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    File :1232962123.jpg-(2 KB, 64x64, Male08.jpg)
    2 KB Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)04:28 No.3522881  
    >>So then the question becomes "What are /tg/'s must read stories?"_Post the novel and the game/genre that it applies to.


    anything by William Gibson.

    Except Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive, which are incoherent.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)04:32 No.3522904
    Aw, damnit. I was going to reply to OP with just "The enemy gate is down."
    >> BowlerHatMan !!hZDPsoEDBxR 01/26/09(Mon)04:34 No.3522917
    He hasn't done anything worse than what Orson Scott Card has already done to the book.
    >> BowlerHatMan !!hZDPsoEDBxR 01/26/09(Mon)04:38 No.3522938
    Hey, I fucking LOVE the book... Just not the latest edition that's been censored by OSC due to his increasingly conservative outlook. What the man is doing to Ender's Game makes George Lucas look like a responsible steward of intellectual property.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)04:38 No.3522939
    Guys, there's a mormon conspiracy to destroy art and science so that we will all be forced to work in the mines.

    4e is made by mormons, and so are the Ender's novels, and 4E, and 3.5, and WoW, and the nWoD, and TWILIGHT.

    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)04:39 No.3522950
    my god
    it all makes sense
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)05:03 No.3523073
    As a professional mormonologist I assure you we have nothing to worry about.

    They are currently focusing on the special underwear market, and thus art is safe for the moment.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)05:04 No.3523084

    What the fuck are you talking about?!?!

    Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive incoherent?

    learn to read.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)05:06 No.3523089
    Well, they've been failing at it. 90% of everything has always been crap, and will always be crap.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)05:11 No.3523102
    Robot Animu
    Mekton Zeta+

    Super Robot Animu
    Mekton Zeta+/BESM 2e Hybrid
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)05:12 No.3523106
    what's so incoherent about voodoo alien computer ghosts?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)05:13 No.3523110
    I'd actually say Count Zero and Mona Lisa are better than Neuromancer. Also, the twist in both equals = mind blown.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 01/26/09(Mon)05:23 No.3523148
         File :1232965389.jpg-(35 KB, 512x448, gibsongs5.jpg)
    35 KB
    Did someone say GIBSON?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)05:34 No.3523217
         File :1232966081.jpg-(17 KB, 300x274, mrmean.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)06:59 No.3523638
    Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb for low-magic fantasy.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)07:02 No.3523660
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)07:02 No.3523662
    But expect to have your spirits crushed. Robin Hobb hates and despises both you and her protagonists, and does her best to maximize the emotional pain of everyone around her.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)07:12 No.3523712
    That might be true but i still can't stop reading the series.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/26/09(Mon)07:24 No.3523752
    The Three Worlds series, three series right now and soon to be four, by Ian Irvine.

    Character-driven Fantasy with other races and magic and things, but remarkably realistic for that. Big bonus points for characters with realistic motivations and none of those stupid EVIL AN GOOD characters. All sorts of complex morality and will make you simulatenously hate and love some of the relative villains whereas some of the villains you will want to reach through the page and punch in the face.

    Good setting, magic has rules, and eventually those rules are structured and codified like they should be. Nations have different styles, geographies, cultures and people. good potential for makign a setting.

    Also, surprisingly grim. With a handful of exceptions things always get worse, and sometimes they get horrifically worse. If things get better it's usually so they can get even worse than before. for example, from the first book of the second series there is no permanent let-up in worsening until the last book of the third series, seven in total. If you need happy endings on a regular basis this is not your set of series. However, it does utterly shatter many of the more persistent and annoying fantasy story tropes. If you have any ability to empathise with characters you will probably end up raging at how unfair fictional life is at several points.

    Also, while the main story of each series is self-contained, the fucker spreads some plotlines over multiple series, some of which are going to be over at least fourteen books.

    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/26/09(Mon)07:31 No.3523773
    For heroic fantasy you want to look ad David Gemmel. That's all he does, but he's pretty much mastered it.
    >> hyperion !!LtgOgT0wJFN 01/26/09(Mon)07:33 No.3523779
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)07:37 No.3523796
    Also, the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, for being a fantasy series written by an archaeologist and anthropologist. It's a bit hard to get into because Steven Erikson is a fucking madman who writes books in some bizzare 4th dimension where it makes sense to write the first book of the series so that you need to read the next six books to understand what the fuck people in the first one were talking about. Seriously, it's like at least 50% of the first book is people making comments and observations that appear entirely random and nonsesical without information which you won't get for at least a couple of novels.

    Of course, it makes rereadign the series very rewarding, because you're constantly discovering that the madman has written a series without a single thing that doesn't have some hidden meaning or import.

    For an example, the first book starts chapters by continually quoting some poem by some guy, and the content of the poem is marginally to not at all connected to the plot of the first book. Then, in the FOURTH book, you actually meet this girl, although you already meet her in book 2 but it's not likely you've realized it, and she becomes involved in stuff which the quotations from book 1 illuminate greatly and shed a lot of light on the inner workings of her mind during that time.

    Steven Erikson also fucking hates infodumping, so you have to constantly pay attention for some throwaway comment or mention that will tell you stuff most writers would infodump like hell about, like WTF is an Eleint or a Azanth House and Aptorians.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/26/09(Mon)07:47 No.3523834

    Holy shit was Rulke the fucking king of awesome.

    PROBLEM: Just got dumped out of a portal from the worst place possible, onto a world with blinding light and crippling gravity

    SOLUTION: Go berseker and wipe out an entire fucking village of powerful mancers and warriors and artificers solo and unarmed.

    PROBLEM: Chest wound size of head. Lung no longer attached.

    SOLUTION: Stick lung back in. Tie up wound with statuary wire.

    PROBLEM: Entire world now hunting you because they're fucking terrified of you.

    SOLUTION: Sneak to capital of world, onto roof of parliament building, while bleeding so badly the guys can literally follow your blood trail for dozens of kilometres, jump through roof of parilament building, land on equivalents of royalty so hard you burst open a cable-tied wound, smash both ankles, cough up lung, hold leaders hostage, threaten to kill entire planet, pass out, watch as nobody tries to even fucking touch you because unconscious and bleeding to death they don't think they can take you, and scare the fuck out of a planet so badly it basically surrenders itself to you for THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

    PROBLEM: Came through portal, have no clothes.


    >> I apologized on 4chan 01/26/09(Mon)07:47 No.3523835
    Lovecraft: If you EVER want to play a decent UA, or CoC or AFMBE campaign, you have to read Lovecraft.
    However, you also have to understand that there is good Lovecraft, and there is bad Lovecraft.
    My personal recomendations are:

    The Call of Cthulhu
    Mountains of Madness
    Case of Charles Dexter Ward (Longest story he ever wrote, and probably autobiographical in places)
    The shadow over Innsmouth
    The Dunwhich Horror
    The Rats in the Walls
    Pickmans Model
    The Thing at the Doorstep
    The one with the Migo in it, whose name I have forgotten.

    The rest are all down to personal taste, but those stories are his must reads that most people like. You can drop the Mountains of Madness if you don't like it, but it helps fill in certain references made in later stories.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/26/09(Mon)07:50 No.3523852

    Also, I forgot.

    PROBLEM: Trapped in ethereal wasteland utterly devoid of even matter.

    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)07:59 No.3523877
    Zelazny's "Amber" books for great intrigue and just as planned. Also quite a lot of fucking shit up with swords and magic, and some excellently weird fantasy locations.

    Gene Wolfe's "Book of the New Sun", technically sci-fi but with a fantasy feel, although there is some genuine reality-warping in there but not much. The writing style creates a great atmosphere, and Wolfe throws in some archaic words that really add to that.

    Seconding David Gemmell, somewhat predictable but large amounts of gar, manliness, magic and 'orrible fings.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/26/09(Mon)08:00 No.3523884

    And fucking Maigraith. Goddamn do you want to kill that bitch after the last series.

    She spends the first series as basically one of the few relatively good people, and you like her, even though she's both outrageously intelligent and powerful. Like, sees a piece of magic that all the most powerful mancers have only just figured out with months of research and construction of the neccesary apparatus then learns to make her own in days USING HER FUCKING MIND powerful.

    Then, later, after you've heard nothing of her for five books, you find out that she's gone batshit fucking insane, taken over the world and handed control over to a bunch of psychotic power-mad fuckers, driven the world into a state of total war that has lasted for a hundred and fifty years and has turned the world into a shithole of 40K proportions, and has done all this to create a planet-wide breeding program to crossbreed hundreds of thousands of people to make the perfect race and then lead them to dominate the known universe.

    But, because that wasn't personal enough and she still isn't as bad as fucking Faelamor of the Repeated Genocide, Irvine makes it personal by having her chase down the hero of the first series and her only friend to kidnap her child for that breeding program until that friend goes batshit insane herself and kills her entire family.


    But then it turns out they faked it.

    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:00 No.3523886
    Snow Crash, best cyberpunk/hacker book since neuromancer.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:01 No.3523891
    Well, gosh. Looks like I don't even need to read it anymore.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:02 No.3523893

    >The rest are all down to personal taste, but those stories are his must reads that most people like. You can drop the Mountains of Madness if you don't like it, but it helps fill in certain references made in later stories.

    And The Thing was totally based on it.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 01/26/09(Mon)08:07 No.3523919

    I used to think this, then I did some research. The Thing (the film) is based on a Book called Who Goes There? Which might have been inspired by the Mountains of Madness.

    Certainly, the thing is the best damn representation of a Shoggoth that exists in modern media, and you should definately portray it as such.

    In fact The Thing makes a pretty textbook example as how your average game of CoC should go.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:38 No.3524021
    Reading Lovecraft's dialog is like jamming red-hot pokers covered in bees into my eyeballs.

    Seriously, I can take flowery exposition on the horror outside of reality, and purple prose that never ends, but once I get to some inbred red-neck (and ALL the undesirables in Lovecraft are inbred. No exceptions) speaking God-awful country corn-pone, he's the worst auther ever.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:42 No.3524031

    You do realize that Lovecraft is not necessarily a good writer because of his actual writing ability, but rather the ideas and themes he presents that had not been articulated before, right?

    Or are you just....gibbous?
    >> I apologized on 4chan 01/26/09(Mon)08:43 No.3524035

    Yes, parts where you have people speaking in accents DO require you to squint real hard to stop your eyes from bleeding, but otherwise he's a perfectly good author.

    Besides, most of his best stories don't have this (Shadow over Innsmouth is the exception, which is a shame frankly. As the drunkards cry of 'Hey boy! Do ye know what a Shoggoth is!?' is probably what got the government to raid Innsmouth.)

    But you should still persevere, as even with this, they do make good stories.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:46 No.3524041
    Uh huh. Still.
    Now I /have/ to fucking read it.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:51 No.3524061
    Black Company books by Glen Cook for that gritty stuff/awesome wizards.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:51 No.3524062
    Night watch trilogy is world of darkness done right, and Gesar and Zabulon are JUST AS PLANNED incarnate.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:57 No.3524080

    Rigante. Fuck yeah. 'Nuff said.

    Also, John Shannow.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)09:00 No.3524089
    The 'Prince of Nothing' trilogy is pretty fucking awesome, but it can be a brutally hard read, and I also quite enjoyed the "Memory Sorrow & Thorn" books (aka Green Angel Tower series).
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)09:05 No.3524116
    Shit yeah Night Watch.
    I just finished reading Last Watch yesterday.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)09:14 No.3524163
    Shit was SO awesome.

    I must re read the books now, and buy the second trilogy.

    Also the fate of one of the races (forgot the name) yay for double edged swords. And moral ambiguity and back stabbing and awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)09:32 No.3524271
    Even though Gibson has already been mentioned, I would like to encourage people to read also his earlier short stories collected in Burning Chrome. The book has 10 short stories and 7 of those belong to my all time favourites.

    Of course, the one everyone /tg/ should read is Dogfight, story about loser who runs into gaming group of ex-soldiers. [spoiler]Story of how he does everything he can to beat them in the game to earn respect, but in the end when he wins, no one likes him[/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)09:33 No.3524275
    I have no mouth and I must scream is good, if short.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)09:42 No.3524309
    Anything by Lois McMaster Bujold. DO IT FAGGOTS.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)09:44 No.3524320
    Speaker for the Dead > Enders Game
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)09:45 No.3524328
    The Entire Sci-Fi Masterworks collection.

    DO IT.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)09:57 No.3524390
    Mage: The Awakening - Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman. Reality-warping karaoke! Ancient malevolent spirits! Ghosts! Accounting errors!
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)10:05 No.3524423

    Then I advise you to never, ever read any Harry Keeler. He wrote some fucking batshit crime novels but most of his accents were written phoenetically, so I imagine it'll piss you off good and proper.
    >> Drawde 01/26/09(Mon)10:10 No.3524448
    Dresden Files
    Eyes of the Dragon
    American Gods

    I don't know why, but Eyes of the Dragon is possibly my favorite book ever. For a while, I would read it once a year. Sometimes twice.

    Eragon. Now hold on here, hear me out. This is EXACTLY what a real Mary Sue is. The story does get rather good in the second book, so the guy can at least write decently when he's not dealing with his shitty Mary Sue, so I have hope for him in the future. As it is, because he has mommy and daddy, he was able to punish some thousand pages of his original creation fanfic as a 'epic' fantasy tetralogy.

    I can't actually think of anything else. I love books and I love reading them, but I can never seem to find ones that interest me, and I can never seem to find the time to read them.
    I like a good fantasy story, except without most of the things make fantasy. Hell, I kind of want to see an interesting fantasy story with SCIENCE! injected into the magic. Mistborn did that pretty well. All of it seems the same after a while. Plus, I really hate that most of them are written in the 'style' of the area. I hate having to piece through that, especially when the book isn't first person. It's hockey as shit.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)10:12 No.3524455
    Daisy... Daisy...
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)10:12 No.3524459
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)10:13 No.3524462
         File :1232982794.jpg-(19 KB, 250x250, Edward1.jpg)
    19 KB
    >> Gaow? 01/26/09(Mon)10:13 No.3524464
         File :1232982798.jpg-(75 KB, 750x376, anitablake.jpg)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)10:13 No.3524469
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)10:43 No.3524630
    WTF, /tg/? Noone's mentioned Tolkien yet. They might be old, but The Hobbit, LotR and Silmarillion are still some of the greatest fantasy ever written.

    The LotR, especially, is awesome for showing how a Quest should be told story-wise.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)11:04 No.3524736
    I'm just surprised noone mentioned Pratchett either. Read it, it's all good.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)11:12 No.3524771
         File :1232986370.jpg-(79 KB, 744x550, 1194640424483.jpg)
    79 KB
    I think you're all forgetting something.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)11:17 No.3524787
    Whole damn series is win.

    Also Xanth series by Peirs anthony, kinda turns into like semi eroitic bitch story at points but that at the least will turn it into a guilty pleasure.

    Anything by Sir Arthur C. Clarke
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)11:31 No.3524852
    The Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton

    Applies to two sort of games. It's good for Paranoia because of the secret societies, drugs and general craziness that goes on.

    I also got a very CoC vibe. There's a great sense of uncovering forbidden knowledge, Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. Plus the liberal sprinkling of Yog-Sothoth's, Cthulhu's and Tsathoggua's help.
    >> Papa Bear 01/26/09(Mon)11:35 No.3524875
    I'm going to pull away from posting genre specific books for a moment.

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Raymond Chandler. A lot of games have mysteries, which sadly devolve into following a trail of bread crumbs where the players inevitably miss something and the DM either hands them the story on a silver platter or punishes them for not grasping his "obvious" clues. The Sherlock Holmes books are great because the main character tells you how he thinks, how he solves the crimes. The Philip Marlowe books are good for having more going on than you originally thought and watching the character (your archetypal hard boiled detective) figure things out, piecing what went on before he even took the case. And bonus points for "pansies got no iron in their bones." I laughed for three days.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)11:52 No.3524986

    To add to the Cthulhu stories list, look for "A Night in the Lonesome October" by Roger Zelazny.

    Character SF (as opposed to gun porn):
    Brian Daley's "Adventures of Hobart Floyt and Alacrity Fitzhugh" trilogy (Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds, Jinx on a Terran Inheritance, and Fall of the White Ship Avatar)

    Post-Apoc of the "gone primitive" style:
    Paul O. Williams' Pelbar cycle of seven books.

    Post-Apoc of the "Gamma World" style:
    Hiero's Journey, and The Unforsaken Hiero
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)12:04 No.3525095
    Asimov is good too
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)12:25 No.3525224
    >Prince of Nothing
    >brutally hard read
    This is an understatement. I was suspended multiple times throughout high school for reading, it was the only thing I ever did. I read everything. Last night I started reading the Discworld novels and got through The Light Fantastic and Equal Rites before going to bed.
    I finally picked up The Prince of Nothing and made it through the first book easily enough and then went on to The Warrior Prophet. I've had it checked out from the local library for almost two years now because I simply can't get more than 200 pages into it without my brain collapsing.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)12:52 No.3525396

    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)12:53 No.3525410
    Thousandfold Thought is awesome and comes with an encyclopedia at the end, which really really helps.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)13:44 No.3525746
    Bumping this
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)14:21 No.3525971
    Why the heck isn't there a /b/oo/k/s-board anyway?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)14:24 No.3526012

    >> Calgar !!E6uXE2v0isQ 01/26/09(Mon)15:10 No.3526259
    just read it on guard tower : )
    most of his work is on wikisource...used to read it in school
    Prince of nothing a hard read how?
    also khellus(sp) becomes and overpowered jedi thing by the end. awesome books though.
    >> Calgar !!E6uXE2v0isQ 01/26/09(Mon)15:11 No.3526272
    lol NO U!
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)15:17 No.3526302
    Black Company
    Black Company
    Black Company
    Black Company
    Black Company
    Black Company
    Black Company
    Black Company
    Black Company

    Not that I'm obsessive or anything...
    >> Calgar !!E6uXE2v0isQ 01/26/09(Mon)15:47 No.3526482
    guize can i get an answer on how the prince of nothing series is a hard read? I remember the books my junior and senior years of HS and they didn't seem that difficult...
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)15:57 No.3526538
    Lots and lots of philosophical discussion.
    >> Calgar !!E6uXE2v0isQ 01/26/09(Mon)16:01 No.3526563
    ahh maybe I glossed over it...I remeber being engrossed by the battles and the mechanics of the magic in the books, brb rereadin
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)16:25 No.3526757


    Also, Sleeper By Brubaker is an awesome comic that is a must read for anyone playing a low power supers game.

    Astro City by Kurt Busiek is a great read and good for high power supers games.

    I support Xanth and Anita Blake, however, after the 9th book stop reading Xanth because it gets terrible (9th was supposed to be the last but Anthony was pressured by fans and publisher to make more) and Anita Blake can get old after awhile since there's power creep in the series and the sex can get gratuitously annoying.

    That being said, Edward in Anita Blake is awesome. Goes to a battle between two vampire lords and their retinues dressed as the grim reaper and armed with a flamethrower and uzis.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)16:41 No.3526894
    >>The one with the Migo in it, whose name I have forgotten.

    The Whisperer in Darkness.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)16:43 No.3526918
    If you just enjoyed the cool battles and magic systems, then that's great. So long as you enjoy the book.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)16:45 No.3526932
    Anything by Douglas Adams.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)17:33 No.3527349
    Pratchett mother fuckers! Do you read it?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)17:54 No.3527561

    Prince of nothing has some terribly political/philosophical stuff in it, and some *incredibly* vague time/plotlines at points, I thoroughly enjoyed all the books, but I'm basing it more or less on if I think people I know could read them without getting horribly confused.
    >> That Damn Mouse 01/26/09(Mon)18:21 No.3527849
    World War Z.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)18:27 No.3527920

    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)18:55 No.3528196

    And I know everyone hates Dresden because of Edward (sorry Edward, aside from Flare, I think you're a fairly decent guy) but Dresden Files REALLY IS. VERY GOOD. It's pulp fiction, at heart-after all, what serious series has its protagonist raise a tyrannosaur with polka music to fight the living dead?

    Relax. Just because someone you hate likes it, doesn't mean you can't like it too.

    Of course, this is exempt for all the works of L. Ron Hubbard. Sure, he might have been a decent guy, but he unleashed FUCKING SCIENTOLOGY on the world. That's kinda like Hitler-sure, he invented the Volkswagen and the turnpike, but he also killed a million jews, and the latter sort of undoes the good on the former.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)19:02 No.3528253
    Snow Crash is an unworthy successor to the cyberpunk mantle. Don't read it, it's not very good.

    And why are we forgetting Song of Ice and Fire?

    I think that fucking Asimov's Foundation (the original by itself, at least) should be required reading for 40k fags, to help them get over the fact that Blizzard ripped off GW by learning that GW ripped off Foundation.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)19:39 No.3528580
         File :1233016743.jpg-(53 KB, 366x381, Mr. Flay.jpg)
    53 KB
    Did you ever read Otherland? It was pretty neat, imo.

    He kind of had so many characters that none of them ended up terribly developed, but OH MY GOD IF HE DIDN'T FLESH OUT DOZENS OF DISTINCT SETTINGS.

    So if you want world-building porn and don't mind not caring too much about the characters, then those books are for you.


    It's all descriptions, with a little politicking and almost no action but holy shit is it ever worth it.

    Now, to get an idea of what it's like to get through, I read seven books in a week this past summer. The summer before, I read the first book of Gormenghast in a week. Yeah. Someday I will read the next one because it's so fucking delicious.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)19:40 No.3528596
    Not to mention Dune.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)19:52 No.3528704
    Lloyd motherfucking Alexander.
    Not just the Pyrdain Chronicles, but the Westmark Trilogy to boot.
    Good times.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)19:57 No.3528746

    Gormenghast is pretty much everything that you could want when you think fantasy is doomed to be fightan evil overlord shit.
    >> Red Wat 01/26/09(Mon)19:59 No.3528754
    H. Beam Piper, science fiction, Space Viking. It doesn't matter what game you play - if it is slightly space opera, you must read Space Viking or you have an insufficient grasp on the genre.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)20:00 No.3528772
    >Space Viking
    Well if that isn't the most awesome name for a book, I sure can't think of one.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)20:01 No.3528777
    isn't that the guy who invented "ewocks"
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)20:08 No.3528834
    i 2nd the vote for the amber books, i loev zelazny.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)20:09 No.3528845
    Fading suns had more space vikings you could want to

    Also, space maoris
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)20:11 No.3528860
         File :1233018686.jpg-(149 KB, 814x550, Norse APC.jpg)
    149 KB
    >Fading suns had more space vikings you could want to
    Blasphemy! You can never have enough space vikings!
    >> Red Wat 01/26/09(Mon)20:21 No.3528926
    Think of the Fuzzy books as The Sarah Jane Adventures and Space Viking as Dr Who or Torchwood - far darker and edgier without going all the way into GRIMDARK.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)20:22 No.3528935
    >The Malazan world was co-created by Steven Erikson and Ian Cameron Esslemont in the early 1980s as a backdrop to their GURPS roleplaying campaign.
    Cool. Maybe gonna have to check this out. Plus he's Canadian!
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)20:23 No.3528945
    shit was SNOW crash.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)21:02 No.3529280

    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)21:08 No.3529319
    I like the plot and writing in the Malazan Book of the Fallen but the primary magic system is kind of fucking stupid. Them shapeshifters are pretty badass though.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)21:18 No.3529389
    Drusas was fucking awesome... he gets smacked around most of the story and you're going "Wtf kind of fucking pansy is he"... then out of no where you see him get into a fight with the *OTHER* mages, and he damn near brings down half a fucking school by himself...

    Then through some serious JUST AS PLANNED-ing while he's imprisoned he gets free, and proceeds to stomp all-fucking-over the other mages again, completely fucking raping them this time cause they didn't see it coming at all...

    And apparently he wasn't anywhere even close to being one of the strongest of his school.

    Drusas fucking Achamian FTW.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)21:35 No.3529488
    The ending of Thousandfold Thought only made me love him EVEN MORE.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)21:40 No.3529516
    John Meany; Paradox
    Terry Pratchett; Everthing he ever wrote
    Peter F Hamilton; Pandoras Star-Judas Unchaned
    Steven Baxter; time, space and origin
    Frederich Pohl; eschaton trilogy
    Eric L Harry; society of the mind
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)23:23 No.3530342
    Too much Khellus MUST overshadow everyone in those books. He's the ultimate mary sue.

    He wins every battle. He fucks every chick.

    In the first two books the author sets up Conphas as an awesome character. Then by the end of the third he's revealed as yet another worthless, impotent nothing to be sacrificed to the living awesome that is Khellus.

    I hope he doesn't bother writing any more books in the series, as I can predict the ending: "Then the No-God turned to Khellus and said 'Then who was phone!?'.

    Because nothing is going to stop this lamest of Mary Sue's
    >> thejamesw. 01/26/09(Mon)23:32 No.3530391
    In response to OP (rest is tl;dr)

    genre: cyberpunk/modern

    The Bobby Newark trilogy by William Gibson as well as Burning Chrome. Bruce Sterling's Ascendancies and Holy Fire. Neil Stephenson's Cryptonomicon, The Big U, Snow Crash.

    Basically anyone from the original Mirrorshades group that was the concrete foundational basis for Shadowrun.
    >> thejamesw. 01/26/09(Mon)23:34 No.3530397
    double post

    Also: I see what you did there with that image.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)23:41 No.3530462
    Altered Carbon

    It's the best Cyberpunk book I've ever read, and I've read all of those mentioned here. It's brilliant. I hope when some shmuck makes a movie of it they do it justice (ie don't hire will smith)
    >> Calgar !!E6uXE2v0isQ 01/27/09(Tue)00:05 No.3530690
    his school is better then the other two... lol analogies are fail, even though theire impressive
    yea...conphas' death was kinda disappointing, his uncles was entertaining though
    takeshi kovacs is the shit
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)00:06 No.3530700

    agreed OP, Count Zero was fucked
    >> Calgar !!E6uXE2v0isQ 01/27/09(Tue)00:11 No.3530730
    For SF I would suggest the work of Alastair Reynolds, the redemption space novels, chasm city etc etc
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/27/09(Tue)00:32 No.3530892

    The Maigraith sideplot is tiny compared to the main plot. She shows up for a few dozen pages each of the last two books of the last series and gets mentioned three times in the second last series.


    You mean the Faellem? Fuckers Pied Pipered an entire sentient species into a hellish nightmare realm because they weren't eco-friendly enough, accidentally creating the Charon, the biggest badasses and inevitably responsible for creating the secondary biggest badasses in the set of series. And then it turns out that doing so unlocked their world to the Void and the whole thing got Warp-style fucked over and their species devolved Planet of the Apes style.

    And by fuck did Faelamor deserve it. She basically started the whole 'forced crossbreeding to produce superpowers' shtick, triggered a planet-devastating war that knocked back civilisation by 2000 years, genocided the Aachim, genocided the Charon, and unleashed a Void invasion of Aachan for no other reason than she could. Then she gets home which is what she did all that horrible shit to do and sees the planet she's spent thousands of years trying to reach in flames and her species utterly lost and is so fucking depressed she self-immolates. Normally that earn some pity, but fuck me she was such an evil bitch you can't help but scream IN YOUR FUCKING FACE at her.

    Also, if you like Space Opera, Read Peter F. Hamilton. He's very, very good at it. It's also relatively hard for operatic novels, to the point that you don't even realise you just read a book in which the dead come back to possess the living and gain super-dead-powers and then Al Capone comes backto take over the dead and someone's about to unleash hell on earth literally until the main character talks to a god and makes them cut it out until you try to summarise it for someone else.

    Anybody who can write that shit and well enough have it taken seriously deserves some kind of medal.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/27/09(Tue)00:37 No.3530944

    I didn't like the Redemption Space ones so much. Chasm City and Pushing Ice were very good, though.

    Dean Koontz's stuff is also good for horror campaign inspirations. It's much more paranoia than scare horror, so it helps you to write that stuff better too.

    Also, even though it's a children's series and I don't have the 'started as a child' excuse, the Keys to the Kingdom series is actually very good. It's basically 'the universe is run by a massive shitty bureaucracy and the entire thing is starting to collapse', but damn does it have style to it. It's one of those books you can't read without it ending up as the seed for a caompaign setting.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)00:41 No.3530961
    The Stars' My Destination

    Gully Foyle is my name and Terra is my nation. Deep space is my dwelling place and death's my destination
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)00:43 No.3530979
    Post Apoc:
    A Canticle for Leibowitz (shit is SO illuminated blueprint)
    by Walter Miller, Jr.
    >> Calgar !!E6uXE2v0isQ 01/27/09(Tue)00:50 No.3531019
    the only problem I have with his writing is the time hops...the fact that he always gives the date when he does is good. I enjoy the style where he gives a bit of the past, then the current, and then the past again so it all makes sense
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/27/09(Tue)00:56 No.3531066
    Timeskips tend to be jarring.

    Except in Joe Haldeman's Forever series, where the fact that timeskips are jarring is in fact much of the plot. You go off to fight against an enemy nobody even understands, come back with a century past and socity has irrevocably changed to the point where you can't take it, so you head off to war again with a bunch of kids who don't even undertsna dyou because you're from that many generations ago, and eventually after an objevtice thousand and a half years of war you get home for the last time to find out that the whole thing happened because of a communications fuckup and political shenanigans and that you're so out-of-date you're a danger to modern society.

    Good stuff. Read it.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)01:04 No.3531125
    Fantasy, of a sword & sorcery or weird tale style:

    The inspirational reading lists in AD&D1E's DMG and the Moldavy edited Basic D&D (or Expert).
    Derived from with some updated works is Kellri's reading list: http://www.orbitfiles.com/download/id3203196838.html

    Jack Vance's Dying Earth books (D&Ds Vancian magic isn't terribly Vancian)
    Clark Ashton Smith esp. the Zothique stories, free at:
    M.A.R. Barker's Tekumel novels, non-European based lost planet sci-fantasy
    Terry Pratchett's Discworld books
    Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar books
    Karl Edward Wagner's Kane stories, he's like an undying and cursed Conan on 11
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)01:38 No.3531443
         File :1233038323.jpg-(85 KB, 431x640, tiger.jpg)
    85 KB
    >The Stars' My Destination

    This, and Bester's other works (great psionics stuff). I like the original title Tiger! Tiger! better.

    Other essential sci-fi I'd recommend?
    H. Beam Piper, Omnilingual's a good starter (free audiobook and text at Librivox.org along with a bunch of other Piper works)
    Gene Wolfe, Book of the New Sun et al
    Jack Vance, Demon Princes
    Issac Asimov Empire & Foundation (The Mule stories)
    E.C. Tubb, any of the Dumarest of Terra books (Traveller got so much from this)
    Cordwainer Smith, Nostrilia or the Rediscovery of Mankind short stories
    - esp. Scanners Live in Vain and Game of Rat and Dragon
    - some of his stories are online for free, esp. at Baen
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)04:27 No.3532334
    Amber, thirded.
    Also recommend Roadmarks for time travel, Lord of Light for transhumanism, posthumanism, and religious type themes.

    E.E. 'Doc' Smith's Lensman series for pulp sci-fi.

    Everything by Geary Gravel.

    Everything by David Gerrold.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)09:52 No.3533782
    Khellus was pretty cool at first, but turns out to be an absolutely loathed character though, I preferred Drusas because they humanized him, where-as khellus was raised/trained to be/do specifically what he does.

    But really, using the term mary-sue in fantasy is a bit retarded no, especially when it was actually a well written and semi-likeable one like Khellus, you should really only reserve that term for horrible aborted fetuses of books like twilight.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)15:47 No.3535975
    bumpan for moar stories

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