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  • File :1230716478.gif-(29 KB, 701x683, 1.gif)
    29 KB Ruby Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)04:41 No.3282166  
    Ruby re-emerges into the room with the cell.

    TOM is here.

    [For those just joining the story, the archives are here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Ruby
    It is highly recommended you read the old threads to know what's going on.
    Further, I've picked up a trip change due to potential leak.]
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)04:42 No.3282170

    Greet tom, ask him if he has seen red, ask him how his eye/stomach are feeling.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:42 No.3282171
    This, is #RubyQuest up so we don't flood the thread with suggestions?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:43 No.3282175
         File :1230716581.png-(48 KB, 1267x600, Ruby Map.png)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:43 No.3282176
    Greet Tom!

    Ask how he's been, and if the kids are doing okay in school.

    Rape Tom.

    Stick it in!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:43 No.3282177
    Ask him why he is squinting. Cautiously.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:43 No.3282178
    Yes, it is up. On:

    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:44 No.3282181
    Not squinting. His eye hurts.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:44 No.3282184

    Then ask if he's feeling better, not puking blood.

    Then ask what's wrong with his eye.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:46 No.3282185

    For people using ChatZilla on Firefox.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)04:46 No.3282192
         File :1230716811.gif-(29 KB, 701x683, 2.gif)
    29 KB
    >Greet tom, ask him if he has seen red, ask him how his eye/stomach are feeling.
    Tom says his stomach is feeling much better, but his eye is in severe pain.

    He doesn't know who "Red" is... but he does say that if you mean that person who keeps smiling, yes, he saw him.
    Red let Tom out of the room he was trapped in, just a few minutes ago. Tom came out to look for Ruby.

    Tom is glad to see Ruby. He says he thought she might be dead.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:48 No.3282199
    Ask to look at Tom's eye!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:48 No.3282204
    Ask to check his eye. We want him to definitely be okay.

    If possible, cast Cure Light Wounds on his eye. And by that, I mean kiss it better.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:49 No.3282209
    Tell him we're happy he's better, and ask to examine his eye.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)04:50 No.3282213
         File :1230717002.gif-(28 KB, 701x683, 3.gif)
    28 KB
    >Ask to look at Tom's eye!
    Tom hesitantly agrees to let Ruby take a look at his eye.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:52 No.3282225
    Ask him if he got the antidote.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)04:53 No.3282228
         File :1230717193.gif-(11 KB, 701x683, 4.gif)
    11 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:56 No.3282238

    We need water. His eye looks badly messed up.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)04:56 No.3282240
    Do I just copy irc.rizon.net#RubyQuest into the address bar?
    Call Red into the room to introduce him to Tom, and have a look at the eye.
    Also, hug Tom.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)04:57 No.3282243
         File :1230717424.gif-(23 KB, 701x683, 5.gif)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:57 No.3282246
    Examine it closer, what is wrong with it?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:57 No.3282248
    Tie a piece of string to his arm, and another piece to our arm. Explain to Tom that it is for identification, because strange shit has been going down.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:57 No.3282249
    ...oh, FUCK.

    Ask him if he remembers anything since the last time he saw Ruby.
    >> GogglesOfGork !!zlkO5IoaXvQ 12/31/08(Wed)04:57 No.3282250
    I think we're avoiding red right now- I say have Tom lead us to where he was
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:58 No.3282253

    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:58 No.3282256

    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)04:58 No.3282258
         File :1230717531.gif-(9 KB, 701x683, 6.gif)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)04:58 No.3282259
    Yell "Calm down, please! control yourself!"
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:00 No.3282262
    Ask Tom to let go.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:00 No.3282263

    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)05:00 No.3282264
    Hug Tom back! :D
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:00 No.3282266
    You will need to install the ChatZilla app for FireFox.



    The whole thing. That's the syntax to get it to work.

    Okay have good day!
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:01 No.3282269
         File :1230717660.gif-(13 KB, 701x683, 7.gif)
    13 KB
    Tom shakes Ruby gently by the shoulder.
    He asks if she is okay -- she just sort of blanked on him for a moment there.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:01 No.3282271
    Time to rabbit. Literally. Scoot!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:02 No.3282275
    Re suggest this.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:02 No.3282276
    These simple tasks may be supplemented with insurmountable obstacles...

    THIS IS NOT GOOD. Ruby is hallucinating.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:02 No.3282278
    ...ask Tom to walk to the other side of the room, she thinks she sees something.
    >> GogglesOfGork !!zlkO5IoaXvQ 12/31/08(Wed)05:03 No.3282279
    Tell tom you've been seeing strange things, and want to make sure there's a gaping hole behind him
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:04 No.3282286
    Just a reminder, we need to go upstairs and put that cross-thing in the socket.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:04 No.3282287
         File :1230717876.gif-(13 KB, 701x683, 8.gif)
    13 KB
    >...ask Tom to walk to the other side of the room, she thinks she sees something.
    Tom tells Ruby there's no way he's walking across the room, as he doesn't want to fall into the gap.

    Tom tells Ruby she must not have noticed it. He says it's understandable, since she obviously hasn't been here for a while.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:05 No.3282291
    Ask Tom what has happened in the time she has been gone.

    Also hug Tom.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:05 No.3282292
    Ask Tom what happened?
    >> 12/31/08(Wed)05:05 No.3282293
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:05 No.3282295
    Ask Tom to narrate everything that's happened to him since she saw him last.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:07 No.3282303
    Inquire of how much time has passed since last meeting. Tell Tom of the monsters encountered recently. Mention Red is suspicious. Go over a common inventory recap with Tom, to see what items the two of them have at hand.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:07 No.3282305
    Use toms body as bridge
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)05:07 No.3282306
    Ask him what has happened to him since you two were parted
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:07 No.3282307
         File :1230718069.gif-(13 KB, 701x683, 9.gif)
    13 KB
    [Again, try to keep discussion, comments on suggestions, and repeats to a minimum. The IRC channel can be used for running discussion. Doing good so far!]

    >Ask Tom what has happened in the time she has been gone.
    Tom explains he's not sick anymore. He took an antidote three days ago.
    He hasn't seen much, since he's been locked in a room, but he says that he's been hearing loud creaking and cracking noises echoing from other rooms.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:09 No.3282310
    Three days?

    How is he measuring time?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:09 No.3282311
    Tell Tom to show you where he was locked up.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:09 No.3282316
    Sleep cycles.

    Ask him what happened since they lost each other.
    >> 12/31/08(Wed)05:10 No.3282319
    Does Tom know where Ruby has been? Or what she has been doing?

    Ask ask ask.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)05:10 No.3282320
    Look for Red.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:11 No.3282322
    Is that the hook on the floor by Ruby's foot? If so, pick that up.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:11 No.3282323
         File :1230718279.gif-(13 KB, 701x683, 10.gif)
    13 KB
    >Tell Tom to show you where he was locked up.
    Tom agrees, and leads Ruby up the access hatch.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:11 No.3282327
    There's some seriously freaky shit going on around here.

    Examine the thing by Ruby's feet, and carefully try to see how far the gap goes in each direction.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:14 No.3282337
         File :1230718440.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 11.gif)
    12 KB
    ...that's funny.
    Tom says this doorway was just open.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:14 No.3282338
    Peep on Tom's ass while he is climbing.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:14 No.3282340
    Examine room.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)05:15 No.3282344
    Examine the bin, the place where her locker used to be, close the z-hatch with the computer. look down the shaft where we pushed the barrel through. look at that blobby thing.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:19 No.3282355
    I'll take Shoggoths for $500, Alex.

    Examine the computer thingy.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:19 No.3282360
         File :1230718797.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 12.gif)
    12 KB
    There's a utilitarian metal hamper here. Something is inside. Ruby decides to get it. One moment.
    There's a pit in the center of the room, spattered with dried blood. Sitting in the center is a scrap of paper. Ruby will pick that up in just a second, too.

    The hatch in the southeast corner has a ladder, and looking down, it appears to lead into the cell room below. Something about that fact seems odd.

    The corner has some sort of strange, smooth organic growth latched onto two walls and the floor.
    It looks almost like skin.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)05:21 No.3282368
    Tell Tom to keep an eye on the bottom right latter hatch thing, as well as the skin thing.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:22 No.3282373
    Ask how Tom's eye is doing now. Also stay away from the organic growth.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:24 No.3282384
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:24 No.3282386
         File :1230719070.gif-(15 KB, 701x683, 13.gif)
    15 KB
    Ruby picks up a SCRAP OF PAPER from the shallow pit.
    Ruby finds a FOOTY SOCK PAJAMA FOOT in the hamper, evidently torn from a full set of pajama bottoms and tied off at about the ankle. It's slightly heavy.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)05:25 No.3282390
    Untie the footie pajama, dump out possible contents with care.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:27 No.3282397
         File :1230719221.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 14.gif)
    14 KB
    >Untie the footie pajama, dump out possible contents with care.
    Inside the FOOTY SOCK PAJAMA FOOT, there is a BLACK AND WHITE key.

    Ruby throws away the FOOTY SOCK PAJAMA FOOT. Her genre instinct tells her she won't need it.
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 12/31/08(Wed)05:27 No.3282401

    Examine the growth more closely, too. Is it full or hollow? Fleshi or what?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:28 No.3282403
    Crawl down the southeastern hatch, if it looks like we can do it without falling.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)05:28 No.3282404
    Search room for key holes. If there are none, ask Tom to follow you down the bottom right hatch.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:28 No.3282405
    Examine KEY.
    Examine SCRAP OF PAPER.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:30 No.3282411
         File :1230719415.gif-(10 KB, 701x683, 15.gif)
    10 KB
    >Examine the growth more closely, too. Is it full or hollow? Fleshi or what?
    It's smooth and fleshy. It's like skin.

    >Crawl down the southeastern hatch, if it looks like we can do it without falling.
    The second hatch now has a ladder leading down. That wasn't there before.
    >> Velenor 12/31/08(Wed)05:31 No.3282414
    nobody asked what he saw when it was opened?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:32 No.3282419
    Ask Tom to come with you.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:33 No.3282421
         File :1230719584.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 16.gif)
    12 KB
    Ruby descends the access hatch and enters the room below.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:33 No.3282423
    We should tie a piece of string to Tom, and another piece to Ruby, for identification purposes in case shit hits the fan again. It may be paranoid, but it is a safe idea.

    Not tying them together, mind, just making them even more identifiable.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:34 No.3282427
    Pull lever, go back up to Tom.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:34 No.3282430
    Call for Tom
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:34 No.3282431
    Oh no, space warping madness.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)05:34 No.3282434
    Mind = blown.

    Examine the latch, and other thing, pull latch, call to tom to see if anything changes
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:48 No.3282456
    ... Wake up.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:49 No.3282462
         File :1230720587.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 17.gif)
    12 KB
    [Okay, we're really getting a bit too many responses again]

    Ruby tries to pull the lever, but something's locking it from moving. It looks like part of the mechanism is missing, like a thin metal rod. About the size of a toothpick.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:50 No.3282464
    Tie the string around the lever and exit the room.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:52 No.3282472
         File :1230720772.gif-(11 KB, 701x683, 18.gif)
    11 KB
    Ruby ties a small bit of string to the lever, then climbs back up to the room where she first awoke. Tom is still here, looking the door over in confusion.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:53 No.3282477
    Ask how Tom is doing. Ask him how his eye is feeling.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:54 No.3282481

    By that, he means "head down the ladder where we most recently awakened and get the dingus that was behind us."

    But we can do that after we check on Tom.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:55 No.3282482
    >Ask how Tom is doing.
    Also ask what was outside the door before it was closed!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:55 No.3282483
    Poke the growth in the corner with the black and white key, if there is no response from it, attempt to tear it open with the key.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)05:57 No.3282487
         File :1230721030.gif-(6 KB, 701x683, 19.gif)
    6 KB
    Tom says his eye still hurts.

    Or rather, it hurts where it's supposed to be.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)05:58 No.3282489
    Hug Tom, tell him you're going to make it feel better.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:58 No.3282491
    Snap out of it!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:58 No.3282492
    Hugtom. hugtomhugtomhugtomhugtom and tell him we're sorry about that arsenic thing.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:58 No.3282493

    Oh fuck!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:59 No.3282494
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:59 No.3282497
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)05:59 No.3282499
    Shut up, he doesn't know about that.

    Examine the buttons (?) by the door.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:00 No.3282500
    >>skullfuck tom
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:01 No.3282503
         File :1230721267.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 20.gif)
    12 KB
    Tom explains that he lost his eye while he was being dragged off to the room he spent the last few days in. The thing that brought him there did it.
    Ruby must just not have noticed, between her flashes and distractions.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:02 No.3282506
    >Remove panties, put on Tom as eye patch.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:02 No.3282507
    Weaver I thought there was supposed to be less mindfucking for awhile. Also hug tom and examine scrap of paper
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:02 No.3282509
    What flashes and distractions are he referring to in this case?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:02 No.3282511
    Ask Tom to describe the "thing" that brought him there, if he remembers.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:03 No.3282515
    Examine the buttons by the door, see if we can find some sort of egress from the area and something to patch up toms eye.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:05 No.3282518
    New take on this.

    Tie piece of string to Tom, tie different piece of string to Ruby. Tell him "We may be apart, but the power of friendship will keep us together."
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:06 No.3282523
    Explore remaining areas of the building, namely Z-hatch room. Also re-check the exam room.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:06 No.3282524
         File :1230721577.gif-(11 KB, 701x683, 21.gif)
    11 KB
    >Weaver I thought there was supposed to be less mindfucking for awhile
    I said more puzzles.

    >Ask Tom to describe the "thing" that brought him there, if he remembers.
    Unfortunately, Tom says he didn't get a good look at whatever dragged him away. He was already sick.
    He says most of the pain of his eye has gone away by now.

    Poor Tom's lost his eye. Ruby hugs him for comfort.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:07 No.3282532
    Examine paper
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:07 No.3282533
    Hug Tom
    Sob Gently
    Tell him you've been blacking out/losing time/hallucinating

    Tell him how when you left him to get the cure you where attacked by a monster, blacked out. Woke up in your room, only it wasn't your room. Found red, found cure again, pneumatic tubed cure to red. Then you found a dead body a it grabbed your hand and you blacked out again and then you found Tom.

    Sob more
    Hug tom harder
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:08 No.3282535
    Except for the crying, do this
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:09 No.3282539
    Basically tell Tom what happened to you.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:09 No.3282540
    Go down Northeast chute. Bring Tom.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:10 No.3282542
    And pull hook-lever on the ground.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:11 No.3282545
         File :1230721888.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 22.gif)
    12 KB
    Tom looks like he feels better.

    Ruby tells Tom what's happened. Tom explains he's been weak and despondent lately, and unfortunately can't help her with many details, except that the western door in the room with the big console (the one that the fishtank-door leads to) is the way into the room he was trapped in.

    They both agree that the only thing to do now is go forward.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:12 No.3282548
    Warn Tom about Red. Although Ruby hasn't actually seen him being malicious, she knows enough to tell Tom to keep his guard up.

    Then, go forward.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:12 No.3282552
    Explore what was once the z hatch
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:12 No.3282553
    Head back down to the Brig via the left ladder. Bring Tom.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)06:13 No.3282555
    Explore remaing rooms we had visted before. And pick up the hook.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:13 No.3282556
    Use string to attach Ruby and Tom together so they do not get separated
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:15 No.3282562
         File :1230722145.gif-(13 KB, 701x683, 23.gif)
    13 KB
    >Explore what was once the z hatch
    Tom and Ruby both go back down the access hatch to check the z-hatch.

    Also, there is a hook on the ground here -- but it is not sharp, and it is riveted firmly to the ground. It's essentially just a heavy-duty eyehook.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:17 No.3282568
    Examine the symbol now above the z-hatch.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:17 No.3282569
    Tie string to eyehook
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:17 No.3282570
    Is it just me, or are thread links not working all the sudden? I'm just getting green text.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:18 No.3282576
         File :1230722302.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 24.gif)
    14 KB
    >Examine the symbol now above the z-hatch.
    Ruby has a feeling she's seen this before somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:18 No.3282577
    Not just you. Same is happening here
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:20 No.3282586
         File :1230722411.gif-(11 KB, 701x683, 25.gif)
    11 KB
    >Examine the black panel thingy. Then go through the hatch if the panel isn't intresting.
    It's some sort of movable wall panel, but it won't budge. It must be remotely-controlled.
    Ruby and Tom both head through the Z-Hatch.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:20 No.3282588
    Shit it is the same symbol from the clock http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/3251532/images/1230369553167.gif
    Crap this might be bad, but we must go in to advance the plot! Onwards!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:22 No.3282592
    Might be bad? Ruby isn't going to die. She has plot armor.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:23 No.3282596
    Don't tempt Weaver.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)06:23 No.3282597
    She could always roll a 1.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:24 No.3282599
         File :1230722650.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 26.gif)
    12 KB
    Ruby and Tom emerge in the back room.

    In the small closet to the east, on a shelf, there is a large metal safe. Instead of a combination lock, it has a spherical indentation about as big as Ruby's fist, like a socket.

    The room is also quite clean.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:25 No.3282605
    Examine the lock, ask Tom to stand guard.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:25 No.3282606
    Eye is active =<
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)06:25 No.3282607
    See what is around the safe/shelves. Examine the bulb. Examine the lock more closely.
    >> 12/31/08(Wed)06:25 No.3282608
    ..Use key on safe?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:27 No.3282620
    Looks like a private room. Sex Tom to comfort him.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:27 No.3282622
    With Tom of course
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:27 No.3282623
    >The room is quite clean

    Yeah, now that's just plain freaky.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:28 No.3282624
         File :1230722882.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 27.gif)
    12 KB
    >See what is around the safe/shelves. Examine the bulb. Examine the lock more closely.
    The shelves are bare. The lightbulb is on, looking unremarkable and harsh. The lock is simply a spherical indentation -- there's nothing more significant about the socket to speak of. That's all there is to it.

    >..Use key on safe?
    Ruby uses the BLACK AND WHITE KEY on the WALL CABINET.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:29 No.3282628
    uh oh here we go......
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:29 No.3282630
    Tell Tom to stop standing there passively and try to help out a bit more.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:31 No.3282633
         File :1230723116.gif-(16 KB, 701x683, 28.gif)
    16 KB
    Inside the wall cabinet, Ruby finds another PAPER SCRAP.
    She also recovers an old-fashioned, black leather MEDICINE BAG.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:32 No.3282636
    Inspect medicine bag.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:32 No.3282640
    Open ze magic murder bag
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:34 No.3282645
    put 7 above 6 and see if it has anything interesting on the back
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:34 No.3282646
    Go east. Bring Tom.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:34 No.3282647
         File :1230723292.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 29.gif)
    14 KB
    Ruby can't open the MEDICINE BAG.
    There's a TINY PADLOCK of surprising strength keeping it closed.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:35 No.3282650
    Ask Tom about his take on the recent events and go into the next room
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:35 No.3282652
    Inspect eye painting.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:38 No.3282659
    Throw bag at the bulb
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:38 No.3282662
         File :1230723535.gif-(17 KB, 701x683, 30.gif)
    17 KB
    >Go east. Bring Tom.
    Ruby heads WEST (remember, the view was reversed on entering the back room) and -- now that the hatch is much larger -- she is able to take Tom with her into the side room behind the couch.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:39 No.3282666
    Mysteriously repaired vacuum tube is mysteriously repaired.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:40 No.3282668
    Yet oddly not cleaned. Ew.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:40 No.3282671
    FFFF that dummy is looking at us again. Anyway examine the panel below the mirror
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:40 No.3282672
    Inspect room, noting all differences.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:41 No.3282675
    ask tom to put his hand in the water tank, press the button on it.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:41 No.3282676
    Ask Tom if he still has any inventory.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:41 No.3282677
    Inspect socket where antidote machine used to be.

    Also inspect floor there; are there drag-marks (eg from the machine being dragged out)?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:42 No.3282681
    Tap what used to be a broken mirror
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:43 No.3282682
    Open question: Is the position of the dummy corresponding to the icons on the wall in the dummy room and the random rooms? Is he currently pointing the same direction as the wall chart displaying the hook, thus this is why the Z hatch is open? Considering the dummy can rotate?
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:44 No.3282685
         File :1230723892.gif-(17 KB, 701x683, 31.gif)
    17 KB
    >ask tom to put his hand in the water tank, press the button on it.
    Considering it's a GIANT BLENDER, Ruby decides not to ask Tom to put his hand inside.

    The window between the rooms is now sealed with a heavy plastic, perhaps to avoid breaking.

    The electrical panel has been covered up by a protective plate and marked with the symbol for electricity.

    There is an electrical outlet visible here.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)06:45 No.3282687
    Climb on Tom, Examine the vent on the upper right.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:46 No.3282688
    I guessed right about the blender =D yaaay!

    I couldn't think of anything else to put in ;3
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:46 No.3282689
    Look through the plastic to the hidden room we woke up in.
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 12/31/08(Wed)06:47 No.3282691

    Uhh... Is that a hatch under the window? A little hatch maybe? Can it be opened?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:47 No.3282693
    Check floor for scuff marks, footprints, etc.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:48 No.3282696
    We got a hand out of it and shot it up the tube, hence why the tube is covered in blood.

    WHY did we shoot the hand up the tube?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:48 No.3282697
    Open hatch between rooms
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:49 No.3282698
    because people are stupid.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:49 No.3282699
         File :1230724157.gif-(17 KB, 701x683, 32.gif)
    17 KB
    >Uhh... Is that a hatch under the window? A little hatch maybe? Can it be opened?
    The mail-slot style drawer between the rooms, which Ruby has used before, is now empty. It's also clean.

    >Check floor for scuff marks, footprints, etc.
    Ruby heard you the first time, but there's nothing it yielded worth noting.
    So, no. Nothing.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:50 No.3282706
    Examine the 3 thingy. If it gives nothing of importance head back to dummy room with Tom
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:50 No.3282707
    Inspect panel numbered '3'
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:51 No.3282710
    See if you can check the grating standing atop of Tom's shoulders. If he wants to that is.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:51 No.3282712
    Inspect vent in upper left, attempt to remove.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:52 No.3282715
    erm, upper right, rather.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:52 No.3282718
         File :1230724364.gif-(11 KB, 701x683, 33.gif)
    11 KB
    >Examine the 3 thingy.
    The symbol looks familiar. Ruby remembers seeing that one, too.

    >If it gives nothing of importance head back to dummy room with Tom
    Ruby and Tom head back to the now-bisected room, and then the Dummy room.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:53 No.3282720
    Check that doodad just above the electrical panel.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:55 No.3282722
    Ask Tom how his eye is feeling now, the socket has become more noticable.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:55 No.3282725
    Ask Tom if he is mentally alright and then ask him if you look fine(ish)
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:56 No.3282727
    Tom being anything but melancholy?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:56 No.3282730
    well as normal as he can be.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)06:57 No.3282731
         File :1230724623.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 34.gif)
    12 KB
    As soon as Ruby re-enters the bisected room, the Z-Hatch inexplicably slams shut. Tom is sealed on the opposite side of the wall from Ruby.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:58 No.3282734
    Again? This is getting kinda old. Go to console upstairs and enter open zhatch 211
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:58 No.3282737
    Yell for Tom. Is he alright? Tell him you'll be back soon if you can't get the hatch open again.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:58 No.3282738
    Yeah no. How about we wait for our good friend to arrive.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:58 No.3282739
    Call out to the creature on the opposite side of the room.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)06:58 No.3282740
    Bang on it, calling to Tom, ask if he is alright. Tell him to go back to the room with the Vacuum tube and look through the window, you'll be there.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:59 No.3282742

    the hell is coming out of the hatch across the gap.

    god. dammit.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)06:59 No.3282743
    Oh shit there is someone there! Go upstairs quickly to apprehend them
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:00 No.3282746
    BAD idea

    Upstairs is probably where he is coming from.
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 12/31/08(Wed)07:01 No.3282747

    It's the GOD. Also known as Red.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:01 No.3282748
    Is that Red's cane?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:01 No.3282749
    Why yes. Yes it is
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)07:01 No.3282750
         File :1230724902.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 35.gif)
    12 KB
    >Again? This is getting kinda old. Go to console upstairs and enter open zhatch 211
    Ruby returns upstairs...
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:02 No.3282755
    Cast magic missile at the darkness.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:02 No.3282756
    FFFFFFF Say hello to red
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:02 No.3282758
    "You trapped Tom"
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:02 No.3282759
    Quickly back away from the smile
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)07:04 No.3282762
    Kindly demand Red stops smiling. For ever.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:04 No.3282763
    Greet Red warmly. Ask him to stop smiling or you will bite his throat out.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:04 No.3282764

    ask for our two coins back
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)07:04 No.3282765
         File :1230725090.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 37.gif)
    14 KB
    The person behind the door tosses a small, thin metal rod onto the floor.

    The door closes suddenly.

    Ruby recovers the THIN METAL ROD.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)07:05 No.3282771
    Go to the lever, and use the THIN METAL ROD.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:05 No.3282773
    Well that was ru-*CLANG*
    What the fuck was that?
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:06 No.3282774

    whelp, go back to the lever/handle thing, put the rod back in place and give the fucker a tug
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:06 No.3282775
    Check on Tom.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:06 No.3282776
    Equip THIN METAL ROD as a weapon. who knows what might happen next.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:07 No.3282779
    Retrieve TOm then use thin metal rod on levber
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)07:08 No.3282783
         File :1230725330.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 38.gif)
    12 KB
    >Check on Tom.
    Ruby can't check on Tom! He's sealed behind the Z-Hatch... and the terminal isn't working! It won't even light up!

    >whelp, go back to the lever/handle thing, put the rod back in place and give the fucker a tug
    Ruby climbs down...
    ...and replaces the metal rod into the lever.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:10 No.3282788
    Pull the lever, leave the string.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)07:11 No.3282795
         File :1230725516.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 39.gif)
    12 KB
    Ruby pulls the lever up...
    ...only to find it has far more slack than she realized!

    Something in the room moves in response to the pulling of the lever, but Ruby can't really see it from here.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:12 No.3282797
    On the way up the ladder, press the 2nd button from the top.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)07:13 No.3282803
    See if it opened the door it used to.
    Check on what used to be the black panel.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:15 No.3282807
    Examine the lever... thing... is it an extension cord?
    Enter Dummy Room.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)07:15 No.3282809
         File :1230725711.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 40.gif)
    12 KB
    Ruby releases the lever, and it snaps back up (down?) into place. Something in the room moves, again.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:16 No.3282814
    Pull it tight and tie it to one of the rungs of the ladder with the string!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:16 No.3282816
    Tie ball of string to lever then tie it to the eye hook! Go ruby, go!
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:16 No.3282817
    use your bunny ears to try to determine it's location
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 12/31/08(Wed)07:17 No.3282819

    Use STRING on LEVER. Then try to hurl it beyond the chasm and use STRING on HOOK. Then tighten.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)07:17 No.3282823
         File :1230725862.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 41.gif)
    12 KB
    >Pull it tight and tie it to one of the rungs of the ladder with the string!
    The thick cord easily snaps the flimsy string.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:18 No.3282826
    Pull the string and remove the metal rod
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:19 No.3282827
    bring lever up the ladder with you. If there is still slack head back down to side of room with the eye hook and attach lever to eye hook
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:19 No.3282828
    Find out how much slack the lever has. Climb the ladder while pulling it.

    Also, push the 2nd button from the top.
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 12/31/08(Wed)07:21 No.3282831
    Also, a new thread? This one autosaged.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)07:22 No.3282834
         File :1230726155.gif-(11 KB, 701x683, 42.gif)
    11 KB
    Ruby attempts to press the second button from the top...
    but it's been mashed in and broken! It looks like someone struck it hard with something. Or else they don't know their finger strength.

    >bring lever up the ladder with you. If there is still slack head back down to side of room with the eye hook and attach lever to eye hook
    Ruby heads upstairs...
    There sure is a lot of slack here.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:23 No.3282841
    Yeah I was gonna ask about those buttons
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)07:25 No.3282847
         File :1230726300.gif-(13 KB, 701x683, 43.gif)
    13 KB
    Ruby hooks the lever's handle onto the eyehook.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:25 No.3282848
    Bring lever through Northwest chute. Hook it to the hook on the ground.
    >> The Laziest Troll 12/31/08(Wed)07:25 No.3282851
    Examine the what used to be the black panel.
    >> Anonymous 12/31/08(Wed)07:26 No.3282854
    Go into door to the left of you
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 12/31/08(Wed)07:30 No.3282881
    New thread

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