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  • File :1245061843.jpg-(126 KB, 1280x1024, teegee.jpg)
    126 KB /tg/ playing King of Dragon Pass, part IV Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:30 No.4885901  
    Due to requests yesterday, the teegee have returned! As you can see, a couple of clan members have died since the last thread and have been replaced, the most important being our clan leader. Also, there's Tarkala the Rosie O'Donnell impersonator, who I hate with a passion.

    Well, what daring adventure should the proud teegee undertake now? Let's hear some suggestions from our ring, shall we?

    Harsaltar: Stop fighting, please. It's scary.
    Yorsar: More healan.
    Loricon: Make war on everyone! Become a war clan torch the world!
    Endal: Like, we should have more hunters, man. Mother nature said she was totally on our side.
    Elmalandti: I remember back in twelve-dickety-eight, when the Kaiser stole the word twenty...
    Orngerin: Fuck the people! We're in charge here!

    Okay, so they're mostly useless. Well, what do we do now? I'd propose a friendly year, seeing as how the peasants are fucking pissed.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:31 No.4885909
    Don't become a War Clan but make this the year of victory over one of our foes. Make them come to you with tribute.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:32 No.4885912
    Why are the peasants pissed?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:33 No.4885924
    Explore a bit to the west from your clan camp, when I did that I found an excellent artifact that allowed me to automatically win 7 or 8 battles.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:33 No.4885927
    Near-constant warfare last year. Peasants don't like fighting.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:35 No.4885934
    I've been raiding twice in every storm and fire season for two years and I've yet to see my peasants suffer any negative effects from it.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:35 No.4885937
         File :1245062121.jpg-(126 KB, 1280x1024, fattyfattyfatty.jpg)
    126 KB
    Also, I'm not kidding about Tarkala being a useless fatty. She literally always talks about food.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:35 No.4885938
    God peasants are a bunch of bleeding vaginas.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:37 No.4885947

    Constant warfare constantly and my peasant still feel safe... meabe because I've driven all my neighbours off.

    But even if I sloughtered them constantly, they would just move away and attack then. Is there any way to exterminate other clans permanently.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:39 No.4885957
    No, but usually before you force them to evacuate their land they'll send you an emissary who'll offer tribute. If you take them up on this it's pretty much a cessation of hostilities, and they will remain weak as fuck. Just be prepared to raid them when they pick up strength again.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:39 No.4885965

    Why does Ongerin look constipated?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:40 No.4885973
         File :1245062451.jpg-(136 KB, 1280x1024, failraid.jpg)
    136 KB
    >Exploran, LET THE WORLD BURN
    In recognition of him being a badass dude, Orlgard Trollslayer was sent west with a few men to keep him from killing every living thing in sight.

    The cattle raid against the Greenwings wasn't as successful as we might have hoped.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:42 No.4885978

    So, no genocide for me... I am dissapoint...
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:42 No.4885979
    That's because she's raging so hard.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:42 No.4885986
    I guess you actually don't have that many footmen. Has teegee got the resources for a temple to Humakt?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:45 No.4885992
         File :1245062718.jpg-(137 KB, 1280x1024, lorislaves.jpg)
    137 KB
    Battle-lesbian of Vinga. Hope that answers your question.

    And after our failed raid, a couple of gypsies want to join our clan. Naturally feeling his position as freeloading asshole is threatened, Loricon wants us to make them thralls. What should we do?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:46 No.4885999
    Loricon is such a dick. We'll lose clan magic if we make them thralls.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:48 No.4886008

    Thrall them, fuck the clan magic!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:49 No.4886012
    Probably get haunted by our ancestors too.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:50 No.4886017

    Fuck the ancestors! We no longer follow their way. And they are death anyway...
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:51 No.4886022
    >>An Angry Loricon appears!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:53 No.4886034
         File :1245063220.jpg-(137 KB, 1280x1024, orngerage.jpg)
    137 KB
    So, we have a few fours, and a few "vague, non-specific number that's not 4". Which will it be?

    As an incentive to vote, Orngerin being just as fucking insane as Loricon.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:55 No.4886041
    I saw give them land and a starter herd.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:56 No.4886047
    Take them as thralls. I'm all about the peace and love and the focused violence but if we can take thralls then it's our nature to do so therefore we must.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:57 No.4886049
    If you give them a freebie herd, your carls will get pissed. Cottar or just land.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:57 No.4886050

    Same. Do we remember when Loricron advised us that he could *totally* scam that dragon out of it's stuff?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:58 No.4886056
    Nah, they'll be cool with it. Check how many cattle we have. In fact, think about trading some cattle or horses (if we can spare those) later in the year.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:59 No.4886057
         File :1245063541.jpg-(127 KB, 1280x1024, moralfag.jpg)
    127 KB
    >Don't listen to Loricon. It's like letting him have sex with your ear!
    They seem happy. Isn't that sweet?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)06:59 No.4886061
         File :1245063551.png-(565 KB, 800x600, LORICON.png)
    565 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:00 No.4886071
    Oh, so THIS is where the whole Loricon thing came from.

    Maybe I should get this game as well.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:01 No.4886073
    It's pretty awesome. I got it after the third thread on here and I've probably played like 8 hours already. Kind of addictive once you start doing well.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:01 No.4886075
    i prefer young Loricon face myself
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:03 No.4886087
    Have we dont a heroquest recently? Lets do one and make our tribe leader less of a pussy
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:04 No.4886096
         File :1245063869.jpg-(134 KB, 1280x1024, LORICON YOU HORSE'S ASS.jpg)
    134 KB
    And immediately afterwards, we're reminded why we should have fired Loricon a long time ago. Apparently, he's been waving his ass in the face of our allies, groped their women and generally just acted like the world's biggest dick. Oh, and he's proud of it. And according to our clan leader, the people love Loricon for some bizarre, unfathomable reason.

    What the fuck should we do now?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:05 No.4886106
    Ah, this guy is freakishly cool with it, I promise. Convince him the insults of a Trickster aren't serious.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:06 No.4886109
    Holy shit! Future sight!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:08 No.4886122
    Rofling so hard at this right now....
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:11 No.4886130


    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:11 No.4886131
    Only one solution to this.
    Two men enter, one man leaves!
    Two men enter, one man leaves!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:11 No.4886132
    1 or 5 if you want a laugh/war
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:11 No.4886133

    Shut yer face, you wimp. Loricon was right.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:11 No.4886135
    Cows aren't food. They're money.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:14 No.4886152
    theyre not even money in a real sense. cows are just something you stockpile and never use for anything except the odd trade or when you put a tribe together and need MASSIVE bribes
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:15 No.4886154
         File :1245064513.jpg-(132 KB, 1280x1024, that's our Loricon.jpg)
    132 KB
    >It's time to d-d-d-d-duel!
    Oh, Loricon, you card!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:16 No.4886158

    Good end.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:18 No.4886163
    Loricon the Unfindable!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:18 No.4886164
         File :1245064718.jpg-(133 KB, 1280x1024, Orlgawesome.jpg)
    133 KB
    Orlgard returns from the west, and he does not disappoint. Even the ducks and beastmen are impressed with his skill at making stuff die.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:24 No.4886194
         File :1245065061.jpg-(138 KB, 1280x1024, favors.jpg)
    138 KB
    The Rakstanti say we owe them some magic. When asked why, all they had to say for themselves was "It's magic, we ain't gotta explain shit!"

    What to do, what to do?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:26 No.4886207
    We have a single magic point. Fuck this shit, give them cows instead.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:29 No.4886213
    66666 we suck right now, it takes a real man to admit when he is a loser
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:31 No.4886220
    5. Anything else will piss them off or screw us over.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:35 No.4886236
         File :1245065701.jpg-(131 KB, 1280x1024, gifts.jpg)
    131 KB
    >Make burgers, not fireballs
    That kinda worked, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:35 No.4886238

    ...how the hell can you 'owe' somebody magic?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:37 No.4886246
    Always do the opposite of what Loricon recommends.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:39 No.4886251
         File :1245065954.jpg-(129 KB, 1280x1024, lorikin.jpg)
    129 KB
    And now we have trolls in the village. Orlgard is just waiting to rip them apart in a fury like the world has never seen before. But the choice of what to do is yours, as always.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:41 No.4886259
    Take them as thralls. It's not their fault being idiots, it's their parent's unchristian ways.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:42 No.4886267
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:44 No.4886275
    What is Loricon's great idea?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:44 No.4886276

    Sacrifice them to gods, as thralls they'll do more harm than good.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:45 No.4886280
         File :1245066300.jpg-(85 KB, 460x639, kev_walker_kharn_the_betrayer.jpg)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:46 No.4886285
    if loricon is for killing, I'm for killing.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:47 No.4886289
    Sacrifice them to Eurmal.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:47 No.4886290

    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:47 No.4886291
         File :1245066457.jpg-(109 KB, 1280x1024, ornhero.jpg)
    109 KB
    We made the trolls thralls. After all, with the king troll in our clan, what harm could they possibly do?

    Determined not to waste the Storm season either, we launch a raid against those damned Greenwings, actually succeeding this time. Then this happens.

    What should we tell our battle-lesbian to do?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:49 No.4886298
    Insane risk, you shouldn't go against your nature
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:49 No.4886301
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:51 No.4886308
         File :1245066661.jpg-(22 KB, 300x355, Warrior3.jpg)
    22 KB

    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:51 No.4886310
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. RISK IT MOTHERFUCKER!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:52 No.4886313
    It's time to go Red Rage on those motherfuckers. FOR THE CLANPEROR!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:52 No.4886314
    No Man can strike that down

    "Oh god! Its so Angry!"
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:52 No.4886316
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:53 No.4886320
    Sacrifice to Eurmal, Loricon's god
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:53 No.4886325
         File :1245066821.jpg-(109 KB, 1280x1024, fire juggling.jpg)
    109 KB
    First javelin surfing and now fire juggling? Alright, who the hell gave the Greenwings the Exalted core rules? At least nobody died this time.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:55 No.4886334
         File :1245066951.jpg-(125 KB, 1280x1024, kickass.jpg)
    125 KB
    Still, I have to say I'm impressed with teegee's military. Fire juggling heroes, and still not as much as a scratch on a single soldier? That's awesome!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)07:55 No.4886335
    Can you post the javelin surfing screenshot again? I need to show it to someone.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:02 No.4886362
    It's in the archived threads.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:03 No.4886374
         File :1245067434.jpg-(146 KB, 1280x1024, lorimundane.jpg)
    146 KB
    A couple of spirit-talkers arrive in the village. Apparently they can perform beneficial magic, for a price. Wha do you think?

    Being the hypocritical bastard he is, Loricon HAETS magic.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:06 No.4886388
    I wonder if they'd be able to heal battlebitch back to full health.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:06 No.4886390
    Since doing the complete opposite has worked great in all cases so far.... I say give them food and let them chill... even if we don't need their magic
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:08 No.4886405
    battlebitchs needs no healing, only more rage and general manhate
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:10 No.4886418
    5. Don't listen to loricon.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:11 No.4886419
    A spirit fetch or two is pretty handy dandy to have around in a crisis.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:16 No.4886448
         File :1245068174.jpg-(138 KB, 1280x1024, majiktiemz.jpg)
    138 KB
    >Be nice
    We feed the suspiciously ugly and dirty sorcerers, and in turn receive some brand spanking new magic.
    >> Dickteeth the Vampire 06/15/09(Mon)08:16 No.4886454
    Fetches are grand little things, but don't buy more than one, and more than none if strapped for cashcows.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:18 No.4886466
    wtf do spirit fetches do?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:20 No.4886481

    They fetch spirits.
    >> Dickteeth the Vampire 06/15/09(Mon)08:20 No.4886484
    Say some pissed off sorcerer tries to steal all your magic
    The spirit in the fetch goes OH NO I DON'T THINK SO and saves the magics.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:21 No.4886491
         File :1245068513.jpg-(136 KB, 1280x1024, peace.jpg)
    136 KB
    The greenwing clan has made us an offer. They will give us 25 cows for not raiding them the next 2 years. What's our answer?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:22 No.4886495
    take it and raid them! RIP AND TEAR!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:23 No.4886502
    Oh, and Loricon recomends option number 3, with the motivation "I think you already know what I want."
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:23 No.4886503
    Oh and fyi, annual tribute isn't worth shit if you dont have Humakt's Oath blessing on to bind the fuckers to the deal.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:24 No.4886505
    Ask loricon for his sage anti-advice

    Or demand tribute annually...
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:28 No.4886535
    Lets listen to loricron.... he seems to be wise about this one.... also no experiment is complete without a baseline.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:29 No.4886543
    10 cows a year. Build shrine to Hamukt, use the Oath blessing. They'll be forced to pay.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:29 No.4886546

    Agree to their proposal.

    Peace is its own reward.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:30 No.4886550

    I got something like 10 magic from them for giving them 15 cows and 15 goods.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:32 No.4886565
         File :1245069147.jpg-(134 KB, 1280x1024, nopeace.jpg)
    134 KB
    We took their cows and raided them anyway. Might not have been the best decision, but hey, that's what you get for listening to Loricon.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:33 No.4886578
    I swear Loricon is a trolling /b/tard.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:34 No.4886585
         File :1245069271.jpg-(138 KB, 1280x1024, sacred.jpg)
    138 KB
    And that's the end of this year.

    All in all, pretty standard year for a King of Dragon Pass game, fire jugglers aside. Maybe all the weird shit has finally subsided a little?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:35 No.4886593
    How does one acquire this game?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:36 No.4886597
    He's the moralfagtroll.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:37 No.4886600
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:37 No.4886601
    But still I kind of like that little motherfucker.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:38 No.4886607
         File :1245069528.jpg-(121 KB, 1280x1024, yorsarbush.jpg)
    121 KB
    On an important political mission, Yorsar is stopped by bandits. How to handle this one?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:38 No.4886611
    and thats the only reason he's still on the circle
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:39 No.4886617

    You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:40 No.4886623
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:45 No.4886655

    They hired magicians to beat us off. Hot magician handjobs for all!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:46 No.4886660
         File :1245069968.jpg-(122 KB, 1280x1024, NOOO BATMAN!.jpg)
    122 KB
    Goddammit /tg/, stop wounding people in the ring! Now we're down one ruggedly handsome jack-of-all-trades.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:47 No.4886678
    Let's make Loricon go exploring next time.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:51 No.4886696
         File :1245070282.jpg-(113 KB, 1280x1024, marlesta.jpg)
    113 KB
    Marlesta, the girl we pimp-slapped back into submission back in the first thread, is now apparently a kickass warrior woman. I can only assume she's one of Orngerin's disciples, which would make her batshit insane.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:52 No.4886701
    If Loricon dies whom are we going have as a baseline reference for good decisions?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:53 No.4886714
    Sounds like someone volunteering for suicide missions she'll someone manage to miraculously survive while being heroic AND having boobs.

    It's just not fair to be honest :(
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:54 No.4886720
    Make her pleasure the male soldiers.

    It is, after all, a woman's duty.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:55 No.4886725
    So oppression of the opposite sex + Medieval Fantasy = Kickass batshit insane warrior women?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:55 No.4886726
    Loricon won't die. Trolls regenerate.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:55 No.4886727
         File :1245070514.jpg-(134 KB, 1280x1024, killer rats.jpg)
    134 KB
    And now we're infested with something the clansmen are calling rodents, but they don't look like any goddamn kind of rodent I've ever seen.

    For once, Loricon seems to have a quite decent plan.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:56 No.4886734
    He will just disappear in come back several days later drunk and not knowing what happened.

    Trust me, I have experience with these things
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:56 No.4886737
    I know at least one girl that thinks the idea of each army squad having a female soldier attached whose duty it is to pleasure the entire group, male and female, is hawt.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:56 No.4886738
    Oh god, Loricon is being useful

    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:57 No.4886742
    >Have Loricon lure them away with trickster magic
    >Trust Loricon not to fuck it up
    No thanks. Option 3, please.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:57 No.4886743
    Remember the last time we used trickster magic?

    Pics or it didn't happen.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:57 No.4886745
    She'd love the middle ages, then.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:59 No.4886756
    Don't listen to Loricon. He'll probably succeed, but your neighbours will find out what he did, and they will be pissed.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)08:59 No.4886757
    Let's give him a chance, I say. In the worse case we can throw Loricon to them and poison the beasts.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:00 No.4886760
         File :1245070815.png-(252 KB, 450x334, 1240316828209.png)
    252 KB
    >decent plan.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:02 No.4886770
    Block the entrance.

    Your weaponthanes will get pissy if you make them fight them and they'll just come back if you magic them away.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:02 No.4886771
         File :1245070952.jpg-(129 KB, 1280x1024, neutral end.jpg)
    129 KB
    Since we have a lot of people going "Don't trust Loricon" and a single guy actually saying which option to pick, I'm going with number three.

    It went pretty badly. We're rid of the little buggers, but the kardavi are pretty pissed and it cost us silver.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:03 No.4886777

    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:05 No.4886790
         File :1245071131.jpg-(128 KB, 1280x1024, odayla.jpg)
    128 KB
    Followers of Odayla want to bless our hunters in exchange for some kind of payment. What do you think?

    Most Odayla worshipers are Rakstanti, a tribe we have pretty bad relations with.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:06 No.4886795
         File :1245071180.png-(21 KB, 75x100, 34223447474.png)
    21 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:06 No.4886797
    For free, to show we have good relations with them.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:07 No.4886801

    [x] Put It In
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:10 No.4886816

    Focus on beating the Greenwings, make sure we're not gonna get raided by more than one clan at a time.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:13 No.4886833
    >Rape their red-headed women

    >Produce more red-headed girls

    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:15 No.4886851
         File :1245071757.jpg-(135 KB, 1280x1024, hunt.jpg)
    135 KB
    >Play nice, focus on fucking the Greenwings
    We offer them some gifts in exchange for their blessing. A few diplomatic mission later, and we have more allies than enemies again! Whoop-whoop!

    Also, the ritual was a success.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:17 No.4886859
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:18 No.4886864
    Can we get a screenie of your explore screen with the 'm' toggle on so we can see borders?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:18 No.4886866
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:20 No.4886875
         File :1245072024.jpg-(135 KB, 1280x1024, again!.jpg)
    135 KB
    And Marlesta's run away again! I thought she had grown up by now. Since you can't see the whole story, I'll give you the jist of it.

    Marlesta's been kidnapped, alternatively run away, and is set to be wed to some guy from the Squat Oak clan. Her mother suspects she may have left willingly and in fact is in love with the would be kidnapper.

    Any suggestions on a course of action?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:23 No.4886888
    2. We need to make her see who's in charge here, once and for all.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:23 No.4886889
    Punitive. This dishonor can't be allowed, first they want to marry whoever their childish wimps see fit, then they are telling they are grown up and please no more indecent touching
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:24 No.4886893
    cant be 4 so go 1. women have no say in who they marry but i think we'll all breath easier if we marry the lunatic off to someone and get some loot out of it too.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:24 No.4886894

    If she wants to marry a Squat Oak instead of a Long Oak, on her head be it.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:25 No.4886897
    In my game I formed a clan... what do I do now?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:26 No.4886902
    What does Loricon suggest?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:28 No.4886914
         File :1245072524.jpg-(129 KB, 1280x1024, bad trolls.jpg)
    129 KB
    We let Marlesta choose, and she wanted to marry the man from the Squat Oak clan. Personally, I think it's suspicious our warrior woman decided to elope with a man while Orngerin was wounded.

    Anyway, back to the real issues, our troll thralls are doing a shitty job. How do we handle this?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:30 No.4886926

    They had their chance. Kill 'em all.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:30 No.4886927
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:31 No.4886929
    Do what Loricon suggests.

    Trolls for the troll god.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:31 No.4886931

    And the heads on pikes thing sounds like a good idea too!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:32 No.4886940
    To Eurmal it is
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:32 No.4886941
    Someone remind me who our racial enemies are? If it's the trolls then OMFG CRAGSPIDER BEWARE. Otherwise sacrifice the bastards.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:33 No.4886947
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:33 No.4886948
         File :1245072829.jpg-(121 KB, 1280x1024, wow.jpg)
    121 KB
    >Listen to Loricon. He knows his trolls.
    We sacrifice the troublesome trollkin thralls to the trickster god Eurmal. In return, he gifts us with 8 whole points of magic! Not bad at all.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:38 No.4886979
         File :1245073115.jpg-(112 KB, 1280x1024, map.jpg)
    112 KB
    As you wish, good sir. This is the map as of Dark season 1336. Incidentally, we have two points of magic in Quest, and a brand spanking new Heroquest we have yet to try. Anyone interested?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:40 No.4886988
    DO EET. But read the legend first.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:41 No.4886995
    I really want to play this
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:42 No.4887001
    In seeing the tribe embarking on an epic failure, where we end trying to sell one of our heroes legbone to the gods? I'm on it
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:42 No.4887002
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:44 No.4887009
         File :1245073468.jpg-(116 KB, 1280x1024, doubting wheel.jpg)
    116 KB

    First challenge, the Doubting Wheel. How should we get rid of this annoyance?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:45 No.4887011
    >> Sheep 06/15/09(Mon)09:46 No.4887017
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:46 No.4887019
    Net tiem. That's how he did it in the story, and is also the least faggy.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:48 No.4887035
    Make it into soup. Seriously, Doubting Wheel Soup sounds delicious.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:48 No.4887038
    Roll it away. If it works, it's the best to do
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:49 No.4887047
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:50 No.4887048
    The wife turns it into soup after you catch it in a net.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:50 No.4887051
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:51 No.4887054
         File :1245073898.jpg-(100 KB, 1280x1024, woman.jpg)
    100 KB
    Three different choices, all with one vote. Since net was first, I'm going with it. I'm not even going to comment on Yorsar having a purse.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:52 No.4887057
    You really need to check the thread before you post.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:53 No.4887061
         File :1245073981.jpg-(128 KB, 1280x1024, plants.jpg)
    128 KB
    And now we have to help Yinkin the furry god fight some plants. Suggestions?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:53 No.4887064
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:54 No.4887066
    Doesn't really matter. generally, the choice has been made sveral minutes before the post, so it's not like it would change anything.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:55 No.4887075
    Be a man, fight both.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:58 No.4887084
    Both. We can't expect a fucking cat to do any fighting for us.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:58 No.4887087
    Fight both, otherwise you won't be able to convince him afterwards. And don't treat him like a cat.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)09:59 No.4887090
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:02 No.4887104
    kick both their asses!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:03 No.4887111

    A: Kill both, bro hugs with Yinkin
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:03 No.4887113
    >Both, because that way he will be in love with us. Also, he is my waifu
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:03 No.4887117
         File :1245074618.jpg-(124 KB, 1280x1024, tentacle rape.jpg)
    124 KB
    Mission nearly successful!
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:04 No.4887124
         File :1245074666.jpg-(134 KB, 1280x1024, cube.jpg)
    134 KB
    And the next challenge is the cube. This is just getting ridiculous.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:07 No.4887142
    Dwarf Fort dwarves are not nearly as crazy as Glorantha dwarves, Make up a new poem since they hate new things or if that fails lodge a claim.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:09 No.4887159
    Hit the cube. You know you want to.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:09 No.4887162
    recite poem! square things become round
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:10 No.4887170
    A poem! There's a correct one, but any of them might work.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:11 No.4887174
    Legal claim! Let's make a lawsuit against the dwarves
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:11 No.4887176
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:12 No.4887180

    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:12 No.4887181
         File :1245075133.jpg-(129 KB, 1280x1024, poem.jpg)
    129 KB
    This setting makes no sense.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:13 No.4887192
         File :1245075224.jpg-(131 KB, 1280x1024, vadrus.jpg)
    131 KB
    Now we have to convince the leader of the Hurt Everything clan to join us, without beating the shit out of Yinkin first.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:14 No.4887199
    Contest of strength is how Oranlth did it.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:15 No.4887202
    It's mythology. They ain't gotta explain shit.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:18 No.4887226
    Contest of strength. Arm-wrestle basically.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:19 No.4887237
         File :1245075575.jpg-(120 KB, 1280x1024, nope.jpg)
    120 KB
    >Contest of strength
    Better luck next time. Any other suggestions?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:20 No.4887243
    test of str.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:21 No.4887252
    There was a positive difference of -4 str, couldn't win
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:24 No.4887268
    3. Seems we have a better negotiator than fighter on our hands.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:24 No.4887270
    Really? When I did this quest I had a vingan and he accepted.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:25 No.4887277
    We didn't fail. He just didn't accept.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:25 No.4887278
         File :1245075921.jpg-(120 KB, 1280x1024, fail.jpg)
    120 KB
    I'm afraid not. Any others?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:26 No.4887291
    Did they remove the contest one or just change it? If they removed it, then hell, I don't know.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:26 No.4887292
    Yinkin is our brother?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:27 No.4887298
    Sounds like you're fucked. Thankfully you don't NEED to convince him, but it helps later on.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:27 No.4887303
    Auto-saging. New thread going up in a short while.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:28 No.4887308
    Link the new thread in here, would you?
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:28 No.4887309
    Post link here.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:37 No.4887374

    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:40 No.4887395
    I don't think it's possible to get both yinkin and yorsar.
    >> Anonymous 06/15/09(Mon)10:49 No.4887452

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