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  • File : 1246486737.jpg-(722 KB, 1200x1833, 00.jpg)
    722 KB Disney goes /tg/ Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:18 No.5063230  
    Let's repost yesterdays gem:

    The Black Orb

    This is like Disney italys RPG homage, pretty awesome if you ask me.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:20 No.5063241
         File1246486800.jpg-(532 KB, 1200x1850, 01.jpg)
    532 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:20 No.5063249
         File1246486848.jpg-(619 KB, 1200x1763, 02.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:22 No.5063263
         File1246486933.jpg-(729 KB, 1200x1725, 03.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:23 No.5063277
         File1246487003.jpg-(577 KB, 1200x1754, 04.jpg)
    577 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:24 No.5063284
         File1246487044.jpg-(604 KB, 1200x1711, 05.jpg)
    604 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:25 No.5063305
         File1246487132.jpg-(674 KB, 1200x1775, 06.jpg)
    674 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:26 No.5063319
         File1246487204.jpg-(721 KB, 1200x1739, 07.jpg)
    721 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:28 No.5063344
         File1246487320.jpg-(577 KB, 1200x1771, 08.jpg)
    577 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:29 No.5063355
         File1246487368.jpg-(753 KB, 1200x1770, 09.jpg)
    753 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:30 No.5063363
         File1246487433.jpg-(602 KB, 1200x1763, 10.jpg)
    602 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:31 No.5063371
         File1246487490.jpg-(756 KB, 1200x1782, 11.jpg)
    756 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:33 No.5063393
         File1246487594.jpg-(616 KB, 1200x1792, 12.jpg)
    616 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:34 No.5063408
         File1246487663.jpg-(587 KB, 1200x1791, 13.jpg)
    587 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:35 No.5063421
         File1246487731.jpg-(623 KB, 1200x1789, 14.jpg)
    623 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:36 No.5063431
         File1246487780.jpg-(599 KB, 1200x1751, 15.jpg)
    599 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:37 No.5063445
         File1246487846.jpg-(612 KB, 1200x1761, 16.jpg)
    612 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:38 No.5063454
         File1246487899.jpg-(742 KB, 1200x1759, 17.jpg)
    742 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:39 No.5063469
         File1246487982.jpg-(591 KB, 1200x1784, 18.jpg)
    591 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:41 No.5063491
         File1246488081.jpg-(740 KB, 1200x1718, 19.jpg)
    740 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:42 No.5063500
         File1246488132.jpg-(685 KB, 1200x1780, 20.jpg)
    685 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:43 No.5063507
         File1246488185.jpg-(577 KB, 1200x1784, 21.jpg)
    577 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:43 No.5063518
         File1246488239.jpg-(565 KB, 1200x1784, 22.jpg)
    565 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:44 No.5063529
         File1246488299.jpg-(669 KB, 1200x1784, 23.jpg)
    669 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:45 No.5063533
         File1246488347.jpg-(634 KB, 1200x1776, 24.jpg)
    634 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:46 No.5063539
    ....Their roles are like Kingdom Hearts but swapped.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:46 No.5063543
         File1246488405.jpg-(609 KB, 1200x1777, 25.jpg)
    609 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:46 No.5063546
    This is awesome, /rs/?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:47 No.5063549
         File1246488454.jpg-(741 KB, 1200x1766, 26.jpg)
    741 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:48 No.5063564
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:49 No.5063569
         File1246488567.jpg-(692 KB, 1200x1791, 27.jpg)
    692 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:49 No.5063571
    ... what the hell is going on here? This isn't supposed to be this awesome! How uncanny!
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:50 No.5063576
         File1246488614.jpg-(703 KB, 1200x1775, 28.jpg)
    703 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:51 No.5063586
         File1246488662.jpg-(842 KB, 1200x1768, 29.jpg)
    842 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:51 No.5063591
         File1246488712.jpg-(636 KB, 1200x1778, 30.jpg)
    636 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:52 No.5063595

    They've got dragon mounts. Goddamn dragon mounts. Fuck yeah.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:52 No.5063599
         File1246488751.jpg-(597 KB, 1200x1778, 31.jpg)
    597 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:53 No.5063610
    Smart Internet users hang at: http://www.EnonTalk.com/ (Enon = Anon)

    Are YOU smart?

    > fmmfiyljfyobfgljyygnkdfngdg
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:53 No.5063611
         File1246488827.jpg-(681 KB, 1200x1763, 32.jpg)
    681 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:54 No.5063617
         File1246488876.jpg-(780 KB, 1200x1757, 33.jpg)
    780 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:56 No.5063633
         File1246488961.jpg-(741 KB, 1200x1798, 34.jpg)
    741 KB
    The motherfucking skull candle has been lit, shit is getting serious!
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:57 No.5063642
         File1246489029.jpg-(837 KB, 1200x1798, 35.jpg)
    837 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:58 No.5063654
         File1246489093.jpg-(781 KB, 1200x1771, 36.jpg)
    781 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)18:59 No.5063657
         File1246489145.jpg-(680 KB, 1200x1773, 37.jpg)
    680 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:00 No.5063669
         File1246489208.jpg-(633 KB, 1200x1771, 38.jpg)
    633 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:00 No.5063675
         File1246489253.jpg-(718 KB, 1200x1750, 39.jpg)
    718 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:01 No.5063682
         File1246489302.jpg-(614 KB, 1200x1761, 40.jpg)
    614 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:02 No.5063696
         File1246489353.jpg-(665 KB, 1200x1775, 41.jpg)
    665 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:03 No.5063710
         File1246489432.jpg-(833 KB, 1200x1768, 42.jpg)
    833 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:04 No.5063718
         File1246489487.jpg-(716 KB, 1200x1754, 43.jpg)
    716 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:05 No.5063729
         File1246489547.jpg-(777 KB, 1200x1759, 44.jpg)
    777 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:06 No.5063735
         File1246489604.jpg-(795 KB, 1200x1763, 45.jpg)
    795 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:07 No.5063744
         File1246489676.jpg-(655 KB, 1200x1775, 46.jpg)
    655 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:08 No.5063749
         File1246489732.jpg-(807 KB, 1200x1763, 47.jpg)
    807 KB
    Oh noes!
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:09 No.5063758
         File1246489795.jpg-(767 KB, 1200x1757, 48.jpg)
    767 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:10 No.5063763
         File1246489843.jpg-(696 KB, 1200x1756, 49.jpg)
    696 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:11 No.5063768
    Oh god. Donald really is in the fatguy role today.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:12 No.5063780
         File1246489950.jpg-(674 KB, 1200x1757, 50.jpg)
    674 KB
    Fuck yeah, PRETEND is the best game ever!
    Grow that neckbeard Donald!

    That's all folks, how did you like it?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:13 No.5063788
    Can we have this in a winrar?
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:14 No.5063799
    Fucking epic.

    And it's so spot on. Like the guys who wrote it knew about D&D but good...
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:15 No.5063807
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:19 No.5063835
    Something between D&D and Advanced Hero Quest.

    It would be cool to develop a DM-less tabletop rpg system like that.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:24 No.5063875
    Donald should have rolled a Barbarian so he could channel his endless RAAAAGE.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:24 No.5063882
    Holy shit, it's /tg/

    ....in Disney form
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:25 No.5063889
    Loved it, thanks.
    Dude. You know how Donald is when he gets on to sadist mode. The comic books would be R-rated if that happened.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:26 No.5063900
         File1246490783.png-(611 KB, 827x379, 1224268686225.png)
    611 KB
    Donald is badass.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:26 No.5063907
    love it

    thx OP
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:29 No.5063932
    "Hack our way through a wall of human flesh, dragging our canoe behind us!" is now my favorite Donald quote.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:29 No.5063934
    >It would be cool to develop a DM-less tabletop rpg system like that.
    They're called "gamebooks". They're pretty cool.

    Look into the Lone Wolf series.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:32 No.5063961
    But those are single-player.

    Donald, Mickey and Goofy switch narrating the story (see the panel background colors) using the book and their imagination.

    Interesting that they "GM" their OWN solo parts.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:35 No.5063992
    Looking like a god damn psychomaniac there, Donald. Just look at the lady in the background, reacting to his expression alone.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:42 No.5064070
    Goofy is being a dick with his out of character shit.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:50 No.5064136
         File1246492223.jpg-(116 KB, 438x707, 1244733866939.jpg)
    116 KB
    <-- Their BBEG for the campaign.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:52 No.5064162
    Donald juggling Daisy and his job with his gaming was the best part of the comic. Mostly because it mirrors our pathetic lives so much.

    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)19:58 No.5064212
    I like Mickeys approach to dealing with Donalds loaded dice, courage check in a suicidal situation.

    If I was the DM I would have TPKd.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)20:00 No.5064228
         File1246492852.jpg-(107 KB, 1027x1280, 1209154289.soul-drawer_magicac(...).jpg)
    107 KB
    Lacks witchcraft.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)20:05 No.5064274
    You... you... you... double Ferthy-duck.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)20:13 No.5064336
    I'd pluck that duck.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)20:28 No.5064430
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)20:33 No.5064470

    I'd go feathery for that.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)20:39 No.5064503
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)20:41 No.5064515
    Smart Internet users hang at: http://www.EnonTalk.com/ (Enon = Anon)

    Are YOU smart?

    > yfnsmfnosfhmdlsndkldgjjvhglboypgghgogsvhfslsdhbsnvbhlnnhdyvomg
    >> Devilock 07/01/09(Wed)20:42 No.5064521
    Little brother rented this Disney comic from library years ago.
    Late at night, after everyone was asleep, I found it on the coffee table. Quickly read it...

    Mindblowingly accurate.
    Mickey seemed like too much of a raging rules lawyer, but all in all a decent session.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)20:47 No.5064540
    Goofy's the only good player. Mickey's a rules lawyer and Donald's just being a dick.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)20:57 No.5064599
         File1246496276.png-(450 KB, 572x412, Mickey Mouse.png)
    450 KB
    Oh yes.

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