052454
    Like fa/tg/uys don't know dice aren't random.

    Nothing random about fate.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:07 No.3052457
    If you're terribly concerned, just use casino dice or a random number generator.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:10 No.3052466

    No, I have to roll them. I like the feeling + casino dice don't have d20s.

    Deal with it.
    >> Cotton Eyed Joe !s5rR18z5kQ 11/24/08(Mon)00:11 No.3052467
    never for the love of god say 'anything but a 1 to save him'
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:14 No.3052486
    Man, this guy is laying down the fucking law about the dice! Delivering the beatdowns!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:18 No.3052498
    I wonder what the legal definition of a "sharp, crisp edge" is?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:19 No.3052507
    I would prefer dice that less often roll 1s or 20s, because a 1 is more damning then a 20 is saving. That said, if your really worried about it use an electronic pseudo-random number generator.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:20 No.3052512

    >> That Damn Mouse 11/24/08(Mon)00:21 No.3052518

    My Imperial Guard are equipped with rocket launchers. Not missile launchers.

    I don't trust anything with 'MISS' in the name.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:22 No.3052523
         File :1227504142.jpg-(14 KB, 111x113, Feels_good_man.jpg)
    14 KB
    >How does it make you feel that after this whole time you were rolling perfectly random, that in actuality your rolls were completely inaccurate??
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:27 No.3052537
    Call it Enemy Chaser. Its pretty much a Homing Missile Launcher.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:28 No.3052539
    Totally indifferent.
    >> Unholy Clown Ninja Maid Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 11/24/08(Mon)00:29 No.3052542
    Hey, I just discovered that you can't write the cube root of 2 as the ratio of two integers.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:30 No.3052550
    That guys a pretty good speaker. Sells his product well, supports his facts... He's a cool guy.
    >> That Damn Mouse 11/24/08(Mon)00:31 No.3052554

    Design a Non-Euclidean dice.

    I need it for a CoC game.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:31 No.3052555
    Why doesn't he machine all of his dice to have casino edging and no clip-marring?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:32 No.3052557
    He hits the "I'm he original badass and nobody else could ever be as cool as me" note way too often for my liking.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:32 No.3052559
    Sure, but it won't roll evenly.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:32 No.3052560
    Because it would cost a ton and nobody would buy it.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:33 No.3052563

    True that.

    Thank you for the videos OP very informative
    >> MR. RAGE !D9l9S8Lio6 11/24/08(Mon)00:33 No.3052564

    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:33 No.3052568
    This is actually really easy.

    D7. Roll a numbered octahedron and reroll any result of 8. Limits dictate that infinite rerolling will not occur.
    >> Unholy Clown Ninja Maid Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 11/24/08(Mon)00:33 No.3052569
    Actually, the surface of every die is a hyperbolic geometry.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:35 No.3052574
    awesome video OP
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:35 No.3052577
    Euclid can still do hyperbolic functions. It just leads to really really excessively complicated roots and functions that can't be integrated by normal means.

    Sorta like how you can represent a linear function with polar coordinates. It can be done. It's just annoying as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:36 No.3052581
    What does a 1 sided die look like?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:37 No.3052583
    a line with a number on it.
    >> Unholy Clown Ninja Maid Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 11/24/08(Mon)00:38 No.3052588
    I was referring to the definition that given a line l and a point A not on line l, there are an infinite number of lines containing A that do not intersect line l. Which violates the parallel postulate.
    >> Eidolon !!x4UZsNRzxWG 11/24/08(Mon)00:38 No.3052589
    idk my bff jill

    i figure it would be some kind of singularity, since 1 side is not possible in this world we live in
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:39 No.3052590
    A sphere. With a single dimple if you actually want it to stop rolling eventually.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:40 No.3052595

    You can buy casino dice from the gift store for cheap.

    So you can get d6s, but not the others yet.
    >> Eidolon !!x4UZsNRzxWG 11/24/08(Mon)00:41 No.3052598
    or you could roll it one something like carpet, which would naturally stop the rolling anyways. although a 1 sided dice is retarded since you would always get the same result.

    i personally think a dice with shit like the schrodinger equation on it would be baller.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:41 No.3052599
    ...but... skew lines are awesome...
    >> Buster 11/24/08(Mon)00:41 No.3052601
    He keeps referring the the singular "die" as the plural "dice," and that makes me squirm.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:44 No.3052606
    acurate to .0001 and measure 3/4" each.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:45 No.3052608
    Only monkeys play with equal odds dice.

    Real players test out all of their dice, recording thousands or rolls, until they pick one that rolls significantly higher than the rest of the pack.

    They then feed their group some lukewarm bullshit about fate and destiny and true heroism while using that die.
    >> Unholy Clown Ninja Maid Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 11/24/08(Mon)00:45 No.3052610
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:45 No.3052612
    Hm. There were a couple things that bug me (like his statement of "if I get a thousand dice that are 1/1,000th of an inch off and stack them up to a thousand of my dice, the off-stack will be 1 inch taller or shorter than my dice!", which is untrue unless you get a mass of dice that are all off in the same way, which isn't what he said). Also, he didn't directly address my manufacturer of choice, Chessex. Their dice almost always stack up the same way, from what I can tell, and having used individual Chessex dice for over six years now I haven't seen the slightest bit of wear on their edges. He also didn't mention how having round edges inhibits randomization, because in fact it does not. IRREGULAR edges impact randomization, which is why cheating "gamblers" shave the edges of their dice: to create a statistical irregularity in the dice. The crisp edges in casino dice are there for the benefit of dealers who need to be able to quickly verify that a die has not been tampered with.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:46 No.3052618
         File :1227505594.jpg-(82 KB, 1328x824, Mobius Strip1.jpg)
    82 KB
    It would look like this.
    >> Christmas Ape 11/24/08(Mon)00:49 No.3052630
    If you're such a tremendous faggot that you need casino-level randomization in your polyhedrals, check out Gamescience dice. Same sharp edges at twice the price!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:50 No.3052632
    Did you just look that up, you sad motherfucker?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:51 No.3052636
    That's hardly non-euclidian.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:51 No.3052638
    That would be the point of the video, yes.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:51 No.3052641
    It still has three sides- it's not an infinitely thin strip. If you used one with square cross section you could twist it twice and reduce it down to two sides but that's the best you'll get within physical limits.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:52 No.3052645
    It is, however, one-sided.
    >> Unholy Clown Ninja Maid Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 11/24/08(Mon)00:52 No.3052650
    He was doing a 1 sided figure, and wasn't trying to do a non-euclidean one.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:53 No.3052651
    1/5000 of an inch for casino dice, it's explained. That's just casino dice, though. There is no legal definition for non-gambling dice.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:53 No.3052653
    Now I want gamescience dice. I hate all my dice now, thanks a lot /tg/. Ignorance is bliss.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:55 No.3052659
    I'm buying some at next year's Gencon, definitely.
    About how much for a set?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:55 No.3052660
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:55 No.3052661
    When's the last time you had a coin land on its third side on a flat surface?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:56 No.3052665
    Wait, so you couldn't prosecute someone for attempting to cheat a casino by using non-standard dice? You couldn't produce the dice used, and witnesses or video confirming that he had, in fact, used those dice, and show that they did not, in fact, conform to the legal definition of gambling dice? How then is such cheating prosecuted?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:57 No.3052669

    They're cheap man.




    wouldn't exactly bankrupt a neckbeard considering what they spend on warhammer 40k
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:59 No.3052676
    Its not so much prosecuted as you're thrown out of the casino sans money plus bruises.
    >> Unholy Clown Ninja Maid Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 11/24/08(Mon)00:59 No.3052677
    It would still have 2 sides at the least due to physical contraints which is what the guy was pointing out.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:01 No.3052683

    Seconded... at one point he said, "My competitors got into the business for one reason, to make money."

    Yeah, like you didn't get into it to make money too ya dick.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:02 No.3052688
    That's not so bad, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:02 No.3052689
    $9 for a set of seven, $12 for a set of seven with the numbers inked.

    Cheaper than I can get them in town, at least.
    >> Unholy Clown Ninja Maid Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 11/24/08(Mon)01:04 No.3052696
    That's about the same price as Chessex.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:05 No.3052703
    You won't give his neckbeard the benefit of the doubt?
    >> Unholy Clown Ninja Maid Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 11/24/08(Mon)01:06 No.3052705
    Actually, disregard that. I remember getting Chessex for about 7.50 a set.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:08 No.3052715
    The really funny thing is that the whole time he was wearing a Zocchihedron tshirt. I say Zocchihedron because the thing has a clear seam around its hemisphere as an artifact of its construction that - aided by the NON-sharp edges of the thing - skews results towards the poles, making it less useful as a d100 than a pair of percentile dice.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:08 No.3052717
    Bought a pair of Chessex ruby dice (w/ white lettering) for something like 6 or 7 bucks at a local shop. The edges are fairly rounded off, but the letters don't seem to have any breaks, so I guess they're not too bad.

    Some of those $9 sets look pretty nice, though.
    >> Unholy Clown Ninja Maid Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 11/24/08(Mon)01:10 No.3052725
    Actually, all the major dice manufacturers have done a similar spiel at various points. Game Science is unique in that they still do it.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:11 No.3052734
    This is just a man advertising his product, nothing more. I almost pity the people who are stupid enough to fall for this.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:11 No.3052735
    I just meant that the only LGS in my area marks up dice like crazy.
    Generic, poorly made dice (even by normal standards) go for like $1.50 each and sets are in the $12-$16 range.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:12 No.3052736
    I'm going to grab a set of GameScience dice for Xmas... (yes for myself)

    and celebrate Jim furfag Profit's permaban.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:13 No.3052752
    Christ that's pricey. D:

    The Keep sells individuals for something like 70-80 cents.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:13 No.3052758
    I thought he was full of shit but sounds plausible.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:15 No.3052765
    What he's saying is that accusing him of price gouging by saying everyone else is cheaper is fucking retarded, because they're just trying to make money too. The difference is that he uses higher quality materials and puts more work into his dice so the cost increase is justified.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:16 No.3052779
    Every one needs to pay the mortgage.

    But he also has a hard on for dice.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:19 No.3052817
    He must dream in polyhedrons. The man must be like some sort of UA adept who picks up charges when someone rolls max on a die or something.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:21 No.3052835
    He must sleep on a bed of dice. I bet every part of his body normally covered by his clothing is coated in a Smaug-like encrustation of dice. And when he gets an erection, it's always exactly the same length with lots of 8's and 2's visible along the top of the shaft.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:21 No.3052839
    I just checked mine, they all suck. I'll see if my FLGS has any good ones.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:22 No.3052858
    Somebody get Mythbusters on this shit!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:23 No.3052860
    Well, don't just *stand* there, stat him!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:23 No.3052863
    There used to be an awesome LGS downtown, the Cheshire Cat, sold comics downstairs, games upstairs, and had a vending machine that sold dice. It closed in 2003 after the church it was renting from (the church owned all of that block) raised the rates higher than they could afford (probably due to the fact that gaming is evil or somesuch nonsense, but they just rented the building out to a bar anyway).
    >> Anonymoose !!J/4EyXrVAFw 11/24/08(Mon)01:25 No.3052881

    Fuck yes. Count me in.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:25 No.3052884
    I should mention that the dice vending machine cost 50 cents and would often give you things like a d20 and a d6 in the same capsule.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:29 No.3052912
    I just stacked a bunch of my Chessex D10s a couple times and they seem to come up even.

    Also.... This:
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:30 No.3052918
    I only play Burning Wheel and Trail of Cthulhu. I use balanced casino dice. All my rolls are random.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:34 No.3052956
    I'll leave that for some other anon, as it would require the creation of a whole new Adept school. I think a good central paradox for the school is that they seek to influence events and people, but are utterly subject to the whims of random chance themselves. It has no blast. Their taboo is that they cannot alter a die roll - they must play it where it falls. Moreover, they cannot roll a die without recording its outcome in their notebook to verify true randomness.
    >> Pythagoras 11/24/08(Mon)01:38 No.3052987

    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:40 No.3053001
    I would only roll a die if the roll was first calculated through a truly random system based on numbers generated through ambient, atmospheric noise. Anything less is for scrubs.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:43 No.3053030
         File :1227509030.jpg-(19 KB, 358x400, normal_rollsit.jpg)
    19 KB
    >GameScience makes Precision dice that will role true every time. Edges are sharp, as these dice are not tumbled like most brands.

    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:47 No.3053055
    I see what you did there.
    >> Unholy Clown Ninja Maid Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 11/24/08(Mon)01:48 No.3053060
    You can't hide the truth of the irrationals forever!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:50 No.3053075
    It's called a typographical error.
    >> Toy Store Anonymous !wImXn9Y2hw 11/24/08(Mon)01:52 No.3053089
    Okay, totally cosmetic nitpick here. I hate bottom numbered d4s. Also, d6s with an actual digit on them. The dots just feel right!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:55 No.3053121
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:03 No.3053179
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:05 No.3053186
    So far from this thread I have learned:

    stacking d20s is a bitch. I forgot why I gave up on it while at the table.

    God, these suckers are unstable.

    ...That must be this man's plan: after trying to mimic his dice towers, we will buy his die. I bet I could stack a 10-high free standing tower of Gamescience die!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:08 No.3053201
         File :1227510491.png-(68 KB, 278x188, untitled.png)
    68 KB
    Jesus, how hard do you have to use dice?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:16 No.3053247
    He's using your OCD as a selling point!

    On a related note, I want some Gamescience dice now.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:18 No.3053259
    Noobs, I use only the finest D20s machined from a crystal of 99.9% pure silicon, with the numbers represented in binary to minimise weight differences between the sides.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:25 No.3053304
    sweet! tell me where i can get some!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:34 No.3053331
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:37 No.3053334
    Umm, actually they were going to make the International Kilogram Standard a docecahedron of silicon crystal instead of the cylinder they have now, but after I etched the numbers on...
    Well, you know how exacting they are with these things so they started again this time with a cylinder because all the ones they made in platonic solids were... liberated.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:46 No.3053376
    >> Unholy Clown Ninja Maid Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 11/24/08(Mon)02:48 No.3053394
    Everybody knows that's an infinite sided die.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:48 No.3053402
    He's a good spruiker, and its plausible too.

    need to import some dice now, but i dont want to support the american economy...

    grr so conflicted. must have perfect dice, must destroy american economy...
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:51 No.3053419
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:54 No.3053436
         File :1227513264.jpg-(1.15 MB, 2560x2048, Black_Hole_Milkyway.jpg)
    1.15 MB
    oh shi-
    >> SquashMonster !!YzKAMLHEhyW 11/24/08(Mon)02:56 No.3053452
    Then find a local machine shop and see how much it'll cost to make dice even better than his.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)03:03 No.3053499
    Y'know, a good CNC router and a blank of solid brass could produce some epic dice.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)03:03 No.3053501
    Machining a D20 is actually quite some challenge without a CNC machine.
    Fuck, now i'm not gonna get any work done and boss is gonna fire me for abusing his CNC machines.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)03:04 No.3053514
    that magic trick was pretty sweet.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)03:05 No.3053518
         File :1227513925.jpg-(36 KB, 403x309, gamescience.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)03:11 No.3053567

    Goddamn do those look pretty.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)03:12 No.3053577
    Can we get someone to model some dice for a CNC machine?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)04:19 No.3053942
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:38 No.3054287
         File :1227526710.jpg-(451 KB, 1142x1811, MINT8_HERITAGE_04.jpg)
    451 KB
    Also, said shirt should have been at least two sizes larger.

    I can't find the post now, but whoever posted dicecollector.com really sent me on a trip to memory lane.

    <== The card on these dice defines my childhood artistic tastes. I miss the days when RPG art looks as if it could double for carnival dark ride art.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:41 No.3054291
    Fools, an electronic RNG only pseudo-random. A more powerful computer could always predict the result, thus ruining your game.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:53 No.3054308
    Bitchez don't know 'bout mah hardware static generators.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:10 No.3054340
    The edges on the d4 look silly in comparison to the razor sharp edges on the other dice. I suppose it's done so it doesn't just land and stop right away?
    >> Detective Inspector Typhlosion !2A6x1BvqI2 11/24/08(Mon)07:19 No.3054361
    It's so it actually can roll, yeah. I have that problem with my normal d4s, they simply land on the table and don't move.
    >> Awakened Coconut Crab 11/24/08(Mon)07:21 No.3054364
         File :1227529286.jpg-(511 KB, 1404x1774, 1222611360274.jpg)
    511 KB
    Damnit Taiwan!

    I need a pretty stranger.
    You look pretty strange.
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 11/24/08(Mon)07:29 No.3054382
    Rolling randomly? Hah! Obviously you have never felt the powers of the thirty two Gods of Dice.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:30 No.3054383
    Cool dice bro. That said, for the same reason that I do not feel the compulsion to go buy casino dice for my 40k games I do not feel the need to get these dice.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:38 No.3054388
    >>3054287I miss the days when RPG art looks as if it could double for carnival dark ride art.
    I don't.
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 11/24/08(Mon)07:38 No.3054389
    Also, an old man going butthurt over dice. I buy cheap dice, and I've never noticed any sort of real "OMG, ROLLING POORLY" -shockers. It really doesn't make that big a difference.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:39 No.3054391
    Because having fixed dice is better as long as you use the ones that favor yourself.
    >> Agouri !!Q+SCob6iFc6 11/24/08(Mon)07:43 No.3054395
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:49 No.3054396
         File :1227530974.jpg-(37 KB, 432x472, cock.jpg)
    37 KB
    Eat a Dick. My dice may not be completely random but I have no idea what numbers they favor. Besides, I mostly play dice pool games so it matters even less.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:51 No.3054399
    >>3054396dice pool games
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:52 No.3054401

    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 11/24/08(Mon)07:54 No.3054403

    That's because they're not dice. In the distant past, when the brave roleplayers fought a losing battle against their greatest foe, the Batshit Insane People Thinking Games Made People Kill Themselves, they needed a weapon. They could not carry them legally, because their moms, in whose basements they dwelled, would take them away.

    In their hour of need, a young man with a neckbeard more vast than any seen before or after, devised a cunning plan. Learning from the very books his kind coveted, he saw the caltrops, and a plan began forming. They would create a weapon that would be too akin to their dice for the enemy to discover. And so they did. Forged upon the sacred Core Rules, cooled with the ashes of a thousand demons, was born the first d4.

    It's not meant to roll, it's meant to stand proudly, as a defender of the neckbeard kin.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:57 No.3054416
    Dices: serious business
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:57 No.3054418

    I don't know how you managed that.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:59 No.3054424
    after many... unfortunate events involving d4s and unshoed neckbeards, I've always wondered how many other people referred to them as caltrops. I can only imagine what would happen if we used game science dice, christ
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 11/24/08(Mon)07:59 No.3054427

    >> Dices

    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:01 No.3054432
    That settles the case. I'm gonna buy a buttload of GameScience dice now.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:01 No.3054434
    Why not use a D4?
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 11/24/08(Mon)08:04 No.3054436

    Sharp edges? Fuck, people have died of less.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:03 No.3054438
    Or a d4-studded bat.

    Improvised neckbeard mace.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:05 No.3054445

    Um. True. To my defense though, english is not my native language. This being said, I am ready to face the full consequences of my error, and roll for anal circumference if needed.
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 11/24/08(Mon)08:06 No.3054450


    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:08 No.3054457
         File :1227532126.jpg-(41 KB, 256x192, miller-mtl1.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:21 No.3054485
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:29 No.3054497

    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)09:57 No.3054672
         File :1227538665.jpg-(33 KB, 500x500, 9002-9060-full.jpg)
    33 KB
    Bought some of my own. Bought the $35 pack with D3
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:17 No.3054721
    there is everything in that pack i want
    except a D7 and a D9
    >> Agouri !!Q+SCob6iFc6 11/24/08(Mon)14:12 No.3055749

    i need to find a shop that ships internationally without charging +25 dollars...
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)14:46 No.3055883
    How come there's no set with just d6s?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)14:51 No.3055912
    I can't believe I watched all of that AND found it interesting. Help me.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)14:53 No.3055920
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)17:17 No.3056651
    I wonder if the paint itself can weigh the die.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)18:43 No.3057132
    That's why you get the paint-less dice and use a fine-point sharpie in whatever color you like.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)20:10 No.3057518
    You can feel him shifting into "sales mode" whenever he conjures up the spectre of defeat by GMs rolling innacurate dice, KILLING YOUR CHARACTER!

    My comic book dealer speaks with a similar tone in his voice whenever he praises the pristine condition of his comics and how that increases your collections value.

    I don't buy single issue comics anymore (more of a reader than a collector anyway), but I would buy a set of that guys dice.

    Then, after that awesome lecture I would go to a cheapo dicebin and hunt for D20 with lines still visible around the 1 and its neighbour surfaces and a really licked down 20 surface with its edges polished away.

    Gotta examine my current gaming dice...
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)20:15 No.3057547
    Are your random number generators really random and how it could cost your beloved character his LIFE!

    This and other stories on our 10 o'clock news.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)20:19 No.3057564
         File :1227575963.jpg-(49 KB, 668x593, round_d6.jpg)
    49 KB
    Your wish is my command.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)20:47 No.3057734
    I've seen good dice and bad dice. My friends call them lucky or cursed, but I knew what was going on. If had the money, I'd buy buckets of each type of dice, each the same color, and every game night I'd pass them out, without knowing which were good or bad. Call me a Nazi, but I'd even start dishing out minor smites to for players rolling their dice to see the numbers they'll be getting. Hell, after every roll, use a new die!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)22:13 No.3058242
    I have friends whose dice always roll horribly, I should buy them these.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)22:21 No.3058280
         File :1227583304.jpg-(191 KB, 838x1200, E_1041_004.jpg)
    191 KB

    70 - 80 cents each. Must be amaaaaaaazing quality dice *cough*
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)22:30 No.3058345
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)22:46 No.3058440
    Well, now my eyes are bleeding and I'm covered in squid. Thanks a fucking ton.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)23:02 No.3058546
    does 0.254mm actually affect rolling behaviour THAT much? ill have to pull out my micrometer, a pair of d6 and after correcting them by polishing them against a perfectly flat abrasive on a perfectly flat glass surface (600 grit glasspaper 'll do). then pick one, shorten it 0.254mm on the 1 to 6 axis and compare.

    just for argument's sake I'll do another, this time ill lave the faces as is, instead I'll polish around the edge on the "6" side. increasing the radii on those in an attempt to prevent it from rolling 1's.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)23:10 No.3058589
    I'll do that, of course, right after I learn Americaneese
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)23:12 No.3058599
    Fuck, he just blew my mind...
    >> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)23:34 No.3058712
    I thought that was Po-ju art from the thumbnail. I was sorely disappointed. WHERE'S MY PO-JU FIX, ANON?!
    >> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)00:27 No.3058997
    He blinded me with science.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)00:42 No.3059105
    Isn't that the catboy who likes it in the bum?

    No matter which way you answer, I feel dirty now.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)00:43 No.3059116
    Po-ju is an artist. This artist has produced a number of catboys and dogboys and bunnyboys, all of whom either like it in the bum or like it while being treated as girls, but most often both.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)00:48 No.3059159
         File :1227592115.png-(48 KB, 600x580, libraryscience.png)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)06:03 No.3060260
    Aside from Gencon, where can I buy these wonderous items?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)06:18 No.3060297
    If only there was a search engine that people could use to look up information they want to know... perhaps something called google or something. But that's space age tech right there.

    >> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)06:21 No.3060304
    yeah, i just did a search right after i posted. excuse me 4chan, i beg your forgivness.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)06:23 No.3060310
    Forgiveness? From Anony-fucking-mous?

    Oh... all right. Just don't do it again.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)06:25 No.3060316
    Hey guys is there a sufficient random number generator available?

    Sufficient as in as close to truly random as can be achieved for free.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)06:27 No.3060323
    Thank you very much.

    ITT: We are polite.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)06:28 No.3060327
    certified random
    >> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)06:37 No.3060358
    Excellent, I thank you very much.

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