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  • File : 1250486651.jpg-(404 KB, 800x689, OneGirlInAllTheWorldBetter.jpg)
    404 KB /g/ Quest Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:24 No.5484341  
    Continuing the quest (and not the faggotry) from >>5482367.

    The harness is something which can be undone rather easily, however if you do that her handcuffs will suspend her from the frame by her broken wrist.

    As you survey her situation she tries to ignore her pain. "Where are we?" she asks weakly, fearfully.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:25 No.5484358
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/17/09(Mon)01:26 No.5484364
    You are in DISNEYLAND!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:26 No.5484365

    It's only here if faggots bring it here.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:26 No.5484374
    >>5484306 here

    Try to pull the frame out of the wall, failing that, have her wrap her legs around our waist to give her a little edge, so that she won't be completly suspended by her broken wrist

    Also, respond to her that we don't know too
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:26 No.5484376
    rolled 16 = 16

    We attempt to recall anything.

    "We won't leave you alone."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:27 No.5484386
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:31 No.5484425
    were is the love for /b/?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:31 No.5484434

    The frame comes down with enough force, the base crunching into the tiles below. She whimpers in pain as it does, her tightly cuffed wrist jolted by the impact.

    Quickly you free her of her harness, ready to support her if her legs give out after so long suspended. With her free hand she grips the bedframe, but she can stand.

    The cuffs will be a problem.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:33 No.5484447
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:34 No.5484459
    rolled 5 = 5

    Attempt to muffle her mouth and force her hand through the cuff, causing a re-break if necessary to free her.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:35 No.5484473
         File1250487326.jpg-(69 KB, 393x492, macgyver.jpg)
    69 KB
    Time to put what I learned watching the entire series of MacGyver to good use...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:35 No.5484474

    Wait that not a god idea
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:35 No.5484483
    rape the maids, then hide the thread
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:36 No.5484487

    Tight cuffs, bro! Her hand isn't going through! Don't do that!!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:36 No.5484496

    We can't really do anything about the frame for now.

    Try to know our now companion, as her name, how she ended up here etc.

    Also try to recall something from our past or something, we did heard some kind of creepy voice
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:41 No.5484542

    She clings to the frame like an overboard person may cling to a buoy. Her wrist is bent at an awkward angle.

    "My name is Anna... I don't know how I got here. I went to sleep, then something grabbed me from off my bed, and I woke up here..."

    As she says it, it sounds familiar. You try to focus on that familiarity, but a spot at the back of your mind grows warm and it disappears again.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:45 No.5484586

    Examine the chain of the cuff, maybe it can be broken
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:48 No.5484605

    Supporting Anna so that you can get a good look at it in the beam of sunlight, you see that two of the links are a little frayed from abuse.

    If you could jam something in there, or otherwise get some pressure on them, they may break.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:50 No.5484621
    Find an adequate rock, or go back and get the porceline razor from the sink, telling "We're getting a rock to smash the chain. Hold fast, little one. We'll return."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:52 No.5484644
    Moving with the frame would be a pain, I guess the only thing we can do is to check our surrounding and locate any item that could be used as a weapon/break the chain
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:54 No.5484667

    Looking around the cell, you notice the kicked-in door has an old, thin length of metal attahed to it. While unwieldy, it could do the trick.

    As you examine the metal, a great roar comes through the wall of the cell from further into the building. Anna looks around, eyes wide.

    "Oh God... please hurry..."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)01:57 No.5484688

    ´´Will do Anna, just breath down and don't let fear get the better of you.´´

    For better or worse, use our new item to break the chain, might hurt her but the roar is more than enough compensation
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:01 No.5484730

    Wrenching the metal from the door you get to work on the chain, telling Anna to look away. As you apply the tension you hear her squeak in pain, but continue as quickly as you can. After twenty seconds the handcuff breaks, the girl tumbling to the floor on her back. Cradling her shattered wrists she sobs openly, but she is now free of the frame (albeit with an interesting bracelet).
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:02 No.5484742
    Expeditious Retreat and GTFO from the huge fucking gear.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:07 No.5484786
    Give her a little comfort, a little tap on the shoulder will be enough. But we got to get the hell away from here.

    Try to look for some kind of weapon while moving near the door to inspect the hallway
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:08 No.5484794

    Helping the little girl up you walk from her cell, length of metal in hand. It's not much of a weapon, but better than the 'nothing' you had prior to this.

    Stepping out into the room of garbage bags, you hear another roar coming from the hallway toward your own cell, beyong the chained-closed doors. Examining the room you are in for the first time, you notice a door hidden around the corner that you weren't able to see as you entered. Jutting out from the wall is a flat white dish like a soap bar ledge. Graffitied on the door is an arrow pointing to this, with the words 'ALL HER LOVE FOR A SAFE PASSAGE'

    A cartoon picture of a heart sits above the receptacle.

    Anna looks around the room, still sniffling in pain. She obviously doesn't like the rotten stench in the garbage.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:12 No.5484829
    As it is his will:


    Apologize profusely as we coddle her in our arms gently before quickly snapping her neck sharply in 180 degrees and begin disembowling her.
    (Unless she needs to be alive.)
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:13 No.5484842

    shit shit shit its in the hallway

    Well take the thing I guess ? Also, open the door quietly and go in, prompting Anna to stop crying, we don't know what the hall is behind us and its maybe got good ears.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:15 No.5484859

    Um... need a decision here: fight or safe passage (killing Anna)?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:17 No.5484875
    I think your tired bro
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:18 No.5484891
    Safe passage. Self preservation tactics take precedence over roleplay of the knight in shining armor.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:18 No.5484894

    Maybe we can hide in the room, its full of garbage, maybe we can make a pile and hide beneath. I don't want to kill a loli but I'm late to the party
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:23 No.5484943


    You feel her let go of her wrist and put her arm around you, sobbing into your shoulder as you embrace her.

    "Anna... I'm so sorry..."

    The crunch is softer than you thought it would be. Lowering her respectfully to the ground, you look at her face. In her last moment, her eyes registered realisation.

    You can hear a growling from the hallway, and the doors being pressed upon. The heart receptacle is empty, and all you have is an iron bar (not the best to hack into a body and retrieve an organ with).
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:24 No.5484944
    Fuck that. Pissed off gear-thing, warforged I'll guess, is coming for us. Probably has predator-shit sensors and all that shit. Start gutting Anna with the tool we have. Perhaps we can exact vengeance later or at least giver her proper burial/rights later.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:25 No.5484955
    Use the iron bar to break off that razor and try to start cutting into her chest, crying manly tears as we do so.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:28 No.5484984

    Moralfag here, I now know that good don't exist.

    the only thing we can do is try to bite off the skin in a hole large enough for our hand to tear through
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:33 No.5485038

    You know there's not much time. Sprinting back toward your cell, you round the corner...

    ...and come face to face with a hideous beast, on the other side of the doors at the end of the hall. As you run it perks up and sniffs the air before ramming into the door with it's head. You don't want to look harder than that. With a jab of the iron bar the porcelain breaks, and you pick up the bloody shard in your hand, racing back as the hammering at the door gets worse.

    Arriving back at Anna's cooling corpse, you realise that the porcelain will likely cut your hand if you use it as is. There could be something to wrap the far end in to make it safer, but the thudding on the door is continuing, and you can hear the door shaking in it's mounts.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:35 No.5485064

    if we got a long sleeved shirt, pull it to cover our hand. If not, then we go raw, no time to waste
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:36 No.5485082
    Tear some of her pajamas off to wrap the piece, or failing that for how fast we need it, use our own shirt.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:39 No.5485123

    Short sleeve.

    Gritting your teeth, you tear the 'razor' down her clothes before hacking into her chest. Blood sprays forth as you hack through meat and bone, and you roar in anger, horror and pain as you tear her bones away to reveal her heart. As you start to sever the still-warm organ you hear the doors starting to splinter, another roar of impatience echoing down the hall. It spurs you to work faster.

    Moments later you reach into her chest and pluck Anna's heart from her. Your bellbottoms and Ramones shirt are drenched with her blood, and your right arm is gore-coated up to your elbow with her blood and your own.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:42 No.5485147

    Put the heart in the receptacle PRONTO and get the hell out

    Then we can cry tear of self hatred
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:47 No.5485211

    You hear the sound of the doors exploding inward as the bloody organ is placed upon the receptacle, blood dribbling down the dirty off-white wall. With a sigh the door opens and you hurtle in, slamming it closed as with an unnatural squeal sounds a mere second behind you.

    gOod MoVe.

    From the far side of the door you hear a wet crunching and snapping of bones. It tugs at your stomach and you barely stop yourself from puking. When it is finished, you look around this new path.

    Complete darkness extends away from you, with dots painted in glow-in-the-dark orange paint. After a small stretch, the paint makes words. An arrow points diagonally downward and forward, labelled "SPIDER CAVERN". Another extends above you, pointing to "THE VIEW", before the path splits.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:49 No.5485231
    To the view. Vantage point and scope out what is around us. If situation proves hopeless, would be nice to know how far we have to work with for suicide jumps before meeting Cthulhu-spiders.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:51 No.5485251
    We go to the view, because it would surely show some chick getting torured and we are supposed to fap to it.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:53 No.5485270

    Seconding, except suicide, we just killed a girl it would be a goddamn waste to kill ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:54 No.5485281
    Spider Caverns. Anything is better than watching that Lifetime bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:56 No.5485303

    You follow the glowing trail upward. After a moment you feel a wall ahead of yourself, and slowly reaching out you find a ladder.

    Climbing for a long time, slowly the glowing paint is replaced by red emergency lights, slowly blinking and turning. You ignore them, trying to ginger your lacerated hand. That's starting to really hurt.
    After a moment you arrive at a landing with a closed door in front of the ladder. Seeing the ladder ends, you climb up and open the door.

    Cold air greets you as you step out onto the tiny observation deck. From here you can see in all directions. Wherever you are is surrounded by thick forests, the rundown and damaged complex below on a bit of a hill.

    As you are looking out over the landscape, you hear a weak sound. "Help..."
    Snapping your gaze upward into space, you can see a figure in a cage, suspended over nothingness. Whoever it is, they are bundled tightly in a corner of their cage.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)02:58 No.5485324

    Quick note:

    You estimate about twelve stories between here and the roof. You can't see the tower below you, but you don't believe it would be too easy to descend.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:00 No.5485343
    Attempt to call out to person in cage, and look for any means to rescue the new organ donor. I mean companion to bond with and share happy memories.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:01 No.5485354

    Investigate the area for First aid kit or anything we can use to put around our injured hand, also, try to clean up.

    After that, look around the cage, we probably can't reach it anyway
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:02 No.5485368

    You call out across space, the figure hearing you and stirring. As they shuffle about to look at you, you spy a small winch control to your left. However, the controls are all in a foreign language you don't recognise.

    "P-please... you have to h-help me... m-my name is Anna..."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:03 No.5485372

    No first-aid kit here. Just what you got on you.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:04 No.5485384

    Fuck I know where this is going

    Push a button


    No spare clothes lying around ? being covered in blood make it hard to hold something
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:05 No.5485388
    rolled 8, 6 = 14

    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:06 No.5485401
    Look at controls. Controls always have colors or small pictures on them.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:10 No.5485425

    Examining the controls, you try to make sense of the language but it is still gibberish. That said, the two levers are topped with a green and a yellow knob.


    There are no clothes here, just what each of you have.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:13 No.5485457
    Pull the green lever SLIGHTLY. Push the yellow lever SLIGHTLY. as, enough to start hearing things turn/move.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:17 No.5485496

    Gently you work out that the levers control 'up' and 'down'. Yellow is up, red is down. As you change the height, you see a small guage next to them come to life. It shows a dot moving along a scale, and as the cage lowers the dot descends. There are three red lines next to the display at different heights, but all are weatherbeaten and faint. Currently it is past one of them barely. There is also a black line below one of the red lines, but above the second.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:20 No.5485519
    You meant red = green or vice versa in that case. Ease red downwards a little bit at a time until we can get a better grasp of the labels. Tell Anna it'll be alright. We promise.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:22 No.5485548

    As the cage lowers, you suddenly hear a halting jolt. Anna screams as the cage swings freely. You can see the secondary guide wire has run out of wire.

    You can see that the display's dot is just above the red line, with the black just below that. Despite another look, you can't tell which of any of the lines are older.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:26 No.5485579
    Look at how far the cage is from us. Ease the lever in the opposite direction.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:27 No.5485595

    You raise the cage a fraction and stop. Anna is terrified, crying as her cage slows it's swinging.

    You can see the door, a bolted affair that should be easily undone, even by Anna. If you lean out over the safety rail, you might be able to reach...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:30 No.5485623
    [X] Reach out to the cage and open it.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:31 No.5485636

    Speak to Anna in a clear tone that were here but that she need to help us to live, tell her to crawl to the door so that he weight might not cause the cage to swing

    Lean on the rail and try to undo the bolt
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:32 No.5485649
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:32 No.5485654

    Telling Anna to move so that she is away from the door, you tentatively lean out and grasp the latch. Thankfully, the wind dies down as you lean out over space and you open the door. Taking your first unobscured view of Anna, you notice that she look sthe same as... the other Anna, except her hair is a lighter shade of brown.

    She watches quietly, waiting for you to tell her what to do.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:33 No.5485662

    Sorry, should read close to the door
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:35 No.5485678

    Tell her to crawl toward us and not be afraid of the blood, we had to defend ourselves, once she's in reach grab and yank her in the room
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:35 No.5485679
    Reach out as safely as we can to get Anna to safety, lowering the cage as necessary.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:40 No.5485735

    Shouting your instructions, you can see the fear in her eyes. Shaking from more than the cold, she crawls forward to the ledge before you quickly grab her and haul her toward you.

    You overcompensate. As you pull her she screams, thudding into your chest. You topple backward onto the landing, feeling her thud onto your chest. She is shivering, but she holds onto you, gently sniffing between silent tears. Your bloody arm is around her, wetting her nightgown with red. She is safe, for now.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:44 No.5485762

    Lets try not to kill this one m'kay ?

    Try not to touch her too much, after all we are drenched in blood. Try to pry her away from us while breathing heavy sigh of relief

    ´´Are you hurt anywhere ?´´
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:45 No.5485778
    Hold her tightly against our chest as we praise her for her courage and show our happiness that she's alive and well. Try to warm her in any way possible. Going that way if needed (and you know what way.)
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:48 No.5485803
    Lighter shade huh?

    Check to see if our hair has gotten a shade darker. I get the feeling this is going to be some kind of ironic circular ending or some such.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:49 No.5485812

    "No... c-can we go please? I don't want to b-be here anymore..." she asks, her voice a miserable state as she tries to warm.

    As you check to see if she is hurt, you spy a small badge sewn onto the nightgown opposite her heart: an Eagle Scout badge of Merit.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:50 No.5485823

    You pull a strand out, seeing it red. That may be the blood though. The first Anna did spill quite a lot...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:52 No.5485836

    Nod and go for the ladder, but ask her is she feel well enough to go there, and offer a piggyback ride anytime she want.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:52 No.5485837

    Let's check if there's hole in her chest. In might be SAN CHECK worthy, but it would be good to know...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:55 No.5485866
    Second. If there is, I like where this is going.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)03:56 No.5485880

    Heart hammering, you gently touch over her heart with your clean hand, sighing in relief when you find it not feeling recessed or damaged.


    As you approach the ladder, you remember just how long you were climbing. Kneeling, you tell her to climb aboard before descending, feeling her shivering decrease as you climb into the darkness.

    After a moment you are in the dark corridor once more. You can feel her hand find your uninjured own as you look at your choices: SPIDER CAVERN, or back through the door you came from, hoping that... thing is gone.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:00 No.5485902

    Scout the Spider cavern, don't take any chance, be ready to make a run for it with Anna.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:00 No.5485905
    Ask her if she can handle being quiet around spiders, then move slowly towards the cavern, holding her tightly against ourself for comfort/protection.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:06 No.5485929

    Trying not to make a sound, you descend the stairs into the black. Nothing is visible, but as before you run into a wall. This time there is no ladder, but a door handle. Putting Anna behind you, you open the door a crack...

    ... and open into what looks like a shopping mall wing. The laminate floor looks scuff-free, if dusty, and across from you you can see what looks to be a women's clothing store with the mesh roller door closed. Puzzled, you look around this new area.

    The roof has caved in to your left, severing this area from the rest of the building, but you can't see daylight. To your right, the area terminates in what seems to be an old fashioned malt bar. Faintly you can hear music from within as the broken neon sign illuminates the malt bar's name: SPIDER'S CAVERN.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:08 No.5485947

    Look for a weapon in this mess
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:08 No.5485952

    And clothes to clean ourselves a little
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:09 No.5485958
    Get her some warmer clothes. Look for a weapon to use. Fire Extinguisher is good if we have the strength.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:12 No.5485970
    >Heart hammering, you gently touch over her heart with your clean hand, sighing in relief when you find it not feeling recessed or damaged.

    Now this quest just jumped the shark.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:13 No.5485977

    Leading her out from the dark, iron bar in hand, you approach the women's clothing store. Looking in past the glass and mesh shutter, you see that it is actually a women's sleepwear store. The shutter is locked down tight across all windows.

    As you ponder on it, Anna upends the rubbish bin, looking for food. Unfortunately, all that is within is general rubbish.

    You can either try and break into clothing store, or go withing Spider's Cavern (unless you have a better idea).
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:14 No.5485987

    No Fire Extinguisher here, but the stores may have something better.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:19 No.5486035
    I go to the stores...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:19 No.5486036
    Im going to bed.

    Archive this near it's end.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:22 No.5486055

    Got to sleep too, a shame I'm liking this.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:23 No.5486062
    I will post this again as a image so people can work on from here...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:23 No.5486063

    As you approach Spider's Cavern the music sounds more noticeable. Roy Orbison, maybe?

    Inside, it looks like an antique diner which has been abandoned for a year. Black and white chequed floor, neon-rimmed counter, booth seats in red. In the corner next to the jukebox sits an old motorcycle, and behind the counter sits a door to the kitchen area. The service shutter is drawn closed, but you can smell faintly... almonds?

    Anna reaches for a bottle of squeezy mustard, quietly sucking on the end as you look around.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:24 No.5486070

    Yes, we can use Anna as weapon!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:24 No.5486072
         File1250497493.jpg-(9 KB, 199x170, Good Av 3.jpg)
    9 KB
    Shit, have I lost ALL my players?

    Anyone still here, sound off please. Otherwise, we'll do this again some other time.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:25 No.5486075
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:26 No.5486083

    Fuck no, lets do better this time, this place is probably some kind of purgatory


    Its getting really late, I got to sleep
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:28 No.5486089

    Here. But why doesn¨t Anna now have hole in her chest... it would be awesome if there was hole. Now it's not awesome, as the next time, she will again serve as key to some locked door or something.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:28 No.5486094
    >Its getting really late, I got to sleep

    It's morning in europe...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:29 No.5486101

    I sense two.

    And there is a reason.

    In any case, continuing. Please post your action.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:32 No.5486122
    I examine the shutter
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:36 No.5486140

    The shutter behind the counter is closed, but not locked. The smell of almonds is stronger here behind the counter. Looking about, you see dishes and milkshake glasses neatly stacked away under the counter and sink.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:37 No.5486148

    Pull the shutter up, metal rod ready to swing. Beckon Anna to come with us. Better safe then sorry
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:40 No.5486168

    I get out two glasses, two dishes, and open the counter in an attempt to forge for food…
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:44 No.5486187

    As the Jukebox's song skips and begins to play again, you call Anna to you. Looking worried, she clasps the mustard tight in both hands as you wrench the shutter upward...

    ... nothing. On the counter just within the shutter is a broken bottle of almond essence, the smell strong now.

    Looking inside, the kitchen seems tidy, what little you can see. To a side stands a fridge stocked with cola, and to the rear you can see a small wall of staff lockers next to a door. On the counter in the center of the room you can see a kitchen knife resting in the open.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:47 No.5486201

    Well, first thing to do is drink some cola !
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:49 No.5486218

    The shutter is too small for you to fit through. You can open the door and walk in, or you can boost Anna in and have her pass out what you want before helping her back through.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:49 No.5486221
    I take the knife for future use, read each cola’s expiration date, and examine the locker…
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:51 No.5486236

    oh, well have us open the door, Anna on our tails, we might be paranoid but dammit something might pop up anywhere
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:55 No.5486254

    Slowly swinging the door open you enter, telling Anna to stick close. The kitchen smells strong of the almond smell.

    Entering, you notice that the door to the outside is barred from this side... odd...

    Your thoughts are pierced with a scream. Spinning around, you see a green slime oozing from the vents above the door to drop onto the floor before shooting an appendage out to grab Anna's wrist. Terrified, she tries to pull away but it has a firm grip and is pulling her toward itself.

    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:56 No.5486260
    I cut it with that knife!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:57 No.5486265

    Grab hold of Anna with both hands and try to drag her away from the slime. let's try to keep her around this time!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:57 No.5486273
    (new player get, btw)
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)04:59 No.5486283

    Fuuuuuuuck !

    Smash the slime appendage full force with our metal rod, if the rod fail we can always try to cute the bastard with the knife. Priority is to help Anna then GTFO
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:01 No.5486295
    This is pretty gay.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:02 No.5486299

    Cut her hand with knife or something else found in the kitchen. Now it's infected anyway, and this is being /g/ quest...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:02 No.5486304

    I continue to stab the slime in fain as the others free Anna…
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:03 No.5486312

    (Yeah, welcome aboard)


    The knife is on the far side of the island counter, you would have to reach past the stoves and there is no time!


    Pulling her as hard as you can with one hand you lance your metal rod into the slime before withdrawing and swinging downwards. The slime goes flat with the blow and is forced to let go, but you know that it won't be like that for long.

    Looking at the rod, you notice that the end is pitted and burned, as if dipped in acid. Anna is screaming.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:05 No.5486332
    >Looking at the rod, you notice that the end is pitted and burned, as if dipped in acid. Anna is screaming.

    Amputation tiem.

    Anyway, why did only little girl gets hurt in this quest. If I was running it, we would have already lost at least one eye...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:06 No.5486337

    I knew it.

    Pick Anna up and run near the locker where we saw the door, also try to put various thing in the slime path
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:06 No.5486340
    Isn't /g/ technology?

    What does this have to do with technology at all?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:07 No.5486348

    /g/ore and death on gurochan.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:07 No.5486350

    If this has fantasy: I try to turn myself into a lich inorder to always go ahead of the group, and handle any new danger...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:09 No.5486368

    Tossing whatever pots, pans, crockery and the like in it's path, you push Anna behind yourself as you retreat to the door. As you try to fend the thing off, it lashes out again, swiping the metal bar from your hand and ingesting it.

    There's not much time.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:10 No.5486376

    Um... we are bleeding from a lacerated right hand you know.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:12 No.5486389

    Anna is obviously meant to be sacrificed in order to save our ass. We did it once, so we do it second time.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:14 No.5486401

    Kitchen have are usually made to be effective and let anyone go anywhere fast, since the slime is very close to the door, can we round up a corner and try for it to follow us, always keep a safe distance and look to never be caught i na dead end, we need to put some distance.

    Also, throw various cooking shit at it and pick up Anna if her pain is too mcuh
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:16 No.5486419
    While the others are getting away from the slime: I complete my ritual of lichdom, attack the slime, and leave my phylactery...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:16 No.5486420

    Can we climb over the rubble of the collapsed section of the mall? Either out the building, or into another wing?

    How about other stores, are there any to be seen that offer apparent access?

    Hell with sacrificing anna again, save her til we really need her.

    Maybe the next room is bone-chillingly cold, and we'll miss that body heat...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:17 No.5486426
    Gurochan isn't 4chan though.

    You guys better tech this thread up, or take it to gurochan.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:18 No.5486432
    Anna now has my phylactery...

    My undead body begins to melt from the slimes acid
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:18 No.5486435

    /tg/ isn't /g/, no matter which /g/ you're talking about. Obviously that's why this thread is here, because so far this thread is /tg/ certified.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:18 No.5486437


    But you decide to try anyway. Hoping it doesn't have the sense to climb the counter you back around the island, hoping that it will follow you. Getting to the end far corner of the kitchen from the door you entered through it looks as though it will, but as you turn the corner it mounts the steel counter.

    You are in front of the service shutter. You have the opportunity to put Anna through the gap, but this would expose yourself if you aren't careful. Or you can dash out the door, picking up Anna and hoping you have the speed.

    Or you can abandon her to her fate and escape yourself.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:19 No.5486443

    What the hell are you trying to pull here ?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:23 No.5486472

    We killed her once, its only fair to try to save her.

    Put her through the gap. No wait a minute that thing will probably melt the thing anyway.Go for the door, Try to protect Anna with your body
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:25 No.5486486

    Since we're already carrying Anna, bolt for the door. Grab the knife from the counter if we can, while we're dodging the slime. Once outside the kitchen close the door if possible, and then quickly survey the mall for possible exits.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:28 No.5486504
    I reform near anna in a fresh new undead body. She screams and I try to calm her down. Also warn her not lose or break my phylactery...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:29 No.5486510

    You do not have the magical mastery to attain lichhood yet.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:31 No.5486523

    There is no time. Hoisting her into your arms you dash for the door, the kitchen knife on the counter dissolving under it's weight.

    You almost make it out, too.

    As you turn to burst through the swing door pain lances your right leg. Crying out in pain you fall, Anna dropping to the floor before looking back over the counter in horror.

    The slime makes it's way toward you as you roll onto your back. The slime is now up your left leg, like napalm burning away. Thrashing around for something, ANYTHING, you eye a yellow fire-extinguisher under the counter, next to the waste disposal unit. Grabbing the extinguisher, you toss it at the green blob, shouting out as you swing. It absorbs the extinguisher a split second before exploding messily through it's top. The tendril slacks and begins to run from your leg, but you don't stop to celebrate, crawling out of the kitchen as best as you are able before the acid drips down onto you.

    Anna is crying as you crawl out, not knowing what to do.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:35 No.5486552

    Push anna ahead of us, swearing, until we can close the kitchen door. keep moving. Once we're a few yards away, take a moment to try to stand.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:35 No.5486555

    Adrenalin dull down the pain, grab her and bolt for the door ASAP No time to waste, no time to breath, get to safety, that thing might reform
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:37 No.5486579
    crap! When do have sufficent magical power?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:41 No.5486611

    Gritting your teeth, you crawl onward, yelling at Anna to run ahead of you until you are fully clear, before painfully you stand and break into a run, dragging the distraught girl in your good hand. You don't stop until you are at the benches in the foyer.

    Your leg is a mess, but the slime didn't eat through the muscles completely. That said, you are slower than you were. Additionally, your bellbottom jeans are pretty well ruined.

    Anna's wrist is burned deeper than your leg, and when you ask her she has trouble opening and closing her hand but can fight through the pain to do it if she needs to.

    Scared, she takes your left hand and holds it for comfort.

    You are in the foyer again. The women's sleepwear store is now an option, although the shutter may be difficult to open now that your bar is gone. The rubble pile of the roof collapse is to your left.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:43 No.5486625

    Lets try to get some comfort man, give Anna a hug. I don't really know what to do next...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:47 No.5486654
         File1250502461.gif-(75 KB, 60x56, Aldaris.gif)
    75 KB

    You must construct additional pylons.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:49 No.5486666

    Gently you stroke Anna's hair with your good hand, trying to comfort her and stop her from crying. It seems to work a little, soon she is quiet, leaning against you as she holds her burned wrist.

    It occurs to you that while your left side is pretty normal (bloody palm from heartblood aside), your right is either bloody, cut open from the porcelain razor (your only weapon) or burned with acid. You are sadly reminded of Two-Face.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:54 No.5486687

    Let's head for the clothing store and see if we can get it open and maybe find something soft and clean to cover our collective burns and cuts with. Flannel cloth maybe? If we're lucky there will be an employee breakroom with a first aid kit or something... Gotta do it fast, it won't do to get trapped in here with a nasty snotty slime between us and the door.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:58 No.5486709

    The mesh shutter is still down, but after digging through the rubble you come out with a short piece of broken pipe and after a few minutes of focussed bashing are able to gain access, the shutter rolling upward.

    The lights inside are flickering, but you can see easily enough the rows of women's sleeping garments, bathrobes, lingerie and related articles.

    Around the back of the store's counter against the rear wall is a door to a back room. You can see a constant white light shining out from underneath.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:01 No.5486726

    Leave Anna at the door. Tell her to keep a sharp eye out and scream real loud if she sees anything scary or weird. Tell her we'll be right back.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:02 No.5486731
         File1250503342.gif-(51 KB, 520x390, viking.gif)
    51 KB
    sage for /g/ being a sadistic, evil bitch that's trying to off /x/
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:02 No.5486735

    Go to check the back, look carefully in all the dark holes and whatnot before walking past them. Keep a tight grip on that pipe, and if anything moves, smash first, ask questions later.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:03 No.5486744
         File1250503432.gif-(85 KB, 480x600, disappoint.gif)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:03 No.5486745

    You scout out the store, looking along the roof for vents (which are absent and in place of ceiling fans), searching behind the counter (and finding bric-a-brac such as tape and a pricing gun) before you are satisfied the coast is clear, except for the door at the back.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:05 No.5486757

    Try to shove the door open with the pipe before attempting to use hands if necessary, peer through doorway warily before going through.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:08 No.5486778
    What are pylons? Can I make a pack with a dark god to give me the me the necessary magical power?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:11 No.5486797
         File1250503894.jpg-(64 KB, 675x600, stfu.jpg)
    64 KB
    sage for the sage god
    debump for the debump throne
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:12 No.5486802
         File1250503953.jpg-(129 KB, 750x750, alone.jpg)
    129 KB

    How does it feel to be so alone?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:15 No.5486823

    Looking back at Anna, you see her watching nervously as you turn back and gently push the door open.

    Inside, you are greeted with a chilling site.

    Two tanks sit against the wall, full of water and illuminated brightly with white flourescent lights. A sign hanging over them proclaims the station an Anna Exchange Station. Noting that the rest of the room is barren, you cautiously enter, the door closing behind you.

    As you approach, a voice starts to play through a quiet speaker:

    "Is your darling Anna banged up and worse for wear? No problem! For a limited time, you can bring her here to be exchanged for a healthy little darling, free of charge!"

    As you look in the tanks you feel ill. Inside is another little girl like Anna, sealed within. A scuba tank is clamped over her mouth, but upon seeing you she frantically beats on the glass in terror.

    A timer sits next to her tank, a red dial topped with a jolly sign:

    4 Minutes 12 Seconds

    The red numbers continue to tick down. Next to the empty tank you see no scuba tank.

    As your mind reels, the voice speaks again.

    "Has a mishap befallen your beloved Anna? Well, weep no more! For the low, low price of four teeth you can purchase a brand new little buddy! Hurry, this offer is for a limited time only!"
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:16 No.5486827
    I inspect the light...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:18 No.5486838

    ... can the pipe break the tank glass ?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:18 No.5486843

    Try to smash the tank with the bar!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:20 No.5486851
    Anna is starting to feel like companion cube...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:21 No.5486856

    But this time you have the option of saving the cube !
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:21 No.5486860

    does it say anything about replaceing her if shes knocked up?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:21 No.5486861

    Your best efforts don't manage to leave a mark in the tank at all. The surface you were hitting doesn't even look dirtied from the pipe.

    3 Minutes 07 Seconds
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:22 No.5486868

    Were do we put the teeth ?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:22 No.5486870
    We need to pay four teeth to save this new Anna.

    Do we get them all from our own mouth, or get some from our own Anna?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:23 No.5486877

    Under the counter there is a Teeth Receptacle, complete with cartoon Tooth Fairy.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:23 No.5486880

    Go out and tell the other anna that we need 4 teeth to save a life. see what she says.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:24 No.5486881

    Any object to help pull them out ?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:25 No.5486889

    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:25 No.5486891

    we got a metal bar, what else do we need?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:27 No.5486896

    Oh man, this is going to hurt...

    Smack ourselves to one side of the face with the bar.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:27 No.5486897

    Rushing out, you tell Anna that you need four teeth. Wide eyed she covers her mouth.

    "No, don't! Please don't! Can't we break the glass?!"
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:29 No.5486905

    Should it be on the right side of the mouth? You know, keep our fucked-up-ness to one side?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:30 No.5486908

    hahaha yes, seriously
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:33 No.5486918

    Tell her I tried that. Ask her if she wants to knock mine out. Offer her the pipe. Tell her not to miss.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:34 No.5486925

    No time, no time, no time...

    Before you can think on it, you crash the pipe into the side of your face, twice more when you feel no teeth come loose through the pain. Your vision whites out, and you hear a metallic ringing as you stagger.

    Anna looks away, hands at her mouth as she screams, but eventually you feel inside, pulling four out of your ragged ruins of gums and feeling a fifth come with it.

    You feel warm. It's hard to see ahead. You see blood trail freely onto the peach carpet underneath you.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:36 No.5486937

    We'll probably pass out, but dammit lets do it with style. Focus on putting the teeth where they need to. Its going to be hard but there a life at stake here ! Even if its a clone
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:41 No.5486957
    so huh what alignement are we ?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:46 No.5486981

    Drunkenly, you stumble toward the room. You stagger forward once but are able to catch yourself on the shop counter. Guiding your way by leaning on the wall, then the door, you scrub blood in a smear along the wallpaper as you return into the door.

    The girl in the tank sees you return and begins banging on the glass again. You can't even read the dial, but you fumble around before finding the tooth receptacle and depositing all five of your teeth.

    Immediately the bottom of the tank the girl is in drops away, before she spills out onto the floor, spitting out the scuba tank's mouthpiece and gasping air between tired cries of anguish.

    The rush of water hits your face, body temperature. Nevertheless, it clears your mind very slightly, washing the blood from your chin.

    Looking upon the new girl, you see that her soaked hair is a light blonde. Her back is to you, but you know she is breathing.

    "Congratulations on purchasing a brand new Anna! We wish you months of fun together! When she is injured, please think Anna Exchange Station. Don't forget your change!"

    You hear a dull rattle. You assume it's the extra tooth falling into the change slot.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:49 No.5486999

    Having Bioshock vibe for some strange reason.

    Anyway, well, I guess the next thing to do is check up on the new Anna even if were not really in a good state right now.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:49 No.5487000

    Sit down and try to stay awake...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:49 No.5487002
    [X] Retrieve tooth
    [X] Call both Annas to you.
    [X] Take a breather.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:53 No.5487020
    Oh, also.

    [X] Curse the cruel bastards who are doing this to all the Annas
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:53 No.5487021

    Pass out.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:54 No.5487025

    Well we did killed one and gored out her heart
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:57 No.5487040

    Breathing deeply, you get on all fours and retrieve your spare tooth. You wonder if it would grow back if you reseated it right now, but that thought is destroyed as the brown-haired Anna opend the door and looks down at you both on the ground. Seeing you both okay she begins to laugh between tears.

    Looking around at the scuba-Anna, you help her sit up after asking if she is okay. Weakly she does, trying to stall her tears with a hand. Next to each other, it is indeed like looking at twins with different coloured hair. You notice that the second Anna has a small shark embroidered where the first had her Eagle Scout badge.

    Weakly, you sit and think while you all rest together. You are still in great pain, but the second girl is okay now.

    After a minute, the lights of the tanks flicker out and the dial rests on zero. The dark reminds you of your cell, and you feel uneasy.

    As you ponder leaving the room, the second girl pipes up meekly.
    "Thank you..."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:00 No.5487055

    ´´No problem cutie´´

    Well... it look like we need to go way back to the corpse of the first Anna. Spider Cave got the blob and here leads to nowhere
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:00 No.5487056

    Outside in the foyer you hear a rumbling, like someone dragging a heavy stone slab across another.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:01 No.5487060

    To Aanna 2: No problem (coughs up blood after word)
    General: I think I see a small box filled with blood inscribed parchment scrolls inside...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:01 No.5487062
    [X] "No problem."
    [X] Ask the second one what she knows, beyond being stuck in the tank


    I wouldn't have voted for that.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks we probably missed out on the 100% Anna saving ending? Sure, they'd all be damaged one way or another, but...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:03 No.5487072

    Were in no state of combat at all, frankly, hug the girls and wait.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:03 No.5487073
    And burn it for the Almighty Torak!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:04 No.5487078

    You could say we panicked and now trying to redeem ourselves
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:05 No.5487086

    The blonde Anna looks blank.

    "I was asleep two nights ago... and something grabbed me from out of my bed... and then... I was in the water..."

    She looks ready to cry for a moment, but firmly presses her lips together. She wants to be a little trooper.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:09 No.5487109
    [x] Ask's her what it was.
    [x] looks at other Anna for dramatic effect.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:09 No.5487111
    [X] Give them both comforting words - they need them
    [X] But keep an eye on the entrance. Don't want to deal with yet another horrible beast while down...
    [X] Pocket the tooth; it might come in handy if the next Ana requires them too.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:12 No.5487125

    Holding the two girls in your arms, you sweetly pass out.

    You dream that you are at home. How cruel.

    You aren't sure how much time passes. There are no clocks, and the lights are always on, but after letting those two sleep a little longer you realise that you have to move.

    Your head feels clearer, your mouth and leg still painful but just a dull throb.

    Brown-haired Anna's arm looks a little better, but she still has trouble clenching a tight fist. That could be permanent.

    Blond Anna is still shivering. She slept in cold, wet clothing.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:14 No.5487138
    [X] Head on out ahead of the two
    [X] If the coast is clear, then call the girls and suggest that they get new clothes from the store, if any are to be found
    [X] Respect their privacy if they wish to change
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:15 No.5487140
    [x] Find something to dry blond anna
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:17 No.5487150

    >also keep the rod and watch out for any possible danger...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:21 No.5487165

    Hefting your pipe, you limp out of the storeroom and search the store. Everything seems fine, and the glass doors to the store remain closed as you left them.

    The coast is clear.

    Calling them out, you look about and find a plush purple bathrobe on a shelf that Blonde Anna can dry herself with, as well as a section of the store with sleepwear for children and small women. They start looking and digging amongst it all as you watch out the window. They seem almost happy, trying to decide between winter long cotton pyjamas or a better nightgown than they have on already.

    It's quiet...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:22 No.5487167
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:25 No.5487183

    [x] try to use cotton from something in the store to help with your bloody gum's...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:25 No.5487186



    Let them take their time, moment of peace are going to be extremely rare, don't let down our guard though
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:28 No.5487194

    Eventually they are sorted, you giving them their privacy. Blond Anna looks better, having dried herself and wearing long winter pyjamas with a button shirt, brown haired Anna with a prettier white nightgown, this one without blood all over it.

    But soon it is time to leave the safety of the store and cross outside into danger.

    As you are about to leave, brown-haired Anna approaches. She has cut her Eagle Scout badge from the old nightgown, and she quietly hands it to you.

    Time to move out.

    As you look out the door, you see that a portion of the floor has fallen away, darkness below. That must have been the grinding sound.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:29 No.5487198

    You find a cotton pyjama jacket and tear the cloth, balling it into your gums. Your mouth feels dryer, but you know that it will help.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:31 No.5487207

    Find something and throw it down, something that could resonate would be best
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:33 No.5487217

    [x] Carefully walk in a line with the girls behind you, only stepping upon the most braced of ground. Keep an eye upon all of the ground, and your ears sharp...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:35 No.5487224

    Retreating back into the store, Annas leaning out in concern, you tear out the reciept machine and toss that down. It thuds barely out of sight and bounces downwards. Loking over tentatively, you see rudimentary stairs leading down.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:37 No.5487232

    Well I guess that the next area, but... maybe we should go see the bar again, there were a couple of Coke and we all could use a drink, though if we see slime its a immediate retreat
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:38 No.5487241
    [x] Test strength of stairs...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:40 No.5487251

    Gently pressing the stairs with your foot (difficult, seeing how one leg is unable to have your full weight rested upon it), you determine that they are reasonably solid.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:41 No.5487256
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:45 No.5487279

    It seems good, although you don't feel comfortable leaving the girls in the foyer, now that the Mysterious Stairwell of Darkness has appeared.
    Nevertheless, you are very hungry, and you know that they must be too.

    Back toward the malt shop you go, entering the diner area. So far so good... no blobs trying to eat Anna, no acid stings upon your neck, nothing hiding behind the booth seats or the motorbike.

    Here, you can easily grab the condiments and retreat safely, and maybe get some water out of the taps with milkshake glasses. Or you can try to risk the kitchen again.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:48 No.5487297

    Lets see what kind of food it is exactly before pushing the kitchen door open with the pipe and take a long, hard look around at everything and every angle
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:52 No.5487312

    [x]And maybe making the girls stand on something elevated encase the slime moves flat on the floor from the kitchen...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:52 No.5487314
         File1250509966.jpg-(24 KB, 450x485, sage.lrg.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:53 No.5487317

    On your directive, the Annas stay back, grabbing the mustard bottles, the tomato ketchup and a single packet of pork rhinds from behind the counter as you ease the door open and stare in.

    The kitchen is warped and twisted, the island counter almost destroyed. Under your feet you can see your own blood. The ceiling is burnt and pitted.

    But you can see no parts of slime...

    On the far side of the kitchen you can see the cola fridges. The glass of the doors are broken. As for other food, you can only see milkshake flavourings.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:55 No.5487334
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:55 No.5487335

    That fire extinguisher did blew it up...

    Wasn't there a door near the locker ?

    Investigate the locker, then the door but be extra alert, paranoid even, for anything, even water dripping
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:58 No.5487348
    You're seriously trying to stop a thread entitled /g/ quest with shock images?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:00 No.5487355
    It's just slashy acting up again.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:01 No.5487362

    On your direction, both girls get onto a table near the front door.


    You don't feel safe with a crappy pipe, but you need food and supplies. Glancing up at the vent it came out of yesterday, you edge your way inside.

    The floor is almost scorched, but you don't see anything around. Making your way to the lockers, you bash them in when you find they are locked, wrenching them open.

    Inside, you find a crushed blue Hawaiian shirt, a wallet with keys and a hipflask filled with spirits (you can't tell which, but it seems about half-full).

    Still nothing. You look between the door in the back and the cola fridges.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:01 No.5487365
         File1250510519.jpg-(60 KB, 750x600, GFO.jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:02 No.5487371
    i'm going to start spamming this thread because i dont want to see anal warts, sorry g
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:03 No.5487372
    That's it I'm turning this car around.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:03 No.5487374
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:03 No.5487377

    Throw out our bloodstained shirt for the new one, pocket the keys, and go grab some cola to share with the girls, coming back for that door afterward maybe but we need a drink and why waste the opportunity ? We got all the time in the world.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:03 No.5487378
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:04 No.5487379
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:04 No.5487389
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:05 No.5487391
    GFO NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!1111oneoneoneoneIIIIIII
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:05 No.5487392
    go down damn you
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:06 No.5487395
    Might want to make a new thread or start again later
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:06 No.5487396
    fuck we need mods
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:06 No.5487398
    Get the FUCK OUT Know!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:06 No.5487399
    fuck i forgot my sage
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:06 No.5487405
    OP here, I'm calling the game at recess until the manchildren go home. I'll probably pick this up in a few day's time. Until then, I'll be reporting whoever this is. This is a worksafe board, after all.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:07 No.5487408
    Space bar!
    Space bar!
    Space bar!
    Space bar!
    Space bar!
    Space bar!
    Space bar!
    Space bar!Space bar!
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    Space bar!
    Space bar!
    Space bar!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:08 No.5487415

    Ah, better. Ok OP there is now sufficient room of eye comforting blankness...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:08 No.5487416

    God damn it. I agree, but this pisses me off.

    We were having a CIVIL FUCKING GAME in here. Christ, when do the kids go back to school?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:09 No.5487421
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:10 No.5487432

    Take care man, it was really fun


    Next week, at least in my area.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:10 No.5487437
    Thats it! just ignore it and maybe it will go back to /b/...
    : (
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:11 No.5487441
         File1250511080.png-(133 KB, 400x307, burns diss.png)
    133 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:11 No.5487444
    no U
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:12 No.5487449
    I think the photos are enough to warrant a Permaban. It fucking Better be. Reported.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:13 No.5487453
    Just ignore it! We need to focus our minds... and we will cast this vile demon back to the warp....
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:13 No.5487454
         File1250511189.jpg-(28 KB, 360x396, stfu.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:13 No.5487456

    Nah, daytime /tg/ is strangely butthurt about Quest, I don't really know why too. I think this one got hated because of the /g/
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:13 No.5487460
         File1250511233.jpg-(4 KB, 126x126, dog2.jpg)
    4 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:16 No.5487473

    Internet Tough Guy, huh?

    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:17 No.5487481

    But it wasn't even that bad. That is what pisses me off.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:17 No.5487484
         File1250511473.jpg-(112 KB, 576x304, kill it with fire.jpg)
    112 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:17 No.5487485
         File1250511478.jpg-(28 KB, 300x321, Imperial_Psyker_by_Forlocks.jpg)
    28 KB

    That's it! I don't care about perils of the warp! Do the warp you return!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:18 No.5487490
    >Using advicedog
    Jesus fucking christ, go back to /b/.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:19 No.5487493
    I sense the touch of a Mod.

    Nice. We can save this thread for the folks who had to go to bed a while ago.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:20 No.5487500
    Arg! I spelled do instead of to! I most have failed perils of the warp, my head!

    Seriously, please go back to /b/ : (
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:21 No.5487514

    Indeed, hell, I'm here since OP started, his style hooked me, stayed up all night
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:22 No.5487517
         File1250511746.jpg-(19 KB, 350x232, manly.jpg)
    19 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:23 No.5487528
    same here, first quest thread I've participated in
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:24 No.5487533

    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:25 No.5487542
         File1250511920.jpg-(281 KB, 1280x1280, Wh40K__Psyker_by_StugMeister.jpg)
    281 KB

    You are not the Eldar in this picture...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:25 No.5487544

    I'm still here, got nothing better to do for a while. Was considering getting an energy drink and continuing, but I'm not wading through idiots to do that.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:26 No.5487557
    DO IT
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:27 No.5487559

    I think you should come up with a title, saying /g/ quest is a open invitation to retardness
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:27 No.5487562
    I will continue with you and that other guy. Lets have fun while the others "fight"... ^_^
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:27 No.5487567
    Is it me, or is this thread autosaging?

    Maybe the mods set her off when they dealt with that dude posting those pics.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:29 No.5487572
    The purple bathrobe is going to eat Anna, isn't it?
    It's going to need us to hit it with the pipe, breaking Anna's ribs in the process.
    God damn it.
    Beat the coat up BEFORE it can eat Anna.
    Also, apparently I've lost some SAN. Neato.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:30 No.5487577

    Oh yeah, glad you had fun.

    I used to do this in MaidRPG, but I scared away all the players.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:30 No.5487579

    A little too paranoid, though I can't really blame you.

    Fucking acid slime
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:32 No.5487586

    [x]I advice leaving before something bad happens...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:35 No.5487602
    Op are you still there?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:36 No.5487607
    Nah, this thread is done. See ya next thread
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:37 No.5487611

    Yeah. Not sure if I'll continue. Even if we change names, we'll still get bombed by twelve-year-olds.

    What would you even call it?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:38 No.5487614
    Why not /g/ quest? It's a decent quest, even if it's quite gruesome and bloody.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:39 No.5487626

    That's what it WAS called, and we got bombed.

    I mean, I didn't even post any pics. Shit sucks.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:44 No.5487649
         File1250513058.jpg-(12 KB, 350x263, kitsurubami3.jpg)
    12 KB

    Don't worry about it. You did good dude.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:45 No.5487660

    I though of something like Survival Quest since, well, that what we try to do. Man I'm bad at naming thing
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:47 No.5487669
    End of game:

    Lacerated hand
    Horribly acid-burned leg
    Bashed side of face
    Loss of five teeth
    Negative SAN
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:49 No.5487677

    SAN is positive, we saved two girls

    Also we contemplate wether to take some coke (beverage) or go into some unknow burnt kitchen door
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:00 No.5487737
    SAN's still damaged considering we're planning to pre-emptively murder a Bathrobe before it can get us.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:01 No.5487744

    Yeah. And I guess horribly murdering a little girl and cutting out her heart with a broken sink contributed a little bit, but man, conspiring against a bathrobe isn't normal!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:57 No.5488045
         File1250517449.jpg-(7 KB, 198x237, wat.jpg)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)11:11 No.5488680
         File1250521879.jpg-(27 KB, 262x266, RESPECT.jpg)
    27 KB
    >This Thread
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)11:29 No.5488831
    When is this going to continue?

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