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  • File : 1246217631.png-(374 KB, 550x700, lamia eroge entry.png)
    374 KB Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:33 No.5030639  
    Did we ever finish the Lamia PC race thing that was getting set up yesterday evening?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:49 No.5030755
    Yes. I didn't save it though. Sorry.

    Someone else, maybe?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:25 No.5031026
    How the fuck would a Lamia adventurer work? THEY HAVE NO LEGS. THEY CANNOT JUMP.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:26 No.5031040
    Ever seen a snake climb up a cliff? They can.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:27 No.5031043
    They can spring and reach pretty far.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:27 No.5031050
    Thats why the fellow adventurers would give her a hand up.

    And a coiled snake can jump if needed.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:28 No.5031055

    Just play by JRPG rules, where nobody can jump and waist-high obstacles are enough to pen you in.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:28 No.5031059
         File : 1246220922.jpg-(5 KB, 466x239, flying-snake.jpg)
    5 KB
    snakes can jump
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:30 No.5031069

    Stretch upwards. Spring if need be. Then grab on and slither your way over the edge. Snakes are essentially made out of waists, so they're flexible enough to work their way over any ledge they can get their heads up to. Lamia would have it even easier, thanks to arms.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:30 No.5031080
    here is some shit from the old thread

    >Oh what the hell, I'll post it here.

    Since people brought up the whole diplomacy and racial tensions thing in the discussion, I decided to put them in a (to my knowledge unique) social position in the 'verse: nobody likes the race, because they have a talent for manipulation and mind control, but individual Lamia don't really have to deal with prejudice because, well, they have a talent for manipulation and mind control. Basically, everyone thinks "Snakes? Bunch of damned scheming bastards I wouldn't trust further than I could throw. Amy, though, she's a good one."


    Of all the humanoids, the carnivorous, snake-tailed Lamia most blur the boundary separating the civilized races from the intelligent monsters. They are as a whole mistrusted, and no other race or government is officially on good terms with the Lamia. Individually, however, Lamia are charming and easy to get along with, due to an almost magical ability to say the right thing at the right time, and it's a rare city that doesn't have a Lamia family or two counted among the respected members of the community.

    Due to their dietary requirements, Lamia cannot live in large groups, so Lamia society is based around small nuclear families, with few Lamia villages or towns. This has given the Lamia a highly individualistic culture, with few notable tendencies in behaviour or attributes. Many rancher Lamia can be found in the countryside, while others choose to be hunters in forests. When living in the cities, Lamia often work as merchants, with more ambitious members of the race often taking civil service or clergy positions, in which they rise quickly. Finally, a few Lamia apply their talents working as diplomats between nations, or even to the savage races and intelligent monsters.

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:31 No.5031083
    >made of waists

    Incoming Ear Bucket...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:31 No.5031087
    Lamia aren't my ideal kind of lady but eh... I'd do one if she had a pretty face and a nice personality.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:32 No.5031089
    >The history of the Lamia is mostly unknown, for while Lamia love to share and embellish tales of their own ancestors, few care to remember the tales told by others. The two leading theories supported by scholars are that the Lamia are either relatives of the Yuan-Ti or a recent evolution of the monstrous Feral Lamia (i.e. the one in the monster manual), though a minority point to their inherent magical abilities as evidence that they are the result of experiments in cross-breeding humans and magical beasts to create a reliable sorcerous bloodline.

    >Stat adjustments: +2 WIS, +2 CHA, -2 CON (Some say that their forked tongues can taste the emotions of others in the air. Others believe they can read the minds of those that look into their eyes. Whatever the reason, Lamia have always possessed great insight and cunning, particularly when it comes to interacting with other people. They are, however, less sturdy than they appear, due to having fine bones.)
    Type: Humanoid (Reptilian)
    Size: Medium
    Base land speed: 20 ft.
    Natural reach: 10 ft. (Their slithering gait makes Lamia appear to move ponderously most of the time, but when in combat, they extend their bodies with frightening swiftness to strike at incautious enemies)
    Racial bonus: +1 caster level to enchantment and illusion spells, and the psionic equivalent. (A Lamia's natural talent at persuasion gives it one additional effective caster level when using spells and powers which change the perceptions or minds of others.)

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:32 No.5031093
    I don't think coil jumping will scale up to the size of lamias. Lamias overall might be able to climb in trees and other places, but beyond that I fear they'll be slightly less limited in movement than centaur PCs (although centaurs will beat them in speed).
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:32 No.5031095
    Weapon familiarity: The Whip, Spiked Chain, Dire Flail, and similar exotic flexible reach weapons are considered martial for a Lamia. (The manipulation of long flexible tools comes naturally to the Lamia due to their body shapes, so any Lamia with substantial weapons training will be able to use them with ease.)
    Armor: Due to their unusual lower bodies, Lamia requiring special construction for their armor. Lamia who wish to wear medium or heavy armor must pay the non-humanoid price for it.
    Alignment: Any. Slight leaning towards neutrality, if you can call it that.
    Favored class: None. Lamia take experience penalties for any multi-classing they do. (Due to their loose social structure, the Lamia have never developed a strong affinity for one class over another. Unlike humans, however, individual Lamia are not usually jacks of all trades.)
    LA: 0, hopefully.

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:33 No.5031097
    The Lamia race is made up of several variant strains with unique physical characteristics. At character creation, a Lamia selects one of the following as a bonus feat:

    Viper clan: Viper Lamia possess retractable fangs, granting them a 1d4 bite attack as a natural weapon. They may also choose to make a bite poisonous 3 times per day, at DC 10 + CON modifier, or inject all of their remaining poison for the day to add 2 to the DC for each additional dose. (Declaring a bite poisonous is made after the bite connects, as in actual snakes.) Additionally, the Vipers have a pit in the center of their foreheads which functions as a "third eye", giving them heat-based darkvision out for 30 ft.

    Constrictor clan: Constrictor Lamia tower over their brethren from the other clans, often growing to 15 feet in total length with a standing height of about 9 feet, placing them in size category large. In order to support the increased weight, their skeletons are more durable but less flexible than those of other Lamia, giving them -2 DEX rather than -2 CON. Constrictors earned their name from the powerful crushing technique they can use while grappling, Constrict.

    King clan: King Lamia are so named for their durable physiology, which seems optimized to help them survive combat with other Lamia. They possess thickened scales and organs designed to function even when punctured or crushed, granting DR 3/slashing, and are highly resistant to poison, receiving +10 to those saves.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:34 No.5031103
    I'd love to see a lamia sidewinder skimming across a beach while her friends in their ridiculously heavy plate armor struggle to keep up.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:35 No.5031109
    this is one of my favourite pics, I always read the "hey brother" with a vaguely american accent, not southern or californian, or even nothwest, just kinda loud and little deep, with a wink and a click at the end

    i dunno but i love it
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:36 No.5031114
    Unlikely, look at other large snakes, they rely on surprise attacks, but can't move that fast.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:36 No.5031118
    Why can't lamia be real? ;_;
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:37 No.5031120
    I don't even know America accents. My exposure to them consists of Hollywood.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:38 No.5031133
    for you saying big snakes can't move quick or spring her is a fucking anaconda, the fattest and laziest of snakes
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:38 No.5031134

    Seriously, what is the point of those "stats" up there? What's the point of the Ecchi factor, isn't that subjective?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:40 No.5031150

    A lot of the hollywood accents are california or general southwest accents, though people like Joe Pesci are good examples of a brooklyn accent. The Departed's got some good Boston accents going, too.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:41 No.5031157
    That's a surprise attack, they can't keep that up for a longer period of time, nor will they be able to spring with their entire bodies.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:43 No.5031173
    you must know a couple, just vaguely even, the southern bell maybe, or perhaps the squeeky northeast stripper (considered antiquated but i'm sure theres one in rocky horror and possibly a bugsy malone film)
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:43 No.5031178

    Their accents are a lure. Sure, they may sound like free-love one night of sex kind of girls, even dress up like them too, but you have to run the fuck away right after sex, because, guess what? If you wake up next to her, you're Mr. Lamia now. But then again, some of the /tg/ folk might not mind that so much.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:43 No.5031181
    maybe this will help
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:44 No.5031191
    Guys, how about we make a race called Labia. They are mary sue gorgeous fantasy fulfilment characters, whos entire bottom half is made of vagina. There are only females, and if you go near them they will consider you married and intantly bow to your ever sexual whim.

    Admit it guys, you just want to get fucked up the arse by a weeaboo rattlesnake.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:45 No.5031199
    I know Brooklyn and "redneck" and that's it.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:45 No.5031200

    He's talking about "general American", aka mid-western, unaccented*, or newscaster English. Basically, if someone's an announcer on US TV and they aren't trying to sound like a Brit, they're probably using general American.

    *Technically, you can't have a null accent, but general American is defined by its lack of any of the variations present in the regional accents, and some linguistic historians even claim it's actually closer to how 1700s British English was spoken than any of the current English accents.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:45 No.5031202
    for record im guessing at the accents, and when i say northeast, i can work out a "noo yoiker" but im lost as to boston, chicago, detroit etc
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:46 No.5031208
         File : 1246221969.png-(230 KB, 900x600, 1209303214213.png)
    230 KB
    Trying to escape doesn't sound like a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:46 No.5031211
    the "hey brother" line paired with her outfit always made me think of the classic 70's stoner hippychick.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:46 No.5031212
    How about actually reading the thread before you post next time.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:46 No.5031217
    I admit it.

    Shouldn't snakelike creatures get a bonus to movement in the sand or water? Snakes are faster in a river.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:48 No.5031232

    That's only AFTER you've married her. Which is why you better run run run before she even thinks of the idea.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:50 No.5031241

    Actually, making a Lamia race that was playable, as "realistic" as the others, and had a role in society besides "sexy snake chick" was the entire point of the race writeup.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:50 No.5031246
    I have chased an escaped medium sized python before. they can move really fucking quick when they panic by throwing their bodies into frantic loops almost side winder like. I don't know if big snakes can do this though I have never seen one panicked
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:54 No.5031268
    >>5031246 medium sized python

    I assume you mean this as in "average for a python", not HOLY SHIT HUMAN SIZED SNAKE?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:56 No.5031287
    Depends on the species but snakes are actually surprisingly large.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:58 No.5031296
    8-10' or so I think, but I don't see why the larger pythons that have a lankier build couldn't do it
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:00 No.5031314
    They wouldn't be able to keep up with humanoid adventurers, they are simple to big and will get exhausted quite fast. Even if they were hot-blooded, they'd require massive amounts of sustenance to tag along. They're perhaps unfortunately resigned to lurk in one place, going out on short excursions to acquire food if none comes to them.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:01 No.5031320
    So, any ideas on the staps for this vagina chick?

    She could be like a snail. you know how they have a blig slimy flat bit they slide around on. And she could use her clitoris to move. Which would make her moan constantly and get her all wet, leaving even more of a slimy trail all over the place.

    Actually, Labias could have lesbian relationships with Lamias, who fuck their snail vaginas with their snake tail penises.

    hmm, racial bonuses.

    well being perfect woman who is half cagina they would have to have +2 charisma, but we don't want them getting too smart for their own good, so -2 wisdom.

    Aslo we don't want people to think of her as a mary sue, so we have to give her a weakness.. how about.. they don't like large groups of people, prefering to live solitarily with one partner, or in open lesbain relationships. Oh and they dont get a favoured class or weapons.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:03 No.5031330

    mmm cagina, my favourite kind of cage.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:05 No.5031335
    yes.. unfortunate.. meaning they would have to lie in the sun and have sex all day.. hmm im not sure if I could deal with that.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:05 No.5031340

    In the rare circumstance where a DM actually made you care about where you got your food, just say you live on jerky or bring sheep with you or something.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:05 No.5031341
         File : 1246223141.jpg-(29 KB, 500x325, 008_Spanish-Dancer.jpg)
    29 KB
    she could be a land dwelling nudibranch, or flatworm
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:07 No.5031351
    The amounts of food will be absurd that that won't do, just look at the amount of muscle they need to keep active.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:11 No.5031381
    I imagine they are skilled hunters with heat vision. they could do fine hunting in all but the most barren of areas, and perhaps give them control over their bodies thermostat so they can ramp up or cool down as needed
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:11 No.5031385
    nipple rings of sustenance?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:13 No.5031402

    The issue of what the fuck people eat when dungeoneering is hardly specific to Lamia. Hell, it's arguably less of an issue, since they could probably survive on goblin meat if they didn't find it too gross. Just make them warm blooded and they don't have an issue.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:14 No.5031410
    this shit is never brought up about dragons
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:14 No.5031411
    Or just start a fire, get some hot coals going and let her sleep on it.

    And really, a whole deer or two a week should do fine.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:16 No.5031429
    Yukari theory. They spend all their time hibernating in huge caves full of gold. Perfect heat sink.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:16 No.5031433

    ah yes, because we couldn't possibly let our mary sues have a draw back.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:17 No.5031437

    Presumably that's because dragons are so unrealistic that everyone just says LOL MAGIC, while Lamia seem like something that could almost exist in reality. Past a certain point, though, you pretty much just have to wave your hand and say it works.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:18 No.5031442
    Nobody plays dragons even semi-seriously, they are plotpoints that sleep and sometimes fly out to grab a bite, however stuff like this is an issue that you'll need to take in consideration when you turn monsters into PCs. If you can't even think up a good handwave solution, it will be a crap PC race.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:19 No.5031448
    I don't really imagine they would require much more food than a large barbarian would
    I mean a 20' foot snake + lithe girl on top would at the most go 400 pounds.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:19 No.5031452
    so they can dislocate their jaw? and faxtly engorge their necks? and stretch their stomaches out that far?

    the girl in the picture would need to be eating constantly to maintain a tai lthat big with a mouth that small.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:20 No.5031460
    Can we get Lamia PC stats for 4e? You know, a CURRENT edition?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:20 No.5031468
    Yet the Lamia would have ten times the muscles compared to the barbarian, which she will need to constantly use to just get around.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:21 No.5031475
    >>5031452 so they can dislocate their jaw?

    Well, they are snakes.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:21 No.5031476
    I made one once, a few iterations ago.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:24 No.5031502

    It's always funny to see a "pretty" race outeat a bigass 7' barbarian guy at the inn.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:24 No.5031503
    Lamia would have a diet comprised almost entirely of meat. Lots of protein intake. Lots. As in a whole fucking deer every few days.

    Why do you think snakes eat things whole? Lack of limbs? Fuck no, they need to digest EVERYTHING. The digestive system of a snake is incredible. In fact, I'd be shocked if your average adventuring lamia DIDN'T go out hungry, because that's when they're naturally at their most active. When they don't have a stomach full of food to digest.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:27 No.5031530
    Food concentrate developed for long journeys, like lembas. Or you could say they have photovoltaic scales on their back - I mean, they're half snake half woman, it's not *that* farfetched. And it would encourage them to go wilderness adventuring rather than dungeon crawling (still plausible if you make them spend time sunning themselves before and after the crawl.)
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:27 No.5031534

    It's not that they can't have a draw back, it's that trying to quantify their dietary restrictions just seems like tiresome hair-splitting when there's a low level spell that conjures food out of the ether.

    More importantly, it takes freedom away from the players if we try and find the "best" answer to all the questions of how their characters should live.
    >> Lion'el Richie 06/28/09(Sun)17:28 No.5031535

    Yes. Yes they can. Give me one reason why, in the world of fantasy in general, in settings where almost nothing makes sense in the slightest, that they can't. I dare you.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:28 No.5031544
    Here >>5031503
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:31 No.5031565
    why do they have to be just like snakes exactly? they could be like legless lizards or Sheltopusik, omnivores that eat more frequently in smaller portions. I have not yet met a lizard that would pass up yam or peach baby food
    >> Zombie Luchador 06/28/09(Sun)17:31 No.5031566
    Hmm, maybe the Lamias have to develop their own version of Create Food and Water that has three times the regular amount of protein in order to sustain themselves.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:31 No.5031568
    Problem is, snakes need to be dormant while they digest such massive amounts of food.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:31 No.5031569
    >CURRENT edition
    Ignoring that little jab, I opted to try my hand at it. So far, plenty of things are up in the air - ability score bonuses (they're currently listed as Strength/Dex), speed (currently 7, nothing special to add), and skill bonuses.

    As far as racial traits go, this is what little I've come up with.

    Limber Tail: You do not need to have a hand free to make a grab attempt.
    Squeeze: You can use squeeze as an encounter power.

    Squeeze Lamia Racial Power
    "You ensnare the foe with a lash of your tail, crushing it in your powerful grip."
    Standard Action Melee 2
    Target: One creature
    Attack: Strength +2 or Dexterity +2 vs. Reflex
    Level 11: +4 bonus.
    Level 21: +6 bonus.
    Hit: 1d8 + Strength modifier damage and the target is grabbed. If the target is not adjacent to you, it is pulled until it is adjacent to you. When you end the grab, the target becomes slowed (save ends).
    Level 11: 2d8 + Strength modifier damage.
    Level 21: 3d8 + Strength modifier damage.
    Sustain Minor: You sustain the grab and the target takes damage equal to your Strength or Dexterity modifier.
    Special: When you create your character, choose Strength or Dexterity as the ability score you use when making attack rolls and determining effects with this power. This choice remains throughout your character's life and does not change the power's other effects.

    As far as the racial power goes, should it just be melee 1? Or should it simply be scrapped altogether?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:33 No.5031579
    Maybe lamias should have a second mouth on the end of their tail that they actually eat through. Large enough to swallow small or medium prey animals whole.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:34 No.5031581
    That was my point. Lamia hunts, Lamia eats, Lamia spends a day or two digesting food and being really lazy and irritable. Lamia becomes a lean, mean, huge fucking predatory killing machine for as long as it takes to find the next meal. Repeat.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:35 No.5031591
    Looks okay to me but I'm not a D&D Expert.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:37 No.5031607
    I see, but then they wouldn't fit into a group of other adventurers. They'd need to adventure with their own kind or else they'd hold up the group.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:37 No.5031613
         File : 1246225060.jpg-(216 KB, 700x1220, 1235160609924.jpg)
    216 KB
    Solution to the lamia jump and food problems.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:38 No.5031623
    What they eat seems like more of a roleplaying question than a rollplaying one, if you ask me. My answer to the question of how they eat would be that they, like real snakes, have crazy good digestive systems that can break down pretty much everything, and aren't picky eaters. When in town, they order fuckloads of steak. When in the wilderness, some hunt, some bring along a packmule of dehydrated meat (and then eat the packmule as well, if necessary), and some live on summoned food. It'll vary by character, and the mechanics already exist to model any of the survival methods, so it's not an issue.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:40 No.5031635
    Or you'd just have to deal with an irritable, lazy, lethargic snakewoman whenever she's just eaten. I say it might make the game interesting.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:40 No.5031637
    Ring of sustenance?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:40 No.5031640
    are all the large snakes like that? I have kept garter snakes before and they eat much more frequently and prowl about just about every day except around a shed, almost behaving like a lizard
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:42 No.5031653
    This is an amusing solution, I'm imaging a rivalry between mini-lamias and fairies.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:42 No.5031658
    As with all else, it depends. I think it's pretty much universal for all the "gorge-yourself-stupid" big snakes, though. Y'know, the ones that eat whole moose and shit.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:43 No.5031669
    You are now imagining a mini-lamia giving a pixie the Hiss treatment.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:43 No.5031671
    they hook up a cart behind the pack mule to carry her because moving on a full stomach will make her sick and if the activity is really intense she will throw up just like a snake
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:45 No.5031689
    >A coffee cup has appeared!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:46 No.5031699
    OK, easy solution to the eating problem: Lamia become lethargic after meals as they digest their food, but their bodies are excellent at storing energy, so most just eat one big meal a day before bed and then digest their food while they sleep. Now they won't hold up the party.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:48 No.5031726

    No, god damn it, no eating fairies!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:49 No.5031731
    Depending on the size of the meal, it might not even be every day.

    They might have to end up sleeping longer and eating A LOT more than anyone else though. At least more in a single sitting. I guess, it equates out to about double the normal dietary requirement of your average person, taken over several days and condensed into one meal.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:49 No.5031733
    Fetishfuel aside, I think it would be a pretty interesting rivalry. Fast moving flying magic using faeries vs coil jumping ambushing lamias.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:51 No.5031745
         File : 1246225862.jpg-(93 KB, 600x817, 1241243159018.jpg)
    93 KB
    But they look so delicious...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:52 No.5031761
         File : 1246225956.jpg-(67 KB, 333x500, 2818740075_d75b645f57.jpg)
    67 KB
    snake girls win
    >> I_CLUB_SEALS 06/28/09(Sun)17:52 No.5031764
    Regarding Lamia Jump and Food Problems.


    Centaurs don't work for our world.

    Giant Ants don't work for our world.

    Why should we be stickliers for snake jumpin' rules?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:53 No.5031765

    That could work. Now how to mechanically represent this?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:54 No.5031777
    I personally don't see any problem with incorporating it in a semi-serious manner >>5031731 and >>5031699 and whatnot. Of course, it's up to GM fiat in the end.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:55 No.5031784
    Discuss it with the player and make a compromise.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:56 No.5031794
    I'm not to sure, the fairies would still have magic to their advantage. I think it would devolve into a bitter stalemate with neither side gaining the absolute upper hand without outside intervention.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:57 No.5031802
         File : 1246226248.jpg-(105 KB, 900x600, masticophiseatscrotalusdraz.jpg)
    105 KB
    If they don't chew, when she is giving you a blow job how do you keep her from getting too excited?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:58 No.5031812
    I am now imagining an ongoing turf war between a pixie and a mini-lamia. Involving a lot of sexual innuendo.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:00 No.5031825

    The jumping was concluded to not be an issue yesterday because their length and additional reach would make them about even when it came to human jumping vs. lamia flying lunges.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:01 No.5031835
    I find this hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:06 No.5031881

    Scantily clad snake lady giving me hungry looks while muttering about how delicious I look == I have a boner.

    Goddamn you /d/
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:08 No.5031896
    if she gave you a blow job she would be like a self lubing masturbation sock
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:11 No.5031920

    Higher food costs (double normal) when purchasing food, due to high quantity all meat diet, and they are fatigued after eating until they have some uninterrupted rest. The size of the meal affects the necessary rest time. Light meals/snacks 1 hr physical inactivity, normal human-sized meals 2 hrs inactivity, normal lamia meals 8 hrs sleep, but they don't get hungry for a full day afterwards, and finally, they can gorge themselves to go 3 days without needing to eat, but must sleep for 12 hrs after doing so.

    And yes, this is in my opinion obnoxiously complicated, but people wanted it, so whatever.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:14 No.5031934
    In the end, it's up to GM.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:17 No.5031952

    Of course. It'll basically just be flavor in 95% of cases anyway.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:20 No.5031966

    Lamia have magic too, though. Mind control.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:23 No.5031986
    Trying my hand at it

    Racial Traits:
    Strength +2, Charisma +2
    Size: Medium
    Speed: 7 Squares
    Vision: Low Light
    Languages: Common, Draconic
    Skill Bonuses: +2 Diplomacy, +2 Athletics
    Enchanting Voice: When making a bluff, diplomacy, or intimidate check, roll twice and use either result
    Strong Grip: You gain a +2 racial bonus to all athletics checks requiring holding onto something, including grapple checks.
    Constricting Riposte: You have access to the constricting riposte power.

    Constricting Riposte
    Immediate Reaction One Enemy
    Trigger: An enemy hits or misses you with a melee attack
    Attack: Str, Dex, or Con vs Reflex
    Hit: You seize the enemy with your snakelike lower body, constricting him. The enemy takes ongoing damage equal to your strength, dex or con modifier and may not move. In addition, you and the constricted opponent grant combat advantage to one another. (save ends all)

    Play a Lamia if you want..
    * To be well liked, but generally distrusted
    * To rely on charm when things are going well, and brute force when things aren't
    * To be a member of a race that favors the Sorcerer, Warlord and Paladin classes
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:23 No.5031987
    do these midgets Lamia have infer red vision pits?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:29 No.5032020
    >Paladin classes

    Good, because they can't fall.
    (no legs, see?)
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:30 No.5032036
    I don't know, I was thinking of them having a numeric advantage over the fairies.

    Could be the reason why they appear to have those big elf like 'ears'.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:30 No.5032038
    Not so much if they're warm blooded, their own body heat would interfere.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:33 No.5032069
    maybe they have a stealth mode were they rely on ambient temperature
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:34 No.5032087
    Coldblooded could work for the midget-lamias.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:35 No.5032090
    In fantasy, sure why not. Real mammals start to suffer quite quickly outside of their normal body temperatures.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:36 No.5032101

    Darkvision's either SU or EX, which work by magic and handwave, respectively, so I don't really see that being an issue.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:40 No.5032146
    Just got back into this thread again.

    As for Lamia's eating... why would they eat like snakes? They have human mouths and stomaches, so I'd imagine that they would eat like humans do. The tail wouldn't change what they eat. Also the way snakes eat are pretty much dependent on their entire body structure, with their ribs and such pushing out to the sides, which wouldn't work right with a human skeletal structure.

    tl;dr: They eat just like humans do.

    Though the idea of them gorging on food and becoming lethargic would be interesting from a roleplaying perspective, due to the personality shift.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:41 No.5032155
    There's plenty to support either. In the end, it's up to the GM and/or the player in question.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:41 No.5032157
    I liked the idea someone had on here a while ago involving a merfolk wizard who used a water elemental like a suit of magical power armor. He didn't have any mobility problems out of water.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:43 No.5032188
    If they eat like humans do, they'd be constantly eating and shitting all over the place.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:46 No.5032211
    There is that.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:46 No.5032214


    They would certainly eat more than a human, but I don't understand your claim that they would suffer from increased bowel movements.

    How about a compromise?

    They eat human food, they just do so in larger quantities fewer times; similar to a snake they might have one very large meal and then not eat for a week.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:47 No.5032219
    Do Lamia count as scaled ones? If so, easiest Punpunable race ever.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:48 No.5032237

    Snakes hardly shit at all, actually. Their digestive system stripmines anything they eat down into nothing but chaff.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:49 No.5032244
    I remember that, dont recall what else came of that idea though.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:51 No.5032261
    Yeah, the amount they eat would probably depend on their metabolism, but reptiles eat not very often. Probably Lamia's would be in between snakes and humans, to match the combined metabolism. Also:

    Why would they be shitting all over the place? Humans eat quite often (moreso for adventurers, as that uses up alot of energy), but whens the last time in any rpg system that using the bathroom ever came up?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:55 No.5032294

    These Lamia have the weird bone structure, so they would feasibly be able to gorge themselves to bursting. Expansion fetishists are the only ones who would care though.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:59 No.5032325

    Yes, they should. Now you just need a DM dumb enough to let you charm a Sarrukh, and you're set.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:03 No.5032367
    I wonder if pack animals would be disturbed by their predatory scent
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:04 No.5032380

    If you want to play one that disturbs animals, be our guest.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:08 No.5032408
    Previous thread was archived here

    It wasn't bad, looks like this thread is headed into Poop Simulationism though.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:08 No.5032424

    snakes need heat to digest large meals. They couldn't just eat alot and sleep all night, they would have to sun them selves for a few hours after eating something large.

    but that could keep them going for a week.

    Also, why would a lamia have hips?

    if such a thing existed it would make far more sense to be ribs all the way down.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:10 No.5032437
    Because badonkadonk.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:13 No.5032465

    lol. Well, the basic concept was already dealt with, so now all that's left are the little fidgety things that should, imo, be left up to the players and DMs to work out.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:14 No.5032479

    1. These Lamia are warm blooded.
    2. Don't think about it too hard.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:15 No.5032494
    Because DATASS
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:16 No.5032506
    >>5032424 why would a lamia have hips?

    Are you gay?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:16 No.5032509
    A wizard did it or a god cursed them
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:17 No.5032524
    Midget-lamias are superior, oversized python whores are inferior.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:18 No.5032533
         File : 1246231105.jpg-(164 KB, 818x682, 741abfcfb56238893706c7dc0585a3(...).jpg)
    164 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:20 No.5032562

    But the little ones can't be adventurers very well.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:22 No.5032584
    keep her in a pouch and let her loose to poison people, like your personal sentient asp
    >> !i2InmLMgFY 06/28/09(Sun)19:24 No.5032607
    I wouldn't have a problem marrying a Lamia as long as she carried me on her snake tail wherever I wanted to go.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:25 No.5032614

    But she can't see if she's in a pouch. Why not wrap her around my neck?

    Also, why do we always say "she" for these things anyway? It's not like they're an all female race.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:26 No.5032627

    Medium Lamia would make crappy mounts. Constrictors, maybe.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:26 No.5032631
    you could do that
    and the she comes from not a single male picture in this thread and the fact stating them was inspired by the monster girl strip
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:28 No.5032651
    You could carry one around your arm, with her making snarky comments and heck if you wanted to, you could throw her into someone's face and she'd bite would them in the nose.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:30 No.5032670

    But can they have class levels?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:31 No.5032673
    I remember playing neverwinter nights with a pixie as my familiar. Damn useful too, she would wander around disarming every trap and unlocking every lock as I wandered around. 3.5dnd has rules for tiny creatures. Dagger does 1d2, shortspear does 1d3, longsword does 1d4...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:31 No.5032681
    would you trust her on your neck?the little ones seem snarky and possessive, what if she caught you checking out some elf's legs?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:36 No.5032734

    according to the OP picture they are all female.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:36 No.5032741

    Intimidate bonuses and alertness are worth the risk.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:37 No.5032755

    That's because the OP picture is for h game lamias.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:38 No.5032762
    Bisexual mini lamia that wants a threesome? Then it wouldn't be a problem.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:45 No.5032837
    if you want to go for the fetish fuel version they could be Parthenogenic, with the daughters being clones of the mother. except in cases of a Lamia mating with a human which adds new blood to the colonies. further fetish fuel inspired by real Parthenogenic lizards the require stimulation to ovulate successfully. this of course means they are inherently bisexual. the offspring's features are a simple recessive mutation that is either displayed or not and perhaps only F1 hybrids will be male Lamias (if they exist at all)
    >> The Ghost of Charles Bronson !!N2VlCVgmNHF 06/28/09(Sun)19:46 No.5032842
         File : 1246232764.png-(341 KB, 400x543, do_not_want_nyet.png)
    341 KB
    ITT: sick fucks try to introduce yet another stupid idea for a PC race so that they can role play their eating/gorging fetishes and animal-fucking fantasies.

    Snakes are a shitty design for a large organism. Too much mass and too little surface area. A snake body large enough to support a human torso on the end would weigh several tons and be 100 ft long. A snake large enough to eat a human is actually quite small in diameter.

    Lamias cannot exist, everyone in this thread is a faggot.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:47 No.5032860
    I'd let one of the small ones coil around my third leg, if you know what I mean.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:48 No.5032871

    lol. Don't know about the rest of you, but I want them because I like the idea of a "monster" race figuring out how to get along in civilized society.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:50 No.5032885
    > Lamias cannot exist
    And dragons can?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:50 No.5032886
    I don't have a lamia fetish, I just like the whole idea of a race that's focused on poison like tieflings are for fire, and I also like the look of them for a kind of tiefling.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:50 No.5032890
    ITT: sick fucks try to introduce yet another stupid idea for a PC race so that they can role play their eating/gorging fetishes and animal-fucking fantasies.

    dragons are a shitty design for a large organism. Too much mass and too little surface area on their wings. A set of wings large enough to support a dragon's body would be 100 ft wide. A dragon actually able to fly would have to be quite small .

    dragons cannot exist, everyone in this thread is a faggot.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:50 No.5032891
    That's those lesbian lizard things, isn't it? I read about those once. Nature is more messed up than we could ever make a fantasy race.

    If you read the thread (both of them) a bit you'd realise that sexuality never really had a part in the race, except for a few side ideas. We're making a fully integrated intelligent PC race that would be actually usable.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:52 No.5032915
    Ghosts don't exist, therefore you, the Ghost of Charles Bronson, do not exist either, making your statements null.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:53 No.5032921

    You lost me.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:54 No.5032937
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:55 No.5032944
    I'd let her strangle my monkey, if you catch my drift.
    >> The Ghost of Charles Bronson !!N2VlCVgmNHF 06/28/09(Sun)19:55 No.5032951
    I know what you say you're trying to do. I'm examining the underlying reasons for wanting to have such a creature be a PC race.

    Look at all the questions about eating and shitting. How often does this sort of stuff come up in discussions about wood elves?

    Then again you sick fucks could probably turn a wholesome Tolkein themed scenario into demon tentacle rape with pee fetish roleplay. I guess that's what's happening here.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:55 No.5032954
         File : 1246233355.jpg-(67 KB, 529x779, b016058f770acd2155fc36536989fd(...).jpg)
    67 KB
    >>5032891 sexuality never really had a part in the race

    lol. Other than the images, of course.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:58 No.5032981

    Wood Elves are just skinny tree-dwelling people and don't have drastically different physiology than humans.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:58 No.5032984
    it started as a fetish thread yesterday and took a turn for the serious, I think /tg/ just likes corrupting things. turning any thing into porn turning porn into something usable beyond wank fodder
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:59 No.5033001
    I do recall conversations about eldar stool inspired by Xenology
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:01 No.5033026
    Wood elves are similar enough to humans for it not to warrant discussion. With Lamias, you have a large enough difference that anyone will page on through to find physiological section of how they actually survive and there food consumption comes into the question. You can't just say lolmagic, because it that would completely break any sense of suspension of disbelieve.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:06 No.5033063

    We're quite thorough when designing a race, moreso than the official designers themselves would be, it seems. That includes stuff that wouldn't really ever come up.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:07 No.5033069

    We're a bit OCD completionist like that.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:11 No.5033098
    do Lamia have litters of offspring or are the number of offspring in a pregnancy close to the human standard?do they give birth to live young or do they lay eggs? and if they give birth to live young do they have a placenta or do the young grow inside self contained eggs?

    what is left for pedantic biology now?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:16 No.5033141
    I'd say a few large eggs. not a huge litter, but single-births are uncommon.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:31 No.5033265

    If you really want the underlying reason, it would be that Lamia being monsters simply doesn't make any sort of internal sense. Most of the other antagonistic races have some sort of explanation for it: either they're totally alien, as in the aberrations, or supernaturally evil, like the fiends, or they're dumb, like the orcs, or they just plain suck at diplomacy, for the goblins and whatnot.

    Lamia, on the other hand, are intelligent and charismatic, and yet they, according to the monster manual, just sit in caves waiting for some adventurer to come kill them. It shouldn't fucking work that way. Even a Lamia with a taste for human flesh would find it a lot more productive to come down from the damned cave, move into a city, and eat hobos that nobody would miss.

    tl;dr: having creatures with superhuman charisma who can't figure out how to get along with people is retarded.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:31 No.5033267
    Guys, i'm so sorry for asking this but...
    Where the hell is her vagina?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:34 No.5033286
    Under the loincloth
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:35 No.5033293
    same place as on her sister and mother.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:36 No.5033300

    I'd say human standard for birth numbers. Alpha predators and smarter creatures both tend towards smaller births, Lamia are both. As for eggs vs. live birth, that's not really consistent within snakes, and doesn't much matter besides. Leave it off.

    Lifespan and age of adulthood do still need to be determined for mechanical reasons though. Not sure how old they should live to.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:40 No.5033317
    Where a normal womans vagina is. And in some designs of lamia, the ass is in the same place as well.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:42 No.5033327

    Better question is, who the fuck cares? If your character is pregnant/has eggs to take care of then they shouldn't be out adventuring, so it shouldn't factor into the game aside from determining how long they can't go for.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:43 No.5033334
    So her tail pretty much just replaces the legs.
    That's still going to be somewhat ackward though. Not a whole lot of available positions.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:44 No.5033353
    that can't work - she'd shit down her own back.

    it's probably in the same spot as a snake.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:45 No.5033359

    Meh. Leave that for the dojinshi artists to work out.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:45 No.5033367
    girls don't poop
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:46 No.5033375

    So would humans if we didn't sit/squat. Now can we please stop talking about snake poop?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:47 No.5033382
    Not so bad. Though you would usually be face to face, theres more options that you couldn't do with humans, that involve the tail and such.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:47 No.5033383

    Not all lamia are girls.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:51 No.5033405
    inb4 people start requesting scat porn of /tg/ 40k characters
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:51 No.5033411
    as nagas
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:52 No.5033413
    Well, I have to admit, you guys are really putting a lot of thought into this.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:53 No.5033427
         File : 1246236829.jpg-(126 KB, 800x600, 4c294fcf2b67a8ddfef54f3182522b(...).jpg)
    126 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:57 No.5033453
    Sure hope she's a vampire lamia and not a poisonous as fuck lamia...
    >> The Ghost of Charles Bronson !!N2VlCVgmNHF 06/28/09(Sun)20:57 No.5033456
    Ok, fair enough.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:04 No.5033519
         File : 1246237471.jpg-(328 KB, 600x785, 1246148258638.jpg)
    328 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:05 No.5033530
    Damn /tg/ giving me fetishes again :(
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:09 No.5033564
    Who the fuck would spend the time necessary to make that diagram.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:10 No.5033569

    And the winner of the universe's largest spleen award goes to...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:13 No.5033586

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:14 No.5033598
    that's the posterior lung. the spleen is just the green lump at the beginning of it.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:16 No.5033612
    so what you're saying is

    you stick it in their tail?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:18 No.5033632
         File : 1246238297.jpg-(208 KB, 1130x944, 1246160308797.jpg)
    208 KB

    By that drawing, yes. Most artists, however, disagree.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:19 No.5033639

    vagina in tail + prehensile tail = the best damn sex you have ever had.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:22 No.5033656
    Oh snap a drider girl too! (Well, not a drow drider, but in 3E a drider could make any humanoid race into a drider that kept its original upper body) Awesome
    >> Lion'el Richie 06/28/09(Sun)21:23 No.5033671

    Christ I'll have to reapeat myself wont I?


    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:24 No.5033678

    Oh man. Kobold driders. I'd fuck that yipping spidergirl until the cows came home.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:24 No.5033680
    Yeah, I don't figure that makes too much sense. She has like two sets of everything, one in her human torso, one in the snake part. They aren't two creatures stuck together. Also, its not like that picture is canon anyway, its just another random pic. Not to mention every other picture shows the vagina where it would be on a human, not where it would be in that picture.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:25 No.5033682
    Fuck her, for science!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:26 No.5033687
    So what is the difference between Naga and Lamia?

    Lamia are just hot and nice?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:28 No.5033698

    Kind of makes sense that a creature as big as a lamia might need multiple hearts. Maybe not the multiple lungs or whatever, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:28 No.5033701

    Naga have hoods.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:28 No.5033705

    What is up with that comic? It is depicting fully naked underage animals. And yet it bleeps out a swear word?

    In whose mind does that make sense?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:29 No.5033711
    I've seen plenty of snake-girls with the slit on the snake part instead of the human part. It's about 50/50 from the art I've seen.

    Not many that have them in both places, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:29 No.5033714
    In system-neutral discourse, probably the same thing. In D&D and vidyas, who the fuck knows.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:30 No.5033728

    what are you talking about, it would be exactly the same as every other damn time /tg/ has had sex. Imaginary.
    >> Lion'el Richie 06/28/09(Sun)21:31 No.5033734

    Lamia are one of those 'do whatever the fuck you want' races. You could put their pussy on their head and no-one would care.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:32 No.5033745
    Depends on who you listen to. Most often Lamias are portrayed as having the upper body of a woman, while the lower is that of a snake. With Naga's you often have only a women's head on a snake's body or just an armless torso with a head on a snake's body. Sometimes they just go crazy with Naga and make it even more lizard like, like they did in warcraft for example.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:34 No.5033760
    No, I think that the designs would be for more snakelike, or more human like. Sure, people *could* add stuff like what you said, but then they would be lamia in name only, as they would lose their connections to the previous idea of a lamia.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:34 No.5033761

    But could you swap around the positions of their eyes and anus and their mouth and vagina?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:34 No.5033767

    Snake muscular action is primarily anaerobic, so yeah, they don't need super lungs. It doesn't cause them problems because they apparently have other ways of shunting lactic acid aside from oxidation.
    >> I_CLUB_SEALS 06/28/09(Sun)21:35 No.5033774

    Naga in Warcraft are basically merfolk, but with sea snake instead of the other crap.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:36 No.5033779
         File : 1246239366.jpg-(159 KB, 528x896, waterhouse_lamia_02.jpg)
    159 KB
    Varies by system; heck, Lamiae aren't even always snake-type monsters (I think they're lion centaurs in D&D 3rd), although mythologically Lamia was associated with serpents. (More as a shape-shifter than a centaur-like creature, at least in art. Picture related; note the snake skin.)

    Naga in Indian mythological contexts can refer to basically anything snake-like, from natural snakes to snakes with human heads to something that looks like the monster girl in OP's picture. In places like Laos there are dragon-like monsters called naga, but I'm not sure how closely the two are related.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:36 No.5033781

    Not while still calling it humanoid.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:39 No.5033808
    Humanoid has always been more about having a head (or heads), torso, and possibly some number of arms and legs in the proper sockets; the particulars of organ placement is of less concern. Hence why cyclopses and ettins can still be considered humanoid.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:40 No.5033828
    Depends on the society it comes from. In India, naga are human-headed snakes or snakes being inhabited by deities to speak with humans.

    In other mythologies, they're huge snakes with human upper bodies in place of normal heads. Other mythologies claim that these creatures are called lamia, while still others call something that looks like a tauric human/lion crossbreed a lamia(this creature is in 3.5's MM I along with the Indian rendition of the naga).

    It's confusing, but the main thing to remember is that it depends on where it comes from; context, as always, is important.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:42 No.5033843

    The Dire Crotcheyed Assface would be an aberration under the "abomination against nature" clause, arms or no arms.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:44 No.5033859
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:47 No.5033879

    Amusingly enough, though, the 3.5 Lamia's abilities fit a snakey Lamia just as well. It's like the guy statting them was doing snakes but the artist had a different idea of what he was supposed to be designing.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:48 No.5033893
         File : 1246240123.jpg-(59 KB, 397x756, Naga182.jpg)
    59 KB
    Not entirely accurate to say that you don't see human-torso bearing naga depicted in India, but your overall message is correct.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)21:56 No.5033945
    I've never actually read through the stats for it, the picture turned me off of it as a lamia. I think I need to go check now. This sounds like it could be pretty cool.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)22:06 No.5034032

    So... all sex is buttsex?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)22:19 No.5034130
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)22:20 No.5034137

    Yeah, they gave them the same charm and illusion powers that seductive enchantress types usually have, spring attack, and even a length rather than a height. The only weird bit is that they have claws.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)22:40 No.5034333
         File : 1246243200.jpg-(639 KB, 871x1200, 1179657381604.jpg)
    639 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)22:44 No.5034380
         File : 1246243483.jpg-(425 KB, 829x1200, sample-6e98e59d2c6028f755b0cb9(...).jpg)
    425 KB

    Why didn't you post the second one?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)22:45 No.5034383
    Can't find part 2, with the luvvins.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)22:47 No.5034401
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)22:55 No.5034470
    i still say you guys are just too fuckin' lazy to draw legs.

    that's how tentacle porn was invented, you know.
    >> Sage 06/28/09(Sun)23:01 No.5034505
    Japanese Censorship used to prohibit Cocks. Thus tentacles were used. No one has had the good sense to stop doing it since.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)23:06 No.5034540

    Tails take more work to draw than legs.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)23:13 No.5034594

    oh whatever man. you're gonna sit there and tell me that after spending an hour drawing the chick, an overworked, underpaid japanese wage-slave is going to spend another two hours drawing like, eight other dudes? that he has never sat back and said to himself, "man all that matters is the cock...hey...what about a creature that is made ENTIRELY OUT OF COCKS?"

    fucker probably got promoted for revolutionizing the entire industry.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)23:16 No.5034621
    Think I posted that pic yesterday. And to answer your question: Vampire.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)23:16 No.5034630
    Tentacle porn was originally about women being screwed by prehensile feet?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)23:20 No.5034663
    Groovy, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)23:42 No.5034867
    >You could carry one around your arm, with her making snarky comments and heck if you wanted to, you could throw her into someone's face and she'd bite would them in the nose.

    This is my next familiar.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)23:52 No.5034952

    Or you could always make them your tiny cohort and give them adorable little class levels.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)23:53 No.5034969
    That would probably be more effective with an imp or pixie.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)23:53 No.5034970
         File : 1246247633.jpg-(375 KB, 848x1200, minilamiapriestess.jpg)
    375 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)23:58 No.5035016
    His name is Toshio Maeda. Fucker DID revolutionize the industry.

    >> Anonymous 06/29/09(Mon)00:01 No.5035065
    >>5035016 he has stated in an interview that he would like "Tentacle Master" inscribed on his tombstone.

    I'm actually not a fan of the tentacle rapings, but THIS IS AWESOME.
    >> Anonymous 06/29/09(Mon)00:05 No.5035101
         File : 1246248323.png-(252 KB, 363x629, nwn-tink-the-familiar.png)
    252 KB
    Awww. She thinks she's people.

    (named her after tinkerbell and that annoying tinking sound she makes CONSTANTLY)
    >> Anonymous 06/29/09(Mon)00:24 No.5035287
    inb4 250 post- Goddamnit.
    >> Anonymous 06/29/09(Mon)00:31 No.5035356
    Source / More
    >> Anonymous 06/29/09(Mon)00:50 No.5035533
         File : 1246251017.jpg-(31 KB, 519x254, Naga study skeleton.jpg)
    31 KB
    Found this after some searching.
    >> Anonymous 06/29/09(Mon)00:57 No.5035618
         File : 1246251465.jpg-(47 KB, 600x600, 1241972805.queblock_kranntats2.jpg)
    47 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/29/09(Mon)01:00 No.5035647
         File : 1246251642.jpg-(24 KB, 600x600, 1241972645.queblock_dqlamia.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/29/09(Mon)01:04 No.5035692

    Oh god what? Why are their ribs like that?

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