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  • File :1243844323.jpg-(70 KB, 640x480, talespin.jpg)
    70 KB Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:18 No.4730204  
    Not a furry. Seriously. I hate furries fucking to death. I watched tailspin as a kid though. That was awesome shit. So if you could be turned into a bipedal version of an animal where everyone was one in the world of tailspin what would you be? You have to have characteristics of the animal personality wise.
    Which is a world of bad ass air pirates, Navy's, dog fights, business espionage, monopolies and private militaries... Man i wish there was a tailspin table top game. I even vaguely remember an episode where the pirates were hired to cause an oil shortage. Also Nostalgia
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:19 No.4730216

    >I'm a closet furry.
    >> The Laziest Troll 06/01/09(Mon)04:21 No.4730231
    Tale spin is now your next campaign setting. GO!
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:24 No.4730258
         File :1243844660.jpg-(17 KB, 285x276, porco.jpg)
    17 KB

    I see your Tailspin and raise you Porco Rosso
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:24 No.4730264
    only if it's made un-furry.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:25 No.4730266
         File :1243844707.jpg-(90 KB, 455x453, 1237668716843.jpg)
    90 KB
    I wanted to be the plane
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:25 No.4730267
    A too old for this shit Irish badger. I would concentrate on melee and engine repairs. I think they should have a natural constitution bonus?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:25 No.4730268
    TailSpin was epic, but there is no way I'm going furry for you, man
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:25 No.4730272
         File :1243844753.jpg-(23 KB, 320x240, tbraz57wx.jpg)
    23 KB
    A Kat

    Also, in during Nostalgia bomb
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:26 No.4730285
    ...You want to walk around as an anthropomorphic animal. That makes you more of a furry than the people who just fap to the porn.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:28 No.4730297
         File :1243844883.jpg-(147 KB, 433x640, scoobysnacks.jpg)
    147 KB
    What about for. . .a scooby snack?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:28 No.4730299
    >...You want to walk around as an anthropomorphic animal.
    Which isn't inherently furry in of itself.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:28 No.4730300
    It's not furry unless you sexualise it. Make your character a mary sue and have one other major fetish tied in.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:28 No.4730301
    Easy system to run a TaleSpin campaign: Spirit of the Century.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:28 No.4730305
    why do all the cool old tv shows have to turn people into furries
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:29 No.4730310
    Being a furry is alright as long as you're not a furfag.

    You see the Furoticon thing? Most furries hate shit like that; it makes them look bad. FURFAGS, now, furfags eat that shit up like it's filet mignon (and said comparison IS an insult to filet mignon.)

    Now, that said, long as there's no sex involved besides the usual fade-to-black "I-seduce-the-barmaid" you get in every game, you get some awesome stuff.

    Iron Vulture? Fuck yeah, giant fuckoff huge airship piloted by a guy who WOULD have won at least once if it wasn't a Disney show-plus a dude surfing around on a glider. Affable old dude who's seen better years, but can still fly a plane like nobody's buisness-and coaxes fighter plane stuff out of a cargo plane-and carries on a slow romance with the old lady who owns his cargo company.
    Even has a quirky, likeable mechanic who, despite apparently having the Int of a brick and the Dex of a sloth, manages to keep the old guy's plane in top shape.
    Shave all the fur off, and /tg/ would be talking about TaleSpin all the time.

    But because OH NO FURRIES word one doesn't come up about it.

    Now, personally, if I were going to run a game of TaleSpin I'd run it in-

    -Spirit of the Century
    -Savage Worlds
    -Risus (if your players can be trusted and you're a good GM.)

    d20 would work, of course, but /tg/ loves to hate d20, so eh.

    I'm here to talk TaleSpin all evening-if anyone brings up sex, ignore 'em; we'll Get Shit Done without their interference.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:29 No.4730316
    >ITT: We subtly remind /tg/ that they were all once furries
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:30 No.4730325
    I have no idea, OP. If I thought about this too deeply, considering that I am into furry porn, I would be dangerously close to creating a fursona. I have thought about this before though when thinking up some concepts for a campaign set in the "Dark World" of "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past". I don't know how to describe myself though... what am I, or what do I want to be? The only way to get a proper answer would be to ask a casual friend what I am like and go from there.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:32 No.4730341
         File :1243845133.jpg-(28 KB, 200x267, SMP_4600_RacesCultures_small.jpg)
    28 KB
    This book has all the races you need for a TaleSpin campaign.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:32 No.4730343
    The once and future furry?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:33 No.4730347
    I want to be a weasel. So i can be a weasel. Just torn between the idea of a charisma bonus or a charisma penalty. Maybe high wisdom. Thinking about it sounds more like an npc character
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:33 No.4730354
    >i wish there was a tailspin table top game.
    in b4 jade claw
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:33 No.4730355
    please tell me this is not a real album cover. Holy Christ
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:35 No.4730368
    TaleSpin is shitty Western art, come back when you've seen some authentically Japanese animes, you gaijin baka.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:35 No.4730370
         File :1243845345.jpg-(24 KB, 500x338, FrilledLizard.jpg)
    24 KB
    i'm confident enough in my autogynophilia/ /tg/ fetish to not be afraid of being called furry

    a frilled lizard, either chilling and relaxed or jittery as all get out. bonuses up the wazoo to bluff.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:36 No.4730375
    ...I don't know, mang. It looks like a shitty shoop, but a LOT of cheap rap covers ARE shitty shoops.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:36 No.4730380
    You amuse me.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:37 No.4730389
         File :1243845433.jpg-(62 KB, 555x750, Ironclaw_cover.jpg)
    62 KB
    pic related

    probably means that there sound not be a bonus or penalty.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:37 No.4730393
    A bear, so no one would know what the hell I was.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:38 No.4730400

    Of course it wasn't a shoop, those bears are the real deal, mang.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:40 No.4730409
         File :1243845618.jpg-(32 KB, 200x169, lorraine.jpg)
    32 KB
    >The only way to get a proper answer would be to ask a casual friend what I am like and go from there.

    I phoned a friend and he said I am smart and quiet, that I'm lethargic and that I don't take care of myself. I have a short temper, a big imagination, and a black and white view on things (morality I presume).

    I don't know what kind of animal that is.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:41 No.4730419
    I'd probably end up playing a Tamarin or some other small monkey-either as a living Buzz Droid or mechanic who actually gets right in the engine compartment and fixes shit.

    Maybe both.

    With a jetpack.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:41 No.4730424
         File :1243845695.jpg-(4 KB, 215x158, mang.jpg)
    4 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:41 No.4730425

    It's a panda, obviously.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:41 No.4730427
    ...I dunno, a particularly complex sloth?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:42 No.4730432
    You sound like a grumpy possum who is upper middle management is Shere Khans Business empire
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:43 No.4730435
    i'm getting panda

    or maybe an alligator
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:43 No.4730437
    I still want to hear that story about that human character in an Iron Claw game who got raped by a fox woman.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:43 No.4730441
    This night I have come dangerously close to crossing the line.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:44 No.4730446
         File :1243845878.jpg-(154 KB, 600x496, goanna2.jpg)
    154 KB
    Goanna/Monitor Lizard. Throw in a mild drinking problem, thick spectacles, a deathwish, love of sporting violence and a disrepect for technology.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:44 No.4730448
    I thought only asians could be pandas?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:44 No.4730450
    Alright you derps seem to have confused my factual statement with actually caring one whit about furries.

    It is a simple and undeniable fact that if you WANT TO BE AN ANTHROPOMORPHIC ANIMAL then you most certainly can be considered to, if nothing else, have something fairly related to the furry fetish, if not precisely that, since it does indeed refer to arousal, sexual stuff, etc.

    ...Y'know, I saw a picture of Talespin characters done as humans once and I could've sworn I saved it. But I can't find the picture.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:45 No.4730455
    Well then, take it to another thread then.

    This is for Talespin, not random furry shit.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:47 No.4730480
         File :1243846044.jpg-(254 KB, 750x600, MOAR.jpg)
    254 KB
    go on......
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:47 No.4730483
    Hmm... panda, sloth, alligator, or possum... choices, choices. I rather like that middle management position.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:48 No.4730494
    I wish I could, but the idiot who mentioned the incident never spilled the beans on the full story.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:48 No.4730496
    I think cold blooded's should get a trait called cold blooded. Bonus in warm areas, Negatives in cold areas?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:49 No.4730503

    I'd be Don Carnage.

    And I'd be even more badass.

    Because I'd actually kill my opponents.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:50 No.4730505
    if we're definitely going to crunch this out, it makes sense.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:51 No.4730521
    He would have, except Disney wouldn't let him, because Disney.

    Alternately, you could be Don Karnage, but win-you leave your enemies alive because you've taken everything else-their lives, their lovers, their buisness...while you sneer at them from the deck of your airship.

    ...but that's just me. A murder is fine too.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:52 No.4730534
    saying "oh im' not furry" and then going right ahead and doing a furry thing doesn't stop you being furry.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:55 No.4730557
    Furry = has fur

    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:55 No.4730563
    What if you are on double secret furry probation?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:56 No.4730570
    if nothing else, this thread has made me remember Louie's Place. Thankyou /tg/ thankyou.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)04:59 No.4730585
         File :1243846741.jpg-(22 KB, 500x357, excusemeadultsaretalking.jpg)
    22 KB
    <- Read this.

    Now, TaleSpin. Are we going to be based in Cape Suzette, or somewhere else? They went a few other places; like the Soviet Russia Expy and the other one with the dictator.

    Or would we set up shop in our own city, made by the DM/whoever?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:00 No.4730589
         File :1243846813.jpg-(219 KB, 710x710, 1198050020487.jpg)
    219 KB
    Personalities didn't always match up with the animals in TaleSpin. Baloo and Rebecca were polar opposites yet they were both bears, though different species. Wildcat was a lion and he was very unlion like.

    Yeah, this would make for a pretty good setting, IMHO.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:00 No.4730592
    I'd be a beaver. A mechanically inclined alcoholic beaver.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:00 No.4730594
    The problem with the OP is he has assumed

    >>So if you could be turned into a bipedal version of an animal where everyone was one in the world of tailspin

    is a requirement of

    >>a world of bad ass air pirates, Navy's, dog fights, business espionage, monopolies and private militaries... Man i wish there was a tailspin table top game. I even vaguely remember an episode where the pirates were hired to cause an oil shortage. Also Nostalgia

    The two are not related for any reason but to fit with all the other disney children's shows at the time. It functions perfectly fine without the furry, yet the OP is confused (probably by his admitted nostalgia) into thinking he needs to include the furry parts as well.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:02 No.4730608
    ...but if we just pick animals that we like then we're furries!
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:04 No.4730617
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:04 No.4730620
    I think the animals actually make it less generic. If we make them all human then we might as well just do Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:06 No.4730632
    I'd be an out of work bloodhound detective. Wrinkles due to breed and age who drowns his sorrow in prostitutes. He is trying to solve one big case no longer for the cash but also to give the last 15 years of his life meaning.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:08 No.4730643
    It adds spice, Whole new avenues of racism. Dynamics involving some being better at job naturally. Rhino bouncers. Lizards just can't play basketball. Cats are lazy good for nothings. etc..
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:11 No.4730652

    Read BlackSad, then combine that with TaleSpin, and you'll get what the OP was hoping for.

    There IS good stuff with anthro animals out there-note that none of it actually comes from the "furry fandom," but from outside.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:11 No.4730653
    This is a good point.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:12 No.4730665
         File :1243847561.jpg-(60 KB, 576x432, tailspingoodend.jpg)
    60 KB
    Baloo + Rebecca = My OTP

    Also, SWEET JAYSUS, look at this character list!
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:12 No.4730666
         File :1243847569.jpg-(42 KB, 478x514, marcus01.jpg)
    42 KB
    I just hope he sticks to his own species.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:13 No.4730670

    With the way his name is pronounced, it sounds like a play on the phrase "bon voyage"

    am I crazy?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:14 No.4730678
    Wolves get into gangs. Cat people are called...something along the line of hairballs. Some communities just don't like your kind. Interbreeders are still hung by mobs and are still disliked by everybody. Rats breed like rats and everybody thinks they take too much room
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:14 No.4730679
    ...loosely, yes.

    They live in a city called Cape Suzette, I wouldn't put it past them.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:14 No.4730681

    It would seem the best idea, yeah... Let's see, what have my friends said of me...

    - I'm lazy. Unbelievably so. I have to agree with them on this - I've gone days without eating just because I didn't feel like cooking.
    - I pay a lot of attention to everything. They say I'm a bit creepy with this, even. One of them described it as being a kind of unsettling attention, like I was archiving everything they said (it's not on purpose, honest! Stupid negative charisma).
    - I'm hard to really anger, but very, *very* easily irritated. I'm trying to get better on this. A short temper is a sign of weakness, if you ask me.
    - They also said I'm smart. Please don't believe them on this. I just know a lot of stuff, but I suck at associating it and actually having ideas.
    - I have a huge imagination.
    - I'm almost stupidly passive unless it's something that moraly offends me. Well, fair enough. I *am* rather passive. No need to sweat things, you know?

    ...so, er, maybe one of those creepy beady-eye lizards that sit on rocks all day and try to bite you if you approach your fingers? Awww. Man, remind me to never go furry. My fursona would be the ugliest thing ever.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:14 No.4730685
    And Maus.

    Though that's a bit grimdark for Tailspin:The RPG
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:16 No.4730694
    I don't remember any species racism at all in the show. It seems like an excuse made to justify something after you've already decided to include it in. What was the original reason?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:16 No.4730697

    I'm going to troll people with a wormsona someday.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:17 No.4730704
    and Sher Khan intimidating the fuck out of everybody by being a tiger wasn't?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:18 No.4730705
    The derogatory term for any feline is "fur licker".
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:19 No.4730713
    The original reason was probably just an excuse to use Disney characters.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:21 No.4730722
    My own clone. A lizard and an opossum will make a neat team. Wait, I know that neither one of us has any interest in being part of a "team". That's why I hate my management position so much.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:21 No.4730723
    Sloth or some lizard, possibly a Komodo Dragon if your mouth is noxious enough.
    >don't let me go furry, my fursona would be hideous
    Keeps you from going stupid. Play a REAL character, keep your sense of self, yet still be likeable, and you've got a recipe for a following.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:25 No.4730740
    What animal would best represent scar face? Thats the kind of character i would imagine playing?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:26 No.4730750
    A coyote with rabies.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:26 No.4730752
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:27 No.4730758
         File :1243848420.jpg-(624 KB, 1000x1405, lackadaisy.jpg)
    624 KB
    Prohibition Era
    Cats only
    Final Destination
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:28 No.4730770

    Obsessed with being top of the food chain, desires money, drugs, and sex above all else, short temper, and brave/crazy/coked-out enough to get into a 1 vs a fuckton shootout with heavily armed men inside his own mansion?

    ...As retarded as this sounds, he could be a wolf. Though jackal might work, too.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:28 No.4730771
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:28 No.4730774
         File :1243848503.jpg-(39 KB, 350x467, fuckyearfaraday.jpg)
    39 KB
    I'm okay with this.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:28 No.4730777
    Or possibly a pitt bull.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:28 No.4730778
    >not a furry
    >proposing a furry setting
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:29 No.4730780
    Sounds more like a wolverine or something. Some kind of psychotic animal.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:31 No.4730792
    i don't even know anymore

    Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:31 No.4730794
    Here's some campaign ideas. Work for shere khan. He wants you to strong arm some businesses.
    Steel secrets from the russians.
    Run a succesful privately owned transport business.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:32 No.4730797
         File :1243848722.jpg-(93 KB, 488x516, 1226215796362.jpg)
    93 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:32 No.4730799
    I approve.

    Now, as for the various species:

    -Dog breeds are something akin to noble families or particularly insular clans-think rednecks for some of the really stupid ones. There are LOTS of them, and they tend to be nigh-fascist due to the pack mentality.
    -Cats vary a lot-they can be lazy fuckers or smooth bastards, but it largely depends on the individual. They breed fast, and keep down the rats-which the rats don't like.
    Again, specific breeds are clans, and stuff like the Munchkins are about as crazy and inbred as you can imagine.
    -Rats are cheap labor, and mice are the same-but delicate. Think Mexican day laborer versus maid. Rats are cowardly, rough, and crude; while mice are timid, prone to flightiness and panic, but more decorous.
    Both breed like rabbits, though.
    -Speaking of which, Rabbits I'd avoid, because the LOLSEX angle is too easily played up; if not, I'd make them something along the lines of cheap labor, but underground. When you can't get a mole, you get a rabbit-they dig well, they can brace decently, and if they build it, it stays up.
    There are entire underground cities comprised primarily of rabbits, with double handfuls of moles, etc.
    -Weasels and their kin are dangerous-thugs, assassins...not nice people, and don't get started on the Wolverines, because they'll fuck you up, and maybe eat you to seal the deal. Generally kept under surveillance for just that reason, and wolverine violent crime is punished, first time, with death. Too many have fucked up, and people have gotten wise.
    -Sloths are natural accountants and security guards; they can watch the same thing for hours on end and not get bored. Clever engineers have made typewriters involving minimal effort, and most bureaucracies are crewed entirely by sloths.
    -Lizards vary, a lot, and tend to be more cold-blooded (yes, I saw what I did there) than mammals. They have a reputation for cruelty and violence that may be deserved.

    Still thinkin'.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:32 No.4730803
         File :1243848760.png-(75 KB, 400x400, advicedog drew.png)
    75 KB
    A golden retriever. Absolutely useless job, but friendly and dependable. I'd obviously have to wear a bandana since nearly every retriever I've seen was wearing one.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:35 No.4730816
    I imagine among the canines and felines that the wild breeds would be at odds with the "domesticated" ones for some reason. Perhaps the domesticated (human created) breeds are city dwellers. Fairly liberal... where-as the wild breeds of-course live a less sophisticated life and are more old fashioned. Both sides consider themselves morally superior to the other.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:35 No.4730818
    all the reason I've ever want to include stereotyped anthro races into settings right in this thread. And accepted. I love you guys.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:36 No.4730824
    basically white collar and blue collar.

    Desk jobs and lumberjack thing going on right?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:37 No.4730828
         File :1243849036.png-(855 KB, 550x777, blacksad-fight.png)
    855 KB
    >-Lizards vary, a lot, and tend to be more cold-blooded
    Hello, Blacksad.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:38 No.4730834
    Chimpanzees are very intelligent and make great engineers however they have a (perhaps undeserved, perhaps not) reputation for going on violent rampages.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:39 No.4730841
    Something like that. Lions are predominantly Christian. Christ was a lion.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:41 No.4730855
    christ was a camel, just like everyone else from the middle east...
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:42 No.4730859
    Well yeah, BlackSad was fuckawesome.

    Now, if the furries were like Blacksad, and not an entire subculture of YIFF YIFF YIFF, then, well...

    ...pipe dreams, /tg/. Pipe dreams. ;~;

    I like the chimp angle-sounds good to me.

    So...anyone got any requests?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:42 No.4730861
    the lions just like to pretend he was a lion?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:43 No.4730871
    Amphibians get shit from everybody. Reptiles don't accept them, mammals don't accept them, and fish (if we are going to include them) don't accept them. And unlike some of the other disliked races, they aren't nearly as useful in a fight, so they tend to be flighty and stick with their own kind.

    They make excellent dock workers. Especially with a gator foreman on watch. . .
    >> GURPSfag 06/01/09(Mon)05:45 No.4730882
    I have too many weird attributes to get one of these. I'm social, but I'm fine with solitude. I'm good at making friends and I'm fairly confident with strangers (Enough to insult someone I know I won't need anything from later). I tend to be hard to piss off but when I snap I am focused and unrelenting. I like writing and talking with folks, I guess. My personality tends to come off of the people around me sometimes, but I put my own spin on things and treat others the way they treat me...

    I'm not really any good at classifying myself, all that up there is objective.

    What would I be, /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:45 No.4730884
    Yup, and they believe in plygomy
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:45 No.4730886
    In biblical times there were lions in the middle east and even Europe. If anything Christ was actually a rat, but the truth must be suppressed!
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:46 No.4730902

    ...only extremists do that. Srsly.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:46 No.4730904
    just be a cat. Most people are going to be cats or dogs.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:48 No.4730923
    No. Don't you dare.

    I've seen that pic.

    Lions...well, everyone hates lions. Charismatic bastards, but BASTARDS. Live off their women, and whatever work they do, it's societal-to try and get a bigger pride.

    Women's lib is taking a chunk out of that, and several of their biggest detractors are lions.

    Don't just choose ONE SPECIES for a locale. Sure, the Middle East has camels, but it also has burrowing owls, desert cats, etc.

    Things are going to change a bit, too. Since Africa has chimps, they're going to have a bit better civ. Lions are trying to fuck that up, though-or maybe they have, a while back, and Africa is in the state it is because they did that.

    America...as usual for the era, America is on top because of their melting-pot nature-they've got chimps working on things, legions of rats building things (with occasional mafias of cats keeping them in line), and of course the Manhattan Project was mostly monkeys.

    Still thinkin'.
    >> Devilock 06/01/09(Mon)05:49 No.4730928
         File :1243849764.jpg-(31 KB, 430x243, sfar_donjoncrepuscule.jpg)
    31 KB

    Oddball French fantasy comic FTW.
    Another hidden gem, not spread very far in English-speaking countries possibly due to politics.
    /tg/ would adore it.

    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:50 No.4730934
    Don't be a fucking cat, every fucking furry is a cat anymore. Have some goddamn imagination-just because most of the races are stereotypes doesn't mean you have to be.

    Choose a specie you like and stick to it.
    >> GURPSfag 06/01/09(Mon)05:50 No.4730937

    I dunno though. I'm not really like most people. I tend to be more OK with taking the middle ground and attempting to evaluate something without trying to convince people of anything. I don't think finicky or loyal and watchful really describe me.

    That's most people *in society* obviously, not on /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:50 No.4730938
    In the past Lions along with many other of the wild breeds were the dominant culture. They had dynasties all across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America, ect... However with industrialization the "domesticated breeds"/citydwellers have risen to the top. Their ancestral lines do not trace back as far as they are primarily based (at least originally) on trading and other mercantile activities. As they've gone along they've abandoned many of the wold ways of thinking and thus there is a lot of deep seated animosity between them and their "wild" cousins.
    >> Devilock 06/01/09(Mon)05:51 No.4730944
         File :1243849901.jpg-(39 KB, 340x475, sfar_donjon_beziancouv.jpg)
    39 KB
    I mean... this shit is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:52 No.4730947
    There are only a handful of countries still ruled by the old wild breeds correlated exactly with which areas of the world in real-life in which those animals are not extinct. So the lions have a nation or two in Africa, for example.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:52 No.4730949
    I'd be a guinea pig. the gluttonous bastards they are.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:52 No.4730951

    In TaleSpin, Shere Khan was a CEO or something.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:52 No.4730953

    Christ had all the good qualities of man but none of the bad ones.

    By this logic Christ as a lion will have all the good qualities associated with a lion and none of the bad ones.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:53 No.4730955
    What would be a conservation effort in real-life is in this world a conspiracy to return things to the way they once were.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:53 No.4730959

    Actually, I like working in teams. Is the only way that I get anything done, with other people busying around and giving me a bit of a sense I *should* be doing something (basically, I have a weird moral code. I don't mind if my work goes undone, but I hate seeing others having to do *my* work. That's just unfair to them. I see effort as a bad thing, so inflicting it on others for my own benefit classifies as Evil in my book). Plus, the same work divided by two people is half the effort for each one, which is just appealing.

    >Sloth or some lizard, possibly a Komodo Dragon if your mouth is noxious enough.

    Nah, I pay a lot of care to my mouth. Had some dental problems as a kid, so I treat it very well. And if you mean as in swearwords, well, sometimes.

    A Komodo dragon character would be fucking awesome, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:54 No.4730961
    A few members of the old breeds learn the rules to new game.

    And when they do, they rise. Rapidly.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:54 No.4730965
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:54 No.4730966
    No reasons there can't be exceptions. I was just talking about the historical animosity and where it comes from. The wild breeds still have a charisma bonus and are highly respected by the average person. So there are companies out there owned by them.
    >> Devilock 06/01/09(Mon)05:55 No.4730968
         File :1243850123.jpg-(115 KB, 400x567, sfar_donjon2.jpg)
    115 KB
    Gilberto the herb-shaman is the best.

    The dragon protagonist will pull heartstrings though.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:55 No.4730975
    But... lions eat Christians. And also: "Lamb of God". Hello? [spoiler]He can be both, I know.[/spoiler]

    Funny thing about lions...
    I've heard there are two types of lions: The European lion and the African lion. They say the European lions, the ones most connected to nobility, once lived north of Africa. When the people of Europe expanded their territories, they fought off and killed the lions there, forcing them to move south. The lions that stayed died off, but are the ones closely related to things like courage and nobility while the ones that became African lions are more flawed and are not as stubborn, but often foolish.
    In African cultures, lions are scapegoats and are trapped and killed ritualistically by villagers to purge the source of their troubles.

    In this context, a lion can be a fall guy.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:56 No.4730979

    To answer OP's question. As far as personality traits and such are concerned, I'd most likely fall into bear territory.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:56 No.4730981
    Well I don't mind working in a team when it makes things easier. However I hate being part of a team that sucks. The last thing I want to do is go down with the team so if the team is bad then I'm gonna say "fuck this" and set off on my own.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:56 No.4730982
    Eton-educated Tiger, an aging bachelor and eternally touristy fop. Boating hat and all. Any half-cooked plan for this-or-that legendary pacific treasure is a worthy investment, as in any opportunity to tag along.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:57 No.4730985
    Or I would... if I had the guts. Instead I keep this damn management job and I vent my anger on my employees.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:57 No.4730988
    Bears are the bros of this world.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:59 No.4730998
    Genius. Well done-take things that are happening in our world, and see them through the lens of that one.

    What happened to the Dodos? A peaceful, laid-back island-dweller culture that died out-or died way back-due to living in prime territory. Ditto the passenger pigeon-America's done some real nasty things in its past; the remaining pigeons that can tell you about the Trail of Tears can attest to that.

    I approve. Figure out some way of him being useful, how he can feed himself-maybe he's just clever enough, possibly a con man-after all, Guinea Pigs are laid-back, easygoing folk, you can trust 'em, right?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)05:59 No.4730999
    We probably don't want things getting too complex now. I suggested Lions as Christians partly because of the whole regal thing but also the mentions of them in Christian mythology. Perhaps there religion encourages them to merciful to lambs and other prey species. That was what they considered to be the moral lesson of their religion. That Christ (or whatever you want to call him) taught them to, what else, love thy neighbor. If we want to bring about that African animosity then we have to bring ALLAH!
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:01 No.4731009
    The Sabertooths had a thriving civilization in North America some 10,000 years ago but it died out quiet suddenly. Archeologists still debate exactly what happened to wipe out their civilization and all of their people.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:01 No.4731012
    Heavens, no. Bears, bros? Unlikely.

    If anything, bros are bulldogs or pit bulls-inbred, aggressive, pack-inclined, and hate the outsider.

    Bears...naturalists, lumberjacks, anything that takes a strong dude out in the middle of nowhere. Oil riggers too.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:02 No.4731015
    Conservation: A return to the way things once were.

    A rat was recently elected to America's presidency.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:02 No.4731016
    Cow-Buddha? Bear-Buddha?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:02 No.4731017
    The only thing I remember about this show was the P-47s fighting the Chinese Panda Air Zeppelins.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:03 No.4731026
         File :1243850611.jpg-(52 KB, 600x450, walrusproblem.jpg)
    52 KB
    I don't mind swimming in cold water. I like the cold. I'm fat and ugly. I've been called odd. I love fish. I love to fish.

    Probably a walrus, though my teeth are fine.
    >> GURPSfag 06/01/09(Mon)06:03 No.4731027

    I dunno. I am a big fan of monitor lizards. Although I thought the whole point of a stereotype was that some people reinforced it?


    Oh wow. The komodo. Such a ridiculous predator. It will just follow you, and wait till it sees another of its buddies, then attack. The stuff around their teeth was apparently found to be not just bacteria from its system but an an actual venom as well, around the base of its teeth. Some iguanas have this as well.

    I guess a lizard of some kind would make sense since I'm not exactly opposed to violence, but some kind of large lizard would make more sense than a snake- I'm not a charmer (Oh yes I just did) and I'm not afraid to appear dangerous. Probably be involved in transportation, have a lot of minor hobbies and always be polite with the locals unless they give me a reason to kick their heads in. Also enjoy sunbathing immensely and do it at every opportunity.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:03 No.4731028
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:04 No.4731031
    The European Lineages of Lion were wiped out over the last two centuries. The French and Russian revolutions pretty much resulted in the genocide of European lions. Ditto for the Middle East.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:04 No.4731032
    So bears are likely easy going naturalists who have the temper of a rabid pitbull when they finally do get riled up?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:04 No.4731036
         File :1243850665.jpg-(103 KB, 752x500, Mesaverde_cliffpalace_20030914(...).jpg)
    103 KB
    Sabertooths: Anasazi?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:04 No.4731039
    usually christians were fed to lions, they'd make better sheep than predators.

    Seriously, christians as lions is just CS Lewis influence.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:06 No.4731045
    Which is where a lot of bad blood between the wilds and the domesticariate come from.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:06 No.4731048
    That is exactly what I was thinking of though I was also wondering if perhaps they should represent the Maya, Inca, and Aztec as well. Or if we should find other species to represent them.

    Also, did the colonization of the New World ever occur, or is only just now beginning. The new frontier?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:07 No.4731050
    You could be an otter or a seal, alternately.
    Or a sea lion.

    Good, be a monitor then. I approve heartily.

    Don't you start. Let's keep politics out of this.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:07 No.4731053
         File :1243850835.jpg-(47 KB, 274x277, ferret.jpg)
    47 KB
    I would be a ferret. I sleep most of the day (and night) away when left to do so, but when I'm up and active, I'm almost constantly in motion, stopping only when something catches my interest enough that I just have to stop and study it for a bit. Chances are though I'll get bored of it quickly and find something else to do.

    I'd have to fly something small-ish and very quick, very zippy. A one-man fighter, basically... anything that's much bigger is too slow and sluggish for my tastes. I'd probably be primarily flying escort for larger and/or unarmed craft like the Sea Duck.

    I played in a semi free-form RP a long while ago in the Tale Spin setting, but grimdarked somewhat. Was very furry, but with a remarkable lack of furry drama and other faggotry. All I've listed was, in a nutshell, my character. He had a very close brush with death after being shot down one mission and decided to retire from combat flying, settling down instead with a girl who'd caught his fancy.

    Good times.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:08 No.4731056

    I like you
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:09 No.4731061
    Let's say that, say, America was colonized, and is pretty much as it was in the late 40s/mid 50s, but that Canada and South America are only just beginning to be explored.

    Also, the Caribbean has a whole bunch more islands, because, y'know, you want a bunch.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:09 No.4731066
    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    I'd say the new world has been colonized. Maybe the red wolf could be the living native american equivalent?
    >> GURPSfag 06/01/09(Mon)06:10 No.4731067
    What about certain animals that are lower in population?

    Birds of prey for example. The peregrine falcon is on the endangered species list. What would the other races opinion of them be, and what position would they occupy in society, if any?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:11 No.4731072
    ...which makes the Communists not bears, but rats, mice, rabbits, and other rodents.

    Stalin would be a wolverine though, fucker was NUTS.

    Gotta have a few bears, though.

    Also: What are penguins?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:11 No.4731074

    Furries are the IRL people that do shit like fursonas and such.
    Those guys are called Furries.
    Those guys are what the term "Furry" refers to.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:12 No.4731078
         File :1243851146.jpg-(60 KB, 600x777, pangirlin.jpg)
    60 KB
    can I be a pangolin?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:12 No.4731079
    ...maybe. Mixed with the few surviving passenger pidgeons.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:13 No.4731087
    I've been thinking about this. I think rare species should reflect rare people or "dying breeds".
    >> Devilock 06/01/09(Mon)06:14 No.4731095
         File :1243851282.jpg-(131 KB, 1800x1197, pigletsnfefimvdelft5-04.jpg)
    131 KB
    One of these.
    Not domesticated, no. Wild.
    As both human and animal I can't keep my nose out of things.
    My image and text 'collection' is extensible. As a pig it would mostly be leftovers and dirt piles, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:14 No.4731096
    Think of them as island nationalities in real life. Only of-course they don't necessarily come from an actual island.
    >> GURPSfag 06/01/09(Mon)06:15 No.4731101

    So falcons and whatnot could be extremely confident, steady heroic types with a steady glare? Maybe a lot of them died in the last Great War.

    Actually, this is probably just my history fagging talking, but wouldn't this be double awesome if mixed with World War 2?

    Assorted animals storming Normandy into a hail of gunfire.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:16 No.4731109
    Pangolins are awesome-maybe. Help us fluff 'em, and we'll think about it.
    >> Eponymous Rex !!taqDd9490Ip 06/01/09(Mon)06:16 No.4731112
    I want to be a bear.

    Not an anthropmorphic bear, or an awakened bear, or anything like that.

    Just a Bear.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:17 No.4731113

    Getting flashbacks to that avalanche of Pokemon WW2 a few months ago, when you say this. And since that was awesome... make it so.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:17 No.4731117
    There may be a couple surviving royal families and a small population of lions/or-what-have-you living in England and a few other countries but both officially and politically they only have symoblic power.

    So.... who were the Nazis? Or were they no Nazis?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:20 No.4731128
    pangolins probably fit in the same personality group as sloths, thinking about it.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:21 No.4731130
    Sounds good-they were fighter aces?
    Hitler was a cat.

    Most cats want nothing better than to forget this.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:21 No.4731133
    I'm thinking Foxes might represent the Irish... or have a history with England that mirrors that.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:22 No.4731137
    Hitler was a cat though he paradoxically promoted the idea that German Shepards were a better breed than all others.
    >> GURPSfag 06/01/09(Mon)06:23 No.4731140

    I had an idea for more of just a grimdark Pokemon game a while ago. It would take place on Johto but would be more akin to the manga, folks with guns, pokemon fucking dying, trainers being electrocuted by pokemon if they weren't fast enough and dying.

    I was going to do it fast and loose in GURPS, but HERO looks like a better fit.

    By the way, the Slipstream book has rules for differing stats for a bunch of different animals for animal-people, since it's a pulp setting. This Buck Rogers. THAT pulp. Can be found below:


    The table should be in the contents but I'll post it once I get the pdf open.

    Who should the Axis' main peoples be? The Japanese are actually Islanders, but they have that whole cultural honor thing. The Italians I have no idea about. Hitler could actually be a duck... Like Donald.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:25 No.4731155
    German Shepards were created as this worlds equivalent of the S.S. Meant to shepard all German breeds toward their glorious future. However the underlying politics are probably too complex to bother fleshing out.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:25 No.4731158
    See, you're all going about it wrong. Animals represent personalities (although, they sometimes might be ironic or dark), not analogues for races.
    Although: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kDbGdoDXE4
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:25 No.4731162
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:27 No.4731170
    Sounds good to me.

    Nah, Donald HATED the Nazis. You should see some of the old war toons.

    ...careful of Bugs Nips the Nips, though, that one's just a tad on the side of disturbing.

    Japanese I'm having a bit of a time quantifying, but I'm thinking they'd be one of the indigenous dog breeds-remember, inbred and somewhat crazy.
    POSSIBLY a collection of the various Japanese dog breeds, mixed with tanuki and other indigenous fauna.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:27 No.4731176
    Well yeah but... they have to be races too and that necessitates nations and politics.
    >> Devilock 06/01/09(Mon)06:28 No.4731182
    Well.. yeah.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:29 No.4731185
    In reality any nation would have a anthropomorphic population roughly equivalent to its indigenous species.
    So, Raccoon Samurai?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:29 No.4731189
    from what i can tell this is no longer strictly talespin but also darksad and maus as well. or elements from them.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:30 No.4731196

    I was wondering how to involve pigs.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:31 No.4731202
    Sounds about right to me
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:32 No.4731208
    I'd be a rat. A rich rat. With hired muscle in the form of two wolverines.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:33 No.4731211
    Rabbi Mole.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:34 No.4731218
    The best of all settings-so yes.

    I'm not going to name this, because giving it a name just dooms it to failure-Unified Setting, anyone?

    So, right now, it's Talespin. It WAS Maus. Blacksad'll be in a few years, when a certain rooster starts going on drunkenly about commies.

    >> GURPSfag 06/01/09(Mon)06:34 No.4731221

    True, Donald did hate the Nazis... But the old war toon I saw had his conscience get the old mustache and bang comb stuck on it and I realized that Donald and Scrooge are both ridiculously bad-tempered, and could likely get riled up easily, much like Hitler. What better reason to hate him?

    Also: Named races in Slipstream on page 13. Plenty besides the animal races, but the entry of Shark-men poses another question: Are we just doing mammal-reptile-bird or are we adding fish to the mix? At the risk of turning this into Spongebob? On one hand, no fish I can remember from Talespin, but on the other JAWESOME.
    >> Devilock 06/01/09(Mon)06:35 No.4731226
    Pure villain material.
    Some of the grognards here would slap the race label on rat = evil by nature since you were born that way, but wouldn't it be ironic if you became a rat by being... ratty?
    >> GURPSfag 06/01/09(Mon)06:35 No.4731227

    Or maybe even... Tanuki?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:36 No.4731229
    Don't you mean it *will* be Maus in a few years?
    Tailspin is set in the 1930s.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:36 No.4731232
    Fish are troublesome. We need a food source for the majority of the races, and since we have a LOT of carnivores running around...fish seem the best idea.

    So the smarter fish are sentient-sharks, whales, dolphins, orcas. Everything else, you can eat.

    Thing is, the Japanese eat whale...how do the whales fight back?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:37 No.4731233
    I don't know, I could go either way on fish. I rather liked that fish inn owner in FFIX. If fish are anthro-ized then they need be found somewhat loathsome by other species if only because they are always moist and oily.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:37 No.4731236
    You'll notice that the WW2 war propaganda is totally different than the modern propaganda about the Nazis, considering it took them awhile to settle on a version of the Holocaust myth they liked.

    Not to mention that the Red Cross themselves searched the concentration camps and found no reason to think there was abuse going on, but I'm sure the Red Cross was in on it too.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:38 No.4731240
    Well then I don't think we need to worry at all about the Nazis. However we might make mention of a political party in Germany, currently headed by a cat, which is promoting the German Shepard as the ideal domesticariate breed that all others should model themselves after.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:38 No.4731241
    Actually, yeah, tacky suits and whatnot
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:38 No.4731243
    Really? Thought it was in the fifties.

    My mistake.

    ...interesting. Has a lot of possibilities.

    I did forget to mention Lackadaisy Cats; that'll be important.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:38 No.4731246
    Falcons, Eagles, and such thus were the flying aces of the Great War.
    >> Retrospectre !YQpEKin0R2 06/01/09(Mon)06:39 No.4731250
    Don't go there; we don't need magic.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:40 No.4731260
    All of you are now hearing the opening theme to Talespin in your head

    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:41 No.4731266
    Not to mention the Nazis tried pretty hard to keep what was going on in the camps secret. If the Red Cross was coming they'd clean up the camps, feed some of the prisoners, and give them new uniforms.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:41 No.4731268
    fuuuck i am humming it
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:42 No.4731272
    I'm not, because I can't remember it. While I liked Tailspin my parents wouldn't pay for Disney so I didn't get to watch it too often.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:44 No.4731285
         File :1243853068.jpg-(8 KB, 317x241, khan.jpg)
    8 KB
    What's going on here?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:45 No.4731293
    Bad ass motherfucker
    >> Devilock 06/01/09(Mon)06:46 No.4731297
         File :1243853179.jpg-(351 KB, 1000x1385, 03_16.jpg)
    351 KB
    Dali whiskers and a sneer too?

    I image the transference from one animal characteristic to another to be a gradual buildup culminating with an emotional event.
    Childhood would be an ambiguous slow flux of phenotypes, but puberty would put a more solid face to specific animal type along with personality maturation.
    ... sometimes very suddenly.
    >> Manyfist !!J8jcR8tGwip 06/01/09(Mon)06:46 No.4731300
    Loved the show. I mean you can make a setting out this, but I'd limit the number of animals that appear.

    I'd limit it to:


    Most the others animals were minor characters. We can have certain species represent cultural groups of the real world for example the Brown Bear & Black Bear be partially natives to North America...etc.

    I'd play this on the Savage Worlds system, great system for this type of stuff.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:46 No.4731301
    Dude, we need some Casablanca/Tales-of-the-Golden-Monkey Nazi agent intrigue going on. Hunting political enemies and foreign spies in gin-joints the world over in the years before the war.
    That aging doberman with the eyepatch watching you from the corner? Yeah, he's a Kraut. No, don't let the accent fool ya. He fought in the Great War, and now, instead of hunting tanks, he hunts "the leader's" enemies on these islands.

    Of course, not all Nazis go cloaked, these are the years before the war so Nazism is a legitimate party and Germany a resurgent international power. Seeing an SS uniform is no more repugnant or scary than an military in these topical climes. Just depends who you're in trouble with.
    >> GURPSfag 06/01/09(Mon)06:47 No.4731305

    They don't need to be magic. Although having some element of the supernatural could add to the setting. Like maybe some snakes can hypnotize you with a glare, or a lion's roar can scare the living daylights out of just about anything, and elephants have extremely good memories.

    Not saying I'd give someone in this setting those abilities, but they'd be perfect for villains.

    As far as villainous elephants go: They all must look like Frankie Peanuts.
    >> Devilock 06/01/09(Mon)06:48 No.4731319
    It was on WB after school, or perhaps only when beginning, then moved to Disney.
    I feel sorry for today's kids watching Disney. Hannah Montana, etc. It's sad.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:50 No.4731339
    Don't. Restrict. Creativity.

    Smack down Mary Sues and HURR IMMA DEMUN types all you want, but don't prevent someone from playing a pangolin, or a rat, or a golden lion tamarin.

    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:51 No.4731348
    Very much agreed
    >> Retrospectre !YQpEKin0R2 06/01/09(Mon)06:52 No.4731358
         File :1243853544.jpg-(106 KB, 500x202, pom-poko.jpg)
    106 KB
    Well that's okay, I guess. Just as long as they aren't doing anything weird with their scrotums.
    >> Eponymous Rex !!taqDd9490Ip 06/01/09(Mon)06:53 No.4731367
         File :1243853605.jpg-(246 KB, 737x664, Thewrongkindofcentaur.jpg)
    246 KB
    What if you were this?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:56 No.4731382
    Wrong time period
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:57 No.4731391
    I would make large pants the greatest extent of it; perhaps a critcal fluffed as a shot to the nads-but no more.

    Now. We have-
    -Nazi Alsatians.
    -Rats and Mice as cheap labor-but are we going to go completely the Maus route for this, or go with Blacksad's monkeys? Possibly a mix of every specie the Nazis didn't like?
    -Can be in the 30s, the 40s, or the 50s-30s for Pulp; 40s for War Stories; 50s for Red Scare, Noir, and Intrigues.
    -Lots of different races, corresponding.

    Also, have we hit autosage?
    >> Retrospectre !YQpEKin0R2 06/01/09(Mon)06:57 No.4731393
         File :1243853864.png-(439 KB, 313x862, 1226289948494.png)
    439 KB
    >villainous elephants
    I just realized that Mammoth Mogul would be at home in this setting. Nice suit and all. He'd probably have to leave behind most of his powers.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)06:59 No.4731403
    I say we go for a 1930's setting. Early 1930's. The Great War still provides plenty of war stories about the trenches and the dueling falcons above.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:00 No.4731408
    Sadly the great Mammoth civilizations died out around the same time as the Sabertooth Cats'. Some speculate they were all related. Some kind of world-wide natural disaster.

    I'm betting it was Yellow Stone or some other volcano.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:00 No.4731411
    >> Devilock 06/01/09(Mon)07:01 No.4731419
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:03 No.4731436
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:04 No.4731438
    Think so
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:04 No.4731445
    Shit, we HAVE hit autosage.

    Anyone request archive yet?

    I have, just in case.
    >> Retrospectre !YQpEKin0R2 06/01/09(Mon)07:05 No.4731451
    Or they carry pouches of usefull stuff. When Pom-Poko was localized, they called their testicles "raccoon pouches."
    And yes, this thread has over 200 replies. Archiving this would be nice.
    >> Devilock 06/01/09(Mon)07:06 No.4731453
    If I were an anthro geoduck, yes.
    Yes you could.
    3 or 4 passes around, probably.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:08 No.4731462
    Great thread but I'm tired and I need to go to bed. So, sleep time now. It's 4 AM.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:09 No.4731469
    Kay, how long does it usually take to archive?
    >> Devilock 06/01/09(Mon)07:10 No.4731472
    7 AM. I stayed up all night to reset my ever-later insomnic habit.
    >> GURPSfag 06/01/09(Mon)07:10 No.4731473
    So are we done for tonight or new thread?
    >> Eponymous Rex !!taqDd9490Ip 06/01/09(Mon)07:14 No.4731490
         File :1243854890.jpg-(63 KB, 512x384, drweird.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:15 No.4731494
    Someone else archive just in case mine doesn't go through.


    Talespin And Other Awesome Things
    Possible troll turns into an interesting discussion on turning TaleSpin into a campaign world. BlackSad, Maus, Lackadaisy are added, and it only improves from there.
    Noir, Pulp, Blacksad, Maus, Talespin, Setting, Nazis, Ideas, Furry, Good

    As for ideas...let's wait until tomorrow, and continue then. Let what ideas we have percolate and continue to develop until we start a new thread.

    Same eyecatcher image?

    Additionally, my request just went through; few errors, though.
    >> Retrospectre !YQpEKin0R2 06/01/09(Mon)07:18 No.4731510
    It's pretty much archived. Just go and vote + for it, and it'll stick around on suptg.

    I'm going to call it a night. It'd be nice to see a new thread at some point, though.
    >> GURPSfag 06/01/09(Mon)07:19 No.4731518

    Cool. I'll see if I can't come up with a not shitty name. I was thinking just Spin would be decent- better than anything else I have at present.
    >> Devilock 06/01/09(Mon)07:19 No.4731523
    You left out Joann Sfar's Donjon.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:27 No.4731553
    A komodo dragon ex-soldier from WW1 with half of his face replaced by a stell mask (he got shot by a german pilot in a dogfight). He pilots an old Sopwith 2F.1 Camel.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:28 No.4731559
    Mmn...it works, but it doesn't feel quite right.

    Noirclaw...pulpclaw...nah. Doesn't sound right either.

    Let's just leave it unnamed for the time being-WE know what it is; others will come across it and join if it's meant to be.

    A name just lets people objectify it. Look at all the hate for namefags and tripfags, trolling or no.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:31 No.4731576
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:31 No.4731577
    Could be interesting.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:32 No.4731580
    I think it's best if we avoid the various Prefixclaws. It'll just provide ammo for people to go HURF DURF IRONCLAW.

    Again, make it unnamed. We go without names; let's do the same for our setting.
    >> GURPSfag 06/01/09(Mon)07:32 No.4731584

    Holy shit, this sounds awesome.

    Scary as shit motherfucker coming after you with a steel face, what now?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)07:36 No.4731607
    Indeed. I'd make him an NPC rather than a PC, though, and make him SCARY. Not misunderstood, not regretful, SCARY. This fucker just wants revenge-as many Krauts dead as he can fill full of lead.

    I'm off to bed, /tg/. Good night everyone, and sleep well.

    I await tomorrow and its threads eagerly.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)09:25 No.4732247

    >Oddball French fantasy comic FTW.
    >Another hidden gem, not spread very far in English-speaking countries possibly due to politics.
    >/tg/ would adore it.

    Donjon = Teh awesome. I'm gonna translate some of it one day. Sad thing is I can't decide whether I should pick Cloak&Dagger Dawn, High lulz fantasy Zenith or GRIMGRIMDARK Dusk.

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