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  • File :1241685528.jpg-(68 KB, 400x557, coverOrlandoEnglish.jpg)
    68 KB Ludovico Ariosto is a talentless feminist hack Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)04:38 No.4489267  
    Orlando Furioso is a lot of overly politically correct feminist garbage written solely because this dago prick Ariosto wants to be the next Joss Whedon and write a metric shit-ton of ninja girls and girl brawlers and girl bruisers, despite the indisputable historical fact that women from the era he's writing about could not be warriors.

    Take that Queen Marfisa of India bitch. After supposedly kicking the asses of practically fucking EVERYONE in the Middle East, she converts to Islam. But, get this, in the story, becoming a Muslim doesn't mean that as a woman she has to be accompanied by a man at all times and give up her title as queen and find a man to protect her--this is TWO layers of overt political correctness, showing us this amazon warrior bitch AND trying to convince us that the backwards religion of our Muslim foes doesn't reduce all women to slavery. Trying to masculize women AND trying to humanize the Muslims all in one go. God damn, a token Muslim good guy like Sayyid on Lost is okay, but giving us this nonstop cavalcade of Righteous Heathens is a pathetic act of political correctness gone mad.

    But anyway, back to Marfisa. When she SHOULD be in a kitchen somewhere making a sandwich for a man, she instead tries to sail across the Mediterrenean to get to France because she wants to personally beat the crap out of every single knight in Europe. This is just terrible stuff here. Women are known scientifically to be less interested in violent competition than men are, this is not a valid motive for a female protagonist to have, ESPECIALLY a Muslim female.

    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)04:40 No.4489277
    Her boat crashes on the Land of the Amazons (of fucking course; not finding a matriarch who beats the shit out of everyone she meets sufficient, Ariosto wants us to buy a full-fledged institutionalized MATRIARCHY where women beat the shit out of everyone and men can only wield weapons if they beat the amazons in combat, as though male superiority in military matters were a matter of culture rather than nature! ...and of COURSE the idiot implies that very very few of the men are capable of defeating their female oppressors in this martial challenge, despite the woman's naturally inferior physical strength!)

    The crew and the warriors and everyone who got shipwrecked will get killed or enslaved by the Amazons if they can't get themselves a champion who can beat some of their low-tier male warriors who earned the right to bear arms by beating a few amazons. Naturally, they all turn to Marfisa, this WOMAN, to save them. Jesus, could the agenda be any more obvious? And of course, she WINS, against men who earned their weapons fighting the AMAZONS, so it's not like they were completely unfamiliar with the concept of hitting girls. So, having won, she becomes Queen of the Amazons. This is sickening tripe obviously intended solely as wish fulfillment marketed to self-important teenage girls. Queen of the Amazons--more like Queen of the Mary Sues, am I right?

    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)04:40 No.4489279
    Later on, she gets to France, having apparently stuck with the idea that she should be beating up every white Christian male who dares to cross her path instead of being happy with the whole Queen of the Amazons deal. Some shit happens, she gets in some fights against large numbers of large burly dudes (and wins, of course), and meets some male knights she helps out. Those knights in turn meet a few other, larger, burlier male knights, and the larger male knights beat them up easily, causing Marfisa to rescue the helpless worthless males and save the day. Yawn. Look, I GET it that maybe once upon a time women had to endure being nothing but the damsel in distress, but reversing the situation ALL THE TIME is not only grating but breaks suspension of disbelief because not only would no woman be ABLE to beat that many strong well-trained medieval killing machines, a woman's natural complacency and lack of violent drives would mean they generally wouldn't even WANT to.

    So some of the knights she was ABOUT to beat up turn out to be going to Paris to sack the place in the name of Islam, making them the first Muslims who were jerks that I can remember encountering in the whole fucking story. LOL BROWN PEOPLE ARE NOBLE AND PURE is just stupid, I mean LOOK at the Middle East for fuck's sake. WHY should we have to humanize our enemies? WHY is it regarded by these PC artfags as being so vitally important to respect them and value their lives so much when they obviously do not reciprocate?

    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)04:41 No.4489282
    feminists suck and are the reason girls don't wear cute dresses anymore
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)04:41 No.4489283
         File :1241685703.jpg-(366 KB, 957x1210, Orlando_Furioso_6.jpg)
    366 KB
    Marfisa, of course, being the Mary Sue--oh, I'm sorry, I meant Muslim warrior--that she is, goes "Hells yeah I'll help you sack the place, I'm only here to pick a fight with Roland since I heard he was the best knight in the world." So she rides off to help take Paris.

    A lot of shit happens that I don't quite remember with her character after that point. It turns out the man she fell in love with was her long-lost brother, so she immediately falls out of love with him because Ariosto probably just didn't want to make people think he was going to turn her into Circe Lannister, and she's far to PERFECT to want a little incest; like all women in this story, her motives are always pure and good and honorable.

    She eventually converts to Christianity, joining the white male Christian knights of Charlemagne as a full equal and shit, because she found out her dad was a Christfag--I think this is the author's way of trying to make the story less sickeningly politically correct, while at the same time giving us the standard "THEY ARE NOT SO DIFFERENT FROM US LOOK THEY CAN BE MORE LIKE US" message that lies at the heart of all political correctness.

    All in all, do not invest your time or effort in this horrible nonstop politically correct propaganda. I would have hoped that the feminist agenda and liberal PC garbage about respecting other cultures like Islam would not have mattered so much in a work from 1516, but dammit it looks like there's nothing that the feminazis don't already control.

    And don't get me started on Bradamante.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)04:41 No.4489284
    tl;dr misogynist bitchfest
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)04:49 No.4489307
    In conclusion, medieval Europe was far too feminist and politically correct.

    Thank God for the American Republican Party.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)04:58 No.4489327
         File :1241686704.gif-(29 KB, 239x363, Blood_Angel_Dreadnought_Furios(...).gif)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:02 No.4489335
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:06 No.4489348
         File :1241687197.gif-(119 KB, 432x412, ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff(...).gif)
    119 KB
    Forgot your pic.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:09 No.4489356
    OP you are trying too hard.

    Rather than trolling us, why not attempt to start a nice conversation about historic realism vs 'cinematic' action, and whether or not Orlando Furioso is successful in balancing the two.

    It still sounds like shit, with a Mary Sue character. I'm not buying into your 'scientific' explanations and flaming hatred of Islam though, in India at least efforts to liberalise it have been in place since the 19th Century. But yes you're totally right that at this period in India she should have been veiled up and separated in a different part of the house. It is bullshit.
    >> Lil piece o┬┤fluff 05/07/09(Thu)05:10 No.4489359
         File :1241687405.png-(452 KB, 500x768, Saber book.png)
    452 KB
    I, for one, welcome our feminist writer overlords.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:10 No.4489361

    >a nice conversation

    I don't know what that is.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 05/07/09(Thu)05:12 No.4489368
         File :1241687555.jpg-(19 KB, 320x335, ThisIsAwesome.jpg)
    19 KB
    OP, take this internet. You deserve it.

    Very, very well played.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:13 No.4489374
    Too subtle and educated for /tg/, OP.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:16 No.4489383
    ITT a litfag with a sense of humor and the uneducated man-children who don't get it and embarass themselves by posting anyway.

    I lol'd.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:19 No.4489396
    That begets the question:

    Why are you reading this shit?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:21 No.4489404
    >the standard "THEY ARE NOT SO DIFFERENT FROM US LOOK THEY CAN BE MORE LIKE US" message that lies at the heart of all political correctness.

    I smiled slightly at the truth behind this statement
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:24 No.4489417
    >historical epic, an old classic of Western literature
    >why are you reading this shit?
    You're right, he should read something good, like novels about WALLHAMMUH FAULTY KAY.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:31 No.4489448
    >In conclusion, medieval Europe was far too feminist and politically correct.

    >Thank God for the American Republican Party.

    You win the thread, sir.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:38 No.4489464

    My Blood Angels dread was called Orlando when I was a teenager, after Orlando Furioso.

    I think I'm going to be called gay now for many reasons.
    >> camera-shy !BHBCLy.LeU 05/07/09(Thu)05:39 No.4489466
    To the Moon Orlando!!!!
    the moon!!!
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:41 No.4489475
    Sounds less like the author is a talentless feminist hack and more like the author is a talentless submissive hack. Certainly sounds like shitty literature, but the description of this Queen Marfisa seems more like a Mary Sue (in the sense of an ideal mate, which just so happens to be dominant and aggressive).
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:42 No.4489477
    how do you faggots keep missing the point
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:44 No.4489483
    It's possible they're just trying to further the trolling along.
    That's what I choose to believe, anyways.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 05/07/09(Thu)05:47 No.4489496
    OP is a brilliant satire.

    The rest of them are just making themselves look bad.

    But seriously, archive this shit. History major, or just for kicks?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:50 No.4489502
    so. angry. at. books.

    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:52 No.4489508
         File :1241689941.jpg-(87 KB, 640x640, 1238959766076.jpg)
    87 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:53 No.4489509
    Props, OP. Mad props.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:55 No.4489515

    I'm a germanfag. Orlando Furioso's not something well-known around here. Pardon my ignorance in this matter.

    Anyway. Seems like the book's a parody. I'm reading it a bit and in stanza 22 two knights are already all: "Bros before hoes, dude. Nobody wins if the pussy gets away."

    To the Moon! Reclaim Rolands mind from its bottle!
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:56 No.4489521
    OP, you misspelled "dego."
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:56 No.4489522
    The major themes of western works remain pretty consistent. Bros Before Hoes is one of those major themes.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:57 No.4489524
         File :1241690247.jpg-(101 KB, 640x352, 1239918407330.jpg)
    101 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)05:59 No.4489528
    You can tell the underageB& fags and the retards apart from the intelligen/tg/entlemen by seeing whether they go HURR SHIT SIX or realize this for the epic win it is.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:03 No.4489543


    There are probably a few unintentional inaccuracies in the posts, btw, since it's been a while since I read it. And the intentional inaccuracies certainly won't help if actual history majors start going over it with a fine comb.


    Yeah, sometimes it seems like pretty much all the most enduring epics about knights are at least a little satirical.
    More people know about Don Quixote than about any of the works it makes fun of and all that.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:03 No.4489544
    /tg/ - Sexism
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:05 No.4489552
    Wait I'm studying literature and I've never heard of this at all? English literature mind, but covering European stuff like the Greek epics, Dante, and the origin of sonnets is pretty much standard.

    Can someone enlighten me?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:05 No.4489554
    /tg/ - stupid faggots who don't understand satire.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:06 No.4489555

    If that's what you like, you should honestly get somebody to translate all the obscure 19th century military pulp fiction. Shit's full of bros (and horses and honour) before hoes.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:07 No.4489558
    I don't really like it that much or anything.
    It's just a pretty big theme in Western lit.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:07 No.4489560
    Never even heard of the book before this thread.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:09 No.4489571
    Greatest troll in months. 10/10 good sir.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:11 No.4489578

    Any suggested reading?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:11 No.4489581

    It's a Renaissance addition to the Matter of France, which was the legendarium surrounding Charlemagne and his Paladins that spread around pretty much all of Europe.
    Even the Vikings made their own version of the Matter of France in the 1200's in the form of the Karlamagnus Saga.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:13 No.4489589
    Learn to tell trolling apart from quality original content.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:14 No.4489597

    Not on top of my head, sadly. I've mostly read about them in secondary literature I don't have available right now.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:17 No.4489611
    Oh well that explains it then.

    I should have taken more modules in medieval and Renaissance literature, haven't covered much besides Chaucher, anonymous early authors, then skip ahead to Sidney, Spencer, Milton, Shakespeare. But most of that was last year, I've been a mostly 19th Century literature reader for my whole degree.

    Plus I think most European degrees naturally lean towards the works of their country of origin. I severely doubt that any French university covers Shakespeare.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 05/07/09(Thu)06:19 No.4489615
    Carlis li Reis, nostre emprere magne,
    Set anz tuz pleins ad estet en Espagne;
    Cunquist la mer, et prend la tere altagne--
    Kastel ni ad ki devant lui remaigne,
    Murs ne citest n'i est remes a freindre,
    Fors Sarraguce, ki est en une muntaigne.
    Li reis Marsile le tient, ki Dieu nen aimet--
    Mahumet sert, et Apollin recleimet.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:24 No.4489644
    OP, many times in your posts you say that women aren't as violent as men.

    Well let me tell you something. When me and my brother were growing up we never laid a hand on one another past age 8. Our father never hit us either.

    Our mother however slaps us and our father every time she's angry with us. She also destroys things whenever she's angry.

    I also have a niece and a nephew. Which one constantly beats on the other? My niece. The little bitch has even kicked me in the nuts before. And my brother's wive isn't very placid either, but at least she doesn't hit me.

    Women are FAR more violent then men. The only reason that men have a reputation for being more violent is because some men beat the shit out of people to feel manly, and women are only more then happy to back up that reputation for their own selfish reasons.

    Stop backing up bullshit gender stereotypes.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:28 No.4489663
    >women are far more violent than men
    >my limited personal experience reflects universal, inherent tendencies!
    God, shut the fuck up. Why can't faggots on /tg/ understand that their experience isn't universal truth (or that their personal preference isn't objective fact)?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:30 No.4489672
    >stop backing up bullshit gender stereotypes! Use MY bullshit gender stereotypes, instead!
    Not a very cool story, bro
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:31 No.4489677
    Annnnnd cue gender shitstorm, because some morons have to make retarded useless sweeping generalizations.

    Surprised it took this long, but fuck all you shitcocks anyway.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:35 No.4489694

    I'm not basing this off of personal experience alone, statistics agree with me.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:35 No.4489695

    This tastes like cold copypasta.
    But not just ANY cold copypasta, no, that wouldn't be enough for you.
    You decided to chew on a bite of the copypasta and use it to tickle your uvula until the taste of pre-vomit coated your mouth, but rather than puking in earnest all over it you just opened your mouth and let a trickle of bile drain onto the copypasta, leaving us with a post that is at once stale, not entirely thread-appropriate, and bitter as fuck.
    You have just made the internet a little bit worse for being on it.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:38 No.4489704
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:38 No.4489706
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:40 No.4489715
    Oh lawdy! Is dat sum Old French?!

    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:41 No.4489719
    Im all for white christian males getting beaten up.
    They arnt tough as proven by OP getting his knickers in a twist over a story.

    Women generally (GENERALLY) arnt mighty warriors ill agree but there are lots and lots of female leaders of nations who were very war like.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:42 No.4489722


    What now bitch?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:44 No.4489727
    this post is now required reading before posting itt
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:44 No.4489728
    What the study says:
    "Girls in middle and elementary schools involved in violent incidents may be more likely than boys of the same age to be retaliating for a previous event, to experience the violence at home, and to have a family member intervene."


    Holy fucking shit, could you stop being a fag for one fucking second and LEARN HOW TO FUCKING SCIENCE?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:46 No.4489738
    Dont people need to be familiar with what is being satirized in order to get it?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:46 No.4489740
    I'd say that would be >>4489383, really.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 05/07/09(Thu)06:47 No.4489742
    >What the study says:
    "Girls in middle and elementary schools involved in violent incidents may be more likely than boys of the same age to be retaliating for a previous event, to experience the violence at home, and to have a family member intervene."

    This makes me sad. Why do you have to make me sad by doing things like this, /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:48 No.4489743
    Can't we just forget about Marfisa & talk about Bradamante instead?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:49 No.4489748
    Dont people need to be familiar with what is being satirized in order to get it?.
    >> Boston Tentacle Party !!sS2TVHm9A4b 05/07/09(Thu)06:49 No.4489749
    Not just misogynist; he manages to bring up current events, imply a pro-war stance, display a poor understanding of Islam, and frequently use /tg/ buzzwords like "Mary Sue," as well.

    9/10. He worked hard for this troll.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:49 No.4489750
    No. She's hotter.

    Also Bradamante is a fag name.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:50 No.4489756
    Orlando Furioso ("The Frenzy of Orlando", more literally "Mad Orlando"; in Italian furioso is seldom capitalized) is an Italian romantic epic by Ludovico Ariosto which has exerted a wide influence on later culture. The earliest version appeared in 1516, although the poem was not published in its complete form until 1532. Orlando Furioso is a continuation of Matteo Maria Boiardo's unfinished romance Orlando Innamorato ("Orlando in Love", published posthumously in 1495). The action takes place against the background of the war between Charlemagne and his Christian paladins, and the Saracen army which is attempting to invade Europe. However, Ariosto has little concern for historical or geographical accuracy, and the poem wanders at will from Japan to the Hebrides, as well as including many fantastical and magical elements, such as a trip to the moon and an array of fantastical creatures including a gigantic sea monster called the orc and the hippogriff. Many themes are interwoven in its complicated, episodic structure, but the most important plot is the paladin Orlando's unrequited love for the pagan princess Angelica, which develops into the madness of the title. After this comes the love between the female Christian warrior Bradamante and the pagan Ruggiero, who are supposed to be the ancestors of Ariosto's patrons, the d'Este family of Ferrara. [1]

    The poem is divided into forty-six cantos, each containing a variable number of eight-line stanzas in ottava rima (a rhyme scheme of abababcc). Ottava rima had been used in previous Italian romantic epics, including Luigi Pulci's Morgante and Boiardo's Orlando Innamorato. Ariosto's work is 38,736 lines long in total, making it one of the longest poems in European literature.[2]
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:50 No.4489757
    No. OP tells you what it's about.
    Also they can google it.

    Please see these posts:

    Then kill yourself.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:51 No.4489758
    what the hell is this fucking moonspeak?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:51 No.4489761

    Wouldn't people who aren't familiar with a particular work of literature not care about what some internet prick says about it?

    For all they know, Orlando Furioso could involve obvious authorial self-insertion characters going on thirty page rants about how the sword is good, the penis is evil, and the world must be purged of the filth of the masculine.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:52 No.4489762
    Seems like OP is posting some obscure shit.
    You win is you are trying to be elite (and fail) and fail if you want people to actually get the joke.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:53 No.4489764
    Because people have responded to your post and they are divided by it, one must assume yo is troll'n.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 05/07/09(Thu)06:54 No.4489767
         File :1241693667.jpg-(76 KB, 500x473, HurrDeer.jpg)
    76 KB
    Jesus freaking christ let me spell it out for you.

    The OP TELLS you what the work is about, he gives you the freaking plot summary. The satire is in his reaction TO the plot. No prior familiarity with Orlando Furioso is required to enjoy his post, although it does help to enjoy it more fully (as then you are geting the humor of his "summary" as well).
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:55 No.4489770
    >obscure shit
    Dude, I bet you'd think Beowulf was obscure if Neil Gaiman hadn't made a 3D IMAX movie out of it a while ago.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:57 No.4489779
    PROTIP: anything he hasn't heard of is "obscure shit". That way he can avoid feeling bad about being very poorly read.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)06:58 No.4489784
    Op is reading Italian poetry. OP is gay.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:00 No.4489792

    Dulce et decorous est, pro patria mori.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 05/07/09(Thu)07:01 No.4489798
    >Reading Italian poetry makes you gay
    I guess Universities are making people by assigning Dante, then.

    >Latin, Italian, same thing
    Veni, vidi, facepalm.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 05/07/09(Thu)07:02 No.4489800
    ...also it's "dulce et decorum".
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:02 No.4489806
         File :1241694176.jpg-(210 KB, 450x620, 9136.jpg)
    210 KB
    archive this win.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:04 No.4489809
    Ugh. This thread needs to be purged.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:05 No.4489813

    Well, it's also "Universities are making people gay by" instead of "Universities are making people by" but not everyone feels the need to point these minor slip ups out with something that obviously isn't the other person's first language.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:05 No.4489816
         File :1241694333.jpg-(12 KB, 240x240, cccd1363ada067a6c94be010.L._AA(...).jpg)
    12 KB
    Pic Related.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:08 No.4489820
    I dont go to an american university so i study subjects related to my degree rather than literature. Sorry amerifags.
    >> LogicNinja !AZlS3./ex. 05/07/09(Thu)07:09 No.4489822


    What about bisexuals? Edna St. Vincent Millay was an amazing poet.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:09 No.4489827
    Protip: a 4'8" vietnamese chixzor with an AK47 can fuck the shit up out of a US infantry or Marine infantry company by exposing a flank and causing them to drop USD1 000 000 is 1968 dollars on mud and one cheap arse whore cunt.

    Chix: disposable flanking elements.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:10 No.4489828
    Clearly you are a better person for it.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:12 No.4489832
    ITT some people have educated conversations that go over the average neckbeard's head.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:13 No.4489835
    ITT some geeks are also nerds while other geeks are only geeks.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:14 No.4489836
    Well ill be a better microbiologist. Thats for certain.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:15 No.4489840
    Women are certainly more evil than men. If they appear less violent, it's because they are too physically weak to succeed at it all that much.

    I think it would be good to include a rule that says female characters cannot be lawful good, in addition to the -4 STR.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:16 No.4489841
    Literature is an arts subject.
    Arts is for failures and party boys. girls are generally looking for a retarded husband with rich parents if they do arts.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:18 No.4489844

    Perhaps the same could be said of all /tg/ discussion topics.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:25 No.4489857

    /tg/ discussion topics are for failures and party boys. girls are generally looking for a retarded husband with rich parents if they post on /tg/ discussion topics.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)07:34 No.4489879
    OP, that was wonderful. I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't even realize that your posts were satire until halfway through the thread, they were so subtle and in character! I need to read more epic poetry; there is clearly quite a bit that I have been missing out on!
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)08:04 No.4489987

    Bradamante is a total ripoff of Brienne from ASoIaF, but PRETTY!!!
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)14:00 No.4491742

    Heroic epics are a traditional gaming subject.
    Traditional gaming is for failures and failures. Girls are generally not even looking for a retarded husband with rich parents if they do traditional gaming.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)15:06 No.4492187
    ... The fact that I stumble across this while writing a paper on the very same topic makes me think OP is in the same class as me, and is having a very similar reaction to the prompts we've been given. Woo.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)18:52 No.4494132

    Huh. Pray tell, what are these prompts?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/09(Thu)19:00 No.4494183
    Sage for:
    wall of text
    no traditional gaming relevance
    full of smug litfag responses

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