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    16 KB That Fucking Dwarf #3 Anonymous 08/24/09(Mon)04:54 No.5572527  
    This being the third week he couldn't show, the mage died of his wounds in the hospital. Pockets and Greg couldnt' show this week. Over the week since our last session Dread Tombstone moved us to a new safe house. The new place is a fucking fortress, so we've all had our guard down and relaxing. Today we started our session with a critical hit. Zus decided to check if the toilets were working. With his intuition and being a plumber, Zus rolls three dice. House rule is that any roll where all dice are the highest number possible, the result is epically awesome. Of course, if you roll all ones the result is epically bad. He gets three sixes. So, by investigating the toilet Zus hears the fight club below the building we're staying in. Such a revelation calls for some swearing, “Tits Red Bull whore piss, god damn.” Malkavio the druggie medic, sleeping under a table in our living quarters, is not awakened by this. Darias decides that the fight club was the place to be and tracks down our new contact, Jolly Roger, to get a pass down there and join the fun. Jolly Roger lets him in and Darias gets right into the fray. Darias is a small Native American, his first opponent is a seven foot troll. By the end of the match, Darias has broken the troll's leg and snapped his neck while the troll has done enough stun damage to Darias that he'd go down with one more hit.
    >> Anonymous 08/24/09(Mon)04:56 No.5572538
    While all this happens, Zus decides he wants some fun too and got in line for the competition. The winner of each match faces the next opponent, so Darias and Zus wind up facing each other. Zus tackles Darias right off the bat and does the last point of stun to knock him out. In the next match Zus faces a human. Zus has some serious trouble putting any hurt on this guy, but he keeps landing hits on Zus. The match ends when Zus grabs his arm and swings him around, only to have him kick Zus in the head. Annoyed with how poorly they did in single melee combat, Darias and Zus ask me to talk to Jolly Roger about setting up a tag team match. He offers to do one better, having an arena in which augmented reality battles can happen. Now, he expects something from us in exchange for letting us use it for free. One of us has to test a new weapon for him. Zus volunteers.
    >> Anonymous 08/24/09(Mon)04:58 No.5572548
    Sorry, forgot to link to the previous episode
    >> Anonymous 08/24/09(Mon)04:58 No.5572553
    We get into the arena and everyone without them grabs AR glasses and we make a crude plan. The arena is set up as a courtyard with a few surrounding buildings. This whole thing is a three story basement, so we're still inside the compound. The game starts, and the holographic enemies are generated. First round of combat, Darias rushes out on his roller blades with digital rapiers and does a whole lot of nothing while I spot someone and kill him. Zus fires the cannon he was testing and vaporises a wall and the head of someone hiding behind it. Phantom runs past Darias and cleaves one of the enemies in half. Second round of combat, Darias stabs a guy in the nuts and slices up, gutting him. Malkavio snipes another guy and I run into one of the buildings and kill another guy while he shoots me. Lia stabs another guy and got shot in the process. Zus drops the cannon and jumps down at someone he sees, the guy who had shot Lia, and pipe wrenches the bastard. Jolly Roger had hoped for more testing to happen during our battle, and so insists that Zus pick the assault cannon back up and fire off a few more shots. This new weapon has massive canisters on the back of the gun, which explode during the test. Our medic is bad at his job, and doesn't do anything despite seeing the gun tear up Zus's back. To get his attention, Zus walks up to him and rubs his bloody back on Malkavio until he does something about it. Jolly Roger gives us all some credit and Zus a lot of money in exchange for the testing of the weapon on top of the free round in the simulator.
    >> Anonymous 08/24/09(Mon)04:59 No.5572556
    With everything done, everyone winds up bored again. Darias goes back down to the fight club to get back into the fray now that he's better and has to wait for a pair of cyclopes' to finish their match. Zus wanders off to the bedroom to heal. Malkavio gets high on Zen and has his world melt away. Lia goes to the bar to use some of her 500 nuyen credit she earned. I hang out in the lounge to socialize and watch Malkavio freak out. Eventually Darias gets bored waiting for the cyclopes' and goes back upstairs. Seeing the freaking out Malkavio, who is now talking on his bird phone, Darias decides to fuck with him. He sits down in front of him and repeatedly pokes Malkavio in the forehead. In his little world, Malkavio sees his forehead rippling. Malkavio then gets it in his head to try flying, nearly going over the railing. Darias rushes off to grab a sleeping bag from his gear and then slips it over Malkavio's head to restrain him and keep him safe. Both Jolly Roger and Lia come up to me and ask what the hell is going on, to which I have no good answer. Lia being drunk, she very poorly articulates the fact that she has figured out how to find out more about the bounty hunters. Everything having gotten rather dull, we decide to move on to the next day.
    >> Anonymous 08/24/09(Mon)05:00 No.5572561
    The next day we get a call from Dread Tombstone informing us that it's okay to leave the safe house as long as we don't do anything stupid. I do something stupid and tell the dwarf. Having finally healed from the day before, Zus decides to head off and find his motorcycle. He and Darias head off in the Baja to the crash site, naturally finding the place cleaned up since it has been a week. He runs a search for local towing companies to find out who took his bike. After a couple calls he finds the one that is fixing up his crash and asks if they have his motorcycle, they inform him it has already been claimed by some gang members and presumably chop shopped. Unsurprisingly the bounty hunters have spotted the Baja by now, one of them shows up and approaches the Baja. Darias forwards what he's seeing and hearing to Lia thinking she'll be interested as Zus jumps out of the Baja and runs at the man screaming, “Mecrob crap seal.” The bounty hunter has his hands up and Darias gets a feeling that killing him is a bad idea. He comes up to the Baja and tells them he just wants to talk, to which Zus responds with requests for his bike back. A language barrier means that he has no fucking clue what Zus is saying. Meanwhile Lia has rushed out the door and is hopping to the Baja. Zus and Darias call Phantom for advice, he tells them to not do anything to hurt him because he'll have buddies covering him.
    >> Anonymous 08/24/09(Mon)05:00 No.5572563
    Darias notices that the area is on blackout as the bounty hunter jumps onto the roofs (one of the adepts we knew they had) and he sees a bunch of other figures jumping along the rooftops. He GTFOs to Dread Tombstone's club to hide, but sees it riddled with bullets as the three (Lia had joined them) pull up in front. They rush inside to find bodies everywhere, Dread propped up in the booth he is always in. He is worse for the wear, and tells the three members of the team that the Ancients, Yakuza, and Wuxing all shot up the place before turning on secure ID chips identifying him as Grey Tombstone before apparently dying. Zus and Darias load Tombstone into the Baja while Lia calls me and tells me to get the fucking medic (he had turned off his commlink when Zus left to avoid the inevitable stupidity) out there.
    >> Anonymous 08/24/09(Mon)05:01 No.5572565
    Malkavio and I got on my scooter and rushed off to Dread's club while the three in the Baja came towards us. When we came on each other I turned around and Malkavio jumped into the Baja to work on Tombstone. While we rush back to the safe house, all the civilians are evacuated to go into lock down. In the safe house, Tombstone is stabilized and brought back while the rest of us get on the perimeter to watch for incoming. Darias has turned on his jammer, just in time because he spots twelve command centers and forty choppers coming into radar range and stop just outside jamming range. The city for a twelve kilometer has basically been abandoned because of the shit that's going down. Back at the safe house, six of the bounty hunters have been spotted on the roofs around the safe house and Zus has the BFG he tested earlier. The fucking dwarf takes pot shots at the bounty hunters, eventually he actually hits a pair of them. This gun fires in two stages, an energy blast and a slug. The blast vaporizes one hunter and the slug catches the other in the gut and he falls over. Inside Jolly Roger passes out one last round of drinks before the battle. A couple minutes later everyone that drank it takes a body test, those that fail it get crippling pain in their stomachs, and two of those people were Jolly Roger and Lia. Malkavio has Tombstone well enough he can heal the people who have been poisoned, and soon most of the people are better. I get going on Molotov cocktails while he did this, which Darias and Zus grab and jump into the sewer. Lia and I are left behind to guard Rio, who is running the jammer that's currently keeping us alive.
    >> Anonymous 08/24/09(Mon)05:02 No.5572570
    Zus and Darias slip into the sewers unnoticed and under a building a bounty hunter is hiding behind. First stop in the building is the boiler room, in which Zus knows exactly what to do. Seconds later the two of them burst from the building and dive back into the safe house just in time to watch the explosion. Afterwards, Darias sets up a link between the commander of the large force and I, but before I can actually negotiate with him Zus jumps on the commlink and begins to insult the commander, to which the reply is the signal cutting off. A call to Phantom was made, but he has refused to reveal his location, and comments on his like for one of the BFG's that had been laying around, suggesting that he had taken one. Zus's reply to this was complete trust, suggesting that Phantom might have been trying to hide from the enemies as well as the group, but the GM hasn't revealed anything as to what has been going on with him.
    >> Anonymous 08/24/09(Mon)07:44 No.5572720
    F5 - Best series ever!
    >> Anonymous 08/24/09(Mon)10:04 No.5573513

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