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  • File :1239271305.jpg-(96 KB, 800x568, Fairy Bloodthirst.jpg)
    96 KB Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:01 No.4229781  
    Plague of Zombie Fairies.

    Start with one female, like pictured, who is cute and fills the PCs with D'awwwwwww.

    Have her become attached to one of the PCs and bond with them. Any fairy specialists should be able to tell that PC that the fairy has selected her as a 'mate' (be it male or female).

    After a little while, she absorbs DNA by licking a wound or some such, and becomes pregnant. Her litter is roughly five thousand (possible, seeing they are Fey).

    The litter kills her and then tries to kill the PCs while they are in an enclosed area. They are magic resistant, resistant to pain, super evasive... and each and every one of their faces is the face of the PC, sharp teeth and blood red glowing eyes narrowed hatefully as they try to tear your eyes out.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:03 No.4229789
    brb fap
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:04 No.4229793
    I Scorching Burst the Swarm and pray for a Natural 20
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:04 No.4229796
    Disturbing. Is this "normal" for the kind of fairy?
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:05 No.4229807
    >"A vertical column of golden flames burns all within."
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:06 No.4229808
    Oh dear god, why did i pick the fighter
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:07 No.4229812

    Reasonably, erring on the 'large' side of an average litter. She had a lot of love to give, after all.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:08 No.4229821
         File :1239271701.png-(37 KB, 304x350, hasselhoff.png)
    37 KB
    >Plague of Zombie Fairies
    I've got some Zombie Fairy repellant right here. Goddamn this bag of holding, what can't it hold.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:09 No.4229830
         File :1239271764.jpg-(5 KB, 132x99, images.jpg)
    5 KB
    A decent punchline?
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:09 No.4229832
    That is deliciously AWESOME. Using this in MaidRPG.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:10 No.4229840
         File :1239271818.jpg-(37 KB, 368x416, zing.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:13 No.4229857
    Why are her babies such? that aside, fucking scarry.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:14 No.4229860
    For maximum effect, have the PC keep the Fairy for a while. Make the player love the Fairy, give it a name, describe it curling up on their chest just above their heart to sleep, with a peaceful, loved look on her face...
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:18 No.4229874
    I think the faries would be worse if they weren't god moded. If they were weakend to the point a flex of the arm shattered them it would be just as devistating. The fact is the babies are muderous and blinded with furry. Making them invicible ads a fear, yes but if they were knowingly frail and weak but still attacked you with every fiber of their being while droves of them fell....

    That's just creepy
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:19 No.4229881

    When a Fairy is content, it's wings are mostly still, twitching slightly open and closed every two seconds or so. You should have it slow until it matches that person's heartbeat.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:28 No.4229911

    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:30 No.4229918
    Manly tears
    Nightmare fuel

    Oh god this is such an unholy combo.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:32 No.4229924
    crap :( no daww for me I play a golem .
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:35 No.4229935

    ITT we learn new and interesting ways to destroy the last vestiges of our players innocence.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:35 No.4229937
    My god. This is why I don't like my GM. I'd shit my pants if he did this, then ask if he stole the idea. Instead I get KOBOLD CAVE. SAVE WOMAN. RECIEVE GOLD. GET EVIL GLARES WHEN YOU ASK IF YOU CAN J-J-JAM IT IN.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:39 No.4229955
    Her name was Ryll.

    God, I can still remember finding her when we went back in that room. They had torn her open, there wouldn't have been much time for her to feel anything. Hells, the look on her face... her little eyes were frozen in terror. It was almost as if Ryll was asking me to save her.

    I never found her fourth wing in the bloody mess of the rest of them. I tried. The Gods know I tried to find it. When I buried her in the small belt pouch she had adopted as her home I apologised to her. She deserved more than that.

    Her own children... OUR children...

    *slow tear*

    Poor Ryll... I'm so sorry.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:44 No.4229977
    Bricks = Shat
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:49 No.4229991
    well played anon

    Not all that well delivered but it's sentiment was saddening all the same.

    >Cue arrousing realization that she probably did the same thing to her mother when she was born.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:54 No.4230011
    A new low in heart-wrenching evil! Gods.
    I'm going to go hug my teddy bear now.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:57 No.4230022
         File :1239274629.jpg-(59 KB, 600x646, ColonialMarine_Gallery_1.jpg)
    59 KB
    Check it out! Independently targeting particle beam phalanx. Vwap! Fry half a city with this puppy. We got tactical smart missiles, phase-plasma pulse rifles, RPGs, we got sonic electronic ball breakers! We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks...
    >> Colonel Negi !!DwDB+JDivaw 04/09/09(Thu)06:58 No.4230026

    Shit has been archived. Now everyone can relieve the d'awwww- OH GOD MY FACE
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)06:59 No.4230028
    Let this thread be a lesson to you all.

    When you go to bed, give your Fairy one extra goodnight hug. Let her know you care, so that if it's the last night you both have, you won't look back with regret.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:04 No.4230045
         File :1239275075.jpg-(117 KB, 1013x681, Goo Fairy.jpg)
    117 KB
    Fairies are one of my real stiffy-inducers. Pic related to the other.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:05 No.4230051

    What do you mean, there are now 5000 zombie fairies chasing me, ofcourse there is regret.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:05 No.4230053
    >Any fairy specialists should be able to tell that PC that the fairy has selected her as a 'mate' (be it male or female).

    What kind of jackass specialist would tell you that the fairy has selected you as its mate but leave out the part where childbirth is invariably fatal, and--oh by the way--your larval children will viciously attempt to devour you.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:05 No.4230056
    Faerie and googirl. Win-win situation in every way.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:06 No.4230060
    My dorfs like to eat fairies, live.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:06 No.4230061
         File :1239275208.jpg-(120 KB, 630x356, rogues03.jpg)
    120 KB


    Let's not make this into a porn dump. This is a pure thread, friend.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:07 No.4230063
    The plot driven kind.
    >> !NiggerILnk 04/09/09(Thu)07:08 No.4230069
         File :1239275282.png-(464 KB, 700x550, 5142ced80511b59ce054b82da2182b(...).png)
    464 KB
    >> !NiggerILnk 04/09/09(Thu)07:08 No.4230073
         File :1239275334.jpg-(197 KB, 413x591, 88d64d2741b23ae63ddff0937ff519(...).jpg)
    197 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:09 No.4230074

    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:16 No.4230092
         File :1239275805.jpg-(141 KB, 500x448, WTH.jpg)Thumbnail unavailable

    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:18 No.4230097
    Warriors, come out to pla-ay!
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:19 No.4230101
    Doing it wrong. That's a plant, not a fairy.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:19 No.4230102


    ...come out to play-ayyyy....
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:22 No.4230109
    >What kind of jackass specialist would tell you that the fairy has selected you as its mate but leave out the part where childbirth is invariably fatal, and--oh by the way--your larval children will viciously attempt to devour you.

    The jealous kind.
    >> !NiggerILnk 04/09/09(Thu)07:27 No.4230136
    Either it's common knowledge or the specialist is a colossal asshole.
    >> PointMan !!sjoCtjmIoEU 04/09/09(Thu)07:37 No.4230180
    This is one of the more disturbing things i've read on here. I honestly wonder how morbid you have to be to think of something like this.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:38 No.4230181
         File :1239277084.jpg-(47 KB, 640x480, lukescreams.jpg)
    47 KB
    This thread has made me very sorrowful. Why do you hate us, OP?
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:48 No.4230217

    When I first came to 4chan, I was a relatively pure young man. I had morals. There were lines I would not cross.

    I was like you.

    Look at my face. Some day you will think back... and you will see yourself.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)07:49 No.4230221
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)08:02 No.4230278
    shit..this is awsome idea...it's an intresting evolutionary adaptation of fairykind, since they lack size and strenght, fairies have huge litters, that are rabidly attacking anything in range till they grow and gain more self-awareness and intelligence(a grown fairy does not need to rely on swarm to survive anymore)
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)08:02 No.4230280
         File :1239278547.jpg-(36 KB, 302x400, green-fairy.jpg)
    36 KB
    Is it unmanly to want a loving Fairy as a Familiar now?
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)08:03 No.4230289
    As long as your GM isn't a douche you should be fine.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)08:04 No.4230291
    I'd almost rather it be something kinda like Ranma, but with a more specific, FAR less-common or accessible trigger.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)08:07 No.4230302
    Fairies in my game are only semi intelligent creatures operating under a primitive hivemind and infesting the city like extremely dangerous rats; poisonous bites.

    They are an occupational hazard in the sewers and all dark and forgotten places of the homecity.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)08:10 No.4230310
    Fairies in my game are insect-like creatures that fly around and eat just about anything remotely edible. Like locusts.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)08:16 No.4230331
         File :1239279411.gif-(60 KB, 459x459, NICE.gif)
    60 KB

    If she was a Zombie to begin with, what if we get her resurrected?

    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)08:22 No.4230352
    fairies in my setting are intelligent (although childish), but are unable to learn common as a language.

    this did lead to some cute moments where the fairy who 'adopted' the party's rogue was trying to explain stuff to him via mime.

    also the time they were heading into a highly religious citystate, and the fairy's unclad state would have gotten them arrested or worse, so the rogue actually went and made a tiny dress for her :3
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)08:23 No.4230357
         File :1239279807.jpg-(51 KB, 450x330, Haruhi Drunk Award.jpg)
    51 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)08:41 No.4230452
         File :1239280882.jpg-(291 KB, 581x892, 1234897010843.jpg)
    291 KB
    I love my Fairy. Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)09:08 No.4230555

    I dislike you.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)09:13 No.4230574

    That pic made me fucking lol.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)10:33 No.4230973

    I was trying to figure out why the fairy babies would not only burst out of their mother in so gory a fashion but be mindlessly carnivorous off the bat, then it came to me.

    The fairy becomes pregnant, (anyone know the gestation period for fairy hybrids?) but continues adventuring with the party, afraid to leave her love, and possibly even keeping the pregnancy a secret, afraid to tell the mate and make them worry. Deep in a dungeon, the party is caught unaware by a ghoul. Unable to get her voice loud enough to warn her mate, the fairy does the only thing she can do, and distracts the undead herself.

    WHAM, Crit.
    off the charts Level drain, DM fudges fort roll failures, fairy dies valiently, her now widowed mate smiting the everloving fuck out of the beast that slayed her. The PC, being a loving caring sort, faithfully carries her tiny body out of the dungeon, most likely to either bury her or return her to her family/homeland. As the PC RPs the last caress of her frail frame, a final kiss, there comes a disgusting SQUELCH from her flesh. The widowed scarcely has time to feel the pain of seeing their love explode so horribly before they have no choice but to run like mad from the groaning, twitching, level-draining cloud of infant fairyghouls.

    For maximum effect, leave them semi-sentient/hiveminded, so they can groan "Daaaaadddyyyyyy" in unison as they come to hug their father to death.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)11:14 No.4231244

    If there was ever a way to brake a PCs mind, that was it. You win.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)11:21 No.4231277

    Nightmare fuel of the highest order.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)11:29 No.4231324

    >As the PC RPs the last caress of her frail frame, a final kiss, there comes a disgusting SQUELCH from her flesh

    Also she puts herself infront of the goul. Likey with a "NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!" as well.

    You should see the emotion right there.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)11:30 No.4231328

    You sir, are a complete bastard.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)11:50 No.4231442
    > !NiggerILnk
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)12:26 No.4231727

    mind = blown
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)13:06 No.4231969
    Though this is a pretty good idea if your a sadistic bastard of a DM and for good story I can be (but I don't make it a habit) I would never use this. This would just be too horrible to put a player thru (and I would feel like such a dick too). Maybe if the guy was a fucktard and a half... wait maybe I will use it. >.>
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)13:09 No.4231980
    This is a perfect PC trap

    If any of your players picks up or has a random uberstated companion tell them the "good news"

    What PC wouldn't love to discover his power buddy is prego?

    Then you drop a train on 'em
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)14:30 No.4232680
         File :1239301838.jpg-(23 KB, 510x411, dr-evil.jpg)
    23 KB
    This whole idea is just...positively EVIL.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)14:49 No.4232870

    Not as evil as sharks with frickn lazer beams onto of their heads!
    >> Writefag Chronicles !42DalLaSf2 04/09/09(Thu)14:58 No.4232969


    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)15:15 No.4233169

    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)15:26 No.4233303
    You can't see me now but I'm grinning sadisticly at the mindfuck this would put someone through. I know I know, I'm a horrible person banish me to /b/ but I like watching horror movies just to see how messed up people get mentally.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)15:27 No.4233304
         File :1239305226.jpg-(413 KB, 1000x625, fairfolk.jpg)
    413 KB
    Oh god. OH GOD.

    I am doing this in my Changeling game. It is happening. And it will be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)15:37 No.4233403
    >Start with one female, like pictured, who is cute and fills the PCs with D'awwwwwww.
    >tell that PC that the fairy has selected her as a 'mate' (be it male or female).
    >[Fairy] becomes pregnant
    >The litter kills her and then tries to kill the PCs

    let me get this straight. You're mixing the cliche "Everyone loves this npc so I have to kill it horribly" jackassery with Imaginary waifu faggotry and topping it off with "my children want to murder me for no real reason"?
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)15:40 No.4233437
    A better question is how do you even impregnate a fairy? Your dick is the size of her entire body - no way in hell it could ever fit!
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)15:44 No.4233488
    she lubes herself up, wraps her little body around you, and uses her wings to lift herself up and down while grinding against your penis.

    That, or you use magic to make her bigger or you smaller.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)15:47 No.4233514
    >she lubes herself up, wraps her little body around you, and uses her wings to lift herself up and down while grinding against your penis.


    /brb fappan
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)15:47 No.4233521
    See OP's post.
    tl;dr vampiric dna extraction

    OP is a sick, twisted, sadistic bastard.
    1 internet to you sir.
    Enjoy it in HELL
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)15:48 No.4233524

    "Well it's not like I could've just J-J-Jamed it in!"
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)15:55 No.4233592

    I cast Abortion. Intensified if needed.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)16:32 No.4233906
    Smack them with the flat side of your sword... Like Guts did.
    >> No Man 04/09/09(Thu)16:52 No.4234068
    For a less tragic, but nonetheless horrible birth, consider the Surinam Toad.


    Or, as I have newly coined it, LotusFrog.

    >> No Man 04/09/09(Thu)17:06 No.4234181

    Would ya'll like some writefaggotry, so I can tell my dad I did SOMETHING useful today?

    If I do, it will be more along the lines of the Surinam Toad thing. I don't think I can bring myself to do the maneating children thing, but if there's outcry for that, I'll do it.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)17:23 No.4234362
    Man eating children or bust
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)17:26 No.4234385

    ...holy fuck, that's creepy...
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)17:32 No.4234467
    Backflipping frog sex leads to babies CRAWLING THROUGH the mothers skin?

    Nature is fucked up
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:07 No.4235355
         File :1239318469.jpg-(39 KB, 451x336, 1227002962413.jpg)
    39 KB
    I don't want to live without you, Ryll...
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:11 No.4235382

    >I am doing this in my Changeling game. It is happening. And it will be awesome.

    YES. This was the exact same reaction I had.

    One more for the library of Hedge-monsters, I feel!
    >> PointMan !!sjoCtjmIoEU 04/09/09(Thu)19:11 No.4235384
    No, this is one concept that should remain buried. Now if you want to do something that doesn't involve this kind of thing, then by all means feel free.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:15 No.4235423
    >blinded by furry

    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:22 No.4235491
         File :1239319370.jpg-(110 KB, 1438x712, mantisqueen.jpg)
    110 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:25 No.4235510

    Fuck off scaredy cat. WRITEFAGGOTRY NOW
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:27 No.4235518
         File :1239319622.png-(33 KB, 192x226, Oh dear....png)
    33 KB
    I was just thinking...

    Being the perverted little beings that they are, having a Fairy as a mate might be an interesting and very educational experience.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:29 No.4235530
    I have a thought for the baby's being vicious and the caretaker not telling you of the dangers. When the Fairy becomes pregnant she usually leaves to give birth to her children and they eat whatever is around. The specialist didn't tell you because he thought that shortly afterwards the fairy would leave to keep the father from getting killed but since the fairy loved you so much she decided to stay until she died.
    >> I CLUB SEALS 04/09/09(Thu)19:34 No.4235574

    The concepts already been done.

    But with only a 1/1 instead of a 5/5....
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:34 No.4235577
         File :1239320075.jpg-(31 KB, 300x390, Tears 5.jpg)
    31 KB

    My heart broke... that is a bad story and you should feel bad...
    >> I CLUB SEALS 04/09/09(Thu)19:34 No.4235579
         File :1239320081.jpg-(96 KB, 640x868, db31_ncbjqkvikf.jpg)
    96 KB

    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 04/09/09(Thu)19:39 No.4235606
    In my game fairies devour human souls.

    ... What?
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:49 No.4235678
    This actually would be good in a WoD campaign (with Changeling as at least an offside setting).
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:53 No.4235709

    where can i find more info on non-standard familiars?
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:57 No.4235735
    I say we keep working on ways to endear the Fairy to the PC so that when the 'event' comes it's all the more crushing.

    Starting with >>4229781, >>4229860, >>4229881

    During the time that she is starting to like the PC, have her embarassed to be noticed by them. Have her hide behind things, blush and all that basic stuff, but have her crush revealed to her by someone who knows a little about Fairies. He/she'll tell them that she's eavesdropping on them, hoping that they'll talk to their friends about her.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:57 No.4235737
    Where is the writefaggotry?
    You said there would writefaggotry faggets!
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:58 No.4235742

    Dude probably went to bed, check the timestamp.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)19:59 No.4235751

    Agreed, the whole puppy love style crush is suitable for her. Pure, innocent.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)20:02 No.4235774

    I'll take this to /x/, she'll probably have some interesting insights.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)20:03 No.4235777
    what the fuck is wrong with you people?
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)20:05 No.4235802
    I think I might have to drawfag this whole scenario.

    Holy shit you actually saved the picture I posted like a week ago yay =D
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)20:24 No.4235920

    Would it be better if she could talk or better if she couldn't?
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)20:27 No.4235932
    somehow it would seem cuter if she couldn't just outright say what she meant, and had to rely on gestures and pantomime.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)20:33 No.4235979
         File :1239323617.jpg-(22 KB, 500x266, Hikkikomori.jpg)
    22 KB

    Moron, it would detract from the cuteness of the character. Because of her size, her voice would be real high-pitched, and she could easily be portrayed as whiny.

    Besides, haven't you ever seen quiet girls and how cute they are? Defiling that will be much more horrifying than if she was, say, a loud-mouth comic relief or a tomboy.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)20:38 No.4236025
    Ideas are coming in on /x/'s side, they say our idea could be MUCH creepier and asked for a minute.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)20:57 No.4236188
    /x/ has some ideas here.

    First, she believes that the Fairy should have had eggs instead of a live birth, and that the eggs are put inside her mate to be kept warm.

    OPTION ONE - While the PC was asleep the Fairy imbedded the eggs in the back of the throat. Tell the PC that she has a sore throat in the morning but nothing else.
    When they all hatch they will climbout of her throat and burst from her mouth before going berserk.

    OPTION TWO - She imbeds the eggs in the flesh of the PC using her Fairy magics. When the time comes for them to hatch, the PC will fel itchy. The others will watch horrified as her flesh writhes with lumps before they burst forth in a bloody shredding, PC screaming in terror and agony.

    In either of these scenarios the Fairy isn't aware that she is doing wrong, her instincts are taking over. Additionally, the PC shouldn't necessarily die, just be scarred.

    /x/ also said that if the Fairies did talk, give every last one of the hatchlings the PC's voice exactly.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)20:59 No.4236208
    Also, a slight deviation idea:

    Over the course of a few weeks, he (rolls for spot checks, lol he can't even see his own skin) notices small bumps all over his body. They grow larger, and cannot be healed away. One morning/night he wakes up, and notices he is covered in blood from the open sores covering his body. The evil brood that has just emerged from his flesh come swarming out from the shadows {above his head, under his bed, etc}

    Motivation for killing the PC: him attempting to pop them, while still gestating, have become feral without motherly influence, etc.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)21:02 No.4236235
    This is really damn similar to a horror story I read. It was about a tribe of pigmies who impregnated an explorer with several of them, then they grew under his skin. They drove him mad, and made him protect them, and constantly argued with him.

    Shit freaked me out, it's in Borges' (edited) Book of Fantasy. It's pretty much what you're suggesting, but with nasty nasty heart of darkness vibes.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)21:03 No.4236247
    (From /x/)

    The original idea is terrible. The followups are slightly better.

    Here's my suggestion - make the PCs like the original fairy. The original fairy is awesome. It helps the PCs out, it's cute, it even has a narcotic effect with its touch that helps them ignore wounds. Get them to depend upon it. Get them to love the damn thing.

    Then hideously murdered bodies start showing up in the towns the PCs visit. They look like they've exploded, or been forced inside-out. Then they start showing up before the PCs arrive, then whole small villages have been wiped out. It's a plague... of something vile.

    Then have the PCs see the fairy implant in some intelligent humanoid enemy. They thrash around in pain, howling for death, only to burst open as thousands of tiny fluttering wings spew from their bloody corpse.

    The fairy's been spreading her kind. She still likes the PCs, though... and they've become so dependent upon her...
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)21:04 No.4236259
    we see the bold lines of emotion even as they vanish into the horizon
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)21:09 No.4236292
    I would combat this swarm of bloodthirsy faeries with a swarm of honey thirsty BEEES
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)21:09 No.4236294
    I think the better idea is yes, do this, but have the victims aware of a long incubation period, in which they are feverish.

    The faires grow in bunoins under the skin. However, those affected will deny they exist, and will take great measures to remain covered and avoid exposing them. During the night, they might converse with them - high pitched voices, often arguing and cajoling their hosts. They force their hosts to do their bidding by twisting their guts.

    Finally, at the last stage, the host will die, and the faires will depart.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)21:11 No.4236308
    The important element is the host's seeming complicity with the parasites, making it a disturbing reversal of birth.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)21:12 No.4236317
    I love john dies at the end so much.
    >> Anonymous 04/09/09(Thu)21:15 No.4236336


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