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  • File :1244792681.jpg-(346 KB, 1386x1024, e0036693_4a233ecf52594.jpg)
    346 KB I CLUB SEALS 06/12/09(Fri)03:44 No.4852421  
    Do Space Wolf Shield Maidens have miniatures? Because the idea of female fire support for the manly beef shields of that are Space Marines is fucking awesome.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 06/12/09(Fri)03:46 No.4852437
    That does sound pretty awesome. Is that something you made up on the spot or are we talking canon material here? Because a lot of what the space furries do is intentionally outside of the typical Space Marine material.
    >> I CLUB SEALS 06/12/09(Fri)03:49 No.4852455
    I think it might has been fanmade, because I can find any references to Space Wolf Shield Maidens in a quick google search, and the original idea of using them in battle I stole from a post in a thread with the leading pic.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)03:49 No.4852456
    If they exist, it sounds like /tg/ canon (which I prefer to the regular).
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)03:52 No.4852471
         File :1244793126.jpg-(15 KB, 400x481, 1241288639231.jpg)
    15 KB
    It was made up by lonely sweaty neckbeards that needed an excuse to touch the breasts of miniature women.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)03:52 No.4852473
    OH FUCK YES! When did He finish this picture? I only had the lineart!
    >> Tech Priest Naile 06/12/09(Fri)03:52 No.4852474
    Are they space marines or some kind of Sororitas chapter attached to the Space Wolves?

    Also, they definately wouldn't have miniatures, ICS.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)03:53 No.4852480
    Use Sisters of Battle and paint them Space Wolf colors.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)03:56 No.4852514
         File :1244793392.jpg-(28 KB, 640x432, rocklee.jpg)
    28 KB

    im not going to lie, the sleekness of their armor is making me rage a little
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)03:56 No.4852516
    Rules-wise they're sororitas, but fluff-wise they 're completely unrelated.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)03:56 No.4852518
    Well it is considered cannon that space marines cannot reproduce and those not tainted by chaos have no interest in oposite sex.

    However the Space Wolves have such wierd fluff by comparison to the other factions (I attribute that to there utter manliness) they can get drunk, party often, and fight with eachother (for good sport.) With that said theres nothing that says they can't have sexy woman just hanging around them as long as they serve some function.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)03:58 No.4852532

    I wouldn't go so far as to say they needed to serve a function with the Space Wolves...
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:01 No.4852554
    They could simply be there to shut up a feminist movement on fenris.
    "See weman do play a role in the space marines."
    >> The_DEE-VINE_KAMINA!! !!0QYEjps+C+V 06/12/09(Fri)04:01 No.4852555
    As long as they kick Chaos ass and take Xenos names for the Emperor, it's all gravy.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:03 No.4852563
    >feminist movement
    Are fucking serious?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:04 No.4852568
    on fenris no less
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:05 No.4852577
    hell yes, a space wovles thread
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:06 No.4852583
    Damn. I mistyped!
    >Are you fucking serious?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:06 No.4852587
    This reminds me I was either going to do a space wolves army when space wolves got redone this year or I was going to do a emperors children army pre-hersey.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:08 No.4852592
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:08 No.4852595
    0/10 dis thread

    I thought you were above this I CLUB SEALS...

    ...but you're just another worthless shit-cog in the shitstain machine.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:08 No.4852596
         File :1244794134.png-(110 KB, 354x450, sallies.png)
    110 KB
    >Well it is considered cannon that space marines cannot reproduce

    Nigga what?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:10 No.4852603
    go space wolves, never look back.

    you will not regret it
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:10 No.4852607
    Of course I'm not serious we all know there are only two types of movements in 40K
    Emperial tribute movements
    Heretical ones and we all know what happens to those movements.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:11 No.4852616
    >Heretical ones and we all know what happens to those movements.

    They get pizza parties?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:11 No.4852617
    >They could simply be there to shut up a feminist movement on fenris.

    Fenrisian women

    A: Know as much about Space Marines as Fenrisian Men (AKA they DON'T. Only know them as the "watchers")

    B: Don't fight the wars. They sit off to the side. If their men lose, they become property of the other tribe of men. Then they go back to gathering/washing/surviving.

    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:13 No.4852632
         File :1244794421.jpg-(25 KB, 250x250, 1219976021209.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:14 No.4852635
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:15 No.4852645
    Yep that black penis is useless as a space marine enjoy your sterilaty.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:16 No.4852651

    >enjoy your sterilaty.

    Someone doesn't seem to understand Salamnders very well. They have dynasties. They are encouraged to breed.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:16 No.4852658
    As long as GW says Salamanders have normal families and GW doesn't say Spess mOhreenz have no penis, Salamanders keep having some wimminz around the house.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:19 No.4852669
    That... that woman is ADORABLE! I wanna cuddle her!
    I know she would rip out my liver and eat it raw, but her face just looks so sweet!
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:22 No.4852687
    Thats why you drink some Feresian Ale while she does it soe it will tickle instead of OMG MY LIVER.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:23 No.4852698
    sauce plz
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:23 No.4852701
    too bad shes crosseyed
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:25 No.4852711
    Space Wolves? more like Vargr!
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)04:32 No.4852754
    ...wouldn't the exposed torso remove a great deal of the armor's protection?

    Also, she appears to have the canis helix. Equal to the Sororitas she is not.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)05:21 No.4853006
    And that guy right there?
    I just want to scratch behind his ears and give him a biscuit! WHOZA GOOD PUPPERS!? WHOZA GOOD BOY!
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)05:28 No.4853050
    Well... no actually, the Wolf kinda freaks me out.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)05:28 No.4853051

    Thanks for killing my erection, faggot.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)05:35 No.4853081

    actually, thats not entirely true...it doesnt specifically say that space marines have no interest in women. or that they cant reproduce. it actually dances around the subject quite a bit.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)05:38 No.4853101

    yes fenris. where women finally understand their true roles.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:28 No.4853448
         File :1244802526.jpg-(343 KB, 641x785, sobterminator.jpg)
    343 KB
    Glory to the SPACE VOWELS!
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:32 No.4853463
         File :1244802723.png-(82 KB, 451x540, Horo Loves Space Wolves.png)
    82 KB
    S-space Wolves?
    >> suomynonA 06/12/09(Fri)06:33 No.4853474
         File :1244802830.jpg-(57 KB, 640x473, inu36_01.jpg)
    57 KB
    Can I be a Space Wolf, guys?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:34 No.4853476
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:36 No.4853482
    No, you apple obsessed nudist, we were talking about Space Sharks, now run along.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:39 No.4853491
         File :1244803180.jpg-(55 KB, 500x281, Horo Mad.jpg)
    55 KB

    Fine! Fuck you, you overweight failure of a Dragonforce fanboy!
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:41 No.4853498
    You can be MY Space Wolf Horo. I still love you.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:43 No.4853506
         File :1244803382.jpg-(26 KB, 610x346, Horo Pissy.jpg)
    26 KB

    Okay. But I'm still mad at you.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:44 No.4853512
    But I'm a different Anon! I haven't done anything wrong yet!
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:45 No.4853524
    What kind of role would Space Wolf Shield Maidens actually have on the battlefield? Heavy weapons support? A cheaper version of tactical marines? Or some kind of fast attack unit?
    >> Koga suomynonA 06/12/09(Fri)06:48 No.4853541
         File :1244803684.jpg-(29 KB, 300x595, kouga10.jpg)
    29 KB
    Yeah, well, I'm gonna go build my own space marine chapter, with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the chapter!
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:50 No.4853552
    I can see a squad with heavy Bolters.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:51 No.4853562
    I would say ranged support and medic personally, since SWs prefer to be upclose and personal with the enemy.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:51 No.4853566
    Where's the writefaggotry I was promised about Space Wolves evolving into valkyries?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:53 No.4853576
    >since SWs prefer to be upclose and personal with the enemy

    it kind of makes sense that since space wolves hold shooting in lower regard than hitting people that they'll leave it to the women
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)06:56 No.4853589

    Though they'd either have to be cheaper than the existing SW heavy weapons teams or come in squads of 10 to make sense in the game. I could also see them flying some kind of med evac landspeeder.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)07:01 No.4853618
    I liked that short piece of writefaggotry we had a while back about the Space Wolves essentially summoning a chaos daemon in the shape of Russ. Their belief in his return was so great that they made it happen.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)07:01 No.4853621
    Game-mechanic wise I just see them as a heavy Bolter Squad of SoBs.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)07:03 No.4853631

    Just like Valkyries, except coming to claim the wounded warriors instead of the dying.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)07:06 No.4853649
         File :1244804817.jpg-(392 KB, 790x1003, Sister of Sigmar.jpg)
    392 KB
    What about tha fat valkyrie lady singing in opera archetype? Sooo Sister of Battle terminators like in >>4853448
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)07:10 No.4853657
         File :1244805039.jpg-(169 KB, 900x1199, Daughter-of-Russ-92757199.jpg)
    169 KB
    don't forget the Daughters of Russ.
    >> 40Kfag from /m/ !!t8iiyj3DIqR 06/12/09(Fri)07:14 No.4853670
         File :1244805275.jpg-(213 KB, 763x770, 1233023156188.jpg)
    213 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)07:14 No.4853673
    Fluff says that the Space Wolves themselves fly around with a Thunderhawk to claim the mightiest warriors. No shield maidens for the job, terribly sorry.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)07:16 No.4853682
    Shieldmaidens are legal, they're in the 2nd or 3rd edition space wolf codex. They're just not statted. Ever.

    If you really want to use them, make them your scout squad and convert sisters of battle.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)07:19 No.4853694
    >Shieldmaidens are legal
    Well, I would have to assume so, AoC on Fenris is probably like 13.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)07:22 No.4853702
    13 for humans, 2 for wolves and 18 for wulfen.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)07:22 No.4853703
    >they're in the 2nd or 3rd edition space wolf codex
    You realize that most of /tg/ will be at your throat for saying that.
    That's like saying using Squats is still legal.

    (Fuck that stupid squats/candlejack meme, I think Creed is hiding them for the ultimate surprise in the near future.)
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)07:24 No.4853710
    No no, they're still in the fluff. Table legal is debateable but using WYSIWYG, I believe you have a case for converting sisters of battle to be your sniper scouts and calling them shieldmaidens.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)07:28 No.4853725
    ...Actually, hey, if we're using a renegade faction of space marines we can do basically anything, right?

    Renegade as in "Lost in the eye of terror and are now stumbling their way back home with no navigation"
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)08:03 No.4853888

    This would be pretty cool for Squats actually. Might pick up a cheap resin VTOL and model one of those big titted Reaper dorfs hanging out of the door with a medikit or something.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)08:06 No.4853914

    WRONG. only the most revered and oldest of the space wolves carry heavy weapons, the long fangs. they do NOT look down on long ranged weaponry. they just do not have the patience for it an venerate those who do.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)08:17 No.4853986
    Heavy weapons, not all ranged weapons, which is why I say sniper scouts for the shield maidens.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)08:32 No.4854091
    Sounds great, I doubt any real space wolf would want to scout anyways.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)08:33 No.4854097
    totally why their scouts are elite.
    Space wolf scouts are veterans.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:07 No.4854299
    fuck you anon. fuck you.

    squats are still out there. waiting. planning. plotting their revenge.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:09 No.4854314
    Till the Squattime brother, till the squa
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:10 No.4854320
    i hate it when people talk about stuff they have no clue about...

    Space Wolf Scouts are veterans, the best, the only ones who theyd trust to wear something as flimsy as carapace armor for its ease of stealth. these guys are right up there with the wolf guard, who outrank them, but just.

    The novice space wolves are called Bloodclaws, who are berzerkers. they actually begin relaxing and getting less bloodthirsty with age. they start understanding the need for actual tactics like stealth, heavy weapons, assassinations and the like.

    then again, they also get hot bitches and plenty of beer when they get home. so at the end of the day, its all good.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:10 No.4854326
    hell yeah, you know it, shout about the motherfuckin squa
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:14 No.4854347

    What would a space wolf need a hot bitch for?

    Like all spess mahreens, they don't have dicks. They're made non-functional by the various implants during the process of becoming a marine, and are removed at a certain stage of the process. Hormones are carefully regulated in a spess mahreens body by the various implanted organs, and there's no room for things like being horny.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:17 No.4854360

    Wait wait wait wait wait

    How the fuck is her spine not snapping from the weight of her COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED upper power armour? With suspiciously well-defined tits, I might add.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:18 No.4854364

    tell that to the space wolves. you think theyre gonna put up with being neutered? i dont think so motherfucker.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:20 No.4854377
    Wait, what? I thought they were complete /tg fluff.

    Can someone give me alink to these descriptions, pretty please?
    >> 40Kfag from /m/ !!t8iiyj3DIqR 06/12/09(Fri)09:21 No.4854383

    anti-grav parts taken from land speeders
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:22 No.4854387
    would the exposed torso cause her spine to snap under the weight of her armour

    also there's no power to her legs
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:24 No.4854392
    Like the Bydo?

    Space Marines are not physically castrated, they're either chemically induced to have less sex urges (extremely low) or are mentally indoctrinated to not care for sex. Emperors children and Space Wolves are now the exception.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:25 No.4854401

    Who is the artist for this picture? I'd love to see more of his.her stuff
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:25 No.4854402
    Yes, because every Marine chapter is exactly alike in how they create Marines.
    And again. Salamanders.
    >> GoA 06/12/09(Fri)09:27 No.4854409
    This reminds me of the fluff I tried to make up about Amazon-esque abhumans being made as a support unit to Space Marines.

    Snip-snip doggie.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:28 No.4854416

    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:29 No.4854432
    Show me a single piece of canon fluff that says marines are castrated.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:33 No.4854468
    i actually made a lost legion like this called the Emperors Pride. they were a lion inspired legion, who were kinda like spacewolf Wolfen in their eventual mutations, except they didnt go nuts and lose their sanity. their Primarch was sort of a lionotaur, a man with a lions head, and he was a bad mammajamma. they got lost on the eastern fringe looking for their primarch. a lot of bad luck resulted in them being extremely late for the crusade...by about 5000 years. it didnt help much that they were attacked by ultramarines who mistook their mutations for heresy, either.

    they are now renegades.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:34 No.4854473
    thats just it. there arent, people just are obsessed with the idea that they are, which is retarted.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:35 No.4854478
    It's fanon.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:36 No.4854492
    Abandon thread, the furries are here.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:38 No.4854500


    Lexicanum is devoid of all info on the subject, got a link on that?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:38 No.4854504
    The obsession with marines not having cocks is the ultimate nerd revenge fantasy.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:40 No.4854519
    Marines don't display sexuality, that's why sad people assume they are either castrated or completely lack PENIS.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:43 No.4854537
    I am ingoring this because it is horrid.

    On the other hand Fuck Yeah space wolves. They are the Second most batshit insane space marines out there (third if you count angry marines).
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:43 No.4854540
    To be fair, GW fiction always portrays marines as either completely uninterested in women or latently homo-erotic (with the many descriptions of marines in their undies rubbing sweaty bodies together as they practice and BROMANCING during battle).

    So I guess they either don't feel arousal or are all gay. Very, very gay.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:43 No.4854542
    Treat as SM terminators with the following changes.

    Ld10 Stubborn
    Adeptus Sorroitors (sp) rule.
    Weapon options changed to Stormbolter and Powersword.
    Any may replace their sword with a Powerfist or Chainfist for +10/+15 points.
    up to 3 may replace their stormbolters with a Heavy bolter for 10 points or Heavy flamer for 15 points.
    Sister superior may take a Blessed weapon for +15 points. This does not count towards the usual 0-1 limit of Blessed weapons.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:45 No.4854558
    Assuming that SM cocks are fine and are not tampered with, wouldn't they be too large for regular wimminz anyway?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:46 No.4854560
    They're supposed to be Space Monks/Knights. Faith and duty come first and only.
    >> GoA 06/12/09(Fri)09:46 No.4854561
    Wait, who's the first?
    >> GoA 06/12/09(Fri)09:47 No.4854569
    Assuming they're not tampered with, could they be freakishly small in relation to the rest of their body?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:47 No.4854572
    Marines are not unintrested in Women, Marines are 100% in control of all of their emotions, this includes sexual lust, while they do still feel it, they will never let it get in the way of their duty, 5 minutes spent screwing around with a local hive world harlot is 5 minutes he should have spent cleaning his bolter and praying.

    Same with fear, space marines feel fear, but when considering a tactical retreat, they never take into account if somthing is scary or not.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:47 No.4854578

    Thanks for killing my erection bro...
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:51 No.4854601

    Why is it horrid I thought it was kinda cool
    >> GoA 06/12/09(Fri)09:51 No.4854602
    Space Wolves (And some other chapters) are not the most concerned with praying.

    But yeah, for Valkyrie Shield Maidens, tweak the rules for SoB and retool the fluff so their not gun-nuns but crazy battle/bar wenches the Space Wolves may drag along for shits and giggles.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:51 No.4854603
    I'd say it is low on their to-do list, barely registering. These guys are so indoctrinated from such a young age that they wouldn't think of doing anything like that. They are barely human in mind, more of a flesh machine filled with doctrine and faith.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:54 No.4854615

    Probably especially true for the chapters who recruit boys no older than 16 to begin the process. Their puberty, if they get one, is gonna be fucked up.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:54 No.4854618
    First horus heresy book, one of the human characters describes space marines as being "big in every manner by which you might measure a man". It's implied that the character is slightly gay, so I'd say he was pretty impressed by what the space marines were packing.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:56 No.4854636

    It doesn't make sense though. Why would you bother modifying an organ which isn't supposed to be used?

    Actually, forget it. Some idiot will probably say it was because of SCIENCE!
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:58 No.4854652
    Still, what's with Salamanders being mentioned in this thread?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)09:59 No.4854663
    Unintended side-effect? After all, it's probably easier to make a formula that grows everything than to make a formula that grows everything except your dick.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)10:02 No.4854680
         File :1244815353.jpg-(82 KB, 588x775, warhammer-dance.jpg)
    82 KB
    pic related?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)10:04 No.4854690
    16? No, it's much younger. Most chapters take boys no later than ten years of age, they are then put through a gruelling implant and training process that bears little resemblance of a normal life they might have had on their deathworld. If they survive this 6-8 year ordeal they may make a space marine.

    Salamanders retain contacts with their families, instead of being dragged away to some battlebarge in orbit and never seeing them again. They don't have families themselves, if you catch my drift.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)10:06 No.4854699
    But they're niggers, and as such, have the hugest schlongs of all Space Marines. We're talking THREE FOOT TREE here.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)10:06 No.4854701
    They can spit accid, Ill bet thier piss can be used as a weapon in some way too. Biger dicks make it easier to aim their weapon If forced to fight without armor or bolter
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)10:11 No.4854738

    Somewhere or another it's mentioned that the sallies have families/dynasties back on their home world. Which would make sense considering how involved they are in it.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)10:15 No.4854775
    Marine Piss
    S3 AP- assult 1 range 9" What? Ew!

    What? Ew! Any unit wounded by marine piss has to take a leadership test or fall back, seriously thats nasty and it stinks. Units with the mark of slanesh pass automaticly.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)10:16 No.4854783
    >> OP HERE !!oD4mQt4UeMz 06/12/09(Fri)10:17 No.4854792
    I don't play 40K, I don't read teh books. I just trip over it whenever I come to /tg/.

    I have to say, I have never read a thread with a coherent discussion of 40K fluff. Either there isn't any coherent fluff, or very few people know WTF they are talking about. Frankly, I suspect both.

    Can you neckbeards get it straight already or at least quit nerd-dueling about things you have no clue about, please?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)10:19 No.4854809
    >I have no idea what I'm talking about, but talk about it better!
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)10:20 No.4854811
         File :1244816409.jpg-(30 KB, 604x428, oh_u.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)10:31 No.4854874
    Salamanders should get the choice if having it be a str 2 template, just wip it out and wiggle it, as oposed to an aimed stream.
    >> OP HERE !!oD4mQt4UeMz 06/12/09(Fri)10:35 No.4854909

    I think you misunderstand. I'm not saying I know the fluff. I'm saying you people obviously can't get it straight and should STFU or get it right.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)10:41 No.4854942
    We're trying to get it right by discussing it. That's what people do when there's a disagreement; they discuss it until they can agree. Besides, if you don't know shit about 40k fluff then why are you in this thread?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)10:50 No.4854978
    Welcome to /tg/, you must be new here.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:06 No.4855052
    Salamanders have normal human families and friends, and one of the Space Wolf commanders falls in love with a girl(without really realising what happens in his mind, WHAT IS LOVE?).

    GW hasn't even implied that space marines are castrated, rendered impotent or have giant space marine cocks that can rip women in two.

    It has been mentioned in the fluff, that Space Marines are either taught, or conditioned not to care for women.

    However, a large part of chapters with close ties to civilians or chapters composed out of barbaric or feral space marines don't care for such rules.

    Combine this with the fact that in Rogue Trader, space marines had whole harems of sluts that were in the battlebarge rubbing their armour and polishing their bolters, you can bet that most "Don't give a fuck" chapters are perfectly fine to stick their penis inside a woman...

    Since GW never mentioned space marine children, it is safe to say that space marines are sterile, perhaps a failsafe to prevent the birth of "incomplete space marines", killing child and mother.

    Of course, Fabulous Bile has no moral qualms to mess around with such things... :)
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:09 No.4855070
    Combine this with the fact that in Rogue Trader, space marines had whole harems of sluts that were in the battlebarge rubbing their armour and polishing their bolters, you can bet that most "Don't give a fuck" chapters are perfectly fine to stick their penis inside a woman...

    You know how GW works. If there ain't no stories that tell the opposite, it's still canon!
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:11 No.4855074
    > space marine chapter, with blackjack and hookers

    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:18 No.4855098
    Marine implants don't really change the genes of a subject, they merely enhance the body's functions. Seeing they seem to work independently from each other (as some chapters don't have some implants), they probably won't make changes beyond what is stated. While it does mess with the hormonal household, the extent it does this not truly specified. Sperm will most likely still be viable human sperm and so the baby will still be a human baby.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:22 No.4855118
    True, but still... you have to say it's weird there is no mention of space marine children then.

    Unless they're sterilised to keep space marines "down to Earth".

    This way they stay connected to Imperial citizens.

    It would be much easier to see themselves as SPACE MARINES instead of Imperial soldiers if they would have their own children.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:28 No.4855149
    Space Marines may be able to sexually reproduce, but most have that smashed out of their tiny heads by brainwashing as has been stated. Their normal development is fucked up, so they won't ever develop a healthy sexuality.

    Also the main reason Space Marines won't breed themselves is because their children will grow up in an environment that will be comparatively survivable to where most chapters normally recruit. Space Marines recruit from hellholes, because kids who are weak don't survive there and when they pick up that 10 year old kid, he'll already be the meanest motherfucker you'll ever see.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:33 No.4855166
    >Space Marines may be able to sexually reproduce, but most have that smashed out of their tiny heads by brainwashing as has been stated. Their normal development is fucked up, so they won't ever develop a healthy sexuality.

    We're discussing the free-thinking and barbaric chapters here. Like Salamanders and Fleshtearers.

    >Also the main reason Space Marines won't breed themselves is because their children will grow up in an environment that will be comparatively survivable to where most chapters normally recruit. Space Marines recruit from hellholes, because kids who are weak don't survive there and when they pick up that 10 year old kid, he'll already be the meanest motherfucker you'll ever see.

    That actually makes sense.

    But the child of a space marine... that sounds horribly mary-sue-ish don't you think?

    Maybe space marines send them to commisar schools...
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:33 No.4855170
    This is pretty much the implied reason.
    As it stands they are segregated from the Imperium they protect, standing vigilant on its edges against the threats of a hostile galaxy.
    But they are not self-renewing. They must take in Initiates from the people of the Imperium.
    Space Marines who could breed would become a closed society.
    They are the Emperor's instrument of war, not the Emperor's Nova Sapiens.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:41 No.4855223
    Even if they are the barbaric and free thinking chapters, the young recruits won't have time to develop that healthy sexuality. Why? Because they'll be spending most of their time adapting to the implant process in agony (even if the methods of organ implantation are still relatively preserved in that chapter, it is still a nearly unbearable pain to adapt to mentally and physically). They do this while training hard to keep their bodies strong and able.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:41 No.4855230
    red heads are always good
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:44 No.4855241
    >Even if they are the barbaric and free thinking chapters, the young recruits won't have time to develop that healthy sexuality.
    Ragnar Blackmane was old enough to have lain with a woman before the Grimskull raid in which he won his audience with the Watchers.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:44 No.4855249

    If the chapter has a culture in which it is costumary to have a woman, it won't magically stop new recruits from learning how to interact with women.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:47 No.4855266
    I'm saying they'll have a hard time squeezing that into their schedule.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:49 No.4855273
    she'd be hotter if she didn't look cross-eyed
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:50 No.4855279

    In a society like that, you've probably "lain with a woman" by the time you're thirteen.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:53 No.4855296
    I wonder how, or if the geneseed augmentation of the father would affect the genetics any children conceived after his augmentation.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:54 No.4855300
    Probably true.
    Sort of shoots "won't develop interactions with women" in the foot though.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)11:57 No.4855310
    You really think Space Wolves follow Codex regulations?

    They wake up, go to training(hunt mammoths without weapons), praise the Emperor(drink lots of beer in front of the Emperor shrine), learn their tactics(play some chess) and go to sleep.

    Salamanders are even worse. They sit around their house, fixing things around the house, slapping Firedrakes and other reptilian nastiness to death, waiting for a text message on their bleeper that there is some fighting somewhere in space.

    Not everyone is a Ultramarine/Black Templar/Imperial Fist.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:00 No.4855329
    Well, space marines aren't genetically enhanced.

    They get vat-grown genetic engineered organs implanted.

    So they are sort of like cyborgs, except instead of cybernetic implants, they have biological implants.

    So space marine spunk is still all human spunk.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:00 No.4855331

    I would expect chapters who have lost their homeworlds to either be extra strict or extra lenient to help with issues.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:03 No.4855350
    There you have it. The oldfags who are whining about grimndarkening of their "Space Marines" need to read the fluff.

    There are still plenty of oldschool space marines around who are innit just for the fun, Emperor, civilians, chicks, loot and killing.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:08 No.4855375
    I don't think so bud. They need to follow a strict diet and training regime or they won't survive the implant process and they'll be shot in the head in most cases. It takes place in a number phases over a period of years, there are 19 implants in total.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:10 No.4855386
    I'm talking about FULL space marines. Retard.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:13 No.4855401
    And the post you were referencing wasn't, retard.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:14 No.4855403

    The "embraced in a clash of ceramite" stuff got really, really gay two or three books into the series.

    And I thought when Garro and Tarvitz met on the flight deck they were going to make out.

    All of this while that bald remembrancer chick did everything but rub her naked ass on Garviel Loken's shinpads, and he still didn't realise she had a wide-on for him.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:17 No.4855429
    I bet Gavriel is a Ultramarine.

    Ultramarines are faggots, they don't get to stick it in girls.

    - Salamander and Space Wolf.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:26 No.4855497
         File :1244823990.jpg-(213 KB, 1386x1024, wtflolarmor.jpg)
    213 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:29 No.4855522
    she still gets a 4+ cover save
    >> deleted 06/12/09(Fri)12:30 No.4855529
    Oh, whatever dude, she's just a really expensive whore to make the space wolf look good....she's holding his bolt pistol. and the power fist is for power hand jobs.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:33 No.4855553
    In case no one already mentioned it, they are indeed cannon. Though they aren't mentioned much, they were mentioned in the Space Wolf novels.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:33 No.4855557
    I'm going to paint some Dark Eldar slaves as space marine girls now...

    I think the really old Rogue Trader farts will get what I did. Hell, they played the game where Tigerius was the son of a Ultra Marine commander and an eldar concubine.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:39 No.4855600
    I dunno about you, but if two entirely different species in the galaxy were sexually compatible, and the children weren't retard babies, there'd be alot of questions about whether or not we're really two different species.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:41 No.4855610
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:42 No.4855615
    looks more like a hooker than a cannon, but i'll take your word for it anyhow. It's not canon anyhow.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:43 No.4855621
    Don't take it too serious. Rogue Trader was Laserburn meets Warhammer Fantasy in SPACE.
    >> I CLUB SEALS 06/12/09(Fri)12:46 No.4855640
    Thread not dead?

    In any case, the thread was a poke to see if there was mixed gender 'umie armies with mini in 40k, because damnit, the space elves and social Indians/Chinese shouldn't be the only groups with that potential.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:46 No.4855645

    Not exactly the same as two species from a different planet produceing offspring as horses and donkeys have a common ancestry. Even then mules are sterile, so it isn't entirely flawless.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:47 No.4855653
    Try IG. You'd need to model some stuff, but it's entirely fluffy.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:50 No.4855670
    Sisters of Battle can be used as allies in Guard or Marine armies. Just use them as "counts as" sisters and you're fine.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:51 No.4855674
    >looks more like a hooker than a cannon, but i'll take your word for it anyhow. It's not canon anyhow.
    >looks more like a hooker than a cannon
    >more like a hooker than a cannon
    >hooker than a cannon
    >hooker cannon

    Make it happen, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:51 No.4855675
    Witchhunters, m'boy. Sororitas fighting alongside Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)12:54 No.4855704
    That reminds me that I wanted to create an army of chapter serfs.

    Chapter serfs are the servants of space marines, the guys that pilot vehicles, clean the fortress, fly the spaceships and build the weapons.

    They are "failed" space marines scouts, are are inferior to space marines, but superior to Imperial Guard.

    Too bad the new IG codex no longer has doctrines. Maybe I should use Inquisitorial armies.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)13:38 No.4855951
    muLes are just mostly sterile, there has been at least one succesfull mating between two mules.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)13:51 No.4856057
         File :1244829091.jpg-(383 KB, 550x778, horo_spacewolf.jpg)
    383 KB
    Horo does indeed like Space Wolves
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)13:54 No.4856085

    I want to rub her belly :3
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:15 No.4856259
    I am a guardsman, If I say I want to rub her belly there is a 50% chance I will miss and grab too high or too low. I like my chances
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:24 No.4856326
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:27 No.4856352

    Space and Wolf?

    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:27 No.4856353
    I would gladly polish her armor and maintain her bolter.

    If you know what I mean.

    If you do, could you tell me?

    I want to have sex with her. I'm having trouble expressing that through chapter serf metaphors.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:29 No.4856368
    I can't believe that no drawfag has made a picture of Horo explicitly as Leman Russ returning or something
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:30 No.4856371
    Oh looks like the nudist has finally put on some clothes, I bet you're still gobbling down apples like somekind of hamster though.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 06/12/09(Fri)14:31 No.4856381
    on certain feral/deathworlds men and women participate in the trials to become space marines. Infact if you know where to look space marines take on women as scouts, though they can't accept the implants they can still drive the vehicles and shoot a sniper rifle.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:32 No.4856391
    It's been done and I can't be arsed to post it.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:32 No.4856395
    /tg/ is composed entirely of talentless idiots except fro me and maybe 2 other people, why would you expect anything interesting being created from gamers?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:32 No.4856396
    the more you know!
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:33 No.4856402

    Are they servitors?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:36 No.4856422
    >on certain feral/deathworlds men and women participate in the trials to become space marines.
    Bullshit, only boys are included.
    >Infact if you know where to look space marines take on women as scouts,
    Bullshit, women are inducted as chapter serfs, not as initiates.
    >though they can't accept the implants they can still drive the vehicles
    >and shoot a sniper rifle.
    50/50. Yes they can shoot a sniper rifle, no they can't be scouts.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:37 No.4856428
    19 posts to autosage
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:39 No.4856447
    18, wrap it up fatbeards.
    >> HelenXonpool !a0yHhBwvus 06/12/09(Fri)14:39 No.4856448
    As awesome as it would be, it says right in the SW codex the regular marines do the choosing of the slain. Fenris doesn't seem to have the valkyrie mythos.
    So no, no shield maidens in canon. A shame since there were at least a couple historically confirmed around among the actual vikings.

    On the other hand, I recall reading SW tend to call in SoB "support" even when uncalled for (and get away with it only because the imperial administration are scared as hell of old Logan) and vice versa, so there might be some basis in canon.

    And anyways, what's stopping anyone from making an (unrelated to SW) valkyrie themed SoB force?
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:40 No.4856454
         File :1244832055.jpg-(44 KB, 450x396, doomstorybro.jpg)
    44 KB
    >talentless idiots except fro me

    >why would you expect anything interesting being created from gamers
    >picture of horo as leman russ

    cool story bro
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:47 No.4856521
         File :1244832465.jpg-(972 KB, 1200x1670, peejar.jpg)
    972 KB

    actually all Space Marines are trained in the ancient art of jarate to store their piss in jars and throw it at the enemy
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:48 No.4856527
    Do not taint the majesty of TF2 with the abysmal failure that is 40K.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:51 No.4856557

    Oh my dear friend.

    I could show you such things. They would make your head explode.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)14:53 No.4856571
    I guess that would make it a blast weapon
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)15:01 No.4856631
         File :1244833267.jpg-(607 KB, 1284x643, team orktress.jpg)
    607 KB

    meh, might as well
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)15:03 No.4856648
    Acceptable due to orks, the only good aspect of 40K.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)15:09 No.4856699
    The weakness in your defense is localized, now the infection will start. And spread.
    Abandon all hope and welcome to 40k.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)15:10 No.4856707
    "Shield Maiden"
    Hot red headed laidiez with thundershields and power lances/spears, riding on the backs of fenrisian wolves. would have some sort of ability to spread the effects of the force field to connect to the other shields to make it larger, making it so units behind them count as having a 3+ invulnerable save. Might be a bit overpowered but would be fucking sweet.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)15:12 No.4856731
    Ha, no. 40K-style orcs are easily transplantable into non-retarded settings. 40K is such a flawed and unsalvageable mess that I'm offended you would even assume I am as ignorant and gullible as the average spazkid.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)15:18 No.4856781
    Hate to break it to you, but you're dead wrong about SW scouts.

    Wolf Scouts are the remnants of Grey Hunter (and to a VERY lesser extent, Blood Claw) packs that have been decimated, usually to a man. Since SW squads fight as packs, it's unthinkable to throw the last guy into a new squad and expect things to be kosher.

    If a pack has horrendous losses, they take the survivors and assign them roles as Scouts. That's why they're not Troop choices, and that's why they aren't considered to be just a smidge below Wolf Guard.
    >> HelenXonpool !a0yHhBwvus 06/12/09(Fri)15:21 No.4856810

    Imagined something closer to the traditional valkyrie, ie. someone who stands by in the back to kill off stragglers and wounded, and record details of the battle otherwise lost in the fog of war. In other words, functions that a) don't strictly require the whole geneseed implant circus for survival, and b) the average Space Wolf is mentally incapable of performing.

    But hey, fanon this, fanon that. It's all good.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)15:23 No.4856838
    excuse me if my knowledge is limited to the newest SW codex (still 10 fuckin years old) but I was under the impression that wolf scouts are space wolves that just dont work well with the pack metality, and thus join the scouts so they dont have to deal with the rest of the retards.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)15:28 No.4856864
    Why do i think that this is a good idea. Leman Russ was actually a woman. Who said all the primarchs were men.

    It's imperial propaganda.

    Hot motherly figure, who just wants to see her boys grow up and have a fun time.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)15:29 No.4856881
    units obscured by a shield maiden unit count as having a 3+ cover save instead of a 4+ cover save due to shooting through the unit.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)15:55 No.4857099
    In reference to the old Eldar/Human Space Marine, and whether or not Eldar and Humans are such different species... If you check up on the Old Ones lore it offhandedly hints that many of their warrior races' (mainly the Eldar, Orks, and Jokoroto) basic genetic templates were derived from an already existing species. Indeed with the introduction of the Pariah gene in Humanity and the presence of the Void Dragon on Mars makes it likely that both sides of 'The War in Heaven' had interests in the prehistoric solar system.
    >> Anonymous 06/12/09(Fri)16:20 No.4857319
    ....The reason that salamanders have women
    is that they recruit older soldier than other chaptors
    while the average chaptor recruits from 10-14
    the salamanders recruit into their twenties. becasue of this they are known to have smaller size and slower reaction times than the average SPESS MAREEN
    They have their family before they become marines

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