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  • File : 1249498038.jpg-(15 KB, 150x226, 6a00d83452989a69e20105364cf32d970c-800wi.jpg)
    15 KB Imaginary Army Men Game Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)14:47 No.5348400  
    I realize they were just trying to make this guy more useful by cheapening mines, but I think they made it worse.

    Almost every match with mines allowed has the map covered with so many that you can't cross it even with mine detection. This results in:
    No Tanks
    No Troops
    Artillery Only

    People will occasionally fire rockets at the ground trying to clear a path, but that rarely works because moving so slow turns you into an easy target.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)14:52 No.5348440
    OR you could just shell out the decent points and buy a fucking mineflayer tank

    also the grenadier having a laser pistol is so fucking out of place it blows my mind
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)14:53 No.5348452
    You can upgrade the binoculars guy to thermal vision to spot mines.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)14:56 No.5348465
    This. Seriously.
    If you want to get some extra mileage out of it take the flak cannon upgrade and use it as a mobile AA turret. surprisingly enough nobody does this, and it will usually catch your opponent off guard when he suddenly loses one of his 120 point planes to a mine clearing workhorse.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)14:57 No.5348468
         File1249498622.jpg-(255 KB, 576x432, 1238462894172.jpg)
    255 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)14:58 No.5348479
    Still won't be able to safely cross them as they are so close together. Regular mines aren't the problem, it's the focused charged anti-tank mines that don't set off other mines when they explode.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:00 No.5348500
    i totally read that as mindflayer tank. DRAWFAGS, REPORT IN
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:01 No.5348505
    Whenever this happens I put on my robe and wizard hat and cast the minining level 10.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:01 No.5348517
    just as planned.

    have 50 shitty ammo-runner boys
    run them into the minefield
    >> BROther Laughing Man !AWEsomEEEE!!CwndNHTjLMy 08/05/09(Wed)15:02 No.5348518
    Do what I do.

    Compose your army entirely of mortars. Fucker wants to spam mines? I'll carpet bomb the area. If he's really dumb, he'll clump them close together near his base, and I'll toss some 5 point infantrymen with some FOR THE EMPRAH crap, set them all off.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:04 No.5348545
    everyone knows tan army is far superior
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 08/05/09(Wed)15:08 No.5348591
    Anti mine missiles are in development currently. They fire off a stage 1 carrier which explodes at a predetermined altitude and sends down about 400, 1 foot long "needles" that carpet a mine field. The needles are filled with a substance that deactivates the chemical potential of mines.
    >> Skull King 08/05/09(Wed)15:09 No.5348595
    what game is this?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:09 No.5348599
    Grey army was here.
    Green and Tan are faggots.
    (And must therefore be sent to the gas chamber)

    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:12 No.5348628
    jesus christ man, keep up.
    i heard they were making a camo army
    not fucking joking, in development. basically the fast and sneaky army.i love the way all the armies have the same units, but different rules, its refreshing. and there are fuckloads of units too.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:14 No.5348655
    Flame Army Men is the awnser you seek

    Hit one mine provoce chain reaction.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:15 No.5348672
    I thought the green army was the camo army. Don't they get the ambush power when on jungle terrain like greys get on urban and tan gets on desert?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:16 No.5348676
         File1249499775.jpg-(50 KB, 436x515, gastonWTFamIreading.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:17 No.5348688

    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:17 No.5348698
    That only works once. After that, your opponent figures out how to set up mines outside of each others explosion range.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:19 No.5348707
    I hate how they nerfed the jeep. It used to be bad fucking ass, but now you just hope it blows up quick so you can use it for cover.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:19 No.5348710
    nah man, they are making a proper camo army
    i reckon they will nerf every other colours camo abilities, and then the camo army will have lots, but less HP and easy moral break and things.
    they wont be a single colour, but many green lines, like real camo, get me?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:20 No.5348724
    I rather play Yellow army for

    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:20 No.5348731
    The camo army has been in the works for fucking ever. That crap is just vaporware as far as I'm concerned.
    >> Skull King 08/05/09(Wed)15:21 No.5348744
    really what game is this?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:22 No.5348750
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:22 No.5348751
    No love for the blue army?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:23 No.5348758
    I heard someone was homebrewing a way to work in cowboy and indian sets. Indians will be cheap as fuck cus bows suck, so you can just send them out to find mines the old fashioned way.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:23 No.5348763
    grey army ios the answer here.

    Dig trenches, wait. you can even shoot some mortar shells from the trenches but you have to be lucky, greys are shit with artillery.

    otherwise, BROWN ARMY.

    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)15:23 No.5348767
    Everybody hates water levels.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:23 No.5348773
         File1249500230.jpg-(66 KB, 652x604, mustachlight3.jpg)
    66 KB
    I cast summon drawfag!
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:23 No.5348774
    what you guys think about the new rules for prisioners ??

    I used to like the old system but the new one seens more tactical
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:25 No.5348788
    btw you can just ram an empty transport on the field, have then your man charge.
    >> Helpful Thread Guy 08/05/09(Wed)15:25 No.5348791
         File1249500335.gif-(3 KB, 76x92, plastro.gif)
    3 KB

    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)15:26 No.5348801
    The red army is better for rifle stabbing because of their cheaper units, recycle weapons, and increased speed.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:26 No.5348805
    Well that hardly helps, yeah transports are cheap, but mines are cheaper, better to send in ammo runners like that one guy said.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:27 No.5348810
    Sure guys, this will all work until the mines start popping up with laser turrets and begin blasting away at whatever your using to get rid of them.

    Suicidal Laser Turret Mines. A Red Army special unit, 'Nuff said.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:27 No.5348815
         File1249500460.jpg-(25 KB, 512x384, mygod.jpg)
    25 KB
    Theres a red army??
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:27 No.5348818
    Oh dont even get me started on the god damn reds, I think they are the reason people started mine spammin in the first place
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:28 No.5348826

    Welcome to last year.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:29 No.5348833
    Fucking reds. Ruined the whole game.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:29 No.5348834

    well if you play reds, you can spare the odd ammo carrier or ten. Thats' why I was suggesting browns, not for the actual stabbing but because they have nice aerial support and they rarely lose leadership tests. Plus, snipers.

    Reds have hueg numbers etc, but as soon as their leader is down they start losing morale/leadership and scatter.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:29 No.5348836
         File1249500564.jpg-(79 KB, 900x450, IMG_0088-900.jpg)
    79 KB

    did you check the new minis ?

    and kamikaze are for faggots who don't know how to use the Rush Strike with the gun sword.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:29 No.5348839
    red have special rules so their mines can SHOOT?!
    brb repaintan my greys red
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)15:30 No.5348850
    I think it was originally just a joke army(LOL COMMUNISM) that people took way too seriously.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:32 No.5348868
    I think we should go back to the original four armies. Green, tan, grey, and blue. Actually, we don't even need blue. (Who plays blue anyway?)

    All these new armies are for faggots.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:32 No.5348869

    this is non canon bullshit. Turrets have been banned, like, last year after that one cheesy all-turret-one-infantrymen list.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:32 No.5348871
    Naw he was just bulshitin you, The dev team stated that they wherent going with future tech. They max out at nior, thats why the grey get those druged out super soldier riflemen.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:33 No.5348882
    his game progresses so quickly, new rules and armies and units all the time
    it really shows GW up, big time.
    allthough its allmost a curse, with faggots refusing to use new versions being left behind rather quickly, and having to buy new units and think up new tactics all the time.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:33 No.5348885
    I like my old ones thank you.

    And about the kamikaze sure is for newcomers
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)15:34 No.5348891
    At least all their shit is very cheap.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:34 No.5348894

    blue are underrated, they can be very letal if you outfit them snipers with caporals w/binoculars as an attache.

    sure they suck with infantry and vehichles, but I have seen them play as an ambush army in a jungle scenario and they are fucking deadly.

    Put them in trenches, though, and it's like shooting fishes in a barrel; A big game with a team like grey/blue would be epic still.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:35 No.5348907
    yeah i will give you that, blue make the best allies in the game, but I would rarely want to feild them in a 1v1
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:38 No.5348927
    Fuck you, you don't even play blue. I've been playing blue for the last two editions and we still haven't gotten an update.

    The only way to stay reasonably competitive is to have minimum sized squads with max numbers of XO's and specialists. Some people say 5 man squads with an XO, three zookas and a mortar are cheesing. Those faggots don't know what it's like having your armor be practically unplayable.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:38 No.5348932
    Do all red vs tan matches devolve into a flamethrower fuckfest?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:38 No.5348933
         File1249501123.jpg-(136 KB, 900x450, IMG_0104-900.jpg)
    136 KB

    this was a one game that i had Yellow vs green

    and I totaly kicked his ass with the Kamikaze action

    and he was using sniper and fast war dogs.

    still he doesn't had a chance
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:40 No.5348949
    How come nobody is talking about the white army. I mean I know they discontinued the minis line but they're still tourna
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:43 No.5348981
    You've inspired me to resume work on the Army Man game I was designing.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:43 No.5348986
    the white army was banished off the game due black Comunity Organization.

    They had implied the white army was a apology to KKK
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:44 No.5348991
    oh lord, i lold
    never mention the fucking whites ma-
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:44 No.5349002
    So you beat some poor guy who didn't know the basics of a firing line? I mean, I'm looking at your armies, and I don't understand how you evened out point costs with each other. He had enough grease guns to wipe your units all the way to next sunday. And your command squad is just... out in the open. Even if he was a noob, he should have wiped them in a heartbeat, virtually negating your ability to rush.

    I call shenanigans on your story.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)15:44 No.5349003
    The white army was bullshit. One of their HQs allowed you to fly in any unit anywhere on the field and another allowed you to annihilate the enemy with constant artillery. How did they think making an army where super powers were standard would be balanced?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:48 No.5349037
         File1249501707.jpg-(17 KB, 249x251, 1234302776744.jpg)
    17 KB

    owhn god my eyes !
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:50 No.5349057
    the winner of last years tournament for the whole of the US was a 1v1 blue army.
    suck it redfags
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:50 No.5349059
    jesus I hate people like you, "I play blue so it means i am tacticul not like you grey army players hurr durr!"

    I am sorry your is a specialized army, where you actually have to try an beat the game. We all know green have it easy here, being flagship army and all, but it's not just blue that get it in the ass. Teal are a knockoff green army without all the cool stuff (low morale, silly weapons prone to jamming, no deep striking), Reds are FORCE IN NUBMERS HURR DURR but with a single good sniper shot you can send the whole army to hell, not to mention they have almost no heavy infrantry. brown have aerial support, ok, but they can't hit shit with their rifles, and grey have almost no artillery support. I mean, our mortars shells hit on a 6. a SIX. sure we have tanks, but they cost, like, a thousan gajillion points, that's why no one fields them EVER.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:53 No.5349083
    Which army has the HQ that can start off stealthed in enemy territory?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:55 No.5349091
    green have the paratroopers that can start stealthed in enemy territory if they pass a test during deplyoment, i think.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)15:58 No.5349117
    I'm pretty sure it was a commander unit, and that it was either red or blue. It was like a guerrilla resistance leader.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:00 No.5349131
    It was the blues,but you have to be careful as they're really out in the open after revealing them

    Especially against the red, those fucking flamethrowers..
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:01 No.5349136
    You know what I hate? That everything is always about that damn green army! What do kids play? Green! Which army constantly gets revamped? Green! Also, it looks like green is the only army there is if the fluff is concerned.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:01 No.5349142
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)16:02 No.5349146
    Nobody cares about the fluff, it's all about gameplay.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:02 No.5349154
    Green, red, and blue can. Green can do it because they're the best at everything forever HURDURBALANCED! Red can, but you nobody ever does because it's suicide if you lose your leader.

    Blue can, but only if you use a perfectly designed list and tool them out correctly. Of course naturally, the blue list is the hardest to use but gets the best returns. All the other armies have it EZMODE.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:02 No.5349157
    i am tourny level of play and ive never read any of the fluf
    you just dont need it for this game
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:03 No.5349163
    fluss is not bat actually, it's just that.. I dunno, it seems taht everything revolves around green vs grey, with a side dish of reds..
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)16:04 No.5349168
    Doesn't that unit also have a moral destroying ability to help it escape from reds and yellows?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:04 No.5349172
         File1249502684.jpg-(51 KB, 333x450, 1249482606326[1].jpg)
    51 KB
    Duh, maybe that's because, I dunno, THEY MAKE THE MOST MONEY!
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:04 No.5349174
    Fluff? God, I don't know how you people can stand to read those novels.

    the manga line they produced for a little while had a cool plot, but seemed waaaay out of place with the art style.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:05 No.5349176
    What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Talking. About?

    It is not that hard a question to answer.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:05 No.5349178
    Grey army was here, All others are crap
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:05 No.5349179
    >Blue can
    >All the other armies have it EZMODE.
    >playing an army dependant only on dice result
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:06 No.5349185
    Maybe that's because they've gotten an update in the last half decade.

    Grey still uses mortar templates for fuck's sake.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:07 No.5349189
    Bitches don't know bout my special edition Chrome army.

    You want cavalry? You want platemail? Go for the fucking Chromes.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:07 No.5349190
    if you are going to be pissy about it, maybe we dont want you in the community?
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)16:07 No.5349191
    It only depends on chance if you don't boost their abilities to the auto-succeed point. Blue is about customized elites, that's why their units are so barebone.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:07 No.5349193

    you mean the manga about the blue snippan killing everything with oneshot?

    the one where he shots from a mountain to a battlefield 5 km away and hits?

    that manga?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:07 No.5349196
    spinoff joke army for one edition, and they go by fast as we all know.
    way overpowered fucking mary sues
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:08 No.5349198
    Tan can Air Drop a strike force, and their HQ can join it, but no one does it because strike forces tend to slaughter one thing then die spectaculary. I personaly like adding in a rocket ammo runner, for the 1/3 chance he explodes right in the middle of the enemy line. Its buetiful, and I am okay giving up a grease gunner for the chance of it.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:08 No.5349200
    ..... This is like Faulty Kai isn't it.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:08 No.5349202
    I was talking about green, you idiot!
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:09 No.5349208
    >blue sucks
    I can totally tell you play red

    Sry I can't afford 10,000x mans every other army fields. Or have half my army have flamers and the other half pick up those flamers when they die.

    Every game has a little rock paper scissors. so sorry that blue is red's counter.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:10 No.5349211
    It does,but in the latest Red rules revision they made flamethrowers immune to certain types of fear.

    Going by the word of the rules,it demoralized them but...you'd be liable for a dick punching..

    I blame them not updating the blues ruels in so long
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)16:10 No.5349212
    They only die if you try to drop in a desert, which they have special ambushing rules to make up for in. Tan is the all-purpose surprise attack army.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:11 No.5349226
    Teal have the special rule that causes their special force when parachuted to gains trenght the less they are.

    In short, you deepstrike with a force of 5 man, and if they kill them all but one man, the last man gets HUEG
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:11 No.5349227

    Protip: Read the subject field you asshats.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:11 No.5349230
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:12 No.5349231
    fucking spoilsport...
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:12 No.5349232
    Why do we keep making threads about this, anyway? Can't we have at least one Warhammer 40K thread?
    >> Green army seargent. 08/05/09(Wed)16:12 No.5349237
         File1249503171.jpg-(8 KB, 150x167, green_army_men.jpg)
    8 KB
    Look, I'm sick and tired of all this shit, Just because the fluff says we are expendable, And our artillery is the only reason we win, Does not mean I'm going to let you fucking tan/grey/blue fucking men talk SHIT,
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:13 No.5349240
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:16 No.5349258
    Holy shit guys, check out this awesome starter pack!

    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:16 No.5349263
    Because /r/ is made of epic failure, what's a link to download the army men games, 1 is a must, 2 is hopeful and in space an ad on.

    [No seriously.]
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)16:16 No.5349267
    Is it even possible to fight a tan army with a blue army? I guess it would be possible if the battlefield wasn't desert, but you'd still have to sacrifice speed on a flamethrower so you can prevent your super soldiers from getting captured.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:18 No.5349285

    Pffff! The starter pack armies suck! Not even a single Lucky Mascot in it (I think every regiment needs one of those)
    >> Green army seargent. 08/05/09(Wed)16:18 No.5349288
    Green AND grey?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:19 No.5349291
    Actually bump up In space i just remembered the space unit's gatling soldier's.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:19 No.5349292
    the only use for dice in this ame is for random projectile BOOM.

    the whole game you can play only with the point command system and free action movements as they intruduced in the new versions of the Green,yellow and res
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:19 No.5349296
         File1249503576.jpg-(28 KB, 350x350, 85_3103.jpg)
    28 KB
    Hey guys,this is my current detachment (yes i play blue,fuck off greens) I was thinking of getting a few more snipers and swapping the grenadier for Binos. What do you think?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:20 No.5349302

    All you need is imagination brosinski, and that's free.

    For now.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)16:21 No.5349312
    Swap out a radio guy for another sniper in addition to the ones you want to add.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:22 No.5349317

    Dude, you're fucking annoying. GTFO.

    Know what I love? Red army with Glorious Charge + Tactical Bombardment super powers. Add a few snipers to keep the enemy down and equip most of your grunts with carbines, SMGs, shotguns and flamethrowers, and you can PWN just about anything.

    The beauty is that even if you're playing on a tight urban table, so many close-combat weapons means you can rock n' roll.

    Here's my usual list:

    5 carbine
    4 SMG
    1 Squad Automatic Weapon
    t1 body armor, frag grenades

    5 carbine
    4 SMG
    1 Squad Automatic Weapon
    t1 body armor, frag grenades

    5 SMGS
    3 shotguns
    1 flamethrower
    t1 body armor, stun grenades, frag grenades

    2 Rocket Launchers
    3 carbines

    1 light machinegun
    2 carbines

    1 sniper
    1 spotter

    1 sniper
    1 spotter

    2 light tanks
    smoke launchers, t1 targeting array.

    1 APC

    2 Tactical Bombardment
    1 Glorious Charge

    Fuckin' made of solid win.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:22 No.5349318
    I lol'd

    Some people are retarded.

    I didn't even notice the subject name and I tweaked the game's name.

    I love the retards because they made me lol, and hate them for disproving natural selection.

    Rant aside, I really want to get into IAMG, what army is good for a started player? I wanna get into green tbh but I don't want the hate tag that comes with it.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:24 No.5349326
    Nice tourney list
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:24 No.5349328

    Keep in mind, this list is the Lite version and doesn't require the Constant Radio Contact rule (fuckin' rule, slows games down way too much).

    Gotta be careful to keep my spotter's safe, though. If they're gone, can't fuckin call down my Tactical Bombardments.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)16:24 No.5349329
    Swap out a tactical bombardment for another glorious charge if you fight a blue army.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:25 No.5349336
    Really? i like the command bonuses given by the radios,helps with your called shots on the snipers.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:26 No.5349345

    Fuck you. Yes, it's a tourney list. Yes, it fuckin' OWNS.

    If I'm really feeling like a dick, I'll take the Manpower doctrine so I can cram more bodies onto the field and drown your ass in Red.

    STFU and keep playing your shitty 'casual' army. God knows it can't do shit anyways.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)16:27 No.5349352
    I guess that works. Are you doing renegade snipers, or assigning them in squads?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:27 No.5349357
    Hah, Nice try, But against my army of Grenadiers and forward offensive guys, Your crappy tourney list will look like a pile of crap.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:28 No.5349365
    Depends on the list i'm playing against. If its the red faggot thats posting here i'd use squads,ablative wounds to pick off his Commanders before watching his minimal leadership troops panic.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:28 No.5349369
    Someone answer me please, what are viable alternatves to the good old Offensive Deployment greens?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:30 No.5349375
         File1249504201.jpg-(48 KB, 299x425, green_plastic_army_men_the_gam(...).jpg)
    48 KB
    No the computer game's.

    They where Awesome if i remember right, but then they started sucking as time went by.

    [< These army men game's, only the first 3 were any good.]
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:30 No.5349376

    I'm not that guy, but I personally like renegade snipers paired with a spotter.

    +1 to hit, plus it forces your enemy to make a difficult choice between committing units to rooting out your sniper or using an entire damn Strike Power to kill it. And then, you're only killing a single sniper and a spotter, at most.

    If you cram them into a squad, it's much easier for your opponent to score a bunch more Victory Points by just nuking the squad with a Heavy Artillery Barrage, a Flyby Strike or a Gunship Strike.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:31 No.5349389
    you will get raeped for yellows and their kamikazes

    don't overhate the blue sniper cause you see the red working well.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:31 No.5349394
    /tg/ needs to make a army men tabletop game. Seriously, this shit would be AWESOME.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:33 No.5349402

    Take the Guerillas doctrine.

    Sure, vehicles are twice as fucking expensive, and you have to buy the Infiltration Power (at half price, of course) for each squad you want to infiltrate, but you can deploy anywhere on the map (infiltration) so long as it's at least 2 feet away from the enemy.

    There's your offensive army. Beauty of it is that most Greens either never take a doctrine or they take the War Machine doctrine, so opponents always expect you to have tons of vehicles and expensive equipment with a lot of superpowers and a (relatively) static firing line, but not too many infantry units.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:34 No.5349410

    Also, GREY here, GREEN suck.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:35 No.5349420

    Uhhhh, OK.

    Unless you're using the Guerillas doctrine, you're totally fucked. Tactical Bombardment? Yeah. It works great against static "LOL I THROW GRENADES AT YOU" army.

    The smoke launchers on the tanks? They're not there for the tanks, but to smoke screen for the infantry.

    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:37 No.5349431

    When I finish it, I'll RS some of the core rules and sample army lists so you guys can quickly and easily try my game out.

    I think you'll like it.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)16:37 No.5349432
    You're still vulnerable to tan and blue dickery.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:38 No.5349439

    Its just a game guys, no need to get so pissy.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:39 No.5349448
    when playing reds (i usually play grey) i tend to use a smaller army (i know..) than most.

    usually i keep 2 to 5 snipers, alone, without spotters or radio contact, using the Private Mercy rule (they attack only from caporal upwards).

    Then i get some squad (1 to 5) of riflemen with smgs, a radio operator with a bolt action rifle and the command unit.

    for the command unit I use a Commander with a radio op (obviously), two serg. bodyguards with SMG and grenades, a Spotter caporal. the commander himself is a sniper of sort.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)16:40 No.5349464
    If you're gonna play a sniper army, why not use blues?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:41 No.5349466

    To be honest, I'm more worried about Yellow. Assuming they pass their Leadership tests after the Tactical Bombardment, their bonus to Hand-to-Hand combat really sucks. Though that's why I try to keep them at least a foot away at all times.

    And yes. Tan dickery blows. Nothing fucks up charge plans like a squad infiltrating your table edge.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:42 No.5349474
    lol troll you
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:42 No.5349478

    It's snot snipan, the sniper have to attack officer or nothing with that rule, and without radio contact they tend to hit the nearest target, so It's not like i can say "hurr durr five sniper shot on enemy commander".

    besides, I use reds for smaller, urban skirmish games, or anyway not open field (a list like that would be butchred, woithout grenades or anything)
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:43 No.5349488
    Outsidefag here:

    Glorious Charge really only works if you can manage to keep their infantry special weapons from firing (depending on the Tech range of the battle, either light machineguns, miniguns, or storm guns will tear your shit up with varying degrees of annoyance).

    So, snipers.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)16:46 No.5349512
    I wonder why they gave red and blue the infiltrator commander that can start off on the enemy's side, but not tan.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:47 No.5349520
    btw best are grey grenadiers army.

    grenade spam, followed by a quite good firing line, followed by more grenades. They can take out entrenched units easily, and them spotters can spot most stealthed units at range. True, you have to play defensively, but you can win easy if you nest out snipers using the Kommando units (basically just medium infantry with a wider movement range, really).

    Of course, there's the problem of the MINES.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:48 No.5349523
    Probably because tan is an actual army like green and grey instead of a guerrilla force.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:48 No.5349525

    Well, otherwise it would probably be common practice for every single damn Tan army you play against to infiltrate every single one of their damn units to your side of the board.

    The way things are now, they have to have at least a considerable force on their table edge to protect their commander. Thank God.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:49 No.5349534
    Fuck you guys, this place need more brown love. Honestly I'm damn near unstoppable if I hunker down and set up machine guns and call in my air support. All you have to do is find acouple of study buildings.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:49 No.5349539
    So I heard they were going to make a new army (purple).
    I am a little worried about their air units though: their air units seem so good, that unless you have an all AA army, they're going to kill your shit.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:50 No.5349541
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:50 No.5349545

    Don't have to worry about mines if you're not playing an attack/ defend or other static mission.

    Otherwise, especially if you play with the Random Orders rules, mines become pretty much useless, unusable, or both.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:50 No.5349552
    You're fucked against greys because of their improved cover bonus in urban areas and their demolition units.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:52 No.5349565

    in an urban environment you sure can hold the line with a stationary MG, but you'll get your 'gunner pwned by some dude with a grenade (lol red suicide runnan) or sniped by a blue faggot.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:52 No.5349566

    There's a reason there's been no updates for brown. They're phasing them out because they're way too damn similar to Green and Grey.

    Green is the best LOL EXPENSIVE SHIT elite mobile army, Gray is the best firing line army.

    Brown was both combined, but didn't do either role quite as well. Enjoy your army being phased out within a year.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:53 No.5349572
    True but at least I can soften them up before they get to me. And if they have to wade through a city block before they get to my units I can usually collapse acouple buildings ontop of them. Gotta love air strikes.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:54 No.5349574

    Or suicide sniped by red.

    That too.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:55 No.5349581
    Brown-online forums say theres an update coming for the brown army within the year fag
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:55 No.5349584
    Who has the best combat medics?

    I was told blue, that they can revive casuaties better then anyone else.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:56 No.5349589

    nope dude, wtf.

    Brown and Teal are there from the start, they aren't gonna get flunked out. brown probably will get some update on Machine gunnery, like better SAW squads or something, maybe some fast entrenching or forward deployment. they may have to lose a bit of theri aerial supremacy, but still...

    Teal are a cheap green as they are now, but I can imagine them becoming some sort of elite green army, like grey knights if you will
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:56 No.5349591
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:56 No.5349593
    Of course its blue, everything there is so specialized, but if you don't keep him guarded and behind your lines he gets picked off and there goes some victory points.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:57 No.5349595

    greys have bazookas in the next edition, and teal have them too it seems. So, yeah... collapsan building, killing MG.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:57 No.5349596
    They don't really have the best medics, they just use less units that are more likely to survive for healing.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:58 No.5349604
    jesus, somebody archive this thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:59 No.5349612
    I tried to play the Pink Legions once a few years back, but it just felt gay. What, with the bonuses for touching balsa terrain.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:59 No.5349613

    well reds have no medics lol

    green have few medics but have higher succes rate

    best overall are blue, they can heal anything short of a dircet headshot/grenade in te face
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)16:59 No.5349614
    That's why I go with sturdy buildings, then have my combat engineers fortify them for a 4+ save against collapse
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:01 No.5349622

    combat aengineers cost a fuckton, I don't know if it's worth the hassle to bring a engineer, find a palace, fortify it, place a Mg and defend it.

    what if they play blue? they can easily snipe you from a distance.. Or if they play tan, they can riflestabban you from behind..
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:01 No.5349623

    Oh please! Please let them get fast entrenching. I'd love to have more excuse to use the Clusterbomb strike power.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:03 No.5349634

    My games are usually too fast paced for that shit.

    No time to entrench a building when your armored assault column is racing through the city streets, runnin' an' gunnin' while your Close Combat specialists are going building-to-building clearing them out.

    Plus, even +4 vs. collapse doesn't help much against a bunker buster-type strike power. Sure, they are expensive but they fuckin' WORK.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:07 No.5349649
    Can I infiltrate mineflayers?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:07 No.5349653

    I heard they're gonna contract EA to make a computer game.

    They're supposedly going to make it turn-based and faithful to the tabletop so people can play on FUCKHUEG battlefields without buying models and shit...

    but they're going to charge per month for an online subscription. But, I hear the graphics and everything are going to be amazing.

    But still. It's fuckin' EA. Seriously?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:08 No.5349659
    Thats why I have my air support harassing you and taking down buildings along the way. I just hope Brown gets the Carpetbomb super power everyone got all shitty about. Sure it seems unfair, but its a rock paper scissors thing against the grey urban shit.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:09 No.5349663

    I heard it was not going to be a pay by month sort of thing, but a one time deal. And frankly, as long as there's at least some balance rather than LOLGREENSUPREMACY, I'd buy it without a pause.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)17:09 No.5349665
    The models are already dirt cheap. They're probably going to turn it into an FPS.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:11 No.5349677

    it's only fair, grey are getting shrapnels.

    yes, shrapnels. they can clear out trenches while having tea.

    you haven't hear dthe worst tough, the reds are going to get some sort of mustard gas or something...
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:11 No.5349686

    get ready for kids playing green forever
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)17:14 No.5349704
    Using the mustard gas makes building the battlefield take twice as long because you have to roll up some random weather.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:16 No.5349715
    That's just going to make brown too powerful; it negates all cover bonuses and fucks up large formations; so yellow, red and grey would be useless against a brown army. A better power would be Gunship, like teal have; that stops greys from staying in buildings all the time while not giving the browns the power to rape every army.

    But whatever. If you ask me, brown is looking to be the new flavour of the month army, and you know how they love breaking the game just to earn a bit more this quarter.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:18 No.5349729
    What exactly are the browns suppose to be?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:19 No.5349738
    brownfag here

    shrapnel seriously? that shits OP I mean I thought my faction had it going with the air support but damn. And mustardgas? don't even get me started.

    But I heard they're thinking about inserting a 'mystical' or 'occult' presence into the next edition with a zombie army, while thats fun, i can't help but feel they're trying to cash in on the success of certain videogames.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:19 No.5349746
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)17:20 No.5349748
    They've done joke armies in the past, I don't see anything wrong with zombies.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:20 No.5349754
    We;re airsupport and engineers mostly, we like our defensive spots and carry some nice MGs, most of which require a full squad to carry because they're supposed to be emplacements. But our engies cost about 10 points less than greens and have everything but they're close combat skills.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:22 No.5349767
    So they're the complementary battle engineers to the grey's demolition experts?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:26 No.5349794
    I personally love the tans Air Drop ability. I just use SMGs and drop'em close to my opponent's expensive units. Got to love being able to fire after moving or being dropped and the look on the other guy's face when you gun down his HQ on the first turn is just priceless.

    It's also a great counter to the Brown's over-powered support powers. Can't call it in if you've got no radiomen.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:28 No.5349811
    >>174 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)17:30 No.5349824
    What if they have AA guns?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:30 No.5349828
    I thought this was about army men...
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:38 No.5349871
    I just dropped in to gtf away from /v/ and found this thread. Never stop being awesome /tg/
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:38 No.5349872
    Why does brown even have a final solution option anyway?
    It's hideously expensive and doesn't really do much in return.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:40 No.5349895

    Yes, this is how /tg/ plays with army men.... What did you expect?
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)17:40 No.5349898
    I was inspired to make this thread from an army men thread yesterday.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:41 No.5349907
    They're talking about adding a betrayer unit. Who do you think they'll give it too?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:41 No.5349908

    this thread is performance art.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:42 No.5349912
    Hey guys, just picked this make up the other day afte a friend got it for his birthday. He's going green, what army would you recomend to kick his ass?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:45 No.5349932

    Sounds like something Tan would go for, sneaky bastards.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:51 No.5349977
    Tan infiltration is more like flanking. I think either red or yellow would get infiltration.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:53 No.5349991
    Green = Space marines
    Tan = Imperial guard
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:57 No.5350026

    no, Green = Green and Tan = Tan.

    no idea what these guard marines are. maybe for some other game? because we're talking about Army Men.

    now, personally, i have always been intrigued by the possible fascist leanings of the Grey Army, but i've always been of the mind that it was done for fluff reasons.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)17:59 No.5350047
    me, at least they were not retconed like the injuns.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)18:02 No.5350063
    Blue are basicaly Tau
    but good.

    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)18:06 No.5350100
    This is relevant to my interests. Is there a rapidshare so I might preview the game before buying?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)18:06 No.5350106

    What? Like a letter of the greek alphabet but good? WTF are you talking about?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)18:30 No.5350303

    Nah dude. Sure, I guess green is kind of the equivalent of Space Marines...but better Think Elite Space Marines with awesome air and artillery support. Grey is the most like the Imperial Guard because they favor static gunlines, with armor being their main mode of attack.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)18:37 No.5350358
    Tan is the imperial guard cadian shock troopers.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)18:42 No.5350398

    OK yeah. I can see that. Except they've got a more insurgent feel to them...like, they're sneaky as fuck but generally use lower-grade equipment. I guess they're more like Catachan jungle fighters. Who are also storm troopers. Who make due with whatever they've got.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)18:45 No.5350424
    Tan is a military like green. Red are the shitty equipped guerrilla/zerg rush faction.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:21 No.5350735
    k guys, let's make some clarity here for the newfags to this game.

    GREEN are the flagship army, loosely based around the Us Army. They are a good army all over, with no exceptional skills in any field.

    GREY are based around the german forces. They have a nice line of fire, and they are expert with grenades/bazookas (next edition). they are adept in killing entrenched7fortified units

    REDS are based around russian forces. they are many, weak but strong willed. They tend to be flexible in building (you can have many squad or less, more powerful squads) but if you kille their leader they are mostly gone

    TEAL are UK special Forces-like, some sort of better Green if you want. they are faster in entrenching, have a wider movement range and if a squad starts losing units the remaining units get stronger.

    TAN are based maybe around the Afrika Korps? they are master of disguise, can deploy part of the army in enemy territory and rely mostly on ambushes and close combat. Almost no snippan here

    BLUE are.. dunno. Best sniper altogether, they go around in small forces ambushing the shit out of everything. They suffer in open field, but a blue sniper+spotter team can kill anything.

    WHITE have been discontinued for balancing issues

    METAL were a joke army of "knights", with mad charging skills.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:24 No.5350759

    I thought tan were japanese?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:25 No.5350767
    moreover, tan, blue and on an extempt red are "guerrilla" armies, you can field a few unit and still play good.

    green, teal and grey are "armies", you have to field a good number of them to play properly.

    maybe with next edition we'll get a black army, who knows.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:26 No.5350777

    that makes sense
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:27 No.5350785
    Yellow is based off the Japanese. Low tech with crap tanks and suicide AT units, but awesome bonuses in woods and jungles, great melee units and high morale.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:27 No.5350787

    it'll have the same fate as white army i swear
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:28 No.5350789
    >BLUE are.. dunno. Best sniper altogether, they go around in small forces ambushing the shit out of everything. They suffer in open field, but a blue sniper+spotter team can kill anything.

    So they're based off of the Canadian military, basically.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:30 No.5350799

    wasn't the best sniper ever finnish? white death or something, 500 confirmed kills in a year?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:35 No.5350829

    discontinued for balance reasons, as was stated bef
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:35 No.5350831
    we used to play a lot of beach games when i was a kid, so we would improvise terrain. Tan had a great camo advantage, but occassionaly i would lose a unit.

    im excited about the civil war expansion, too bad there will only be blue and grey armies though
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:38 No.5350844


    did they discontinue the french army because the special rule was "les surrender"?
    >> Concerned Citizen 08/05/09(Wed)19:39 No.5350853

    500 rifle kills and about 200 with his SMG.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:45 No.5350889
    I am sick and tired of all this Masterwork Green squad bullshit in the d20 system right now. Grey army deserves better than that. much much better.I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine Grey Army in Taiwan for 1 dollar (that's about 100 pennies) and have been practicing with it for almost 2 years now. I can even cut slabs of solid plastic with my bayonets.
    AZN children spend no time working on a single unit and cut plastic with the same die-cut up to a million times before getting food.
    Grey scouts are thrice as sharp as green scouts and thrice as hard for that matter too. I'm pretty sure a magnifying glass could easily bisect a Green bitch wearing full plate in about 3 hours.
    Ever wonder why medieval Europe never bothered conquering Taiwan? That's right, it didnt exist. Even in World War II, American soldiers targeted the men with the grey uniforms first because their killing power was feared and respected.
    So what am I saying? Grey men are simply the best Army that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the d20 system.
    tl;dr = Green Army sucks
    >> BROther Laughing Man !AWEsomEEEE!!CwndNHTjLMy 08/05/09(Wed)19:46 No.5350890
         File1249515985.jpg-(134 KB, 720x480, 1244700989729.jpg)
    134 KB
    >this thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:50 No.5350904
    fuck you /tg/ give me a website i cannot find anything on this and it is very relevant to my interests
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:50 No.5350905
    this thread is really making me want to go to walmart, buy a bunch of these, grab a friend, and go PSHEW PSHEW I KILL YOUR GUY like when i was a kid
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:53 No.5350917
    somebody archive this, damn.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:54 No.5350920
    for all the attention that army men get here in /tg/, it's too bad that this system still keeps the "imaginary" part.
    >> BROther Laughing Man !AWEsomEEEE!!CwndNHTjLMy 08/05/09(Wed)19:55 No.5350929
    Give /tg/ a few days with this. We'll come up with something.

    /tg/ - Traditional GaWE GET SHIT DONE.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:55 No.5350931
    fucking do it.
    dont add any rules, and bet real money on the match
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)19:58 No.5350940

    looks like /tg/ just got shit done in record time.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)20:06 No.5350990

    That's what I did last semester.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)20:08 No.5351000

    Japanese would be too much like the Reds. Reds have Glorious Charge and lots of dudes.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)20:12 No.5351022
    Yellows are pure zerging and don't lose moral like reds.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)20:19 No.5351060
    Here's what I have for a basic system:

    Infantry can move 6 inches per turn.

    Each weapon has: A points cost, Armor Piercing (AP value), Power (Pw; raw damage potential), Hit (what number the player must roll on a d6 to hit with the weapon), Attacks (number of attacks allowed per turn), and Special Rules.

    When making an attack, the player rolls a d6. If the unit hits its target, the AP value of the weapon ignores an equal amount of armor and the rest of the target's armor must be bashed through with the weapons Power.

    For example, if an infantryman with an assault rifle attacks an unarmored enemy infantry man, the attacker can target the enemy at up to 3 feet away. The attacker must roll a 4+ to hit, and gets 1 attack with an AP 2 and Pw 2. The attacker rolls a 5, hitting the unarmored infantry unit and killing it.

    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)20:23 No.5351082
    so warhammer
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)20:24 No.5351090
    I think it should be simpler and use square spaces instead of measuring the distances. I have a pretty good idea of how it should work, but I don't feel like typing it right now.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)20:27 No.5351107

    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)20:36 No.5351174

    weren't you paying attention? we already knocked out a basic rule set. >>5350931
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)20:42 No.5351215
    The Green nation is a relatively new and ambitious country with access to many resources, including raw materials and personnel. Worldwide trade has made them a respected world power. The Greens spend more money than any other nation on their military and provide outstanding training and equipment. They maintain a professional standing army that can deploy quickly and hit hard. The Greens are jacks-of-all-trades; if there’s a problem, they’ve got at least a good solution. Their advantages lie in the ability to assume any roll and their ability to field high-tech and advanced units rather cheaply. However, their units are more expensive on average. The Greens have the War Machine doctrine; all equipment is half cost, but all infantry is double the cost.

    The Reds come from a land where war—whether it be an external force or civil war—is common. They maintain a very large standing army, and every person is temporarily drafted into the Grand Citizen Army when they reach the age of 16 for a total of 4 years. They have a large number of factories and very good production capabilities, but their equipment and training can be somewhat sub-par. Their strengths are the sheer amount of numbers of fighting units they have and their ability to give their troops a tremendous burst of morale. But, on the other hand, their forces have a low average Leadership ranking. The Reds have the Endless Tide doctrine; they can deploy an additional 1/3 points worth of units after their initial Deployment phase. But, they receive -2 to all Leadership rolls. Once per game, the player may use Glorious Charge: all units automatically pass their Leadership rolls for the remainder of the turn.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)20:43 No.5351222

    How would this work?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)20:43 No.5351229
    Use a Battletech hex map.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)20:45 No.5351238
    I just realized squares wouldn't work. There has to be some way to make moving horizontally on hex grids possible.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)20:50 No.5351274
    The Blues come from a small alliance of relatively small nations. However, they manage to stay relevant on the global scale because they have forged truly excellent trade alliances with all other major nations and are brilliant traders, in general. They have many brilliant and driven individuals in their government and military, which has led to amazing military advances. But, they have few individuals in their military. As such, they rely on excellent support systems that can help make up for their lack of soldiers. The Blues’ infantry cost double points and their vehicles cost triple points, but their equipment is free and their powers are all half priced.

    Tans are comprised of a war-torn series of nations that have banded together in a rag-tag alliance for mutual protection from civil war and their harsh neighbors. Having a hopes for a region which is one day unified, the Tans will fight to the bitter end for what they believe in. They have a history of being invaded by leading world powers, and have never had the technology to match them on an equal level. So, they have developed underhanded tactics that are nonetheless innovative and quite sneaky in order to prevail. Their forces are able to buy the Infiltrate power for free, and they get +1 to all Leadership rolls, but all other Powers cost double.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)20:53 No.5351299

    Greens: USA
    Blues: EU
    Reds: China
    Tans: The Middle East. All of it.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)20:55 No.5351316
    Blues are mercenaries and reds are Russians.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:13 No.5351464
    Oh shit man, I got a preview of Greys next rules update. You can actualy make pure infantry ordance squads. All grenaders, bazookas, mortars and rockets. I am going to make a bulletless army, and the explosion spam will make the mine spam we all bitch about useless, and rockets give adiquite AA (not as good as flack or dogfighters obviosly, but enouph to work with).

    And get This, if they take their Spotter HQ they get the "Spotter Coordination" doctrine. It lets a spoter forgo the acuracy bonus he provides and instead let any single shot direct fire weapon shoot as if it had the sniper targeting rule. BAZOOKAS are single shot direct fire weapons. Bazooka snipers!! yeah the acuracy is less, so a regulare sniper would probly be better, but how cool is that!
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:28 No.5351557
    I would have thought Blue = UN Peacekeepers was the obvious...
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:46 No.5351680
    /tg/ Where do I find this shit? Looks so cash.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:53 No.5351722
    So has anyone heard of this western themed game these guys are supposed to be making? My friend got a playtest set of the rules and its really cool. It nerfs the artillery and tank problems with army men by allowing only a couple cannons max per list and instead of tanks we get cavalry units which can actually be DAMAGED by things that aren't bazookas and other tanks.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:58 No.5351757
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:59 No.5351763
    anon delivers bitch. http://everything2.com/title/Little+plastic+army+men

    also im stealing all of your ideas and marketing this as an actual product.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/05/09(Wed)22:01 No.5351782
    lol no u dont
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:03 No.5351800
    i'll buy bulk army men sets from bangkok or maybe china and repackage them. then sell them to stupid 12 year olds on 4chan
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:08 No.5351839
    already made systems do exist, but they are mostly fail or meh.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:12 No.5351875
    Where they were merely 'meh', we will have Red zerg-rushes and kamikaze attacks!
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:39 No.5352103
    rules made for non-standard plastic armymen (1cm tall)

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:53 No.5352241
    I want to make a wargame setting like Rifts so I can use all the toys from the dollar store.

    army men
    cowboys & indians
    knights & monsters
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:24 No.5352522
    Does anyone know if they retconned pewter? I remember using my musketeers to wreak havoc on enemy mobs.
    >> Anonymous 08/06/09(Thu)00:26 No.5353085
    I thought they made the metal figures mercanarys, any army can take a squad to complement their strength/weakness
    >> Anonymous 08/06/09(Thu)01:47 No.5353872
    have we archived this shit yet?

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