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  • File : 1249520986.jpg-(63 KB, 310x383, X-Com_(1).jpg)
    63 KB TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)21:09 No.5351448  
    The Rookie looked around the darkened cooridors of the X-Com base. He knew what he was about to do was wrong... so wrong, but he could not help himself. He wanted her- needed her. He had since the first time he had looked into her dark eyes that she was his and he was hers.

    Sure, he had only managed to stay behind with her, after shooting himself in the foot with his laser rifle. So he lost a few inches of his right foot- she was worth it. He heard her singing to him, faintly, beautifully.

    And now he was along with her, the other X-Com Agents out on assignment, the scientists and engineers sleeping off another hectic day. But he was awake and hungry- and she was all that could sate his hunger.

    He quietly opened the door, making sure the alarms were off, and the coast was clear. In front of him, with only a transparent wall, and a single door between them, was his belover. Anxiously, hands trembeling with excitement, he fumbled out the card key needed to open the door, and heart racing, he slid the key into the lock.

    There she was, standing in front of him, her body firm, yet yielding to his hands. "I love you" He whispered, his voice barely breaking the silence of the room.

    He began to sensually massage her wet, gleaming gray head, his fingers whispering down her tight soft skin. She made a fire burn inside him, a passion, a furious conflagration that only her touch, her taste could extinguish.

    In his hand his stunrod began to tremble, his eyes alight with lusty delight, he began to disrobe, small bright sparks filling the air as he slid the tip of the stunrod up and down her naked back, his breathing deep, and body ready

    He thrusted, her mouth sliding open, a soft moan escaping as his rod entered her. Friction and deft movements- they moved together, her three fingered hands around his thighs as he pushed the stunrod into her, a psychic hand stroking his erect manhood

    "Willits! You damn Xeno fucker!"

    *BLAM* *BLAM*

    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/05/09(Wed)21:11 No.5351457
    No rookie, you are the sectoids!
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:13 No.5351465

    and rookie was a chrysalid
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:21 No.5351514
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:24 No.5351528
         File1249521887.jpg-(3 KB, 126x95, 1249419072080s.jpg)
    3 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:28 No.5351554
    i wanted ork dick...
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:31 No.5351574
         File1249522271.jpg-(68 KB, 778x583, 149419072080.jpg)
    68 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:43 No.5351646
    Bumping for porn
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:43 No.5351649
    The shout and the gunfire surprised Willits for a split second, it felt as though he had been jerked awake, almost remembering something at the back of his mind, something screaming at him to run.

    For a moment he watched lazily as his Sergeant's hand fell away from her head, as the pistol slipped from her fingers. He knew he should have felt... something. They'd spent enough time sharing a bed in the barracks... the barracks... the sex... slowly his head turned back towards the beauty laying below him. So beautiful, so perfect. His hand slowly sauntered up the Sectoid's body from her waist, lightly brushing the skin, sending an electric tingle as he reached her breasts.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:46 No.5351679
    Not a squig, etc.
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)21:48 No.5351693

    Damn. What a TWEEST. Nice work.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)21:57 No.5351752
    M. Night Shyamalan, is that you?
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)22:02 No.5351795

    Are you shitting me? I'm his financer.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:08 No.5351838
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:10 No.5351862
    I don't know about the namefag, but I'm not good at writing fapfiction.

    Although sometimes, you just have to write something terrible and hope people like it anyways.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:10 No.5351867
    Alternatively, you write something terrible and laugh at the nerd rage it produces.
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)22:11 No.5351870
    ...Should I?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:16 No.5351895
    Yes, I mean, just look at that sectoid...
    >> I do this too often and I don't care Cr9 !PLAN9M8Wsc 08/05/09(Wed)22:19 No.5351914
    A jolt of psychic pleasure ran through his brain as his hand met her breasts, warm and damp. Her large almond-shaped eyes fluttered, the light from the doorway glinting off of them in the darkness. The stunrod crackled to life inside the gorgeous xeno, a low hum filling the air as flickering tendrils of electricity shot through his lover's body.
    The sectoid's back arched, her breasts pushing out towards him, chest heaving from the pleasure and pain of the stun rod inside her. He tweaked one of her nipples, and another sudden pulse of psychically transmitted pleasure shot through him.
    He heard her gasp, the first time he had ever heard a sectoid make a noise so beautiful and... human, so tender and vulnerable. Her eyes locked onto his... he didn't know how he realized she was asking him for more, but her desires were clear.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:20 No.5351924
    Why shouldn't you? You can't stop at foreplay. Not when good fapping can be had by all.
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)22:21 No.5351926
    The Sectoid moaned, the sound both unnatural, and sensual. Willits nearly fainted as the Sectoids forked tongue slithered over his engorged member.

    "OH GOD" Willits began to scream as the sectoids ribbed tongue engulfed his man platter. His hips thrusted and buck as the alien coaxed him to the point before he ejaculated.

    But then she stopped, her tongue retracting in her mouth, her legs spreading, showing a green lovecubby hidden between her gray hairless legs. Willits froze as the Sectoid took his body over, and drew his Johnson towards her emerald cavern.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:24 No.5351939
    God dammit. This is Sectoid porn

    What the hell are you guys doing? Cut it out.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:24 No.5351941

    As a Cincinnati Anon, I would like to feed some random information about the city to you, in the hopes of making it even more lulzy.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:26 No.5351960
         File1249525564.jpg-(2 KB, 126x80, 1246413890520.jpg)
    2 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:26 No.5351965
    I lolled at "man platter" and lolled against at "lovecubby"
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)22:26 No.5351968
    No internets for the original writer? ;_;
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:28 No.5351984
    I'm... what? WHAT?

    *fap fap fap*

    >> Cr9 !PLAN9M8Wsc 08/05/09(Wed)22:29 No.5351997
    You'll like what I decided to do. I'm going to rewrite most of it with stupid Cincinnati fun facts put into the most inappropriate places, ie "Her legs were spread wider than the emotional divide between East and West Cincinnati".

    It's going to be the shit if I ever FINISH MY DAMN GMOD MAP, which is priority one until I get the displacement geometry hammered out. Those who work with displacements will simply swear and say "well we're going to be waiting a while".
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:29 No.5352001

    Sorry, I thought you were fucking us over because of your ending.

    Be assured, we do appreciate it.
    +1 internet
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:30 No.5352006
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:30 No.5352007
    sa itlike that
    fine go, try to deny it
    but you want it, deep, search, look for once with your soul and not your eyes.
    see it.
    then go read again.
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)22:32 No.5352023

    No worries. I'll write till the woman I am waiting to call me, calls me.
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)22:32 No.5352031

    I got bored, and wrote it to be both semi-fappable, and funny.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:33 No.5352041
    /tg/ getting shit done.

    *clap clap clap*
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)22:34 No.5352050
    It's my apology for not streaming as of late.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:39 No.5352108
         File1249526373.jpg-(37 KB, 600x564, 1246369567804.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> ShanaIsMyWaifu !!VUniFd9yleF 08/05/09(Wed)22:40 No.5352117
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:41 No.5352124
    I picked up on that but it's still funny

    Can you do some that uses pizza-based imagery to describe the sex scene?
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)22:42 No.5352130

    Willit's wild weasel slammed into the Sectoids moist mousehole with a loud slapping noise, the sectoids eyes closing in what must be pleasure.

    Thrust, clench, pullout.
    Thrust, clench, pullout.

    The Sectoid rode the rookies mind controlled immovable rod like a cowboy on a bucking bull, yellow wetness squirting from the aliens hush puppy with every sodden slam of Willit's wrangler.

    Willit's was panting now, his body fully under the aliens control, his body filled with pleasure.

    Or, filled with pleasure until the first of the barbed tentacles snaked up his external uretheral orifice, and all the way to his prostate. then about ninety nine more of the tentacles followed suit.

    Needless to say Willit's was not feeling much pleasure now.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:42 No.5352137
    LOVECUBBY is my word of the week
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:44 No.5352146

    >> MC DeepLich 08/05/09(Wed)22:44 No.5352150
    shit just got /d/
    now im nursing a semi
    >> ShanaIsMyWaifu !!VUniFd9yleF 08/05/09(Wed)22:44 No.5352153
    someone should drawfag this.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:46 No.5352169

    A soft cough drew his attention away. Tash stood in the doorway, grinning, as usual, like a loon.

    "See you got a new friend." She said.


    "So, Willits, looks what I made out of ruined armor and salvaged weapons?"

    She held her weapon up, a finely cobbled together flamethrower.

    "Is that...?" Willits began.

    "Sorta. Think of it as a Do It Yourself melta."

    Willits looked back at the sectoid. "I'm busy, captain."

    Her eyes narrowed. "You misunderstand. I'm bored. See, I was appropriating the alien entertainment center when the rookie-rookies started bitching about someone defiling Barracks B2."

    He stopped. "...?"

    She leveled the weapon. "If I can't get porn..."

    The wash of elerium-fueled death choked the room. The two defilers barely had time to screamed before their bodies atomised.

    "FOR THE EMPEROR! Now someone get me a beer."
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:49 No.5352203
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)22:49 No.5352206

    Willit's screamed in pure agony as the tentacles began to swell, growing from the size of a pipe cleaner, to the size of a large sharpie.

    Willit's body was ripped apart as hundreds of thousands of eggs displaced his organs and bones - the chrysalid implanting him letting out a strangely human sigh of what almost could be pleasure as it finished the act of copulation.

    Somewhere in earths orbit, an Etheral laughed, as it looked at the sign above Willit's now dead, or now undead body.

    "Warning- Chrysalid containment center. No Admittance without proper clearance and protection."

    Just as planned.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:51 No.5352220
    Mission failed

    Aliens killed: 1
    X-com operatives lost: 2
    X-com Craft lost: 1

    Mission rating: -619 POOR
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:51 No.5352228
    Okay, guys, if /tg/ had to cooperate and sing a song, what would that song be?
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:52 No.5352230
    2 bad ends right at once?
    was beautiful alien sex never meant to be!?
    i am sad.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:53 No.5352236
    you arent thinkig of that shit that /v/ and /a/ are doing are you?
    no thanks man. not our style.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/05/09(Wed)22:53 No.5352239

    Straight Outta Compton
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)22:53 No.5352242

    Shit, I did not finish it completely.

    "And before the Ethereal finished with it's psychic control of the 'lid, it had one more task to perform.

    The next day, as the X-Com agents returned to their base, they found Rookie Willits - embracing the 'lid, a smoldering cigarette in the rookies mouth.

    THE END.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:54 No.5352246

    Tash's left eye closed as she stepped out from the cloning vat, naked from head to toe and dripping in fluid.

    Her C cup breasts and lithe, nymph-like body stretched and jiggled as she moved. "Xenos love is HERESY, rookie. Now put that stun rod to my ear."
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:54 No.5352248

    Well, shit.
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)22:55 No.5352258

    And fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls - love can bloom for X-Com agents. :3
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:56 No.5352261

    Why, why did you do this to us
    It crawled up my ass
    crawled up my ass, I say
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)22:56 No.5352271
    You did not like it? ;_;
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)22:58 No.5352291
         File1249527535.jpg-(11 KB, 356x275, 1249514212078.jpg)
    11 KB

    At first I was like *fapfapfap*
    but then I
    >> Tash !!zbg6CYjYE1g 08/05/09(Wed)23:00 No.5352303

    ..I kept masturbating. You're a pussy.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:00 No.5352309

    I'm sorry if spined tenticles up my urethra do not appeal to my sexual sense.
    >> Tash !!zbg6CYjYE1g 08/05/09(Wed)23:01 No.5352319

    Slaanesh is not pleased.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:02 No.5352324
    Fuck that sectoid
    No-one's looking
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:03 No.5352335
         File1249527832.jpg-(32 KB, 443x315, 1243384309529.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Tash !!zbg6CYjYE1g 08/05/09(Wed)23:03 No.5352338

    Spread the love
    Hug a chryssalid!
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:05 No.5352351
    >> Tash !!zbg6CYjYE1g 08/05/09(Wed)23:07 No.5352365

    You're no fun, rookie.
    Chill out, have a doobie.

    And put that stun rod to my ear. >=3
    >> ShanaIsMyWaifu !!VUniFd9yleF 08/05/09(Wed)23:07 No.5352366
    I think the spines should have stayed in there but the tenticles retract. Then sectoid can psychically manipulate the xcom agents twig and berries, even over great distances.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:14 No.5352428
    who is ths tash and why is she arousing me
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:14 No.5352431
         File1249528456.jpg-(46 KB, 483x604, 1249041426233.jpg)
    46 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:15 No.5352447

    CR9 you still haven't finished the shodan story, shame on you
    >> Tash !!zbg6CYjYE1g 08/05/09(Wed)23:20 No.5352493

    Yeah, what the hell man?
    The most I went on the 'fucking-shodan' line of thought was the hacker sticking his dick in a port.


    Oh yeah, writing time.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:23 No.5352512

    Blue and greeeeeeeen
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:27 No.5352559
    Sectoids have no reproductive organs :-o play the game you hippy
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:28 No.5352570
    >> Cr9 !PLAN9M8Wsc 08/05/09(Wed)23:29 No.5352574
    It's unfinished but further developed. Sex happens... maybe. (The girlfriend wants it to end in tragedy, I say fuck that.) I'm going to put up a page on some site somewhere with fics I've written and a little suggestion box. I like a little suggestion box.
    >> Tash !!zbg6CYjYE1g 08/05/09(Wed)23:36 No.5352637

    Fuck with them genetically until they have cunnies.

    Then make them lez out.
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/05/09(Wed)23:42 No.5352697
    Bumping for the hell of it.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:49 No.5352766

    Email me the url when it happens, good sir
    >> Anonymous 08/05/09(Wed)23:50 No.5352781
    >> Tech Priest Naile 08/06/09(Thu)00:24 No.5353066
    Do you guys enjoy ruining EVERYTHING you touch?

    This could have been enjoyable and fulfilling. Instead it turned into /d/ garbage. I'm almost tempted to start over and write this through just to spite the lot of you.
    >> Slaadha, Slaanesh's Long Lost Double Bastard !!5FpvsAzGCPV 08/06/09(Thu)00:30 No.5353131

    It's only ruining it if you didn't like what happened. My only complaint is that you phoned it in on the writing for the tentacle impregnation and spikes. Resorting to horrible puns and bad writing tropes to make up for the lack of effort and short posts.
    >> Tash !!zbg6CYjYE1g 08/06/09(Thu)00:31 No.5353140

    Pull up your panties, I can hear the sand pouring from your vagina. Live a little, captain puritan. Here, smoke this shit. Straight from Catachan. You'll start seeing the spiders with human lips. And they'll do things with those lips. >=3
    >> Slaadha, Slaanesh's Long Lost Double Bastard !!5FpvsAzGCPV 08/06/09(Thu)00:33 No.5353163

    I've really got to stop binge drinking. I mean to say "they" phoned it in on the gore bits.
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/06/09(Thu)00:36 No.5353192

    I wrote all the gore stuff as far as I know. And I did not really bother with the gore parts- gore is not my thing. I just wrote a surprise ending because I was bored.
    >> Tash !!zbg6CYjYE1g 08/06/09(Thu)00:39 No.5353228

    Was still hot. Could've used more forced kitten penetration, though.
    >> Anonymous 08/06/09(Thu)00:41 No.5353238
    Tash is either an ugly man, or an even uglier woman.
    >> Anonymous 08/06/09(Thu)00:42 No.5353251
    dude shut up
    /tg/ is all about fantasy right? stop fucking up mine!
    >> Tash !!zbg6CYjYE1g 08/06/09(Thu)00:42 No.5353255

    Beggers can't be choosers, now gimme some.
    >> Cr9 !PLAN9M8Wsc 08/06/09(Thu)00:43 No.5353265
    I believe Tash is female, though of course I have no basis for that. I always pictured 'her' as sort of a Tank Girl kind of figure, to be honest. It fits the character.
    >> Slaadha, Slaanesh's Long Lost Double Bastard !!5FpvsAzGCPV 08/06/09(Thu)00:52 No.5353361
         File1249534350.jpg-(89 KB, 450x600, 084c9574825e40_full.jpg)
    89 KB

    I'm not a begger, but I'll gladly penetrate your kitten if you know what I mean.
    >> Tash !!zbg6CYjYE1g 08/06/09(Thu)00:53 No.5353368

    I'm not sure. Elaborate. Slowly.
    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/06/09(Thu)01:10 No.5353515

    ... Oh god
    >> Anonymous 08/06/09(Thu)02:01 No.5353998
    >> Slaadha, Slaanesh's Long Lost Double Bastard !!5FpvsAzGCPV 08/06/09(Thu)02:30 No.5354227
         File1249540237.jpg-(59 KB, 377x640, 8529c873331f10_full.jpg)
    59 KB

    Hmm... I'll bite.

    Well first I'd have to start with the preparations. Chloroform, some clothing, some equipment, and of course among that equipment you always need velvet or cotton rope!

    After setting up the perfect place and time I'd make sure to give you just enough chloroform to knock you out. The noxious qualities putting you out rather quickly. As you squirm and weakly struggle into unconsciousness I'd take the opportunity for a few gropes.

    Now that the catch has been made I would carefully bring you back to our little hideaway. The first moments of consciousness renewed would be you naked, spread eagle, and only just enough play in the ropes to keep your joints from being stretched. I'd greet you with a soft and loving smile and a small cup of water to rinse that stale taste of pennies out of your mouth. After all, I do want you to be able to taste what's coming up without something tainting it.
    >> Slaadha, Slaanesh's Long Lost Double Bastard !!5FpvsAzGCPV 08/06/09(Thu)02:31 No.5354240
         File1249540306.jpg-(149 KB, 600x800, 773b62557032ee33c98f98ac0c5a02(...).jpg)
    149 KB

    Curses, threats, begging and pleading will all be ignored. Soft fingers, and even softer tendril tips start to slowly work their way down your body.

    I'll start at your neck. The feather light touches of silky human skin and odd tentacles slowly work down your body. What almost feel like kisses from something that definitely isn't a human mouth meander close behind. Erogenous zones are avoided and only frustratingly teased of course.

    When I arrive at your belly the same 'mouth' that has been trailing behind this entire time inside drifts ahead and seals to the sensitive indentation. A tongue far too long and coordinated for a normal person teases at it. Almost treating it like a much more sensitive opening. This only continues until the soft caress of fingers and tendrils catches up, and then once again they all start heading down.

    The cute writhing and struggling that's happened this entire time only pushes me further along in my desires to take you. An urge I've only been able to weakly hold back.

    My shafts hard and throbbing I stalk up onto the bed. Arms and legs leveraging yours fully apart as the blunt and precum covered tips nuzzle gently into your rosebud and opening.

    I only whisper "I love you." As I brutally thrust forward, both shafts pushing in hard and quick. No thought given to your comfort or preparedness.
    >> Tash !!zbg6CYjYE1g 08/06/09(Thu)02:43 No.5354334

    Heresy. <3 *points autopistol* *BLAM*
    >> Slaadha, Slaanesh's Long Lost Double Bastard !!5FpvsAzGCPV 08/06/09(Thu)02:45 No.5354347
         File1249541131.jpg-(340 KB, 670x1009, 66488_45ee16a9cd66640bb098c45b(...).jpg)
    340 KB

    *Idly pokes at the hole in his forehead* You know... I wonder if my father will turn this hole into a vagina like that last time I was shot...
    >> Anonymous 08/06/09(Thu)02:47 No.5354362
    I don't like this at all.
    >> Anonymous 08/06/09(Thu)02:50 No.5354381
    ok guys pack it up, you're done
    >> Anonymous 08/06/09(Thu)03:04 No.5354533
    Not enough AI e-sex.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/06/09(Thu)03:08 No.5354566
    That is the most convincing trap I have ever seen.

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