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  • File :1243885996.jpg-(49 KB, 1000x800, Art_Planet.jpg)
    49 KB Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)15:53 No.4735553  
    Tiji Sector continued.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)15:56 No.4735589
    So on Sea Sharks/Angels (We're really going ot have to decide on one or the other) I found a Hawaiian Shark Myth after 5 seconds of google. Nanaue, Shake Man.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)15:56 No.4735594
    Anyway, I still say that the sector capital should be New Prospero, the first good planet in the system.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)15:59 No.4735627

    Sea Sharks, if we don't change it from being an aquatic chapter.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)16:02 No.4735663
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:04 No.4735678
    You know, looking at the results posted in these threads, the planet generator is really, really flawed. Nearly every characteristic is completely independent of each other, and have little or no impact on the others.

    Why do we roll for the world type first, and why does everything have the same percent chance of being rolled? Hydrosphere is not impacted by temperature, atmosphere or vice versa. You can have a boiling 200+ degree planet with stone age tech, 2 billion people, and covered in 80% water.

    Adapting the traveler planet generator would result in something that actually makes sense more than a fifth of the time.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)16:05 No.4735696

    That's what makes the planet generator awesome.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:10 No.4735764
    Warhammer is not realistic in any way shape or form. This includes the planets.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:12 No.4735783
    Class: War World, former Xenos World
    Tech Level: Warp Space
    Star size: Medium
    Planet size: Average (47,000 km)
    Axial tilt: Notable (+6 -15)
    Length of day: 51 hours
    Length of year: 0.65 terran years; 110 local days
    Satellites: 3
    Gravity: standard
    Atmosphere: Normal
    Hydrosphere: damp
    Temperature: Tepid (51 - 100) (winter: 41 - 90; summer: 61 - 110)
    Terrain: Grassland, Hills
    Population: 500 Billion
    Society: Democracy

    So a 500 Billion xeno world the imperium tries to conquer, but what xenos could be considered democratic?

    we already have an uprising somewhere so that could be just rebels not xenos.. or a tranch style mutant uprising

    actualy a mutant ruled democratic planet under siege is awesome
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:14 No.4735806

    Free Mutant Republic
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:15 No.4735812

    The fun part is making up explanations for how the planet became this fucked up. 200 degree planet with 80% water? It used to be 100% water but an orbital shift brought it closer to the sun so now 20% of the total water mass is in the atmosphere as vapor. Or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:15 No.4735818
         File :1243887315.png-(161 KB, 937x567, Tiji Sector 2.png)
    161 KB
    Listen, bub.
    Here's what we do:
    1. We generate the worlds.
    2. We decide how the physics on the world work - even if these physics end up blatantly saying 'fuck you' to real physics.
    3. We decide how societies function on this world.

    In the end, the results don't make sense. But the planets are far more awesome than they would ever be with any other generator.

    Anyway, just to stop you people babbling about capitols, here:
    Each capitol has an important say in how Tiji is run.
    For capitols, we still need:
    - Production Capitol (Important forge world)
    - Astartes Homeworld
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:15 No.4735819
    500 billion xeno world, with 50-100++ degrees?

    The xenos have got to be insectoid.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)16:15 No.4735820

    >500 Billion
    >Only 7,000 km bigger than Holy Terra
    >2 moons

    >> New Forge World, cont. Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:17 No.4735853
    World Type: Forge World
    Tech Level: High Imperial
    Star size: Huge
    Arbites Presence: None
    Astra Telepathica Presence: Token
    Astronimica Presence: None
    Mechanicus Presence: Significant
    Administratum: Token
    Ministorum: Token
    Inquisition: None
    Planet Size: Average
    Circumfrence: 53,000 km
    Tilt: Moderate
    Tempature Difference: 20'
    Length of day: 17 Hours
    Days in a year: 340
    SATELLITEs: 17
    Gravity: Standard
    Atmosphere: Bearable
    Water: None
    Tempature: Average
    Terrains: Dormant Volcanoes, Continual Forests, Islands, Barren.
    Population: 10 Billion
    Society: Mechanicus
    Dfense: Pretty Much average, with a high quality Titan and Naval force.
    Name: Victoia 7.

    Sounds like a pretty average planet, and the sector needs forge worlds
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:18 No.4735858
    You messed up your roll there.
    You can't get higher than 30 billion on a population roll.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:18 No.4735863

    ok , that was a typo

    its supposed to be million
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)16:18 No.4735867

    The production capitol would be the biggest Forge World; we have four(or five) Forge Worlds.

    As for the Astartes Homeworld, hardest world to live on?

    Fukken saved the map, btw.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:21 No.4735901
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:22 No.4735918
    That does seem a bit mundane, in my opinion.
    Not sure if want.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)16:22 No.4735923

    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:24 No.4735944

    This post has been considderd troll witchery and he consorts with the demon and the alien.


    /Expunge Record
    Expunge Y/N
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:24 No.4735946

    Nah, the Dorfy name for it, instead.

    Korgusan or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:24 No.4735948
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:27 No.4735987
    no troll , just a typo

    its 50 million
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)16:33 No.4736050

    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)16:40 No.4736150

    No opposition? Okay. Squat Fortress is now renamed Koganusan.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:45 No.4736208
    40k itself has a bunch of crazy planets that don't make sense.

    Take Landunder. A bunch of continents that float on an acid ocean. And there are hives on the UNDERSIDE of these continents.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:48 No.4736258
         File :1243889298.jpg-(266 KB, 500x500, 2378491664_291ae49102.jpg)
    266 KB
    There aren't enough agri-worlds (in my opinion) to feed this whole sector of space.

    Nebraskus (placeholder name)

    Industrial tech level
    Medium star
    Token Arbites presence
    Token Astra Telepathica presence
    No Astronomica presence
    Token Mechanicus presence
    Small Administratum presence
    Small Ministorum presence
    No Inquisition presence
    Average planet size (45,000 km)
    Large axial tilt (+40 in summer, -40 in winter)
    34 hour days
    496 day years
    Five satellites
    Light gravity
    Bearable atmosphere
    Average hydrosphere
    Frosty temperature (-40 to -11)
    Ravines and moors
    One billion people
    Medium size, poor/medium quality enforcer force
    Medium size, poor quality militia
    Small, medium quality standing army
    Small, poor/medium quality armored force
    Small, medium/high quality titan force
    Small, medium/high quality private armies
    Tiny, poor/medium quality naval force
    Medium size and quality orbital stations
    Medium size, poor quality planetary missile silos
    Small, poor quality orbital missile silos
    Small, poor quality defense lasers
    Small, poor/medium quality mercenary force
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:50 No.4736287
         File :1243889438.png-(164 KB, 937x567, Tiji Sector 2.png)
    164 KB
    Koganusan it is.

    Anyway, I decided not to list Hetopia-Xomula as the military capitol - if anything, Xomula is just a xeno-deathworld under intensive Adeptus Mechanicus study while Hetopia is a prison world.
    Sure, you might have your Xomulan Militia and your Hetopian Penal Legions, but they're just damn nasty, they're not really leadership material.
    Instead, we're going to try and select two of the most likely candidates.
    Orvana: A fa/tg/uy wrote out a detailed description about the planet he generated - it was really quite awesome. Basically, this is a military world that has suffered countless rebellions and is now under strict military control and strict Inquisitorial overseeing. It's got at least 180 Imperial Guard regiments, not counting its PDF. It's a highly trained military hive world. Think of 1984's Oceania meets Half Life 2's Combine.
    New Krieg: A world with a deadly atmosphere and no water. It was turned this way after five centuries of nuclear warfare. Originally, a colonist project began on Krieg when the disturbances began, to try and save as many individuals as they could. The colonists went to a planet they declared New Krieg and when war broke out, they fought amongst themselves as well, launching nuclear warheads just as their mother planet did. The result? Well, it's basically a clone of Krieg.
    So, which one should become Military Capitol?

    (As for Astartes Homeworld - I don't see anything suitable so far. Please, generate as many worldsas you want, and we'll see if we get a decent world to pop up.)
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:53 No.4736315
    Planet Class: Feral world
    Tech Level: High Imperial
    Star Size: Tiny
    Adeptus Arbites: Moderate
    Adeptus Astra Telepathica: Moderate
    Adeptus Astronomica: Moderate
    Adeptus Mechanicus: Medium
    Administratum: Slight
    Adeptus Ministorum: Slight
    Inquisition: Slight
    Size: Medium; 35,000 km
    Axial Tilt: None, temperature variance +0/-0
    Length of Day: 10 hours
    Length of Year: 764 days
    Moons: 0
    Satellites: 6
    Gravity: Low
    Atmosphere: Avarage
    Hydrosphere: Normal
    Temperature: Normal
    Summer: 30 to 60
    Winter: 30 to 60
    Terrains: 4 (hills, continual forest, savanah, rainforrests)
    Population: 1 million
    Society Type: Elected monarchy
    Enforcers: Medium, high quality
    Militia: None
    Armored Force: Small, High quality
    Titan Force: Single, Scout titan
    Private Army/Armies: Medium, medium quality
    Naval Force: Large, High quality
    Orbital Stations: 8
    Planetside Silo's: Large, High quality
    Orbital Silo's: Large, High quality
    Defence lasers: Large, High quality
    Mercenary Force: None

    By the looks this is a planet with nothing on it probally a base with an armoured detachement and troops, but mostly space stations.

    Here goes:
    Planet Tempestus Solaris occupies a large and unending expanse of space that is meerly blank, for this purpose it is used as a way station between the north east and the west of sector Tiji.

    Huge space stations orbit over head along with long range scanner satalites and major orbital and planetary missile capabillities, it is the life line that connects the sector and has heavy arbites and naval cover all year around.

    The planet is completly stationary and only has a slight spin to it, the planet itself is worthless only housing one major imperial compound and the great many launch sites along the entire equator, to defend the stations up above indeed taking this life line would be a pherric victory.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:53 No.4736316
    Orvana sounds more like leadership material.
    New Krieg just sound like another bunch of bloodthirsty barbarians.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:55 No.4736351

    ... Okay, we've got another candidate for military capitol.
    It's absolutely perfect.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:56 No.4736363
    Not sure that I'd go raising huge numbers of regiments from a world known for rebelling on a regular basis...
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:57 No.4736372

    I imagine the Orvanan IG regiments looking like a cross between Mordians and Steel Legion. Gas masks and crisp dress uniforms.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:57 No.4736374
    Class: Feudal World
    Tech Level: Iron Age
    Star size: Giant
    Ministorum: Token
    Planet size: Large (102,000 km)
    Axial tilt: Extreme
    Length of day: 21 hours
    Length of year: 0.66 terran years; 274 local days
    Satellites: 1
    Gravity: standard
    Atmosphere: Tainted
    Hydrosphere: Arid
    Temperature: Normail (normal-10 - +30) (winter: -90 - -50; summer: 70 - 110)
    Terrain: Continual Forrest, Ravines
    Population: 59 !!!
    Society: Democracy

    A Former feudal world that had been struk by disaster (tainted atmosphere, crazy axial tilt). Only the Ministorum presence survived since they had access to imperial tech. Since no further orders arrived they still supervise the planet.
    >> Salamanders Fanbro !!IkBm+qsTaW7 06/01/09(Mon)16:58 No.4736382
    It's "pyrrhic"
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:58 No.4736384
    They turn into mindless automatons that follow any order given to them once they leave the system.
    Of course, this is mostly because they undergo a massive amount of brainwashing before being shipped out.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)16:58 No.4736385

    Maybe make the entire world a military staging area and the whole population IG and Arbites cadres, along with service and administrative personnel.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:01 No.4736420
    New Krieg is sure a bit to insane
    They had the maximum amount of nukes possible on planet and in orbit
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:02 No.4736429

    The greeks are silly anyway, the victory would be COSTLY indeeeeed!
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:02 No.4736435
    So a feral world with some naitives but mostly military command

    a good choice for military capital
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:03 No.4736441
    Maybe these regiments are full of loyal, obidient soldiers who help subdue the rebelling masses?
    I don't know about this one.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:03 No.4736450
    >It's got at least 180 Imperial Guard regiments
    A planet doesn't "have" Guard Regiments, unless it's a garrison world on an active front. Worlds pay their tithe through men to the Guard, most regiments pick names according to their homeworld, but very few see their home again.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:04 No.4736464
    that's what the satellites are for
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:04 No.4736465
    link to the original generator doc/pdf/pages, anyone?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:06 No.4736492
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:07 No.4736500
    I say we build a world just for being the base of the Sea Sharks.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:09 No.4736519

    I vote Kratos
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:09 No.4736524

    don`t we have some good, wet worlds?
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)17:10 No.4736535

    New Prospero and Taedium are watery, but they are pleasure worlds. Xomula, but that's a training world.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:13 No.4736560
    Kratos also exists, and has a lot in common with Xomula - so I would also say training world.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:16 No.4736588
    Am I the only one here who thinks "Sea Sharks" sounds retarded?
    Say it out loud. Say it, and try to not burst out laughing.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)17:17 No.4736595

    That was why I made it; it wasn't serious.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:17 No.4736596

    Kratos would be a good chaptor world cause of the feral population in high grav, being already inducted into the imperial cult while still being brutal hard savages.

    Kratos makes gods of war (chapter name?)
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:17 No.4736601

    I hate to nitpick, but it's "Ecclesiarchy" and not "Eccelsiarchy."

    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:18 No.4736615
    It's settled Solaris tempestus will be Sector command, and kratos the chapter world.

    Now everybody put your collective asses together and make a good chapter name.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:21 No.4736641
    Bolter and Chainsword

    Chapter name generator

    final destination
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:22 No.4736659
    Sea Sharks by the sea shore.

    See sea sharks by the sea shore.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:24 No.4736670
    Sea Angels
    Blood Sharks
    Emperor's Fangs
    Deep Ones
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:25 No.4736679
    you know whats ackward, earth has difficulty finding another good livable planet and here we are chruning out habitable worlds like theres no tommorow.

    We need gassius rocks that are dull and boring, with insane weather and no atmosphere only ice and rock.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:27 No.4736695
    The Rentlentless
    Black Adders
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:27 No.4736703

    Planet Type: Quarantined World (formerly a Forbidden World)
    Tech level: Advanced
    Size of Star: Large
    Adeptus Arbites Presence: Slight
    Adeptus Astra Telepathica Presence: Notable
    Adeptus Astronimica Presence: Token
    Adeptus Mechanicus Presence: Slight
    Administratum Presence: Dominating
    Adeptus Ministorum Presence: Slight
    Inquisition Presence: Significant
    Size: Small (24000 km)
    Axial Tilt: Large
    Length of Day: 16 hours
    Length of Year: 365 days (547.5 local days)
    Satellites: 41
    Gravity: Standard
    Atmosphere: Normal
    Hydrosphere: Average
    Average Temperature: -10 to +30
    Summer Temperature: +30 to +70
    Winter Temperature: -50 to -10
    Terrain: Broken Rock, Hills, and Grassland.
    Population: 5 billion
    Society: Democracy
    Massive Poor Quality Enforcers
    Large Poor/Medium Quality Militia
    Huge Medium/High Quality Standing Army
    Medium Medium Quality Armoured Force
    Huge Medium Quality Titan Force
    Large Medium Quality Private Armies
    Huge Medium/High Quality Naval Force
    Large Poor/Medium Quality Orbital Stations
    Huge Medium Quality Planetary Missile Silos
    Huge Medium/High Quality Orbital Missile Silos
    Massive High Quality Defence Lasers
    Huge Medium Quality Mercenary Forces
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:28 No.4736705
    Over half of the planet's we've listed would be unlivable with modern technology.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:28 No.4736710

    most of them are not inhabitable by our standarts
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)17:29 No.4736711

    Deep Ones, because they train on Xomula. Xomula's backstory is partly based on Lovecraft.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:29 No.4736713

    >Black Adders

    This baldrik, THIS!
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:29 No.4736717
    We need to conquer someplace like Titan. Lakes of methane, ice volcanoes, and gravity so weak with an atmosphere so thick that a person can fly as long as they strap wings to themselves.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:31 No.4736730
    I agree.
    Deep Ones.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:32 No.4736738
    one of the planets in one of the other threads was a lovely mining planet, with a chilly and poisonous atmosphere and ten moons wreaking havoc on the tectonic plates, causing active volcanoes, and making the frozen oceans perpetually upheaving massive slabs of ice.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:36 No.4736768
    In my opinion, I think that the Inquisition is just piling on excuse and excuse to make sure no one ventures near this planet.
    "It's forbidden! It's quarantined! There's a war at it! It's a dead world! It's-- oh just fuck off and stay away! It's none of your business."
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:38 No.4736793
    I wonder, why would the Inquisition want everybody to stay away from it? It's a pretty normal planet, aside from the fact it was a forbidden place.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:39 No.4736805
    So it`s the HQ of the local inquisition?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:40 No.4736825
    Doesn't explain why there's democracy on Cataclysm.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:41 No.4736839
    Why is Domesday not on the map? :(
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:42 No.4736856
    It's Inquisitorial democracy.
    The Inquisitors vote in a chairman to rule over the planet.

    Anyway, Cataclysm replaces Euphelion as Inquisitorial Capitol.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:45 No.4736887
    makes sense

    it keeps any of the extra puritanical and extra radical inquisitors from gaining real power.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:47 No.4736910
    Cheers for the link.

    a designer should be shot for this document... could be laid out in a far more logical manner, with much better design mechanics so easily.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:47 No.4736914

    Euphelion can be the official seat of the Inquisition. Cataclysm can be the secret base.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:50 No.4736941
    >it keeps any of the extra puritanical and extra radical inquisitors from gaining real power.

    for 40k, should'nt that be "it keeps any of the slightly lenient and dangerously open-minded inquisitors from gaining real power."?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)17:54 No.4736975
    true, true, my mistake
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)18:08 No.4737101

    The secret base, filled with SCIENCE! What do you think they should be hiding?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)18:08 No.4737106
         File :1243894116.png-(171 KB, 937x567, Tiji Sector 2.png)
    171 KB
    I'll begin work on descriptions.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)18:10 No.4737126

    Warp space level
    Medium star
    No Arbites presence
    No Astra Telepathica presence
    No Astronomica presence
    Small Mechanicus presence
    Slight Administratum presence
    Small Ministorum presence
    token Inquisition presence
    Large planet size (122,000 km)
    Extreme axial tilt (+80 during summer and at winter: -80 )
    10 hour days
    282 day years (0.7 terran year)
    no satellites
    Light gravity
    Bearable atmosphere
    Watery hydrosphere
    Searing (+300 or more) temperature
    Ravines and Cliffs
    47 people
    Elected monarchy
    small size, high quality enforcer force
    small size, poor quality militia
    Small, High quality standing army
    Small, poor quality armored force
    Small, medium wuality titan force
    no private armies
    no naval force
    Large size and low quality orbital stations
    Huge, High quality planetary missile silos
    no orbital missile silos
    no defense lasers
    no mercenary force
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)18:11 No.4737133

    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)18:13 No.4737154
    Hylios is a world in the middle of the terraforming process. Simple as that.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)18:13 No.4737158

    >small size, high quality enforcer force
    >small size, poor quality militia
    >Small, High quality standing army
    >Small, poor quality armored force
    >Small, medium wuality titan force
    >no private armies
    >no naval force
    >Large size and low quality orbital stations
    >Huge, High quality planetary missile silos
    >no orbital missile silos
    >no defense lasers
    >no mercenary force

    >47 people

    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)18:16 No.4737190
    Is this ALL the planets of ALL 3 threads?

    Need any help?
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)18:18 No.4737209

    Those are the ones that fit in the best.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)18:32 No.4737364
    >> RYX 06/01/09(Mon)18:35 No.4737397
    World Type: Ferral World
    Tech Level: Stone Age
    Star Size: Giant
    Adeptus Presence: None
    Planet Size: Miniscule (6,000 km)
    Axel Title: Extreme
    Day: 3 hours
    Year: 120 Terran Days
    Sattlites: 3
    Gravity: Very Heavy
    Atmosphere: Bearable
    Hydrosphere: Watery (90% water)
    Temperature: Warm (+31 to +50)
    Winter: -50 to -30
    Summer: 110 to 130
    Active Volcanoes
    Population: 300 million (!)
    Society: Democracy (?)
    Massive force of High/Medium quality militia, A Massive High/Medium quality standing army, some Small Medium quality private armies.

    A planet that freezes solid in the winter and boils in the summer. Hordes of desperate caveman circle the globe yearly trying to stay on solid ice.

    I can see it now...

    A small boy and his father walk through the raging blizzard, the bright moon barely piercing the storm. Its an old story, one everybody is told as a child, and now it is time, for he has proven himself capable of lifting the spear, and that means he is ready to join the hunters.

    "Listen well my son, for today I tell you of the history of the Great Hunt and of the birth of Emperor-Moon. This is the story of the betrayal of Horus-Moon, and of the Chaos-Heat that burns the seas, and of our Duty..."
    >> RYX 06/01/09(Mon)18:37 No.4737411

    The Emperor shaped all that you see, all that you shall ever see, for such was his will. And such was his will that man should walk upon the land, so we did, and we were happy, and the world was a paradise.

    But Horus-Moon, who was the Emperor's favourite warrior, looked down upon the Paradise-of-Man, and grew jealous, for his was the sky, and never the ground, which was perfect. And so Horus-Moon grew to hate the Emperor, for Horus-Moon was a spirit of pettiness and vainglory, and could not stand the Glory-In-His-Name of the paradise below.

    And so it passed that one day, when The Emperor's back was turned in the act of creation, Horus-Moon declared himself Master-of-War, and stole Sun-Throne from The Emperor.

    Horus-Moon, however, was far from the warrior that The Emperor was, and he could not fight the evil which The Emperor, in his wisdom, had sealed away within Sun-Throne. Horus-Moon unleashed the evil into Paradise-of-Man, and that evil was the Chaos-Heat, and when it approached the land turned to sea and the sea cried out with the dying breaths of a thousand drowning men.

    But The Emperor heard Man cry for help, and He heard the laughter of Horus-Moon, and he did rush to do battle with his wayward son. Blows were exchanged and injuries were grave, for though The Emperor was a warrior without peer, Horus-Moon had absorbed much of the evil of the Chaos-Heat, and he fought without honour or virtue.

    For many centuries Horus-Moon and The Emperor fought, and though they battled in distant lands, Man could feel the struggle. So it was that First-Despair came to Once-Paradise, for Man could not aid the Emperor from so far away, and though they had lost paradise, this was their greater shame.
    >> RYX 06/01/09(Mon)18:40 No.4737444

    And the time came that The Emperor struck the final blow, and would that Horus-Moon fell honourably upon The Emperor's spear, but Horus-Moon was without honour, and he ran to the sky, where The Emperor's spear could not reach. And in his rage, The Emperor vowed to not rest until he had slain Horus-Moon and driven the Chaos-Heat from the land for all time. He cut a hole in the ice, but it did not lead into the Water-Below, but into the Clouds-Above, and so The Emperor became Emperor-Moon, for the sky is as blue and as wet as the sea, and only spirits may have breath there.

    From Sky-Above Emperor-Moon looked down upon the Once-Paradise, and could see truly the plight of Man. For each of his fallen he shed a tear, a single flake of snow, for such was the injustice of Horus-Moon's action, and the depths of Emperor-Moon's sorrow. So came the blizzards and the snowfall, for so many of Emperor-Moon's children lay dead before him.

    And though his grief was great, greater still his rage, which drives him still in hunt of Horus-Moon, who flees like a coward, and to drive the Chaos-Heat from this land, and make it Paradise-Once-More.
    >> RYX 06/01/09(Mon)18:40 No.4737451

    Our ancestors swore an oath that day - for Emperor-Moon's angels descended from Sky-Above and demanded of us our spears and our loyalty - to follow Emperor-Moon as he travels across this endless land in his hunt for Horus-Moon and for vengeance. We, my son, are his retinue in the Great-Hunt, protected from the Chaos-Heat by his cloak of winter that he may call upon those of us who are worthy to hunt by his side.

    This is our sacred duty, to both our Ancestors, to our children, and to Emperor-Moon, who protects us from Chaos-Heat. Be ever mindful of your duty, let not your spear grow dull or your arm weak, for one day Emperor-Moon's angels will return to call upon the mightiest of Man to serve alongside Emperor-Moon at the forefront of the Great-hunt. They shall go to drive back the Chaos-Heat and prove our worth in our creator's eyes.

    You must be strong, my son, and you must fight often and win. Give no quarter, and seek none in return, but remember always your honour and your virtue. Fight well, my son, and pray that one day, yours will be the spear which lays low Horus-Moon himself, and returns this land to Paradise."
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)18:47 No.4737517
    Also known as Tzeentch's Rhombus amongst the educated, Hell's Marches is possibly the most infamous area of the Tiji Sector. This is where the domain of the Deep Ones lie.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)18:48 No.4737528
    Xomula and Hetopia both lie within the same system, by some bizarre chance.
    Xomula is a nightmarish swamp world of gigantic size and gravity, causing human dwellers to become short and stout after a few visits. It's a strange place, filled with primitive lifeforms both macroscopic and microscopic and it's difficult to decide which is more dangerous to humanity. An ancient xenos civilization lies buried beneath the ocean and the Adeptus Mechanicus has come to Xomula to find out more about this odd species, as well as the moons of Xomula. The biggest mystery of all is the free energy that the largest moon seems to produce. Enginseers toil day and night to uncover its secrets.
    Hetopia is a hellish prison world hilariously mislabelled as a pleasure world by a pair of witty Administratum workers who were sent to that very place for their idiocy. An ocean-covered landscape, it varies between summer and winter. In summer, the gigantic crags and mountains are revealed, with only a foot-deep ocean - hot enough to boil the flesh off your legs in a minute as well as roast you alive. In the winter, the ocean is tens of miles deep, murky, warm and humid, as well as very stormy an violent. Powerful winds that strip flesh from bone cover the surface of the world and the water is highly acidic. Dozens of prison complexes are found beneath the rocky earth, where penal colonists toil away and mine, with the more unfortunate ones sent to the surface to repair the void shield generator.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)18:49 No.4737533
    Next is Volcania. The smallest planet in its system, it is constantly wrecked by violent eruptions and is filled with Orks beyond number. Less than a hundred human citizens live here, armed only with steel age technology and constantly being repopulated by orphans from throughout the Tiji Sector every year. Every year, the Inquisition arrives, to escort the strongest warrior from the surface of the world to become a Deep One. Rumour has it the Inquisition put the orks there in the first place.
    Next is Koganusan. This is truly a bizarre planet. Spinning twenty-four times faster than holy Terra, the centrifugal force is enough to rip mountains from the surface and leave a trail of debris behind the planet as it orbits the sun, often drawing this same debris back to its surface with its gravitational field when it completes its orbit, starting the cycle all over again when landmarks are made anew. The surface is covered in steam and water, poisoned with all sorts of chemicals, allowing space for only a handful of islands. Most of the hives on this forgeworld are hidden underground, where they will not be uprooted and cast to the void. Still, it is a beautiful sight, to watch the sun race across the poisonous sky, filled with asteroids and chunks of debris flying off the insane planet.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)18:50 No.4737548
    Finally, there is Kratos. This bizarre world is so similar Xomula - almost identical, in fact, except for the fact there are no gigantic monstrosities, yet there are still poisonous microbes filling the atmosphere and the water. It's a primordial world, bursting with new life. The gravity is heavy, breath the corrupt air too long and you will collapse from disorientation - this is a difficult place to live, but there aren't any hideous Xenos to make the job even harder. For that reason, the Space Marines chapter of the Deep Ones has chosen to claim this world as their homeworld. There are few living creatures - human or otherwise - who can say they have lived through as much as a Deep One. They are rugged, grim survivalists, capable of outlasting almost any opponent in almost any environment. Their harsh lifestyle on Kratos only reinforces this.

    You want to know why it's called Eldrad's Rhombus? Because the only person who could ever want to have four such hideous systems in such a formation has got to be a dick.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)18:52 No.4737569
    LOVE IT.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)18:55 No.4737588

    That's what I got. I got a 1 on my population roll, so that meant 10d10
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)18:58 No.4737623
    Also, from now, I am going to pretend that every non-forgeworld with less than 500,000 or with less than Low Imperial technology has no access to Titans.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)18:58 No.4737634
    Sounds like a weapons testing range or something. They test-fire new top-of-the-line missiles towards the large, low-quality space stations.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:01 No.4737654

    World Type: Cemetery World
    Tech Level: Mid Imperial
    Star Size: Giant
    Adeptus Arbites Presence: Token
    Adeptus Astra Telepathica Presence: Token
    Adeptus Astronimica Presence: Token
    Adeptus Mechanicus Presence: Token
    Administratum Presence: Small
    Adeptus Ministorum Presence: Dominating
    Inquisition Presence: Token
    Planet Size: Tiny (20000 km)
    Axial Tilt: None
    Length of Day: 12 hours
    Length of Year: 365 days (730 local days)
    Satellites: 1
    Gravity: Very Heavy
    Atmosphere: Deadly
    Temperature: Bitter
    Terrain: Barren
    Population: 1 billion
    Society: Religious (Ministorum)
    Huge Medium/High Quality Enforcers
    Medium Medium/High Quality Standing Army
    Medium Medium/High Quality Private Army
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:03 No.4737671

    Possibly a exterminatus weapon developing facility?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:05 No.4737679
    The very first thread had a couple of normal/nice planets - that democratic hive world; that small, warm agri-world; I guess that forge world orbiting the tiny star.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:10 No.4737724
    It doesn't matter what it looks like on the surface.
    It might look like a frozen, poisonous, evil wasteland. However, many an important battle took place here. It used to be an important defensive position during M38.732 during the Bowstrong Rebellion. After twenty-five months of siege, the cultists overran and took this planet. We responded by blowing it to hell. Of course, you can't see half of the craters thanks to the cyanide ice. Still, the important thing is millions died here. Both our allies and our enemies. It is our purpose to discover the identities of both, so our fallen may be blessed forever and their fallen may be damned.
    It's a tough job, identifying millions of mutilated corpses frozen beneath the ice but you'll come to get used to it in time.
    Now hand me my pickaxe, rookie, and help me dig out this one so we can try and identify him. Poor sod's missing an arm.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:15 No.4737761
    Not really, it's got land-based silos. Plus it's got a workable atmosphere + hydrosphere, if it's uncomforably hot, so the Imperium wouldn't slag a world they could use.

    That could be an alternate purpose for the world; the large orbital stations are deploying solar shades to cool the planet down, and whilst it terraforms they're using it as a weapons testing range.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:17 No.4737785
    That's like sheltering your children from all of the evils of the outside world so you can raise him good and proper.
    Except, every night, you say 'fuck that' and buttfuck him.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:19 No.4737805
    So a billion people on that planet have the job of mining through millions of tons of poisonous and radioactive ice, trying to find corpses that can possibly be identified after over a thousand years of shoddy preservation by ice?

    And I thought my job was shit.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:21 No.4737827
    Don't forget about the heavy gravity.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:24 No.4737855
    While making sure they don't fall through the ice to their deaths, as well.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:27 No.4737884
    To be honest, I think we've made enough planets for now. If we do any other threads about this, all we'll do is alienate the masses and piss people off.

    We can start again in a few weeks time, maybe but for now let the map-maker work on making the nations awesome.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:29 No.4737896
         File :1243898949.jpg-(38 KB, 800x600, Desert_Planet.jpg)
    38 KB
    Class: Death World
    Tech Level: Industrial
    Star Size: Huge
    Adeptus Arbites: None
    Adeptus Astra Telepathica: None
    Adeptus Astronimica: Token
    Adeptus Mechanicus: Token
    Administratum: None
    Adeptus Ministorum: Token
    Inquisition: None
    Size: Average (70,000km circumference)
    Axial Tilt: Severe
    Day Length: 34 hours
    Year Length: 92 Terran days
    Satellites: 1
    Gravity: Standard (.8 to 1.2)
    Atmosphere: Normal
    Hydrosphere: Parched
    Averate Temperature: 31c to 50c (warm)
    Winter Temperature: -29c to -10c
    Summer Temperature: 91c to 110c
    Terrain: Flat rock, hills, barren, sandy, broken rock
    Population: 400,000,000
    Government: Hereditary monarchy
    Defenses: ?

    Surveyed by the Imperial Navy and found to be mineral-rich, Syran is a water-starved world orbiting a vicious star. Little productivity has come of the planet since colonization; mining operations are frequently lost to the planet's shifting wastes and the sun's brutal radiation.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:32 No.4737931
    Damn this sector gets the weirdest and most horrible planets imaginable.

    "Dad i dont want to travel to the Tiji sector, all the other kids say it is horrific."

    "Now son don`t exaggerate, remember what the friendly fellow at the Imperal Department of Relocation and Propaganda told us: It is merely mostly horrific."
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:33 No.4737937
    Good idea.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:34 No.4737951
         File :1243899293.jpg-(12 KB, 240x244, 240px-Dune_Movie_Arrakis.jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:36 No.4737964
    And if we have the planets we can wait a day or two and flesh out the deep ones
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:36 No.4737966
    Depending on what the main threat to this sector is, it could be horrible or extremely bad.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:37 No.4737976
    The main threat is the sector self

    who wants to invade that?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:43 No.4738027
    Nobody, except (probably) the Necrons.

    Oh, and any forces the Eldar can manipulate.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:45 No.4738056
    There's a Chaos uprising going on in the Spinward-Coreward corner of the Tiji Sector, where Ravenforge and Euclisine, a forgeworld and shrineworld respectively, have both turned to Chaos as their primary religion. The Adeptus Mechanicus and the Adeptus Ministorum respectively are trying to reclaim the planets - however, the Inquisition has put quarantine on both of them. They don't want any cultists going in, or coming out.
    If the cultists win the battle, there's going to be a full-scale war in the Tiji Sector.
    If the cultists lose, barely avoided war.
    As long as the quarantine is up, however, no one knows what is going on in either of those planets.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)19:47 No.4738075
    Mining World
    Advanced Imperial Tech
    Large Sized Star
    No Arbites
    Token Astra Telepathica
    Token Astronomica
    Dominating Mechanicus
    Notable Administratum
    Slight Ministorum Presence
    Token Inquisition
    Huge Size (225,000km)
    Notable Axial Tilt
    39 hours in a day.
    71 days in a year
    8 satellites
    Light Gravity Level
    Normal atmosphere
    Aquatic Hydrosphere
    Average Temperature
    Active Volcanoes
    6,700 people
    Hereditary Monarchy
    Small amount of Enforcers; medium quality
    Large amount of Militia; Medium quality
    Medium Standing Army; Medium/High Quality
    Tiny Armored Force; Poor Quality
    Medium Titan Force; Medium Quality
    Tiny amount of Private Armies; Poor Quality
    Medium Naval force; Medium Quality
    Tiny Orbital Station; Medium/Poor Quality
    Tiny Ground Silos; Poor Quality
    Medium Orbital Silos; Medium/Poor Quality
    Tiny Amount of lasers; Poor Quality
    Small Mercenary Force; Medium Quality
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)19:51 No.4738098



    Nobody goes to Ravenforge!
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)19:53 No.4738117

    Name: Aquaphobia?

    Since it got Aquatic, that means it's completely covered in water...

    and Active Volcanoes! I think it's a good place for the Deep Ones.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:53 No.4738118
    So, um, is there an irc channel for this sort of thing?

    Or a chart matching the map to the world descriptions?
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:55 No.4738133
    No one goes to Ravenforge and no one comes out.
    The Inquisition makes sure of that.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)19:56 No.4738151
    is there some tombworld somewhere in all of this?
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)19:57 No.4738157

    We can make one; but I think we've made too many planets so far.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)20:01 No.4738194
    I wouldn't really say too many. We've got loads of planets, yes, but so does the Calixis Sector.
    Yes, there is.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)20:02 No.4738202
         File :1243900950.png-(174 KB, 937x567, Tiji Sector 2.png)
    174 KB
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)20:03 No.4738209

    There is? Which one?
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)20:05 No.4738231

    Can we move Aquaphobia to the same system as Kratos? They can share the Astartes Homeworld title; Aquaphobia is for water training, and Kratos is for other survival training.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)20:08 No.4738259
    I pity the PCs who have to go to any of these planets in Dark Heresy.

    GM: "Your inquisitor is sending you to investigate a disturbance in the Tiji sector, on a planet called Xomula."
    PC 1:"He's not going to say anything about that cultist that we let get away?"
    PC 2: "I told you he'd never find out."
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)20:09 No.4738272

    I'd love to see the whole story on that one.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)20:12 No.4738308
         File :1243901565.png-(174 KB, 937x567, Tiji Sector 2.png)
    174 KB
    Enigmus. Couldn't think of a better name for it, but it's a feral world with almost no water, highly poisonous gases and it's too cold to sustain human life. However, primitive human remains - as in, stone age - have been discovered on the planet.
    No one really knows what could've caused it, but one of the theories is tombworld.
    Ergo, Enigmus is covered in countless educated explorers desperate to uncover Tiji's first tomb complex!
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)20:13 No.4738312
    Necrons are queer, screw that.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)20:14 No.4738325
    It was a feral world, more accurately:

    World Type: Dead World (Previously a Feral World)
    Tech Level: Stone Age
    Star Size: Medium
    Inquisition Presence: Moderate
    Planet Size: Miniscule
    Planet Circumference: 7,000
    Axial Tilt: Large (26-35o)
    Day Length: 5 Hours
    Year Length: 570 Terran Days (2736 Local Days)
    Satellites: 1
    Gravity: Standard (0.8-1.2)
    Atmosphere: Poisonous
    Hydrosphere: Parched
    Average Temperature: Frosty (-40--11)
    Summer Temperature: 0-31
    Winter Temperature: -80--51
    Population: 5,200
    Society: Religious (Local)
    Military: Naval Forces
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)20:14 No.4738326
    Oh yeah, I decided to write a bit of backstory on Nephertis. Tell me what you guys think:

    In M41.127, a small, cold planet was discovered in the Spinward-Coreward area of the Tiji Sector. Dubbed "Nephertis", it was immediately surveyed by the Administratum. After deeming it habitable with no hostile xeno life on the planet, one million colonists were sent to colonize Nephertis and develop it as an Agri-World. A colony ship was launched in M41.512, with the mission to develop the planet as an Agri-World by M41.522, when the first convoy would arrive to pick up a food shipment destined for Orvara.

    When the convoy arrived at Nephertis, the planet was completely silent. No communications, no lights, nothing. After searching for days, the convoy finally discovered a badly damaged Arvus Lighter, with markings that identified it as a part of the Nephertis Colony, floating in space. Upon opening it, they found a single badly injured colonist in a pressurized suit, surrounded by corpses. Although the sole survivor was given immediate medical treatment, he died shortly after being rescued. Before he died, he spoke of war, death, destruction, and hinted that there might still be hundreds of thousands still alive on Nephertis, still fighting. What they were fighting was never hinted at.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)20:15 No.4738332
    An Inquisitorial Detachment, consisting of 6,000 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, was immediately dispatched to the forsaken colony. What they found was utter chaos and destruction; hideous mutants stalked what remained of the settlements on Nephertis, monstrous predatory xenofauna infested the planet, slaughtering Stormtroopers left and right, and the only survivors that they could find were insane assassins and fanatics, all with the eight pointed star somewhere on their bodies. 2,000 Stormtroopers lost their lives on Nephertis within three days. An immediate retreat was given, but an estimaed 850 Stormtroopers were unable to escape, and were given the Emperor's Blessing before being abandoned to their fates on the cursed planet.

    To this day, Nephertis has been struck from all Imperial Records. Official records do not make any mention of a planet orbiting the star. Travel to Nephertis for any purpose whatsoever is forbidden by Inquisitorial decree. Officially, Nephertis does not exist. Sadly, the Inquisition could only wish that it truly did not exist.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)20:16 No.4738348

    Thanks for the move; that's pretty cool, about the tomb world.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)20:18 No.4738368

    That's some good backstory; I like it.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)20:23 No.4738414
    I like.
    I'm even considering just putting a white box over where the system is and just having the box say EXPUNGED.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)20:33 No.4738509
    I think we should set the thread towards the Deep Ones now; we need backstory for them.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)20:35 No.4738531
    You go ahead and do that.
    Space Marines are not my forte. I quickly get bored of them.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)20:43 No.4738600

    One day, a letter came in from Chaos, to the leader of the Space Marines in the Tiji System.

    "Dear Space Marines,
    You are a bunch of fagets.

    The Marines were angry. They went to Xomula and trained. They are now called the Deep Ones.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/01/09(Mon)20:58 No.4738714
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)21:05 No.4738766
    They told the Space Marines it was crazy to build a fortress monastery in the swamp. They built it anyway.

    It promptly fell into the swamp.

    But they never give up, so they built another one, right on top. That one fell into the swamp, too.

    So they built a third fortress monastery. That one was attacked by the forces of Chaos, burned, fell over, and sank into the swamp.

    But the fourth one stayed up! And that's where they live and train, in the strongest fortress in the sector.
    >> Anonymous 06/01/09(Mon)21:26 No.4738933
    Going back to Sors Natio

    I won't go into physics because it's just astro-Kenya, but for development, I figure the Mechanus initially intended to turn it into forge world, but when their turned out to be less mineral rich than previously hoped, they abandoned this. However, the Adminstratum, not one to abandon a huge planet so near the sectors major centers, converted it into a hive world. The Mechanus still nominal governs the world, and takes care of all the machinery needed to keep 22 billion alive on a tepid, arid planet, but the adminstratum and inquisition are the real powers.

    Anyway, I rolled up stats for one of it's satellites

    Sors Natio I
    Advanced Space
    Star Size: N/a
    Abrites: None
    Telepathica: Token
    Astronomica: TOken
    Mechanus: Slight
    Adminstratum: Notable
    Minstorum: Small
    Inquisition: Token
    Planet Size: Miniscule (2,000KM circumferecne, I didn't add 4)
    Axal Tilt: Notable: (6-15)
    Length: 5 Hours
    Year: As Sors Natio Prime
    Gravity: Light
    Atmoshpere: Normal
    Hydroshpere: Damp
    Terrain: Flat Rock
    Population: 600,000
    Society: Oligarchy
    Defences (under Sors Natio PDF): Medium, poor quality enforcers, Small, mid range Miltia, Small, poor to medium standing army

    Basically, it's an "agro-world" in that it collects water to send to Sors prime.
    The whole planet is constantly shrouded in immensely hot water vapor, since all moister immediately evaporates on the searing rocks.
    The entire population survives in a single underground dome, with tunnels connecting to the various vapor collection units on the planet.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)01:38 No.4740918
    Ha. But on the Deep ones I think we have to think of which Chapter they came from originally to start deciding more. Now Salamanders, Dark Angels and Space Wolves have all been suggested. Which one do we choose?
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)01:50 No.4740995
    What about the enormous agri-world populated by god-fearing farmers and guarded by nothing but planetary laser cannons? Or the hive world that died and froze over and now is a base for the =][=?
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)02:36 No.4741328
    If we're going with the Deep Ones, should we keep the Shark theme? Tentacles and stuff is more lovecraftian but a bit too Chaosy...
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)02:43 No.4741370
    I don't see why we can't have a Lovecraftian name but still have sharks for them.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)06:51 No.4742800
    Shark theme, keep it.
    The agri-world is just filled with paranoid farmers. It's called Texasium for a reason.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)07:18 No.4742923
         File :1243941499.png-(175 KB, 937x567, Tiji Sector 3.png)
    175 KB
    After this thread's gone under, I don't want a new one to start. I want it to die and I want this whole topic to die for a couple of weeks.

    We don't want to beat this horse so hard it falls over and dies. But still, for the rest of this thread, here's a link:
    Use this to generate your planets. Sure, it's a designer's nightmare. Sure, it doesn't make sense.
    That's half of the fun.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)07:54 No.4743137
    For the Deep Ones, there's no need for LE AWESOME background.
    The Salamanders had a bit too much geneseed in stock. They sent it off to the Adeptus Mechanicus to build a new Chapter somewhere suitable.
    The Adeptus Mechanicus spied the Eldrad's Rhombus region of the Tiji Sector, decided 'hey, that would be an awesome training ground' and began the conversion process there, after constructing an underwater monastary fortress in the swamps of Kratos.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)09:15 No.4743536
    World Type: war world, was a Hive planet
    Tech Level: advanced
    Star Size: medium
    Adeptus Presence: Massive inquisitional force, 13th Britonian Guard and attached Adeptus
    Planet Size: average (67,000 km)
    Axel Title: none
    Day: 219 hours
    Year: 570 Terran Days, 62.4 local days
    Satellites: 33
    Gravity: standard
    Atmosphere: normal
    Hydrosphere: average (73% water)
    Temperature: average (-10 to +30)
    limestone caves
    Population: 2 billion
    Society: Elected Monarchy (imperial loyalists), Hereditary Dictator (rebels)
    Defense: Large numbers of the 13th Britonian assisted by loyalist armies. Massive force of low quality rebel armies.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)12:01 No.4744471
    Not too sure what to make of this.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)12:10 No.4744518
    Death World
    Advanced Space world
    Large Star
    Adeptus Astra Telepethica: Token.
    Adeptus Astronomica: Token
    Adeptus Mechanicus: Token
    Small, 27,000 KM
    Axial tilt: Moderate, 16-25 degrees.
    40 hour days.
    75 day years.
    11 satelites.
    Very light gravity
    Tainted atmosphere.
    Moist world
    3 terrains
    Swamp, mountains, caves.
    33 Million inhabitants.
    Tyrannical Dictator
    I seem to get to choose how much army it has.
    Large poor/medium quality navy.
    Medium medium/high quality orbital missiles.
    Huge medium quality armoured forces.
    Small poor quality standing army.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)12:34 No.4744627
    Someone writefag this into seriousness. I'm thinking salamander sucessor chapter, famous for being more fuck-stubborn then even the salamanders. They were told to build their fortress monastery on any planet but this one. No prizes for guessing what they chose. After 3 attempts where they were thwarted by the shifting and devious nature of the planets swampy surface they decided to build their fortess monestary as a huge-as-all-fuckoff boat, that slowly grinds its way around the thick vicious soup the planet calls a fortress. The fortress can submerge itself in case of an attack.

    They have gained a few mutations on the anti-disiease theme, being even more resistant to toxins then a normal marine, and have inherited the salamnaders fortitude and stanima regarding extreme climates.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)13:16 No.4744941
    I like the stubborn theme, but I'm a bit unsure on Salamanders. I mean they are pretty cool, but I think being a successor chapter to the Iron Hands would be better. Iron Hands are cool.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)13:38 No.4745108
    Index Astartes: Deep Ones

    Founding: 986M39
    Home world: Kratos
    Current campaign: ++INFORMATION INACESSABLE++
    Primogenitor Chapter: Salamanders

    The Deep Ones are a secretive chapter, and not much is known about them, even in their 'home' sector the tiji sector. The Explorator fleets had deemed Kratos uninhabitable, and marked it for teraforming. However Chapter Master Pugnax Macula when confronted with a choice of planets to build his Fortress on chose Kronus, despite repeated claims from the Adeptus Administratum that it was unsuitable.

    The beuilding of a Fortress Monastery on Kratos was indeed a difficult task, the ever-changing and treacherous nature of the planet's slippery shifting surface meant that no traditional buildings could be created. After three failed attempts to create a foundation, the fortress was successfully created. The fortress itself is not stationary, but is in fact a giant submersible, capable of submerging itself to help it's defence, or moving across the planet.

    A White sharks head on a fiend of dark grey. Some dark green is encorporated.

    Chapter Master: Pugnax Macula
    Name: Deep Ones
    Founding chapter: Salamanders
    Founding: 18th
    Homeworld: Kratos
    Main colours: Dark Grey, with white and dark green details.
    Speciality: Usage of terror tactics, Biohazard Warzones
    Battle Cry: ????
    Estimated strength: Unknown
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:00 No.4745259
    Tactics: In battle the Deep Ones use a combination of attrition and terror tactics. Famous for their refusal to give in, even if loss is certain, they have a track record of somehow pulling victory out of the jaws of defeat, albeit at a high cost. In victory they are meticulously merciless, destroying every last trace of the vanquished foe.

    Often deployed in biohazardous warzones, which would be dangerously toxic for even normal marines, they make good usage of terrain, turning the dangers of the local terrain against their foes. Often they will lure opposing forces into almost suicidal fighting conditions, trapping their enemies before remorselessly removing and eradicating them from the face of the planet.

    The Deep Ones don't make much usage of bikes or rhinos, but make extensive usage of landspeeders and thunderhawk dropships, preferring to engage opponents in ambushes from impossible directions. Air insertions that rely on suicidal transport runs are favoured tog gain the element of surprise. Drop pod insertions are also favoured.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:11 No.4745319
         File :1243966282.jpg-(11 KB, 266x350, Magalodon.jpg)
    11 KB
    If the Sharks are going to be their symbol, I say we'll probably have to include some Grimdark fierce Sharks. I know Kratos doesn't have much animal life, but some planet in the system, possibly Xomula, could have there theoretical grimdark sharks. In fact if we put the sharks on Xomula it could be part of the initiation.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 06/02/09(Tue)14:17 No.4745354

    Put the sharks on Aquaphobia, the planet next to Kratos; it's completely covered in water.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:19 No.4745370

    to be a company commander, you have to kill one and wear its skin, ala the Lemen Russ-Wolf skin tradition
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:20 No.4745375
    Two-part initiation? That'd work.

    Now... how do we make sharks even more grimdark? We could make them FUCKHUGE. Or poisonous.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:22 No.4745394
         File :1243966937.jpg-(27 KB, 300x303, blacktipjaw.jpg)
    27 KB

    Now I really want to see a mini of this. A Deep Ones commander, wearing a sharkskin cape, and the helmet modded to look like a shark's open jaw... Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:25 No.4745410
    ...Think Scriptarius would be willing? I think it'd be within his capabilities.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:27 No.4745421

    Anyone feel like going to that army painter site and make a Deep Ones color scheme? I'd do it, but I got no time.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:29 No.4745433
    Someone did it last thread, it's on the archive. It was pretty good, though I'd suggest the shoulder pad outline and skull to be gold. Because it looks cooler that way.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:30 No.4745437
    btw salamanders dnt have any second founding chapters
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:32 No.4745453
    No official ones. But fuck it, we're making one anyway. Although this is why I suggested Iron Hands.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:35 No.4745470
    ye, but salamanders are better than iron hands, also if u wanted to make a mini for a captain the new vulcan model is coming out soon who will have a bad ass cloak and the helmet conversion wouldnt be to tricky
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:40 No.4745505

    poisonous mutated heretical chaos sharks
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:41 No.4745525
    what about them?
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:47 No.4745563

    The sharks are sentient. No one knows this except the Deep Ones, who are the only Imperials to have made contact with them. The sea beasts aren't actually that large or poisonous, but unimaginably cruel and vicious, luring the would-be initiates into traps and ambushes, chasing them for hours. A Deep Ones Chaplain, Tenethius Aculae, claims that he has found reliable evidence that the creatures worship the Ruinous Powers in their own primitive way. Some of the veterans in the chapter, convinced that Tenethius is right, have sworn to exterminate the entire species of Aquaphobian sea beasts.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:50 No.4745579
    just wondering how do space marine(s) fight these now sentinent chaos sharks?
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)14:57 No.4745621
    So in other worlds, bottle-nosed dolphins with a nasty set of teeth.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:00 No.4745640

    With knives. And simple scuba gear.

    The dudes who are serious about killing every shark motherfucker in the ocean use Terminator power armor, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:01 No.4745642
    Xenos as Heraldry? This sounds like heresy to me...

    Personally, I vote for armored sharks with an incredible bite. Bite through ships and stuff.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:02 No.4745652

    I'm tired of LARGE BEASTS THAT BITE THROUGH THINGS. Space Wolves have them. Salamanders have them. These guys are just really smart predators.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:03 No.4745662

    Deep one initiates are directly clad in special power armour as soon as the implants are ready, for thier trail ahead is more heinous than any other chapter.

    Where some might make initiates fight hand to hand with vile mutations of initiates who didn't absorb the implants well, the deep ones will armour thier initiates with power armour outfitted with extensive liquid oxygen tanks.
    The initiate will than be dropped with his fellow brothers into the shallow oceans of aqua, to preform a week long rigorous mission into the underwater caves inhabited by a verocious species of Akulova Tyranus. The vile beasts work in ambush packs of 15 and have both arms and legs to better navigate thier cramp underwater strongholds through miniature tunnels used to repel invaders.

    If the Innitiate survives this ordeal with his fellow brothers and brings back the almost adamite strong jaw of an Akulova Tyranus alpha species, the brood king he will become a full fledged battle brother.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:05 No.4745685
    rather than chaos sharks make them some sort of tyranind spin off species which could explain the harsh nature of the planet, e.g half way through being nidified
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:06 No.4745689

    Stop replacing meh ideas, with bad ideas.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:07 No.4745696
    I don't know... doesn't this detract from the whole "Sharks are basically machines. They kill, eat, sleep, mate and eventually die after repeating the previous steps as much as possible." thing?
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:11 No.4745712
    its a better idea and you know, its helps explain more about the worlds harsh environment and its happened before like the kraken or catachan devil, both are abandonned nid species, where as i can't think of any animals who worship chaos
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:12 No.4745722
    For the Deep Ones, there's no need for TEH AWESOME background.
    The Salamanders had a bit too much geneseed in stock. They sent it off to the Adeptus Mechanicus to build a new Chapter somewhere suitable.
    The Adeptus Mechanicus spied the Eldrad's Rhombus region of the Tiji Sector, decided 'hey, that would be an awesome training ground' and began the conversion process there, after constructing an underwater monastary fortress in the swamps of Kratos.

    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:15 No.4745736
    i still like nid sharks
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:16 No.4745741
    Yeah that's acceptable. Except the chapter decided to build the fortress out of stubbornness. Because it's better that way. Now we're concentrating on the shark aspect.

    Also when this thread is over how long should the break period be? A week? Leave it too long and it dies.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:17 No.4745747
    this thread cant die until we have sorted this out, we stil havent decided everything
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:20 No.4745764
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:22 No.4745787
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:26 No.4745811
         File :1243970762.jpg-(26 KB, 364x400, shark7.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:29 No.4745828
    Give it a week.
    I'll start a thread on Sunday.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:31 No.4745846
    I vote for a battlecry of "JAWESOME".

    Also Robot Sharks. Because Robot Sharks. Where a Deep One can't go and kick your ass, send a robot shark.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:33 No.4745862
    but the deep ones are fighting the sharks so they would be sending robot sharks to fight each other
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:37 No.4745904
         File :1243971438.jpg-(37 KB, 609x400, shark8.jpg)
    37 KB
    someone remembers the sharkticons?
    too bad they dont fit into this :(

    pic not related to sharkticons
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:38 No.4745912
    street sharks ftw
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:43 No.4745947
    Clearly they are believers of the fight fire with fire strategy.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:45 No.4745969
    there not, someone just got the wrong end of the stick on which side the sharks are on
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:54 No.4746059
    ...How would a species like a Shark gain sentience? Chaos?
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)15:57 No.4746072

    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)16:02 No.4746105
    But... how? To my knowledge the basic tactics of a shark have remained pretty much unchanged for a while. And the shark is quite old. Why would a shark need intelligence when it's already so efficient? I suppose the habitat could have made it need to adapt a new way of surviving... I don't know why but it could... And it could hardly develop very far, unless it evolved a way to use tools. Well without the help of Chaos. With Chaos they could build stuff WITH THEIR MINDS if they wanted to.

    Although I really shouldn't be trying to apply this king of thinking to 40K. Just couldn't help it.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)17:29 No.4746920
    Next you'll be wondering why such earth-like sharks are doing hanging around on a planet so far removed from Terra.

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