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  • File :1240136207.png-(820 KB, 807x843, 1207157667160.png)
    820 KB Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)06:16 No.4324227  
    Hey there, /tg/. It's that time of the week, and we had another session of Planescape Magical Faction Girls. Since some people wanted an update I figured I'd share this session summary too. Sorry about the latness, /tg/ was being a bitch when we finished.

    So, long story short, last time the PCs were faced with a barmy slaad running around Sigil recoloring everything with a magical paintbrush. After splitting him in two by mistake, both new slaad left the city to get a new paintbrush.


    Afterward, Doomguard-tan helped her friends up (and Harmonium-tan (aka Aribeth) out of the pile she was trapped in) and tried repainting them with her brush; she more-or-less fixed them. Revolutionary-tan continued to pick on Harmonium-tan by putting a slug in her boots, and she fled the scene fighting back tears.

    We moved on ahead to the next day, when they were back in class. Their homeroom teacher, Erin Montgomery, did roll call, and found Aribeth was missing. The PCs heard their NPC friend Sami Pythagora, aka Guvner-tan, reveal that she had a note saying Aribeth had left for Arcadia and would be back tomorrow.

    They talked about it for a bit, and Sami asked Bleaker-tan where Aribeth had gone, because Aribeth didn't tell her and she couldn't stand having knowledge hidden from her like that. Bleaker-tan gave a vague response about slaad that only made Sami more confused.

    Eventually, Guvner-tan flipped out, screamed "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!" and ran off to Arcadia to find out for herself. The PCs decided that if she was going, they would too, and talked Miss Montgomery into an impromptu field trip to the Perfect Good of Arcadia.
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 04/19/09(Sun)06:17 No.4324235
    Are you going to tell them about the stuff that happened in the OOC thread? =3c
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)06:21 No.4324269
         File :1240136479.jpg-(281 KB, 1036x700, 1239427290936.jpg)
    281 KB

    They made their way to Buxenus and started investigating. Since they had no idea where anything was, they investigated at random. Bleaker-tan climbed a tree and saw a road, and Doomguard-tan also tried to climb the tree in her heavy bulky armour. She bent the tree to the ground instead and launched Bleaker-tan like a catapult when she lost her grip. Good news was, they reached the road.

    After wandering for a bit, they decided to pester Guvner-tan until she used her knowledge to find a shortcut, and Guvner-tan pulled out her magical filing cabinet(inside a backpack of holding shaped like a bird) and rummaged until she found some pass keys that would get them down the road faster. Bleaker-tan investigated the cabinet and found files on all the PCs and the other -tans, though she decided not to tell the others when she found Guvner-tan had somehow found their measurements and medical details.

    Eventually, they reached the Harmonium training camp that was their destination.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)06:28 No.4324328
         File :1240136882.png-(748 KB, 697x930, harmoniumcamp.png)
    748 KB

    Their first major problem was that Harmonium training camps are Harmonium-only. The guards told them to pike off, but Bleaker-tan sweet-talked them into going to see the camp's leader, Mover Two Valrin Mithir.

    Revolutionary-tan noticed that the guards had not thought things through and all left. Disguising herself as a Harmonium member with magic, she slipped in after them and followed; the neat and orderly surroundings and the chaotic creatures being pushed around or put in chains by priests and wardens worried her.

    She followed them to Mover Two's office and listened outside while the man himself ripped the guards a new one for all leaving their posts to bother him, eventually deciding that he would tell them to pike it himself and "if any of them so much as set foot in this place I'll kick you out of here so hard they'll think your ass is a portal key".

    The other -tans were greeted outside by Mover Two, who turned out to be a short and dumpy bald man who looked a bit like a slaad and was surprisingly charming, considering Revolutionary-tan had heard him cussing his head off in his office. He let slip that before Harmonium-tan another -tan had paid him a visit, though they weren't sure who, and mentioned that Harmonium-tan had taken her investigation to Xaos believing the slaad was there. He offered a path key (an entire page from the Book of the Harmonium) which would take them to the nearest portal off the plane, and decided to leave peacefully.

    Unfortunately for him, Revolutionary-tan had other ideas.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)06:39 No.4324412
         File :1240137544.jpg-(279 KB, 622x880, 1161456884257.jpg)
    279 KB

    Inside, Revolutionary-tan had disguised herself as the Mover Two and found the inmates' cells. With some trickery, she obtained the keys and locked a warden inside an empty cell before letting everyone else out. A few Anarchists were among them, and they offered their services getting out of here if everyone currently in the hands of the guards being "re-educated" was released as well in one big push.

    The first word the other PCs got about this was when they had already left. They heard alarms behind them, inmates escaped past them and Revolutionary-tan was given a lift to the others on the back of an Indep bariaur. They wisely decided not to ask what happened.

    Unfortunately, they were forced to confront it later when a magical girl maid - Arcadia-tan - landed in front of them and demanded to know why they were causing disorder on her plane.

    We left the session there on a cliffhanger.
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 04/19/09(Sun)06:39 No.4324416
    emme just supply it here. So, whilke on our way to a Harmonium camp on Arcadia, Guvner-tan brings out her File Cabinet of Holding and starts paging through it for directions.

    Oresta(Bleaker-tan) couldn't resist looking up herself and her friends...

    <BigSisPain-chan> >> There are pictures, and meticulously-recorded information Sami has discovered about them. Nothing really incriminating or stalker-ish, at least when looked at in the context of the obsessive but well-meaning Guvner-tan.
    * Oresta_Typhon boggles a bit at some of the things in Kunin's file, but quickly replaces the folders.
    <BigSisPain-chan> >> Somehow, Sami has found your measurements. Best not to ask.

    Which read to the following in the OOC channel:

    (Bleaker-tan)<Oresta> Cup sizes have no meaning.
    (Bleaker-tan)<Oresta> You must look for meaning in your own boobs.
    (Doomguard-tan)<Neitz> All breasts sag eventually. It's entropy, see?
    (Revolutionary League-tan)<Kunin> BURN YOUR BRAS!

    (Guvner-tan)<Sami> If I record everyone's cup sizes, I'll be one step closer to multiversal knowledge.
    <Athar-tan> It's just clothes, guys.

    (Harmonium-tan)<Aribeth> Simple white cotton is the way to go. Don't make me change you.

    <Cipher-tan> Don't think, just bounce.
    <Godsman-tan> Everyone can have DDs if they just try hard enough!

    <Sensate-tan> I wonder what your breasts feel like...

    <Xaos-tan> Kekekekekekek! <Guvner-tan> ...Why are your breasts different sizes? One of them's a D, the other's an A and not even your SKIN COLOUR. <Xaos-tan> FOR DA HORDE! LOLOLOL spork.

    <Signer-tan> My breasts are as big as I think they are.

    <Dustmen-tan> Everyone is already flat. Only in our passing will we develop true breasts.

    <Indep-tan> Eh, I'll wear a bra if I feel like it.

    And yes, I do feel bad about it.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)06:41 No.4324425
    short ses, but the boob thing was great
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)06:42 No.4324431
    In this thread, the gayest guys you will ever know.
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 04/19/09(Sun)06:44 No.4324437

    Probably, but we're having fun. :3
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)06:44 No.4324438
         File :1240137859.jpg-(23 KB, 400x320, hard-gay-motivational.jpg)
    23 KB

    I've seen worse.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)06:49 No.4324472
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)06:51 No.4324479
    Actually I identify as translesbian.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)06:52 No.4324486
    See what you made me do...

    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)06:53 No.4324495

    And I'm an eskimo.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)06:56 No.4324510
    Better gay than virgin. ^^
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 04/19/09(Sun)07:11 No.4324585

    Here's a log of the session, if anyone wants, though it lacks REVOLUTIONARY GIRL KUNIN's amazing infiltration trip.

    <Indep-tan> Hey guys, check this out.
    <Athar-tan> Actually-- *wang* OW
    <Indep-tan> Oooh, I forgot, I put a grate in the chimney.
    <Athar-tan> Can someone get me out of here?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)07:32 No.4324674

    <Athar-tan> Oh my god, guys.
    <Athar-tan> I just took the biggest dump.

    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)07:41 No.4324706
    Call GEORGE ZIMMER for a chimney flush. ^^
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)07:51 No.4324747
    ><Xaos-tan> FOR DA HORDE! LOLOLOL spork.

    Good god. If I saw her coming my way I'd run like hell.
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 04/19/09(Sun)07:55 No.4324760

    Yeah, that's pretty much what anyone with Int>1 does. Well, that and anyone who isn't as stupidly nice as Oresta.
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 04/19/09(Sun)08:35 No.4324917
    PS: Now soliciting suggestions for how we convince Arcadia-tan not to squash us. D:
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)09:05 No.4325049

    Offer Revolutionary-tan as a sacrifice.
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 04/19/09(Sun)09:06 No.4325052

    I'm sorry, but there's no way Oresta would do that. She cares about her friends!
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)09:17 No.4325102

    Bargain with her? What would an Arcadian want?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)09:21 No.4325125

    If only it was Abyss-tan or something she could probably be bribed with panty shots.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)09:25 No.4325141

    The concept of an Abyss-tan scares me.

    What the fuck would she look like?
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)09:27 No.4325151

    I'm thinking... spiky, spined and chitinous armour, with tentacles peeking out of some of the crevices. Messy, asymmetrical, unwashed and probably with a libido that goes RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)09:42 No.4325229
         File :1240148549.jpg-(318 KB, 1600x1200, 1211850968539.jpg)
    318 KB

    OP here, back for a bit.

    I'd prefer "clean" characters, if you know what I mean - we're screwing around, but I don't want to be creepy. On the other hand, this is still a pretty good concept!

    I haven't really planned any of the -tans for the outer planes except Arcadia-tan, who I mostly imagined (appearance-wise anyway) as 2000-tan in a maid outfit. I've been trying to come up with ideas and NPCs as needed, in case someone comes along and wants to play -tans using their own ideas.

    I'm open to suggestions like these, though!
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)09:48 No.4325263

    "I'm trying to keep it clean!" Stated the OP, but no one was listening to him. Instead their attention was drawn to the picture he had dragged in with him, of a voluptuous girl in an almost non-existent bikini.

    Limbo-tan shapeshifts whenever she hiccups, and she hiccups a lot. Mechanus-tan is a golem-girl, still pretty much a girl, just made out of brass and gears.

    Baator-tan is Fated-tan's friend, she's basically a lawyer-girl. Wears a suit, neat hair, smells faintly of sulfur(and uses absurd amounts of deodorant and perfume to try and cover it up, but it never quite works) and always has a notepad ready. Offers to represent anyone for any perceived slight, even if it's just someone bumping into them. Guvner-tan looks up to her whenever she's around.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)09:52 No.4325285

    Pandemonium-tan is short, dirty, long-haired and mostly deaf. She wields a knife and tries to sneak up on the party to get her stab on, but always ends up getting run over by a cart because she can't hear people yelling at her to watch out.

    Oresta never catches on that she's actually out to get them and patches her up after every encounter. =3
    >> Anonymous 04/19/09(Sun)09:55 No.4325294
    >"I'm trying to keep it clean!" Stated the OP, but no one was listening to him. Instead their attention was drawn to the picture he had dragged in with him, of a voluptuous girl in an almost non-existent bikini.

    There's a difference between a D&D game and an image on /tg/. :3

    Plus it was the only 2k-tan I could find on short notice.

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