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  • File : 1247492301.jpg-(181 KB, 480x640, 39550a95bc2e3584808e6e0a798ac55a.jpg)
    181 KB Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)09:38 No.5150582  
    Mage: the Ascension Achievements.

    (PC) Trouble Magnet: have 10 or more points of Paradox at one time.
    (PC) Walking Timebomb: have 20 or more points of Paradox at one time.
    (PC) Spontaneous Combustion: suffer from a backlash of 10 or more points of Paradox in a single hit.
    (PC) Strange Bedfellows: Agree on a cease-fire and a temporary alliance with the Technocracy in order to bring down a bigger threat.
    (PC) Those Whacky Nazis: Punch a nazi.
    (PC) Reentry Burn-up: Fall down to Incapacitated from the damage dealt by crossing the Gauntlet.
    (PC) Look At What I Made: Create an Artifact.
    (PC) Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him: Botch a magical attack against an enemy and, in the following round of combat, use a nonmagical, nonenchanted firearm against the same enemy, killing him.
    (PC) It's Magic, I Ain't Gotta Explain Shit: Do something so outlandish that even you refuse to make any attempt to justify as "coincidential" to the ST. in front of multiple witnesses.
    (PC) Gaze Upon My Spellbook And Despair: Create 20 or more original rotes.
    (PC) I Be Rollin With The Wizzards, Yo: Create 30 or more original rotes.
    (PC) Magical Bling: Have more than 3 permanently enchanted artifact or magical items of any kind.

    (ST) Forced Crossover: Ghoulify a PC.
    (ST) To The Shadow Realm: After a particularly bad Backlash, shut a PC into a Paradox Realm.
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)09:40 No.5150595
    (PC, Correspondence) Crazy Gun Fu: Curve the trajectory of a projectile by more than 90° in mid-air.
    (PC, Correspondence) I Can See Forever: Scry on 5 or more places at once.
    (PC, Entropy) How Did I Do That: Have your character use the Beginner's Luck rote unconsciously.
    (PC, Entropy) Million To One Chance: Have an event that has been explicitly stated to be a "million-to-one-chance" actually happen.
    (PC, Mind) Your Head Asplode: Use a vulgar Mind effect.
    (PC, Mind) What Is This I Don't Even: Rewrite someone's short-term memory with something completely ridiculous and unbeliavable.
    (PC, Forces) Megaton Punch: use Forces to empower an unarmed attack and knock out an enemy with a single hit.
    (PC, Forces) Screw Paradox: Use a vulgar Forces attack to bring down an enemy from "healthy" to "dead" in a single hit.
    (PC, Prime) For A More Civilized Age: Use in combat the vulgar, "lightsaber" version of the Holy Stroke rote.
    (PC, Prime) Hadoken: Use in combat the vulgar, "projectile of energy" version of the Holy Stroke rote.
    (PC, Spirit) I Ask The Lightbulb For Directions: Entertain meaningful and helpful conversations with at least 10 inanimate common household objects over the course of the campaign.
    (PC, Spirit) Rise And Shine: Permanently awaken the spirit of an inanimate object, and later buy it as an Ally, Contact or Mentor.
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)09:41 No.5150604
    (PC, Time) You Can't Do That Snake: Cause a time paradox, and get Paradox for that.
    (PC, Time) To The Time Machine!: Attempt to go back in time in order to stop yourself from doing something that would later turn out to be a mistake.
    (PC, Matter) You Make What: Make Antimatter, Neutronium or another type of "Exotic Matter", either with Matter 5 or though other bizarre shortcuts.
    (PC, Matter) Not A Problem: Routinely solve the Cabal's finance problems by transmuting gold or other valuables.
    (PC, Life) The Hexmaker: Infect your enemies with at least 10 different diseases over the course of the campaign.
    (PC, Life) Pink Mist: Bring someone to three health levels below "Dead" with a use of the Rip the Man-Body rote.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)09:42 No.5150613
    Man, if only you'd written them for the good Mage.
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)09:43 No.5150616
    (PC, Order of Hermes) Just Like Hogwarts: Manage to use otherwise-vulgar Hermetic magic in the open without repercussions.
    (PC, Akashic Brotherhood) No, I Really Don't Know Kung Fu: Play an Akashic with neither Brawl nor Melee higher than 2.
    (PC, Virtual Adept) Out Of My Way, I Have To Save The Internet: Save the Internet, a good portion of it, or solve another massive, world-wide communications-related menace.
    (PC, Sons of Ether) SCIENCE!: Change the dominant scientific paradigm one step closer to your personal brand of super-science (example: death rays become coincidential)
    (PC, Celestial Chorus) Can't We Just All Get Along: Succesfully mediate a religious dispute, ending a blood feud.
    (PC, Euthanatos) All Work And No Play: Fall into Jhor at least once.
    (PC, Verbena) Life Ain't Pretty: Scare someone into compliance or submission through simple descriptions of common Verbena rituals.
    (PC, Cult of Ecstasy) All Three Of Them, Baby: Manage to enjoy sex, drugs and rock and roll simultaneously, and use them for magic.
    (PC, Dreamspeaker) Say Hello To My Little Friend: Summon a spirit in battle.
    (PC, Hollow Ones) Crawling In My Skin: Do absolutely nothing for a whole session.

    (PC, Syndacate) Of Course I Can, Silly: After being told that a problem cannot be solved with money, proceed to do exactly that.
    (PC, Void Engineers) These Are The Voyages: Build a vehicle that can cross the Gauntlet and travel into the Umbra.
    (PC, Iteration X) Go Go Gadget Something: Have at least 5 different cyborg tools built inside your body.
    (PC, New World Order) How Perceptive Of You Mr. Anderson: Play a NWO Operative called "Smith", wearing a black suit, a black hat, and mirrorshades.
    (PC, Progenitors) It Lives: Create a new species entirely in lab, capable of breeding true and living outside controlled environments.
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)09:44 No.5150620

    But I did.

    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)09:48 No.5150638

    I approve of this.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)09:48 No.5150642
         File1247492927.gif-(338 KB, 120x120, Wink.gif)
    338 KB
    Well I enjoyed these.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)09:52 No.5150668
    I managed Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him, sort of. We busted in and saw this other mage dude, looking for a magical scrap.

    So I just went ahead and shot him. With a DEagle or something, because I was young and a faggot, although not as big a faggot as our ST was.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)10:01 No.5150710
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 07/13/09(Mon)10:02 No.5150727
    I never got to play in a good Mage: the Ascension game, but now I really, really want to. Damn you, you bastard.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)10:08 No.5150755
    I want to play oMage now.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)10:28 No.5150858
    With our powers combined..? I can GM.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)11:31 No.5151247
         File1247499069.jpg-(3 KB, 77x80, virtualadept.jpg)
    3 KB
    I support classic Mage but fuck you to hell for your touhou avatar bullshit
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 07/13/09(Mon)12:47 No.5151697

    If you ever visit SupTG's IRC chat, ask for the guy who yells at everyone and I'll be down for some internet nerdery. =3

    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)12:55 No.5151747
         File1247504132.jpg-(180 KB, 850x604, sample-461244e136d6fd88b67cd07(...).jpg)
    180 KB

    Forces ●●●●●, Prime ●●
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)12:58 No.5151759
    I haven't played Mage, but the whole technocracy deal, are scientists/engineers etc all technically doing magic, or is there just a handful of Technocratic Mages scattered throughout them, drawing power from their work and causing their experiments and inventions to go as planned?
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)13:36 No.5151939

    I need to explain the way Mage treats the concept of "reality" first, so hang on. I'll make it brief.

    So, there is "Reality". "Reality" is the way things work. Stuff falls down, paper and wood burn, and planes fly."Reality" is defined by the "Consensus", what people believe. Get enough people to believe in something, and it becomes possible.
    In the middle ages, you couldn't make a plane because people didn't believe in planes. Nowadays, you can't speak to Apollo because no one believes in Apollo anymore. It doesn't matter if you personally DO believe in Apollo: the masses get to decide.

    So, contemporary scientist/engineers are just operating within the bonds of our current "reality", some of them probing its borders (astronomy, high-energy physics, etc) and slowly expanding it, but that is not, technically, "magic".
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)13:45 No.5151979
    "Magic" is when you can do something that goes AGAINST reality.

    Summoning a dragon is magic. Firing fireballs is magic. But even Star Trek-style transporters or Tesla Death Rays are "magic" in the same sense: they are not supported by the dominant "Reality" (what in Magespeak is called a "Paradigm").

    The Technoctracy are a conspiracy of mages who want to keep humanity safe and in a controlled environment, manipulating scientific progress in order to slowly shape the current Paradigm into what they believe is a good enough future for mankind.
    But, being mages, they ARE capable of violating those rules of reality. Their "magic" is often described as "super-science", far too advanced to be accepted by the dominating Paradigm.

    They can be played as genuinely heroic protagonists, well-meaning but misguided antagonists, sympathetic rivals, or brutal jackbooted fascists and anything in between. Personally, I like them and I prefer to portray them as well-intentioned people who genuinely think that they are doing what's best for Humanity... and maybe they're right.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)13:49 No.5152000
    Technomancers hide their magic with the facade of science to avoid paradox
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)13:51 No.5152014
    The main difference between Technocracy and Traditions in modern times is that Technocracy values safety above freedom, and Traditions value freedom above safety.

    The Technocracy wants to control humanity. To lead the human race by hand towards the glorious future of their choosing, and to hide the dark mysteries of the world from their eyes. Basically, a safe golden cage.

    The Traditions want to tear down the cage and let the bird fly away. To let humanity pick its own path, choose its own destiny, or even more than one. Or even all of them. Why not? Do the impossible, see the invisible.

    Keeping up the metaphor, the Marauders want to smash the bird's cage and drop the bird into the mouth of madness.

    The Nephandi want to just eat the delicious bird.
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)13:54 No.5152028
    Excelt it only works with their more mundane inventions. And it's something Traditionalists can do as well, Techies are just better at it.

    No matter how he tries to justify it, a Teleporter is just vulgar, however.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)13:58 No.5152046
    >Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him: Botch a magical attack against an enemy and, in the following round of combat, use a nonmagical, nonenchanted firearm against the same enemy, killing him.
    I've done this one before. And the funny part? I was a Men in Black.

    >Million To One Chance: Have an event that has been explicitly stated to be a "million-to-one-chance" actually happen.
    Did that one. The delayed paradox was a bitch.

    >Crawling In My Skin: Do absolutely nothing for a whole session.
    I lol'd

    >How Perceptive Of You Mr. Anderson: Play a NWO Operative called "Smith", wearing a black suit, a black hat, and mirrorshades.
    Everything but the name Smith. Suit was so cool, dust wouldn't stick to it and it dried in seconds so it always looked clean and new.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:04 No.5152074
    >Keeping up the metaphor, the Marauders want to smash the bird's cage and drop the bird into the mouth of madness.
    I always thought it was more like:
    The Marauders want to smash the bird's cage and and free the bird in their eyes, but in the eyes of ever tone else, it would drop the bird into the mouth of madness.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:05 No.5152076
    >>Trouble Magnet: have 10 or more points of Paradox at one time.

    Did this in Awakening rather than Ascension. Goddamn Telekinetic strike.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:05 No.5152077
    (PC)Face-heelHeelHEEEL Turn: Go into a Cyst and become a Nephandi of any type. Somehow remain a PC
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:08 No.5152095
    Smack My Bitch Up: Using the Matter Sphere, beat the shit out of a Garou in Crinos form in hand to hand combat.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:10 No.5152106
    Man, I feel like playing some Mage: The Ascension. I'm a fan of Awakening, but I've always wanted to play something from the Old World.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:12 No.5152118
    May that PCs balls be bronzed when he dies if he survives that one.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:15 No.5152141
    I've never played the new Mage.
    Is the Paradigm (>>5151939, >>5151979, >>5152014) different?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:19 No.5152159
    Use Matter Sphere to turn your body into Silver.
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)14:21 No.5152172

    Matter and Life, you mean.
    >> The Bearded Bear 07/13/09(Mon)14:24 No.5152195
    I was quite sure that this is the sort of shit that mages do on a well... common basis. Along with turning vampires into stylish chairs.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:25 No.5152206
    I don't know or understand anything from oMage, but I do like reading these things.
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)14:27 No.5152213

    Mages are the Batman of the oWoD.

    A mage with prep time can kill pretty much anything.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)14:31 No.5152235
    >Mages are the Batman of the oWoD.
    >A mage with prep time can kill pretty much anything.
    Exactly. And the nearly unlimited resources of the technocracy helped to win the Ascension war.

    I believe the quote is "turning vampires into lawn chairs" in the (2nd edition) core book.
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)15:06 No.5152411
    The Ascension War ended with no winners, according to the books. Of course, your WoD may vary.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)15:13 No.5152453
    I guess my sources may have been wrong.

    So if there weren't any winners, did the war actually end??
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 07/13/09(Mon)15:14 No.5152456

    Let's not forget that the Technocracy is also protecting humanity from Cthulhu and all his buddies and also a half dozen alien races or so hiding on the outside of the cage. They maintain and defend Earth's local environs and expand them in ways that make it hard for the aliens to gain entrance, the way I understood it, since those creatures don't fit under the current paradigm they have a hard time penetrating any places defended by a lot of mass consensus.

    The Void Engineers are fucking amazing, I'll also note.

    However, I was always a BIT disappointed to learn that the Technocracy was basically just doing magic as well. I always felt it would've been cooler if they were just plain supreme masters of technology rather than doing the same thing as the mages but with beakers instead of wands.


    Every Mage game I tried to join kinda disentigrated at some point because people started disagreeing about what exactly constituted vulgar and subtle magic. For instance, is something still vulgar magic if there are no masses around to witness it? Judging by the way that Technocracy spacecruisers and plasma guns work perfectly fine as long as they're lightyears from Earth, something suggests that with no "mundane" witnesses, there isn't much in the way of paradox.

    And what about vampires, etc.? Why don't they attract paradox? Most people do not believe in vampires, werewolves or ghosts.

    Mages are honestly cool, but it feels like they don't entirely belong in the rest of the WoD, Old or New. It's like they're using a different version of reality that, if it was actually true, should require all the other games to be considerably rewritten.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 07/13/09(Mon)15:25 No.5152509
    Bravo. I lol'd at some of the first ones.

    >Of course, your WoD may vary.
    And now I remember why I like you.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)15:30 No.5152542
    Regarding vampires and such, see:

    I like how nMage does things, though: vulgar vs covert is a matter of raw power (and, admittedly, game balance) and is not affected by Sleeper disbelief, which is another beast entirely: as mages are attuned to one of the Watchtowers, sleepers are 'attuned' to the Abyss, actively working to disrupt spells they notice. You can subdue or exacerbate Sleeper disbelief with coincidental or improbable effects, but that won't affect spell vulgarity.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)15:39 No.5152598
    I still think I have the best way of pulling off Vulgar magic - a three-point contact at NASA.
    There sure have been a lot of meteor showers in Seattle recently!
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)15:43 No.5152635
    we had paradox pulled on a mage when a giant(read really fucking big) bastet and a redcap that always showed his seeming got into a full on dbz/john woo/matrix fight you know punching though walls, lobo like SPLOSIONZ poor poor bastrad exploded
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 07/13/09(Mon)15:58 No.5152765

    That IS interesting, yes, but at the same time that's fanmade, that's to say that it isn't something that WW apparently ever considered much. I still say the Mages and the Technocracy would be better served by their own world rather than getting stuck with the Vampires and other supernatural losers.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:00 No.5152788
    You sure have a raging hardon for Mage, but I'd kick your microscopic balls anyway.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:01 No.5152799
    I really love the example of technocratically created medicines. Things that are new and "magical" ALWAYS have paradox reactions, even if they are disguised as scientific breakthroughs. In the case of new drugs, this paradox manifests as the "side effects" we all cringe to think about. As the drug gains acceptance, side effects sort of fade into the background, unless they become part of what the consensus associates with the drug.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:04 No.5152830
    Does wall-hacking with bullets/grenades qualify my VA for the crazy gun fu achievement? Shooting around corners always struck me as needlessly complicated when I can just pretend they aren't there in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:09 No.5152871
    nWoD does that. Ironically, being made with possible crossovers in mind also made the nWoD games good at being standalone stuff. The lack of metaplot helps, too, so you don't have shit like Ravnos getting nuked by Technocracy orbital artillery mucking in your game lines.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:11 No.5152897
    >You sure have a raging hardon for Mage, but I'd lick your microscopic balls anyway.
    fix'd it for you
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:15 No.5152935
    First off, depends on the ST.
    Secondly, depends on how you go about it. Are you teleporting through the wall? Are you changing the properties of the wall or the bullets to allow the bullet through?
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)16:17 No.5152948
    >So if there weren't any winners, did the war actually end??

    Sort of. You see, neither Techies nor Traddies won.

    Apathia won. The lazy, unwashed, unmotivated masses that only want a solid job and three fat meals a day won.

    So, in a way, everybody lost. and everybody is stuck in a world where magic is dying, science is dying, creativity, curiosity, dreams, the spark of intelligence and fantasy is slowly withering away... and when it will disappear forever, Humanity will have lost its last, best hope for a better future.
    Unless the PCs do something.

    >Every Mage game I tried to join kinda disentigrated at some point because people started disagreeing about what exactly constituted vulgar and subtle magic.
    The ST has the last word, always. If players argue with the ST, something is very wrong.

    >For instance, is something still vulgar magic if there are no masses around to witness it?
    Can you transmute a million tons of gold in a dark room coincidentially? can you summon the USS Nimitz at sea where no one is looking coincidentially? Can you pull a whole chapter of Space Marines out of your pocket if no one looks into your pocket first?
    I'd say no. Vulgar is still Vulgar, even if no one is witnessing it. There's a reason that the book talks about "Vulgar Without Witnesses" vs. "Vulgar With Witnesses".
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)16:23 No.5153000
    >I still think I have the best way of pulling off Vulgar magic - a three-point contact at NASA.
    There sure have been a lot of meteor showers in Seattle recently!

    If you create a meteor, you still summoned a meteor. Explaining it would, at best, downgrade it from Vulgar With Witnesses to Vulgar Without Witnesses - still vulgar.

    If you want to tell them apart, ask yourself this:

    1) Did I just break the laws of reality? If yes, it's Vulgar, if no, it's Coincidential.
    2) Did some Sleeper realize I did? If yes, it's "With Witnesses", if not, it's "Without Witnesses"

    On the other side, if you went all the trouble to pull a meteor out of orbit and have it come down on earth, it might be coincidential - meteors happen!
    Of course, you'd have to wait a couple of months or more for the meteor to reach Earth.

    >And what about vampires, etc.? Why don't they attract paradox? Most people do not believe in vampires, werewolves or ghosts.

    The official explaination is that they exploit "backdoors" in reality - basically, they are playing by the rules, while Mages break them.

    This is why mages aren't restricted by an arbitrarily small list of powers but can do pretty much whatever they want, while other supernaturals only have verry narrow lists of powers and specific weaknesses.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:25 No.5153018
    Isn't this a HAP/HOP/HYP rethread?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:30 No.5153052
    >>1) Did I just break the laws of reality? If yes, it's Vulgar, if no, it's Coincidential.

    Under this definition all magic is vulgar, even magic that just enhances the mage's own senses (which is usually cited as coincidental IIRC).
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:31 No.5153058
    > And what about vampires, etc.? Why don't they attract paradox? Most people do not believe in vampires, werewolves or ghosts.

    I always assumed this was because every other splat was integrally founded in reality, not just consensual reality. Mage just happens to deal with a group of beings that don't quite fit in with the normal scheme of things. Of course, this is all outside understanding, i've never ran Mage, and the few games i've played have been massive DMPC railroad failures.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:33 No.5153073
    That's a good point.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:34 No.5153089
    People forget that it's pretty easy to ignore the metaplot when running your own game.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:35 No.5153097
    Hmm, that I never specified. I just identified it as the same way you do wallhax in counterstrike. Virtual Adept and all.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:47 No.5153219
    >Under this definition all magic is vulgar, even magic that just enhances the mage's own senses (which is usually cited as coincidental IIRC).
    We I played, we first looked at WHAT the Mage doing. Then we looked at HOW.

    And when I ran I kind of allowed stuff using the rule of cool. (and I know I might get shit for this...) If it is something a movie goer would see and wouldn't say "there is no fucking way" then your chances of being vulgar are much less.

    Or even better if you got a group of mundanes around that WOULD believe it, then it could work. Examples would include faith healing televangelists, David Copperfield-esque performances or martail art fanboys watching a Akashic Brother doing martial arts like a monk.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:50 No.5153251

    ...shooting a car and having it blow up...
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:58 No.5153337
    If I was the ST, I'd have to take into account where you are in relation to the car, which part of the car is facing you, what you are "shooting" with.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)16:59 No.5153355
    and I forgot to ask, are you wanting it to explode instantaneously or is it going to catch fire and explode?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)17:07 No.5153440
    Werewolves and such don't get Paradox'd because they ARE part of Reality.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)17:09 No.5153466
    Imagine adding Exalts to OWOD

    I imagine that Infernals would work for the Wyrm
    Abyssals for Oblivion and/or the Neverborn.

    etc. etc.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)17:09 No.5153467
    But then you get shafted with new supplements. Sure, you can play corebook games only or rewrite anything you don't like, but it still kind of sucks.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)17:11 No.5153485
    In before the old Exalted-oWoD links.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)17:14 No.5153514
    Having a metaplot to fall back upon if desired is nice, y'know. I know that requiemfags can't understand that, but the point is still there.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)17:15 No.5153525
    >rewrite anything you don't like, but it still kind of sucks
    Are you that lazy?

    I owned almost all of the old Mage books back when I was playing. I just took what I wanted out of them. Just because it is written in a book doesn't mean you need to use it. This isn't school where you have to do and use everything they tell you.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)17:22 No.5153578
    So you would buy whole books just to use the one or two pages you did like (and can actually use in your game)?

    In before "buy? what's that?"
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)17:31 No.5153664
    Apparently having half the book being completely useless for running a game is cool, because "You can ignore that."
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)17:33 No.5153687
    >Apparently having half the dictionary being completely useless for speaking English is cool, because "You can ignore that."
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)17:38 No.5153723
    Using metaplot to run a agme is like using the Great Gatsby as a dictionary.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)17:47 No.5153816
    You might actually run a GAME on metaplot alone though, but it quickly gets boring. All the while, it's still nice to have it there, for the ease of plot creation, should your imagination run dry.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)18:03 No.5153967
    >it's still nice to have it there, for the ease of plot creation, should your imagination run dry

    This applies just as easily to nWoD supplements. And they don't fucking force changes to the setting down your throat.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)18:06 No.5153992
    If we awakening fags agree to not bitch about metaplot because "you can ignore that" ascension fags have to agree to quit bitching about the fact that the mage city is called atlantis, because you can ignore that too.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)18:08 No.5154010
    You're atlantisfags sucking WW's miniscule cock, that's undeniable.

    Do requiemfags actually BELIEVE that?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)18:10 No.5154016
    Who the fuck runs settings vanilla anyhow?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)18:10 No.5154024
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)18:10 No.5154025
    I don't why you would. Shit's awesome.

    Well, it's not like you've ever actually read any, have you?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)18:16 No.5154069
    I seriously tried, but destroyed the book by throwing up on it multiple times. Basic human revulsion.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)18:19 No.5154083
    >lole i trol u
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)18:22 No.5154107
    Willful ignorance is not exactly the best position to be debating from, dude.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)18:23 No.5154116
    And why exactly did the editionwar fags wallow into a perfectly good thread? is it imperative that anything good is fagged up hard?
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)18:35 No.5154189
    no no, he's pining for the fjords: make a vulgar spell accepted by sleepers by spouting pure bullshit
    I meant to do that: get a paradox backlash that accomplishes whatever you were trying to do.
    He's one bad motherf-shut your mouth!: acquire a reputation that allows for a vulgar spell to be considered coincidental, because "he's just so badass, that's the sort of thing he can do"
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)18:53 No.5154307

    Oh, someone versed in the lore of ancient Mage! Indeed yes, myself, I am an avid HOP storyteller with a bit of a HYP dash to round it up.

    Ah, but mages can make those sense alterations pass off as coincidential. Remember, mage themselves are not Sleepers, so effects that have no physical components are usually coincidentials.Think of Mind effects: someone changing idea isn't breaking reality. Someone guessing cards isn't breaking reality.

    Now, if you made sleepers see through cards, THAT would be vulgar.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)19:03 No.5154347
    I've totally read that HAP HOP HIP, I never played Ascension but was considering doing so so I did some research. Care to remind me what they stand for? I wanna say the H was hypothetical...and the P was person...but I'm not sure.
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)19:11 No.5154391
    HAP - Hypotetical Average Perciever. Reality is in the eyes of the average person. Reality can't look in your pocket, so you can pull a gun out of an empty pocket with Matter, because Reality can't tell if you had a gun there or no. Very easy to pass anything as coincidential under this play style: simply turn off the lights first.

    HOP - Hypothetical Omniscient Perciever. Reality can see the whole EM spectrum, sense mass, see through a microscope or telescope etc. You CAN'T pull a gun out of an empty pocket coincidentially, because, even if people don't know whether there was a gun or not, Reality does. I use this style because it requires creative thinking on part of the players, using magic in coincidential ways.

    HYP - Harass Yon Passerby. Ask your mom, dad, little sister or any non-gamer that happens to pass by near the gaming table "Imagine X happened. Could X be a coincidence, or is it impossible?", and judge vulgarity based on their response. More seriously, the ST can just simply try and reason "can whatever just happened be made pass off as a coincidence?". For5 example: some guy is electrocuted by lightning during a gunfight. Coincidence? Unlikely but possible, therefore coincidential. Some guy is eaten by a dragon during a gunfight. Coincidence? Hell no.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)19:18 No.5154443
    Ah yes, that brings me back. I do wish I had been able to play ascension at some point, it does seem like a really fun game, but I'm the only one who will run a non-d20 game in my group of friends, and its still hard to even get them to play. I actually got an Awakening game going last week, which I never thought I would ever be able to play either.
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)20:14 No.5154880

    (PC, Order of Hermes) Hocus Pocus Motherfucker: Use a magical wand at any point during the campaign.
    (PC, Order of Hermes) In The Name Of Hermes: Use a magical girl prop/merchandise wand, or a "real" wand disguised as such a prop, at any point during the campaign.
    (PC, Akashic Brotherhood) Fuck Damn It: Lose sone kind of ancestral item of weapon worth two or more background points
    (PC, Akashic Brotherhood) Its Burning Grip Tells Me To Defeat You: Defeat a heavily-armored enemy (total bashing soak 7+, at least 3+ of which from armor) with only unarmed attacks.
    (PC, Virtual Adept) Withdrawal Symptoms: Go one in-game week without accessing the Internet or using a phone.
    (PC, Virtual Adept) Wired Reflexes, Check: Have at least three items on your inventory whose name is lifted straight from a Cyberpunk book
    (PC, Sons of Ether) Rocketeer: Use a jetpack or similar contraption at any point during the campaign.
    (PC, Sons of Ether) Pew Pew Pew: Use an actual, functioning, Vulgar, honest-to-goodness Death Ray at any point during the campaign.
    (PC, Celestial Chorus) The Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch Counts: Use an item inbued with some form of True Faith at any point during the campaign.
    >> Exaltedfag 07/13/09(Mon)20:14 No.5154885
    (PC, Celestial Chorus) You're Doing It Wrong: Have an IC argument with another member of your tradition on the correct use or history of a certain religious symbol.
    (PC, Euthanatos) Oath Of Temporary Peace: Go one in-game week without handling any kind of weapon.
    (PC, Euthanatos) What Do You Mean Shiva Is Not A Blue Chick: Actually use mythological (usually Hindu, but varies with character) trappings in a correct and well-researched way.
    (PC, Verbena) Must It Really Be A Silver Athame: In a pinch, use a wrong type of stabbing implement as a focus because you had no other choice
    (PC, Verbena) How To Turn Life Into Matter: Use at least 5 animal sacrifices as a foci for ceremonial magic over the course of a campaign.
    (PC, Cult of Ecstasy) I'm Trying To Stay Clean: Go one in-game week without touching any type of alcohol or drug, because of health concerns or for any other reason.
    (PC, Cult of Ecstasy) Me Love You Long Time: Pile up 15 or more successes on an extended ritual that uses sex as a focus.
    (PC, Dreamspeaker) Let Me Tell You Its Story: Own at least one item that you use as a focus whose history you can trace back and recount for at least five generations or master-apprentice iterations.
    (PC, Dreamspeaker) I Have No Idea Where This Came From: Obtain one item or piece of equipment as a gift from an otherwordly entity.
    >> Anonymous 07/13/09(Mon)20:24 No.5154953
    omage? name a time and place, i'm in.

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