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  • File :1230381872.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 50.gif)
    14 KB Ruby Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)07:44 No.3252815  
    Red appears in the doorway.
    >> Tunnelwrath MacWarmountain !.6zhPj.Qro 12/27/08(Sat)07:45 No.3252819
    Ask him how he's doing. Look for method of self-defense. Just in case.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:45 No.3252821
    Say hello to Red, ask him what he wants.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:45 No.3252824
    Ask red where he went. Did he moved the dummy?

    Also ask Red if he will help us to get the tarp off the second floor window.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:46 No.3252829
    Ask red where has he been. Keep him away from the control panel
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:46 No.3252830

    We shouldn't ask too many questions; he'll get angry.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)07:47 No.3252833
         File :1230382075.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 51.gif)
    14 KB
    Red reminds Ruby that he doesn't want her to keep asking questions.
    Red smiles.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:48 No.3252834
    Warn Red about horrific zombies
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:48 No.3252835
    Say "Oh, uh, h-hello again."
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:48 No.3252837

    Well we can't just sit around and stare at each other. Unless Red wants to do something.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:48 No.3252838
    Tell him to leave.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:49 No.3252839
    Say alright and that you'll be leaving the room now to explore.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:49 No.3252841

    Gesture to him that we would like to have his cane. Await response?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:50 No.3252843

    Say "I need to go into the room you just came from."
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:50 No.3252844
    Tell him that Tom is okay and that we have found buttons.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:50 No.3252845
    "Well, fancy meeting you here Red. I-I'll be on my way now..."
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:50 No.3252847

    Ask him if you can hold his cane for a moment.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:50 No.3252850

    What is that weird squiggly sword-like thing on the wall?
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)07:51 No.3252851
         File :1230382265.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 52.gif)
    14 KB
    >Say alright and that you'll be leaving the room now to explore.
    Red says he doesn't think so.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:51 No.3252852
    Read prior threads.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:52 No.3252855
    Push the down arrow button.

    I'm hoping it somehow destroys this insane fox.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:51 No.3252856
    Ask him what he wants.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:51 No.3252857
    Say "Why not?"
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:52 No.3252858
    Grab Red's cane.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:52 No.3252860
    Do not ask why. Simply stare and if we moves towards us, attempt to run.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:52 No.3252861
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:52 No.3252865

    Say "But Tom needs me."
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:53 No.3252867
    catch up on the old threads, this question has already been answered.
    >> Tunnelwrath MacWarmountain !.6zhPj.Qro 12/27/08(Sat)07:53 No.3252868
    Worst-case scenario preparation: female bunny-kick to Red's groin; flee.

    Suggestions as to 'where' to flee are welcomed.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)07:53 No.3252871
         File :1230382435.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 53.gif)
    14 KB
    Red smiles.
    Red says he is JUST KIDDING again.
    Red moves aside for Ruby and says ladies first.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:54 No.3252872
    Use coins as impromptu knuckleduster, and deck red. Knock out those malevolent teeth, Ruby!
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:54 No.3252874
    >female bunny-kick
    Hell yeah, those big bunny thighs should do some damage.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:54 No.3252875

    Shout "look behind you" and then kick his legs out from under him.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:54 No.3252878
    Feign meekness, close the locker lid and sit down on it.

    As close to the buttons as possible.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:54 No.3252879
    Thank Red
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:55 No.3252880
    Oh that wacky man.

    now get the fuck out of there.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)07:55 No.3252882
    He really needs to stop that.
    go in search for tom.
    [What was the poem that someone was talking about in the earlier thread?]
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:00 No.3252885
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:00 No.3252886
    To the dummy room! And fast.
    >> Tunnelwrath MacWarmountain !.6zhPj.Qro 12/27/08(Sat)08:00 No.3252887

    The Metal Glen, by William Murdoch. Seems to be more a source for the beginning and some characters, no real solutions to be found in it. But it is a good read.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:00 No.3252892
    lol furfags!
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:01 No.3252894
    I wanted to take the card but it wasn't possible.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)08:02 No.3252897
         File :1230382978.gif-(28 KB, 701x683, 54.gif)
    28 KB
    Red follows Ruby downstairs.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:03 No.3252898
    It also doesn't appear to be in his single book of poetry. My money is on fake until someone provides a definite source.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:03 No.3252899
    Red is scary.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:03 No.3252900
    Say that you are heading to the room with the dummy.
    >> Tunnelwrath MacWarmountain !.6zhPj.Qro 12/27/08(Sat)08:04 No.3252901

    Source was another anon, who transcribed it. I saved it to notepad. Would anon like me to post it in the discussion thread?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:04 No.3252902
    Keep all senses turned up to 11, but continue on to the room with the dummy. There's not much else we CAN do.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:04 No.3252903
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:05 No.3252904
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:05 No.3252905

    Its somewhere early in this thread. My money is its real, because of how quickly this was posted.

    The alternative is, this was Weaver pulling one over on us. Either way, I am okay with it.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:05 No.3252906
    I don`t like the way this fox is grinning all the time.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:05 No.3252907
    It's not the poem itself, it's definitely real, I was just saying there's no evidence of that particular poem written by that author.
    >> Tunnelwrath MacWarmountain !.6zhPj.Qro 12/27/08(Sat)08:07 No.3252918
    Posted to discussion thread.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)08:10 No.3252922
         File :1230383448.gif-(29 KB, 701x683, 55.gif)
    29 KB
    Red asks Ruby if he can have the coins she's carrying.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:11 No.3252927

    Go through the Z hatch, if Red follows us crawl back out and close the hatch.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:12 No.3252935
    Request his cane in exchange
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:12 No.3252936

    Tell him that if he keeps asking questions you'll rip out his throat.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:12 No.3252937
    I'm going back to this option.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:12 No.3252938
    Ponder over how Red knew we HAD the coins, but give them to him to be on his good side. We're more or less at his mercy.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:12 No.3252939
    Give him the coins and say you'll be proceeding to the dummy room
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:12 No.3252940

    how did he know we had them? did we share inventory some time that i missed?

    >>offer him one, explaining that you might need one in a pinch
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:12 No.3252943
    Tell Red Ruby don't like people asking her questions.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:12 No.3252944

    Give him the coins.
    >> Tunnelwrath MacWarmountain !.6zhPj.Qro 12/27/08(Sat)08:13 No.3252945
    Hmm... I'd be inclined to ask why, but y'know.. Red and questions. And he did open that door for us.

    Further input required. /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:13 No.3252946
    How does he know we have coins? How are we carrying them? Do they jangle when we talk?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:13 No.3252947

    "What do you need them for?"
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:13 No.3252948
         File :1230383624.png-(10 KB, 262x311, Aya Box.png)
    10 KB

    Wait, how does he know we have coins? Anyway, "Why not?", and fancily pull out the two coins and perform a little trick with them as you hand them over.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:13 No.3252949
    Although Red is a creepy motherfucker, he's been helpful so far with our requests (rather than questions) so, uh, sure, give him the coins. Maybe he's got an idea.
    >> Freis 12/27/08(Sat)08:14 No.3252952
         File :1230383654.png-(10 KB, 328x426, RED.png)
    10 KB
    I don't see why not, we might be able to borrow his cane if we do let him have them.

    Also, have this /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:14 No.3252956
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:14 No.3252957

    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:14 No.3252958
    I'm going to second this to give it some weight. Tell him we'll give the coins in exchange for the cane.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:15 No.3252960
    shit. Red said hes not trapped in anything

    10 bux says hes one of the people running this shit
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:15 No.3252962
    Is red a old fox or is he just one classy motherfucker who is just classy enough for a cane but not quite classy enough for a monocle?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:15 No.3252964
    Ask why.

    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:16 No.3252967

    this. if he gets bitchy, give them to him
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:16 No.3252968
    It's a painting on the back of the tank.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:16 No.3252969
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:16 No.3252973
    Give it to him in exchange for taking down the tarp in the Dummy room.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:17 No.3252974
    examine coins closer.
    give him one.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:17 No.3252975
    He's clearly not a wizard.
    It might be like in saw where the guy running the shit puts himself inside it for fun and plot devices.
    Wait and see what he does next.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:18 No.3252979

    He wants something from us. So we can apply our own rules here.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:19 No.3252981
    Not when you're dealing with obviously homicidal, PREDATORY creatures/people you can't.

    Tell his ass to tell you what he wants the coins for.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)08:21 No.3252992
         File :1230384075.gif-(29 KB, 701x683, 56.gif)
    29 KB
    [You guys REALLY need to trim it back again. There have been like 50 replies, most of which have been near-identical copies of GIVE HIM THE COINS since the last story panel.]

    Ruby hands Red her two coins.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:24 No.3252995
    Fuck Crazy Red! He's going to rip you off! Nooooooo! Tear out his throat with your bunny-hands!
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:24 No.3252997
    ...Well. TO THE DUMMY ROOM.

    On the way, we can tell Redd he is a scary, scary fox.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:24 No.3252998
    Just post in the fucking discussion thread if you want to discuss, you faggots.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:25 No.3253000
    4chan being a dick can contribute to that. For instance, it froze up in the other thread and it resulted in about twenty PRESS C replies.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:25 No.3253001

    "Don't spend it all in one place."

    And carry on to the Dummy room.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:27 No.3253008
    Oh I understand ... this is somehow like the Erlkönig right?
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)08:27 No.3253009
         File :1230384443.gif-(24 KB, 701x683, 57.gif)
    24 KB
    Ruby enters the Dummy room.
    Red follows Ruby in.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:27 No.3253010
    Please try using #RubyQuest on irc.rizon.net or the discussion thread floating around /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:28 No.3253015
    Inspect the dummy, see if there is a reason it is rotating.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:28 No.3253016
    Carefully examine the dummy to figure out how it keeps rotating. Be very obvious about it in case Red wants to remark on it.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:28 No.3253018
    ask red if he could "please help remove the tarp"
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:28 No.3253019
    Throw dummy at Red and run.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)08:29 No.3253020
         File :1230384545.gif-(24 KB, 701x683, 58.gif)
    24 KB
    >Inspect the dummy, see if there is a reason it is rotating.
    The dummy's bolted base appears to be on a swivel, so if pushed, it can rotate.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:29 No.3253021
    Request Red's help at opening the DO NOT OPEN crate.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:29 No.3253022
    ask red to open "DO NOT OPEN" box
    ask red to pull down tarp
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:30 No.3253025
    Ask him politely to help take down the tarp.

    You're not asking him a question, but you're not making a demand.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)08:30 No.3253027
         File :1230384649.gif-(23 KB, 701x683, 59.gif)
    23 KB
    >ask red if he could "please help remove the tarp"
    Ruby requests Red's help taking the tarp down.
    Red smiles and decides to oblige.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:30 No.3253028

    Ask for Red's help opening the filing cabinet.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:35 No.3253034
    Could you open the inventory again?

    Also, I think I just found a new favourite poet.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)08:35 No.3253035
         File :1230384936.gif-(25 KB, 701x683, 60.gif)
    25 KB
    Red snags the tarp with his cane and prepares to hop to the ground in order to tear the whole thing down.
    >> Tunnelwrath MacWarmountain !.6zhPj.Qro 12/27/08(Sat)08:40 No.3253037
    Don't get into to much of a rush, we're having problems actually determining it was Murdoch. Or who it was at all. The internet fails us. Whoever it was, though, is awesome.

    I suggest that Ruby moves out of the way of tarp and Redd
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)08:40 No.3253038
         File :1230385215.gif-(9 KB, 701x683, 61.gif)
    9 KB
    Red jumps, tearing the nails from the walls and ripping the fabric into useless pieces.
    The tarp comes down.

    Red begins to laugh.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)08:41 No.3253046
         File :1230385314.gif-(31 KB, 701x683, 62.gif)
    31 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:42 No.3253050
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:42 No.3253051
         File :1230385366.png-(24 KB, 373x290, Nonsense.png)
    24 KB

    I guess this is where we roll SAN now. After that, examine the inscriptions on the wall.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:42 No.3253052
    Well, for now, the believe to be author is now my favourite poet. :P

    still would like to see that invo.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:43 No.3253054

    Examine Corpse
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:43 No.3253055
    Yell "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT" and pretend to faint.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:43 No.3253057
    Request Red to poke at it with his cane.
    >> Tunnelwrath MacWarmountain !.6zhPj.Qro 12/27/08(Sat)08:44 No.3253060
    Try to make out the writing.
    Figure out exactly what it was before it was pinned up there.


    Go insane. Pray to Khorne. Kill Red. Take skull.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:44 No.3253061
    punch him in the guy whilst he does it, as he falls grab some glass and smash it into his stomach.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:44 No.3253062
    I guess we have to get the body down. :(D
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:45 No.3253063
    I still maintain
    preceded by a "That's fucked up, man."
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:45 No.3253065
         File :1230385538.gif-(15 KB, 488x1401, dundundun.gif)
    15 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:46 No.3253068
    ask red to put his hand on the scanner
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:47 No.3253071
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:47 No.3253072
    Remark on the degree to which the current sight is disturbing, ask Red if he has any ideas on how to open the Do Not Open crate
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:47 No.3253073
    Examine Body
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:47 No.3253075
    Red is laughing. I seriosly doubt his sanity and his good intentions.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:48 No.3253076
    red was safe, he probably runs the installation ;D
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:48 No.3253077
    Examine the corpse to see if it has both of it's hands. If one of them is missing...
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:48 No.3253079
    thanks <3
    >> Tunnelwrath MacWarmountain !.6zhPj.Qro 12/27/08(Sat)08:49 No.3253083

    I laughed.

    Mostly because I have the outside-third person point of view, and imagining Ruby's reaction is a vaguely sadistic form of amusement for me.

    Yes, I do run games of Call of Cthulhu.

    I propose we read the inscriptions. Screw SAN loss, it's a dump stat anyways.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)08:50 No.3253085
         File :1230385850.gif-(10 KB, 701x683, 63.gif)
    10 KB
    Ruby stares at the horrible sight before her.
    Red's laughter echoes through the small room.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:51 No.3253086
    How many pieces did the tarp break into? I can't see it breaking into more than four quadrants, one per rope.

    And are the ropes salvageable?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:51 No.3253089
    Try and calm our nerves, and inspect that thing in the corpse's right hand.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:51 No.3253090

    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:51 No.3253092

    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:52 No.3253094

    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:52 No.3253095
    That face... I've seen it some where...
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:52 No.3253096
         File :1230385937.jpg-(143 KB, 522x600, Marisa Bawww Rain.jpg)
    143 KB

    We may have beaten the other two monsters, but we have lost this fight. For this one has a cane, and will beat us to death with it.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:52 No.3253097
    Bad end?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:52 No.3253101
    Laugh with Red, he's a swell guy. We want to be on his good side. Make it a good laugh.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:52 No.3253102
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:53 No.3253104
    Tom: Come to Ruby's rescue.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:53 No.3253105
    Shake head, Shake head and snap out of it!! Start thinking about safety and sanity! Tell Red to get the body down so we can use the hand on the scanner.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:54 No.3253108
    Are there any bitemarks on the body? Also, can the tarp be used to restrain and eventually subdue red?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:55 No.3253112

    Laugh along, all the while looking for a quick ass escape
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:57 No.3253117
    Tell Red he has a terrifying sense of humor.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)08:57 No.3253119

    Use SINK on Red's FACE.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:02 No.3253124
    Try to recover from shock.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:02 No.3253125
    Mention the words Marinus and Posidonnis, say that they are written clearly near the body.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)09:03 No.3253126
         File :1230386581.gif-(11 KB, 701x683, 64.gif)
    11 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:03 No.3253127
    Grab the thing that the corpse is holding.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:04 No.3253135
    That's a mighty big mouth you've got there Red.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)09:04 No.3253136
         File :1230386662.gif-(8 KB, 701x683, 65.gif)
    8 KB
    Red stopped laughing.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:04 No.3253137
    Jump up grab spike from the corpse's arm and jam it into Red's face!!
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:05 No.3253140
    Now I remember where I saw that mouth! The monsters that have been attempting to kill her!
    and now she is stuck. ina room. with no weapon. and no coins. wonderful.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:05 No.3253145
    Definitely going to go with "Tell Red he has a terrifying sense of humor."
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:06 No.3253146

    Inspect the bloody blueprint on the wall.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:06 No.3253148
    Oh shit! You're right!

    Ask Red to grab something you "forgot" in the z-hatch room....


    Then hug Tom.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:06 No.3253150
    GET the object in the corpse's right hand.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:06 No.3253152
    Ruby bites off her tongue
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:07 No.3253154
    Examine the corpses face.

    It looks as if it has a mask sewn on around it.

    Take off mask?
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)09:08 No.3253157
         File :1230386919.gif-(30 KB, 701x683, 66.gif)
    30 KB
    Ruby's not going to attack another innocent survivor! Besides, Red's been helpful so far.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:10 No.3253161
    Is that a fish on the wall?
    Is that a MASK on the head?

    oh god dont make it be tom why would you do such a thing

    take off mask if its a mask
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:10 No.3253162
    Oh god.
    She didn't see it.
    She doesn't know what he really is.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:12 No.3253164
    Ask Red to help get the body down to examine it and the wall more clearly. Perhaps use the hand on the scanner.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:13 No.3253165
         File :1230387182.jpg-(16 KB, 350x350, Cirno What Look.jpg)
    16 KB

    Examine and retrieve that cross-shaped object the corpse is wearing before anything else. I think it can be inserted into the cross-shaped slot in the control/surveillance room.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:12 No.3253166
         File :1230387174.jpg-(16 KB, 350x350, Cirno What Look.jpg)
    16 KB

    Examine and retrieve that cross-shaped object the corpse is wearing before anything else. I think it can be inserted into the cross-shaped slot in the control/surveillance room.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:13 No.3253168
    Red's a fox, a trickster. I don't think he'd do something directly harmful, because where's the fun in that?

    Remark on his terrifying sense of humour. Then fiddle with the hand scanner, maybe ask Red to give it a try.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:13 No.3253171
    For what it's worth, if Red is indeed a horrible zombie, he's a different class of them than the previous ones, he can communicate and hasn't immediately attacked us. Hopefully he'll bide his time too long and we'll be able to turn the tables.

    Anyways, we should examine the writing and so-forth around the corpse, also determine what's up with the stitches on its face. Then ask Red if he has any idea how we could open the box.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)09:14 No.3253174
         File :1230387269.gif-(30 KB, 701x683, 67.gif)
    30 KB
    >Is that a fish on the wall?
    A drawing of one, yes.
    >Is that a MASK on the head?
    No. There are grisly surgical scars all across the corpse's face and exposed flesh.

    He seems to be holding something.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:15 No.3253176
    Examine Body
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:15 No.3253178
    Examine what the corpse is holding.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:16 No.3253179
    open the box with a " do not open " on it
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:16 No.3253180
    Climb on the box, and try to retrieve the item. It looks like it would fit in the cross slot on the computer room!
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:16 No.3253182
    Retrieve item held by the corpse.

    Apply eye pendant thing to wall circle if possible.

    Try to get Red to try the hand scanner.

    Try to open Box with Red's help.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)09:19 No.3253188
         File :1230387566.gif-(29 KB, 701x683, 68.gif)
    29 KB
    Red says he is bored.
    Red leaves the room.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:20 No.3253190
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:20 No.3253191
    stop muddling up the thread with picture posts. let Weaver have them.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:20 No.3253195
    Get the cross thingy from the corpse.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:20 No.3253196
    Well. that was odd. anyway.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:21 No.3253198
    Get corpse down.
    Look at item.
    Possinly try to take off stitches to see if something is in side. (Doubt Ruby, or really any one here, would do that though)
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:22 No.3253201
    The stitches may be holding its head/mouth shut.

    Other than that, GET THE CROSS THING
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:22 No.3253203
    Well, now that Red has decided to eerily leave like the creepy bastard he is, that leaves three courses of action we can cover in this room at the moment:

    Retrieve item held by the corpse.

    Apply eye pendant thing to wall circle if possible.

    Examine writing around corpse.

    (Also would not be surprised if corpse animates now that Red left)
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)09:24 No.3253207
         File :1230387868.gif-(30 KB, 701x683, 69.gif)
    30 KB
    Ruby can't make out any of the scrawled red writing by the body, or any of the strange diagrams marked around it.

    >Get the cross thingy from the corpse.
    Ruby grabs the CROSS PEG.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)09:28 No.3253213
         File :1230388107.gif-(30 KB, 701x683, 70.gif)
    30 KB
    >Ruby grabs the CROSS PEG.
    The body on the wall grabs Ruby's arm.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:28 No.3253216
    Read the writing around the body, then proclaim "I HAVE SEEN THE WRITING ON THE WALL."
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:28 No.3253217
    Well, only one thing left, then:

    Apply eye pendant thing to wall circle (the one with the symbols, near the box) if possible.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:29 No.3253218
    determine if it's dead/zombie
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:29 No.3253221
    Ask the corpse to let go. Offer the cross peg back if necessary.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:29 No.3253222
    Ask it to unhand her.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:29 No.3253223
    We bash it to hell with our fists! Call for help!
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:30 No.3253224

    Can we break free of its grip?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:30 No.3253225
    FFFFF- Pull our arm away as hard as our bunny physique will let us!
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:30 No.3253226
    This is where I freak.

    It's kinda like playing Silent Hill somehow.

    Ruby should scream.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:30 No.3253227
    Can we rip or cut the hand off the corpse to try it on the scanner?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:31 No.3253230
    Don't give in

    without a fight.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:33 No.3253237
    Assuming Ruby isn't failing san checks by now say "Oh my God you're alive! Who did this to you?! Can you speak?!"

    Pulling away first works too, but people have already mentioned that by now I figure.

    Yeah I know, he's likely a brain sucking monster, but on the off chance he isn't and mutters out '....fox..' I'm willing to risk it. Ruby must learn Red can't be trusted!
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:33 No.3253238
    call red for help
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:36 No.3253246
    Weaver, problems incoming, spammer is active.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)09:38 No.3253253
         File :1230388717.gif-(65 KB, 701x683, 71.gif)
    65 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:39 No.3253258

    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:40 No.3253259
    "Yes, what do you wish? Can I help you in some way?"
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:41 No.3253260
    well, we know its alive. and we know it knows our name. talk to it. say hello, who did this to you? what is around you? etc.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:41 No.3253261

    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:41 No.3253262
    Try to maintain our composure, and respond with, "Y-yes?"
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:41 No.3253263

    There is no damn way she can be calm at this moment in time.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:41 No.3253264
    WWwwhoo who are you? (please don't sing it)
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:41 No.3253265
    OH GOD
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:43 No.3253266
    That's what I fear as well.

    Weaver, is it in Tom's voice?
    >> Tunnelwrath MacWarmountain !.6zhPj.Qro 12/27/08(Sat)09:43 No.3253268
    Patiently await further enlightenment. *cough*forKhorne*cough*
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:46 No.3253273
    How could it be tom? we saw him on the camera.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:46 No.3253274
    Oh hey, it talks and knows our name? Probably worth hearing it out then, this apparently isn't the standard OH GOD IT'S GOING TO EAT ME zombie.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)09:47 No.3253275
         File :1230389234.gif-(45 KB, 701x683, 72.gif)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:47 No.3253277
    >> Tunnelwrath MacWarmountain !.6zhPj.Qro 12/27/08(Sat)09:47 No.3253278

    I'm inclined to agree with this anon, though there's always the Cthulhu factor going on in here. In other words.. MAGIC!
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:48 No.3253283
    In the back of my mind, I think this is going to end up as a bel air.

    Weaver, you're not an agent of /b/, right?
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)09:48 No.3253284
         File :1230389314.gif-(30 KB, 701x683, 73.gif)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:49 No.3253287
    Oh hey, a creepy cutscene! I love creepy cutscenes.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)09:49 No.3253288
         File :1230389359.gif-(1 KB, 701x683, 74.gif)
    1 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:49 No.3253290
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:49 No.3253294

    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:49 No.3253295
    wh/y didn't we get red to put his hand on the scanner for us?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:50 No.3253297

    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:51 No.3253303
    fuck this shitty "max in animal crossing" garbage
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:51 No.3253305
    Oh goody
    and now she wakes up?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/08(Sat)09:52 No.3253309
    >I hate things that are popular.
    >> Weaver !!vY8rj3XdjnI 12/27/08(Sat)09:52 No.3253312
    New thread

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