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  • File :1235914941.jpg-(1.04 MB, 2864x2168, 11-09-2008 14;36;39.jpg)
    1.04 MB Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)08:42 No.3849870  
    im so oldschool i shit fossils
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:43 No.3849877
         File :1235915027.jpg-(713 KB, 2565x1706, 11-09-2008 22;14;41.jpg)
    713 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:43 No.3849878
    Land Raider main battle tank will always be remembered. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:45 No.3849883
    In the grim darkness of the 1980s, everyone had shitty artists.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:46 No.3849884
         File :1235915176.jpg-(225 KB, 750x2000, New is best.jpg)
    225 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:46 No.3849888


    Why didn't I start playing back in the 80's?! Oh yeah, too young.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:47 No.3849890
    Shit you got 3 rhinos or 2 land raiders to a box? 30 marines!? How much did these cost?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:49 No.3849903
    They were probably cheaper than today, but bear in mind everyone had less money than today. Goddamn inflation...
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:49 No.3849905
    30 bucks a box was shit ton expensive then.

    Shit was so cash.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:50 No.3849909
    I wish Dreds looked more like that though. And the old skool orks are awesome!
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:51 No.3849911
    they were smaller

    but a fukken titan!
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:51 No.3849913
         File :1235915473.jpg-(489 KB, 2477x1395, 11-09-2008 22;17;53.jpg)
    489 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:52 No.3849920
    The old dread looks like a dollarstore Zord knockoff and old Orks were madeof even more HURRDERRR than the new ones.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:53 No.3849922
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)08:53 No.3849923
         File :1235915639.jpg-(300 KB, 1660x1349, 11-09-2008 22;21;30.jpg)
    300 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:54 No.3849924
    This thread needs more comparisons of old models to new.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)08:56 No.3849930
         File :1235915774.jpg-(257 KB, 1500x1044, 08-09-2008 15;05;32.jpg)
    257 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:59 No.3849939
         File :1235915948.jpg-(313 KB, 1200x1641, 08-09-2008 15;11;20.jpg)
    313 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)08:59 No.3849941
    You've become a twisted, souless being, anon.

    Oh epic! And, hey, it now looks like the marines could actually fit inside their transports!
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:02 No.3849953

    What is that? Is that a peaceful shaman Skaven or something? A CLEAN Skaven?
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)09:03 No.3849959
    i reall dont know, thats why i scanned it.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:04 No.3849964
    >Man Mangler
    Sounds delicious...
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:05 No.3849965
         File :1235916304.jpg-(304 KB, 1000x1483, orctank_diy_1.jpg)
    304 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)09:06 No.3849970
         File :1235916364.jpg-(214 KB, 1000x1478, 05-09-2008 19;54;15.jpg)
    214 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:07 No.3849974

    Anyone know the rules for a hunter slayer?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:08 No.3849977
    Holy shit, nothing's changed!
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:14 No.3849997
    Bring back Zoats.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)09:14 No.3849998
         File :1235916867.jpg-(220 KB, 1537x1037, DSCF4276.jpg)
    220 KB
    as old as it gets
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:18 No.3850011
    Holy shi--

    White Drawf used to cover D&D and Call of Cthulhu?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:19 No.3850021
    More importantly, it was NINETY-FIVE PENCE AN ISSUE.

    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:23 No.3850041
    About £5 to £10
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)09:30 No.3850074
         File :1235917857.jpg-(286 KB, 1060x1500, 01-03-2009 15;29;11.jpg)
    286 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:31 No.3850079
    The two old greater deamons there are the epic scale models, and the dreadnaught is converted.

    But still, yes there were crappy models back then, and painting wasnt really all that great, unless you were actualy still a half decent painter and avoiding the bright-colours-for-everything! phase like I and others were doing back then. A lot of them had character though, like more care had been taken in creating them than the somewhat soulless looking models you get now.

    Also, fuck, that new Dreadnaught is well sculpted for sure by my gods its ugly, its like somene shat grimdark onto a brick with legs.
    >> end actuall othe legendary thrudy, a friwned him as a mini Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)09:36 No.3850107
         File :1235918216.jpg-(422 KB, 1100x1614, 01-03-2009 15;32;33.jpg)
    422 KB
    wd issue nr.74
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:37 No.3850112
    Iss it just me that finds it odd that teh 'eavy metal team had to actually learn things like highlighting, shading and inking over teh years? A lot of the paintjobs on these old models from white dwarf look really plain. Kind of to the point that I wish i had a time machine so i could go back and give them some painting lessons around 1986 so that the models for rogue trader and such are displayed looking more like they do in the artwork than some of the brightly cartoon-like monstrosities they painted up...
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)09:40 No.3850121
         File :1235918401.jpg-(364 KB, 1100x1617, 01-03-2009 15;34;36.jpg)
    364 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:40 No.3850123
    I love how the squats box actually say SPACE DWARFS
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:45 No.3850140
    Shit, that reminds me of those cheesy fake ads they used to put in KoDT. Ya know the one, it would be an ad for a western game one issue, then later it would be an add for a space game basically repainted over the exact same poses.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:46 No.3850145

    Wait a sec... are those dwarves listening to one of the mystic things from Dark Crystal?

    Dark Crystal + Warhammer = mind blown.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)09:46 No.3850147
         File :1235918779.jpg-(279 KB, 1100x1570, 01-03-2009 15;42;35.jpg)
    279 KB
    wd issue nr.74
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:49 No.3850165

    Yep! That's how GW started out, doing models for D&D games and stuff. I used to have some of those really old magazines, they'd probably be worth a bit now :(
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)09:50 No.3850167
         File :1235919003.jpg-(297 KB, 1100x1605, 01-03-2009 15;43;54.jpg)
    297 KB
    yep, THE original gurps ad.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)09:54 No.3850193
         File :1235919292.jpg-(253 KB, 1100x1639, 01-03-2009 15;52;32.jpg)
    253 KB
    wd issue nr.70
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)09:55 No.3850200
         File :1235919355.jpg-(360 KB, 1100x1590, 01-03-2009 15;54;20.jpg)
    360 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)09:57 No.3850204
    Wouldn't have playing a game with a hammer and sickle in the logo have been a ticket to government inquiry?
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)10:04 No.3850240
         File :1235919858.jpg-(539 KB, 1100x1619, 01-03-2009 15;58;56.jpg)
    539 KB
    wd issue nr.101

    thrud turned farmer
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)10:06 No.3850248
         File :1235919976.jpg-(324 KB, 1100x1757, 01-03-2009 15;57;32.jpg)
    324 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)10:07 No.3850254

    Are there any more old/new comparisons like this?
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)10:07 No.3850255
         File :1235920071.jpg-(275 KB, 1100x1605, 01-03-2009 16;00;47.jpg)
    275 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)10:10 No.3850265
         File :1235920208.jpg-(304 KB, 1100x1661, 01-03-2009 16;02;14.jpg)
    304 KB
    our elf team consists of these minis, we have some of the orcs too.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)10:11 No.3850272
         File :1235920301.jpg-(320 KB, 1100x1555, 01-03-2009 16;03;33.jpg)
    320 KB
    mike looks sooo young
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)10:12 No.3850276
         File :1235920336.jpg-(341 KB, 1100x1622, 01-03-2009 16;04;34.jpg)
    341 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)10:16 No.3850293
         File :1235920609.jpg-(28 KB, 457x655, beakies.jpg)
    28 KB
    Fuck off, newfag.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)10:18 No.3850302

    Not really. Cold war was still around, but it was really winding down by then. It wasn't "Holy fuck, World War III is around the corner" so much as "Haha, those stupid commies". Nothing at all like the paranoia of the 50s and 60s.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)10:21 No.3850318

    >Implying the 90s had better art.

    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)10:25 No.3850342

    Cash was so shit?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)10:26 No.3850348
         File :1235921182.jpg-(956 KB, 2864x2168, 1235914941534.jpg)
    956 KB

    Your picture is not inquisition-approved. Pic related.
    >> Tammy-chan !!XSjfzzTDFLE 03/01/09(Sun)10:27 No.3850360

    do they carve fortresses into asteroids?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)10:37 No.3850410
         File :1235921864.gif-(19 KB, 200x194, 200px-TheComputer.gif)
    19 KB
    Please, citizen. If it wasn't paranoid, then how could have the greatest role playing game system ever, PARANOIA™, have come to fruition?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)10:39 No.3850423

    Honestly, we realized how silly our paranoia was, and figured it'd make a great game.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)12:04 No.3850772
    >Saxophone Velociraptor.

    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)12:14 No.3850810
    Should count as Slann.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)13:06 No.3851044
    GW is British. Our government was no where near as paranoid as yours was.
    >> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 03/01/09(Sun)14:05 No.3851298
    Cost of minis then vs now.

    Okay, first off let's dispel some myths right now.

    Most of those shown were 1990's stuff. Warhammer 40k RT came out in 1987 but they didn't just release a flood of boxed stuff all at once. It took time to get things going, so look at the 90's and that's where most of the boxed stuff came into play.

    Assuming the buying power of a dollar today is $1.00, the value of a dollar in 1990 -1992 was 1.70 to 1.48 (according to DoTheNumbers.net) or 1.65 according to Measuringworth.com

    So, let's see... a box of 30 plastic marines was right about 15-18 dollars at merlyn's games in Spokane. A box of Harlequins was like 24.99 and the 17 space orks (metal) box was about 20.99

    So, assuming gw were to have multiplied those costs by 1.65. you'd only be looking at $30.00 for a box of 30 plastic beaky marines.

    So, the value of Assault on Blackreach at $60.00 for 50 mini's is about right.
    The reason being is you get rules, packaging, templates and so forth in addition to the minis.

    However, let me be clear about this... AoBR was touted as a huge bargain. Other GW products are WAY outside of their price point based on inflation, and GW in the 1990's was hugely profitable.

    GW pricing is significantly outpacing the rate of inflation, but claiming to be riding the ragged edge of financial ruin. In other words, they are screwing their customer base, charging them more today than ever, and definitely more than their minis are worth based on previous price points
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)14:11 No.3851333
    GW needs to cut production costs and keep prices as low the black reach box set.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)14:14 No.3851352

    No. GW just needs to stop making so much money that it then wastes on a nightmarish bureaucracy which employs more personnel managers than games designers.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)14:29 No.3851456
    MORE PICTURES for the love of god
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)14:33 No.3851494
         File :1235936001.jpg-(340 KB, 1000x1417, wtf.jpg)
    340 KB
    >> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 03/01/09(Sun)14:56 No.3851690
    >>No. GW just needs to stop making so much money that it then wastes on a nightmarish bureaucracy which employs more personnel managers than games designers.

    Dind ding ding... the correct answer.

    GW needs to shed it's bloated and useless management down and leave it's core competencies (the model makers and game designers) alone.

    There are too many chiefs and not enough braves.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)15:08 No.3851776

    How is it that nobody has commented on BATTLE CARS. Fuck, I wish I wasn't a toddler when these came out so I could've gotten some fucking awesome BATTLE CARS.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)15:13 No.3851811

    I for one miss the old times when there was MORE THAN ONE JETBIKE IN THE ENTIRE IMPERIUM.
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'Grady 03/01/09(Sun)15:14 No.3851819

    Agreed. They need to re-organize, fire most of their management staff (you only really need three or four administrative personnel per two hundred employees in a company anyway) and hand product control back to the game designers.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)15:35 No.3851937


    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)15:44 No.3852014
    What the hell is Dark Future?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)15:46 No.3852030
    almost like gorka morka
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)15:46 No.3852035

    Vehicular combat game.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:00 No.3852123
    Redshirts in the United States are required to memorize the GW-NA management structure from their store manager up through Ernie Baker.

    That is currently five levels of management; hobby center manager, district manager, regional manager, retail ops manager, GW-NA manager.

    So let's take Games Workshop Springfield Plaza as an example; the hobby center manager, Bing Lee, reports to the district manager, Mark Bolger, who reports to the regional manager, Kyle Miller, who reports to the retail operations manager, Ed Spettigue, who reports to the director of Games Workshop's North American subsidiary, Ernie Baker, who in turn reports to the larger Games Workshop corporate structure, referred to as 'the group' in internal company training material.

    Can you spot the redundant levels of bureaucracy in this equation? And that doesn't even account for the home office bureaucratic bloat, which makes Games Workshop North America look like a paradigm of managerial efficiency.
    >> the new spacemarine boardingaction game Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:00 No.3852125
         File :1235941223.jpg-(554 KB, 1340x1285, 01-03-2009 21;55;27.jpg)
    554 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:08 No.3852175
         File :1235941725.jpg-(339 KB, 1100x1511, 01-03-2009 21;52;42.jpg)
    339 KB
    wd issue nr. 109
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:11 No.3852198
         File :1235941894.jpg-(292 KB, 1100x1490, 01-03-2009 21;54;05.jpg)
    292 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:12 No.3852207
         File :1235941968.jpg-(244 KB, 1100x1428, 01-03-2009 21;56;59.jpg)
    244 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:16 No.3852241
         File :1235942164.jpg-(275 KB, 1100x1470, 01-03-2009 22;09;59.jpg)
    275 KB
    >> Adeptus Munitorum Magus O'Grady 03/01/09(Sun)16:19 No.3852270
    Anyone read the old White Dwarf? Used to be an industry magazine, talked about games from all over, gave updates on a bunch of companies. Latest products, hell they even had DnD content, it was a lot like the back half of a KODT comic. Now? Now it's a corporate shill that only talks about GW. What happened, guys? GW, you used to be run by gamers and care about your fellows. Now you've let CEOs and Accountants take over. Where did the fun go? The love of the game? I have to say, you're disappointing the community, GW.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:20 No.3852279
         File :1235942416.jpg-(543 KB, 1300x1829, 01-03-2009 21;58;10.jpg)
    543 KB
    ans some titanicus fluff
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:25 No.3852325
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:26 No.3852335
         File :1235942777.jpg-(390 KB, 1200x1631, 01-03-2009 21;59;22.jpg)
    390 KB
    how about ig then?
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:28 No.3852359
         File :1235942918.jpg-(267 KB, 1100x1537, 01-03-2009 22;04;39.jpg)
    267 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:29 No.3852371
         File :1235942996.jpg-(543 KB, 1600x2029, 01-03-2009 22;01;47.jpg)
    543 KB
    anybody up for some editing?
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:31 No.3852385
         File :1235943060.jpg-(537 KB, 1600x2029, 01-03-2009 22;02;45.jpg)
    537 KB
    anybody up for some editing?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:31 No.3852391
         File :1235943112.jpg-(64 KB, 341x299, Farseer_Original.jpg)
    64 KB
    Old Farseer approves.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:32 No.3852399
         File :1235943159.jpg-(327 KB, 1100x1669, 01-03-2009 22;08;49.jpg)
    327 KB
    teriminator marine, aye.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:34 No.3852418
         File :1235943286.jpg-(1.39 MB, 2000x2778, 01-03-2009 22;06;52.jpg)
    1.39 MB
    i really like that bloodbowl coach
    >> Scriptarius 03/01/09(Sun)16:35 No.3852427
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:36 No.3852431
         File :1235943413.jpg-(296 KB, 1100x1520, 01-03-2009 22;10;58.jpg)
    296 KB
    wd issue nr. 113
    >> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 03/01/09(Sun)16:39 No.3852452
    Okay, now take all that bloat, and start assigning salaries.

    A regional manager expects to make $50,000 a year minimum, and how many of those are there?

    And then add in the district managers, the support staff for them, the IT staff, the accountants at each level, etc etc. Though I'm sure some people serve multiple roles. All that bureaucracy adds up fast.

    And here's the main bit, all those people don't CONTRIBUTE to the bottom line, they are not producing new products, they are not selling, they are not playtesting, they are eating into the bottom line.

    They really need to trim the fat now, this economy will not support the bloated beast that they've become.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:41 No.3852466
         File :1235943680.jpg-(329 KB, 1100x1581, 01-03-2009 22;38;40.jpg)
    329 KB
    rainbow colors you say?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:41 No.3852473
    No one is asking you too like it. There is room for nostalgia on /tg/...
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:42 No.3852480

    That commander looks kind of badass.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:42 No.3852483
         File :1235943773.jpg-(265 KB, 1100x1519, 01-03-2009 22;11;50.jpg)
    265 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:45 No.3852494
         File :1235943915.jpg-(788 KB, 1600x2017, 01-03-2009 22;18;30.jpg)
    788 KB
    another editing job
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:46 No.3852507
         File :1235944018.jpg-(1.04 MB, 1600x2092, 01-03-2009 22;14;59.jpg)
    1.04 MB
    another editing job
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:48 No.3852518

    Why does #5 have a huge penis?
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:49 No.3852524
         File :1235944156.jpg-(1.19 MB, 2000x2933, 01-03-2009 22;22;19.jpg)
    1.19 MB
    wheel of magic
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:50 No.3852528
    Because CHAOS
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:50 No.3852529
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:51 No.3852534
         File :1235944273.jpg-(252 KB, 1100x1505, 01-03-2009 22;24;52.jpg)
    252 KB
    fuck yea
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:52 No.3852545
         File :1235944373.jpg-(285 KB, 1100x1512, 01-03-2009 22;26;00.jpg)
    285 KB
    wd issue nr. 114
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:54 No.3852555
         File :1235944466.jpg-(305 KB, 1100x1535, 01-03-2009 22;27;06.jpg)
    305 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:55 No.3852561
    Does that guy have a fucking moon head?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:56 No.3852570

    Yeah, the early days were crazy like that.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:58 No.3852579
    why no Khorne in the early days?
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)16:59 No.3852587
         File :1235944787.jpg-(304 KB, 1100x1548, 01-03-2009 22;36;27.jpg)
    304 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)16:59 No.3852589
    The legendary carnival man.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)17:00 No.3852594
         File :1235944848.jpg-(367 KB, 1100x1601, 01-03-2009 22;37;53.jpg)
    367 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:01 No.3852598

    He was around, just weird coincidence that none of the scaned pages here show his minions.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:01 No.3852604
    This is awesome in an 80s kind of way.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:03 No.3852615
    That command group at the top is actually pretty damn good.

    The top two on the right, now thats what more painting in that era should have been. more muted, dirty and less cartoon-y.
    Also, those pink horrors could look a lot better if the arms were hunched over into a more gorilla-like pose methinks.
    A big differnce between now and then though is how basing style has changed form being an afterthought of green flock to something you put a little work into, mixing a bit of brown sand in with flock and static grass. Base up old minis like that and they look amazingly better.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:05 No.3852635
    >note the symbol on the shoulder
    That's the lower arm, boss.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)17:07 No.3852644
    >>The top two on the right

    those were painted by john blanche iirc, he always sported a rather unusual paintingstyle on his minis.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:08 No.3852649
    I sincerely love the old-school 40k with crazy colours, dodgy models and wacky puns.

    It's so much BETTER than it is now. Sure the models are ropey, but they've got a sense of humour. The whole thing feels like a nightmarish futuristic drug trip rather than the cover of a metal album.

    Give me art that's just a wall of arms and skulls and heads and guns with tanks driving over it and one overly-scarred eyepatch wearing focus character in the middle with a skull codpiece or whatever. Give me Marines that aren't afraid to choke a bitch, or Sentinels with Plasma Cannons.

    Give me robots which require programming, and virus grenades, and 3+ saves on 2D6.

    It's better than anything GW make now.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:10 No.3852672
         File :1235945451.jpg-(210 KB, 870x1238, Dire_Avenger_1st.jpg)
    210 KB
    Believe it or not, this is one of the 1st ed sketches.

    Jes really raised the bar when the Aspect Warrior models were first done.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:10 No.3852673
    why does that space wolf have a genestealer head???

    I smell heresey
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:13 No.3852691
         File :1235945610.jpg-(101 KB, 1003x439, 1214849525376.jpg)
    101 KB
    Terminators originally only had a 2+ save on 1D6 that could only be modified up to a 6+ actually.

    And Marines were T3. AND AWESOME.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:13 No.3852694

    #19. Female orc cheerleader tits.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)17:14 No.3852697
         File :1235945644.jpg-(841 KB, 1500x2277, 01-03-2009 23;03;52.jpg)
    841 KB
    wd issue nr. 116
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:15 No.3852713
    Nah, John Blanche's painting looks more attributable to the guy below, the orange-y-red mess of whatever the fuck that is.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:16 No.3852720
         File :1235945793.jpg-(9 KB, 300x241, 1229202799211.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:17 No.3852734
         File :1235945867.jpg-(193 KB, 591x842, 1217544911455.jpg)
    193 KB
    Elves look so... 80s
    >> but i think these are john blanches works Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)17:20 No.3852758
         File :1235946005.jpg-(397 KB, 1300x1727, 01-03-2009 23;11;17.jpg)
    397 KB
    wolf helmet
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:21 No.3852775
    ahhh that tall pretty man brought you a flower <3
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)17:22 No.3852780
         File :1235946129.jpg-(351 KB, 1300x1707, 01-03-2009 23;12;10.jpg)
    351 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:24 No.3852807

    Holy shit! Why did they turn that design down? It looks a lot better than what we have.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)17:26 No.3852817
         File :1235946365.jpg-(224 KB, 1100x1596, 01-03-2009 23;16;34.jpg)
    224 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:26 No.3852830
    I'm now secretly plotting to start up some first edition rules games...
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:32 No.3852876
    Holy shit Titans were awesome back then.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:33 No.3852888

    >Totally excesive hair crest
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)17:37 No.3852929
         File :1235947030.jpg-(306 KB, 1100x1505, 01-03-2009 23;23;11.jpg)
    306 KB
    green cover is green
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:38 No.3852945
    and had at-st legs!
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)17:40 No.3852963
         File :1235947218.jpg-(406 KB, 1100x1508, 01-03-2009 23;24;09.jpg)
    406 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:40 No.3852968
    Titans were Zoids back then apparently
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:40 No.3852969
    dont those legs and torso come from Zoids kits?
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)17:42 No.3852985
         File :1235947356.jpg-(254 KB, 1100x1545, 01-03-2009 23;26;20.jpg)
    254 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:43 No.3852996
    Includes full rules for SOLO PLAY if you're too much of a FAGGOT NERD to find friends to play it with you!
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:44 No.3853005
         File :1235947489.jpg-(253 KB, 1100x1592, 01-03-2009 23;27;46.jpg)
    253 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:45 No.3853019
    >Sentinels with Plasma Cannons

    Coming soon son, coming soon.
    Back to the glory days.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)17:48 No.3853034
         File :1235947709.jpg-(298 KB, 1100x1527, 01-03-2009 23;29;48.jpg)
    298 KB
    bloodletter genestealer hybrid...
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)17:52 No.3853061
         File :1235947923.jpg-(292 KB, 1100x1605, 01-03-2009 23;30;48.jpg)
    292 KB
    chaos orc
    >> Regault 03/01/09(Sun)17:53 No.3853076
    Horribly inaccurate regarding the greater demons. It's comparing the 6mm Epic scale Keeper of Secrets and Lord of Change to the normal 40k/FB scale models.

    Also prefer the general design if not the looks of the older dreads to the new walking cathedrals.

    And I just like the older orks period.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:54 No.3853082
    that 3 headed one is fuck awesome
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:56 No.3853095
    old orks look far to silly, even for orks
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)17:58 No.3853114
    not so much a fan of the ultramarines upsidedown stretch land raider, but the top one ... damn thats cool. Really captures that early 40k feel. And yet its biggest alteration seems to be just a track &roller change.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)18:02 No.3853137
         File :1235948526.jpg-(311 KB, 1100x1580, 01-03-2009 23;31;52.jpg)
    311 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)18:03 No.3853146
         File :1235948587.jpg-(275 KB, 1100x1647, 01-03-2009 23;33;08.jpg)
    275 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)18:05 No.3853160
    These honestly look better than their modern counterparts!
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)18:08 No.3853182
         File :1235948892.jpg-(406 KB, 1100x1540, 01-03-2009 23;34;50.jpg)
    406 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)18:08 No.3853188
         File :1235948939.jpg-(357 KB, 1100x1548, 01-03-2009 23;35;49.jpg)
    357 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)18:11 No.3853218

    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)18:12 No.3853221
    My Rogue Trader book is the pride of my game collection. Sure, the models are primitive and some of the interior art is lolwut, but its packed full of rules and fluff and was definitely written by gamers, not lawyers, bureaucrats, and salesmen, like current GW products.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)18:18 No.3853265
         File :1235949517.jpg-(258 KB, 800x1138, Warhammer_40k__codex__Orks_-__(...).jpg)
    258 KB
    This is the best thread to come to /tg/ in a long time.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)18:34 No.3853375
    Holy shit that thing's part Gustav!
    >> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 03/01/09(Sun)18:34 No.3853384
    Best part of RT days... Races were balanced based on a point cost system.

    Marines were fuckwin, but any race you wanted to field against them was fuckwin too because their shit was point balanced.

    Example... look at the system for creating Dreadnaughts in the RT compendium. (red cover with ultra marines on front) The Orks, humans, and eldar had buildcosts that were all from the same table. So while the eldar might field a super high tech monster on the battlefield, for the same point cost so too could the marines or orks.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)18:35 No.3853388

    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)18:38 No.3853405
         File :1235950717.jpg-(249 KB, 1100x1594, 02-03-2009 00;37;12.jpg)
    249 KB
    i have that right here boss
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)18:41 No.3853428
         File :1235950918.jpg-(270 KB, 1100x1536, 02-03-2009 00;38;19.jpg)
    270 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)18:46 No.3853468
    I was at a warhammer shop the other day and we played a few matches. I was using Orks and my friend was using Godly space marines.

    This other guy that we met was also playing space marines and he had the really old models. For one he had an old rhino and the things are TINY. Like half the size of the modern Rhinos.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)18:47 No.3853476
         File :1235951227.jpg-(292 KB, 1100x1653, 02-03-2009 00;41;16.jpg)
    292 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)18:47 No.3853477
    the points system was a bit weak though, but was a damn good idea. It needed scaling up a a decimal place to allow for more variation in prices, as orignially many weapons were just a point or two, not really enough to make much of a difference when you have things like autoguns being superiour to lasguns (32" range autoguns, fuck yeah) yet both were 1 and a half points basic.
    Still, random generation of equipment and a GM made shit fun. And random plot generation, that was pretty good too, since every game should have some back story to it.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)18:56 No.3853535
         File :1235951765.jpg-(369 KB, 1100x1660, 02-03-2009 00;46;41.jpg)
    369 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)18:56 No.3853536
    They aint that old really :|
    Still got one and some RT marines lying around here somewhere lol.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)18:57 No.3853546
         File :1235951840.jpg-(278 KB, 1100x1623, 02-03-2009 00;43;47.jpg)
    278 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)18:58 No.3853554
         File :1235951884.jpg-(300 KB, 1100x1734, 02-03-2009 00;44;53.jpg)
    300 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)18:59 No.3853565
         File :1235951960.jpg-(306 KB, 1100x1558, 02-03-2009 00;50;36.jpg)
    306 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)19:01 No.3853575
         File :1235952072.jpg-(587 KB, 1100x1676, 02-03-2009 00;49;18.jpg)
    587 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)19:03 No.3853585
         File :1235952181.jpg-(361 KB, 1100x1614, 02-03-2009 00;51;47.jpg)
    361 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)19:03 No.3853589
         File :1235952239.jpg-(339 KB, 1100x1619, 02-03-2009 00;52;37.jpg)
    339 KB
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)19:04 No.3853591
         File :1235952282.jpg-(287 KB, 1100x1603, 02-03-2009 00;53;26.jpg)
    287 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:05 No.3853597
    /tg/ has a new mission: Locate and upload Trollish Tunes.

    That is all.
    >> Bailee 03/01/09(Sun)19:05 No.3853599
         File :1235952337.jpg-(328 KB, 1100x1532, 02-03-2009 00;55;57.jpg)
    328 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:08 No.3853618

    Damn, I wish they'd kept that aesthetic style for the IG. Shit would be so Maschinen Krieger.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:20 No.3853690
    Oh fuck, ZOIDS!
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:26 No.3853729
    What about tau and necrons?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:39 No.3853822

    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:41 No.3853837
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:43 No.3853849
    Now now guys , he's at least partialy right about necrons, they are at about 10 years old from their initial "concept model" by now. I remember geting it for free from the cover of a whitedwarf mag.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:45 No.3853857
    Didn't exist yet.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:46 No.3853870
    This thread has further convinced me that no Warhammer or 40K art or fluff from before the mid-90's is worth more than a pile of shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:48 No.3853885
         File :1235954926.jpg-(29 KB, 482x375, necronraider.jpg)
    29 KB
    Hey guys, hey guys, 1998 here! Remember when you thought Necrons might have potential , do ya, DO YA!
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:49 No.3853892
         File :1235954960.jpg-(13 KB, 355x475, necronraider2.jpg)
    13 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:49 No.3853898
    >This thread has further convinced me that no Warhammer or 40K art or fluff from after the mid-90's is worth more than a pile of shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:51 No.3853901
         File :1235955079.png-(244 KB, 367x263, HH3.png)
    244 KB
    Believe it or not, that hover tank's still canon.
    It's in the Horus Heresy Collected Visions book.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:57 No.3853936
         File :1235955459.jpg-(26 KB, 400x342, lazychair.jpg)
    26 KB
    Oh and dont forget the lazychair.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)19:59 No.3853948
         File :1235955570.jpg-(193 KB, 1148x554, Necron_Immortals_by_ROBOPOPE.jpg)
    193 KB
    And the bulkiest irobot skeletons known to man.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/09(Sun)20:49 No.3854315
    Man, I loved that tank, the think was a right old workhorse for carrying a large gun to where you needed it, more reliably than lesser armoured skimmers. Also looks straight out of 2000AD, like most 40k things back then. They missed out on not really featuring it when they re-did vehicle construction rules.
    I'm also amazed it didn't make it to the original Epic models, would have loved fielding a large unit of them, I could see them being quite useful in that scale, with area to move... Oh well.. can always stat them up for Dirtside 2 if I could get a few converted.

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