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  • File : 1246110521.png-(1.66 MB, 3000x1024, tg.png)
    1.66 MB Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:48 No.5017032  
    Choose your type /tg/
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:50 No.5017042
         File : 1246110613.jpg-(91 KB, 640x480, lildaemongame.jpg)
    91 KB
    Loli D is best
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:50 No.5017043
    Can't I have all four?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:51 No.5017048
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:52 No.5017053
    a tzeentch is fine too
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:52 No.5017057
    No each one of them represent the God they serve.

    If your Chaos undivided you'll get a Chaos Spawn.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:54 No.5017063
    Mutant quad-loli. I'm in.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:54 No.5017067
    Tzeentch Girl FTW
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:54 No.5017072
    Whenever threads like these come up, I wish that dating game project actually got made... /a/ got their cripple-sim, why can't we make the Chaos Gods dating game?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:54 No.5017073
    If by Mutant-Quad loli you mean blob of flesh with tentacles that try to kill you Yes.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:55 No.5017077
    Tzeentch's girl.


    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:55 No.5017080
    I love it when they put up a fight.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:55 No.5017084
    I choose Malal. Delicious emo-gothloli ftw.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:57 No.5017095
    You and me both I Know someone here on /tg/ have to be smart enough to make game and stuff like that!

    >> Fuuka the Daemon Pirate 06/27/09(Sat)09:57 No.5017097
    The one with the wings.

    Cause Tzee, like myself, doesn't actually have a grand plan. The greatest trick he pulls is making people thing he has one.

    Its only to ever see what happens if you push.. this.. button..
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:58 No.5017109
    Non-Canon = Doesn't exist.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:58 No.5017112
    Because the actual characters of 40k exist?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:58 No.5017115
    I think scribblefag is still making it... in our dreams...
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:59 No.5017130
    He's just a dog chasing cars...
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)09:59 No.5017132
    Well they could atleast make an image set.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:00 No.5017137

    that's what Chaos Undivided uis for.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:01 No.5017142

    Read this:

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:01 No.5017144

    I see they come bringing 3 hitpoints
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:02 No.5017149

    Read this:

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:02 No.5017150

    aww, atleast we had furies last edition u_u
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:04 No.5017168
    Wonder what the game would look like...
    >> GURPSfag 06/27/09(Sat)10:05 No.5017174

    No, use it more when something makes no sense and is an obvious violation of the rules, like:

    "I'm playing a magic user in a steampunk game with no magic! lol so random!"

    "Cool story bro, did you find three hitpoints?"
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:05 No.5017177
    Someone needs to get on this, pronto.

    Also, d'awww at OP pic.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:06 No.5017192
    I need my cutebold.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:07 No.5017201
         File : 1246111634.jpg-(585 KB, 1500x962, Guard_Heresy-Chaos.jpg)
    585 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:07 No.5017204

    but they'r giving hearts away, it's cutting to the core it
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:08 No.5017213
         File : 1246111693.png-(61 KB, 372x508, malalchan.png)
    61 KB
    It has been done, not that great, but it has been done.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:09 No.5017218
    I may catch flat with this, but I would hit nurgle girl like the fist of the fucking north star. Just something about that *body*.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:09 No.5017220

    /tg/ has discussed this at length. Basically, it would take place in a planet that has been overtaken by the Warp. The main character is an adolescent Alpha-level psyker, mostly unaware of his powers. The Chaos gods need to win him over to tip the balance of power or whatever, so they create female daemons who are tasked with winning his heart. This all takes place in a highschool, of course.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:09 No.5017221
    I call the annoying one.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:10 No.5017227
         File : 1246111806.png-(422 KB, 788x772, TEZ.png)
    422 KB
    Tzeentch FTW She's just soooooo cute <3
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:13 No.5017251

    Like the damn Kaurava system?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:15 No.5017261

    Flak, even. Hurp Ima durp
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:15 No.5017265

    I don't get it
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:16 No.5017278

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:17 No.5017286
    Why don't we try to think about it?

    We got the stuff to base on >>5017220

    Why don't we Continued the story?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:22 No.5017318
    i want to know how it end
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:23 No.5017330
    Maybe someone can write 4 different Ending for each Chaos god?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:23 No.5017335

    I mean comeon, just beacuse they are lolidaemons doesn't mean they will have sex with you all the time. So why not chose the god who is sex incarnate?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:24 No.5017344
    Khorne: The tsundere/sporty type. Enjoys competition. The way the main character needs to impress her is by winning over her in physical challenges. Just like Khorne himself, she dislikes psykers so displays of flashy psychic powers is a no-no in front of her. You'll have to get fit!

    Tzeentch: She seems innocent, but she's the most manipulative girl in the school. Enjoys gossip and is most impressed by your making elaborate plans to fuck over other students. Psychic powers turn her on. Likes to experiment (not just in bed)

    Slaanesh: she's the perfect soulmate, shy and inexperienced. A total perfectionist, you need to have a good balance of physical and psyker prowess to impress her. She's a gourmand as well, and enjoys fine chocolates and wine.

    Nurgle: Childhood friend/motherly character. Prone to smothering the main character in her breasts. Teased by the other girls but just treats them friendly in return. She takes care of you if you act depressed or despairing. Easiest girl to get.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:25 No.5017353
    Nurgle cause i want a happy family
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:26 No.5017373
    ;-; I want that dating sim so bad.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:29 No.5017394
    Nurgle doesn't wash herself down there.

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:29 No.5017395
         File : 1246112979.jpg-(91 KB, 800x450, 800px-Loli-daemonette_(17).jpg)
    91 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:30 No.5017401
         File : 1246113041.jpg-(237 KB, 578x581, Space Bitches.jpg)
    237 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:30 No.5017402
         File : 1246113047.png-(199 KB, 552x599, 552px-Loli-daemonette_(3).png)
    199 KB
    Dumping image to give ideas.
    >> Doomrider 06/27/09(Sat)10:30 No.5017403

    not a real man till you got your green wing brah.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:31 No.5017409
         File : 1246113084.png-(160 KB, 675x600, 675px-Loli-daemonette_(4).png)
    160 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:32 No.5017417
    And I roll a 1 *Poof*
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:33 No.5017423
         File : 1246113184.png-(167 KB, 703x599, 703px-Loli-daemonette_(13).png)
    167 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:33 No.5017430
         File : 1246113224.jpg-(213 KB, 700x980, 1239846879539.jpg)
    213 KB
    I'll make her howl all night.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:34 No.5017437
         File : 1246113262.jpg-(84 KB, 422x600, 422px-Loli-daemonette_(5).jpg)
    84 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:34 No.5017438
         File : 1246113270.jpg-(125 KB, 600x600, Loli-daemonette(21).jpg)
    125 KB
    And you though that Nurglette could never cause you hard-on. Too bad they all have chlamydia.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:36 No.5017451
    You'd need a warp condom to have sex with Nurgle without getting infected.

    In other words... the Emperor has to focuson your dick.

    Oh god what did I just say?
    >> Lion'el Richie 06/27/09(Sat)10:38 No.5017463
    Old habits die hard (I used to play World Eaters), so Khorne.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:38 No.5017464

    No, you just need to fit a Gellar field generator around your cock.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:38 No.5017468
         File : 1246113525.jpg-(58 KB, 455x406, 1244086459549.jpg)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:41 No.5017488

    Just worship Nurgle. That way she can't give you anything you don't already have. Bonus!

    Everyone blabs about Slaneesh or Khorn. Pfeh, sex and drugs gets old eventually, and then what else do you have? Same with RIP AN TEAR. Nurgle is where it's at.

    Besides, DEM HIPS.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:42 No.5017494
    Help me think of the name and caption
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:42 No.5017496


    Malal: A gothloli, she's not actually interested in you, she just wants to ruin all the other Gods' chances. She appears in every route to sabotage and cockblock. Hardest girl to get a good end with.

    Cultist-chan: A classmate, Cultist can tell you your standing with the different Gods. She's a confidante and your friend.

    Lord Dranon: Teaches class, hates his life and takes it out on the students.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:43 No.5017502
         File : 1246113832.png-(815 KB, 788x772, help.png)
    815 KB
    Help me think of the name and caption or change of background
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:43 No.5017503
    for what?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:44 No.5017509
    Forget the pic
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:45 No.5017515
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:45 No.5017516
    I changed my mind
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:46 No.5017520

    Oh right, Kharn would be the P.E teacher. And Doomrider teaches music. Of course, his classes tend to be short since he's prone to disappearing.

    Any more?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:47 No.5017523
    Tzeentch-chan is a bit of a pyromaniac. She might have caused a fire that killed 5 people at last year's school dance. Expect to experience an escalation of bizarre events in bed with her (hot wax, playing with matches, light burns, branding...)

    Khorne-tan is not comfortable as a submissive party in a relationship. She will do anything to assert dominance over you and make sure that everyone knows you're her bitch - generally through physical abuse as she's not that clever. She's definitely got a blood fetish, and has been known to cut herself just to see some of the red water.

    Loli-D is quite withdrawn and quiet, but it's quite obvious that much of her life revolves around getting rich, getting high, or getting off. Expect pain and freaky sex.

    Nurgle-chan is a bit older than the others. She's from the country, but reasonably intelligent and exceptionally caring - perhaps even a bit of a stalker. She has no sense of smell.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:47 No.5017526
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:48 No.5017530

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:48 No.5017538
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:49 No.5017539
    Hall Monitor Yarrick
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:49 No.5017544
    Fabius Bile = Nurse... or doctor
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:50 No.5017546
    Ahriman teaches every advanced teoretical subject. All classes. Simultaneously. He's also always in the library. And always at a field study.

    Typhus: Janitor/Groundskeeper - uses a mop and a rake as much as his scythe.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:50 No.5017552
         File : 1246114259.jpg-(32 KB, 311x248, 1226849620730.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> NuBlackAnon !!z6ldXGL61Wm 06/27/09(Sat)10:51 No.5017555
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:51 No.5017557
         File : 1246114284.jpg-(9 KB, 214x186, Angrondemon.jpg)
    9 KB
    Angron is the big bad bully, feared by every student.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:53 No.5017567
         File : 1246114388.jpg-(307 KB, 504x1083, Sanguinius Full.jpg)
    307 KB
    Sanguinius is the good looking foreign echange student who excels at every subject and sports.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:55 No.5017594
         File : 1246114543.jpg-(33 KB, 300x300, kharn.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:56 No.5017601
         File : 1246114595.png-(812 KB, 788x772, shitty edit.png)
    812 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)10:57 No.5017611
         File : 1246114669.jpg-(6 KB, 180x180, FUK.jpg)
    6 KB
    What about Fuklaw?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:00 No.5017627
    Abaddon works as a hall monitor, he is, however, rather inefficient because he has no arms.

    You must get him a date with a naga furry if you want to get the best ending with nurgle-chan.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:00 No.5017631

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:02 No.5017642
    Naga furry?! WTF?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:04 No.5017659
         File : 1246115065.jpg-(51 KB, 480x600, 480px-Daemonette_objection.jpg)
    51 KB
    Loli-D Older Sister you need her permission to go out with Loli-D.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:04 No.5017661
    Lolcron teaches computer classes, that or the Mechanicum (or Dark Mechanicum, if this is really a Chaos dominated area?).
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:05 No.5017671
    Who is the Principle?

    Super-nintendo Emprah needs somebody to chew out.
    >> sage 06/27/09(Sat)11:07 No.5017689
    You definitely need to be able to get in bed with Malaloli, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:08 No.5017695
    Since these girl are the Chaos god in girl form so it can't be Tzeentch
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:08 No.5017699
    She looks like a teacher.
    Or the naughty librarian.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:09 No.5017713
    Fuck loli-d, milf-d is where it's at.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:10 No.5017719
         File : 1246115408.jpg-(87 KB, 475x633, 1182485908437.jpg)
    87 KB
    Sorry, seems like I don't have the original comic anymore.
    Have the picture said comic originated from instead.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:10 No.5017723
    Don't mind the sage in the name field there, it keeps reappearing and I keep forgetting to take the damn thing out.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:11 No.5017734
    This thread is going well so far.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:11 No.5017739

    Eldrad. May be secretly working with Malal/Slaneesh.
    >> Vita the Ever-bleeding, Champion of Khorne !!BcoDue4EnZg 06/27/09(Sat)11:12 No.5017752
    You two made my day. Thank you. Thank you! XD
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:13 No.5017761
         File : 1246115636.jpg-(52 KB, 338x281, lolicron.jpg)
    52 KB
    no no no

    Lolicron is the clumsy, shy computer nerd girl
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:15 No.5017775
    That guy is a total dick and this is turning into High School 40K

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:17 No.5017791
    Orks are the football team.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:18 No.5017799
    Yes, we need Lolicron.

    But wouldn't Lolicron just try to convert you to join the Church of C'tanology?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:18 No.5017800
    BURN IT WI...

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:18 No.5017801
    I'd see her too spacey and carefree to worry about any sort of church
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:19 No.5017807
    This change from Chaos God dating sim to /tg/ Dating sim.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:20 No.5017816
    And squats are the social rejects you only see in the background.

    inb4 squat meme
    so we can actually discuss the use of squats
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:20 No.5017817
         File : 1246116014.jpg-(45 KB, 478x599, 478px-Lolicron09.jpg)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:21 No.5017828
    Squats? THEY DON'T EXI-
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:21 No.5017830

    He has a point. The Chaos god dating sim is classic, maybe we need to keep the ideas of "/tg/ dating sim" and "Chaos dating sim" as separate projects.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:21 No.5017831
    >On a 1 - 3, I give you a handjob
    >On a 4 - 6, I give you a metal mouthed blowjob.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:23 No.5017837
    your right beside if one dating sim have too many choice it will get boring.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:23 No.5017843
    /tg/ dating sim
    So that means that Cultist-chan would probably be the canon ending
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:24 No.5017846
    She's already taken by the Ultramarine scout guy
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:25 No.5017857
    only in the routes where you don't choose her
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:26 No.5017869
    He is ~rival~.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:27 No.5017873
    Karskin-chan: Teacher! My flashlight doesn't work!
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:29 No.5017882
    /tg/ dating sim.

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:29 No.5017888
         File : 1246116595.jpg-(149 KB, 500x1500, 1203910494700.jpg)
    149 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:32 No.5017903
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:36 No.5017934
    Here are all of her comics in canonic order.http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Dranon
    She was first killed by headshot, recurrected and dumbed to Dranon who bitchslapped her for being annoying. Shes eight, lying unconscious somewhere in the warp, so its likely hat she needs quick re-recurrect when some Emperors Children empty their balls on her or some warp beast eats her.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:37 No.5017945
    The Chaos god in girl form? MY PRAYER HAVE BEEN ANSWER.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)11:38 No.5017947
    Hm. Main character should be blissfully unaware that anything is weird:
    Mal-chan: "You don't want to date Tzeen-chan. Don't her wings freak you out?"
    PC: " 1: What? Wings aren't weird.
    2: Like you're any better. I don't critize your complexion!
    3: You're right. Maybe I should go for someone else... Like a cute girl in baggy clothes.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:38 No.5017948
    too bad, cultist-chan was cute - pedobear
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:41 No.5017987
    Thank you anon.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:45 No.5018013
         File : 1246117508.jpg-(21 KB, 287x400, maloli.jpg)
    21 KB
    Malal-lol = Maloli
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:46 No.5018023
    Well of course
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:46 No.5018026
    New sex icon. By nurglette!
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:48 No.5018036
    I <3 Khorne.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:51 No.5018066
    The name of this project if I recall was 'Be My Chosen'

    Here are the endings that were decided upon.


    The deciding factors between good and bad endings is how much you epitomize the concepts tied to the gods, positive and negative.

    B- You give your heart to Khorne. Bloodletter-tan tears it out to spite the other gods, denying them a mighty psyker. She's a bit melancholy about it. Khorne allows her to drink your heart's blood to mollify her.

    G- You give your heart to Khorne. She is duty bound to take it, but you head her off. Burning out all of your psychic power, you transport the entire goddamn demon world that Chaos-High is on into real space, your sacrifice moves Khorne, and as a non-psyker you and Bloodletter-tan are free to slaughter the universe together.

    B- You get Space Aids. Your faith insufficient you Die. Nurgle-tan weeps over your corpse.

    G- You get Space Aids. Your faith insufficient you Die. Reaching out to Nurgle-tan in your dying moments, Nurgle relents. Perhaps you cannot love him yet, but he will accept your love for Nurgle-tan until that day. It never comes.

    B- It's a trap! Wait, is this neccessarily a bad end?

    G- Resisting the temptations of Daemonette orgies, you demonstrate true romantic love to Loli-D and Loli-D only. Slannesh is all 'lol wut?' and goes back to dicking everything in the universe. You're left alone with Loli-D.

    B- JUST AS PLANNED! You are just a pawn in another elaborate game of Tzeentch. Namely one that brings the other three gods of chaos low. Sadly for you, they get to take out their frustrations on you.

    G- NOT AS PLANNED! Tzeentch's representative in this contest was actually Tzeentch itself, not a daemon. And Tzeentch has fallen in love despite itself. Refusing to risk you, Tzeentch launches a series of plans which secure your safety, leaving you untouchable to all but Tzeentch as you wander the stars forever.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:53 No.5018080
    Khorne-Chan: Yeah?
    PC: 1. Would You go to the Prom with me?
    2. I Need to ask you something.
    3. BLOOD.
    4. Nothing.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:54 No.5018095
    The Other Endings

    The Black Crusade- The Chaos Gods are unable to resolve their contest, and all raise you up as the New Chaos Ascendant. After toppling Abaddon, you lead a successful Black Crusade and bring an even grimmer darkness to the grim darkness of the Imperium. Then you turn your attention to the C'tan. Oh also, this is the Harem ending, so all the girls be yours.

    Fury- Despite being such a powerful psyker you die an ignoble death, and reincarnate as a mindless fury. Sucks to be you. That's what indecision gets you.

    Malal- With the help of Malal you spite the Chaos Gods and escape. You're on the run forever, but you have Malal to accompany you.

    Empra- You escape the daemonworld. Not only have you not been tainted, but purified. Your psychic might calls out to the Imperium. Centuries later, a Grey Knight Grandmaster braves the Eye of Terror to bring the justice of the emperor on Chaos-High. He offers a brief prayer to the emperor to deliver the souls of these demons as he purges them.

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:54 No.5018099
    > G- NOT AS PLANNED! Tzeentch's representative in this contest was actually Tzeentch itself, not a daemon. And Tzeentch has fallen in love despite itself. Refusing to risk you, Tzeentch launches a series of plans which secure your safety, leaving you untouchable to all but Tzeentch as you wander the stars forever.

    I daaawed.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:55 No.5018106
    Is that the never ending fountain of menstrual blood?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:56 No.5018108
    That's not so happy is it?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:57 No.5018115
    This article is about the mathematical theory

    Followers of malal are kind of like Chaos Agnostics. They doubt that anything exists, including the emporer, god, chaos itself, and you. Especially you.

    Pure Gold.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)11:59 No.5018129
    B- Note she does not exist, but if she would she would be cute but she cant exist
    G- Yup, she didnt. But oh how she was good fuck, if she would have existed
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:01 No.5018147
    That make me want to play this game even more!
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:02 No.5018156
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:03 No.5018161
    Ork ending. Every time.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:04 No.5018165
         File : 1246118659.gif-(54 KB, 320x240, WinstonZeddmore.gif)
    54 KB
    I thought Tzeentch was a man.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:04 No.5018168
    Maloli vs Khornette
    M: You dont exist, shoo
    K: *runs away*
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:05 No.5018171
    >After toppling Abaddon
    >No arms

    Too easy
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:05 No.5018172
         File : 1246118715.png-(112 KB, 982x889, trollface.png)
    112 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:06 No.5018176
    Welcome to /tg/ we make almost everything fappable.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:06 No.5018177
         File : 1246118813.jpg-(47 KB, 655x560, ummmmm.jpg)
    47 KB

    >Implying that genders actually apply to deities.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:09 No.5018193
    >Whenever threads like these come up, I wish that dating game project actually got made... /a/ got their cripple-sim, why can't we make the Chaos Gods dating game?
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)12:09 No.5018197
    The game would need some locations/settings.

    Obviously, the school with at least one classroom (same basic background for all of them, more or less), clubrooms (Combat? Occult? Book? Cooking(Nurglette)?) and a sports field.
    You'd need the home/room with or without "parents" (brainwashed IG? chaos spawn? undivided cultists?).
    A beach, hotsprings resort and/or bathhouse of some sort (any of these three). (though Nurglette might be averse to this. Perhaps good path would have you convincing her to bathe? (?it's not like bathing is bad for disease - not the serious ones anyway?). Mmm swimsuits. erk, anyway, moving on.
    Some kind of haunted house thing. Kick that up a notch, into Eclipsion(well alright, Silent Hill) levels if possible. School after dark is one possibility ("What is this weird symbol? Is that blood? My mind... it hurts.... it hurts it hurts it hurts-AAAAAH!" (Bad end))
    Another possibility is run-down temple/church thing.
    Hm, an edge of reality location where Malal shows you that it's all false (Dark City style) and may lead to Malal G/B/N-ends (B: YOU HAVE ANGERED THE CHAOS GODS! (*ZAP*), G: "I never knew that the world was so much bigger than this. Mal-chan has shown me so much. It is a grim, dark place. But somehow, our love will make it better. I know it will" N:*Malal sacrifices herself, psyker escapes. Is recruited by Imperial guard sometime later*)

    And so on.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:11 No.5018206
         File : 1246119065.jpg-(361 KB, 900x1200, UnderageB&.jpg)
    361 KB
    So, is school out for you?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:12 No.5018211
    The setting would probably In a planet trap within the warp.

    And in some sort of High school like you said and parents...Cultist or Chaos Spress Mahren or sumthing.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:14 No.5018218
    loli trollu?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:14 No.5018223
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:15 No.5018227
    This prove that /b/ is full of 13 year old...Girl?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:15 No.5018228
         File : 1246119323.jpg-(8 KB, 251x235, I see what you did there.jpg)
    8 KB

    I see what you did there.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:15 No.5018232
    its maloli!
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:17 No.5018250
    I..I..I Don't know...it more like /d/ stuff but..
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:18 No.5018261
         File : 1246119508.gif-(26 KB, 1000x885, ghostbusters.gif)
    26 KB
    The joke is little kids don't know about my Ghostbusters.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:18 No.5018262

    its actually pretty good, only a demo is out right now
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:19 No.5018264
    Will this game ever be made?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:21 No.5018281
    ;-; those /a/ got what they want.

    >has his life turned upside down
    And I like to take a minute just sit right there.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:21 No.5018283

    It's more about emotional connections between people with difficult lives than about perversion.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:21 No.5018285
    so wait you're a cripple who's trying to pick up cripples?

    I hope he makes a sequel about picking up girl at the special olympics. that shit would be HOT.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:22 No.5018290
    talk to some /a/ssholes and pitch the idea to them mabey you can convince them
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:24 No.5018310
    That would be fucking impossible they don't care about anything else except Japanese and Japan and stuff.

    Oh shit daemon high school in Japan FFFFUUUU-
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:27 No.5018343
    Is there any other board that can do stuff like this?
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)12:27 No.5018344
    "Rheemembor to eaht youhr breahkfast fohr Khayoss!"

    One obscure Cultist ending is you go for the MILF that is your "mother". Bad(good?) end is you realize she's not your actual mother. This makes you sad.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:28 No.5018353
         File : 1246120100.jpg-(269 KB, 650x744, Lahv_Lehttorrr_by_Mr_Culexus.jpg)
    269 KB
    Wait, so, is this set in the same highschool as HS 40K?

    Because if /tg/ winds up making two completely unrelated relationship-focused 40K highschool settings, I will shit myself and die.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:30 No.5018366
    Ending-fag here.

    Some other old design notes and shit I'm pulling out of my ass

    Marks of Chaos- garnered through play, can be toggled on and off for later playthroughs. Require all four to get Chaos Ascendant ending.

    Possible stat building/combat system which would allow Marks to have in game effectiveness. Marks could, additionally open up the option to purchase gifts from the gods, further upgrading your character.

    Psychic Powers- stats and combat or no, the main character is a psyker. Possible play based powers might include telepathy, which could give additional bits of dialogue, precognition which could aid at decision trees, etc... The idea would be that different sets of powers could alter the game play and give a few fun easter eggs.

    Supporting characters- The original pitch actually predates 40K-High. The concept was played pretty straight: that is, it assumes that it takes place in the 40K universe, with a very weird plan that Tzeentch has gotten the other gods to buy into.

    Some of the supporting characters that had been suggested are: Cultist-chan, Cultists (general school populous), Other Daemons, Dark Eldar (suggested as a nurse), Chaos Space Marines, perhaps even a cameo from a named character or two. Slightly more important character suggestions include a helpful but annoying mascot/pet who turns out to be Malal in the Malal ending, and an imperial loyalist survivor of the enginneered accident that brought you to the Daemonworld.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:33 No.5018395
    well the guy you play as has a heart condition and he has massive heart attacks every 5 minuets, so to help him with that his parents send him to a boarding school for people with physical disabilitys, the main girls are a shy burn victim, a deaf/mute girl, a track runner with no legs, and a artist with no arms. im couldent make this shit up if i tried
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:34 No.5018405
    Not related setting.

    One is in the fucking warp.

    The other is in the /tg/ Universe.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:34 No.5018407

    Different setting. I'd prefer Be My Chosen to not include any /tg/ characters that don't have anything to do with Chaos. So no Necrons, Tau, and Eldar. Just you and the 4 Chaos girls (I'm still on the fence whether it's the gods themselves or female daemonic avatars). It makes the game more focused and slightly more "canon" (as canon as a game about dating warp entities could be).

    Also, HS40k isn't a dating game, and IMO, shouldn't be. It's just a collection of stories.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:36 No.5018427

    As your psyker powers are gradually revealed, you begin to notice the "veil" that the Chaos gods have placed over your world and it begins to unravel, so you see glimpses of it as it actually is. Think Saya no Uta. In this vein, you discover that Cultist isn't your actual mother, but a spy sent to monitor your life and report to the Champions of Chaos.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:39 No.5018444
    This anon speak the truth.

    Love that idea (I would want the girls to be the Gods themselves though)
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)12:40 No.5018451
    TECHNICALLY, I could probably handle the programming end, but I've never actually made a dating sim, and there's a few things I'm kind of inexperienced in. Nevertheless, this is hardly a huge programming challenge.

    I'd propose using a form of Favour system, where actions and conversations increase Favour (out training your body? Khorne likes). These would be your stats, so to speak, and decide your booksmarts et al. Add one or two Essential points where you can choose to go with a girl/down a path, and have the favour level decide the outcome - a kind of neutral one would be fighting in the axing(like fencing but not for sissies) tournament(where success would garner Khorne Favour, possibly lower other Favour, and would require good Khorne Favour to win). Obviously, Malal Favour would be a hidden stat, probably dependant on how much you listen to her (but not too much, since then you'll blunder into stuff Man Was Not Meant To Know too early (and Bad End) because Malal's favour wasn't high enough). I guess trigger events could depend on your locations and Favour - high enough Favour in something and you'll actually get called out/invited to the place (so "good" ends would be somewhat easy to get so long as you remain focused).

    I just toss in ideas most of the time though, I have a bad track record writing. And my drawings suck, which is bad with such a graphics-heavy game. Don't get me started on music.

    I figure we have some people who could do this, but I'm guessing most of them wouldn't have the time.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:41 No.5018459
    How Cultist-chan would say "what are you doing?"
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:42 No.5018467
    cmon /tg/, let's get shit done!

    alternatively, let's just get cultist-chan done.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:43 No.5018474
    The writing is not what you have to be worried about here at /tg/ we got all the writefag we could need.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:45 No.5018487

    I heard Ren'Py is supposed to be good for making dating sim games. Try checking that out.

    Also, I reckon that Favour gained for one God will lower Favour for the corresponding opposite God. Khorne hates Slaanesh and Tzeentch hates Nurgle, so that will affect the game (and make harem play very difficult). I reckon there'd be school and afterschool activities in which you have several ways to act, which in turn alters the Chaos Girls' perception of you. I propose a very basic stat system, just a general Physical and Psyker stat.

    I could writefag some scenes for this, I guess. I don't draw well, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:45 No.5018489
    >I figure we have some people who could do this, but I'm guessing most of them wouldn't have the time.

    Better late then never.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:47 No.5018500

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:48 No.5018511
    OP here I love you guys.
    >> Dispatch 06/27/09(Sat)12:49 No.5018526

    What about Jubblowski?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:49 No.5018527
         File : 1246121399.jpg-(268 KB, 600x600, 1201357507906.jpg)
    268 KB
    Khornette. I swear, every damn time.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)12:51 No.5018530
    >locations and Favour
    Er, being in a certain location at a certain time with high enough Favour to trigger something. If you had a good end with enough Favour at one point then you'll know the place and may be able to trigger a regular/bad end.

    I see your point. Only question I have is if some of this would be, well, "needlessly" complex. Though Psychic Powers. Hrm. Tzeentchian favour would work for that with the simplified Favour system I guess. Or just a general, hidden, psychic power stat which increases from a select few things (occult research society?) Possibility would be "high enough favour and you can buy a power" ofc... These would have to be useful in-game though, and there's the whole visual aspect of this - you usually don't see the Main much in these games. I mean, aside from Slaaneshi stamina/"upgrades" helping you sex characters into "submission" for that harem ending there's just a few I could see coming up for each aspect. Also, poor artist(s).
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:51 No.5018537
    We all forgotten her I think.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:52 No.5018542
    Well, I'm sure this has been suggested before, but Culxeus certainly draws enough 40k related wimminz that he could probably be convinced to provide art.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:53 No.5018554
    His work will do.

    But what about NSFW scene?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:54 No.5018557
    Cultist-chan? as Undivided
    Malal-chan? as Divided
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:55 No.5018570
    Ending-fag here again.

    I'm on board. I've got minimal technical skills, but I'm good at managing shit. Also I have a few ideas for game structure and notes from last time this thing was rolling around.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:55 No.5018572

    >Tzeentch-tan is a bit of a pyromaniac

    "What are you doing there, T-chan?" I walk over to her blue form, wings wrapped around her shoulders. She's sitting down, looking at something.

    "I'm just watching this little thing burn." She doesn't look up. At her feet, I notice a little rodent being consumed by blue flame. Tzeentch-tan turns to me.

    "I love fire, don't you?" She reaches out towards my hand, and my fingers are licked by the fire in her palm. "Well... Oww!" I draw back my hand. She laughs.

    "Flames... Every time something burns, the flames are different. Warmth and light, pain and joy... fire is all those things." She cocks her head to the side, like a bird. "But most importantly, fire changes things. It changes the form of matter... Anonymous-kun, I feel like there's a fire inside me, and it's changing my feelings... for you. I saw you as a tool, before. A cog in my schemes, to be worn out and discarded when he's served his purpose... But you're more than that now. Much more..." She moves in closer. "T-chan... I... I don't know what to say." "Don't say anything," she whispers. "Just hold me."
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:55 No.5018573
         File : 1246121725.jpg-(220 KB, 800x999, I_G_Motivation_Calender_03_by_(...).jpg)
    220 KB
    Fagot has, IIRC, on numerous occasions, stated that he's not going to draw porn. And let's face it; the final scenes of this game would result in porn.

    Which would probably rule him out. I think that's a bit of a shame, personally, because he can draw some damn sexy women when he wants.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:55 No.5018577
    Go look around DeviantArt you can find almost all the drawfag there.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:59 No.5018598
    Look like we got ourselves a team.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)12:59 No.5018603
    >Fagot has, IIRC, on numerous occasions, stated that he's not going to draw porn
    Does this include if he's bribed with money? He might be willing if a fa/tg/uy was willing to pony up the cash.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:00 No.5018607

    What if we write around the porn? With the right text, all we need is some suggestive and sexy stuff, not straight fappan material (at least in terms of pictures). Besides, I don't think anyone wants to get TOO graphic when it comes to depictions of Nurgle and Khorne-chan. That would just be disturbing.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)13:01 No.5018615
    >I heard Ren'Py is supposed to be good for making dating sim games. Try checking that out.

    Hm, it seems kind of like my recollection of java back when I tried that out. Or was that basic. Anyway, I could probably use this. Seems quite simple.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:01 No.5018620
    Khorne-Chan: I CAME BLOOD.
    PC: OH SHI-.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:01 No.5018621
    >Besides, I don't think anyone wants to get TOO graphic when it comes to depictions of...Khorne-chan

    Speak for yourself. I've been waiting for good, genuine Khornette porn for ages.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:03 No.5018631
    I Came in to this thread heart full of faith in the Emperor.

    I Stand here heart full of Tzeentch-chan...
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:03 No.5018640
         File : 1246122237.jpg-(130 KB, 689x313, notsureifserious.jpg)
    130 KB
    Is this really happening? Tell me this is really happening...
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:04 No.5018645
    i really hope so, im getting pretty giddy about this
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:05 No.5018649
    If this happen I am going to be so Happy.

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:05 No.5018651
         File : 1246122317.jpg-(30 KB, 744x486, ...no dawg.jpg)
    30 KB
    >>Implying Culxeus Can Draw decently
    But seriously. Dort worry about art until you have a decent framework. If you can show /tg/ you've actually done something instead of just talking about it Drawfags will just pop up
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:06 No.5018657
    >Drawfags will just pop up
    ...Random Encounter.

    I Roll.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:07 No.5018662
    So far the shit that's gotten done is getting people excited.

    Do not disappoint, son.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:07 No.5018663
    Culxeus seems to love Loli-D. If she is in it, and we keep things tasteful, we might have a shot at getting him onboard.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:08 No.5018670
    Refusing to draw porn is the artist's prerogative, but the......"tone" of culexes aversion to drawing porn leads me to wonder if there isn't something more behind his aversion.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:09 No.5018677
         File : 1246122587.gif-(9 KB, 604x604, 1217741803362.gif)
    9 KB
    ITT: Fa/tg/uys not realizing we've tried this before but shit never got done and won't get done
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:10 No.5018683
    if this actually comes out im going to have to call my boss and tell him im not going to be in for a week, or two
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:11 No.5018691
         File : 1246122692.jpg-(104 KB, 1000x1000, schooldays.jpg)
    104 KB
    I want Cultist to say "What you doing" but, alas, I don't know how to put her gibberish

    Lolicron heard Cultist smell different to different people, and wanted to test it.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:12 No.5018697

    List of drawfag i found over the past 2 minute on dA
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:12 No.5018698
    I could draw porn, but you faggots better pay lots of money for it.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:12 No.5018699
    The problem is, alot of people dislike his "Weeabo shitscribbles"

    Although to be honest, his style would be doable, Plus for everyone who dislikes his style there is another one who does.

    Mhmm, Well have to see.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:13 No.5018703
    Hwhat hyooo doooeeng~?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:13 No.5018709
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:14 No.5018712
    Who's that?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:14 No.5018713
    I doubt this thread can take much more of this.

    If we want this to work, we need to keep things regular, at least a thread a week.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:14 No.5018715
    You = Hyuu
    What =
    Are =
    Doing =

    Look through CF's Gallery and find some examples? I'm sure she has said those 3 atleast once.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:15 No.5018721
    Every Friday Night and Saturday Morning?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:16 No.5018727

    This. We have just as many driven and obsessive people as /a/ to get this done, BUT unlike /a/ most of us fa/tg/uys have real jobs and a lot less spare time.

    ......ok maybe not "most", but still a lot more than /a/ has (not that that's saying much).
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:17 No.5018728
    so you want to keep bringing it up until some one with the balls to go though with this sees it. ill do my part
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:17 No.5018729
    >I want Cultist to say "What you doing" but, alas, I don't know how to put her gibberish

    "Hwat hyoo doo-eeng" maybe?

    I don't know how to put her gibberish either.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:19 No.5018740
    If this shit is for real I'll set us up a forum.

    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:20 No.5018749


    I think we all know the real answer to that...
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)13:21 No.5018758
         File : 1246123293.png-(17 KB, 528x600, 40k Ronery Wych.png)
    17 KB
    This Ren'Py seems simple enough. So long as I don't have to write too much I'll be happy to piece together writing, images and music in a frankensteinian manner to create...


    E-mail above for those who want me in on this. I can set up an e-mail group if people want that, but I don't think a yahoo group is ideal for a project of this magnitude (I'm just thinking sheer size here).

    So if anyone wants a codeboy, I'm in. At the very least we'll probably be able to finish part of the game. As long as that happens we'd probably get more people to work on this, considering /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:21 No.5018759
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:22 No.5018762

    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)13:22 No.5018764
    I can also do websites, if ya like, though it'll take a bit and I'm as mentioned not a graphics buff. However, lacking server atm. Been considering a cheap webhotel or something, but the one I'm considering has this less than 1mb/page display thing, and it'd take me a few days to get everything going.

    *phew* >>5018740 means I might've dodged a bullet here. Or, well, more work.

    If you want an example of recent graphic work... See the Fallout sheet (here >>5015790 ). That took me about half a day all-in-all. I'm not particularly proud of it (second page, with radiation added, could be improved somehow) and I didn't do most of the graphics.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:24 No.5018776
    We got the programmer.

    Any writefags?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:25 No.5018785
    i <3 nurgle loli
    >> Dispatch 06/27/09(Sat)13:26 No.5018792

    Doomed to failure due to the immense lack of wave upon wave of expendable and manly Imperial Guard.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:27 No.5018797
    I can dream right ;-;
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:27 No.5018804
    >>writefags on /tg/
    walk 3 feet in any direction you should bump into one
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:28 No.5018808
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:30 No.5018825
    If it wasn't for the STD's and Bubonic Plague, I'd pick Nurglette.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:30 No.5018827
    we have no lack of writefags here but the problem would be convincing some to join up.
    i would love to help with this but alas i am about as creative as a rock
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:30 No.5018828

    writing and planning
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:31 No.5018830

    Hey, that "4chan" show hardly nightly threads for weeks, and is still going on plus4chan (I think). They were chugging out writefaggotry and character bios and all sorts of shit. I honestly think we would have gotten something out of them if they hadn't been forced out.

    Anyway, we have a much better chance of success then that project had at the beginning. This is /tg/ related, 40k related, and is about hot/cute chicks. If we can actually get off the ground, momentum shouldn't be a problem.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:31 No.5018833
         File : 1246123882.jpg-(112 KB, 1000x1000, schooldays.jpg)
    112 KB

    If you guys want this to happen, you should make a site and delegate some roles. You need a jumpstart, even if it is "Artist Z need to make Tsundere Khornite with 5 different expressions"

    Stuff like that.

    In a perfect world, a single artist would manage all the characters so the stuff would keep a consistent style, but this would put a huge load on a single person, instead, an artist should adopt a single character and make all art needed for this single one

    From the top of my mind...
    Different mood of the character (happy, angry, shy, etc)
    Different clothes of the same character (school uniform / gym uniform / swimsuit )
    Special pictures for some events (usually ending, first kill, etc)

    But without a place to check this stuff, its just a empty dream. Someone with management and drive should take the reins of the project and do it.
    >> Dispatch 06/27/09(Sat)13:32 No.5018854

    Y-Yes sir...
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:35 No.5018874
    i agree look at what /a/ managed to make. and its not like people on /tg/ are new to telling stories or creating characters.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:36 No.5018885
    I'll go "Try" to make a forum now.

    Would be one of those free forum not much design cause this ain't "Official" yet.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:36 No.5018891

    1d4chan. That makes it accessible to the whole of tg.

    Its what the 4chan show used, and It worked pretty well for them at the time.

    Also, I would be willing to help writefag. I have never writefaged (writefoged?) for /tg/ before, but I am halfway through a creative writing major, so I should be able to whip something up as soon as people have a plotline agreed on.

    But you can probably do better than me, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:38 No.5018901
    Lucky enough, different parts of the "team" can work alone.

    Like, the art (mostly) can be used without even knowing the script.

    Just need to know the setting.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:38 No.5018903
    Guys got question for you.

    Forum Domain? What should it be?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:41 No.5018918
    shouldent be anything really important right now as you said its not "offical"
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:43 No.5018930
    Ok I'll go with

    bemychosen then will post link once finish.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:44 No.5018932
    I think the real problem would be getting artists committed to the project. Unlike codemonkeys and most writers, it's pretty obvious when you're looking at art from a different drawfag; you'd need one or two with you the whole way, and if they dropped out halfway through they'd be difficult to replace. Don't want the final project looking schizophrenic.

    Until you have a drawfag or two going FUCK YEAH LET'S DO THIS, it's all pure speculation. If you do get one, I could help with the writing. I did HS40K, and the thing with the techpriest and the space station and the weird sex.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:45 No.5018936
    just thinking out loud here, but a idea i have would be a imperial world with a massive chaos cult running it but still puts up the appearance of a normal imp world, but as the story progresses the fact that there is a chaos cult on the world becomes more and more evident
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:46 No.5018941
    Just Make a framework first. maybe some plot and dialougue
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:48 No.5018950
    good idea it would be easy to convince drawfags to help with a at least a good solid base for a plot
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:48 No.5018951
         File : 1246124905.jpg-(174 KB, 576x711, Fuck yeah!.jpg)
    174 KB

    Wait, we have a chance of getting Liebowitz?


    Fuck yeah!
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:50 No.5018957
         File : 1246125001.jpg-(100 KB, 1000x1000, schooldays2.jpg)
    100 KB
    Obligatory swminning pool scene
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:51 No.5018964
    with nurgle not wanting to get into the pool because of the possiblity of giving every one space aids
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)13:53 No.5018973
         File : 1246125192.png-(89 KB, 500x500, 40k nid pets.png)
    89 KB
    Honestly, when writing something like this and considering it'll be non-profit, it's a "the more the better" kind of deal, with one or two guys checking coherency in story and dialogue in addition to whatever writing they do (like end-fag).
    Same really applies to artist and programmers.

    Codefags, like me, will probably want a system of some sort and a basic interface decided upon, but once that's done that I/we'll basically take the approved dialogue, art and music and stick them into the program - most of the time.

    Of course, this, like all parts of the project, is subject to Tzeentczh. If someone has a fuckawesome idea for a system or additions to the system. But really, you'll want the basic system decided upon fast. Interface, artwork and music are pretty modular - you change it in one place and you'll change it in all places (New Khornette set -> New Khornette everywhere for conversations) - but system, like a Favour and/or Basic Stats one, will become intertwined with the actual story and choices. It can be a lot of work fixing that after it's been implemented.

    Naturally, this has nothing whatsoever to do with me being partial to that due to what I'll be doing or the fact that the most of /tg/ makes RPG systems with ease.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:54 No.5018978
         File : 1246125253.jpg-(126 KB, 1000x1000, schooldays2.jpg)
    126 KB
    Whooops, forgot my background layer
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:56 No.5018986
    You write the scenerios and Dialougue first
    Then Get the Drawfags, otherwise your just re-writing/basing the story around the pictures
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:56 No.5018987
    did the link to the fourm get posted yet?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:57 No.5018992
    Need New Thread
    autosage has set in
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)13:58 No.5018997

    Did this work? If not then I'm not the only one.

    Waiting for those admin to respond.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)13:58 No.5018999
         File : 1246125527.png-(126 KB, 500x500, 40k jeanstealer massacre.png)
    126 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)14:01 No.5019016

    Lets call it for now, and reconvene sometime in the next couple of days. We don't want to burn ourselves out, but we want to keep things fair regular.

    Also: should this thread be archived for future reference?

    PS: could not use forum link.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)14:01 No.5019017
    new thread
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)14:02 No.5019021

    Need Cultist-chan gibberish of "POOL CLOSED"

    pics will follow
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)14:04 No.5019037
    Aaanyway, I'm off for my walk. Back in some 70-90 minutes.

    Will download the actual Ren'Py program and be ready to code in about 150 minutes. (I'm downloading Fire over Kronus first. Slow internet connection, it is horrible).

    Even if I doubt we'll be ready to mash things together THAT fast. But I am willing to do a proto-"PC wakes up" opening scene.

    Naturally because Khornette brained him. Duh. (Reflection == Excused)
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)14:09 No.5019071
         File : 1246126166.jpg-(118 KB, 1000x1000, schooldays3.jpg)
    118 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)14:12 No.5019092
    Oh god wow.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/09(Sat)14:14 No.5019106
    fukken saved
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)14:18 No.5019125
    >> I_CLUB_SEALS 06/27/09(Sat)14:51 No.5019359

    Bumping for undescribable awesome.
    >> Dispatch 06/27/09(Sat)15:39 No.5019706

    It's hit auto-sage you lumbering pillock.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 06/27/09(Sat)16:33 No.5020101
    Not as planned. T_T

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