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  • File : 1250079492.jpg-(48 KB, 450x567, 8109_image01.jpg)
    48 KB Adice on a fluffy army Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:18 No.5429047  
    Sup, /tg/

    I'm currently working on a homebrew Space Marine chapter(inb4 hate), and part of their concept involves being largely disregarded by the rest of the Imperium as "not-important" as they are stuck on a middle of a shit-nowhere desert planet wedged in between a sizable Ork WAAAAAGH! and a Tau colonial effort, and the fact that the latter-half of their short history has been largely a series of defeats and near-misses. Given this, they are not as well requisitioned as, say, the Ultramarines. Basically gritty anti-sue underdog types, based on their actual performance (I've been on a bit of a losing streak lately)

    What I'm asking of you, dear squa/tg/entry is how I can reflect their impoverished state in game? As is I'm going for minimalism on upgrades, such as only allowing missile launcher as the heavy weapobn for most squads (including devestators for the most part), minimal upgrades, no land-raiders.

    tl;dr how to make space marines seem poor lol

    pic semi-related
    >> Schrödinger !!HabIEzSQ0tA 08/12/09(Wed)08:20 No.5429055
    Battle damage
    Older versions of the armour
    Lots of beakies
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:21 No.5429063
    Terminators are right out, that's relic level stuff. Same with dreads.

    Focus on basic tanks, footsloggers and landspeeders.
    >> Bardic Knowledge !CxlrZcljkw 08/12/09(Wed)08:23 No.5429074
    Beakies, no Termies.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:24 No.5429079
    No high maintainance equipment; say goodbye to lascannons, plasma, multimelta, vehiciles more complex than rhinos and bikes, etc. Your weapon choices should be missile launchers, flamers and heavy bolters. Power weapons are out and even chainswords should be pushing it.
    No terminator armour, no overtly special equipment.

    Paint scheme, chipped, smashed, dirty, but still looking as if it's been maintained; these marines would look after what they had. Try making it look obvious that vehicles and armour have been patched up, but not in a ramshackle manner; you want poorly supplied marines, not orks. As for paint schemes, either camo colours, such as olive green or tan OR a nice regal scheme that's faded and mucky. The first suggests that they use whatever they have to the full effect while the secon reflects the chapter's sorry state.

    Hope this has been helpful.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:25 No.5429081
    Also, get as many beakie helmets as you can.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:26 No.5429088
    Loads of battle damage, Possibly make a few models of marines dragging their wounded brethren behind them.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:26 No.5429091
    Anti-Sue Marines?

    Isn't that just the Imperial Guard?

    8ft tall muscle men who spit acid and fire automatic missile launchers is pretty Mary Sue, even if they suck at it.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:27 No.5429094
    Give them a number, not a name.
    Guardsmen make do with numbers and not fancy names that Marines like to wank on about.
    You can even make it a running gag fluff-wise, where your army is always mistaken for an under-strength Guard unit on paper.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:27 No.5429095
    scouts since a high casulity rate would be a higher rate of recuitment
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:27 No.5429096
    I think a good look to go for would be regal, stained with soot, blood and smoke, and rusting in patches, but patched up carefully where there's serious battle damage.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:32 No.5429113
    Possibly have a few wielding captured weapons, if you can wangle WYSIWYG.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:34 No.5429121
    Salvaged looking shit, the oldest ass armor your can find, mix/match parts, mk1 top half on a mk5 bottom, etc, rust, bulletholes, lasmarks.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:36 No.5429129
    no plasma weapons. expensive nad you need to replace them when they go boom.

    no melta weapons. expensive and take ages to build.

    no flamer weapons. promethium has to be shipped in from offworld or produced localy, either is expensive.

    no jump packs. always the first ones into battle so they tend to get broke and the Mechanicus stopped issuing you with new ones.

    no Dreadnaughts. ludicresly expensive, insamely hard to make.

    no terminator armour. same reason as dreads.

    lots of beakie armour (MkVI). try and convert some chaos marines to make them look like they have Mk II - V armour. also dark rumours about them stealing Chaos Marine armour from off the battle field.

    no power weapons.

    lots of scouts. carapace armour is cheaper than power armour and new aspirents have to earn the good stuff.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:39 No.5429142
    >no plasma weapons. expensive nad you need to replace them when they go boom.
    They don't often go boom, they mostly release high temepature gaz who kill/burn the owner.

    And flamers are pretty common in space marines army. it's like the standard common weapon.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:42 No.5429154
    Paint them black and give them collars ala Errant armor, paint them black
    you see where I'm going with this, right?
    prieeeeessst mehreens
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:44 No.5429160
    Combat squads carrying cold steel swords. Possibly use the swords from the Catachan command squad?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:45 No.5429166
    no tanks beyond Land Raiders (made from bits of old, dead land raiders) and 'Aquired' Imperial Guard Chimeras.

    no Valkaries, Stormbirds, Thunderhawks or any other thing that flies.

    no artilery.

    no bikes.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:51 No.5429196
    paint banners that say they'll zuck yo dik for $1
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:54 No.5429212
    Jesus God no.
    Errant armour is the latest version of power armour... to give it to Beggar Marines would be, uh, antithetical.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:55 No.5429216
    colour scheme - either polished silver (not wasteing money on paint but pollished to show that it is well maintained) or a Yellow and Brown colour to belnd in with the desert of their gritty little world.

    put battle damage on the armour as well. don't go over the top on it though. Tech-marines and their aspirents/assistants know how to repair it after all and there is only so much damage a suit can take before it stops working all together.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:55 No.5429217
    Salvaged weapons in marines is hard gay. Anyone who loses their bolter is too dead to salvage anything. A good idea would be taking the second most recent codex, picking the appropriate traits and basing your army around those restrictions, even if you get no benefits you'd be a pretty cool guy for going so far for your fluff.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:56 No.5429220
    Ceremite is grey, not silver.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)08:59 No.5429240
    No fucking battle banners.

    What fuck-tard at GW thought that one up?

    HURRR DURRR Batul banurz R gud!

    A ten foot pole sticking out of the ground with the chapter emblum on it. Thats not going to get buttfucked by artilery.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:00 No.5429246
    Since they're stuck alone with Orks and tau, any chance they could use stolen weapons to replace the ones you wouldn't be requisitioned? Such as tau plasma rifle counts as imperial plasma rifle. With fluff to say its ghetto rigged to act like an imperial one.

    Or just a simple choppa.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:03 No.5429264
    third or fourth this
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:04 No.5429268
    OP here. Thanks a billion for all the suggestions! I'll definitely be implementing a lot of them.

    (It has, thank you!)They are already coloured in a faded regal scheme (great minds, or perhaps fools, hmmm?) but I'll be dirtying them up as per >>5429096

    That's an awesome idea actually. Gave me a good laugh.

    Love this idea.

    >1 throne

    Thought about the 4e codex, but the people I play with would bitch and whine and never allow it. Instant shitstorm if you mention anything not tourney legal including proxies.

    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:04 No.5429272
    the ork one you could get away with. a club is a club after all. and an ork choppa is just a club with an edge.

    but taking the fell gear of the Heathen Tau is an afrunt to the Machine Spirits and a sin against the Omnissaish of Mars. the Mechanicus would have sent the Skitterii legions on to your world and flattened the chapter.

    for one thing i can garuntee they will be better equiped.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:06 No.5429283
    Their Bolters should shoot rocks.
    Their Combat Drugs are Tonic Wine.
    They can Immobilise enemy vehicles by trying to windex their windows (Its really just water and pee.)
    Enemy models engaged in hand to hand combat must surrender all spare change upon a failed initiative test. Those models may no longer board transports as they just gave away their fare.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:07 No.5429285
    I don't mean give errant armor to the beggarmarines, I mean just give them collars
    slap some greenstuff and plasticard on a mk1 marine, I think it'd look cool actually
    Just kind of like "hey guys they found out that shells like to bounce around and jump into the neck joint and added collars to their armor let's try something like that"
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:07 No.5429286
    Don't use the 4E codex, just read the trait sections because some of them, like Flesh over steal are meant to portray chapters in your sticky situation.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:09 No.5429292
    have groin plates like the non heretical death guard
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:11 No.5429306
    Salvaged weapons doesn't mean you lost your bolter, it means you didn't give the Guard back their artillery or that one Leman Rus after they fled their position in the last war.

    Equip your Devastator squads with Guard heavy weapons. Seeing a spess mahreen hunkering down behind a tripod lascannon or heavy bolter would be fucking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:18 No.5429339
         File1250083134.jpg-(64 KB, 593x592, ffffffcat.jpg)
    64 KB
    inb4 thread derails into Mary Sue definition rage tantrum
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:29 No.5429392
    Always have at least one unit of Veterans (I refuse to call them 'Sternguard', makes them sound like they're grumpy traffic wardens) to reflect that in this Marine force you're either good or you're dead.

    For the same reason, always at least one (preferably two) Scout units. They need to accelerate the training to replace their loses.

    Even better would be seeing them using the Guard heavy weapons as if they were Marine heavy. The Lascannon the Devastator is hulking around still has the tripod attached, the Missile Launcher's owner has to have his missiles in a rucksack attached to his belt, etc.

    Further thoughts:
    1. Chainswords would get clogged up a lot in a desert environment with all that sand, give the Assault Marines more mundane weapons instead (perhaps axes of some kind). They all count the same rules-wise, anyway.
    2. No vehicles except Rhino's. Anything else is too difficult to maintain, and things like Bikes are too impractical in a Desert world.
    3. No drop-pods. If they're 'deep striking' it's because they've infiltrated onto the battlefield and are just emerging from hiding.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:33 No.5429408
    I think a single battered, much patched landraider would make an awesome centerpiece. Possibly with massive gouges in it, or holes straight through where rail-gun shells have thundered through the crew compartment.
    >> IRONY !i/p./q78oo 08/12/09(Wed)09:34 No.5429418
    Because the average brightly coloured suit of space marine armour wouldn't attract incoming fire like a gigantic ACME magnetic set to 'bullets!' unless it has a banner stickin' out of it, amirite?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:35 No.5429429
    I just imagined a Devestator dragging around a sponson mounted heavy bolter on a sled.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:41 No.5429458
    Salvage the Guardsmen.
    The Space Marines run into battle holding a Bolter in one hand, blasting wildly, and a Guardsman in the other hand, dangling by his combat webbing and sobbing as he fires his lasgun/flamer/missile launcher
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)09:46 No.5429482
    Are there still rules for allies? I haven't paid much attention to 40K rules lately.

    If there are, include some Guard in your army, definately. This chapter can't be choosy with its allies, and both need all the help they can get on a planet surrounded by WAAAAGH and Tau.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)10:32 No.5429648
    If you want to give your scout squad -or even some of the Tac squads- close combat or power weapons, use ork power klaws. There is plenty of fluff in the books of Marines taking trophies of ork weapons.

    Even better, a Devastator firing a Guard bolter/lascannon from the hip -tripod and blast shield still attached. Fuck yeah.

    You mean, no SPACE MARINE vehicles except Rhinos. I definitely think the Hobo Marines should field a Leman Rus.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)10:36 No.5429668
    Considering Leman Russ' can apparently be fixed by a blacksmith, yeah that sounds appropriate.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)10:47 No.5429716
    This chapter is nearing the stage that calls for drawfaggotry and entry into the /tg/ canon. Hobo Marines? Do they have an actual name OP or shall we stick with that?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)10:48 No.5429717
    Well the russ STC was originally for a tractor.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)10:49 No.5429722
    I vote we go with the numbered marines idea, And call them "Section 8"
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)10:57 No.5429759
    Not quite section 9, eh?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)10:57 No.5429761
         File1250089041.jpg-(47 KB, 400x500, numbernotaname.jpg)
    47 KB
    Color scheme?

    Do this but really fuckin' dirty and beat up?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)10:58 No.5429768
    Section 8 aka, HUD Housing, aka Projects, aka Government housing in usa.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:00 No.5429776
    Another lousy day on the field. Out here it's barely a war, more like a madhouse. Tau fighting Orks fighting Guardsmen. My brothers and I were stationed here because we were the only penal legion in local space that could respond to take on a new suicide mission. I'm not sure if it's just the numbers of enemies that make this difficult, or the dichotomy between their tactics.

    One minute you're trying to get in close and the next you trying to stay as far away as possible. The sergeants can barely keep up with it all. It's one of the few times I'm glad to be a grunt. Anyway though that's not what this story is about. It's about what happened when the HQ sent in the call for support one day.

    We were pinned down, Tau guns shooting us from too far away for us to shoot back. A squad of storm troopers was engaging an Ork squad outside, so we couldn't fall back either. Stuck like sitting ducks our sergeant got a call on the Vox caster. He nods and grins and relaxes like he just got a dose of chems in his system. "Good news," he tells us, "There sending the local Space Marines to our position! They'll be dropping in any-" He was cut off by a loud whistling, I made a rookies mistake and peaked over cover to see what it was. The sound must have distracted the Tau as well because they stopped shooting.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:01 No.5429778

    A small shape could be seen falling out of the sky, what looked like... A crate. Odd, but it wasn't alone in the blue, others were visibly as well. Big crates, easily visible from this vast distance. They crashed into the ground and came apart behind the Tau battleline. That was when things got stranger. Space marines, started to come out of the boxes shattered remains. Their bolters were blazing but only for a few seconds before a charge began. They all drew their chain swords and charged forward. You know, it was odd that I didn't think of it at the time, but Chainswords are normally loud weapons, revving and sputtering with life. Yet these were dead silent. Didn't move at all, the space marines just used them like clubs against the Tau infantry when they closed the distance. Another thing was odd about these guys, most spacemarines have color chapters. Yet these ones had no paint on their armor, maybe they did once, but from this distance it seemed as though it had all chipped off and it's replacement neglected. Either way they got the job done sure enough, they beat down the Tau force and gave us a window to escape.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:02 No.5429781
    I think emerald green and dark gold trim looks the most regal, and would look great worn.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:02 No.5429782

    We rendezvoused with them before setting off, our sergeant wanted to explain the situation to them and tell them about the Ork force behind us. Getting closed showed a few more details about these guys, weird little things. No sidearms, no grenades and all their chainswords were missing power cells. I think I only saw 10 spare clips of bolter ammunition between the thirty of them. Their sergeant barely listened, nodding and finally cutting the sergeant off.
    "Give use your lasguns." Odd request, our sergeant was taken off guard.
    "Excuse me?" The sergeant raised his bolter and his fellow marines followed suit. We didn't ask him to explain any more and handed over out lasguns. Then he took our grenades and they headed off.

    Strange lot, but I won't lie, not having the means to fight is what got us back to the HQ alive to resupply. Even a commissar wouldn't have us go to fisticuffs with an Ork.

    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:15 No.5429831

    Plus restrict their armory too:
    Special Weapons: Flamer, Storm Bolter
    Heavy Weapons: Heavy Bolter, Missile Launcher
    Melee Weapons: Power Weapon, Power Fist
    Have lots of scouts.
    Take only one tank at most.
    No Rhinos or Razorbacks.
    Only a few squads can droppod.
    Old Looking, beat up Dreadnought.
    No stern guard, assault marines w/ jumppacks, vanguards, or termies. Take Legion of the Damned to represent that they need all the help they can get.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:18 No.5429845
    Section 8 as in the not so super team from Hitman, Section 8 as in the US military code for discharge due to psychological breakdown.

    The chapter probably used to have a name, maybe they still know it. Whatever it was it's been long lost to the munitorium and the Imperium at large. All they know is that every once in a while they get requisition orders from Section 8 of some podunk backwoods sub sector in a xenos vice, and every once in a great while they'll bother to run a resupply ship out there to relieve what turns out to be a space marine chapter holding on to the raggedy edge.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:19 No.5429851
    I'm picturing a dreadnought with a rusty iron wheel for one of its legs. The constant sound of bake firing with black smoke pouring out of its exhaust.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:23 No.5429871
    Make sure the Dreadnought only has a Storm Bolter and a Heavy Bolter or Autocannon.
    If it is an Iron Clad, give it a Hurricane Bolter, showing they are just replacing weapons with what ever they can find. Also on the scouts, give them Las Pistols to show they cannot issue everyone Bolt Pistols.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:31 No.5429898
    Holy cow. Someone else remembers Hitman.

    The only terminator armour in the army should be reserved for the Defenestrator Chaplain.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:35 No.5429913
    With a Power Pane
    One of the brothers fell to Slaanesh not long ago, they still talk in hushed whispers about the night Brother Exellente broke into the barracks.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:55 No.5429991
    bump for more hobo marines
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:56 No.5430000
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)11:59 No.5430017

    ...Except they're actually six lasguns welded together to shoot in a close cluster.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:01 No.5430021
    wow talk about a failget
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:04 No.5430040
    So... since you're on a losing streak, your plan is to make the shittiest army you can to lose more?

    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:05 No.5430041
    Shopping Cart mounted Heavy weapons.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:06 No.5430052

    This way he has an excuse to lose. Also the army would look pretty badass.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:06 No.5430054
    Use movie marine rules, so you only can field like 10 guys.White Dwarf 300 has them, I think.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:08 No.5430062
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:12 No.5430082
    Shit OP this is a great idea. Mind if I bring this into a future DH campaign where they acolytes get stranded (or sent) to a backwater?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:26 No.5430173
    A Section 8 weapon?
    Octolink lasgun - Beowulf Cluster
    Cobbled together from 8 lasrifles and set to a single trigger by the chapter techpriests.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:26 No.5430175

    sooooo.... you're making the ghetto marines?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:33 No.5430217
    There's no such thing as unimportant Space Marines. There's only 1,000 chapters and millions of worlds they need to fix shit on, so even the less impressive chapters will either stay busy or die.

    If you want to play scrappy underdogs who haven't seen a lot of action, play Imperial Guard.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:36 No.5430233
    So how come there are chapters that get BLAMmed by the Inquisition for shit not pertaining to geneseed corruption or overt heresy? Or chapters that go off and manage to get themselves annihilated?

    tl;dr there are a lot of chapters out there who have fallen on tough times.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:36 No.5430240
    I like the sound of this. Hint. Don't worry about chipping their armor and paint and such. Ceramite comes in quick repair vials tha they can smear on their armor whe it breaks. ( referenced by the Space Wolves omnibus ) Painting your ceramite isn't going to be much of an issue. paint is cheap, and they'd probably have alot of it on standby.

    However! Make their armor muddy. They don't use transports. Those are expensive and harder to repair. These bitches footslog. You'd have alot of troops, mostly scouts and assault marines minus the jetpacks. Leman russ battle tanks would be their primary fire support.

    So... basically? Follow the space wolves codex, kicking out terminators.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:38 No.5430250
    but there is such a thing as "isolated" space marines; it's happened before, I believe. play up that angle more, OP.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:38 No.5430252
    Those chapters would fall under the "die" category.
    My point is, there may be weak chapters, and there are certainly stupid chapters, but there are no chapters who have ever sat around with nothing to do. There is only war, and all that.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:42 No.5430286
    Sounds to me like the OP's Mehreens aren't sitting around doing nothing - they're just stuck between a rock and a hard place, have probably bled casualties like a motherfucker, and have a logistical budget that can best be described as "we had a shoestring, but then it broke".

    Of course, being Mehreens, they're still out there trying to get shit done - just through wildly jury-rigged and improvised methods.

    Lesser to moderate tech-heresy would probably be endemic. This isn't entirely without precdent, as Marine vehicles have been gussied up with all kinds of nonstandard configurations and later given the rubber stamp throughout documented history. The Predator Annihilator is an example of this.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:42 No.5430289
    OP never said they have nothing to do.
    They're stuck in the middle of a 3 way free for all between local guard, orkz, and tau.

    They're just not given a lot of equipment and stuff because they're not as important as, say, rebuilding the nearby Ultramarines.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:46 No.5430314

    Looks a bit Dark Angeley...

    Fluff idea.

    They were sent on a Penitent Crusade in the BFE of the galaxy. It was only supposed to last for say... 500 years or so. Well when they dropped out of the warp, their warp drives failed and they were unable to repair them.So, for the last 1,000 years or so, they've been fuckin' around in lord only knows where. No resupplies, no systems nearby that they can contact, no way to get in touch with The Inquisition. No way to maintain themselves.

    Though the idea of them coming into contact with other imperial forces may present an issue.

    however, lets say the story behind their Penitent Crusade was they pissed off and Inquisitor and the "paperwork", or however they keep track of this shit, was "lost". So they are indefinitely fucked.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:48 No.5430329
         File1250095692.jpg-(44 KB, 400x500, numbenotaname2.jpg)
    44 KB
    Whoops, forgot the picture.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:48 No.5430333
    So is their mission just to hold onto this one shit-nowhere planet? That sounds very un-mahreen-like. Did they lose all their space travel budget?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:50 No.5430350
    This would be a good way to explain the "fuck where is our shit" angle. Their battle barge support got taken out at some point - random warp mishap, hit by ork rokks, got bounced by Tau fleet, whatever.

    So now they've got no real off-planet capability, which means no real resupply.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:51 No.5430354
    lol, not to mention the code for a discharge due to mental disease or disabiltiy in the US Army ca. 1945....
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:57 No.5430387
    Okay. I can't google it because my google fu sucks. Where's the link to the colour creator thing you guys are using to make the colour scheme pictures?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)12:58 No.5430392
         File1250096287.jpg-(59 KB, 400x500, Chaosnoname..jpg)
    59 KB
    ...lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil

    Fun spin on them. Or a few of them maybe.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)13:00 No.5430410
    You could use stormtroopers form the inquisition codexes as legal allies. Maybe even dirt poor space marine chapters have enough scratch to equip their failed aspirants to the level of stormtroopers.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)13:07 No.5430451
    Good question. Link anyone?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)13:10 No.5430467

    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/12/09(Wed)13:10 No.5430470
    No dogwelder techmarine?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)13:25 No.5430556

    where are you making these?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)13:27 No.5430565
    Fund it.
    It's what the Crimson Fists do, so there is canon precedence.

    Have some more Marines without helmets, or convert some light desert caps on them: no helmet Marines are usually considered an stupid idea, but this Chapter just may not have enough helmets for everyone.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:02 No.5430785
    Real fun conversion idea would be to convert some MK1 Thunderer helmets.

    Just hollow out the helmet, remove the face plate and put a normal space marine face in there. I dunno, something to that effect.

    Not all the helmets are in good working order.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:04 No.5430797
    give some of them guardsmen helmets, but with ornamental plumes and shit, so it looks like really old shitty THunder armor.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:15 No.5430877
    you are making the lamenters?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:18 No.5430897
    >>5430797so it looks like really old shitty THunder armor.

    you shut the fuck up Thunder Armor was stlyin as hell

    no shitty ass melon head guardsmen would do it

    that shit needs VISORS and PLUMAGE

    and STUDS, put them studs everywhere you can.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:19 No.5430909

    Chapter Master Sixpack (permanently smashed)

    Techmarine Groxwelder (welds entire live grox to his enemies, hoisting them with his mechadendrites and then diving in with a meltatorch)

    Chaplain Defenestrator (Holds a shuttle's exterior door with the Litany of Hate etched across its surface. Known for attempting to, and sometimes gruesomely succeed at, forcing an opponent through the foot wide porthole window in the door)

    Scout Sergeant Excellente (Goes into battle wearing a camo cloak, and little else)

    Devastator Captain Friendly Fire (Wields a pair of Lascannons, less accurate than Bragg)

    Assault Captain Jean Chan de Catachan (Large Cajun marine of Catachan stock, defeats enemies with the power of Catachan-ness. That is, gutting them with a knife the size of an arming sword and generally being smelly enough to stun a hormagaunt)

    Novice Flemgem (Scout Novice possessed by Nurgle, M.I.A.)

    Chief Librarian Shakes (Utter spaz, largely useless when not causing random blood geysers where xenos once stood on the battlefield.)
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:20 No.5430915
    having different squads with different marks of armour in each would be pretty cool idea, and then you could have some of teh squads reinforcing older marks of armour with bits of scrap metal, kinda like Orky Mehreens
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:21 No.5430927
    More or less, but a bit less "Kill on Sight" from the =][= I think.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:39 No.5431064
    I love the idea of chain swords with no power. Just using them as a cudgel in battle.


    >> TurnBasedAnon 08/12/09(Wed)15:33 No.5431470


    Thank you kind anon. You just made my day.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:38 No.5431533
    A shortage of serviceable bolters has led some of the more underprivileged Marines to try shooting bolt shells out of cleverly-designed slingshots or homemade muskets. While this is much less reliable than the intended use for the ammunition, it is nevertheless fairly effective at close range.

    Building on the ingenuity of these resourceful servants of the Emperor, many under-equipped Devastators have taken to using large slingshots or crude tube-cannons to fire krak grenades and meltabombs at advancing enemies.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:40 No.5431545
    krak-grenade potato gun... wouldn't be hard to do, make it look all PVC ish
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:43 No.5431576

    Damn, this makes even Orkz sound well equipped with superbly designed weapons.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:20 No.5431959
    Bump, because this is too good to leave alone.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:22 No.5431984
    sage because this is shit and thread needs die now.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:28 No.5432044
    if your goin with the whole nigger riggin idea, go light on the tech-preists, as they would pitch a fit once the chapter moved past "fix it"/"make a different model that works for our situation" to "we have two different Razorbacks, and 3 attack bikes; on their own none work at all after the last battle, but if we canibalize all of them, we can still have one good Razor"

    Nothing not based off of a Rhino Chasis (no fully loaded Preds, Whirlies and Vindies are iffy).

    1 centerpeice Raider max.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:29 No.5432050
    i didnt realise that the lamenters were inquisition cursed. thought that was just the celestial lions. that explains the atrocious bad luck of the lamenters though
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:29 No.5432051
    You probably want a lot of Beakies if you can get them. I would also mix and match parts from various marks of power armor. It's not unknown for this to occur when Marines don't have full, working suits of armor. So you could have weird stuff like Aquilla helmets on Corvus armor, or Mark 4 or 5 stuff mixed in too. I would generally say to snatch up any rogue trader era stuff you can, for conversions and such.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:36 No.5432117
         File1250109371.png-(34 KB, 690x656, 1249918387377.png)
    34 KB
    fuck off mary sue cunt
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:38 No.5432136
    all this cobbled together and yet surprisingly effective gear is making me think more of MacGuyver than a bunch of bums. Aside from the usage of guns it almost fits; never have the right tool at the right time, but you can sure as shit make something just as good with the right bits of salvage.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:38 No.5432137
    Your opinion sucks.

    This is the greatest marine chapter ever.

    Also, would they be more lenient about recruitment? So some recruits arent as... buff as they would normally require, or hey, maybe one of them is just an ogryn in badly fitting armour.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:39 No.5432156
    MAcguiveRINES, if you will.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:40 No.5432172
    Can we get a drawfag in the house? I'd love to see some art of some busted ass space marines. Or at the very least bring these magnificent bastards up at the next Drawfag convention thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:47 No.5432253

    >ogryn in badly fitting armour

    Now I really want to make a "chapter" that's just comprised entirely of lost/dismissed/discharged Bone 'Eads that decided to keep on fighting on their own. They cruise into battle in their "Powurful Armur" made out of wrecked tanks and open up with their "Bolties" which are really just heavy stubbers with pistol grips. Sometimes a Sargint will fight with a "Powurful Sord" which is essentially an industrial bulkhead cutter (think a massive, two-handed, ultra-heavy-duty chainsaw) welded to a leather-wrapped handgrip for easy flailing.

    "Spess Muhreenz, ATTARK DEM!!"
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:49 No.5432275

    This is much more awesome than OP's idea.

    FUND IT!
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:49 No.5432276
    the Fortress Monestery is in fact the Battle Barge (make up your own name but may i suggest Soul Render). they laid claim to their sad little gritty ball of sand and sunshine because the warp shat the Barge out in the upper atmosphere and they have been living in the wrekage for the last three and a half millenia.

    their only means of space travel is the Rusty Blade, a relatively small Space Hulk that pased through their system one time and they managed to rig into borderline functionality.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:50 No.5432299
    its mental immages like this that make me almost wish there was a codex:Ogryns (to counter their fantasy counterpart of course).
    or at least a "dogs of War" codex, or some other codex for cool shit that cant have its own special and unique snowflake of a codex
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:07 No.5432496
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:14 No.5432556

    play orks

    nobs and grots
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:36 No.5432779
    maybe the planet has no native life forms.

    the only things they have to live off is what they had when the Barge crashed and what they can 'obtain' from other imperial authorities. the Imperium is unwilling to give them anything for free because they were on a penetant crusade when they crashed and so it was seen as the Emperors will that they die quietly. however they are not going to actuely attack them, too much effort. just let them starve.

    maybe the entire planetery population is decended from the four thousand crew men and women of the chapter.
    >> NOT OP 08/12/09(Wed)17:41 No.5432826
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:45 No.5432866

    Just realised, stick these two together and think KAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

    what was the name of the origional Battle Barge?

    The Botany Bay!
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:48 No.5432890
    What You See Is What You Get.
    The rule that keeps the game flowing and keeps GW's money rolling.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:58 No.5432981
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:58 No.5434235
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)20:08 No.5434329
    Use a knife to gouge the pauldrons. If you can find yourself some high-temp silver paint, that would be ideal for the gouge. Heat the knife with a lighter until red-hot and run the flat of the tip along the armor to simulate plasma hits. Fill with slightly more than necessary high-temp silver and blow hard into the rut you made for slag-splatter.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)20:09 No.5434335
    nobody has drawfagged on this yet?


    I'm on it.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)20:31 No.5434619
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)21:11 No.5434996
    i'm eagerly waiting for these (trampy/ghetto-pimped/orky/WYSIWYG crisis/forgotten about) marines, I may have to adapt some of these ideas for my Iron Hands army, possibly to show battlefield/crusade repair.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)21:14 No.5435022
    Making a new thread for this.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)21:14 No.5435029
    i suggest that you model and paint one marine to look as if his entire suit of power is made up from coke cans, even better make him an apothecary and call him Dr Pepper
    >> Scout 6 08/12/09(Wed)22:50 No.5435869
    I forget, it's been a while, but Marine's shoulder pads are still separate pieces then the arms, right? Because it would look badassed, I think, to have only the sword arm have a pad.

    You could even break up the various squads this way, with Assault Squads having both pads (as they need the most protection), while Tactical squads have one on their sword arm, and Devastators have none, as they needed to forgo their protection for the Assaulters.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)23:06 No.5436041

    Really? Not ONE person thought this was a cool idea?

    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/12/09(Wed)23:08 No.5436062

    Because that's what Tau do. And that's terrible.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)23:10 No.5436084
    They do both begin with 'T'.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)23:12 No.5436103
    No, actually, it could look cool. It'd need some clever modeling though. Might end up looking a bit like Kharn... Which is a good thing. Because Kharn is awesome.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)23:17 No.5436143

    With the ribbing on the top of the arms, it wouldn't be that difficult to make that look like exposed under cables. And considering the foes, Ork weapons are never going to hit those exposed areas, flashlights aren't gonna hurt, and with Pulse Rifles I'm not sure the pads word be that much of an increase anyway.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)00:08 No.5436704
    Learn some of the old squad and company markings (get a hold of 2nd edition Codex Ultramarines if you can) and then paint them haphazardly on your soldiers. They all started in different squads, but with the injuries they've suffered they've had to reorganise, resulting in squads made up of marines originally from up to ten different squads. Double points if your Tactical squads heavy weapon troops have Devastator markings.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)00:46 No.5437102
    It is a good idea to represent their lagging supplies.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)01:06 No.5437327

    With no helmets, either, it should go a long way into showing that they are stretching things thin.

    Any vehicles you have should have Extra Armor, though, and be repersented with sheets of scrap bolted to the side. Orkish, perhaps, but with a Land Raider that would look rather striking.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)03:03 No.5438478
    OP here

    I fukkun love you /tg/
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)07:35 No.5440105
    Post pics when you're done!
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)09:04 No.5440736
    Someone Archive this!
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)10:21 No.5441284
    mk1...I think thats artifact level as well <.<
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)10:30 No.5441343
    okay I need a title to archive this and some tags to put on it.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)10:48 No.5441457
    Really there's no reason to say 'absolutely no X' since it's possible they would still have at least one of something hanging around.

    I wouldn't go for more than one of anythign exotic though, I can see them still having a termie squad, but only one. They should have some rhinos left too, people are talking about taking LRs but no rhinos, but rhinoes outnumber LRs at least 5 to 1.

    I really like the idea of the IG heavy weapons in dev squads. Also, stack up all the extra gear from ig/sm sprues. Give your vets or even just your regular marines that campainging look, stick packs on thier shoulder pads and lower legs (after all resupply would be harder).

    Take vehicles, but don't take options. For example take a Pred, but don't take side sponsons. Instead of just not including the sponsons on the tank, model them as if they've been blown off from a previous battle and just not fixed.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)10:49 No.5441468
    >Their battle barge support got taken out at some point - random warp mishap, hit by ork rokks, got bounced by Tau fleet
    >battle barge bounced by Tau fleet
    >bounced by Tau fleet

    lolno. Tau fleet is so shit, it's almost embarrassing.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)10:51 No.5441479
    Hobo Marines,
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)10:52 No.5441484
    I wouldn't say that, space marines suck in bfg, I'm pretty sure an outnumbered Battle Barge could be trounced by the combined firepower from even a few of the older "explorer" ships.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)10:55 No.5441506
    Section 8 marines.

    AKA Salvage Marines.

    Also, archived already.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)10:55 No.5441508
    in BFG, rules wise, sure. Still, Tau would require some major-ass fire concentration, and factoring in escorts would bring this to a standstill.
    Fluffwise Tau ships are pathetic.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)10:59 No.5441535
    Yeah, I've noticed, but in-game battle barges ain't the greatest either.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)11:12 No.5441604
    I think some of my favourite heads are
    no helmets
    obviously damaged armour, lots of small holes and some bigger ones in the shoulder pads as well as lots and lots of scratch marks.
    a super banged up dreadnought with some exposed wires and bits and pieces would be cool
    a land raider would be a never opportunity wouldnt it honestly guys? a dreadnought might have been dropped with them when they were left there but a raider? unlikely.
    even modeling them without gloves and having exposed hands could still add quite a bit to it

    and definately no gear on their belts
    also the idea of them finding gaurd heavy weapons and dragging them around is fucking awesome
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/13/09(Thu)11:18 No.5441636
    Tau ships in BFG aren't that bad, especially when people see my battleship suddenly launch my escorts, or suddenly barracuda / manta spam, or suddenly fire everywhere from all directions.
    >> Anonymous 08/13/09(Thu)11:23 No.5441667

    Tau ships can launch their escorts?
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/13/09(Thu)11:25 No.5441676

    My Custodian can launch up to three Warden escorts.

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