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  • File : 1246536567.jpg-(116 KB, 640x403, Lu Bu.jpg)
    116 KB From "The Kwangju Uprisings and the US", by Nick Mamatas Leman Russ 07/02/09(Thu)08:09 No.5069446  
    If the Chinese Student Movement of 1989 had been generalized and had led to the collapse of Communist rule, perhaps a golden age of Jeffersonian Democracy could have emerged;

    >>it is just as likely that a Warring States-style circumstance could have emerged as local bureaucrats. some enriched by China's experiments with export capitalism, others impoverished by the same, took individual initiative to set up their own fiefdoms.

    Is this an awesome game/campaign idea?

    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:14 No.5069473
    It would've been more awesome if it had actually happened.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:16 No.5069481
    Will this involve some sort of modern day Lu Bu?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:18 No.5069491
    Perhaps the man in the pic is Lu Bu about to fuck up some Freedom-hating tanks
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:25 No.5069532
    >>5069491 And in other news: this post is totally awesome.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:38 No.5069604
    Does anyone know anything about late 80's China, so that we can write up some factions?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:39 No.5069611
    Everything was fucking boring.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:41 No.5069622
    He stopped tanks with his chi! oh and big balls, that guy had big balls.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:42 No.5069624
    Lu Bu with a submachine gun halberd, riding a tank painted red.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:42 No.5069630
    On the back is has spraypainted: "DO NOT PURSUE"
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:44 No.5069640
    My God... it's beautiful.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:46 No.5069651
    US backed pro democratic faction
    Commie backed commie faction
    Peasant backed poor people faction
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:49 No.5069667
         File1246538994.jpg-(196 KB, 700x969, DO NOT PURSUE.jpg)
    196 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:52 No.5069680
    Don't be so generalistic. This isn't Mercenaries the vidya, this had potential for depth.
    >> Leman Russ 07/02/09(Thu)08:52 No.5069687
    US backed Capitalist faction
    UN backed Democratic faction
    Former Government
    Chinese Nationalistic Faction
    Russian Backed Faction
    For-the-People Maoist Faction
    For-the-People Republican Faction
    Various other Warlords
    >> Leman Russ 07/02/09(Thu)08:53 No.5069692
    Oh well...
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:54 No.5069698
    That's certainly better, well done. I think it's important to group the students into a certain group. The idea of a peasant faction is also a pretty good one.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)08:55 No.5069701

    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)09:00 No.5069724
    Would Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, etc. have any role in this?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)09:03 No.5069736
    Japan is probably too pacificistic at this period to make a move into China. However, if we refluff world history a bit, we could have a Japanese faction for sure. Korea would probably support another faction rather than be one in and of itself. I don't think Mongolia or Vietnam would be involved in any meaningful way.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)09:18 No.5069796
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)10:01 No.5070000
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)11:05 No.5070349
    Could we get some more character development?

    Lu Bu as a tank commander is cool, who else?
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)11:51 No.5070646
    I'm getting a Legend of the Five Rings meets Advance Wars vibe from this.

    This is awesome, keep going.
    >> Anonymous 07/02/09(Thu)12:28 No.5070983
    One more bump before I wake.
    >> Leman Russ 07/02/09(Thu)14:23 No.5071871
    I expected more, maybe in September, ah well.

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